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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 23, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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breaking news tonight, a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens just issued due to increase terrorist threats after paris. details coming in. we'll tell you what you need to know. and a discovery outside of paris tonight. an unused suicide vest and a new address while brussels on lockdown braces under reat of an imminent attack. trump claims he saw thousands of people cheering in new jersey when the twin towers fell. tonight a reality check. we'll tell you what we found. and concussion controversy. why wasn't the quarterback pulled. instead allowed to continue to play. the nfl under fire tonight. "nightly news" begins right now.
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good evening. the u.s. state department has just issued a worldwide travel alert to american citizens. it comes in the aftermath of the paris terrorist attacks and cites the risk of increased terrorist threats overseas. u.s. officials continue to down play threats here at home. even as the situation in europe remains extremely tense. let's go right to nbc's pete williams. what should we make of this new warning? >> well, lester, state department officials say this is not based on any any intelligence but it is intend to reinforce the message that the world is a dangerous place. noting that terrorists have attacked sports stadiums, theaters and markets and aviation. called a worldwide travel alert and notes that the past year has brought terror attacks in france, mali, denmark, turkey, nigeria and on a russian airline. u.s. citizens overseas
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should exercise ville lense when in public places and avoid big crowds, especially at holiday festivals. standard advice but getting extra attention this year. here in the u.s., the secretary of homeland security says tonight there is no credible threat of a paris-style attack here. police in many big cities are at a heightened level of awareness. new york over the weekend conducted a response drill modified to apply lessons learned from the paris attack and police will have extra security out for the thanksgiving day parade. so homeland security security advice for people tonight here at home. travel, attend public events and celebrate the season but be vigilant. lester. >> pete. and the shock waves continue from the paris attacks. ten days after militants linked to isis massacres 130 people. another suicide vest has been found outside of paris tonight. and in neighborhooding belgium, the capital continues on high alert with more arrests and ongoing manhunt and the prime
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minister warning of a, quote, imminent threat. the latest from bill neely in brussels. >> reporter: amid a city in virtual lockdown for a third day, troops patrolling the streets. police arrested 21 people. among them a man they've charged with taking part in the paris massacres. he wasn't identified, but police say he's not the fugitive salah abdeslam, who fled to brussels after the attacks. tonight police found a discarded suicide vest in a trash can. similar to those used by seven of the terrorists. abdeslam drove two of them. police now want help identifying them. his brother suggested he may have pulled out of the attacks. >> it is more than my hope, he said, it is my belief. salah, quote, clever. to find him, police searched a brussels suburb. from where many men have joined isis. they found no explosives and no weapons in the raids.
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and even though he's being hunted by thousands ever police and troops, the main target is still free. asked why, one government minister said he must have a lot of support here. fear of a paris-style attack in brussels saw schools close, the metro system shut. nato headquarters told staff to stay home. the u.s. embassy closed. americans advice, stay indoors. in paris, the french president visited the concert hall, scene of the deadliest attack. the american band playing that night has spoken for the first time in an interview with vice. >> people were playing dead and they were so scared. a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> one of them was buried today, caroline was just 24. the search for her killers intensifying. >> reporter: so in
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total, four men have been charged here in belgium with taking part in the paris attacks. these scenes, armored vehicles and troops on the street haven't been seen here since world war ii and it will stay like this for a few days at least, or until they catch the fugitive. lester. >> bill, thank you. new questions raised in the aftermath of the paris attacks, about president obama's strategy to fight isis. critics have long accused him of not having a strong enough plan of attack. now as our andrea mitchell tells us, investigators are looking into whether intelligence was manipulated to make the strategy appear more successful. >> reporter: president obama, elected in part for opposing the iraq war. committed to bringing troops home from conflict, not sending them in. even after the paris attacks, downplaying the isis threat. >> they are a bunch of killers. with good social media. >> reporter: as did john kerry on the "today" show. >> i believe isis going to be defeated. isis is not ten feet tall.
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>> reporter: now the pentagon is investigating whether crucial military intelligence was altered, to give rosier progress reports on the war against isis. echoed of cooked intelligence during vietnam or the hyping of intelligence about wmd, to justify the invasion of iraq. >> i don't want intelligence shaded by politics. i don't want it shaded by the desire to tell a feel-good story. >> reporter: but after paris, beirut and the bombing of a russian airline, the isis advance has spread well beyond iraq and syria and now into europe. some leading democrats say the president's rhetoric doesn't match the reality. >> the united states has to provide stronger leadership, in trying to unify the forces that are there. >> we need to be aggressive now. because isil is a quasi-state. >> the president's reputation as a reluctant worrier was forged two years ago. he threatened strikes against president assad if he used chemical weapons against his
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people. he did use chemicals, but obama did not retaliate. arab leaders haven't trusted him since. and why proof he will go after isis now. >> show that we are serious about leading from the front, militarily, by taking risks to degrade, defeat and ultimately destroy isis as a state now, in the next 12 months. >> reporter: france's president will be at the white house tomorrow. and nbc news learns he'll ask for more special forces in syria. for his part, president obama wants france to get better passenger lists from european countries on flights coming to the u.s. holland heads to moscow next to see vladimir putin. donald trump has fact checkers working over time for what he said about the 9/11 attacks. the claim there were thousands and thousands people across the hudson river from manhattan cheering when the trade center came down has left a lot of us who covered that
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horrible day scratching our heads and digging into news archives. did that really happen. we get the story tonight from nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: after kicking up controversy about supporting a muslim data base. donald trump riled up voters in alabama with tales of the 9/11 attacks and terrorist sympathizers in america. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: confronted with the facts that there is no video of that ever happening, trump held his ground. >> it was well covered at the time. there were people over in new jersey that were watching it, a heavy arab population that were cheering as the buildings came down. not good. >> the terrorists used hijacked airlines. >> nbc news found no instance of cheering in jersey city. just discredded rumors. and the truth-o-meter gave him a
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pants on fire not true rating. still today, trump's opponent ben carson claimed he saw the cheering too. >> i saw the film of of it, yes. >> so you saw the film. what film are you referring to? >> the news reels. >> today the carson campaign said he doesn't stand behind those comments. that he was thinking of the middle east, not new jersey. also not disputing the claim, and chris christie saying if it had happened, i would remember it. but there could be things i forget to. marco rubio was not demuring to the donald. >> it is not true and there is plenty of fact checks to prove it is not. >> reporter: donald trump has not backed down because so far he hasn't had to. >> what do you like about him so much? >> i like about trump, he is a business man. he knows how to get things done. i'm tired of politicians who do nothing. >> it is not hurting him at all. people thought that donald trump would go away in july and august and here we are, it is almost thanksgiving and donald trump is
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here and still commanding in the polls. >> reporter: now donald trump will be speaking here in just a few minutes. he called me late today to once again defend his claims, telling me that although he doesn't remember where exactly he saw the video, he does know he saw it. because he has, quote, the world's greatest memory. lester. >> katy tur, thank you. tonight, authorities in new orleans are hunting for the person who opened fire in a crowded park, a mass shooting with 17 people wounded. they are asking for help from the community to identify the gunman who was firing when many were gathered for a block party filming a music video. the mayor said today one of the victims will likely never walk again. another shocking crime in that city. police say they've got their man tonight after a chilling encounter caught on camera. a medical student coming to the rescue of a woman being dragged down the street. that man shot in the stomach. his life saved when the shooter's gun suddenly
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jammed. kerry sanders has new details. >> reporter: not a single shot was fired as new orleans police and federal marshals ended the manhunt and descended on the house where euric cain was holed up. he is the 21-year-old captured in the shocking surveillance video on friday. that is when peter gold, a fourth year medical student at tulane, saw something that just wasn't right. a man dragging a woman down the sidewalk, gold confronted the man who released the woman and then demanded gold hand over money. gold said he didn't have any. >> and within moments, he found himself up against the wall at gunpoint. and it was all captured on that security camera right there. the suspect shoots gold the -- in the belly and he falls to the sidewalk. and what follows next is horrifying. it appears that the 21-year-old gunman tries to shoot gold twice. but the gun jams. tonight, a family spokesperson said peter continues to improve and remains in guarded condition. >> he did make a full confession
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that he was in fact the person who committed that offense. >> and now he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. as he should. >> reporter: police offered more than $12,000 as a reward to find the suspect but some residents in the neighborhood want peter gold to get his own reward. >> we want a reward for the heroes. they need to be celebrated in today's culture. >> reporter: the suspect and his 17-year-old girlfriend are in custody. he is charged with robbery, kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder. kerry sanders, nbc news, new orleans. a controversial new deal would create the biggest drug maker if approved, under the $160 billion agreement, pfizer makes of drugs will acquire allergan which makes botox. it could allow a tax inversion, a practice the obama administration wants to curb. pfizer could pay billions less in corporate taxes by shifting the tax base to allergan's home in ireland.
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there is potential travel trouble on the radar for fliers making their way across the country for thanksgiving. a big storm system moving into the rockies on the wednesday. thanksgiving eve. and on thursday, last-minute travellers will have to deal with that system moving over the central part of the country. snow in the forecast for minneapolis and rain from chicago down through dallas that could trigger some local flooding. there is more ahead. tonight a scam to warn you about as millions prepare to hit the road. the hidden traps thieves could use to swipe your information at the gas pump and what you could do to protect yourself. and a star player left in the game after a head-jarring hit. why wasn't he pulled under the nfl new concussion rules.
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there is good news and bad news as millions of us get ready to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. first the good news. analysts say the national average price for a gallon of gas is expected to drop below $2 by thanksgiving. below $2. that would be the lowest level for the holiday since 2004. but the bad news. a word of warning when you are filling up. police are on the alert over an a alarming spike of thieves targeting with a hidden scam. the next time you swipe your card at the pump, your personal information could be stolen. >> reporter: in michigan, authorities on the hunt for a
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device secretly planted in gas pumps, stealing credit card information from thousands of consumers. >> how big of a problem is it? >> this is a huge problem. >> they are called skimmers. the criminals breaking into the pumps with master keys they buy online. look at this man secretly attaching a skimmer in less than a minute. >> your transaction goes through as normal. at the same time it is capturing all of your credit card information. >> criminals so brazen in this video, they know to point their headlights at the security camera to void detection. >> this is happening so often. >> it is crazy. >> in texas, shirley lost nearly $3,000. >> it was a tremendous nightmare. it puts your life on hold. you can't pay bills or buy groceries. >> last year the device cost consumers $2 billion and it is not just gas stations that are vulnerable. major retailers are also on alert. >> if you have low-level employees maybe gang affiliates or coerced by gangs to bring skimmers in
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places of employment. >> watch a cashier swiping a credit card at the register and then on a skimmer that is out of sight as she grabs the receipt. >> the technology is easy to acquire and smaller than you could think. >> and could you find it right online. >> that is correct. >> so protect yourself, experts say avoid gas pumps furthest from the attendant's view and pay inside or use your cash and monitor your bank account often. >> it is blowing our mind how many there are. >> a fraud now spreading with credit cards in high demand this holiday season. gabe guiterrez, nbc news, michigan. we're back in a moment with a new nfl controversy. a quarterback visibly stunned by a brutal hit to the head. new protocols say he should have been pulled from the game. so why wasn't he? e should have been i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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the st. louis rams and the nfl are facing serious questions about safety protocol after a quarterback slammed his head into the turf on sunday, and was allowed to
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continue to play. despite staggering as he tried to get up and falling down. only after the game was he checked for a concussion. our national correspondent miguel almaguer has the fallout tonight from the tale of the tape. >> reporter: with the game tied and a minute to go, st. louis rams' quarterback case keenum was spun around, dragged down, his head smashing into the turf. he appeared dazed and wobbly. >> case keenum slow to get up. >> he stayed in the game and later diagnosed with a concussion. >> to see a hit like that and see him get up and be so obviously in distress, how anybody could have left him in the game was just -- it is just awful. >> reporter: the rams' coaching staff now under fire for not pulling keenum out. >> that is not right. the league doesn't -- nobody wants that. we're getting everybody involved to figure out how that happened and to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: also under scrutiny, the nfl injury spotter.
7:23 pm
a trainer given the power to stop the game and sideline a player if he even appears to suffer from a concussion, never intervened. >> the consequences could be much more severe in a single injury. you could lose the ability for your brain to regulate blood flow. you could get swelling of the brain sfwlrvelgts the nfl is reviewing why he wasn't evaluated by a doctor. we will reinforce with all involves the need to ensure the injuries are properly identified and addressed in a manner consist went the protocols. making football safer is in the spotlight. the hit, a reminder, even with the game on the line, the most important call is still safety first. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. when we come back, a great story for thanksgiving. a little boy on a mission to personally thank his heroes in blue. over 30,000 of them. in in blue. blue. ♪ in blue. i found a better deal
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thank-you cards. rehema ellis has the first of our series season of kindness. >> reporter: 7-year-old zachary loves superheroes and his room is a shrine to his favorite. the real life men and women in blue. >> what does this say. >> police department. city of new york. >> reporter: zachary cares about them so much, he's determined to hand-deliver thank-you cards to all of the city's more than 34,000 officers. superhero cards, of course. today he is visiting a precinct in queens, giving each officer a card and a handshake. his mother, a single mom, dedicated her only day off every week to help zachary accomplish his mission. they've been at it for nearly a year, visiting more than 60 precincts. >> this is what he wants to do. as a mother we try to help our kids and encourage them. >> reporter: this all started last december after two new york
7:28 pm
city police officers were gunned down. >> we went to where it happened and he actually started to cry. so he was like, mom, i want to do something. >> reporter: first stop, last winter, was the precinct in their neighborhood. now a frequent visitor, zachary gets special hands-on time with the inspector. >> he is comfortable here. >> you could tell. >> reporter: at precincts citywide, his visits are highly anticipated. >> i was hoping to work the day he does come to us, and i'm glad i was. >> back in queens, he gets rare access. even a visit from a canine. it is their thank-you to a boy who dreams of becoming an officer himself. to these officers, zachary is already one of them. >> thank you, zachary for touching all of the hearts of the men and women of this precinct. >> rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. and that will do it for us on this monday night.
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i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. news, thank you for watching and good night.
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