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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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miles per hour but still potentially also producing some wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. now, you can see up around columbia, maryland, howard county, the storms making their way out of the area headed into anne arundel county, northern prince george's county. we can follow it right on down. so at least areas along i-95 out of d.c. don't have the pounding rain on area roads right now or the high winds.
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southern portions of the county around 7:22. so, again, a tornado warning now in effect until 7:45. we've had a tornado watch all day. difference between a watch and a warning, a watch is watching for the potential for storms to develop. a tornado warning means we have a tornado that is out there, at least on radar. let me take a look at this. i want to see how they are picking this up. if it is just on radar or if they have had any issue of this on the ground. i don't have it just yet. go ahead. >> the questions that we had, a viewer asked, well, what's the difference between all the colors that we're showing here? so, the tornado warning that was just issued for areas of st. mary's, calvert county, that is the bright red that you're seeing here, and that comes straight out of areas around montrose, around westmoreland, around northumberland where there was the earlier tornado warning. so, the bright red is your tornado warning. again, we're telling folks if you're around leonardtown, 244, maryland 5 or 471 and 235, you areun
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seeing some tornadoes moving through your area. the severest thunderstorm warnings, they're still up for the area, eastern charles county, southern areas of prince george's county, anne arundel, north calvert, in northern areas of st. mary's. that's the yellow that you're seeing. and also on the map, that is right up into areas of baltimore still in hartford county the severe thunderstorm warnings. that's the yellow. the dark red, where we still have some flash flood warnings occurring to include right there, just west of d.c. for, i believe it is backlit creek, reports of some flooding in and around that area. so, again, those are the colors that you're seeing right now on our radar and what they actually mean. the latest warning, again, st. mary's, calvert county, the tornado warning that goes up until 7:45. so, we're going to be tracking this storm system until it's out of here, until it makes its way out over the bay,
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continue to track that for you. some of the strongest weather now making its way right through, you can see around montrose. when i put the tracking on, as it's pushing off to the north and northeast, it will be hitting areas like leonardtown by 7:34, california by 7:41, into drum point by 7:48 and calvert beach just before 8:00. so, not moving extremely fast, this individual cell. it's just after 7:00 now. >> it's moving at 60 miles per hour. i'm reading this right now. so, doppler radar indicated severe thunderstorm capable of producingza tornado over cole's point, moving northeast at 60 miles per hour. this locations include leonardtown, flag harbor, lexington park, st. mary's city, st. mary's river, st. leonard creek, chesapeake ranch estates, calvert cliffs, lusby, hollywood, the river, patuxent naval air station, do,
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tintop hill, redgate and long beach. if you live in those areas, again, you want to get into the lowest level of your home. make sure you're in your basement right now. if you don't have a basement, get into an interior room. we're talking the bathroom. again, one without windows. or we're talking about a closet, an interior closet. make sure you stay safe with this. this is a system that we're going to watch very closely. it has had a history of producing tornadoes down to the south. and right now it's in towards portions of westmoreland county, about to cross the river in towards st. mary's county. >> thank you. along with the concerns about the high winds, we've also been talking about problems with flooding. and here's a live picture from our storm team 4 weather vehicle, where there's a rescue crew trying to get a car that's stranded in high water in the alexandria section of fairfax county. this is happening at cherokee avenue and navajo drive. you know, please be careful out e.
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end of a rescue like this. but again, live pictures from the alexandria section of fairfax county. they're trying to get a car out of the high water. >> this is a significant storm dropping an awful lot of water that include a flooding situation in a garage at the metro station at francon franconia-springfield. that water from, i guess, what, about an hour ago? maybe half an hour, i'm not sure. but that water that has flooded that garage, as doug noted, it was at that time below the bumper. i'm not sure what the water situation is there now. but the point is, there's an awful lot of rain coming out of this storm along with the other considerations that doug and veronica just mentioned, including another tornado warning. doug? >> yeah, and that tornado warning, again, going until 7:45 tonight. and again, we're looking at through st. mary's county. you can see the area highlighted here right along
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right up toward the north. and on this path we're looking at 7:22 around brenton beach, around whiteport beach at 7:22, leonardtown around 7:27, california around 7:30, and over towards the solderly area at 7:35. once again, we've seen many areas of rotation within this storm, and this is a storm that we've been tracking since it hit richmond a little bit earlier and also had a tornado warning there. this tornado -- look at the tornado warnings! i mean, once again, this line just continues to give us severe thunderstorm warnings in southern maryland and tornado warnings all the way down just past the richmond area, all the way down in towards north carolina. and again, you saw the line earlier, the line was a complete line, but now you're seeing little, individual cells, and they have the potential to spin a lot easier than a line does. when you get a line of storms, it's hard to get big areas of rotation happening. but now we've got that, and we may see another one here. i mean, just look at this line, how this one's kind of developed
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so, we'll be watching out for that one, too. but the one that's producing the tornado, the possible tornado, this is doppler-indicated. we do not have anything on the ground, at least confirmed. this is a doppler-indicated tornado making its way up. and that's not the only one. so, we've got this tornado warning here. we've got another one down toward the south. so, we've got a couple different storm systems moving in, a couple of different cells that continue to move up toward the north and east. this one, this tornado warning is until 7:45, but numerous other warnings -- here's one storm, here's another one, and here's yet another one, allf which have tornado warnings associated with them. so, we are not nearly out of the woods yet as we make our way through the next couple of hours here. in and around the waldorf area, around charles county, this is a severe thunderstorm moving up toward the north and east very rapidly, too. again, this one moving at 60 miles an hour. doreen? >> well, doug, before doreen, because she has a question that is important for folks who need some information, i want to know right now, are we getting all of
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conditions because we've got a combination of warm and cold air right next to each other? what's the temperature out there? what's it like? >> well, the amazing thing about that was we knew we'd see some warmer air come in. we were wondering how far west it would get. at 2:00 in the afternoon, it was 65 degrees at reagan national. at dulles, it was 43 degrees. so, in a difference of 20 miles, we saw a 25 or close to a 22-degree temperature difference in that time. so, we see very warm air along i-95 and eastward. that's where we predicted we would see the severe weather earlier today, and that's exactly what we're seeing. to the west of that, we haven't seen a whole lot, with the exception of parts of montgomery county, which got into some 70-mile-an-hour winds. so, yeah, it is that combination, that very warm air, that very cold air, and aloft, what's going on to the north aloft in the upper levels of the atmosphere, extreme winds going on, and that's why we're seeing the winds coming like this, like that, the shear, the spin in the atmosphere, and that's why we're getting these strong storms. >> doug, i just
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move from west to east. on the west side of the danger zone and the tornado warnings -- >> yes. >> -- is it safe for people to go out? i mean, you've got people trying to make decisions about whether to head home from work or pick up the kids from after-school activities, you know. who's in the clear here, and what's your advice for them? >> well, if you're west of i-95, you're in the clear. i'm talking fairfax county, montgomery county. if it's not raining in your area now, you are safe. here's what's coming in behind this. we have more rain, and a lot of this isn't even going to make it in here. but if you're around i-95 westward, through northern virginia -- northern virginia, you're clear across the region. i'm not worried about you at all. it's all southern maryland that we're going to continue to watch now. as we move on through, as we zoom on in here, you can see what i'm talking about. right along i-95 and to the west of i-95 we're going to be
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that area -- yeah, to the west of i-95, that's where we're looking at everything clearing out. now, notice what's not clearing out. we still have the flash flood warnings, we still have flood warnings, so we still have a lot of areas of high water. turn around, don't drown. i guarantee you what happened in that earlier shot was somebody tried to drive through some flooded roadways and got stuck. right now, i-95 eastward is where we're looking at the strongest storms. so, we're going to continue to watch this move out of here. should be done by around 8:00. again, this tornado warning goes until 7:45. could be another one with this storm that makes its way up, again in towards st. mary's and calvert county. >> thanks, doug. you also mentioned that parts of montgomery county are still in what you might call the danger zone. we have some video right now. this is a bad situation, flooding. it's on sundale drive and east west highway. nasd that's in silver spring in montgomery county, just across the d.c. li.
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awful lot of water there that people are, going through the water, as a matter of fact, i'm surprised some of the water doesn't get up into the engine and they flood out. in any event, that's in montgomery county on east-west highway. so, be careful in that. doug? >> don't go through that if you don't have to. >> no. you saw that prius. >> right. >> trying to push water out. once you see the spray coming over your bumper, you might have some issues, so do not drive through there. want some good news. you asked me about west of 95 here. that tornado watch has now been dropped. we are no longer concerned about this area at all west of i-95. it is only east of i-95. three distinct cells. you've got one here coming through northern prince george's into anne arundel. you've got one here in southern anne arundel through prince george's county. this is to the south and the one farther down south is the one with a
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right now around leonardtown. again, if you're in this area, i cannot stress enough, stay indoors, go to the lowest level of your home, make sure you're in a bathroom, make sure you're in a closet, if you can. again, lowest level of your home, for sure. this is right along 5, right along lexington park. here's route 4 as it makes its way on down. so, we're going to continue to see that, too, 4 and 5 as they make their way to st. mary's county. this is the area that's under the gun right now. most of the time this time of year you don't see tornadoes that are all that strong, but we've had a history today and yesterday of seeing those tornadoes, and this is just updated now. so, you can see where the tornado's already passed you, the possible tornado. it's already on land in towards st. mary's county. so, that storm is now onshore. that's probably a reissuance of that tornado, that same tornado that is now making its way across the bay, or across the river here, in towards that area. so, you've got the tornado warning here, another one down to the south, extreme southern st. mary's county. th
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into extreme st. mary's county coming up over the next half hour or so. this tornado warning in effect until 7:45 tonight, guys, 7:45 tonight. so, please keep it right here. we're going to continue to watch these storms all moving through southern maryland. but if you're in d.c., if you're points to the south along i-95 and west, we are no longer going to be dealing with those issues. now, "nightly news" coming on at 7:30 tonight. so, if you're tuning in for "nightly news," we're going to run it, don't worry. it's coming up at 7:30 tonight, but we're staying with this action here in through st. mary's county, in through southern calvert county because we have a tornado warning. and it's our duty here to make sure that you stay protected across that region. a couple more zooms. here's the patuxent river nas, naval air station around the patuxent river, that continues. let's put up the line of storms and widen out one more time to show you where the heaviest is. let's take the composite off, too, because i want to really show this
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and just the right -- look how we do have a little bit of a curvature here. again, that might be more of wind. go ahead and zoom back in here, because we had some purples before. this storm may be weakening just little bit, and that's some very good news. watched it over the past hour or so, or last half hour, if we can, and you see what's happening. by the way, there's alexandria flooding. can you find out where that is for me, guys, so i can talk about that? we had some purple across the river, and it's coming onshore. it looks like it's weakening just a bit. that would be very good news for st. mary's county. okay, so, what we're looking at -- let's take that full, guys. let's take that full. this is cherokee avenue at navajo drive, if we can. this is around the alexandria area. this might be the area that we've warned on a little bit earlier for the flash flood warning. but you can see what's happening there. that looks like -- is that a car in the road? yep, it certainly is. you know, again, somebody trying to drive across a flooded roadway. that looks like a bridge that has been overtaken, and then you see all of the debris there, oo
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tried to drive through it. man, you just don't want to drive through these areas! it's just way too dangerous to do so. we've got another warning that's here. let's see, want to see what that one is for, too. it's most likely going to be another maybe flash flood warning across the area? can't tell. again, we've got so many warnings going on. but the only severe thunderstorm warnings, prince george's county, calvert county, charles county, st. mary's county. the tornado warning in for st. mary's county and southern calvert county. to the north of this, we're looking at that there, too. we're going to stay on top of this. this is alexandria, you said, guys? can we find out maybe -- alexandria section of fairfax county. so that most likely is what i was talking about earlier with that flash flooding. that most likely is going to be that area that we were talking about with -- want to make sure, cameron run. that could be cameron run or backlick run, right around those areas. that's the area besaid would be fe
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what we're seeing right there. as far as the other beeping that you saw, we now have a flood warning for small streams in loudoun county, fauquier county until 1:15 tonight. we're seeing gauges indicating rising streams of area rainfall of at least an inch, so stream flooding could be likely. cannot say this enough. you can see this water rescue happening right now. this is live. and this is a water rescue happening right now in the fairfax county area of alexandria. we tell you, turn around, don't drowned. this is why. >> we've been looking at the rain we got in that period of time of 30 minutes, as this line of storms came through. and some of the rainfall rates are well over an inch. look at gaithersburg, leesburg area, same deal around fairfax, over an inch, and that was just in one hour's time. so, those creeks, streams, all coming over their banks in a hurry. quantico over an inch, too. and we'ti
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there right now east of i-95. so, you're going to see the totals continue to come up around annapolis, certainly around pax river and through calvert as well as st. mary's county. if we can switch over to the other computer, i've zoomed right into that flash flood warning that went up earlier today. that was around bailey's crossroads, dalecrest area, cannon area. you can see it right there just west of bradley and alexandria. so, the possibility of flooding remains as these storms continue to drive eastward. in the yellow, your severe thunderstorm warning where there's still the threat of some very high winds. that's around deale, down towards areas just around calvert beach, maryland 4 and 5. then in the bright red here, where we still have severe -- that tornado warning that remains for a few more minutes, you can see some of the video. you're looking at now a split screen there, the watere
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county. so, that's cherokee avenue and navajo drive. cherokee avenue and navajo drive, water rescue taking pl e place. if water comes up quickly, which it does in events like this, never drive through flooded roads. tell you all the time, folks, turn around, don't drown. let's go to megan fitzgerald now, who's at the franconia metro station. what have you got there, megan? >> reporter: yeah, and you know, that's great advice, you shouldn't be driving through flooded roadways, but the folks here at the franconia-springfield parking garage don't have a choice. it actually flooded this evening. if you take a look over here, you might make out the fact that it's slow moving. cars are literally creeping through because we're talking about several inches of rain that have accumulated inside this parking garage. now, we want to go to some video that we were able to shoot earlier and some other images coming in to us. you can see drivers just taking it slow as they try and make
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water that's greeting them as they exit. but then there's the second floor, and that's a bigger concern. we talked to some police officers here who say it's an even bigger mess, if you will, up there, more water that's covering the parking garage up there. so, drivers taking it slow. we understand that maintenance teams are on their way over here to try and resolve the issue. as i had mentioned, police officers standing by as well. they've lifted up the gate to try and assist drivers to keep the traffic flowing. but of course, the last thing you want to see after you get off the metro getting into your car, trying to make your way home. so, doug, a lot of folks now dealing with the aftermath of this torrential downpour, as you can see here. of course, it's not raining, but they're dealing with the aftermath of that rain right now. back to you, doug. >> yeah. and we'll continue to see that. one last thing. i've been looking at the tornado warning down here for st. mary's/calvert county, still detecting rotation down here on rad
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towards parts of st. mary's county. one thing to note is it's most likely going to be a rain-wrapped tornado. so just know that you're not going to see it coming. again, it's dark, rain-wrapped, you've got a lot of trees down in the area. here's the other warned storm. that one, too, could come across st. mary's county. we'll keep you posted. if we're not online -- we'll go to "nightly" in a couple of minutes -- if we're not online, we'll be online on facebook and twitter right through the rest of the night. what's that, guys? let's go to pat collins. pat collins, this is a little bit different than the snow stick, my friend, and this is one of the areas that we talked about earlier, those underpasses always a problem. >> reporter: indeed. i wish i had my stick to measure it, though, doug. take a look. we're on eastern avenue. look down there below the overpass where the trains go through. there's a big lake down there. now i want you to take a look down minnesota avenue here behind our live truck. you can see some flashing lights of a car.
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challenger. it belonged to tobias dorzan. he was in that car with his father and his two kids. they tried to drive through this lake of water beneath the railroad crossing and they got stuck. fortunately, a police crane was here, crane number five. they went down, snatched him out. tobias is okay. his father's okay. his two kids are fine. but inside his car, that much water. again, his car sort of turned into a boat, but he can replace the car. everybody else is okay. he'll be bailing out, making his way home here in a few minutes. back to you, doug. >> we talked about that earlier tonight. we talked about the underpasses around northeast, down around southeast and around anacostia. don't drive around those. that's what you get when you do, guys. you really need to take precautions. there's going to be a lot more
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the storm system itself exiting the region, but still in anne arundel and calvert and st. mary's counties, where the tornado warning is still in effect until 7:45 tonight. everybody west of i-95, we no longer have any threats other than the flood warnings, other than the flash flood warnings, other than driving your car tonight in through some of those flooded roads. look at spotsylvania county. the whole county under a flash flood warning. and most everywhere else under flood warnings. rivers will continue to rise throughout the night. some of those flood warnings go until 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. so, once again, we're going to continue to watch this moving on through. should be out of here completely, should be out of here completely by around 8:00. but if you're in st. mary's county, tornado warning until 7:45. there's another storm that could come through extreme southern st. mary's county. once again, if those are issued, we'll continue to post it for you. >> doug, at the risk of upsetting management, we don't know what they're paying you and veronica, but it ain't gh
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job. thank you. >> nonstop coverage. we appreciate it. "nbc nightly news" follows this in its entirety. we'll see you at 11:00.


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