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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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story out of northern california, nine people are recovering after their commuter train derailed overnight. the fire department says a tree tell on to the tracks south of oakland forcing the first rail car to plunge in to a creek. part of that car was still under water as rescuers pulled out victims. officials believe all the rain the bay area has seen lately may have played a role in that tree falling. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. i'm just so happy, right, are you happy? >> the warm-up coming? yeah. and three other things for us to know. >> did you read your discussion i send you every morning? >> we do read it, but right for you all i can think about is 70 degree weather. >> look at this, this is practically musical right here. oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day, even nicer tomorrow, records are coming our way. it's practically writes itself. plus i stole it from rogers and hammerstein. outside, 40s to
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a country sprinkles on radar. but the rest of the day, no umbrellas needed. temperatures in the 70s. radar check in ten minutes. things looking pretty good so far this morning. inner and outer loop at colesville road, road work has been lifted. and everything moving well 355. i-66 and route 28, centreville, no reports of any problems right now. all around the area traffic moving quite smoothly. it is still early, but no reports of any significant issues fto slow you down. >> reporter: i'm erika gonzalez in prince george's county. take drastic measures or face hundreds of millions of dollars in a budget hole. that's what rushern baker is up against. how did this all happen? a preliminary blue rob bon report finds this stems from
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years of tax cap, expensive labor agreements and reluctance to raise fees. i spoke with the county executive office and it tells me the findings are no surprise. the report also noted the county is not as wealthy as it seems, depending much more heavily on state funding than neighboring montgomery county for instance. the county executive unveiled his proposed 2017 budget to the council on thursday. and while he and lawmakers have made some cuts, we'll have to see if he's willing to make those drastic cuts that the report calls for. in prince george's county, i'm erika gonzalez, news 4. this morning montgomery county police are searching for a second suspect in a brazen home robbery in germantown. police have already arrested 44-year-old kevin darnell carroll. they say carroll and a second man ambushed a 21-year-old and 14-year-old as they entered their germantown home last year. both men wore ski masks and had guns. police believe the armed robber
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planted a gps tracker on the family car and tracked them home. police say carroll and his partner tied up their hostages and be robbed the house. a new bill that will help victims of domestic violence will be discussed in annapolis later today. the proposed law would broaden what qualifies as domestic violence. if the senate bill 960 passes, it would has harassment and malicious discussion of property to the definition. that bill would also increase the reasons for granting protective orders. state's attorney supports the measure. new details this morning in a deadly stabbing we first reported monday morning. police say 23-year-old daniel weste admitted he stopped his girlfriend santa lazama. he also stabbed another woman. he's now facing murder and attempted murder charges. d.c. police have the stol
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by shooting. now they're looking at the person behind the wheel. one person was killed and two other injured this a shooting on sunday this southeast d.c. this happened just steps away from where a local reporter simil milton was gunned down last may. the van belonged to a church. two firefighters are back on the job this morning. the fire chief reinstated both men after a review and public outcry. captain james kelly and bloom were placed on leave for taking a child to the hospital on the fire engine rather than rating for an ambulance. the firefighters say the ambulance was 15 minutes away and the child needed help immediately. captain kelly says he never expected to be reprimanded for his decision. >> it took me by surprise. yeah, i didn't think anything was ever going to come out of it honestly. >> did you think it was fair? >> i did the right thing. >> the trouble isn't over yet for captain kelley. the review fod
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he is registered nationally. virginia ems office is how doing a review of the case, as well. virginia lawmakers have a approved a bill that would tors death row inmates in to the electric chair if lethal injection drugs are not available. death row inmates in virginia can choose whether they want to use the lielectric chair. since 1995, only 7 out of 87 have they do zchosen the chair. the governor has not said if he will sign the legislation. d.c. strict gun permit system will stay in place after a federal judge cities to side with the city. the judge ruled that d.c. can keep enforcing its current law which requires that applicants show good reason before being able to get a permit for a concealed carry gun. the ruling follows a length any back and forth with gun rights activists who have been fighting the systemce
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place in 2014. d.c. police say they haven't arrested anyone will, but they are glad all of these drugs are no longer on the streets. police seized dozens of bags of cocaine and marijuana and more than 100 zip lock bags of hear r heroin yesterday. police wouldn't say exactly where the bust happened. when girls, high school, college, they tweet me and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. and i can't control that. >> emotional testimony may have helped sports reporter andrew andrews win her stalking lawsuit. jurors found both the nashville marriott and michael david barrett at fault for what happened. barrett was convicted several years ago of secretly videotaping andrews naked while she stayed at that hotel. andrews was awarded a $55 million payout.
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paying about $28 million and the hotel company will pay $26 million. montgomery county wants to know how it can respond better to snow emergencies like the blizzard of 2016. this year's storm shut down schools for a week so roads could be cleared. it took days for sidewalks to become passable, too. this morning the county council will take a look at what went well and what can be done better in the future. virginia is getting the disaster declaration it asks for. the white house says president obama has approved the request for federal help. the declaration means the commonwealth can receive money for repairs and recovery efforts to january storms. bring on the 60s and 70s. temperatures are slowly rising. will your kids knneed a jacket? chuck bell has the forecast. and if you're dodging potholes, the worst may soon over. and who can grow medical marijuana and where. the
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. today we will learn more about who and where marijuana can be grown in frederick county. a public hearing will be held in virginia tonight on a bill that would allow medical cannabis to be
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than 15 licenses statewide. the meeting is tonight at 7:00 at winchester hall. if you still have a rocky ride into works you're not alone. montgomery county is aware there are still some pretty significant potholes out there. so this week more crews and equipment will be out there to fill this those trouble spots. more than 1,000 poles have been filled since january some weather watchers reported a random drop or two. these are not going to impact your day. you can leave the umbrelat
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hour or so, you height get a random drop. bus stop p temperatures near 49 and dry by the time the kids go out this morning. and coming home today, outdoor recess, temperatures in the 70s. you will be cool like this guy here. maybe a little right jacket first thing this morning, but short sleeves an sunglasses coming your way. dare i put an 80 on the forecast. we'll have that in ten minutes. a couple problems. dark traffic lights wisconsin avenue at m street. no police to direct you. and we also have closures inbound south capitol street, ramp to the westbound freeway and third street tunnel are blocked. and so ought bound 270 from frederick through gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda done to the beltway, there are no problems. when you get in your car, don't forget to tune into wtop 103.5 to check out all the traffic
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we're getting up to the 70s this week. but there is still snow left over from the blizzard. the new effort to remove that big pile at rfk stadium. more than 100 delegates up for grabs. the battle for the republican and democratic presidential candates as fourid s you can't predict the market. candates as fourid s but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i search consider him an ally. >> your vp choice? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> to win, to become president of the united states. let's not talk about vice president. >> in last night's
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hillary clinton stopped short of naming bernie sanders her vp if she gets the democratic nomination. but sanders says he is in this race to win. sanders and clinton will be among those traveling across several states today trying to rope in votes as major contests get you said way today. tracie potts live on capitol hill thousanow to tell us what stake. >> reporter: 152 delegates in michigan is at stake. and if bernie sanders is going to remain competitive, he has to do some heavy lifting. hillary clinton is already off to cleveland focusing on ohio today. but he is going to stay in michigan on this primary day where he has to grab a lot of those delegates in order to try to catch up with where hillary clinton is in the delegate count. you heard part half up to hall. at a later event at the university of michigan, the issue was the auto bailout. hillary clinton said bernie sanders did not support the money to keep those auto jobs in michigan. he said the problem was it was linked to a wall street
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that he did not support. >> so we know this race is getting tighter for the top two contenders on the republican side, trump, cruz. what do they have to do to get as many votes as possible today? >> four contests for the purchases today. their focus very much so on michigan and mississippi. especially down south where ted cruz is trying to pick up some of donald trump's supporters in the more conservative south. and then of course they're already very much focused on florida where trump is running attack ads against marco rubio. marco rubio is behind eight point this is florida. he's closing the gap, but perhaps not quite enough to get that winner take all state. but we'll see what happens. they still have another week there. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. ground breaking for a new incubator space takes place in the district today. so what is cubator space is desd for new businesses to share and grow. the new space on georgia avenue this northwest will support underrepresented entrepreneurs a
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they will provide products and services to underserved xhup tis. the ground breaking kicks off this morning at 11:00. tonight police and community members in southeast d.c. will work together to fight crime. a crime walk begins at 6:00. you can meet officers at the corner of south capitol street and livingston road in southeast. fairfax county police need your help to find out who vandalized one of the police cruisers. you can see someone spray painted graffiti on the cruiser on westmoreland street in mclean. police want to talk to anyone who may have seen what happened. 4:48. a man's attempt to get inside the white house ended before he even touched the authority lawn. the secret service says a man climbed over the short bike rack barrier on the northeast side of the white house yesterday and then they tackled him. the man was then arrested. the secret service says he never had a chance at the main fence. u.s. capitol police trying to beef up their force. a report from
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appropriations committee says the agency wants to hire 72 officers in the next couple of years. that would put the force at 1900 officers. the capital police have formally requested a budget hike to help pay for the salaries and benefits of the officers. it's down to the wire for pepco and exelon to save their controversial $7 billion merger. yesterday the companies formally asked the d.c. public service commission to reconsider the conditions it put on the merger last month. failure to act could mean the whole deal gets derailed. some civic groups and city leader say it's a bad deal. at this point it's not clear when or if the deal will go through. it is 4:49. the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will happen this friday. she will be laid to rest next to rm forepresident ronald reagan and his presidential library in sim chlt valley, california. the funeral service will be private, but her body will rye in repose at the library tomorrow and thursday. during that time,
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pay respects. the former first lady passed away sunday at the age evof 94. we will find out who is coming to the kennedy center for the upcoming season. three celebrity artists will be announced today. the center's president will reveal the lineup for the new season at 11:00. any wish list people besides john legend? >> you know, i assume that meant like plays, musicals. >> i think it could be a lot of different things. >> concert type stuff. a big space. they can can do a lot there. >> there a lot of talk about a quarterback. and we're not talking about peyton manning but rg3. >> the former number two overall pick rookie of the year, nfc east champion is officially a free agent. so what is next? the expectation is that somebody will sign him. however, not clear whether he will be a backup or a starter. thist
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at all. he only suited up for one game. we wish him luck, though. giant blizzard left snow that shut down the area two months ago. some of it is still sitting outside rfk stadium, but we now know when it will finally be gone. the d.c. department of public works plans to remove the remaining snow by march 21st. that is one day after the first day of spring. now, with the warm temperatures this week, some of it could also melt before then. but i guess because there is so much and packed so tightly, chuck -- >> it takes a while. because it doesn't get really warm at the bottom of the pile. so that's part of the ropeason. >> and i love this weather, but really warm, you have to be close to 80. is 70 considered warm? >> you pet. our average high now is only 53, 54. so 70 is -- >> all in the perspective. >> plus some days might be
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yikes. flirting with record high temperatures on thursday. and when all of your spring plants fail because they got too warm too fast, it's eun yang's fault because she said i want the warm weather sooner. weather and your plans for today, nothing to worry about this morning. nice and cool. great weather for a jog. outdoor lunch hour today, and tennis anyone? sun doesn't go down until just after 6:30 and here comes the heat. all the warm air that has been bundled up down south, a big change in the jet stream very stormy out across the desert southwest and as cold and rain fill in in that part of the world, it shows the warm dry air up the eastern seaboard, so we'll be sitting in sunshine and near record high temperatures. about especially on thursday. winter, everybody, put a stake through it. it is done. high pressure large and in charge of our weather for the next couple of days. there are a couple of sprinkles out here tomorrow. they won't last long, but if you get out and say there is a raindrop on the window, that's
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they will be gone by 5:30, 6:00 this morning. temperatures are how in the upper 40s and low 50s. it will be a nice more thning,n 60 by 10:00 a.m. and highs today in the 70s. 75 today, that's almost 20 above average. 78 tomorrow. i'm going to shoot for the record on thursday. the record is 78. we'll go 80 degrees on thursday. be one of our earliest 80s in quite some time. of course as we get hold the weekend, things don't ever last into the weekend. cloudy skies and maybe a risk of showers both days. more likely on sunday. and of course saturday night before you go to bed, move the croc ahead o clock ahead one hour. and early bird gets the word. it is a nice quiet morning so far. 95 and prince william parkway, everything looking good. river road through he
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speeds. right now it is very quiet. no crashes to speak of. so that is good news for you. developing right now, flash floods and major damage in texas. neighbors have a big mess to clean up as more rain adds to the trouble. metro's gm is holding the system accountable for its struggles. how metro's leadership is now turning to you to track issues.
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developing now, flash flooding, high winds, severe storm left a lot of damage in texas and they're already work to ing to clean it up today. at least a dozen hopes were damaged west of dallas. piles of debris everywhere. some families had to stay with relatives until the storm let up. however there is more rain in the forecast this week. pet frmetro's new leader sa transit system is in worse shape than he thought when he took the job and he says they have to get back to basics. general manager paul wiedefeld did not mince words when he outlined his plans yesterday for the struggling agency. he says long term closures on the rails could be needed to stop the cycle of, quote, band aid repairs. metro now has and online tool so you can see what crews are working on. >> this will be trackable for the public and we'll be able to
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done, in one year this will be done and we can judge you. >> yes, we started on our website a customer report accounting system basically. >> metro may also put tote boards outside of stations to let riders know he how trains are running before you xhet to riding them. police in new york city will stop arresting people for minor offenses. a number will now result in just a summons. low level crimes like littering, taking up two subway seats or public consumption of alcohol will no longer be subject to arrest in manhattan. this new policy could mean 10,000 fewer cases a year and will free up officers to investigate more serious crimes. a man says he's your neighbor and then doesasks you money. a warning about a man scramming people in several parts of the city. the latest stiincident happened a navy yard
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a well dressed man knocks on your door and says he's your neighbor bruce. he's locked out and that he has no keys or wallet. he then asks you for money so he can catch a cab or take metro. >> somebody knocked on high door yesterday and i did not come down. >> it's sad that shall be would take advantage of good hearted people. >> we have this picture of bruce and we had to blur out his face take advantage of good hearted people. >> we have this picture of bruce and we had to blur out his face because police say he has not committed any crime, but they want to get the word out and urge you not to give him any money. at 5:00 a.m., get ready for some of the best weather all week long. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. temperatures in the 70s. >> love this. i'm eun yang. the question now is when will we get there. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with some answers. >> good morning, everybody. coming up on 5:00 on a tuesday morning. great outdoor weather coming our way. a cool
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and 80s on the way. i'm busy going through the climate records for see how early we've made 80. if we get to 80 on thursday, which i think we will, it's the earliest 80 in at least six years. currently, though, it's a cool start. temperatures mid-40s in loudoun county, upper 40s here in the city. even a few cold pockets out there manassas at 39. but fredericksburg 54. next 24 hours, a nice cool start. most everybody in the 40s this morning. 70 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. and in the upper 40s and low 50s again tomorrow morning. but as you mentioned, there is an 80 in the 7 day. we'll talk about how long the warm weather sticks a around cog up in ten. things are fairly quiet, but one problem spot headed in to the district. inbound south capitol street, there is road work and it's closing the ramps to the westbound southeast/southwest


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