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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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county police officer is ambushed outside of the police station. the new information we're gathering on the attack. the fallen officer and the gunmen. >> but first we're preparing you for the conditions outside on this soggy mop morning. we' monday morning. chuck bell has your out the door forecast. today not the prettiest of days. >> not at all. a lot like yesterday, no sunshine at all across the area. it will look and feel like a monday. cloudy and gray. if there is anyway to take the day off, a good day to stay under the covers with a hot bowl of soup. best day of the week likely to be wednesday inn ethe mid-70s. but for now, temperatures in the 40s and lots of fog, drizzle and mist early this morning. low visibility could slow down some of the airlines this morning. no heavy rain out there early
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next 24ho way, light rain and drizzle, 40s on your way out the door. have the umbrella with you p mainly just cloudy this afternoon. temperatures mid-50s before more rain overnight tonight. we have early morning problems. route 29 at lee highway and the ramp from eastbound 56 on route 29, the traffic signals are on flash. at last report, there was nobody there to direct traffic, so please be very, very careful. we'll take a live look at the cameras this morning and you are finding that traffic is heavier now. outer loop traffic headlights headed toward you coming down the hill there georgia avenue to connecticut avenue. so be prepared of course for wet roadways. and we also have reports of a crash on the outer loop before river road. this this is going to be above the american legion bridge. it's reported along both shoulders, but the right lane is also reportedly
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one officer being transported by another officer. >> copy. one officer being transported by another officer. >> gentlemjacai colson, 29-year man, four year veteran, lost his life in defense of this county. >> as a county, as a foechlgove and as a society, do our best to make sure this never happens again, that that young man who is about the same age as my son, that we don't have any other young men and women lose their lives. >> today in matter lafrrylandmal fly at half staff in honor of 28-year-old officer jacai colson, who was killed in an ambush style attack outside police headquarters in landover yesterday. there are two suspects under arrest this morning for their role in the shooting. with more on the investigation, let's check in with
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ward. >> reporter: we're here on barlow road near district three headquarters. it's eerily calm out here even for this hour. but you can see that this is a crime scene. take a look at that police cruiser up against the curb there. if you look closely at the front wheel, there is damage to that wheel. it looks like that car has been hit or somehow damaged. so we don't quite know exactly what happened there this morning. but we do know that two people are in custody, malik ford and michael ford. police tell us that the two are brothers. now, malik ford was wounded taken to prince george's county hospital. he's expected to survive his wounds. michael ford was arrested in a popeye's restaurant not far from her shortly after that the police searched the home where the two brothers are believed to have lived. outside the hospital, we talked to someone who says she was an aunt of suspect. >> he shot an officer? okay. i apologize if that's the case. but all
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where are both my nephews? >> reporter: a lot of uncerta uncertainty here among the family members and of course among investigators. the chief said yesterday at a press conference that he knew of no conduct that officer colson would have had with either of these two suspects. all that now being developed. of course two people in custody have the answers that police are looking for. we're live in palmer park, derrick ward, news 4. >> when the shooting started, police went into active shooter protocols. that means everyone available officer responded to the scene and nearby residents wered to d told to shelter in place. >> they need medics right in front of the community center. >> to get help as soon as possible, a fellow officer rushed officer colson to the hospital in the back of his police cruiser. he passed away at the hospital. at the hospital, moments after learning of his dt
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circle right here for jacai colson. this morning he's being remembered for his dedication and bravery. he was a four year veteran and an undercover narcotics officer. would he have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. the head of the police union says colson was a real cop's cop, never shying away from any calls. colson was from upper chichester in pennsylvania. we have more information on this case in the nbc washington app including information on the suspects. just search officer killed in our app. it is 6:05. developing right now, a deadly crash in fairfax county, police saying alcohol may be a factor. a car 14r578ed into a tree on burke commons road in burke virginia overnight. two men died, a third man in the car was okay. the road reopened less than a half hour ago and police say the men in the car were all in their late 20s but they haven't rele t
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16-year-old virginia high school student could get 25 to 50 years in prison today. smalls pled guilty to shooting brendan wilson in november of 2014. smalls will be sentenced this morning. wilson was shot eight times on a path leading to woodbridge high school. prosecutors say smalls wanted to avenge a fight between his brother and wilson. the time is 6:06. take mitt romney takes his campaign against donald trump to another level. the former gop presidential nominee will stand next to ohio governor john kasich as he rallies voters at two campaign events today in the buckeye say the. romney has said he's actively trying to prevent trump from winning delegate rich states like ohio in tomorrow's primaries. and we do have new poll numbers out as voter this is five states prepare to cast their ballots tomorrow. donald trump has a huge lead in florida, this according to the nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll which was released
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43% to 22%. trump also leads in illinois. senator rubio falls to last place projected to take only 16% of the vote compared to trump's 34%. but it's ohio where donald trump lands in second place. we should mention that the poll has a margin of error of 4.3%. we have breaking news right now in the midwest where emergency crews are on the scene of an accident involving an amtrak train. what we're learning about the derailment and those who were on board. and the broadcast songs are going from rainy days and mondays to play misty for me as we have light rain and mist out there early this morning. how long does it last? the answer coming right up. and no sign of the cherry blossoms just yet
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bloom when we take you live
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ress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; y gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling. tell senators kaine and warner to stop the dark act.
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it's 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll typfind out how we'll sta the monday morning. >> it looks gray and gloomy. i guess that's why they call it motivational monday. >> and i like the fact that it's national pi day, 3-14. i know you have free by in the studio. i'll be in there at 6:51 for a bite of it. your commute morning, hit and miss areas of drizzle. temperatures in the 40s. have your rain coats and pocket ed
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most of the rain willff this afternoon, but there will be no sunshine. temperatures mid-50s. you can see not much rain around the metro area just yet, but more showers just to our soth a south and west coming our way. tomorrow it will be warmer. a look he at the weekend coming up. metro line, orange, blue and silver affected because of a fire at the mcpherson square station. that station is closed. there is are bus bridges. it will be a long morning on metro this morning. so leave early and give yourself plenty of time to get to where you're going. top side of the beltway, outer loop from georgia avenue down into kensington. traffic is building away the area, but things are moving along fairly well considering wet roads. we're watching a developing story in montgomery county where a massive fire overnight left a
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several firefighters were hurt fire. we're live with what happened and how those firefighters are doing this morning. first, did you hit the snooze a few times this morning? there may be a good reason for it. why wen need more sleep thoman
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developing story this morning, prince george's county police are investigating the death of one of their own. 28-year-old officer jacai colson was killed in an ambush style attack outside of police headquarters in landover yesterday. officer colson was just shy of his 29th birth daddabirthday. one officer who knew colson remembered him as someone you just wanted to be around. >> jacai had an infectious smile. he lit up a room. he was a tremendous pena
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wanted to ev a half-staff in maryland in honor of officer colson. governor larry hogan released a statement in response to the officer's death, quote, it is my hope that his proud legacy of commitment and passion for law enforcement and serving others will provide some comfort in the difficult days that lie ahead. 6:16. and there are new details comng out of montgomery county about a suspicious death on the silver spring trail. police now say that the death of 20-year-old shelton williams in southeast d.c. was a homicide. williams was found withdraw made to his upper body on march 11th. detectives are asking for anyone with information to give them a call. one southeast d.c. community is calling for change after two women were gunned down. members of the east washington heights baptist church and other community members joined in prayer on sunday. the alabama avenue rally was to remember
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either hoicides. we have brand new images of a train derailment. take a look at the scene outside of dodge city, kansas. investigators are working to find out whien a amtrak train jumped the tracks there. close to 150 people were on board. take a look at the trains here, just lying on their sides. the krar hurt at least 11 people, but police say no one has life threatening injuries. and a terror the attack, take a look at the scene here, at three people have died from a suicide bopping in turkey. investigators say rebel bombers targeted bus stops and buss in the turkey. investigators say rebel bombers targeted bus stops and buss in the capital. 37 people died. turkey is now bombing rebel targets in iraq. police arrested dozens of people in raids overnight. and turning to the race for
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maryland's u.s. senate seat, for the first time in month, donna fight to rye place barbara mikulski. a new poll from the baltimore sun and university of baltimore finds 34% of likely democratic supporters back representative edwards. this is compared to the 28% of voters behind representative chris van hollen. margin of error here nearly five percentage points. in news 4 your health now, before you pop one of those pre-packaged meals in the microwave, die the tesch shans want you to think it may be good for a time, but probably bad for your health. many are packed with ingredients that can derail your diet. health experts say make sure that you read the labels that way you can adjust your eating throughout the day. who needs more sleep besides me? men or women? well, a new study says women need more sleep than men because of their complex brains. we knew we had complex brains, right, angie? women need about
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sleep compared to men because the fbray. uh-oh. this will start a conversation. researchers saying this is researchers saying during deep sleep, the part of brain responsible for out, memory, language disengages from the senses and goes into recovery mode. so we need to sleep more to recover those parts of the brain that are working really hard. >> i buy the study. well, these guys heading to another ncaa tournament. the terps last in the second round last year, but it's all about onward, people. this time they could be taking on the number one overall kansas if they make to the sweet 16. maryland scored a five seed on selection sunday. the team heads west to play in louisville this week. they will start things off against south dakota state with a game this coming friday. whoever wins will face either califo
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weekend. and one of the big winners inom the acc tournament, they will be a one seed after that. we know other teams we're watching include west virginia, a three seed in the east, vcu, a ten seed in the west. and gw which is playing in the n.i.t. so some of you are already talking about the big controversy during the selection show. not the teams that missed out on the big dance, but the whole bracket that was leaked. someone tweeted it only about half an hour into the broadcast. >> some people are saying that this totally ruined it for them and ruined the show. the ncaa says they're looking into what happened. a lot of coaches saying it was on twitter where they learned that they were not going to be in the tournament. >> and people are superstitious, they want things to go very smoothly. >> hopefully ths
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>> go terps by the way. >> that's right. >> oklahoma number two seed out west i think it is. so sooners may have a little something to say about the ncaa tournament this time around. >> that is true. outside this morning, all we're talking about are clouds and raindrops early on. no heavy rain out there morning, but it's not a pretty sight the all from the tower camera looking automatic over downtown washington. all clouds and some areas of fog and drizzle, as well. visibilities have been reduced a touch. it could slow air travel a bit and if you're traveling up towards phillie, new york organization boston, rains are headed that way. to traveling north up the northeast corridor today could be a logo for sure. radar, no heavy rain in the metro just yet. a couple sprinkles near charlottesville. next wave of rainfall moving in overnight tonight, only about 18 hours away, so that shot of rain comes in about midnight
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tomorrow afternoon is looking nice and wednesday will be the nicest day of the week. but first thing this morning, even without the heavy rain, it's still all wet on the roadways this morning. may need the windshield wipers for the road spray. temperatures mid to upper 40s now. and there won't a big rise in temperatures today courtesy of the clouds and drizzle chances. not a whole lot of rain this afternoon. temperatures mid-50s, but rain moves in again late this evening in to early tomorrow. future weather, clouds an drizzle through the daylight hours. and then cloudy skies this evening, but after midnight towards early tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m., chance for rain showers early tomorrow. that lingers up lieu about noontime only. rain leaves quickly there after. we should good smet clearing ul tomorrow afternoon. not must have to make it a sun any day, but temperatures mid-50s toy,
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wednesday. already thinking about the bet. sunny and temperatures near 60. rain looking likely for your sund sunday. it's traffic time. we have some serious problems on metrorail this morning. service suspended between foggy bottom and federal center west because of tire activity. plan ahead and expect a lot of delays. if you're traveling in to the d.c., you want to watch out for a problem inbound new york avenue just before bladensburg road, a broken down box truck in the right lane. that causes delays coming off of the parkway on to new york avenue. and out in sterling, a crash investigation closing westbound route 7, everybody diverted at lakeland drive because of an ongoing crash investigation. eastbound lanes are open, but it will cause you some issues coming from leesburg and going to
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righ n cherry blossom peak bloom. what a pretty shot. soon the buds will open up. the big question is whether the peak date could be moved before this weekend. >> and mike with the national park service joining us live at the tidal basin. good morning, mike. so when can we start to see the gorgeous line of trees? >> bloom watch is already under way. you can see over my shoulder, we have green buds on all the trees and over the next five, six days, we will be moving through the six stages. should get us to peak broom on friday or saturday just in time for the weekend. in not too many people know that the national park service rangers also give out a lot of free tours during the festival. that's pretty cool. >> we have all sorts of things for the million a
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us over thel. ranger guided walking tours and the memorials with iom the backdrop are very popular p pups and pedals program, come down with your dogs and learn about the history of the cherry trees. find the full schedule online nps to the governn >> mike, thank you so much. the time is 6:25. and it was chaotic scene, but necessary practice. close to 100 emergency responders participated in a disaster drill for metro. the eisenhower avenue metro station in alexandria was closed for hours yesterday because of this exercise. included a mock derailment in the tunnel with riders hurt. first responders from surrounding areas were part of the drill p .hope is that riders feel that they are safe and emergency crews are prepared for the
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we're learning there will be charges a chain reaction on 395 on saturday night. police say mary daniels stopped in the middle of the highway just north of duke street. three metro transit police cruisers tried to swerve to avoid the car. one side swiped another and the third cruiser ran off the road. the officers and driver went to the hospital. everyone is expected to be okay. putting bill cosby's wife back in the spotlight. what we can expect as camille cosby prepares for another day of testimony. a soggy start to your morning. chuck bell has four things to know about your day ahead. >> reporter: 20 residents displaced, eight firefighters injured after a three-alarm fire ripped through this town home behind me forcing the walls to
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story in montgomery county where on get control of massive house fire. you can see here that crews are still working to put out hot spots. we're live in just moments. and our storm team is preparing for you the conditions outside as we deal with showers. you can encounter fog, as well. >> good morning, chuck. >> and it's indeed a very cloudy day. not a lot of hoefeavy rain. so four things you need to know about the weather for today, grab the little pocket size umbrella. moderate light showers to moderate drizzle this morning. soggy and sloppy go here
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way wednesday and mild enough where i think the blossoms are all but ready to swing forth. kim mccormick has a check on traffic. problems because of the wet roadways. north capitol street at d street, traffic lights flashing. police are not on scene, so please be careful. taking an overall look at the beltway, things are slow in spots. top side of the beltway sluggish from new hampshire avenue over toward georgia. inbound 66 traveling inside the beltway, are you running a bit heavy, slow as well. developing right now, some firefighters are now recovering and families are figuring out what comes next after a fire destroyed their towse
6:32 am
this happened in germantown. megagan fitzgerald is live on te scene. >> reporter: so we're told the fire started at around 1:00 this morning when firefighters responded to this condo or this town home just behind me here, we're told it was engulfed in flames. we're talking about six hours later and it's still a very active scene out here. firefighters are maintaining the fire right now to make sure that it doesn't flare up. we want to show issue video that we shot earlier today. firefighters just monitoring the situation here, but during the height of this fire, we're told 120 firefighters battling it out for about 40 minutes to try to get it under properly. meanwhile, the walls of the town home started to collapse. trapping eight firefighters. they were able to be rescued from the home, transported to the hospital. at this point we're told seven
6:33 am
one is experiencing serious threatening. meanwhile 20 residents are displaced. we had an opportunity to speak with some of those folks basically saying that they how have no place to go because the home behind me is a total loss and then the two other condos on the other side of them, those individuals are also displaced. red cross is on scene. they are helping with c accommodations, but could be six months before they can get back inside. firefighters say when the sunrises, they will begin to lift the debris to try to figure out how the fire started. so of course we will be out here monitoring the situation. we'll have live updates and bring them to you on our nbc washington app. back to you. today is a sad day in prince george's county. 28-year-old officer jacai colson was killed in an ambush style attack outside police headquarters in landover
6:34 am
investigating the death of oneii already led to the arrest of two men sources say the suspects are brothers. police are working to secure a search warrant at a town home off martin luther king jr. highway. neighbors tell news 4 that two brothers live in that home. last night officers were also seen searching a car in the parking lot of that community. this morning one suspect is in custody being held at police headquarters while the other remains under arrest at the hospital. rushern baker tweeted out this message responding to officer colson's death. we lost a family member today. he was about the same age as my son. this is a sad day in our county. coming up, derrick ward will have a live report in police headquarters on the latest from the investigation into a motive in the shooting. an assault case against a takoma park office heads to court this morning. the officer was
6:35 am
road of another driverd then slammed on his the driver claims he continued to tailgate and then pointed a hand gun at the car. the officer has been suspended from the force. neighbors in northwest washington are concerned about having new homeless shelters on their streets. mayor muriel bowser plans to close d.c. general in two years and set up new short term shelters in each d.c. ward. neighbors from cathedral heights, cleveland park, massachusetts heights, mclean gardens and woodley park are all meeting tonight. mayor bowser has indicated it is not likely that the locations will change. a troubling sorry about what can be the most difficult time in a family's life. more and more complaints at cemeteries in maryland. the iteam obtained records from the state's office of cemetery oversight and they showed a 40% increase in complaints about
6:36 am
and viewers who contacted the iteam say when they found their loved one's gravesite damaged lieu no fault of their own, they still had to pay to fix it. >> i was devastated by what i found the first time. the plaque was all broken to pieces. >> the iteam went to say the officials to find out how they respond to complaints and why they have nechb formally cited cemeteries for violations. the full investigation is coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00. well, math lovers rejoice, it is pi day. by lover pie lovers rejoice, too. schoolteachers say we love this day and there are plenty of ways to mark the day including getting married. and pizza, of course. co
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pop-up wedding chapel for the day and your thing, you can't just get married because of pi day, you should have other good reasons, but plenty of pi and pizza dies across the area. check them out on the n nbcwashington.c and we love our local bakeries. will is from dangerously delicious pies. number one best seller called the baltimore bomb. i looked it up, this is crushed burger cookies which is aparntly a specialty filled in with like a sweet vanilla filling. and it's very sweet. >> but we promise to share. >> it even smells sweet. >> and there was a recent poll because of p about i day which country what was the best pie. and for the u.s., what do you think it is? >> apple pie. all american apple pie. >> no, boston cream
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do you have a favorite? chocolate mousse. >> we're hungry now. and we're getting working to getting freebies. it's on our app. we'll show you why many will be wooing to wait several weeks before they get their tax refunds. and i found a good pie recipe that has gi necessauinnen it. i'll be tweeting it out. raindrops getting ready to move in. we'll time it out for you. and plus a make or break down in the race for the white house on the eve of another crital voting day. ic kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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today bill cosby's wife is expected to return for the settle part of her deposition. she testified under oath last month in a testidefamation laws against her husband. the lawsuit was fileded by seven women who say bill comes city sexually assaulted them. cosby's lawyers have argued she has no information that would be be relevant. but prosecutors say it's the only way to get the truth. now is just after 6:41 on your monday morning. one round of rain showers moving out, another batch northwest of charlottesville getting ready to move back this. so your way out the door, grab the rain coat, umbrella and jeans. temperatures will stay in the 40s and 50s later on today. so bus stop weather, sprinkles s
6:43 am
temperatures in the 40s. t getsr outdoor activities. later today, only in the mid-50s. "7-day forecast" coming up. we're having problems on the metro this morning. blue, orange and silver lines experiencing limited train service now being restored with single tracking. so expect delays on metro. let's take a look this millersville, a crash southbound route 3 just before route 175. possible hazmat situation with a truck on its side. it is causing some delays. and if you're in gaithersburg, you want to watch for a crash 355 at watkins mill road, right lane getting by in both directions. but rest of the lanes are currently closed. we're watching a pair of developing stories right now as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first in prince george's county, a community is mourning the death of a police officer who was ambushed outside of the police station. plus an overnight fire leaves plenty of people homeless and injured.
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we're livs.e three questions for the us senate: congress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling. tell senators kaine and warner to stop the dark act.
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6:46. we're watching the situation in prince george's county where an active investigation is under way after the death of a police officer there. this is the scene right now outside of the police station where officer
6:47 am
shot. this morning he's being remembered f nd gathering on the attack and the traffic. good morning. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a lot of clouds and drizzle and fog outside this morning. reducing visibilities a bit. hey want may want to have the low beams on and drive a little extra slow. i'll let you know how big an impact it will have on your commute. 395 headed toward the 14th street bridge, some problems. more traffic information coming up next. active shooter. one officer en routing transported by an officer. >> copy. >> jacai colson, a four year veteran, 29-year-old man, lost his life in defense of this county. >> as a county, as a government and as a society,
6:48 am
the same age as my son that we don't have other young men and young women lose their lives. >> today in maryland, flags will fly at half-staff in honor of a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of duty. 28-year-old officer jacai colson was killed in an ambush style attack outside of police headquarters in landover yesterday. there are two suspects under arrest this morning for their role in the shooting. let's check in with derrick ward outside of police headquarters with more. >> reporter: we're looking down barlow road behind me where just a short distance from the district three station, this is a palmer park rec center, but you can see the police cruiser along the curb there, it has some damage to the front wheel. and that light indicates will is probably some evidence, something that has some to do with what
6:49 am
yesterday. two suspects were caughtor star about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. one suspect was caught at a popeye's restaurant not far from here. the other was taken into custody and is hospitalized, wounded in the shoot-out here among police officers and at least one of those two suspects. now, there is also a house on rider wood court that was searched, as well. we don't know exactly how it all ties into will, but as we are hearing from some family members or family member, a person purchase reporting to be a family member of the suspect at the hospital, they are just as much in the dark about all of this. the investigation is still going on into this incident. we hope to have more information today from the police tent, the u.s. attorney's office, all of the authorities and all of the information that is now brought to bear on the investigation following the tragic incident here in palmer park yesterday. derrick ward, news 4. now, whenhe
6:50 am
started, police went into aed m after learning of his death, fellow officers formed a prayer circle for officer jacai colson. this morning he is being remembered for his dedication and bravery. he was a four year veteran and an undercover narcotics have ce 29th birthday this week. the head of the police union said colson was a real cop's cop, never shying away from any calls. he was from upper chichester in pennsylvania. and
6:51 am
sevirginia. burke commons roadmmed into a t not long after midnight. the driver and a passenger died. fairfax county police say both victims were men and it looks like speed and alcohol could be factors in this crash. the man who admitted to killing a 16-year-old virginia high school student could receive 25 to 50 years in prison today. smalls will be sentenced this morning. he pled guilty to killing brendan wilson in november of 2014. wilson was shot eight times on a path lead to go woodbridge high school. prosecutors say smalls wanted to avenge a fight between his brother and wilson.
6:52 am
o kasich. romney will make two campaign stops in t today with the ohio governor. it is the latest in the former gop presidential nominee's campaign against donald trump. romney has said he is actively trying to prevent trump from winning delegate rich states like ohio in tomorrow's primaries. and we have new poll numbers as voters in five states prepare to cast their ballots tomorrow. take a look. donald trump has a huge lead in florida, this according to our nbc news/wall street journal maris poll just out yesterday. he nearly doubled florida senator marco rubio. trump also leads this illinois. senator rubio falls to last place among the gop candidates. projected to take only 16% of the vote compared to trump's 34%. but it's
6:53 am
landsse kasich's 39%. we should mention the poll has a margin of error of 4.3. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the weather will impact your plans for today. plainly just light rain and fog this morning. but it's an ugly go. so it will be not a pleasant way to get the day started. coming home this afternoon, mainly just cloudy and cool. not a lot of rain later today, but more rain tonight into the early parts of tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon things will start to improve quite nicely. there goes this first area of rain showers. traveling northbound towards new york or boston, you will go right back into the rain. here is the next shot of showers here coming our way the next hour or two out of central virginia. and this little wave of low pressure out here in western kentucky, that is the rain that hooves in late tonight and will impact tomorrow morning's commute. here comes the next little chance for right lane south of
6:54 am
charlottesville and into partas umbrella with you on the door this morning. just light rain and drizzle between now and about noontime today. and then tapering back to just cloudy skies by 7:00, 8:00 this evening. 10:00, cloudy but rain free. tomorrow morning about this time, likely to be raining once again. that should tape arr off by noo. wednesday will be the nicest day of the week. "7-day forecast," low to mid-50s today. mid-60s tomorrow, mid-70s on wednesday. and that is a great day. showers on thursday. weekend looks 50/50. right now saturday looks to be the ber of ttter of the two day. delays on the blue, orange and still silver lines. 395 in towards alexandria and
6:55 am
running heavy and slow. from ro from access route 3 after the crash. there is a fuel spill here and it's causing a lot of significant issues for you in millersville. so be prepared for detours. developing right now, more than 20 people forced to run when a townhouse in germantown caught fire. meagan fitzgerald is live with what happened. >> reporter: it's been about six hours since the initial call came in and you can look behind me here and see it's very active. in fact investigators tell us it will remain active for the next several hours. you're looking at firefighters monitoring the situation here making sure that the tlflames don't reignite. video we shot earlier, firefighters when theyus
6:56 am
here was guo hospital. at this point we understand that seven of those nonlife threatening injuries. and we will get the cause of the investigation later on today. back to you. it is now 6:56. four things to know on this monday, the ncaa tournament bracket is out. the teams from our area are getting ready to lay. play. uva is a one seed, terms, west virginia, vcu all heading to the big dance. i love march madness. >>. and two men dead from a crash in burke, virginia. their car hit a tree on burke commons road. and alcohol may be a factor in that crash.
6:57 am
investigation rit jacai colson killed in the line of duty. ec in maryland. a quick peek at your seven day forecast. umbrella ready for today and a early tomorrow. i think eun yang was talking with her mouth full. >> do you know how many restraints i have to show not to eat that whole thing and share it with the newsroom? it's
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. an amtrak train with 140 people on board goes off the tracks in kansas. >> set a ladder up and we'll start getting the people out the top. >> investigators looking into what caused the late-night crash. chaos on the camign trail. a weekend o between donald trump supporters and protesters. who is to blame? trump says not him, but his political opponents say otherwise. >> he is encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. >> how will this impact tomorrow's all important vote? we'll talk live to trump's newest endorser, dr.


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