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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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wilkins near the scene in palmer park, maryland. >> reporter: a lot has unfolded since yesterday afternoon. prince george's county police are continuing their investigation into the shooting death of officer jacai colson. in the meantime, folks have been coming down here to the scene and leaving flowers in this officer's honor. prince george's county police say they believe suicide by police may have been why the suspect, who we are told is michael ford, showed up at the district three police station and opened fire. during that exchange of gunfire with police, officer jacai colson was shot and killed. now, we're also told that that suspect, two of his brothers are in custody being held in connection to what happened here yesterday. sources have confirmed that at least one of those brothers videotaped the shooting as it happened. we've been speaking with people who were mo
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to the scene and leave flowers in officer colson's honor. >> what can you say? it's unreal. it's truly unreal, especially where it happened at. i just feel so sorry for the family. >> reporter: prince george's county police will hold a press conference. we're expecting the chief to explain a number of things, one of which is what we have heard from sources, that there is a possibility that officer colson was shot by another police officer during the exchange of gunfire. the chief is expected to lay out all the details explaining exactly what unfolded yesterday afternoon from beginning to end. reporting in palmer park, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> thanks, tracee. we're also learning more about the brothers who have been arrested. >> darcy spencer has been working this story since it broke yesterday. she is live in palmer park with the latest on that. >> reporter: we are just down the street from the third district police station whi
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bunting. if you take a look over here, this is barlowe road. it continues to be shut down. three brothers were allegedly involved in this crime. all three of them are now in police custody, and that one of the suspects, the alleged shooter, came here to the district station with the intent of dieing in a shootout with police. instead, officer jacai colson lost his life, a four-year veteran of this police ford. the alleged shooter michael ford remains in the hospital where he is expected to recover. one of his brothers identified by a family member as malik was arrested at a popeyes chicken restaurant last night. the other brother as i understand arrested on their home at ryderwood court a mile away from the police station. residents of this community are stunned. >> i seen it on facebook. it was really heartbreaking to see that a fellow officer, you know, lost his life based off of maybe a
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blatantly went out to maybe kill an officer. it's really heartbreaking. >> reporter: so as you can see, a lot of shock being expressed here, a lot of satness in this community as a result of this officer dying in the line of duty. as tracee mentioned, we are waiting on a press conference. we'll bring that to you and all the latest details. getting a lot of questions we have answered today. back to you. where are you from? >> the united states. >> this is new video. it is taken by kurdish military commanders in iraq. it purports to show an american member of isis. well, now we believe that this man they are questioning has roots in fairfax county. news4's scott macfarlane is at the live desk to tell us what we're learning. >> that man's uncle tells a nbc news that his name is mohammad jamal khweis. the kurdish military says he
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lines. commanders say he was carrying a large amount of cash, mobile phones, and three forms of identification including a u.s. driver's license. we have a crew down at his parents' house in the alexandria section of fairfax county. there a man confronted reporters and sprayed them with a garden hose before police arrived. >> he is my son. he is a good person. he's a good son. i raised my kids the right way, okay? and they are good boys. >> khweis' father did tell nbc news by phone he was going to the state department to find out if the reports are real or fake. shomari stone is working to learn more. we'll have a live report atop news4 at 5:00. chris, back to you. >> thanks, scott. we're also following breaking news in the district where a teenager has just been shot in the shaw neighborhood. police say this happened right at the intse
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streets. we're told paramedics did rush the teenager to the hospital. he's in critical condition. police aren't saying what led up to this, but we do have a crew on the way and we'll bring you any new information right here and, of course, on the nbc washington app. it has been an overcast monday. what's the rest of the week looking like? veronica? >> kind of overcast and with more showers moving through, but the temperatures are going to be going up during the mid part of the workweek as you're going to see. as far as today goes, we're getting more of the same, more of the cool conditions, more of the drizzle, damp, even some pockets of fog out there. let me show you what's going on, storm team4 radar not picking up a lot in the way of moisture. a few showers around frederick, carroll county in maryland. and another batch off to the west. you can see it here just entering areas of west virginia and western north carolina. some thunderstorms, and that's going to nak a beeline. we have a chance for more rain after midnight. so for your afternoo rush, just drizzly conditions. for the mornin
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maybe a tenth of an inch so nothing too heavy. we're not going to move into the moderate area for the morning rush. as far as your evening goes, road conditions not too bad. temperatures between 51 and 56 degrees and we're not going to drop that much either as we get into the overnight period. coming up in a couple minutes, lauren has more on our midweek warm-up and the other chances of rain. you know, we've got st. paddy's day this week. a lot of folks hoping for a little dry weather. some high-profile help on the campaign trail for ohio. mitt romney is joining governor kasich on the campaign trail for two events. romney is not expected to endorse kasich, but this is the first time that he has campaigned on behalf of any candidate in this election. five states are holding hair primaries tomorrow, ohio, illinois, florida, missouri, and north carolina. for republicans, polls have donald trump leading everywhere but ohio, although there are a few polls that show him tied w
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hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in the latest polling everywhere except for missouri. coming up in a few minutes, steve handelsman will join us live from florida with a do or die day for marco rubio. and sarah palin cancels a campaign stop for donald trump in florida today after her husband todd is seriously injured in a crash inalaska. and as the evening drive starts to heat up, we're checking in on the orange, blue, and silver lines after an
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and now your storm team4 forecast. >> what alt dreary day it's been out there today. still we're dealing with some of that fog out there. oh, yeah, it's just going to be a damp ride home. temperatures have made it into the low 50s. we have a little bit of a breeze out there. we'll continue through the afternoon and into the evening with plenty of clouds, but good news is we're going to warm up over the next couple days. so you can see tuesday, our average temperature is 55 degrees. so barely made it there today but we're going to be in the 70s by the time with he get into
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cool off by the time we head into the weekend. unfortunately, st. patrick's day on thursday, a lot of people going to be out and about celebrating that, we have some chances of rain unfortunately through st. patrick's day. keep that umbrella handy, you're going to need it. temperatures are going to be in the 60s so all in all not that bad. warmer than today, but then we cool off quite a bit for the weekend. veronica has your seven-day forecast showing you just how chilly we'll get into the weekend. that's all coming up, guys. >> thanks. that big shift we had in the weather last week means we're about to be flooded with some stunning flowers. >> and thousands of visitors as well. some of them are stunning us too. the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin are going to be reaching their most colorful array this week, two weeks earlier than first predicted because of all that warm weather we've been having lately. today the national park service says peak bloom is on track for friday. and we are already starting to see some encouraging signs. >> we've got g
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the trees, and over the next five, six days we'll be moving through the six stages. should get us to peak bloom on friday or saturday, just in time for the weekend. >> national park service rangers are giving out free tours during this festival. there are morning tours, lantern tours, and a pets and petals tour where you can bring your dog. you're going to find a list of the events on our nbc washington app just by searching cherry blossoms. fitness guru richard simmons comes forward and explains where he's been for the past two years. and sarah palin has to cancel a campaign event for donald trump. now she's heading back to alaska ambassador her husband is involved in a serious accident. the new information we're learning. and the number of delays you can expect on metro after that fire this morning.
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transportation hub in the center of that capital city. police have identified one of the bombers who was killed in the blast. a 24-year-old kurdish woman with ties to a militant group. right now sarah palin's husband is in the hospital. todd palin was seriously injured last night in a snowmobile accident in alaska. he's in intensive care but they do think he's going to recover. sarah palin was still able to attend a donald trump rally in tampa, florida, but she did cancelled rest of her planned apesh reinces in order to head back home to be with her husband. we know it was a tough commute on the blue, orange, and silver lines this morning. this time the culprit, a cable fire. >> repairs are still under way right now and if you want to avoid delays tonight, metro wants you to consider other options. >> reporter: this is chris gordon at the mcpherson square station where a smoky fire caused delays in both directions. >> we
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inside mcpherson tunnel, a cable that was smoking. the fire department responded. they cleared the scene roughly at 6:00 a.m. since that time we've been trying to rebuild service in effect and single tracking. >> reporter: repair crews examined the cable that caught fire. single tracking on the orange and blue lines between foggy bottom and federal triangle is lasting into the evening rush hour. ahead, what metro is doing about it and how passengers are dealing with it. coming up at 5:00. back to you. and it's actually going to feel like we're in ireland on st. patrick's day with this damp moving in. is it going to clear up by then or are we in for cloudy skies all week? >> we're in for some cloudy skies all week, wendy. but good point there, that we are looking at some st. patrick's day-fitting type weather for the end of the workweek. keep the umbrella handy. you're going to need it. temperatures will start coming up, so the jackets i know, a lot of you had them on today. check it
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storm team4 tracking some of the light showers right now moving eastbound. you can see them around mount airy into areas of carroll county. now sitting in areas of western west virginia, that's what's going to be making its way into our area. right now there's some thunderstorms with those. can't see us getting much in the way of any thunderstorms tomorrow but we are talking about some showers. first of all, your rain impact here for the early part of the night will be kind of drizzly with an isolated shower. as we move forward and actually get into tuesday, this should be for the morning rush for tuesday, occasional showers around the area, mainly light though. nothing too heavy for the morning rush. right now i can show you what's causing those showers. we've got a weather front just south of us. we're kind of trapped with the easterly wind, low clouds hanging and cool too, and we do have more rain chances coming up this workweek. our highest chance will be on thursday. then even as we look forward to the weekend if you're making those plans also on sunday we've ot rain chances that wil
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so let me show you your future weather. we'll track it out for you. 11:00 p.m., midnight, the yellow, green, moving back into the area. if there's anything that may be moderate, i think it would be well south across areas of southern maryland. 9:00 a.m. still showers around the area, but by noontime, 1:00, those could be ending and we could have late-day sunshine. here is a snapshot. you can see cloud cover across the area starting to thin. it will help the temperatures move up. you may start the day with a rain jacket but maybe by the end of the day you will probably lose that. but ahead for the morning, an umbrella to keep the rain off. it will be damp and so will the roads. we'll start out at 50 degrees. late-day sunshine will pull the temperatures up into the mid-60s for tuesday, maybe even 67 around fredericksburg, around stafford, even culpeper getting up to 66 for a high temperature. take a look at the numbers. this is the visibility for early wednesday morning. that fog is going to hang in tough and for quite a period of time midweek. then a warm day as we s
4:20 pm
temperatures rise to the low and mid-70s and look at this. there it is, windy, st. paddy's day, showers around the area with the temperatures in the mid-60s. late-day rain. lauryn has more on the weekend impact coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, v.j. nobody kidnapped richard simmons. he's talking about his apparent disappearance and billy bush is going to explain. ♪ there were nights when the wind was so cold ♪ ♪ that my body froze in bed if i just listened to you it right outside the window ♪
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a young singer and actress rocks her comic skills on "snl." >> and a well known fitness guru is explaining his mysterious disappearance. billy bush is joining us. richard
4:24 pm
the public eye for a couple years. some folks speculating he had been kidnapped. >> he has a housekeeper for 30 years and some people are thinking the housekeeper are keeping richard against his will and then a former assistant, morrow, is saying that, you know, that richard is gaunt and pale and that he's being held against his will and -- everybody starts freaking out. the phone calls start flying. richard called into the "today" show this morning. if you caught some of that, he says i'm fine. i'm working out. i'm just taking a little time out of the spotlight. it's been a couple years since we've seen him but we hear his voice this morning. the police won't look into it because they hear richard's voice and they hear he's, you know, he's bubbly richard. i think he's flattered, and i know richard very well. believe me, richard i think is probably deeply
4:25 pm
last time richard was here on quk access hollywood live," howie mandel made a dig at richard and said people come to you to get help? and richard is standing there in a tutu and a sequins tutu and he's like what? he wouldn't come out, he got upset, he left the set. he went into the wardrobe closet and he wouldn't come out. i had to come to the door and sing "sunshine on my shoulder" to get him to come out. richard, people depend on you. >> everybody likes to feel like they're cared for. >> it's true. >> nice to know you got richard out of the closet too. that's good to know. >> richard, come out. >> ariana grande, wow, did she rock it on "saturday night live." wow. did we know she had that in her? all those voices in here? >> we knew -- she's done a couple -- the fallon spins the wheel and whatever it lands on you have to impersonate that person. he does it with christina, with
4:26 pm
ariana. i did not know that anyone did a jennifer lawrence impression. take a listen to ariana grande's jennifer lawrence. >> it's jennifer lawrence. >> they told me not to do a game show, but i'm like, screw it, i can have fun. i'm a regular person. >> that's like perfect. there's no competition there. and then the singing. the singing was phenomenal. she sang as celine deon, as rihanna, but nobody hits the and i note from whitney houston. here we go. ♪ and i will always love you >> whoo, whoa! >> powerful. >> so good. it's really good. >> she's got great comic timing. i got to tell you, not every singer has that kind of comic timing. that was pretty good. >> she was on "victorious" on
4:27 pm
nickelodeon and then sam and cat where she had this annoying high voice all the time. how she recovered from that and became what she is now, i mean, sheer vocal power. >> cool. >> amazing. >> thank you, billy. >> thanks, billy. good to see you. >> see you, guys. thanks. well, five states, talk about changing gears here, five states have presidential primaries tomorrow as trump addresses the angry protests that seem to be following his campaign. we're going to go live down to miami. just how long are you willing to wait for your tax refund? could a delay in deliry help reve check dout the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef, chicken mcnuggets made with white meat, or a quarter pounder with cheese seared on the grill. pick any 2 for $5 bucks. ♪ bada ba ba ba
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4:31 pm
and maybe the rest of his political career could end tomorrow in this state. marco rubio must win florida. he campaigned in his home state all day. >> we believe! >> i believe too. >> reporter: of the five mega tuesday states, florida and ohio are winner take all for republicans. >> we're going to do what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> reporter: but at the green street cafe in miami, the talk was of donald trump. you like rubio, you like kasich, and cruz, so why trump? >> i like trump better. trump i think will help make america great again. >> reporter: with a lead in florida polls, trump was in north carolina. demonstrators again inside and outside. but trump today was gentle after days of confrontations that critics charge trump encouraged. >> but because of that, people say, well, is there violence? there's no violence. >> reporter: in ohio governor
4:32 pm
romney. >> he has the kind of record that you want in washington, and that's why i'm convinced that you're going to do the right thing tomorrow. agreed? >> reporter: and kasich determined to beat trump. ginning ohio and illinois is democrat bernie sanders' goal. >> if you want a candidate who will defeat trump or some other republican, you are looking at him right here. >> reporter: but in total delegates, hillary clinton still figures to best sanders in the five states. >> send a strong message that love trumps hate. >> reporter: donald trump looking at a big delegate hall with john kasich and marco rubio facing what could be their last day in the race. both the florida senator and the ohio governor are hinting they will drop out of this race if they lose their home states, and that's ted cruz's post-mega
4:33 pm
tuesday dream, to go one-on-one with trump. live from miami, steve handelsman, news4. wendy? >> thanks, steve. the man who murdered a woodbridge high school student has been sentenced to 75 years in prison, 25 of them suspended. >> ckawain smalls pledded guilt to killing brenden wilson. prosecutors say smalls was getting revenge for a confrontation his brother had with wilson, and four other people have been charged in his death including smalls sister and brother. coming up at 35:5:00, brenden wilson's mother reacts to what the killer said in court. it was a dreary day and it didn't help that it was a monday out there, unfortunately. we're going to continue to see those clouds into the evening. we're going to continue to see that drizzle as we go into the evening and even into tonight. unfortunately, we're going to have more rain settle in late tonight through early tomorrow, and it's all coming out of this system that's moving through kentucky right now and
4:34 pm
ohio valley. yeah, that's going to continue to move to the east and we're going to start to see some of that rain unfortunately for us. i'd say after about midnight tonight. we're getting a little break right now, but i know there's some drizzle out there that the radar isn't picking up, unfortunately. so driving tonight will be damp and cool from about 7:00 to 9:00. we have that drizzle out there. temperatures in the low 50s. that's pretty much where we've been through the last couple hours. and then we'll have some rain after midnight. again, it will be a more steady rain coming through the area but the showers are going to end by midmorning tomorrow. we take those temperatures into the 60s. so a lot warmer than today fortunately for your tuesday. and we keep it going from there. in fact, we're going to be in the 70s by the time we get into wednesday and veronica will have more on that. but, of course of course i'll have more on the weekend. 50 on saturday, 46 on sunday. enjoy the warm temperatures. veronica will have much more information on what everybody wants to hear, 70s. >> thanks, lauryn. waiting on your tax refund? already decided howo
4:35 pm
to spend it? well, would you be willing to put off that refund if it meant you could help the government crack down on tax refund fraud. susan hogan is here to explain. >> latest survey released by bank asked people if they would be willing to wait two months or more for their tax refunds. the reason, to give the irs more time to spot potential tax refund fraud. bank rate said it's surprised with the response. 22% of the people surveyed who make more than $75,000 said they would wait up to two months for their refunds. and 23% making less than $30,000 also said they would wait. only 15% said they would not wait. the survey results reveal taxpayers are very worried about identity theft and tax refund fraud. now, tax refund fraud as you know happens when someone else uses your personal information to file a tax return and request a refund. so far this year, the irs h
4:36 pm
processed more than 64 million returns and paid out more than $160 billion in refunds. back to you. >> all right. >> refund. what on earth is a tax refund, chris? >> i remember those days. >> remember those days? it's 3/14, meaning its pi day. a lot of businesses are using the day for marketing to hand out free pieces of pie. that includes pizza hut, but you have to answer one of three tough math questions online to win. we're not going to tell them and we're not going to answer them. we've got a link to that contest along with a full list of restaurants and chains offering freebies today including bayou bakery. you can fuind them on nbc washington app by searching pi day. folks down south are pretty tired of all those storms that have been hitting them pretty hard. now they're watching for more
4:37 pm
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you might notice gas prices are starting to spring forward. a shorter sfli a supply and a s change to the more expensive summer mix is blamed for this, but still prices are averaging 50 cents a gallon less than last year. aaa says the average price in virginia is up 15 cents a gallon to $1.75. that's still pretty low. the national average is $1.93 a gallon. athletes aren't the only ones that need to worry about concussions. that's the message experts delivered on capitol hill this afternoon. there was a round table discussion at the house energy and commerce committee. the experts say they're making progress and are studying
4:41 pm
>> i have been taking care of traumatic brain injury patient it's for years. we don't routinely follow those patients up like if you had diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. so the long term effects are unknown to the medical community. >> they say anyone can experience a concussion and the cdc says in a single year traumatic brain injuries contribute to more than 2 million hospitalizations, er visits, even deaths. mother teresa is closer to sainthood. a vatican committee is expected to meet tomorrow and officially recommend she become a saint. they set a date and location for the canonization ceremony. it's expected it will take place september 4th during a previously scheduled celebration of mother teresa's life. the nun and missionary who cared for the poorest of the poor in india will be one of five candidates for sainthood that the vatican panel will consider tomorrow. coming up on news4, an amazing discovery here
4:42 pm
i'm mark segraves and we'll show you what has
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
well, it could happen any minute now. we could see the birth of a bald eagle at the national arboretum. take a look at this live nest camera belonging to a pair of wild bald eagles named mr. president and the first lady. they have two eggs. the first of which is expected to hatch tomorrow. suspect she something? it's something our area, by the way, has not seen in more than 100 years. >> i feel like we're turning into nat geo. biologists have found a family of ravens nesting in the district. mark segraves gets a firsthand look at the birds and explain what is this discovery could mean. >> there she goes. >> reporter: at first glance you might think they're crows. >> they're much bigger than a
4:46 pm
sort of 2 1/2 in wingspan. they can soar like hawks and then when you hear them, this really loud cacaw, it's pretty cool. >> reporter: dan spends much of his workday hiking through the woods of d.c. his job is to track the hundreds of bird species in the nation's capital. last week he made a discovery that still has him pretty excited. >> common ravens, ravens in the district. it's pretty amazing. >> reporter: the ominous black bird made famous by edgar allan poe hasn't been seen in the district in generations. >> probably haven't been nesting here for well over 100 years. maybe during colonial times they were here. >> reporter: the male and female ravens have built a home in the beams of this bridge over the potomac river where it looks like they're planning on staying for a while. >> right now they're incubating, which means the female is keeping eggs nice and warm, and they should hatch
4:47 pm
20, 24 days the eggs will hatch. >> reporter: that's right. the first recorded birth of a raven in the district in more than a century could happen in the next three weeks. because the next few weeks is such a critical time for the ravens and their eggs, news4 has agreed not to reveal their exact location to give them some privacy. in the district, somewhere along the potomac river, mark segraves, news4. and now your storm team4 forecast. >> and i'm lauryn ricketts and, boy, did we have a cloudy day out there today. and also a little bit of drizzle after some morning rain showers. well, once again we're going to have some morning rain showers for tomorrow after that drizzle continues tonight. and then we're warming up. so we're warming up for the next couple days and then cooling right back down. and you thought today was a shock to the system. this weekend may not get out of the 40s in some spots. plus we have some rain for the weekend. so as we continue through the day, temperature a
4:48 pm
we're going to stay in the low 50s. we have plenty of clouds around. we're not going to fall too far too fast. by 11:00 we'll be tracking rain on the storm team4 radar mainly west and then it will start to move to the east after about midnight. so we will have a little bit of a messy morning commute tomorrow once again. lows tonight are ending up in the mid to upper 40s. again, we have some rain showers more steady as we continue into the overnight. so it is going to be a little chilly out there, maybe not as chilly as it was when you woke up this morning. a few little spotty rain here and there. again, we're seeing some drizzle that the radar is not picking up, but what it is picking up is our next little system. here it is right here. a little piece of energy moving through tennessee, moving through kentucky, and now it's continuing to move through west virginia. it will start to move our way as we get into again after about 11:00 or midnight tonight. and then that rain will continue through tomorrow morning. so we're looking at rain through tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be in the upper 40s. not going to be a big impact anywhere from moderate to minimal. you know, just a little bit of rain here in d.c.
4:49 pm
time. so we're looking at some road spray with some intermittent showers. 10:30, looking good. we have the cloud cover. we'll have drizzle out there, and then here comes the rain. could be heavy in spots, maybe even some thunderstorms to the south and west. and then it will continue through the morning, still around at 9:00 a.m. getting on out of here pretty quickly and then by the time we get into the midmorning, we'll even have a little bit of sunshine. this is 2:00 a.m. by wednesday we'll see some sunshine as we get into wednesday maybe a slight chance of a shower on wednesday. looking better, unfortunately, for your st. patrick's day. for tomorrow temperatures in the mid-60s here in d.c. lower 60s once you head out to the shenandoah valley, but a good improvement from what we had today. again, clouds are going to be decreasing throughout the day. not everybody going to see sunshine, but, again, we'll see a little bit of it, again mid-70s for wednesday. st. patrick's day, a little bit of rain. this is wheret
4:50 pm
this is where they found the body of a 20-year-old man. it happened just before midnight, a woman was walking here. she looked over and saw an unconscious person. she alerted a security guard. the security guard called the cops, and when the cops got here, they say they found something suspicious, something very suspicious. now they're treating this as a case of murder. it would be the first murder this year in montgomery county. coming up at 5:00, we'll have more about the investigation, more about the victim. i'll see you at 5:00. we're also working several developing stories right now in the newsroom and a pretty cool announcement from the museum of natural history. they're talking about some newly discovered dinosaur fossils helping scientists better undend
4:51 pm
evolved to become one of the most efficient predators to ever walk the earth. also crews are stating to clean up the messy remains from january's blizzard. we first told you about the trash that had been deposited at rfk stadium. it was adolf hitler's personal memoir and also his political machinifesto. now it's going to be auctioned off in maryland. tim furlong explains why it could fetch some big bucks. >> reporter: the team at alexander historical auctions comes across a lot of historically significant stuff. >> this is evidence used at nur ren berg. >> reporter: but this book here. this is a big find. hitler's own copy of his own 1927 book mine kampl. >> its his political treatise and it's his copy. >> reporter: a thousand
4:52 pm
world war ii items are up for auction. this was found by american soldiers days before hitler killed himd. >> they made a beeline to his partner. >> reporter: the soldiers who find it inscribed it. from adolf hitler's apartment in munich. >> reporter: one soldier who was there later passed it onto his daughter and it's found its way to maryland to be auctioned. the items from some of the most evil people the world has ever known. hitler's wine, nazi youth drums. but hitler's copy of his own blueprint for genocide -- >> a direct connection to hitler is unbelievable. >> reporter: this will likely generate way more than the starting bids of $13,000 to $15,000. tim burr fofurlong, nbc news. start of a new week is bringing more misery to parts of the south. rivers are topping banks and spilling over into
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
. at least two people are in critical condition after being hurt in an amtrak derailment. we just got this update from officials this afternoon, and they're still trying to figure out why the train went off the tracks in kansas this weekend. it was heading from los angeles to chicago and another 28 people were hurt in the crash. a government official told the associated press the train's engineer noticed a significant bend in the rail right before those cars toppled over. states down south are finally starting to dry out after a week of record rainfall, but as nbc's dan sheneman reports more than 2 million people are still bracing for what could be historic flooding. >> reporter: a new week brings new worries for many rain-soaked communities across the south. >> we're not out of the situation. i'm hoping that it doesn't get a lot worse but i cannot make any promises. >> reporter: the sabine river is on the rise, expected to crest midweek setting a new and dangerous record. >> we never seen the riv
4:57 pm
i have been doing this for 26 years. this is the highest i ever seen it. >> reporter: across the river the texas town of deweyville already surrounded by water. >> this is going to be a record flood. >> reporter: 1200 residents forced to evacuate. along the pearl river separating louisiana and mississippi, the possibility of the worst flooding in more than three decades. residents rushing to fill sandbags to protect hundreds of homes under threat before heading to higher ground. >> best be safe than sorry. >> reporter: across the gulf states, nearly week-long torrential rainstorms have left the most widespread non-hurricane flooding ever seen here. thousands of homes destroyed. the national guard working throughout the weekend to bring more than 4,000 to safety in louisiana alone. but officials warn even as the skies clear the danger is not over. >> if you can look at all the trash and all that is floating through the houses, there's gasoline that's got into the water, there's all kind of different
4:58 pm
houses. >> reporter: another worry for residents as they start the long road of recovery. dan sheneman, nbc news. news4 at 5:00 sfarts now wi -- starts now with jim and wendy. >> i am on public property, sir. >> don't touch my cameraman. >> reporter: now at 5:00, unwanted attention. an angry northern virginia family reacts to rainstorms that an isis fighter from our area has been detained in iraq. fire in a tunnel at metro. you will be dealing with more delays. but first we just learned from news4 sources that a prince george's county police officer killed during an ambush attack died by friendly fire. >> and here is what we know right now at 5:00. three brothers are in custody in connection with the death of an officer following an unprovoked attack outside a prince george's county police
4:59 pm
28-year-old officer jacai colson killed in the attack. the shooter opened fire on the first officer he saw and according to police he intended to die in a gun battle. >> we have team coverage on this attack. we have a busy afternoon. good evening, everyone. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we also have coverage on the family of brothers who are accused of being involved in this killing. >> also within the hour, we are told that prince george's county police will hold a news conference. they're expected to announce that new information about officer colson and how he died by friendly fire. we begin with our bureau chief, tracee wilkins, who has the latest. >> reporter: we are standing by waiting for the press conference to start. we are told it won't be happening until about 5:15 but there have been a number of developments today. here is a little bit of what we've learned so far. sunday afternoon, a gunman opens fire on prince george's county police outside of the district 3 police station in palmer park. during e
5:00 pm
undercover cop and four-year officer jacai colson was shot and killed. sources close to the investigation say he was accidentally shot by one of his fellow officers. sources say the suspected gunman is michael ford and according to police, he was attempting suicide by cop, which is why he chose to open fire on the police station unprovoked. his two brothers were reportedly with him at the time. at least one videotaped the shooting according to sources. ford was shot and injured but is expected to survive. his two brothers were picked up later, one at a nearby popeyes just minutes after the shooting. today people brought flowers to the scene of the crime in honor of colson. colson, who was originally from pennsylvania was known as a cop's cop and highly respected by members of the force. the people within this department are mourning, people within this community are mourning, and, again, what is so unusual about all of this, besides a man showing up and having a shootout with police outs


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