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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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with x1 from xfinity. detective colson drew fire to himself, and in doing so demonstrated extreme heroism. because it was his actions that allowed officers to take a position where they could intervene and neutralize the threat.
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heroics of a police officer who now appears to have been killed by friendly fire. now at 11:00 tonight, the chief makes clear his fellow officers are not responsible for jacai colson's death. >> also tonight, neighbors react to news a virginia man allegedly caught fighting with isis in northern iraq. and metro working through the night to make sure tomorrow morning's commutes go a whole lot better than today. >> "news4 at 1news4 a"news4 at . >> police tell us it was atte t attempted suicide by cop, but tonight the gunman is still alive, and it's the family of a police officer preparing for a funeral. good evening, everyone. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy reiger sitting in for doreen. police say michael ford never planned to survive his shoot-out with police officers in palmer park, maryland yesterday. what they're still trying to figure out is why his brothers, malik and elijah didn't stop
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with more on this emotional reaction from the police chief. jackie? >> reporter: well, wendy, this is a double-sided tragedy for this agency. and that was so wrong, so evidence at a press conference held this evening. in an unscripted moment, rank and file officers who would normally line up at the back of the room and let officials face the cameras spontaneously flowed forward to surround and comfort officer jacai colson's parents, who stood bravely, though clearly anguished at the loss of a man who was by all accounts an extraordinary person. >> hero. not only to the prince george's police department, but to every citizen in prince george's county. >> reporter: the police chief confirmed the grim news that during sunday's unprecedented ambush, the bullet that killed jacai colson apparently came from the gun of one of six other officers also attempting to stop gunman michael
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he says officer colson, who worked in narcotics was in street clothes and not wearing a bullet resistant vest, but did not hesitate when he pulled up to the station while the gunman was reloading. >> so it's his actions that allowed officers to take a position where they could intervene and neutralize the threat. >> reporter: in blistering comments, lewinsky, 23 years with the agency and himself the son of a police officer made sure he believed the blame belonged to the gunmen and his brothers. >> the four brothers who were involved fired at this citizen's car, fired at this citizen's car. fired at an ambulance. >> reporter: police explained the younger fords knew what their older brother planned to do, and one even stood by and did something unspeakable. >> that image is of one of the ford brothers standing by,
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taking no action on a video recording device, taping this, his brother, shooting at prince george's county police officers. >> reporter: michael ford remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound tonight. and the associated press reporting yet another bizarre detail in this case. apparently michael ford is wanted in greenville, south carolina on a misdemeanor charge and assault charge on a woman that occurred 1:00 saturday morning. just a little over a day before this treschl incident happened here in prince george's county. live in palmer park, jackie bensen, news4. back to you. >> all right, thank you, jackie. >> officer colson grew up near philadelphia. his grandparents still live in chichester where he went to high school. colson played high school sports and followed in his grandfather's footsteps by going into law enforcement. today his parents say they are shellshocked that jacai is gone. >> my wife is screaming and screaming and screaming. i don't knoa
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he was a good kid, now. he was great kid. >> he did it the way we want our students to do things. graduated from high school. he went to college. he did everything the right way. >> colson's high school plans to honor him. and the governors of both pennsylvania and maryland have ordered flags lowered to half-staff. tonight metro crews are working to prevent another repeat of this scene in the morning. major delays on several lines after an early morning track fire. right now there are no trains running between foggy bottom and federal triangle. news4's chris gordon has a look now at what needs to be fixed. >> reporter: metro crews tonight are working in this tunnel to replace a section of track that was damaged in today's cable fire here in the tunnel just outside the mcpherson square station. now metro train service was suspended as of 9:00 between foggy bottom and federal
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until midnight tonight when metro closes. metro will reopen at 5:00 a.m. and hopes to have full metrorail service restored. reporting from mcpherson square station, chris gordon, news4. the other thing that may bother your commute tomorrow, weather. another round of showers moving in as i speak. veronica johnson tracking it in the storm center. how it is looking? >> some showers and even fog for the morning rush. right now we've got just some damp conditions. a little bit of fog. and we're seeing our temperatures in the upper 40s. a it will drop a little bit during the overnight period. it's not going to be cold. but wet weather for the morning rush. we're tracking it right now. as far as the bigger batch you can see sitting here around charlottesville outside of fredericksburg. by the time we get to midnight, it will be making its way in fauquier and continuing to overspread the areas as we hit the morning rush. rain likely. the roads will be wet.
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light. for the most part, there could be a few pockets of moderate rain. i know there are be fog to deal with. and more of it. more fog, more rain coming our way later this week. i'll have more details on that in a few minutes. >> thanks. an american captured in iraq, accused of fighting alongside isis. he told his family here in virginia he was on a european vacation. news4's shomari stone live in fairfax county with reaction from those family members and neighbors. shomari? >> reporter: well, jim, some of the family members are stunned by this. neighbors shocked that when they drove home from work, they saw news trucks in their community. one woman in fact broke down in tears. she says she is muslim and says that isis is hijacking islam. kurdish fighters tell us this video shows an isis deserter surrender himself to them. they ask where he is from, and he says the united states. >> where are you from? >> the united states. >> reporter: the kurds
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26-year-old mohammed jamal was carrying a large amount of cash, mobile phone and three forms of identification, including this virginia driver's license. >> don't take your picture! don't take a picture! >> get off our property, sir. >> reporter: we tried to ask his father in fairfax county about the driver's license and his son's alleged involvement with isis. a few moments later, he started to spray reporters with a garden hose before police showed up. he says his son is good. >> he is my son. he is a good person. he is a good son. i'm going to raise my kids in the right way. >> reporter: his uncle who lives in herndon, virginia told nbc news the family thought he was on vacation in europe. a kurdish news agency reported he crossed the turkish board area few months ago and joined isis. back in virginia, neighbors of his father are upset. this woman says isis gives islam a bad rap.
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group of thugs that have hijacked our religion. >> reporter: now tonight a u.s. law enforcement officer tells nbc news that his name was not in a u.s. database for suspected isis members who traveled overseas. live in alexandria section of fairfax county, i'm shomari stone, news4. new video of the moment police arrested that uber driver for shooting spree in michigan last month. kalamazoo county sheriff's deputies pulled jason dalton over just hours after that shooting spree had started. according to court documents, dalton told police he was under the control of the uber app on his phone. and he said the shootings happened when the app turned from red to black. six people were killed. police say dalton continued to pick up customers during that shooting spree. our first
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unsealed documents that show what jesse matthew was doing after he killed hannah graham and went on the run. about a week after graham disappeared, jesse matthews told detectives she told matthews to go home and clear his head and think about what happened to the victim because she is someone's child. he needed to have a clear mind and tell people what went on. at this point, graham was only missing. he since admitted that he abducted and killed the university of virginia student. the federal documents also show us that police were able to trace a phone call matthew made to his father and spotted his license plate on the road. clues that alerted them he was heading to texas. right now matthew is serving seven life sentences for killing graham and morgan harrington, and trying to kill another woman in fairfax. wendy? >> thank you, chris. the death of an 83-year-old man in his lorton home last week has now been ruled a homice.
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a gunshot wound to his chest. he was found in his backyard friday morning. he later died at a hospital. police still trying to determine who shot him and why. local celebrity chef brian and his business partner are set to pay thousands to settle an overtime lawsuit brought by former workers. three line cooks say they were required to show up early, but couldn't clock in until scheduled start times. those cooks worked at volt in frederick and family meal up in baltimore. now to settle, he and his partner would pay $3500 total. they would also cover nearly $16,000 in legal fees. they have denied any wrongdoing in this case. the judge still needs to sign off on the settlement. we are about 24 hours away from answering some big questions in presidential politics. a look at what is at stake tomorrow on a primary day that is looking even bigger than
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here never more. but some majestic birds are nesting again here in washington. the video only on news4. hi, everyone. i'm eun yang. one local school districter is putting out new lunch options for kids, and they want your opinion. where you can try out tese newh
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well, you could call it super tuesday part two. and this round of primaries could have an even bigger impact on who earns the republican nomination. voters from both parties headed to the polls in five states tomorrow with florida and ohio the big prizes. marco rubio's home state of florida could be his last stand. poll there's show him down double-digits to donald trump. meanwhile, ohio governor john kasich got some help today from mitt romney in a final bid for votes in his home state. >> unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. >> tomorrow is the choice between optimism and fear. >> trump's facing another controversy ahead of tomorrow's primary. a north carolina sheriff is investigating whether or not the front-runner incited a riot at a rally in that state last week. across the aisle, bernie sanders is looking for another upset. and his best shot just might be
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polling there. but analysts say if he can pull off a win as he did in michigan, it could give his campaign more life. hillary clinton's challenge remains making inroads with young voters. but her delegate lead is so commanding, even a win for sanders in ohio would not make a significant dent. well, crews have begun removing that nasty trash from one of the parking lots at rfd stadium. we've been telling you about the cleanup plans for that massive debris pile left behind by january's blizzard. all the plow crews dumped their snow here. the snow melted, and that is what is left behind. the d.c. department of environment is monitoring this cleanup this week. and the runoff into the anacostia river. if you're going to rfk this weekend for d.c. united's home opener, lot 7 will be closed. bear with me. once upon a midnight dreariment we got to show you something cheery.
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mark seagraves was the first reporter to show ravens. this is cool because ravens have not nested around the district for more than 100 years. these birds were found nesting under a local bridge. we talked to a biologist today about why the ravens may have ventured so close to our city. >> traditionally, they would be in these pristine forests. and they weren't very big on human disturbance. and they're kind of adapting to that. so you really can't get any more urban than where they are now. >> the baby ravens are expected to arrive in three weeks. we've agreed not to say where the birds are nesting because wildlife experts say they do need their privacy. our weather is a bit better than baltimore where they're used to hanging out. >> exactly. a bird of a different sort 679 or raven. we are talking about some rain that is going to be moving back into our area. even a
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before long tracking it right now. it's getting closer and closer to our area. it's not our only chance this week either, as you'll see in just a moment. let's talk about out the door forecast, what to wear, what you need. the raincoat, you can leave the rain boots at home. even though we're talking about a little bit of late day sunshine for tomorrow, don't think it will be enough to warrant pulling the sunglasses out. so be prepared. here is a look at your commuter forecast for tomorrow. 50 degrees with showers across the area. by the time we get to the afternoon, they say around 3:00, 4:00, some late day sunshine with the sun setting later, good news for us. mid-60s for highs. showers now you can see them here, around charlottesville, around luray, just outside warrenton and fredericksburg. all moving to the east. all of this that you see here will be making its way up over us in the next couple of hours and sticking with us, up until 9:00 a.m. let me show you what i'm talking about. here we are, early part of the day. tomorrow tuesday, 5:00 a.m. some showers moving through. some occasional
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the afternoon again a little bit of late day sunshine. temperatures into the mid-60s. not our warmest day out of the workweek. today was our coolest. tomorrow mid- to upper 60s across the area. and then we've got to deal with fog early wednesday morning. a little bit of fog tomorrow. look how widespread and dense the fog is early wednesday. throughout the area, visibilities down under a mile. that's the warm air coming over us. then a little bit of wind. by wednesday afternoon it turns a little breezy. that will help things out. we've got the sunshine also coming up by midweek. probably our best day out of the workweek. here is your temperatures for wednesday. mid 60s for highs. low to mid-70s by 3:00. yes, best day out of the workweek. and thursday another chance of rain. in fact thursday of course st. patrick's day. the high temperature 65 degrees. but we started out overcast. we'll hit upper 50s by around 11:00 a.m. so maybe you've got the afternoon off. you'll have to pack the umbrella again. some showers move in after about 1:00. low to mid-60s for
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and then another chance for rain when we could see a setting of the sun after 7:00. the chance should be over with around 9:00 or so. again, temperatures drop to the 50s. and then saturday, sunday of course, which have our first day of spring. that spring equinox from 50 degrees to 46. rain is back in the forecast. this is one of the things i wanted to show you for sunday. our high temperature is 50 degrees. sing we get into a colder pattern by the end of the month, where we could have overnight temperatures back in the 30s. this is a look at the average last freeze. so we're talking about the mid part of april here. so even though we've got these mild temperatures around our area, wait. >> all right. patience. >> we're confused. >> thanks, v.j. coming up, selection monday. two of our women's hoops teams. where maryland and gw are headed. but before sports, take
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> well, jason says you know that hour we lost? it's kicking in on him. >> sure. >> it's catching up to me. the a great game. finally their first performance in some time. right now three teams in the eastern conference
11:25 pm
the wizards, the detroit pistons and the chicago bulls. tonight's matchup at the verizon center was interesting for a number of reasons. but the main being the wizards have been this close to playing themselves out of the play-offs completely. five straight losses finally came to an end tonight. the wizards haven't won a game since march 2nd. early on, they had it going. first quarter, wall. throwing it up to mortin gortat for the big-time flush. going to see a lot more of this throughout the game. later in the quarter, more from wall. behind the back this time. another good finish for gortat. he had 16 points. 12 assists for john wall in this game. and the wizards are up 13 in the first quarter. second quarter now. they're still up big. wall, got his own number. knocking down the jump shot. the wizards lead it by 21 at halftime. you can do no wrong tonight. in the third, bradley beal. making his return after a pelvis injury cost him three
11:26 pm
he knocks down a triple there. the wizards started with double-digits tonight. 124-81 the final score. they shot 56% from the field. another very important game coming up for the wizards. they will take on the chicago bulls this wednesday at the verizon center. moving down to college basketball. yesterday the focus was selection sunday for men's hoops. today it was all about the young women at maryland and george washington. let's start first in college park terps. [ cheering ] celebrations all the way around in maryland. the women get the number two seed in lexington. the terps will take on the 15th seeded iona saturday. that game tips off at 1:30 p.m. the team looking to make to it a third straight final four appearance. they know you can't take anyone lightly. >> at this point, everyone is good. it doesn't necessarily matter what the number is up front. it's being able to see who you play and taking
11:27 pm
moment. >> they're trying to really be the most prepared team going into the tournament. so our experience has really helped us. and now we're looking forward to getting started. >> it's good to see all our hard work pay off. we're thankful at this point. now we know we've kind of been waiting for this day to see who we're going at. now iona is on our schedule. so we're ready to go at that. [ cheering ] >> over at gw, the colonials all smiles as well. they'll take on the ninth seed kansas state on friday at 5:00 p.m. in columbia, south carolina. they're just relieved to finally know who they're facing. >> they wanted an opponent. they have waited. you get to this point. and you can game plan and preparing for so long that it's exciting to know now who we're going play as we get ready for kansas state. and i think what every coach hopes is we're playing our best basketball. >> you know your name is going to be called. you still feel nervous. once it happens, all that
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you know you got to prepare for. it was awesome to see that. >> wishing everyone the best of luck in the tournament. even george washington. the men's team nit. vo: know you have a dedicated
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the smithsonian department head calls it the big ticket. a discovery 90 million years in the making. check out these fossils from a newly discovered dinosaur found in rocks in central asia. it's called the timurlengia euotica. >> wow. >> and we're told it got to be
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scientists say it's an ancestor of the t-rex. and unearthing these fossils may help them understand how the tyranasaur became the ultime at
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley. eugene levy and catherine o'hara.


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