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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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♪ it's tuesday, march 15th. coming up on "early today." is today "d" day for the democratic and republican frontrunner with winner take all states up for grabs. and a military move by putin forces the u.s. to rethink strategy. and for the first time nfl recognizes a link between ku. and how much do couples spend on love before getting married? and free styling at the white house. >> you're throwing up some words i'm going to say some free styling that
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heard -- >> "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. today is the day for what is shaping up to be another super tuesday, bullet the story that continues to dominate the political landscape is the violence and protests at trump events. and one of his supporters sucker punched a protester at a rally last week. adding, we will not be seeking a warrant or indictment against mr. trump or his campaign. at a rally in florida, trump surrogate, sarah palin didn't mince words. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk -- little thuggery stuff that's been going on with these quote on quote pr
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for today's contest in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. john kasich is looking for his first win this election cycle in his home state of ohio. the democrats are locked in a battle of their own but most of their focus is on trump. >> reporter: it's march madness for republicans. >> the people that are supporters of donald trump want to see america be great again. >> reporter: on team trump, chris christie and sarah palin, who's heading back to alaska, her husband, todd seriously injured in a snow accident. and governor kasich. >> unlike the other people running, he has a real track record. >> reporte i
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state, kasich has never lost an election lead. why is it still neck and neck with donald trump? >> i think we're ahead and we're going to win tomorrow. >> a lot of voters don't want to waist their vote. they don't want to cast their vote for somebody they think can't win. >> if we he were to go on fifth avenue and shoot somebody, i would not be willing to support donald trump. >> reporter: and an ad about it discouraging remarks on women. and if he sweeps florida and ohio, he'll expand his sweeping le lead. peter alexander, wester vill, ohio. >> we have protesters -- >> reporter:i iu'm katy
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msnb clr brks msnbc town hall. >> people remember mob violence that led to lynching. >> this guy is a pathological liar. it's hard to fact check because he never has any facts. >> reporter: after the republican frontrunner started name checking sanders at rallies. >> he's the strongest candidate in the general elekction. i think hillary clinton has a number of flaws that trump will be able to exploit. >> winning ohio would be huge for the sanders campaign, just like michigan was. provides enthusiasm and money for his campaign to continue. >> reporter: and a test to see if clinton can make inroads with young people. snl mocking her attempts to appeal to them by soundinge
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sanders. >> the top 10% of the top 1% controls 90% of the wealth in this country. >> reporter: but clinton might have the last laugh if she holds on to her commanding delegate lead. charlotte, north carolina. >> 793 delegates are up for grabs tonight for the democrats. for the republicans, 358 delegates are at stake and while much of the focus is on the winner take all in ohio and florida. don't over look illinois, missouri, and north carolina, with more delegates. and the river basin in texas is matching the 1988 record and still expencting to rise. continues to push through dewy vill. and louisiana saw possible tornados, fortunately no death or injuries
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disaster order for louisiana to help aid in the area's recovery. in a surprise move, russian president, vladimir putin is ordering removal of troops now that peace talks are underway. he says his forces have helped syrian president assad's military turn the tide of war. the announcement seemed to take the white house by surprise. later the white house released a statement saying president obama spoke with putin by phone and that mr. obama welcomed the news. syr syria's bloody civil war has created millions of refugees and killed thousands. the man dtrying to flee isi when he surrendered. the kurds say they found this driver's license.
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his uncle said he thought he was on vacation in europe. and they have confirmed the death of of this man killed in an air strike earlier this month. leaders with the national transportation safety board will continue to look into the derailment in kansas monday morning. they expect to be on scene in at least a week, injurying 130 passengers and 14 crew members. they discussed the actions ahead of the derailment. >> there's some indication there was misalignment. noticed something wrong the tracks and put it into the emergency brakibraking. the nirtsb will hope to hava better assessment later this week. one of the h
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hit broadway in decades visited the white house yesterday. the cast of "hamilton" performed at the white house and that led to the show's creator to do free-styling in the rose garden. >> this is some serious business right here. >> are we in the rose garden right now? >> we are. this is the rose garden right here. it must be a little nerve racking. i hope i don't drop these cards. drop the beat. ♪ ♪ you flowing up some words i'm going to say some free styling that you've never heard, constitution, poets, i'm free styling and you know this. president obama the hostest with the most est, he's holding up signs, i'm not done. i'm at the white house i can't believe i'm not there it's more intimidating than if it was ua
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mike drops ♪ >> how good is that? that's -- you think that's going viral? that's going viral. >> i did not see those words prior. >> he made that look so easy. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your primary day forecasting. can you do some free styling? >> no, usually the press conferences or a couple heads of sta state. that was very good. we're watching inclement weather and still gloomy around boston. snow in maine, showers exiting virginia. the worst weather is along the border of iowa and missouri. in des moines in the next half hour to hour, you have rain. and now as far as today is going to go, we're going to get a break in the middle of the day d
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illinois is going to be focussed on some storms, a little section of missouri and then late late tonight in areas of ohio, we could get isolated tornados out of this. here's how the timing is going to play out. this is the thunderstorms we were watching. these dissipate as we go throughout the day. so, people voting in missouri may have to bring umbrellas. illinois, it looks like maybe 10:00 p.m., chicago i think you're safe for all your activities today. your storms will roll through probably in the overnight hours. florida looks great for voting and no problems in north carolina. now a closer look at your day ahead. temperatures will be very warm st. louis southward. that's why our focus of severe weather into areas around missouri and look how warm texas is. some areas inte
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kellogg's has helped provide millions of breakfasts to kids who start school without it. and with your help, we can all grow into our dreams. ♪ detective killed in a shootout sunday may have been hit by friendly fire, according to police. he was responding to a man firing shots near a police station and all three are now in custody. north korean leader kim jong-un ordered tests of missiles that can reenter atmosphere from space. they raise concerns after the north announced it's developed a miniature nuclear war head. congrom
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executive of health and safety policy about a direct link between football and the degenerative brain disease chronic insef lopathy. >> it shows a number of retired nfl players were diagnosed with cta-re, so the anlser is yes but -- >> he stated he is not a doctor and there are questions to be angsered but his acknowledgment is believe stood be the first by a senior nfl official. a new study found people who quit smoking cold turkey are more likely to be successful than those who cut down over time. the study found most people prefer the gradual approach. in hoboken, a 12 inchl water main broke causing a sink hole to swallow a car. the owner was getting breakfast and thought his car had been towed until he saw the bumper sticking out of the street.
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the avwrjal cost of falling in love is over $20,000. they spoke to a,000 married people. they calculated the average date cost about $43.50 and the most popular date activity being dinner followed by a movie. and hotel del coronado has been sold to a chinese firm for a reported $6.5 billion. and dairy queen is kicking offspring a few days early with their annual free cone day today. they can celebrate with a free soft serve vanilla cone and encouraged to make a donation to the children's miracle network while at dq. and first in sports is drake, the toronto raptor's sixth man. find out next. sixth man. find out next.
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this morning on sh"today," y players in the o.j. trial are speaking out about what they call dangerous inaccuracies in t the series about the trial. and goodell has said he's open to
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and in a wild alley-oop, the king had to use full extension to finish but it was the jazz who took this one at home, 94-85' to phoenix, game tied final seconds. >> puts it up, puts it in with 1.2 seconds to go. >> the suns nail the three for the game winner over the t wolves 107-104. and a weird one in toronto. rapper drake is talking to the player who should be out of bounds and instead calls for a turnover, nice, drake. and the bulls get their 9th straight win. final score, 109-107. england where a record is abouto
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now to entertainment news, the out look is promising for the upcoming batman v superman movie. they're already out doing "the avengers" in presale tickets. it hits theaters on march 25th. and sony announced it's buying out the michael jackson's estate. they will now be the full owner of the company that has the beatles and reported a estimated 3$350 million. and could a third princess diaries movie be on the way? the creator has said both he and anne hathway are on board. it's been 12 years already. and netflix has
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new trailer for "new unbreakable kimmy schmidt. and jimmy fallon is back at it. >> i had a rally and donald trump was surrounded by secret service agents and they said the man was dangerous and disturbed but they had to protect him anyway. >> i tell you, this season has given them so much foughter, it's wonderful. >> we don't want the violence part. we could deal without that part. >> but the jokes, keep them coming. they're great ones. i'm dara brown, along with bill karins and this is "early today." today." soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real
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now at 4:26, breaking news in chicago where three police officers have been shot. details just coming in. new details about the final moments of life for an officer in our area and it comes as we're hearing from the officer's family. how they're dealing with the heartac heartache. and how today's political contests could make or break some campaigns. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist. metro crews have been work overnight to prevent delays like
4:27 am
an update on that in just a minute. >> but first let's check in with chuck bell p. i want the warm weather to come back. >> okay, i'm working on it. it will be noticeably milder this afternoon, but tomorrow call in sick because that will be the nicest day. >> will do. >> tomorrow will be great. today we're dealing with clouds and another wet morning across much of the area. no heavy rain, but a lot of wet roads across the region. turning milder today, back into the 60s for most. 70s coming up tomorrow, though. pockets of fog first thing this morning, but nothing all that major. a couple light rain showers frederick and leesburg. so just a wet and gloomy start. temperatures should rise into the 60s in most neighborhoods today. now new troubles on the roads, here is melissa mollett. brand new problem outer loop at bw parkway, a new crash popped up. also seeing something southbound at 212ow
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so two different problems we're keeping an eye on for you. big look at the beltway, inner loop, outer loop, everything looking good. we did have typical road work handing around outer loop at university and ritchey maie-mar road. it is how out of the way. east-west highway rolling along just fine. metro riders are hoping that the work is done and they won't have a repeat of the delays that they had to deal with for 24 hours yesterday. now, thousands of people were stranded when fire broke out inside a tunnel. it was right by the mcpherson square station about 4:30 yesterday morning. several lines between foggy bottom and federal triangle were forced to stop for much of the day. riders who wanted to at that time orangtake the orange, blue silver lines had to be bussed between stations.
4:29 am
causing he's fires and why haven't they tried to determine that and fix it. >> are you concerned about your safety? >> absolutely. >> crews worked to most of the night to make sure there are no problems today. molette green is on her way to mcpherson square to see what kind of commute metro riders will have this morning. we'll check in with her at 5:00. i'm angie goff here at the live desk with breaking news out of chicago where three officers have been shot. let's take you to the scene. you are looking at new video we he got overnight. a woman is being questioned in connection to the shoot-out. one suspect was shot and killed, all officers are briefelieved t okay. police say this is an investigation into an apparently drug deal they were trying to break up between the suspect and the woman. back to
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a suspect suicide by police mission ends with the family of a prince george's county officer planning a funeral and the suspects alive. fellow officers stood by the parents of officer jacai colson as the police chief detailed the events that led to their son's death. colson tied after being accidentally shot by another officer in a sootout with suspect michael ford on sunday. ford's brothers recorded the shooting as it was unfolding. >> that image is of one of the ford brothers standing by taking no action on a video recording device taping this, his brother, shooting at prince george's county police officers. >> michael ford was also shot during the incident and is still in the hospital. he and his two brothers are charged with 21 counts including second-degree murder. this morning we're learning what officer colson meant to his loved ones.


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