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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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futures and to keep their white house hopes alive. >> an attempted abduction at one of the busiest tourist attractions in our area. and the dramatic eye witness account as a police officer is ambushed on the job. >> by that time i heard pow pow pow. >> what we're just learning about the brothers allegedly behind the calculated crime. >> we start with breaking news from metro. the transit agency is shutting down the entire rail system at midnight. it will be closed all day tomorrow. meaning hundreds of thousands of you, your neighbors, co-workers, all going to have to find another way to get to work and school. crews have to conduct emergency inspections on underground jumper cables like the one that caught fire monday near mcpherson square. they have to inspect about 600 cables and anything they have to fix, could cause even more service outages. >> we've got crews covering every angle from the system shutdown to the
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rig riders. >> let's start with mark segraves, live with more on the unprecedented move. mark? >> yeah, barbara, this is unprecedented. only when they close for weather has something like this been done. and you know this is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people tomorrow. but metro's new gm says any threat to public safety is too much to risk. >> while the risk to the public is very low, i cannot rule out a potential life and safety issue here and this is why we must take this action immediately. >> sudden closure of the entire metro system comes one day after a fire at mcpherson square station. metro's gm says early reports indicate the fire was caused by a faulty jumper cable like the one seen here. the smoke incident last year at l'enfante plaza was also caused by a faulty jumper cable. so wiedefeld has ordered an inspection of every jumper cable in the system. he knows
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short notice will take its toll on the region. >> when i say safety is our highest priority, i mean it that sometimes means making tough, unpopular decisions and this is one of those, for sure. i fumy recognize the hardship this causes to the region and to the community -- fully recognize. >> an administration official with d.c. mayor bowser said they were disappoint to get such late notice on the closure. as for d.c. public schools, they've announced they will open on time tomorrow. there will be extra buses for students who typically take metro to school. but they say any tardy students or absent students will be excused. that's the latest from metro. back to you. >> metro has linked the cause of yesterday's incident to the l'enfante plaza incident from last year. i recall they inspected those jumper cables after the deadly smoke incident. why are they inspecting them again? >> that's exactly right. when they did that, barbara, they found about 125 that did not pass inspections. soos
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replaced. now the one that failed yesterday at mcpherson square was one that was inspected and was cleared and wiedefeld said that gives him pause for concern for the entire inspection that was done last year. that's why he wants to do it all over again. he's going to inspect all 600 jumper cables starting tomorrow night. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, mark. from tourists to students and federal workers, everyone is scrambling to deal with the shutdown. right now, opm says it's coordinating with metro to figure out what to do and they're expected to make an announcement soon. we can tell you as mark mentioned, d.c. schools will open on time, but principles will be excusing any kids who are late or absent. we've learned that arlington county schools will open on time as well. news4's derrick ward has been riding the red line in montgomery county. what are commuters telling you? >> you know there's a degree of i guess anger, a little bit about this. i when people do know it's abo
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safety, they do 71 that and feel good about it. but i think the short notice has gotten to folks. in this area you have a lot of federal workers, a lot of companies allowing their workers to telework. we've run into a lot of people who are going to take that option. but as we are saying, maybe folks out of town, maybe planning to land at reagan national airport or come to union station and get the subway to their destination. if they don't know about this, they're going to be surprised. and of course there's the issue of traffic. those folks still have to get in. but won't be able to take metro. will be on the roads, that's going to make for an interesting commute this is going to affect folks whether they ride metro or not. we'll hope to bring you more reaction from passengers late oern in the newsnewscast. >> we have some sound from you, let's hear from some riders about what they said earlier today. >> i don't know. i'll probably have to catch a ride from my aunt or something. but i think
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ridiculous. >> i don't know how they expect to do any better with the way they're handling things when they keep doing these last-minute things to disrupt people's commute. >> well i can take the bus. i have options for me. but for other folks, it's not so easy. >> so that's what it is. you know people do have options. some can't take the bus, but it's going to mean a longer commute for a lot of people. people have to adjust their schedules, knowing it's all in the name of safety makes them feel better about it just not going to make things easier tomorrow. live on the red line, derrick ward, news4. >> thank you. not everyone will be able to stay home tomorrow. so here's some other ways you about, will be running on a normal schedule. but will likely be packed. uber and lyft are another option. but with demands, prices are going to surge. at this point d.c. taxi cabs will be charging their normal fares,
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and if you don't have too far to travel, capital bike share is always a problem. news4's scott mcfarland is in the news room with new information coming out from opm. scott? >> it's just in from the office of personnel management. the federal government is open tomorrow. but there will be an option for federal workers to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. a similar situation to what we see when there's minor weather events. federal government is open, unscheduled telework and leave are allowed. d.c. government is open. montgomery county says it will decide in 40 minutes whether its workers will be allowed to telework in maryland. as for transit systems in the suburbs, vre running a normal schedule tomorrow. the marc trains, they'll decide around 7:00 p.m. whether they can or increase increase the fleet or increase services to help the metro riders in maryland who can use a parallel marc system to go to silver spring or laurel or to union station. ride on buss in montgomery county say they'll try to add to their fleet tomorrow to supplement metro
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rush hour already. it's worth mentioning, ride on buss in montgomery county serve metro stations or marc stations in the metro system as we mentioned, down for 29 hours starting at midnight. back to you. >> looking live right now, overlooking the metro tracks outside the dunnloring stations, we'll be staying on top of the story. on air and online. coming up, shomari stone has a closer look at the impact on commuters in northern virginia. we continue to push out any alerts on our nbc washington app. politics, the next couple of hours could reshape the race for the white house. polls will be closing in some of the five states holding primaries and there are enough delegates in play that donald trump could all but lock up the republican nomination. that is, unless john kasich wins ohio
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florida. steve handelsman picks up our coverage. >> it's a good turn-out in florida, marco rubio hopes that can save him. >> don't stay home. make sure no one stays home. we don't know how close this is going to be. >> but many of them say their votes today go to donald trump. >> because i think that he's the person who can change this country. >> i want to see somebody strong. a strong president. not a weak one that we have four eight years. >> the current president weighed in, not naming trump. >> our country has to toughen up, folks. >> but deploring the violence and vulgarity at recent rallies. >> we've heard silence from too many of our leaders. >> house speaker paul ryan criticized trump two weeks ago. but gop leaders now accept he will be the nominee. >> the biggest people in the party are calling. >> ryan said he called trump to say the party elite won't pick the nominee. >> the republican primary voters
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it's not our decision to make. >> but john kasich could take all of ohio's delegates. >> we're going to win, i feel terrific. >> if trump does lose ohio, he might end up short of the delegates he would need to lock the nomination. ted cruz, kasich, rubio or others could fight for it at the convention. hillary clinton's road to the democratic nomination looks smoother. >> i've gotten more votes than anybody. >> but bernie sanders winning ohio today could stretch out the race. that for republican marco rubio could end tonight. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, miami. we've got new developments in the murder of a prince george's county police officer. new charges have been filed after the officer was ambushed on the job. the suspect's two brothers are being charged with attempted murder. the gunman remains in the hospital, he was injured in the exchange. as police continue to investigate. a woman who lives near the crime scene is describing the chaos that followed. bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in
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for us. >> that woman tells us that she watched all of this unfold and was completely shocked. meanwhile, prince george's county state's attorney's office have charged the two brothers, but are continuing to build their case against the alleged gunman. >> this is the process of gathering forensic evidence to demonstrate how this event played out. >> today, prince george's county police chief hank stawinski walked the crime scene as evidence technicians counted bullet holes and measured distances. police are still building their case to charge suspected gunman, michael ford. >> he was just angry young man. >> janette gray who lives across from district 3 said she stood at her door watching the man police identified as michael ford, yelling outside the district 3 police station. >> come out, come out, come out and face me. >> that's when she says he reached for something in his jacket. >> i heard pow pow pow. pow pow. >> during the
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gunfire, officer jacai colson was shot and killed. two passenger vehicles were also struck. along with a passing ambulance. none of the drivers were injured. >> i've never seen an individual stand in front of a police station, shoot the police station indiscriminately shoot cars and turn and shoot at an ambulance. it defies logic. >> ford's brothers, malik and elijah are facing attempted murder charges for allegedly helping their brother to commit the crime. according to charging documents, elijah recorded the video will where his brother mapped out doing the shooting. malik drove michael to the police station and when he started walking to the wrong building, they directed him back to the police station. >> this is a very complex case. we recognize that. we're prepared for that. and again that really is why we're going to make sure that we take all the time we need. fast is not important in this case. accurate is. >> part of the complexity of the case is that officer colson was shot an k
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fire. that's going to impact the charges that this gunman faces and that's what the state's attorney is working with as she works up charges for michael. now coming up tomorrow, both of his brothers are expected to have their bond reviewed by video here at the upper marlboro courthouse, reporting live, tracee wilkins. back to you. >> you know officer colson's death is coming just a couple of weeks after someone shot and killed prince william county officer ashley guindon. today her department is thanking you for the outpouring of support and among those in a video message, one of the officers wounded during that same shooting. >> thank you for praying for our recovery and for lining the streets to honor the sacrifice that ashley made. >> the support we've received from the community and other agencies means more than you can know. you provided light in a time of darkness. >> officer guindon was buried last week in her home state of massachusetts. next an attempted
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museums here in the district. he wanted to be a d.c. firefighter and today he got his letter of acceptance. four days after he was gunned down in montgomery county. coming up, the story of sheldon williams. and the backlash is growing over plans to rename a local middle school. why a follow-up school board meeting could bring out even stronger emotions. i'm talking about some very warm temperatures today. high temperatures in the low to mid 60s across the area. 64 in d.c. 67 warrenton, temperatures tomorrow in some spots. could jump nearly ten degrees. there's a nice shot outside. beautiful tree. what's that tree again? i don't know. we'll get back to you in just a minute. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! try a flaky filet-o-fish made with sustainably sourced fish, a big mac made with 100% beef,
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breaking news, the federal government is going to open tomorrow but they're offering employees options to take unscheduled leave or telework. they made that decision after metro announced it's going to shut down at midnight and won't reopen until at least 5:00 thursday morning. what are they going to do in the 29 hours? well crews are going to be inspecting more than 600 jumper cables. the same ties being blamed for monday's track fire at mcpherson square and the smoke incident at l'enfante plaza. if you're trying to figure out how to get around, we've put up a list of alternatives on our nbc washington app. >> investigators are trying to track down the men on this tape to see if they know anything about a possible attempted abduction at the smithsonian's popular air and space museum. a tour group was walking out of a museum when a man grabbed a young child's hand. a chaperone saw what was going on and stepped in.
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the museum with more. >> well we want to tell you we have just learned of a similar incident last month at a science museum in richmond, virginia. we have pictures from both to show you. >> the surveillance video from inside the smithsonian's air and space museum show two men described as persons of interest. an alarming thing that happened here march 3. they had been seen talking to each other inside the museum. >> the first video shows an adult male subject with dark brown hair and now that's described to us as black hair, with light brown roots, so it looks as though the hair has dyed and it's growing out somewhat. the subject is described as having green eyes and an eastern european accent. and an additional man, white male, white or gray hair and a little bit heavyset. >> witnesses reported that a man with dark hair took the hand of a young elementary school aged child as the group was leaving the mm
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child for a few steps before a chaperone noticed and intervened. >> at which point the man walked off. boarded a white shuttle bus and the bus was seen leaving. between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00, if you had a drop-off or a pickup in the 600 block of jefferson drive southwest. in the vicinity of the air and space museum. reach out to us and let us know. there's a chance you transported these people. >> news4 has obtained these images released by police in richmond, virginia, after a similar event last month at the richmond science center. a 9-year-old girl said a stranger had touched her and police described the contact as inappropriate. >> police have not confirmed a link between the d.c. and richmond cases. live on the national mall, jackie bensen, news4, back to you. >> there's a tough hearing on capitol hill over who needs to take responsibility for the water crisis in flint. lawmakers grilled a former official at the
6:20 pm
flint's former emergency manager and former mayor. he also heard from a virginia tech scientist who helped expose the lead crisis. he had harsh words for susan hedman, the former epa official downplayed concerns about the water quality. she says that's just not true. >> the bottom line is she did nothing immediately to get flint's children out of harm's way. >> did anybody at the epa do anything wrong?
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desperate message to a convicted killer. what newly unsealed documents reveal about the days leading up to the raemt of jesse matthew. this is the youth baseball field here at airlawn park, the idea was to make it accessible for parents with disabilities, now look what lies along the first base line. how did th
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these are the days when you literally, you got to check that forecast every single ]day. it's completely different. >> let's check in with doug, what's happening out there right now? >> and that's right. chris, because even today we're looking at temperatures early this morning. a little bit cool. we had overcast conditions. even some shower activity this morning and now we're in the low 60s, even the upper 60s to near 70. what a difference a few
6:25 pm
makes. looking out towards rockville. just beautiful conditions right now. plenty of sunshine and other vantage point. high atop our station in northwest d.c. looking towards the ka theeth they'd doral. towards the washington monument. winds about 8 miles per hour. we're seeing a lot of sunshine. that means that we have seen the temperatures rise. look at the numbers, 72, the current temperature at 6:00 at charlottesville. 66 in fredericksburg. that is the warmer air making its way in storm team 4 radar. all dry, not talking any rain or snow. what could be changing this weekend. i want to show you the numbers currently. 64 d.c., 74 roanoke. 8 jackson, kentucky. the warm air that will come in here during the day tomorrow. most areas will get into the 70s. after what was a cool start, here's a storm system that brought us shower activity earlier. here's the next storm bringing me
6:26 pm
just to the west of chicago. even a tornado watch. the same storm system will move our way. but the bulk of the energy moves into the great lakes. that means for us, we're talking showers. now most of the day tomorrow we're on the dry side. if not the entire day for most of us. cloud cover on the increase tomorrow afternoon. but still a very nice afternoon. here comes the showers around 3:00. notice right around 6:00 we have a line of showers coming through. maybe a rumble of thunder. for the most part most of us will remain dry and this moves through quickly. do you need the umbrella? most likely not. you may want to take it, because metro is closed. remember you could see showers between 3:00 and 7:00. highs tomorrow, 73 in d.c. 71 in leesburg. the impact forecast. is going to be on the low side for sure. only because the isolated showers that we may see tomorrow evening. but again, most of us will be on the dry side,
6:27 pm
notice the trend, falling numbers, a high on saturday of only 50. watching a potential nor'easter for the weekend. i've got that forecast coming up. may include a little bit of snow. i'll see you at 6:45. more on the murder of sheldon williams, the d.c. man who went to visit friends in montgomery county and ended up getting shot and killed. alongside a road. plus a closer look at the emergency plans to shut down metrorail what you need to know before you head out the door tomorrow. new threats over a plan to name a local high school after a prominent african-american community leader. >> disappointing. this again is about the students, it's about the legacy of the people we're trying to honor. a leaky fire hydrant creating major problems at a local park. >> it makes the area not acceptable for anybody at this point. >> the action being taken after we started looking into the issue. and another honor for the 107-year-old woman who danced her way into our hearts. what grandma virginia was up to today.
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as the administrators of the system cannot send trains out in this system, into these tunnels, knowing full well that something can go wrong. >> it is an unprecedented shutdown of the metrorail system. >> service suspended for 29 hours so emergency inspections can go on. trains stop running at midnight and they won't start again until 5:00 a.m. thursday. all six lines and all 91 stations will be closed. all this trying to make way for crews to be able to inspect the system's power cables after yesterday's tunnel fire. but if they find issues down there, some sections could remain closed on thursday. >> metro bus and metro access will continue to operate on a regular schedule. news4's shomari stone is live in
6:32 pm
of this. shomari? >> right now i'm here at the franconia springfield station in virginia. a lot of metro rail riders are shocked by the news. in fact i told one woman about it and she said, what, is it a snowstorm coming? and he said it's sunny outside and there's snow on the horizon, it's not weather-related, it's related to safety inspections. let's roll some video. i feel bad telling people about this news. the sun is out and when they get off the train after getting off work. i tell them metro is shut down on wednesday starting tonight at midnight. one woman said no way, you got to be kidding. hundreds of thousands of people ride metrorail every day from northern virginia into d.c. many said they're upset about the news. >> i think it's a disaster, for national security. i'm a fed, i work for the government. i know they're going to encourage telework and all that some of us need access to classified systems. gridlock, accidents.
6:33 pm
no place to park. a terrorist couldn't have planned a better plot. it's a terrible. >> that's exactly the type of thing you hear from a lot of commuters out here this is terrible. many people tell me that they plan on teleworking tomorrow. a lot of folks say they're not going to tay uber or lyft from franconia out here all the way into d.c. because they say it's going to be too expensive. so many tell me they'll stay at home or telework. live in franconia-springfield metrorail station, i'm shomari stone, news4. >>
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today, four days after he was murdered here in montgomery county. here now, the story of sheldon williams. >> this was a success story for him, it was just a tragic situation. sheldon williams is a success. >> sheldon williams was an honors graduate from caesar chavez charter school. he worked at sweetgreen, while also taking courses at udc. but what sheldon williams really wanted was to be a d.c. firefighter. you see, his mom works for the police department, and he was drawn to public service, too. and today at his home this letter of acceptance from the fire department, it's dated march 14th. three days after sheldon williams was murdered in montgomery county. mark
6:35 pm
principal, mentor and friend of sheldon williams. >> what do you remember most about him? >> his smile. sheldon could light up a room with his smile. his determination, his perseverance to get through high school. and also the love for his mother. >> the body of 20-year-old sheldon williams found late last friday night alongside castle boulevard in montgomery county. police say he had been shot to death. >> it has been a big blow and a big shock to us. as a whole. >> is there any lesson to be learned from this? >> definitely. definitely to cherish life. to reflect on what sheldon has done. with his time. >> sheldon williams lived with his mother in d.c. he told her he was coming out here to visit some friends. so far, no motive, no suspects, no arrest in this case of murder. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, pat.
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matthews' family urged him to tell police what happened to hannah graham after she disappeared. matthew pleaded guilty earlier this month to murdering graham. newly unsealed documents show matthews' aunt told him he needed to think about what happened to the victim because she was someone's child end quote. matthew's mother even planned to get the family together to talk to him. the next morning matthew was gone. he was later arrested in texas. matthew is serving seven life sentences for killing graham and morgan harrington and trying to kill another woman in fairfax. the fire did so much damage to a town home in montgomery county, even investigators are having trouble pinpointing the cause. a wall collapsed on top of firefighters as they were trying to douse the intense flames. >> mayday, mayday, i have a structure that has collapsed completely. firefighters trapped. >> you heardt
6:37 pm
collapse trapped eight firefighters inside. but they were all able to get out and get to the hospital. all of them are back home tonight. the fire caused more than a half million dollars in damage and about 20 people in germantown are trying to find somewhere else to live. new concerns about a muddy mess at a popular neighborhood park. what happened once we started
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6:40 pm
all new at 6:00, concerns about safety at a community park in bethesda. a leaky fire hydrant created a muddy mess at the ayrlawn park. neighbors had been complaining, but it still hasn't been fixed. our chris gordon is out there and can tell us what's going on. chris? >> look at this, i'm walking in water on a flooded sidewalk that was built specifically so disabled people could get in and use this park. montgomery county has spent a lot of time and money to make ayrlawn park accessibl
6:41 pm
it's a real mess. this hydrant has been leaking for a long time. you can see the water rushing out of the ground. it has flooded the sidewalk, which was just built. to the accessible for parents in wheelchairs who want to watch their kids play baseball. the field is soaked. montgomery park says it's unplayable. neighbors are complaining. >> right now there's a lovely ditch. with a full running river. and a little waterfall and a little spout of water that comes up at a different area that kind of makes the area not acceptable for anybody at this point. >> neighbors walk their dogs over the muddy fields. the standing water they say attracts mosquitos, the ayrlawn ymca has a day care center right next to the park. >> it's going to be very difficult to have the kids safe with so many mosquitos around. >> news4 called wssc today. we were told broken
6:42 pm
customer complains they're not getting water to their home. but when wsse looked over this situation, they moved it up on their list of repairs. >> we can't say it's going to be today, or tomorrow, but within the next 48 hours there should be a crew working on this. >> that should allow the field to dry out just in time. >> we're optimistic it will be open by april 1st. wssc is here, we're working with them and we expect they're going to take care of fixing the leak and it will be all better and ready to play on. >> soon the sound of running water will be replaced by the sound of kids running along the base path. and ayrlawn for the first time ever will be accessible to everyone who wants to come here and watch and play. latest live in montgomery county. chris, back to you. well, her dance moves captured the nation's attention. now this 107-year-old grandma is
6:43 pm
basketball court. the changing of this middle school name sparking outrage and believed to be behind a racially targeted threat. in dale city we'll tell you why a school board meeting torrowom
6:44 pm
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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hundreds of thousands of you already trying to figure out some way to get to work or school tomorrow. without the help of metro. the rail system is shutting down tonight at midnight. it won't reopen again for at least 29 hours. the unprecedented move will allow crews to inspect more than 600 jumper cable ace cross the system. those cables were the cause of a track fire monday at mcpherson square and that smoke incident at l'enfante plaza last year. can you see metro's full press conference and find out the other ways to get around on our nbc washington app. the renaming of a prince william county school is evoking outrage tonight. police are investigating whether the change was voted for godwin middle school in dale city led to a racist mess
6:47 pm
members. northern virginia burg reporter david culver explains why tomorrow could bring out even more emotions. >> firefighter kyle wilson lost his life battling a blaze in 2007. serving his prince william county community. dr. george hampton, still living, an army veteran and highly respected here in the community as a leader. deciding between these two as the namesake for this new elementary school -- proved a challenge. school board member justin wilk had an idea. >> people can hate me, whatever, think it's the best alternative. right now there's a school right now, where kids walk in, 78% minority and the name of the build something after a segregationist governor in dale city, godwin middle school. >> wilk's plan was to take godwin middle school right here in dale city, and name it in honor of dr. hampton. then take the new elementary school, and name it for wilson. it got the board's approval and
6:48 pm
>> but you see, godwin was never part of the initial discussion. as inside nova first reported, that made some feel as though they were caught offguard. one person posting online, quote poor judgment on prince william county. godwin should have never been brought up for change. not on public agenda. poor, poor decisions. >> when the democratic process is playing out, you get some people who is voizs were raised in an unfortunate way. >> referring to the racially charged slurs put into the wilk's home mail box. along with a confederate flag. >> hopefully at the end of the day the focus is going to return to what is going to be the inspiring name for students who will be attending the school in the future. >> cabot said the meeting tomorrow will allow others in the community to voice their concerns. in dale city, david culver, news4. >> well a few days ago our favorite dancing grandma turned 107. today she was h
6:49 pm
the harlem globetrotters. >> we're also celebrating a very, very special lady's birthday. >> 107 amazing years and i believe y'all know her as -- grandma virginia. >> yeah, we know her as virginia mclaurin. two members of the globetrotters, were in northwest d.c. they stopped by roots public charter school where mrs. mclaurin volunteers on a regular basis. she made a pretty grand entrance, showed off some of her signature moves. the globetrotters were so impressed they gave her a nice cake and a personalized jersey. >> we got another picture of her? there she is. there's the inspiration. >> she's got some moves. >> remember, this is the woman who was dancing at the white house with president and mrs. obama and i got to tell you, she
6:50 pm
30, 40 years younger wish they could. >> she got a jersey. >> it will be a long dress on her, i'm sure. we did get some sunshine today. are you talking snow for late they are week? >> it could happen. it could happen. coming up on sunday. nothing to worry about. i'm not talking about anything shutting down. even the roads getting bad. that's not going to be the issue. but it is something to watch for later this weekend. right now we're just watching the beautiful weather. look toward reston bright blue skies, showers and beautiful conditions across the region. here's a look at the tower cam shot. 64 degrees. temperatures dropping but it's going to be nice and mild through the rest of the evening. 59 by 9:00. down to 56 degrees by 11:00. a mild night. currently towards dulles. 62. and right now camp springs, upper marlboro, 62 as well. so nice weather for sure. nothing on the radar. that was earlier t
6:51 pm
i think by early tomorrow, not much, either. we'll be watching for areas of fog early, know it as you step out the door. 62 by 11:00. by 3:00. 73 and isolated shower moves through. 3:00, 4:00, by 7:00, most of it is out of here. we could see isolated shower come through. most of us will be dry. i'm not too worried about the rain tomorrow. 30% chance. 65 degrees on your st. patrick's day. 57 on friday. 50 degrees on saturday. your see the trend, temperatures cooling. the first day of spring and we've got a coldest weather we've seen here, 46 degrees. yes, the possible strong storm moving in on sunday. most likely just off the coast. something we'll watch. a cool weekend, dry saturday, mostly rain. but may mix with some snow. last week i said winter was kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include
6:52 pm
in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for most live sports. a refresher, it feels like -- to get ready for a tournament again. >> tournament time -- well here's the thing, you should be concerned based on the history of the 5-12 match-up.
6:55 pm
rabbits, they're no pushover. whenever it's time to fill out the tournament bracket. everyone looks at one match-up in particular for first-round upsets, the 5 versus the 12 seed. last year was the first time since 2007 that a 12th seed did not pull off an upset against a five. maryland knows what they're up against this weekend, but the terps remain extremely confident. >> we feel good, we're in a good spot, we're a good team, a really good team and playing in a tough league. a tough schedule we lost ourselves for a little bit, but we're ready to to play. >> i want to have no regrets going forward. i want to go out and play as hard as i can. to make sure these guys are focused for every game. >> it's excite to be playing in a ncaa tournament. an unbelievable opportunity to go out to spokane. never been out there. i heard it's beautiful. want to get out there and play basketball. >> the terps and jack rabbits come your way friday from spokane, washington. we're going to move on to
6:56 pm
a playoff berth by picking up a berth over the carolina hurricanes, not much to complain about with this team, they've earned 103 points this season. but the slow start continue to be an issue. the caps back home after a four-game road trip. the fellows didn't score a goal in the first period on that trip. being outscored 6-0. despite going 1-1. barry trott hoping his team can break the trend. he's not the only one frustrated with the slow start. his team doesn't want to bring it up. >> to be honest i'm sick of talking about it. i think you know it's been brought up so many times, we can deal with it ourselves. the answers are here and we don't need to beat the horse all the time. >> i'm bringing it up every day until it's fixed. so there's only one way to get it to stop talking about it, right? fix it. >> to the association, wizards snapping a five-game losing skid
6:57 pm
they blew out detroit. they need the win to stay alive in the eastern conference playoff race. two and a half games back of detroit and chicago for the last spot in the east despite a near perfect effort against the pistons, the head coach is never satisfied. >> you're not going to have perfection. there's not been a perfect game play, michael jordan might think he might be one of the greatest players of all time. didn't ever play a perfect game. we have to do is be able to cover up when we have a mistake. and have the guy that's there. to have your back, to correct the mistake and don't let it happen again. >> the wizards won by 43 points, by the way. we wrap it up with the redskins, they made it official. resigning quarterback will blackman to a two-year deal. he signed with the skins week two of last season. starting a career high ten games, 49 tackles and ten picks and the team
6:58 pm
broncos. >> they didn't go for the big splash. >> and they
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. a major breaking news tonight. a major make-or-break moment in the race for president. will trump knock out rubio with a win in florida? can kasich stop him in ohio and force a contested convention? and can bernie sanders pull off another shocker? also breaking, one of the biggest public transportation systems in america to suddenly shut down amid urgent concerns over safety. millions bracing for a nightmare commute. stunning admission. for the first time ever the nfl announces a direct link between playing football and a degenerative brain disease. and pain killer epidemic. a major alert about a painful secret at homes across america. millions getting hooked on pill s prescr


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