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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the last seven years. josh earnest and former speaker of the -- rather nancy pelosi are a few of the guests. good morning, everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. gates are back open at metro stations across the washington area. >> we are on top of of your commute this morning riding the trains and standing by in vee enin a and foggy bottom to make sure you know about any issues. and count on live reports every 15 minutes, but first what to expect walking out the door today with chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. thursday off to a quiet start this morning. skies are mostly clear after some late showers in the day yesterday. off to a school start. another mild day coming. high temperatures today, mid to upper 60s, so not quite as nice as the hid 70s yesterday, but still warmer than average. and just like yesterday,he
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shower or two this afternoon. rain chances generally 0% or less. much better chances for rain which could come with some, yes, he said it, wet snow flakes saturday night into sunday. keep that in mind. temperatures out the door this morning, mostly in the 40s, but there are some cool spots. manassas and culpeper at 39 and false church at 50. the next 24 hours, 40s now, upper 60s to near 07 later today and mid-40s by tomorrow morning. how are the road roads? >> roads not so bad and metrorail back to normal service. just reopened and we're live on a red line train for you this morning. no issues there. we will keep our fingers crossed. so many of you i know were affected yesterday. 66 inbound after 245, left lane getting by that accident involving a tractor trailer. so a little slow there. westbound
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395 south at duke street, work zone blocking the left lane still hanging around this morning. big look at the beltway, no worries there. everything rolling along just fine. beltway at ritchie-marlboro road, again, live picture looking pretty good. i'll see you at 5:11. right now metrorail back open running on time on all lines. you're looking live at the vienna metro station where we will have an update on yesterday's shutdown in just about 15 minutes. the system opened just a couple minutes ago and tens of thousands of you had to find other way to get to work yesterday when metro shut down for the entire day for emergency save i did inspections. taxis and bikes were the option many of you told us you used. of course you can go back to your typical routine. we'll kick off coverage with megan mcgrath riding the red line for us. she just left the shady grove metro station. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, we are a
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after shady grove. and this is the first train of the day and as you can see, we have lots of folks who are taking the rails for the first time since those emergency inspections and repairs. including theresa and helen here. talk a little bit about how you're feeling about things today. do you feel better? >> actually, yes, i do. i'm very confident that metro has found all of the problems and are getting things fixed. and so i have no problem riding the train today. >> how does it look today, does it looks like the northern ald crowd or lighter than usual? >> it does look lighter than normal. so i figure some people are not so sure. >> reporter: helen, what did you do yesterday, the rails were closed. what did you do? >> i had my husband drive me and then drive me home again. >> reporter: how temperatudid t? >> going in was fine, but coming
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traffic than usual. >> reporter: thanks for letting us talk to you. lots of folks will be taking the rails today. again, they were closed for 29 hours for the emergency inspection and repairs. we'll be speaking to people this morning as they make their commute in and we'll let you know how folks are feeling about it all. back to you. crews found 26 problems during yesterday's metro shutdown. most of them through the downtown corridor along the blue, or and silver lines. erika gonzalez is live for us with a closer look at the repairs made before this morning's reopening. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, we just got the breaking news from metro not 15 minutes ago that indeed all lines are back open being all the repairs that needed to be made have been done. the reason we're at the foggy bottom station is because this is one of the last locations that still needed a repair and
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they could complete the repairs. now a sigh of relief, a collective sigh of relief from everybody that takes metro this morning. you should not have any issues on any one of the lines. now, of the 600 cables inspected, 26 issues were found. gm paul wiedefeld showing some frayed cables take they found yesterday. of course there was that fire on monday that caused this shutdown. and before that, a very similar and all too eerie similar incident at the l'enfant plaza metro station last year. but again, everything is a go, all lines are back open. we're live outside the foggy bottom metro station, i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. happening today, investigators are bringing in a crane to help in the search for a northern virginia man still unaccounted for after the fire you see here. this blaze happened early wednesday morning in woodbridge. neighbors stood by helplessly as it was destroyed. unsure if the man was still
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remove debris. one firefighter was seriously hurt, but is he expehe is expec survive. a woman arrested after doing yoga on tracks heads back to court. holly bentley was charged with trespassing after being spotted. her attorney says the charges may be dismissed today. she was given a deferred deposition, that means she had to complete ten hours of community service and the charges may be dismissed. bentley's attorney says she has complete that had sd that servi. another meeting over the renames of godwin middle school. residents say they changed the name without consulting the community. earlier this month the board decided to name the school in honor of dr. george hampton. the change created two groups of unhappy people. >> how can i justifo
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student has this decision was just and right without anywhere input from them. >> we've seen what has happened to some of our minorities in this county. we don't get a fair shake. we really don't. >> it's not clear what the board plans to do now. earlier this month the board also decided to name a new school in honor of a fallen firefighter. d.c. federal judge retires after a woman claims that he raped her 35 years ago. the utah woman was 16 at the time of the alleged assault. lawyers for judge roberts acknowledged an intimate relationship but call her accusations, quote, categorically false. the utah attorney general's office said after investigating the allegations it opted not to prosecute roberts. investigators determined he didn't break any laws because the woman was old enough to consent under utah law mis-1981. it's the moment many of you have been waiting for. what
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell is in with a look at the day ahead. >> good morning, everybody. still a few showers out here in the mountains of west virginia, far western maryland. by and large there is a small chance for a few showers later today. not a big threat. may want to have the umbrella just to play it on the safe side. your ghcommute will be cool and dry here this morning. coming home, maybe a quick passing shower. and mild, highs today mid to upper 60s. melissa, good morning. >> so again, metrorail back on time. don't have any issues right now. we are
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normal service. northbound telegraph road after the beltway, brand new crash left side of the roadway blocked. you can get by to the right. also 66 east after 245/the plains, left lane getting by that crash. that should be out of the way here in a little bit. big look at the beltway, overall no major issues. march madness starts today. do you have your bracket ready? mine is done. >> new developments in a tragic story. brother this is court in the death of a prince george's county police officer. and we are live this morning outside the vienna metro station, what you need to know
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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our team coverage now with molette green live at the vienna statio how are commuters feeling about
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people just ran in here to make the train. that sign says it all. today thursday, march 17, metrorail has resumed service on all lines. people -- we found people who got here very early, some 30 minutes before the station opened waiting for those gates to open. and they did. and the gate unlocked and people were ready to just get going and get back to their normal commute. there was a chance that the orange line might have to single track, but normal operations again after yesterday's all day shutdown to try to fix those frayed power cables. and i spoke to a passenger who told me he drove into work yesterday, but certainly glad that he can now take the train back to work. >> maintenance. it's keeping up with maintenance. i personally haven't had any problems normally, but i can see where it could be a serious concern for most people. >> reporter: for we're back live
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station. we have one lady checking in right there to get her fare and get going here. people are very happy that things are just back on track. we're live in vienna, molette green, you neu we're live in vienna, molette green, you n news 4. and with metrorail shut down, commuters biked to work. numbers from capital bike share say that they were more than 1,000 walk-up bike rentals, a 106% increase in all. people took 4500 trips on capital bike shares during metro's shutdown. if you're worried about metro's liability, today we have a list of ways on get around town without using the train. you can find that on the nbc washington app. looks like maryland is seeing a late surge in flu activity. the state health department is urging you to get a flu shot and practice good hygiene. flu activity remained relatively low before ramping up in late february and early march. so when your
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time could change. the school board is considering starting school before labor day next school year. for decades school has started after the unofficial end of summer in accordance with virginia's king's dominion law. in the '80s, the say the satate tourism needed students to keep working through labor day. the change will be discussed today. a full board vote scheduled at the end of april. we're learning new information about army sergeant bowburg toll and w bere bergdah his post. the taliban captured him and held him for five years. yesterday new documents say he had been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. another document says bergdahl left his post to draw attention to what he saw as bad decisions by officers above him. now to decision 2016 where hillary clinton is setting her sights on gop frontrunner dd. clinton openly
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her victory speech. she's going after him on policy, immigration, his proposed ban on muslims and embracing torture. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. >> trump is fighting back, he's already put out an instragram video ridiculing clinton as a weak commander in chief against putin and isis. showing her barking like a dog in a joke she was making. tracie potts will be with us with more on this at 5:30. it's now 5:19. in "news 4 your health," you will want to hear this if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant. according to a new study, strokes related to pregnancy are on the rise. doctors say the reason for the spike are more obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure cases. doctors say moms should look for specific symptoms of a stroke. >> headache is the most common sign. nausea, vomitin
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vision. >> doctors say the key is to stay fit and healthy as possible. about 10% of pregnancy related strokes occur before delivery. 40% occur during labor delivery. and the other 50% happen within six weeks of the baby's birth. today march madness kicks off and there is reason they call it march madness. just about everybody in the country including the president will be watching college basketball coming up here pretty soon. maryland terrapins arrived in spokane yesterday, just one of the 64 teams that will go head to head to see who will claim the title. 67 games over three weeks, dreams made, hearts broken, everybody watching this stuff. fans busy completing their brackets before things get started today. the terps take on south dakota state on friday. carol maloney will bring us updates throughout the day from that game. >> i'm wearing terps red. but i have to say, i know vcus
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oklahoma sooners are in it. we have a very good showing. i love it. >> at least to start. >> anything could happen. that's why we love march madness. >> look right there, that's what the winning bracket will look like. can you see? it has oklahoma all the way in at -- well, it's a little blurry. >> blurry in your head, too. >> oklahoma down as the winner. we're the number two seed out west. and i think our biggest challenge will be in the final game against, who do i have them playing? uva cavaliers. obviously having a great season, as well. good luck to you with your brackets. weather in your plans for today, frein light nothing but cool and dry outside this morning. this afternoon, there is a chance for a quick passing shower or two. nothing major. if you have outdoor plans, as long as you have a 10 or 15 minute long rain backup plan ready on go, you'll be fine. for tomorrow, no rain chance, but noticeably windy and much
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tomorrow. here is future weather then. through the day today, here is 1:00 this afternoon. a chance for a couple of showers right along the maryland/pennsylvania border. between 3:00, 5:00, one or two shower could graze down through the metro area. after 7:00, 8:00, nothing to worry about. turning chilly overnight. and then during the day tomorrow, more sunshine for sure, noticeably windy. tomorrow winds out of the west/northwest 20 to 30 miles per hour. good kite flying weather, but a blustery friday. dry friday night into early saturday, but by saturday afternoon, clouds are back, way colder. saturday's highs mid to upper 40s at best. and after about 3:00, 4:00 saturday afternoon, light rain is a possibility. and that rain could mix with or change to some wet snow late saturday night in to the day on sunday. could get a slushy inch or two. maybe even more than that out into the shenandoah valley. around the metro, maybe a slushy inch at most on grassy
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temperature-wise, 40s now, will become 50s this morning and 60s later on this afternoon. nice enough day to be outside. high today right around 69 degrees. and i know you're thinking about the weekend already. saturday only in the 40s. becoming cloudy, a chance for rain showers. mainly closer on sunset on saturday. and then on sunday, a rain/snow combo likely. minor accumulations are possible. sunday just going to be a nasty day. good day to stay inside and make a pot of soup. i'll be back with a closer look coming up. it's traffic time. good morning, melissa. how is your bracket shaping up? >> my bracket is completely blank. i need to call my husband. usually what i do unfortunately is tell him that i picked the favorite outfits instead of uniforms and he gets angry and then i beat him. so actually quite fun. 270 south before 85, a crash in the left lane slowing things there. 270 southbound. northbound telegraph road after the beltway, left side blocked
5:24 am
95 north in staff toward, a ladder in the roadway and we wood spilled. so they are trying to get that out of the way. 66 in-bound after 245, crash cleared out of the way. beltway at ritchie-marlboro road, no issues there. most of us have received a safety recall from our vehicle manufacturer. and when we get those, it usually has a potential defect that either could cause a crash or some sort of an injury. so what do we do normally? we call the dealer and try to get this fixed right away. but what we're finding is that oftentimes parts are not available. we interview a local man who this happened to, in fact he had to wait for over a year to get the part to fix his particular vehicle. so what do you do in this case? what are your rights?
5:25 am
putting out recalls without remedies? we answer all of this for you coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00. and today we'll learn more about a new requirement for all cars that will keep you safer behind the wheel. automatic emergency braking systems will become a standard feature on all new vehicles in this country. automatic braking prevents crashes by stopping your car when you're about to hit something. 20 carmakers are part of a new deal with the national highway traffic safety administration, they agreed to install the technology in all new cars by 2022. it includes backup cameras, radars and other sensors. today michigan's governor will face tough questions about the flint water crisis. he will testify at a house oversight committee. governor snyder will speak about his commitment to finding a permanent solution for the water crisis. this is the third and last hearing on the flint water crisis. thousands of residents have not been able to use the water because it is t
5:26 am
a massachusetts state police trooper is killed in a crash during a traffic stop. officials say that trooper thomas clardy walked up to a car to get information thaeand thre returned to another vehicle. another vehicle swerved across several lanes and slammed in to the cruiser. he's be charged with neglect operation and failure to stay in marked lanes. he continued his father's legacy with his own music career and now frank sinatra jr. has died. he had just cancelled a performance because he was ill. he was 72 years old. cherry blossom fever has fully set in throughout the region and now starbucks unveiled a new cherry blossom frappuccino, this is maybe the spring version of the spiced latte which i didn't really care for, but this one i could go for. it's a blend ever sweet strawberries and cream with white chocolate
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cha oig drizzle. frappuccinos will be veil until sunday. you know it will be like 1,000 calorie, but i'm willing to take the risk. >> just for a short time. >> i feel like i feed to have a cherry blossom plan chi fran fr. ahead we'll go deeper into a term you may be hearing a lot lately. contested convention. and tualk about a creative way to get out of jail. more of this video ahead. and changes in the forecast including a chance of snow. yes, your four things to know with chuck bel l
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back now at 5:30 with a live look at the commute. picking up outside the foggy bottom metro station. erika gonzalez standing by with an update on what is going on at metro. >> if you think your commute takes too along, where we stack up compared to the rest of the country. our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. >> and tough criticism of the gop frontrunner. we'll have much more about that in a moment. first, welcome back to the broadcast. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to
5:31 am
about the forecast. >> beautiful day coming our way for this afternoon, a little cooler than yesterday. and a little breezier than yesterday. but still nothing all that bad. four things you need to know, a nice cool start this morning. most of your neighborhood temperatures are in the 40s. could face one or two showers later on this afternoon, but rain chances are generally 30% or less. so not really all that big of an issue. a colder pattern starts to arrive for tomorrow. so much colder in fact that by sunday, we might be talking about a combination of raindrops and some wet snowflakes which could actually have some light accumulation. mainly on grassy area, but nonetheless we're watching it. temperatures today will rise quickly from the 40s this morning in to the 60s later on this afternoon. today's high right around 69 degrees. and again, we don't have our green on because of the chromakey wall, but neither aaron nor nunn do have -- >> they're typically very festive. >> you're nicer than i am.
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270 southbound before 85, a crash in the left lane here. and that is backing things up even on 70 this morning. so take a look, is this a live picture of 70 headed inbound east wound bound to 270, we are because of that problem. northbound telegraph road just after the beltway, the left side blocked by that crash. beltway at colesville, don't have any big problems there. back in ten minutes with a look at travel times. 5:32 now. from our traffic expert to our eyes on the street, we have your ride on the rails and the roads covered today. don't forget about the nbc washington app. eats your best bet for traffic alerts when we're not on the air. let's check in with erika gonzalez at foggy bottom station. >> reporter: collective sigh of
5:33 am
relief, everything back to normal on metro this morning. yesterday quiet day for folks that normally take metro to get around. we're here at the foggy bottom saying because this was in fact the last station where repairs were still being made overnight. after monday's fire, an eerily similar incident to l'enfant incident last year, paul wiedefeld saying he was not willing to wait for a third incident to happen choose to go shut it all down wednesday to be able to inspect some cables, 600 to be exact. and of those, 26 different scenarios were found that still needed to be repaired. morning everything back to normal and we're talking to riders. >> so i got on the last train to come get you and now we're going on the first train back. >> reporter: again all lines running back on schedule. for more updates, follow us on twitter and of course at nbcwashington.c
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station, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. we are back to our coverage of decision 2016. donald trump looking more dominant than ever after winning all but one of tuesday's key gop primaries. now trump is saying there may be riots if he doesn't get the republican nomination for president. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: trump warning of possible violence if he goes into this with the numbers and comes out without the nomination. bad things would happen is what trump says. they're getting possible for possible riots in cleveland, that's where the republicans meet this summer, they have already ordered 20 2,0,000 sets riot gear. and monday's fox debate is off. trump says he has another event, he won't be there. kasich says if trump is not debating,
5:35 am
ted cruz is willing, but fox says you can't have a debate with one person. >> tracie potts, thank you. a contested convention happens when none of the candidates, in this case the republican, reaches the number of delegates needed for the party's nomination. in the first round, most are bound to vote for the candidate they represent, but if there is no clear win he, the delegates are free to support another candidate when they vote again. the delegates get to create additional rules one week before the convention and there is nothing to stop them from making it easier to add a new name to the mix. we now know that a prince george's county police officer was deliberately fired at by another officer. the chief called it a case of mistaken identity that led to an officer shooting jacai colson. officer colson worked undercover and was not in uniform when the shootout began on sunday. police say michael ford started the shooting and is now charged
5:36 am
with officer colson's death. he appeared in court yesterday and passed out when he found the charges against his brother. his two brothers are charged with driving him to the scene and recording the shooting. happening today, supreme court nominee merrick garland heads to capitol hill for meetings with senate judiciary committee leaders. president obama announced the for h nomination yesterday. some say the president's nomination is setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdown. federal appeals court judge merrick gar land is already well-known and widely respected in the local legal community. he's the chief judge on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. garland left a law practice more than 25 years ago to work as a prosecutor. when he got to the justice department, judge garland had oversight on important cases including the prosecution of timothy mcveigh for the oklahoma city bombing. >> people must be confident that a judge's decisions
5:37 am
the law. >> he is the right man for the job. he deserves to be confirmed. >> sfenate republicans have sai that they will not hold a hearing for any nomination president obama makes. judge gar land will meet with patrick leahy and harry reed, both democrats. mitch mcconnell has said that he will not meet the nominee. now to a story a lot of people are talking about, adam laroche says he's retiring because his team won't let his son in the clubhouse every day. the white sox asked him to limit how often he brought his son drake with him to the ballpark. laroche reportedly has brought drake with him every day to years. when will the white sox said he couldn't anymore, he decided to retire rather than play and because he is retiring, he is giving up a $13 million salary this year. ap
5:38 am
said they were trying to work with him to build a compromise and it didn't work out so he decided to retire. ahead, a different angle in our continuing coverage of the problems on metro. who is fighting for you in the senate? plus remember this video of the woman trying to do yoga on the metro tracks? why she's back in court today. and a pretty shot of our tnumenthis morning.
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take a look at the video of this daring jail break he. you can see there at the top of the screen. two inmates escape from a canadian prison back in 2013. the prisoners grabbed the rope but couldn't pull themselves up so the chopper landed on a rooftop. look at that. they dangled midair to a nearby getaway car. but they were caught several hours later. 5:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, looking for the luck of the irish in the forecast this morning. >> i think you will be very lucky to be outside today. there will be a little bit of a chance for a shower or two, but most daylight hours will be dry. great day for a run. once again a little cool this morning, temperatures in the 40s on your way out the door. recess going to give it a b today. optimistic there will be
5:42 am
breezy, temperature s near 60. and later this afternoon, temperatures mid to upper 60s and rain chance 30% or less. you can probably bet away without the umbrella if you had to today. you will need a jacket first thing this morning and just that little pocket umbrella, but sunshine glasses here for this morning. here is melissa. so right now still have a problem 270 south before 85. as far as delays go, the crash has cleared out of the way. so you don't have to worry about actual slowdown there because of the accident. northbound it witelegraph road, accident. travel times look good on 270 and 495. taking a look at 66 and 95, no issues there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. it's the beginning of the orange line here in vienna, a train just left. passengers coming in waiting for the next train ridg in toin
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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5:45. wire wo we're working for you riding on metro to let you know of any problems. we'll let you know what is going on as the commute gets under way this morning. and radar tracking some raindrops across western pennsylvania p they may impact part of your afternoon. i'll let you know what time you're most likely to be hit by a rain drop coming up. and inner loop before connecticut avenue, brand new crash, sounds like it's on the shoulder, but a warning for you there. and 270 south before 85, that crash has cleared out of the way but still big delays stretch heing past i-70. u.s. transportation secretary is blaming d.c., maryland and virginia in part for the problems on metro. >> in a senate hearing yesterday, anthony fox said
5:47 am
culture of safety. >> it is a deliberate decision that is needed on the part of everyone involved in this to focus relentlessly on safety. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski was also part of the hearing. she said it's upsetting that people are still concerned about a culture of safety seven years after the crash on the red line. met row board chair jack evans said the region needs to support metro with more dedicated funding. right now metro trains are running again after a 29 hour emergency shutdown. all lanes are running normally this morning. we're keeping you up-to-date on what the crowds look like on the platform. let's go live to molette green at the vienna station. >> reporter: perfect timing. a rain is coming in right now here on the orange line in vienna. sharon brown, will the
5:48 am
system is reopening with normal service? >> i'm very excited because i'm going into work today and after having been through what the last few days were and knowing that they did this for our safety, that makes me very happy. >> thank you. her stop is smithsonian. she's getting on board like everybody else here. people are very much -- the sentiment is the same, happy that the service is back, normal service after the 29 hours of shutdown that happened yesterday in the name of safety. and people do say they want their trains running, but they want to know and feel comfortable that they are safe on the rails. 700,000 people depend on the service, so therefore they're back and happy that they're moving along. this train is the first train out headed into new carrollton. lots of stops on go. people are very happy. that's the latest live from vienna. back to you. if you're worried about metro's rib
5:49 am
find a list of how to get around without the train so on the nbc washington app. new developments as we've learned multiple people were hurt and taken to the hospital in this crash in rockville overnight. montgomery county police tell us this happened on emery lane near muncaster mill road. you can see the wrecked front of the car here. we're working to find out what may have caused this crash and we're told we'll get an update later this morning. the woman charged with doing yoga on metro tracks may get those charges dropped today. holly bentley is charged with trespassing after being spot order surveillance video doing yoga on metro tracks in virginia back in december of 2014. bentley was given a deferred disposition which means if she has completed her ten hours of community service, the charges may be dismissed. her lawyer says she has done that. today march madness kicking off and there is a reason that they call it march madness. just about everybody in the country including the president will be watching. the maryl
5:50 am
washington state just one of the 64 teams that will go head to head to see who will claim this year's mcaa title. 67 games over three weeks. dreams made, hearts broken.caa . 67 games over three weeks. dreams made, hearts broken.ncaa. 67 games over three weeks. dreams made, hearts broken. fans busy completing their brackets. the terps take on south dakota state on friday. carol maloney will bring us updates. >> every single game, it's anyone's game. students play their hearts out. i mean they put everything out there on the court. and you never know. you have cinderella stories, big upsets. love it. go terps! >> 5:50. and right now americans are apparently spending more time on the roads than ever before. according to a new study by the data company inrix, u.s. drivers spent more than 8 million hours stuck in traffic being logging a record 3.15 trillion miles
5:51 am
record set in 2007. los angeles has by far the worst traffic. that's followed by d.c., san francisco, houston and new york city. >> yep. >> sounds about right. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. trying to find out if we'll get rained out a little later today. >> washout unlikely. hit and miss shower chance, certainly there for later today. so if you left your umbrella at the office, nothing to worry about, you'll be able to get into work and school this morning without fear of any rain drops. coming home later today, though, just know where your umbrella is just to play it safe. and there is a chance for some snow. yeah, he said snow, everybody. 74 yesterday and a chance for snow late saturday knignight in sunday. not completely unheard of to have snow this late in the year. going back climate records for dulles international, the last inch of snow last year didn't come until march 20. and the year
5:52 am
25th. so we are watching for a chance for an inch of snow coming up on sunday. in the meantime, for today, these little showers up here across southern pennsylvania, they will try to drift southward with time during the course of the day. rain chances today 30% or less. a little better chance if you live or travel up closer to the pennsylvania border, but even in and around the metro, if you will get hit with a raindrop today, most likely inside the capital beltway between about 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. but it's a low chance. we dry out and clear out overnight. tomorrow will be mostly sunny, a little cooler than today. upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. biggest feature tomorrow will be a strong west to north wwesterl breeze. saturday, it will start with cold raindrops saturday afternoon that may change to a rain/snow combo coming up on sunday. so your "7-day forecast," 69 toy.
5:53 am
chance for some light cold rain late saturday and saturday night. there is that rain/snow mix possible on the day sunday. probably no more than an inch in-town on grassy areas. roads shouldn't be any problem. shenandoah valley northern maryland, could have 2 to 3 inches of slushy wet snow. but we'll keep you posted. staying chilly into early next week, but we will be back near 70 by next wednesday. 24 hour focus coming up this ten. inner hoop before connecticut 5e6, connecticut avenue, a crash over the shoulder. 70 at 270, looking a lot better than it was earlier. remember 70 eastbound as you approach 270, we were pretty jammed because of this problem. 70 again not looking so bad. 270 still slow golging about 35 40 miles per hour because of that crash before 85. so delays still kind of hanging
5:54 am
northbound telegraph road just after the beltway, left side still there blocked by that accident. you can get by on the right. big look at the beltway as we take a wide look at things, you can see northbound here through woodbridge a little slow on 95. everything else looking pretty good. pa poliwe're learning new information about army sergeant bowe bergdahl. he's facing a military court marshall for heaving his post in 2009, the taliban captured him will and held him for five years. yesterday bergdahl's attorneys released new documents saying he had been diagnosed with a psychiatric d. disorder and odd said he left his post to draw attention to what he saw as bad decisions by officers above him. we're also finding out more about the effort to free a virginia college student who was arrested this north korea. the white house is accusing north korea of
5:55 am
a court sentenced him to 15 years of hard labor. bill richardson is trying to get him released. >> i'm trying to get him released on humanitarian grounds, but keep the politics, the bad relationship between the u.s. and north korea out of the equation. >> richardson has negotiated with mosquito in the past. warmbier is a student at the university of virginia. his sentencing comes as the international community is condemning north korea for recent missile tests and nuclear threats. mayor bowser's nearly $300 million plan for homeless shelters across the entire district could actually be profitable for her backers. the "washington post" reports records show that most of the private properties proposed as shelter sites are owned or at least partially controlled by major donors to the mayor. the d.c. council is expected to talk about how much money taxpayers would have to pay to establish the shelters in a meeting late
5:56 am
video shows thieves stealing dozens of ipads from an elementary school. this is video from the robbery at eagle academy in southeast last month. two men broke into the school and stole 35 ipads from different classrooms before stuffing them into a bag and running off. parents are furious about the break-ins. >> it's sad, very sad that they sit up here and steal of all things what these kids need for today. >> apparently four days before this incident someone slipped in to the school and stole a dozen more ipads. good morning. i'm courtney reagan at cnbc headquarters. mosquito season has just started, but bug spray makers say they're already running their factories at full capacity. they expect demand for bug repellant to be two to three times higher than usual in response on the spread of the zika virus.
5:57 am
bug spray last year. zika has been reported in central and south america. the caribbean and parts of asia. there have been close to 200 cases in the u.s. most involving travelers who were infected abroad. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm courtney reagan. well, ta today we're highlighting a howard university grad who gives back to her community every day. >> tracy tolbert works as the director at the cultural center and she inspires others to find their in-her confidence by never accepting no for an answer. she said no just means not right now. tolbert says she learned the positive attitude from her parents and it's important to always stay focused and be passionate about what you do. we are highlighting great women in our area all month in honor of women's history month and you can see tracy's story and others on the mbs washingt
5:58 am
instragram. we're tracking the
5:59 am
we're watching the morning commute for you now that the system is back up and running at metro. here is a live look at the foggy bottom metro station. all lines open
6:00 am
metro crews found 26 problems during hatheir emergency inspection. >> and paul wiedefeld said that's why the shutdown was so important. crews found frayed jumper tables. take a look at what they looked like. you can see they were totally exposed to the elements. these are the sam conditions found after the fire at mcpherson square on monday and very similar to what was found after the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza about a year ago. >> we have team coverage in maryland, d.c. and virginia to make sure you make to work on time. >> first though chuck bell has your out the door forecast. >> good morning, everybody. your weather headlines for today, a nice cool start here morning. it will be a mild finish with temperatures today mid to upper 60s. so about five degrees cooler than yesterday. just like yesterday, there is a chance for a quick little shower this afternoon. not everyone will get wet. and still tracking a chance for snow on


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