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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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ideology. and that's when i wanted to escape. >> u.s. officials say he could be a gold mine of information, especially about isis recruits, how they are brought into the country, who they report to and where they train. there are calls for michigan's governor and the head of the epa to resign over the flint water crisis. both testified at a hearing on capitol hill. flint switched water sources in 2014 causing lead to get into the drinking supply. earlier this month will, about 32,000 bottles of water were donated by people in prince george's county and sent to michigan. the riverdale park police is now joining the effort to collect water to help residents in flint. you can deliver your water donation to the riverdale park police department until sunday. virginia tech professor who told authorities about
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district's long running problems with lead explosion sure dwarfs the crisis in michigan. mark edwards blasted officials during a hearing yesterday. edwards told inside sources that he is concerned about the estimated thousands of lead pipes that remain in the district's water system. d.c. water is calling the publishers of that story irresponsible tweeting, quote, our lead levels remain historically low. happening today, doors will reopen at the national zoo american trail after an explosion yesterday morning. zoo officials say a contractor was working in a mechanical room when he smelled chlorine. . he left the area and then there was a loud bang. there was no smoke or fire and no injuries to people or animals. the cause is still under investigation. well, could today be the day we see our first glimpse of the baby eaglet we've been waiting
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eggs yesterday. we've been closely watching the nest where the mother eagle has been sitting on two eggs. what is this? is this it? one of them is supposed to hatch today, we think. another is coming sometime this weekend. >> almost there. >> what are we watching, is this one of the i thinks hatching? i think this guy is coming out of here. we're streaming the eagle cam from the american eagle foundation live on the nbc washington app. >> it takes about 24, 48 hours. so maybe it's in the process. >> oh, really, it takes a whole -- >> sometimes. >> that's one of those long horrible labors. >> i've heard labors that are 24 hours or more. >> i don't know, aaron, i think getting egg out is harder than getting out of the egg. just -- good morning. here is your friday headlines for today. co
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first thing this morning. it will be mild today, plenty of sunshine. but a whole lot of a northwesterly breeze today pushing ever colder air into the region which will really impact the second half of your weekend. rain likely to move back in late tomorrow and still a chance for a rain/wet snow combination saturday night into the day on sunday. could get a slushy couple of inches especially up in northern maryland and shenandoah valley. sunday morning is the time frame we're watching out for. for today, nothing to worry about. in the 40s here this morning. up into the low perhaps mid-60s for a time this afternoon. so sunny and mild and breezy for today. the timing of the rain drops and chance for some snow coming up in a few more minutes. troubles on i-95, no egg related issues. >> no egg represented isslated . 95 south after fairfax county parkway, we still have that pr
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by the crash this morning. and southbound also at falmouth, left lane getting by a work zone. fair tax county parkway to the beltway, you're on time. should take you 8 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. big look at the beltway, no issues. some road work happening here and there. we'll talk about that in the next ten minutes. up top looking quite clear north and southbound. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. the d.c. council first and onlys plan to help homeless in the district is now over. it was a meeting that went late into the night.mayor's plan is to relocate the 250 families from d.c. general to new shelters, one of which is getting a lot of attention, a
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many say is no place for families. a vote is expected next month. back to you. family and friends will gather next week to remember the prince george's county officer killed in sunday's police station attack. the family of officer jacai colson requests all of the events to remain private. there will be two viewings, one next thursday in beltsville and second in upper marlboro. that will be followed by a memorial service at the church. officer colson's funeral will be held monday march 28 in his home state of pennsylvania. 4:35 now. a developing story this morning. a man is dead after a medical emergency on a metro train. metro told news 4 that a man was taken off a blue line train at the foggy bottom station last night and pronounced dead at gw hospital. metro says there was no sign of foul play. service was impacted for a short time. metro is not expecting any problems this morning. according to sourc
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metro, general manager paul wiedefeld was determined to shut down the system for safety reasons on wednesday. he said he was prepared to walk away from the job be if the metro board didn't support his plan. wiedefeld told adam tuss it was the right decision. he said that trains should not have been running under the conditions metro crews found. sources tell news 4 the metro board did support wiedefeld he'd plan to shut down the system 100%. we will hear your thoughts on the potential for more shutdowns. in decision 02016 now, presidential candidates on both sides are trying to make hair case in utah and arizona ahead of next tuesday's primaries. democrat bernie sanders is stumping in both states today. hillary clinton has fund-raisers planned on the east coast. utah will be the focus for john kasich who is in third place and ted cruz will visit the border when he stops in arizona today. donald trump is planning to rally in arizona on saturday, but the
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politicians to try to shut himi 4:45. three teams we're keeping an eye on in march madness all hitting the court today. any one of the maryland terrapins, west virginia mountaineers or the vcu rams could be the next upset in the ncaa tournament. although maryland is favored to win. several surprises yesterday, including two 12 over five seed wins that may have messed up your bracket. messed up a couple of my picks. and tony bennett collapsed on the side line. he says he was dehydrated and doing much better now. uva won that game and they will play again tomorrow. >> hope he's on the sidelines tomorrow ready to roll. >> i see you have your black and gold representing -- >> absolutely. had to bring out the
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this morning too just in case there is any -- >> there you go. we're a five seed, so it wouldn't be an upset, it would be what is expected in the first round. >> and expected for me, too. >> i have you winning. well, a mother arrested for what she says was just trying to keep her son safe, both sides of the story in 15 minutes. developments on the campaign trail as candidates gear up for another set of primaries. and seasonably chilly outside early this morning, but a nice dry friday coming your way. i'm putting the f
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new overnight, trey walker has been injured in an incident. we got word that the quarterback was riding a motorcycle without headlights in miami davis where he's from when he collided with another vehicle. we're told walker is in critical condition at this hour. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you from the live desk. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell says enjoy this weather while it lasts. i'm a little afraid to ask about the weekend. >> well, you should be afraid of the answer, not the question. outside this morning, 46 in college park. did thete
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[ music ] >> sorry. i opened the nbc washington app and the commercial starts playing. >> i was telling him that it's chuck's turn now. >> aaron is one of those -- i'm sorry, were you already tapping standing in line? sorry. i'm right here. recess gets an a-plus. aaron gilchrist gets a d today. sunshine and mild. i'll tell you how much snow to expect on sunday in ten minutes. 95 south after fairfax county parkway, still have that crash. not slowing things. he her issue on 95 south at 17 re, you have to stay left to get by the work zone. so two different issues on 95. no major impacts right now. we'll keep our fingers crossed that stays like that. prince george's county overall looking quite good. 270 at old hundred road, no problems northbound or southbound. live look at 66 coming up.
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children have to go to the hospitals because of mistakes made by adults. the numbers may surprise you. plus kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
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gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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a suspicious piece of pail with a white powder substance, that's what police say was mailed to one of donald trump's sons. police were called to eric trump's home after 9:00 last night. it was postmarked in massachusetts, hovwever authorities have teamed the substance nonhazardous. back to you. it is 4:45. in decision 2016, candidates are prepping for more caucuses and primaries coming up nex
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there are three con tests set for tuesday. democrats will face off in a caucus in idaho and both parties have primaries in utah and arizona. many eyes are focused on the gop race where there are now just three candidates and there is a major purchase to shut down donald trump. tracie potts is live on chicago this morning with more on the dump trump campaign. >> reporter: good morning. conservatives against trump had a closed door meeting here in washington. they're looking at two possibly alternatives trying to beat trump before the convention or possibly even putting a third party candidate out there and backing that person in the general election. not clear at this point if that unity ticket would be ted cruz or someone else. we also know that there is a lot of push back now to decide about riots possibly breaking out if he does not get the nomination. overnight an editorial from the "l.a. times" as they said and i'm quoting
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rabl rousing. likening him to a child. and also saying they can't condemn trump and then support him. >> thank you tracie potts. police officials have dis34ri7bed the ddi disciplined the deputies escorting a protester out of the rally. one was sucker punched. the officer it is nothing to stop the attack. they have been debomoted and succespended without paid. what donald trump said about a contested convention is still sparking push back. he warned there could be riots if republicans deny him the nomination. >> if we're 20 votes short or if we're, you know, 100 short and we're at 1100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400, i don't
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automatically. i think you'd have riots, i think you'd have riots. i wouldn't lead it, but i think bad things would happen. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or hint it violence is unacceptab unacceptable. >> paul ryan says even if the dis350u9 gopute goes to multipl ballots, he won't allow himself to be in the campaign. and president obama signed a series of executive actions last year that protect parents and spouses and citizens of permanent residents. and 26 states filed a lawsuit challenging the plan. the streupreme court hears the arguments in the case one month from today. the other big story about the supreme, the president's nominee to replace justice scalia, judge
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started meeting with senators yesterday. however he's only met with democrats so far because many p republicans say there is no chance he will be confirmed. republicans on the judiciary committee say it should be up to the next president to choose someone for the court. many won't even meet with garland and they said there won't be a hearing until the election is over. word of caution if you plan to extend your st. patrick's day celebrations. laurel police will be out conducting dui check points starting around 11:00 tonight. the department says periodic checkpoints raises public awareness about the dangers of driving drunk. and this was the scene last night across prince george's county county as people made their way home after the st. patrick's day celebrations. police were out in full force near the university of maryland, many still with montgomery county officer noah leotta on their mind. he was recently
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being hit by a suspected drunk driver at a due check point. in we put our uniform on and we certainly understand that there is a risk associated with it. >> over the past five years, more than 800 people were killed in maryland because of cof dui crashes. mayor bowsmuriel bowser say new law means no more firefighters have to t to die f canc cancer. the d.c. fire department lost two firefighters to cancer earlier this year. time for weather and traffic on the 1s and we'll have to make the most out of our friday. our storm team 4 friday. >> exactly right. because there is a little chance for more winter weather coming our way. and i know you were joking, well, it was two weeks ago you said winter was
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well, true. >> somebody resuscitated that puppy. >> never say never to mother nature. that's the first rule you should know about forecasting. two weeks ago we had a slushy wet snow mainly on the grass and i think that's what we're up against this weekend. not terribly impactful because of the timing of it all and the fact that it's been so warm the last couple weeks, the ground is just simply not frozen solid and as a result, much of the snow will melt on contact particularly on paved surfaces. so what to expect saturday night into sunday, starting out as a cold rain saturday afternoon and evening. and then wet snow from the d.c. area points north and west. winchester, martinsburg. roads likely to be more slushy than icy because temperatures are not really going to be cold enough to support freezing everything solid. it will be cold enough to snow, it just won't be cold enough to breeze it down on to the ground. here
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atmosphere bringing us our snow chances. that is the moisture and cold air that will be coming in our direction. and most of the snow will come down in temperatures around 34 to 37 degrees. again, cold enough to snow, just not cold enough to stick to the roads. temperatures this th s this fin 54 in annapolis. and a cold start this morning becomes a sunny and breezy and mild afternoon. temperatures today easily getting into the low and mid-60s. future weather carries the sunshine and we said through take, cold tonight and into early tomorrow. and then shear tomorrow afternoon 2:00, rain showers moving into the metro area after 7:00 when the sun goes down, notice the pink and blue, that is a sustained period of wet snow across northwest virginia, eastern west virginia and northern maryland. how much snow? here is my first guess at it. a coating to maybe an inch or potentially a little over an inch righo
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winners, hagerstown out to the shenandoah valley, 2 to maybe 4 inches of snow. again mostly on the grass. roads could be slushy. so 60s today, rain/snow mix saturday night into sunday. staying chilly early next week, but 74 next thursday. >> i'll look forward to next thursday. sounds great to me. 66 at lee highway, you can see eastbound, westbound, no major issues there on lee highway. two problems on 95, but really i say problems. issues, things that we know are going organization but don't seem to be slowing things. 95 south after fairfax county parkway, have a crash. stay left 37 and 95 south at falmouth, left lane getting by the work zone there. also more construction inner loop and outer loop in the area of saint
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weather and traffic always on the 1s. i'll see you back here at 5:01 with a live look at 95 in maryland. life saving technology, which car feature manufacturers are making sure new models have and metro's new gm takes a hard stand. what he was ready to give up if the agencies had not agreed to shut down wednesday. plus a mother's choices land her in handcuffs. relatives explain why she chained her son to his bed and you can't predict the market. chained her son to his bed and but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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reports of a sexual assault at an elite school. new details as police tell us more about the success spectusp. and extra reasons to pay attention to your weekend forecast. chuck bell tracking the chance of snow and a cooldown you'll notice tomorrow morning. this morning we're hearing from the relative of a woodbridge mother accused of child neglect. police say paulette weston chained her teenage son to his bed and boarded his windows. star weston says her 17-year-old brother was born with spina bifida and relies on a wheelchair. he's been leaving home sometimes climbing out of a window and going out without his wheelchair. she says it was for his own protection. >>
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a honest sistemonster. she's not. she just tried to help my brother out and try to keep him in the house to keep him from hurting himself. >> earlier this week a therapist working with another child in the house contacted child protective services who then called police. police say there are better options for parents in similar situations, including organizations like the arc. paulette weston is facing felony child neglect and abduction charges. he killed his own infant daughter and now a frederick man will go to prison for life. frankie williams was sentenced on thursday in the death of his daughter, killed in 2014 a few weeks after she was returned to her parents from foster care. her case sparked a maryland law to protect children who go back to abusive homes. her mother is serving a 20 year sentence for not stopping the assault. these two men will be sentenced for their role in a murder in oxon hill. they were found guilty yesterday of helping
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september of robbing a hotel. williams was the driver of the get aaway car and washington acd as lookout. every nine minutes, a child is rushed into an emergency room, oftentimes because they got into medicine they shouldn't be taking. that is according to a new report from a nonprofit group based here in d.c. close to 160 kid as day get into medication on the floor, it in a purse or injuries sitting out on a counter. nearly 60% offed a dwu adults t least one prescription drug and almost 80% use over the count ter medicine. experts say controlling access is the key to making sure this doesn't happen. we're learning from an agreement with the nation's biggest car makers. >> new technology could save some of the 100 people who die in car accidents every day.
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it's called aeb also known as automatic emergency braking. the national highway traffic safety administration believe it is it could cut rear he saend collisions by 40%. the technology uses forward facing radar, lasers and cameras to watch out for objects take are approaching rapidly. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we hope you have some fun plans for the weekend and we want to go what kind of weather we'll have for these plans. >> which you cchuck bell here w weather headlines. >> friday off to it a pleasant enough start and enjoy it because today is the last mild day for quite a while. cold rain moves in here saturday afternoon and saturday night and there is a chance that some of that could add up to measurable amounts of wet snow by early sunday morning. could have maybe a couple inches of snow especiain


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