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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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and to d.c., a former little league umpire should learn his sentence. donald pleaded guilt to child porn possession last year. fbi agents say he contacted an undercover officer thinking he was talking with a 9-year-old girl. essex was an umpire until 2012. a montgomery county mother suspected in the disappearance of her two children tried to break out of tf of thpsychiatri hospital several times. the "washington post" reported hoggle attempted eight escapes. she never succeeded, but once she did get a hold of a staff member's badge. her attorney says she was trying to see her kids sarah and jacob. >> she's also made several statements that the reasons that she wants to get out are to go see her children, that she's done everything she can to protect and love her children. >> sarah and jacob hoggle
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they were last seen with their mother. affidavits by family members say hoggle is faking her illness. police in loudoun county tell us a man should be okay after being hit by a driver near route 7 in potomac falls. you can see a the bike on the ground as paramedics work to get the man into an blaambulance. police say that the driver involved did stay on the scene. 37 degrees as we turn to weather and traffic on the 1s. four things to know about this very chilly start, tom. >> a moody march. feeling more like winter than spring, second day of spring getting snow on the eastern shore. a little mix of rain and snow st. mary's, northern neck last couple hours. it's pulling off to the north and east. some of the pavement still wet there and some of our pavement still damp around the metro area as we had some rain overnight.
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so your four things to know for this monday, a cold morning with sunshine. breezy and chilly afternoon. and then turning much warmer on wednesday. next chance of rain may be on thursday. melissa has breaking news on the roads. breaking news northbound bw parkway, we're still shut down at 198. police pushing you off of bw parkway on to 198 east. you can come back westbound and get back on, but if you're leaving anytime soon, might want to just take 95 instead. this should be clearing up probably by about 5:00. 66 west of ox road, don't have any worries there along 66. looking good. prince george's county, same thing. 50 inbound and outbound rolling along just fine. a disabled vehicle outbound clara barton parkway at the glen echo turnaround. it's 4:32 and today is president obama's first pull day in cuba. he's the first american president to visit the island nation
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today he will sit down with raul castro. jay gray is live in cuba with more on what the two leaders will discuss today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, aaron. of course the two leaders will sit down breaking an 88 year code of silence between cuba and the united states. this comes after a brief visit to hold havana yesterday by the first family including of course president obama as they toured some of the historic landscapes in this city and saw some of what they expect to see over the next two days here. as the two leaders sit down for bilateral talks later today, they will be sure to discuss easing travel restrigctions whih can be felt and seen on the streets here. more americans visiting. of course the state department still will not issue a tourist visa and there is still a trade embargo in effect here. and the white house says president obama willno
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concerning in their words to the u.s. especially human rights violations in the island nation. talks will continue until this morning when there will be an official state dinner. that is the latest live here. i'm jay gray, news 4. an officer killed in the line of duty is remembered in prince george's county. there was a moment of silence to honor detective jacai colson last night in palmer park. one week ago, a man opened tire at the police station and a fellow officer shot at colson because he thought he was a suspect. colson was not in uniform at the time. colson's grandmother is still making peace with his death. >> he was a fantastic grandson. he was what i call my main man. he's in a better place and he's at peace with all of us. >> calling hours and funeral for the prince george's county officer are set for the end of this week. there
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charges in the attack. happening today, the maryland state senate is expected to vote on the drunk driving law named in honor of fallen montgomery county officer noah leo o noah leotta. twist if the law passes, the law would take effect this fall in october. expect backups getting into some metro stations starting today. three stations are set to undergo escalator repairs. the georgia avenue petworth and glenmont stations will be down to one entrance. work is expected to take six months. the elevator will run during the project. coming up on 4:36. to the campaign trail where today every presidential hopeful except for bernie sanders will be in washington. hillary to
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kasich, senator ted cruz and donald trump will all speak today at the and i pac policy conference. protestors are planning to demonstrate outside. a group of rabbis say it will avoid trump's address. right now we're talking march madness and the next big match-up for the terrapins. they take on the kansas jayha jayhawks. players are looking ahead after a big win last night against hawaii. >> it's a good feeling, but we have a tough seed coming up. so we're not going to get too crazy. >> and the university of virginia also headed to the sweet 16. so want to give a big shout out to them. top seeded cavaliers take on iowa state cyclones in chicago friday night.
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this game against kansas will be bittersweet because coach went to kansas. >> see if there is any extra pressure. but cans is by itself is enough pressure. take a look at the current temperatures. a lot of you are in the 30s and 40s, but will the kids need the hat and gloves at the bus stop? tom kierein has the answer at 4:41. just as the u.s. and cuba relax travel restrictions, a new warning. what health officials want people to stay vigilant about if they are traveling to the country anytime soon. and a crook takes police and a cement truck on a wild chase and wait until you hear who officers sa
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believe it or not, that's a kid behind the wheel of that cement truck in this crazy joy ride here. police were led by that 11-year-old driver for more than an hour. is th this is outside rochester new york. he apparently stole the truck, side swiped an officer while cutting through somebody's yard. nobody hurt, but the child has been taken to a juvenile facility. in the middle of the president's trip, the center for disease control issued a zika travel warning for cuba. the cdc says it is monitoring the virus transition in cuba. the zika virus causes deadly birth defects in pregnant women. counties in the caribbean and latin america are all un
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weather and traffic on the 1s. probably too cold around here to worry about mosquitos being an issue. >> tom kierein letting us know how we need to bundle up the kids this morning. >> and you need to dress for a winterlike morning. only in the 30s right now. we'll stay in the 30s through 8:00. but then between 3:00 to 4:00, it will jump up to around 50 degrees. but a blustery wind will make it feel chillier. so keep the winter coat on throughout the day. we'll have smhave sunshine brea out. last of the rain and snow on the eastern shore pulling off to the north and east. but you do need to layer up this morning. temperatures are just in the mid and upper 30s most of the region. but pavement is drying out, so that should help the morning commute, but we've had some issues dealing with problems on bw parkway. what is going on with that now? >> breaking news just about three seconds ago. got word that bw parkway at 198, we are now open there.
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that one anymore. fine to take northbound bw parkway to get to bwi. 95 also looking quite good. big look at the beltway, overall no major rob problems here. outer loop at university, a work zone. and krclara barton at the turnaround, a disabled vehicle there. first his own son, now his sister. the new threat made depends a b against a member of donald trump's family. and new concerns for people in fairfax county just days after tir neighbor was found he
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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15 before the hour. and tomorrow people in three states weigh in on decision 2016. arizona offers the most delegates. and is a winner takes all primary for republican hopefuls. it was in arizona that a donald trump rally got out of hand again. more on that in a moment. first, tracie potts joins us with what to expect here in washington today. good morning. >> reporter: wooe we'll see all the candidates in washington today except for bernie sanders. bernie sanders will not be at that aipac pro israel conference happening today, but the rest of the candidates will including hillary clinton. and a review of her remarks, she's up first this morning, she will say that the united states must never be neutral about defending israel. this is something that donald trump was criticized for in their last debate. she will also say that we can't be neutral in the face of bigotry and we must stand by
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values. trump as i mentioned is going to be there along with ted cruz and john kasich at that aipac conference. >> i do want to ask you about the violence in arizona at the trump rally. is that something we expect trump to talk with today with gop leaders or at aipac? >> reporter: it's certainly possible. he talked about it over the weekend continuing to say that he's not setting the tone for this and that he's not responsible, that the professional protesters are causing trouble at his rallies. but today we're expecting that he will sit down with nearly two dozen republican leaders and call for unity in the party. the focus of that meeting more so trump moving toward the nomination with a lot of republican establishment officials not happy, not thrilled about that. so he'll sit down with republicans including some lawmakers today to talk about unity which may be a code word for how they are going to accept it if donald trump ends up with this nomination. >>
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for us. thank you. another threat to the trump family this time targeting the candidate's sister. the fbi says it is aware of a letter sent to maryann trump berry and that they are working to investigate it. berry is a junk on the u.s. circle court of appeals in philadelphia. and you might remember just a few days ago someone actually sent trump's son eric a threatening letter with a white substance instead. preliminary test found that that material was harmless. developing this morning, a plot for another you're pap and he error attack may have been in the works according to belgian officials. s this say salah abdeslam planned to restart something from brussels. he's the only living member of the error cell that carried out the deadly attacks in paris last november. police describe him as the logistics guy who could hold a lot of answers about how the group planned the attack.
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on friday after being on the run for four months. this morning people living in lorton are on edge after hearing gunshots in their neighborhood. several people reported hearing the shots sunday morning. fairfax county police responded to river drive and searched for bullet cases but didn't find anything. this all happened close to where an 83-year-old was found dead last week. officers found him next to a broken window outside his home. police have not made any arrests. many across the area spent their weekend helping the men in blue. ♪ two fundraisers were held for the prince william county officers who survived a shooting at a domestic call in wooded bridge last month. proceeds will help officer hempen and mccown as well as the family ashley guindon. the helicopter crew that flew guindon to the hospital after the shooting also made a special
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both events to welcome the support. >> two days in a row, you know, huge numbers of people coming out to show support for myself and dave and ashley's family. and it's really been special. >> we have more information on how you can dough nature to the officers in our nbc washington app. there will not be a world police and fire games next year. you might remember the games were held last year in our area in fairfax county. several police and firefighter unions said that they plan to boycott the games in montreal due to and ongoing police labor
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in sussex county over the weekend. this comes a month after maryland officials found 13 eagles dead about 30 miles away. officials say poison may have killed the eagles in maryland. o three birds were found a mile away in the field. they're asking the public to report any eagles that might look sick. the supreme court will hear arguments in two cases today. first concerns over racial gerrymandering in virginia's congressional district three. boundaries were drawn to include parts of richmond and authorize folk. some say it's an effort to clump african american voters in to one district. second a case that has serious implications for corporate liability in the u.s. justices will consider whether a company can face actions for financial crimes outside of u.s.
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borders. a live look at national harbor. how would you like a good meal with a great view this week? because all week at national harbor, we are going to be celebrating restaurant week with some good deals starting came through friday. three course dinners are $38. we will post a link where you can check out those menus on the nbc washington app. we know if you bring your receipt to the capital wheel, they have special offerings, too. >> which is a good deal. a little chilly today to be on that wheel i think. i don't know if i'd want to be up there with the winds. >> yeah, woke up this morning and checked the nbc washington app, looked at the date, march 21. looked at the temperature, 36. what? i had to restart the tone to make sure that was right. >> you're having issues with march. >> i don't trust march. and it's homood ey and feeling like winter than spring. getting snow on the eastern
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white there. put down an inch or two on grassy areas there. there was mix of rain and snow a couple hour ago, but now that is gone. temperatures are in the 30s. it's all above freezing. so anything that is wet there is still just liquid and all around the region we have a calm wind now, but the winds will begin to pick up. so what to wear today, you won't need the umbrella. get rid of the rain boots. you'll need a warm coat, though, and then sunglasses as we'll get welcome sunshine returning. i took this photo on friday morning. this is in northern montgomery county. i took the same location photo on saturday afternoon covered in snow there. and then we've got a little late last night. trees, too, producing some pollen, but it's not as high because we've had the rain coming through and the wet snow washed a lot of it out. but still fairly in the high range. wind not too gusty, there
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it will begin to pick up, though. clearing skies by 10:00 a.m., near 40. low 40s by 2:00 p.m. and then should be near 50 around 3:00, 4:00. the winds will be calming, but we could have gusts of wind noontime to around 3:00 gusting to around 30 miles an hour. storm team 4 four day forecast, we'll be back down into the mid to upper 30s tomorrow morning. afternoon highs on tuesday with a partly sunny sky near 60 and then much milder weather moves in wednesday and thursday. highs in the low to mid-70s. cooler after that with sun back on friday and over the weekend, highs around 60. next chance of rain after thursday afternoon would be on sunday is the way it looks right now. what's happening on the roads? >> will right now actually looking a lot better. northbound bw parkway at 198, we had some shut down earlier this morning. northbound bw parkway at 198, all lanes are now open.
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here this morning. taking a look elsewhere, 95 at scaggsville road, you can see we don't have any issues there. outer loop at university, that work zone blocking the right lane. big look at the beltway, everything else looking good. prince george's county rolling along. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, 210, indian highway and 50 also rolling along well. outbound clara barton parkway at the glen echo turn around, still a disabled vehicle there. 270 at old hundred, no worries. i'll see you at 5:01. news 4 iteam staying on top of a big story happening in a matter of hours. coming up, a look at the swearing in happening today and why it's such a big deal. we're also standing by this morning as apple gets unveil new product s.
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you're looking at current temperatures this morning and this feirst full day of spring s looking a
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increase in officers. a recent e teiteam investigatio found thousands of calls for suspicious packages and devices. there was a pipe bomb threat in recent years. and last year a gyrocopter flown on to the grounds. the incoming capitol police chief says it's an important mission for the agency because the capitol grounds must and will remain open to the public. >> i think it's the challenge that we face throughout the country. the unknown threat and whether it's an organized effort or whether it's the individual. we always have to be cognizant of the threat environment. >> reporter: congressional committees are considering a
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multimillion-dollar budget increase potentially adding more than 40 new officers to the force. a final decision on that expected by the end of the year. in northeast, scott macfarlane, news 4. well, sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but gas prices are on the rise and they are not expected to go down anytime soon. the national average for a gallon of regular now stands at $1.99. in ourgionregion, expect to pay. $1.83 this virginia, $2.01 in d.c. analysts say prices will keep going up as refineries work to make summer grade gasoline available by the beginning of may. you'll soon see a new label for general mills products. the company will label all proceed ducts that contain jeanette technically modified agreements. the maker of
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label the products for just one state so customers will again seeing them over the next several weeks. today apple is expected to show off new products. many suspect it will be the next generation of apipad and new smaller iphone. apple just up vamnveiled an iph six months ago. and also wondering whether they will address the fight with the government. >> certainly it is an elephant in the room at this event. >> apple will face off against the government in court tomorrow over the iphone break. four russian track and field athletes test positive for banned drugs. details just coming in as the head of russia's athletic federation just announced the banned drug found in their systems meldonium found in that are systems. it is the latest blow to


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