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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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come by donald trump who has made a relatively rare visit to nation's capital. he'll go when he takes his turn basically head-to-head with hillary clinton in a very public venue while earlier today dealing with the trouble in his party. he was behind closed doors. donald trump went to a private session near the u.s. capitol to try to rebuild relations with republican insiders. last time trump tried was september. since then he's won the most primaries and delegates by savaging republican leaders. with trump today were his few congressional supporters, former lawmaker newt gingrich and bob livingston. >> gets behind donald trump and let's have a victory this time around. >> reporter: trump later said the same thing warning his party's establishment. >> if people want to be smart they should embrace this movement. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they are doing now and the republicans are going to go down to a
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>> reporter: he speaks today at aipac, the influential pro israel organization where there's worry about trump's demeanor. >> get them out of here please. get them out. >> reporter: his call to ban muslims calling mexicans criminals. >> in those nine months all i've heard is hatred. and i don't want to list jennie more. >> reporter: this rabbi with others plan to walk out. at aipac this morning hillary clinton slammed trump for waffling on israel. >> yes, we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> reporter: sounding like a preview of the fall campaign. the big concern, maybe the biggest concern of a lot of republicans worried about donald trump is whether he could win a fight in the fall against ar
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steve handelsman, news4. there is a lot of controversy surrounding donald trump's speech tonight clearly. dozens of demonstrators marched to the verizon center to protest trump's rhetoric during this campaign. shomari stone continues our team coverage now. he's in the mid. it talking to some protesters tonight. >> reporter: this protest has certainly grown standing outside of the verizon center inside donald trump is expected to speak any moment now. you can see this gentleman dressed like donald trump has a lot of $100 bills, benjamins representing wealth in america. and he says that trump is, you know, pretty, you know, has a lot of money and doesn't like that. over here you can see all these protests outside the chinatown gallery place station. inside is the verizon center. let's roll some video. the protesters started at 5th
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verizon center. many peaceful. speaking their mind. saying they don't like donald trump whatsoever. they say he's unamerican. many say they will continue to protest this evening. you're now going to hear from two of them. let's hear what they have to say. >> i think people need to wake up. 1933, germany started the same way. you know, the jews and hitler. >> i think all of the things that he has said about muslims, about immigrants, about refugees, about protesters, about women are beyond the pale, they are deeply offensive to me as a human being and as a jew. >> reporter: now i tried to look for cruz, clinton, bernie sanders, kasich protesters. i didn't see them. all i see is anti-trump protesters. they are also
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can download our nbc washington app. it will give you contend about what's going on out here and the presidential race. life outside the verizon center, shomari stone, news4. >> trump in town also today to talk about progress of his new hotel, the one that's still under construction. it's at the site of the old post office pavilion downtown, the concern of pennsylvania avenue and 12th street northwest. our tom sherwood has more on the economic impact of that hotel. >> reporter: this was the inside of the old post office building as a failed food court and tourist stop. today it's under going a $200 million rehab to open as the trump hotel. >> it was considered one of the great buildings in washington, of the country and been restored to the highest level well beyond from when it was built and it's going to be something really special. i think when it's compled
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hotels of the world. >> reporter: two years ago d.c. officials participated in the ceremonial groundbreaking and then mayoral candidate and counsel member muriel bowser welcomed donald to washington. today trump said as many as 1,000 jobs are being created by the hotel project which will employ several hundred. trump is in a legal despite with two restaurant owners who pulled out after his remarks about immigrants last fall. as excited as trump may be the big gaggle of reporters wanted to ask about his campaign for president. >> nobody asked about the hotel. >> the hotel is supposed to be fully up and running by the january inaugural no matter who wins. history is unfolding in havana, cuba tonight. president obama ended almost 90
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and the u.s. as he sat down for talks with cuban president raul castro. nbc's jay gray sinha savannah with a closer look at what the leaders discussed and what it could mean for both countries. ♪ >> reporter: president obama's first full day in cuba began at revolution square as he laid a wra wreath at a very important monument. he walked three blocks from the memorial to the revolutionary palace where he was officially welcomed by cuban president raul castro. during that reception one of the most stunning sights and sounds of this historic trip. ♪ president obama heard as the cuban band played america's national anthem. following a brief review of the troops the leaders moved behind closed doo
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described as productive by president obama. >> for more than half a century the sight of the u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. but this is a new day. [ speaking a foreign language ] between our two countries. >> reporter: the men discuss ad wide range of topics, travel rights, easing trade and the embargo. something that carlos gutierrez said should change. >> the sanctions on cuba is stricter than we have anywhere in the world. think about that. >> reporter: amazing or incredible? words you hear quite a bit during this historic visit. jay gray, nbc news, havana, cuba. >> tonight president obama will attend a state dinner at the revolutionary palace. t
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to the cuban people, meet with human rights activists and attend a u.s.-cuba baseball game. we're streaming the president's visit on our nbc washington app. there is a developing story at george mason university in fairfax county. police are investigating explosive materials that were found in a dormitory room. david culver is outside of the university's police headquarters now and he has more on this story. david? >> reporter: here's the latest. university police telling us that three students have been arrested. we know two of those students are facing drug and alcohol charges. a third students is facing possession of bomb making charges. i caught up with another student who lives across the hall and watched as police executed their search. >> they had a whole big container and just like pulling out stuff and
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>> reporter: this freshman was inside his dorm room on the first floor of jefferson hall. he watched police collect evidence from the room across the hall last wednesday. here's what they found. a tool box filled with several things including match books, lighter fluid, hand sanitizer, pvc pipe in the room. combined they could make explosive materials or manufacture fire bombs. >> across the hall from you. is it pretty scary? >> i know the people there. i wouldn't say that any of them would do anything too crazy but i have no idea what they had those for. >> the fat that it was there and no one else on the floor was able to catch on was concerning. >> reporter: while concern for some students not surprising to all of them. >> no, not in this day and age. people do a lot of crazy things sometimes in the region of being unsafe. for the most part i feel very safe. >> reporter: police haven't de
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run crazy. it's still kind of confusing why they would have that in their room in the first place. >> reporter: police chief stressing here that the university campus is safe. that there is no greater threat. and that this investigation is still ongoing. >> david culver at george mason university. thanks. investigators have now identified the man found dead in a townhouse fire in woodbridge. "aladdin" mohamed yousse french was killed when flames spread through his home last wednesday. we have learned at this stretch of ridge road in damascus, maryland will remain closed through the evening rush hour because of a serious crash there. a tractor-trailer and two pickup trucks collided this afternoon. police say one of the pickups crossed the centerline and set off a chain reaction crash. chopper 4 was over the scene. o
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airlifted to the hospital with possibly life threatening injuries. we're working to learn more about a double stabbing that sent two women to hospital. police were called to the bravo bravo nightclub on connecticut avenue northwest. it's not clear if the women were stabbed inside or outside of the club. the restaurant was open for business today. the person who answered the phone when we called couldn't comment. police have not released any other information yet. the agency charged with protecting the u.s. capitol has a new leader. matthew verdosa was sworn in as the capitol police chief this afternoon. he's a 30 year veteran of the agency and takes over at a pivotal time. congress is considering adding dozens of officers and millions of dollars to the force. a series of security threats have targeted the capitol in recent months including that
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gyrocopter landing. >> the biggest challenge is maintaining safety and security in an environment where we welcome everyone to couple to the people's house. >> outgoing capitol police chief officially retired today. next new video of the dramatic take down of the terror suspect reveals what he was plotting to do next. i'm darcy spencer apartmet university hospital where ambulances have been routed away from the hospital all day because of a flood inside the building. how are emergency services being affected? i'll have a live report ahead. he was supposed to just tow cars but police say he had a sideline business that landed him in jail. that story coming up. as cool as it's been in the last couple of days spring mak a
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for those cherry blossoms. we'll get that forecast back to spring and shower chances too. i'll show you when they arrive stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner.
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and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. the emergency room at howard university hospital still is not taking walk in patients. a water
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sent off to other hospitals. news4 darcy spencer is in northwest d.c. with word that some patients could be let in later tonight. >> reporter: that's right. i'm standing across street from howard university hospital. you can see the emergency room right there with a man standing next to it. temp r remains closed that hour but we're told they will begin to accept walk in patients only in about 45 minutes. an early morning flood at howard university hospital forced the er to close. ambulances had to drive patients to other hospitals in the city. a d.c. fire and ems spokesman said. department worked with emergency communications to coordinate the ambulances. and where they would go. and everything went smoothly. >> i just hope that, you know, they can fix it. you got patients in there. other than that, you know, pretty good hospital.
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>> reporter:o land gentlem o ly came to howard university hospital for a doctor's appointment. they went in only to be turned away. the water main break was in the basement of the building. that's the critical care area. surgeries were cancelled. eight patient-to be taken to higher floors. >> i was totally in shock because if i had an appointment somebody should have called me and told me everything was cancelled. >> reporter: late this the afternoon pipe was repaired, water fully restored but the disruptions continue. ambulances are still not bringing patients to the hospital. >> patients there got the priority. >> reporter: endoscopy, surgery and radiation oncology services remain unavailable and referred to other facilities. >> maybe as the day goes on it
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>> reporter: the hospital released a statement late this afternoon saying most of the hospital services should resume normalcy tomorrow, but if you have an appointment you're encouraged to call ahead just to make sure that that's going to happen. jim, back to you. >> thanks. the mother of two missing children in montgomery county tried to escape from a psychiatric hospital several names. her name is catherine hoggle. she believes her kids are alive. "the washington post" first reported that hoggle tried to escape from the facility eight times. each time we were told she grabbed a worker ears security badge and went for the door. her children went missing back in 2014. she was the last person seen with those kids. it looks like those new congressional districts in virginia will stay in place. the supreme court signalled today it will reject an
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the redrawn map is likely to send an extra virginia democrat to congress later this year. the courts liberal justice sounded skeptical about the challenge during a hearing today. a 4-4 tie would leave the new lines in place. two prince george's county firefighters say they are humbled after being recognized for rushing to the side of another firefighter in distress. they were fighting a fire at an upper marlboro home in january when another firefighter fell through the roof. fletcher and blackstone sporadic into action. >> the firefighter's head and shoulder was sticking out of the roof. >> he would have gone down into the attic area of the how that was still actively burning. >> fletcher blaeng stone are from the forestville firestation. fletcher said he was only doing what somebody did for him when he was rescued last july.
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suspect in the november paris attacks told investigators that he was plotting more violence from brussels. new video that was released today shows police raid when the suspect was captured last week. officials say saleh abdelslam is the man seen running out of the apartment in the white hat and the black pants. he was shot in the leg by the police. abdelslam has a court hearing on wednesday. his lawyer says he'll fight extradition to france. there's still time to get an up close look at one of the vehicles used by pope francis during his visit to washington last year. the fiat 500 l will be on display at washington cathedral of saint matthew the apostle in dupont until 7:30 tonight. two fiats were donated to standard a couple of months ago and you can see one of them at the cathedral of saint matthew
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you're not supposed to have a slugfest with the easter bunny. we'll tell you where and why. this elevator in this five story apartment building in alexandria hasn't worked since february 1st. and right now you're feeling -- >> tired. very tired. i need to sit down. >> it's a life-saving device experts say so easy to use even a kid can do it.
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when you build one of the biggest retail businesses in america, you spend a lot of time working closely with elected officials. from secretaries to presidents you learn what works in government and what doesn't. and if you're david trone you take those lessons all the way to congress. you pledge to take nothing from pacs or corporations because the only special interest a congressman should have is you and he'll promise to work with anyone if it'll get things done. after all he's spent 30 years working both sides of the aisle. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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look at this. near the end of march and snow. considerable snow hitting parts of the northeast. this video captured by a drone as it flew over falmouth, massachusetts this morning. some areas got up 120 inches
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like that. the weekend was lousy. nippy out there. but doug you said relief is coming our way. >> relief coming in a big way. we've seen some very cold days, saturday, sunday, yesterday a high of only 44 degrees. very chilly day. we saw some snow showers in parts of the area yesterday. little mix of rain with this storm system. for us now nothing but sunshine as we look off into the distance off towards the east towards rosslyn. you got crystal city. the airport as well. 52 degrees at the airport. average high today is now up to 58 degrees. below average. wind out of the northwest at 13. we saw a breeze. up wards of 25 miles per hour. then also made things feel quite cool. 52 fredericksburg, look at the 40s, hagerstown, already down to 42. it's going cold night tonight. many areas below freg
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it's a nice afternoon. but this is now the end of march. so we should be up close to 60 trees. we'll have a hard time tonight. nothing on the radar. here's the storm that brought us the rain/snow yesterday and brought boston and east of boston where they saw the highest snowfall totals, close to six inches out there along the cape up towards maine and nova scotia. for us notice the wind coming across the great lakes. out of canada that's the colder wind, even some snow showers just to our north. nothing like that for us. tomorrow morning the kids at the bus stop, rather chilly. 36 degrees at 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning. tomorrow afternoon no problem. little breezy. still cool but 61 is quite nice compared to where we've between last couple of days. your tuesday is looking really good and gets better. look at the highs tomorrow. upper 50s to the north and west. shepardstown area, clarksburg temperatures up to
6:27 pm
manassas 61 over towards laplata area 63. fredericksburg. sunshine. tomorrow not bad. what do we need to wear. not the heavy coats or ufbs, almost time to put the heavy coats away. don't do it just yet. but the jackets will be out tomorrow. definitely need the jackets as you step outside because it will be a cool day. impact forecast really not just for tomorrow but all week will be on the low side. not anticipating any kind of big severe weather or any kind of strong system moving in. less wind tomorrow, a little bit warmer. next chance for rain that may have an impact for us on thursday night. thursday night. really late thursday. 61 tomorrow. 71 on your wednesday. plenty of sunshine wednesday. wednesday is a beautiful day. 75 on thursday. almost all day is dry until just after sunset, i believe and then friday coming in a little bit cooler after that cold front moves through. 65 degrees. coming up i got that weekend forecast. it's that easter weekend forecast and a lot of us will be looking at the cherry blossoms.
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a local tow truck driver arrested on the job. what police found in his vehicle and why it's now part of a larger investigation. new plans to upgrade some metro stations. we'll tell you how it could add time to your commute. apple rol outls hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day.
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right now you're looking at a live picture from the verizon center. donald trump is talk about israel. right now he's speaking at the aipac, influential pro israeli group. they are having their conference here in town. behind closed doors trump was strategizing about problems in the republican party. he met privately with some party insiders who are still skeptical about him in spite of the quite sizable lead he has in the contest for the republican presidential nomination. >> we're keeping an eye on that speech and if there are any new developments we'll share it with you. a tow truck driver is in police custody. they busted him and accused him of ripping off drivers. police say he was stealing things out of the cars he picked up. >> tonight we're hearing some new reaction from the community.
6:32 pm
you should do if you find yourself getting towed. pat collins is in the ballston area. >> reporter: he's a tow truck driver and tonight in big trouble. charged with larceny. the grand kind. 35-year-old philip pierce. he's a tow truck driver charged with stealing valuables from cars in arlington. >> electronics. laptops. as well as high end items like purse. >> reporter: pierce works forced a advanced towing. people here in the office figured it out. police say they saw pierce get out of his tow truck and take something to his private car. he did that not one, not twice. people inside got suspicious and calmed 911. police found sol
6:33 pm
the tow r truck and found some special burglary tools. now the string of robberies is not sitting well with people in the neighborhood. >> it's unacceptable. something you should be fired for. >> that's horrible. i can't believe that would happen. >> do see someone stealing anything let alone someone who is charged with taking care of our cars. >> never leave items of value in your vehicle. just take that precaution. when you go inside take your valuables along with you. >> reporter: so far police have located three victims they believe there could be more. the investigation, that continues on. back to you. you may want to add some time to your commute if you take metro. the transit agency is doing work to repair for escalators. one entrance will be open
6:34 pm
glenmont. on the deanwood, both entrances are open but only one escalator on. stairs and elevators to be crowded. work expected to take up to nine months to complete. >> people who live in an apartment complex in alexandria are being told in effect if you don't like the conditions and what's going on you can leave. they have been without working elevators at the woodmont park apartments for weeks. one woman was so fed up she called news4 for some help. our chris gordon responded. >> reporter: this woman is a school cafeteria manager. she says she's so tired walking five flights upstairs after work that shelaks the energy to go back downstairs for her mail when it arrives. >> exhausted. very tired. i need to catch up my breath. >> reporter: doing laundry in the basement is a marathon.
6:35 pm
have to carry the laundry all the way back up? >> yes. and that's even harder. >> reporter: she says she was notified there would be no elevator service after february 1st while it was being replaced here at the woodmont park apartments in alexandria. >> residents have to carry toddlers and infants two handed with groceries up to fifth floor and i just don't think that's right. >> reporter: other tenants are complaining that there's no elevator. >> my sister has knee injury. now she has to climb steps. some people with kids, it's hard. >> reporter: i went to the office of the woodmont park apartments asking when they expect elevator service will be restored. they said declined to comment. the other question that the management company would not answer is will any of these tenants get a
6:36 pm
rent because there is no elevator service here. in alexandria, chris gordon, news4. chances are you may have heard about the big announcement from apple. tell you how the new iphone stacks up when it comes to both size and quality. >> a fist fight plays out in front of children at a mall. what prompted a parent to brawl with the easter bunny. >> that's not supposed to happen. policemen of sunshine out there. more sun tomorrow. and the weather, spring like again. we're
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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you're looking at one of the most popular stories on our nbc washington app right now. the easter bunny throwing punches at a shopping mall in new jersey. yes, i'm sorry to share this with you. police say it start when the
6:40 pm
photo with a 1-year-old child. the child fell off the easter bunny's lap. kid's dad got mad and atakds the bunny and the bunny fought back. yes. children should not have to see that. security guards had to break the whole thing up. in new jersey is where that happened. there's a new product revealed by apple today. the company's vice president unveiled the new iphone se. cost about $400. i want will be four inches long, has the same features as the larger iphone 6. a new smaller ipad pro also was considered to. the new iphone and ipad will be available next week. apple is releasing a new operating system upgad today. i want has a new feature on it called midnight. exposure to blue light in the evening can make it harder for you tol
6:41 pm
midnight shuts the colors of the display to the warmer end of the spectrum which may help you sleep better at night. >> cool. it will cost you less to buy an apple watch. the starting price has dropped now to $299. new colors and styles of watch bands also will be available. so the question, could a sixth grader save your life if you went into cardiac arrest? coming up next the result avenues 4 iteam test that could help determine how easy it is to find an iad during an emergency. coming up tonight from havana extraordinary day here, presidents obama and castro hold an unusual give and take with reporters afterwards. we'll talk about new way to get a loan where your future potentco
6:42 pm
weight. and we'll talk about the sexist comments that are rocking the tennis worl todni
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doctors say sudden cardiac arrest is responsible for more deaths than breast can serks lu -- cancer, lung cancer and hiv combined. >> but we have the technology to save those lives but not using them enough. but we'll show how some in congress are trying to change that and why their success may depend on a group of sixth graders. >> there's nothing quite like sixth graders meeting for the first time. meet five very talkative typical middle schoolers who have no idea what's waiting for them. before we show them we'll make them sit there. because first we have to take you on a trip to houston, texas. >> i made it to about right here.
6:46 pm
who was 41 years old when he collapsed on this popular hiking trail. >> i fell off the bike with a cardiac arrest and had inpulse. . >> an automaticed external def defded dede -- defibrillator brought him back to life. >> he between his congressman pete olson who said too many nationwide chains told him they were afraid to install the devices in their stores. >> they are worried if they have it in their stores, they try it they will be sued. >> he pointed to his own congressional office building other in the washington, d.c. where its warned it can only be used by trained persons. d.c. has a complicated liability law. across the border in virginia, can you put one
6:47 pm
restrictions. olson said the rules vary so much from state to state he's introduced the cardiac arrest survival act to protect any business that installs an aed and anyone who uses it from being sudden. >> these devices are used desigo be used by folks who are not trained medical professionals. >> the news4 i team was contacted after watching our investigation. one out of five aeds were hidden away. >> they should be out in the open. >> he thinks too many local businesses lock up aeds because that complicated d.c. law makes them think that fib brdefibrill can only be used by trained person
6:48 pm
study that compared sixth grade kids to paramedics. >> that's why our sixth graders are sitting here. we demonstrated what that university of washington study did by bringing each child one by one into the studio. where they were greeted by captain silverman. captain silverman treats all of emts and gave the same directions. >> we're going pretend this mannequin's heart has stopped. you need to use this defibrillator and i can't give you any instruction. we want to see how fast you can do it. >> ready. >> we timed each of the kids who had to first figure out how to open the box, turn it on, turn on the pads and stick on the pads on to the mannequin.
6:49 pm
some zapd the mannequin too quickly but the machine would not let them do it until it's safe. >> pads are in right place you did well. >> with no training the kids all figured it out on average in two minutes and one second. policemen of time to save a life. in similar to what the scientific study found which showed it takes an average sixth grader just 20 seconds longer to deploy the device when compared to trained paramedics snoofrpry kid could do it. >> don't be afraid to use an aed. you can't kill someone who is already dead. and it will only shock someone if they have no heart beat. >> i think a kid could handle it. >> i did it in a few minute. >> because as our sixth graders will tell you. >> they should know how to do it to save someone's life. >> congressman olson said the bill does not cost taxpayers a
6:50 pm
it is the rare bill that both republicans and democrats ought to support. but to pass he needs more co-signers. so e-mail your congressman to tell them to support the bill. experts say it always helps to have a little bit of training. so go to our nbc washington app for a quick demo on how to use an aed. >> seems like a no brainer. doug is back with more about our weather. so you promised to tell us what to expect easter weekend. we all want to go look at the blossoms. we got all kind of stuff going on. >> a lot of people down there check being them out right now. a very nice day today. plenty of sunshine. even though it was so cold, you know that's not going to change peak blossom time. peak blooms on track for wednesday and thursday just a couple of days away according to the national park service. peak bloom is 70% of the trees at the tidal basin showing their flowers, showing most of their
6:51 pm
the blooms will last between four to ten days and official opening for the cherry blossom festival comes up this saturday. there's a couple of them down there by union station. we have some cherry trees that have already bloomed. it's amazing. one cherry tree that bloomed, others not quite just yet. most of them, 70% number coming thunder week. current temperature sitting in the 50s only 52 degrees right now out at the airport. a cool night tonight for sure, even chilly by 11:00. temperatures fall down into the 40s. temperature right now 45 gash, 51 out towards camping springs, college park at 50 degrees. no rain or snow to talk about. no storms coming in until thursday night. that's really the only storm i'm tracking. we are going to see temperatures on the rise over the next couple of days. 61 tomorrow. rather breezy. 71 on wednesday with sunshine. 75 on thursday. this is the peak and it's also the time of
6:52 pm
now we have chance for rain, coming after the evening rush for thursday afternoon will be nice. saturday and sunday easter looking pretty good, high temperature right around 63 degrees. not bad. really not a bad forecast. now coming up, i now leave the nbc brackets. i got 14 of 16 of the -- that's right. maryland is still in there. we have sports coming
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
nobody's bracket is worth anything any more. man there was some good ball over the weekend. and some surprises. >> okay your bracket is not intact. >> i have 14 of 16. >> today is his last day to brag. >> great weekend in spokane for the terps. finally waking up in the second half to put away hawaii and advance to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2003. kansas jayhawks thursday in louisville. the terps enjoyed their win last
6:56 pm
morning to return home. bus arriving back in college park just about an hour ago. few fans making the trip to welcome their tefrps back. >> thank you for the support. thank you for making us wanting to come to maryland. we came to maryland because we had an opportunity. we made the sweet 16 but not done yet. we have bigger and better goals. we're excited and still looking forward. >> many brackets around here. the terps not so hot in the first half but turned it up in the second. 14-0 run for maryland. sweet victory for maryland. afterwards a funny moment in the locker room. >> m
6:57 pm
pranking devon. we had a time-out and coach said something to us. pretty much go out there and defend, rebound and have fun also. >> i can share but it's an old ritual i used to do with larry brown. we were so tight. i was trying to figure anything out to loosen them up. we were in great shape. if i could get them to laugh and get their mind off the way we were playing, it worked. but what really worked is we defended, we rebounded and executed. >> carol still trying to find out that joke for us. >> if anyone can carol can. >> that's what coaches do. it's not always about x's and
6:58 pm
o's. >> that's our broadcast for now. thank you for joining us. "nightly news" coming up next. >>
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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breaking news tonight. history in cuba. the american and cuban president side by side. an angry raul castro challenged over human rights raising president obama's arm in an awkward embrace. trump's secret meeting with top republicans as hillary clinton and elizabeth warren go on the attack against him. airporbust. 60 pounds of cocaine found hidden in carry-ons after a woman ran from screeners. you won't believe who investigators are looking for. hitting back. serena williams leading the charge against a powerful tennis executive who said women players should get on their knees and thank the men. and getting money. even with bad credit or debt piling up, how people are getting the loans they need at rates they can


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