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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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brussels. airport workers had planned to go on strike at midnight to lobby for better pay, instead, they decided to hold a vigil for those in brussels. >> workers decide instead to come out and pay some respect to the victims and the workers at the airport. at the airport in brussels, some of which, you know, helped save some lives. >> there is also a growing memorial at the belgium embassy in washington, d.c. flags flying at half-staff this morning. just an 4:31 on our wednesday, i want to check on the 4 things to know about the forecast including the warmup. >> that's right, storm team meteorologist tom kierein for us. >> finally, it's going to feel like spring after several chilly days in a row. starting off with no rain, no snow anywhere in the vicinity. really good tel
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around the atlantic seaboard. your 4 things to know. cool morning by high clouds then a balmy afternoon, temperatures starting in the low to mid-70s. this warmer pattern is going to continue for the next several days. then there's a chance of rain coming in late thursday night into early thursday morning. pollen count getting higher. balmy weather back, tree pollen continuing to climb in the high range. you're going to notice it suffering from allergies, mostly cedar and elm. >> this situation could last until 7:00 or 8:00 this morning, if you normally take thurston road south of 80, i want to remind all lanes are blocked box of a crash overnight. take roderick road if you can to work your way to 270. it will be shut down for much of the morning commute.
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lanes blocked in 8:00. 295 north at martin luther king jr. lane blocked there. and 95 and everything rolling along just fine. i'll see you at 4:41. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. senator bernie sanders takes idaho and utah, while hillary clinton and donald trump take arizona. talking about the working class out voting now, clinton spoke confidently about her win in arizona but didn't talk about her losses stall. trump also remaining confident. democrats will focus next on saturday's contest in washington state, alaska and hawaii. outrage developing over what howard university students tell us was a strong sense of injustices. they want changes to how the university handles v
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assault. >> no means no! >> those dhachants as hundreds protested yesterday. they're upset about the alleged fallout in february. a resident adviser said she was raped by another resident adviser in her dorm room. protesters say the rapist is still at school. >> survivors of assault would not be removed from howard university campus as a result of their accusations. >> both d.c. police and howard university say they're investigating the reported attack. howard says it will host a healing session next week for survivors of assault. suspects betrayal in prince george's county a married couple who served the police department for more than a decade faces charges for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. retired captain harold finn and corporal jennifer sims were indicted. jennifer sims is accused of raking in more than 00
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wasn't. police chief hank sowinski said if the accusations are true, the double betrayed the badge that they once wore. if you see this man, they say he was dropped off at the shady grove metro station and never made it home. the family he only uses public transportation. they say he often visits several restaurants in that area in burtonsville and rockville. if you see him, give police a cal. d.c. mayor muriel bowser said the state of the district is strong. she wants to raise the minimum wage, close d.c. general for good and calling for new spending on education. >> we will make the largest investment in public education in our history with a $75 million increase over last year. >> now, that money will help fund instruction at d.c. public and charter schools. starting in
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plans to renovate schools that have not already been modernized. and public safety the city will add 30 ambulances during peak times. she also urged support for her neighborhood homeless shelter plan. and plans to ask council to hike the minimum wage to $15 an hour. today could be the end of the road for the pepco exelon merger. that merger has gone through a number of changes but in the end, not all stakeholders could sign off on the deal. they'll hold an open meeting this afternoon at 1:00. the public service commission is an independent agency that regulates electric and te telecommunications right here in the district. mr. obama will meet with the country's president this morning. he hopes to help strengthen ties between the two countries.
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will meet at the historic presidential offices. the president will hold a town hall. three two -- emission and liftoff. >> another rocket on its way to the international space station. this one has thousands of pounds of food and supplies, plus, a 3d printer on board. it launched from cape canaveral last night. the astronauts are done with the capsule, they plan to launch a fire with it in space. peak bloom. cherry blossoms expected to hit their peak today. trees at the tidal basin will show off their beautiful colors. the blooms will last between 4 and 10 days which is perfect timing just in time for the opening of cherry blossom on saturday. >> drove through on my way in this morning. still
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>> still a little oomph? >> yeah. >> i think the temperatures will have a little something to do with that. >> that's the question, will the weather hold out if you're headed down to the tidal basin today, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the answer as well as the bus school forecast. and the debate about the online betting continues. how the decision could come down to maryland voters. and we continue to monitor the latest out of brussels where again police have identified all three terror suspects in yesterday's attack. the latest on
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4:40 your time right now. should online fantasy sports be legal? that question may be put to maryland voters this morning. "the washington post" reporting the bill would place regulations on the daily fantasy sports regulations but the regulations would only take effect in voters decide to make it legal. there's a second proposal that would ban online voting in the state. the senate is expected to vote tomorrow. coming up at 4:41, your weather and traffic on the 1s. what is set to be a gorgeous day today. >> off to a warmer start in the 50s now. at the bus stop it will be cool staying in the mid-50s through 8:00. a lot of cloudiness. then heading back home during the afternoon it
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in the mid-70s with lots of sunshine. so quite a warming under way as we start off in the 50s right now. and warming up about another 20 degrees in the mid-70s. look at how much longer this cool pattern -- or warmer pattern is going to be lasting. that's coming up in ten minutes. 4:51. melissa, what's happening with our commute? >> in frederick county, once again if you normally take thurston road you won't be able to do that, all lanes are blocked on thurston because we have wires down. we had a crash there overnight and wires down. so that is why you're going to have to kind of work your way around that one. northbound branch avenue we have some lanes blocked there for some construction happening on 395 southbound at seminary, two lanes blocked until 8:00 a.m. we'll take a live look at 66 coming up. melissa, thank you. the terror attacks in brussels already taking hold
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in the general election? and an astonishing story in the strike in brussels. you'll meet the kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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is having an impact at home here in the race for president. the candidates reacting in very different ways. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out what is going on. >> i think there are a lot of things we have to do to intensify our efforts. i think closing our borders is not one of them. >> nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill this morning. tracie, we know voters are really starting to sort of zero in on who might make the best commander in chief after the attack in brussels. >> well especially when it comes to safety of americans. donald trump as you heard now is doubling down on this idea of closing borders, cracking down at the borders and arresting interrogation suspects. in the past said that waterboarding may not necessarily be a bad idea. hillary clinton says it's an awful idea and she says closing the borders will not close the internet which is somewhere isis has been adept at recruiting. ted cruz said that p
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police out to patrol muslim neighborhoods which was rejected by both john kasich and bernie sanders on the campaign trail. whether or not that is something we'll hear more about today we'll keep an eye out for that. >> tracie, sometimes, we look at exit polls and what voters are caring about. do you think voters are doubling down on who they support after what happened yesterday in brussels? >> well it's probably too early to tell what we do know, obviously the american public has been very concerned in incidents like this. making people more concerned about their safety. focusing in on what the candidates have to say about keeping america safe. at this point, homeland security said there's no credible threat here. but also they had there was no cred threat before paris. this time they knew something was happening they just didn't know what and when. americans are still hurt from the attacks in brussels and some are missing. nobody has heard from justin and stephanie schultz the couple from tennessee but had
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brussels for two years both works as accountants. the couple was at the airport who was saying good-bye to stephanie's mom shoo made it home safely. nobody has heard from them. a 19-year-old utah missionary is luckily to be alive after one of those airport bombs went off within feet of where he was standing. 19-year-old mason wells has shrapnel in his legs and expected to make a full recovery. he was at the airport with a fellow missionary when the bomb detonated. and his parents say this isn't the first time they experienced terror. >> this one was really close. he knew when the paris attacks happened. we weren't as concern but this time, we were concerned because this is where mason walks every day. >> it's three years since the wes family was a block awayr
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the boston marathon when the bombs went off there. closer to home, 4:48, new details about a deadly stabbing in the district. a witness said there was a fight between two women at a benning road stop. we now know the 16-year-old suspect is pregnant and it wasn't what claretta young expected to see walking to the bus. >> the girl stabbed her. stabbed her here, here, the side and here. >> amon jane whitley was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries that teen was arrested and charged with second degree murder. prince william county police were called to west longview drive in woodridge after a two-car crash around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. one driver was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. the son
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police have not released the name of those drivers. the man who pled guilty to calling in threats against metro was sentenced to 21 months. known as kidd cole, he pled guilty to the charges in december and was sentenced yesterday, according to the statement, he placed more than 300 calls to 911 from december 2014 to may of 2015. happening today -- the supreme court will have to decide if the affordable care act violates religious freedoms. catholic nuns with the little sisters of the poor say the law's contraceptive laws violates their rights. it still comes while a vacant seat on the court and could mean a split vote. right now, hundreds of flights into and out of denver cancelled because of a big snowstorm. the first snow from the blizzard just star
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but they are expecting a foot today. four other midwest states are also bracing for big storms and possibly a tornado right now. so, amazing. >> incredible. here, even though we're smack dab in the middle of the work week, the temperatures over the next couple of days just kind of make you want to spring out of that. no pun intended. >> yeah, balmy. you know, march is their snowiest month. >> really? >> yeah. they're getting it now, getting it hard. right around our region, though, we've got high clouds coming in as you get on your bike. maybe you'll be biking to work. a lot of people do that now. this is great biking weather. it's a little cool, you'll need layers on in the mid-50s. then it will jump into the 60s by noon time. a little bit of a breeze. you'll be gathering that in the afternoon as highs meet the mid-70s. temperatures are hovering in the low and mid-50s. nearby
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shenandoah valley as well. radar not showing any rain, don't have any snow anywhere in our vicinity or any travel problems up and down the eastern seaboard. the pollen count is getting higher fun suffer from tree pollen you no doubt will be noticing it's getting higher. mostly cedar, cypress and elm. down to the mid-50s tomorrow morning, another day a lot like today on thursday. up into the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. then as we get into friday, in the morning, likely some light showers coming through. rain showers ending, though, by noon time, sun back in the afternoon on friday. a little cooler, highs in the upper 60s. a chilly start to saturday morning as we get to the easter weekend. 40 degrees on saturday morning. bright and sunny with highs in the mid-60s. for easter ay
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lots of sunshine, up around 70 degrees during the afternoon. chance of showers coming in monday afternoon. highs near 70. much cooler after that. tuesday's highs may only be in the mid-50s. so up and down we go. it's springtime. taking a look at the roads right now, we take a big look at the beltway you can see looking pretty good. earlier road work. innerloop and outer loop open all the way around there. no problems there. thurston road remember, frederick county just south of 80, all lanes blocked because of wires down. that's going to last until 7:00 there. your alternate try to work your way around that. 66 at maples mill road, inbound and outbound, everything looking fine. quantico to the beltway taking you 18 minutes exactly as it should. i'll be back here
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will the terror attack in brussels have an impact here at home? not just on the safety but the money that tourism bring to the area. we do a little digging next. new details about an officer-involved shooting in fredericksburg, why poce say li
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4:56, we continue to follow the latest out of brussels this morning where the city sits in shock and mourning after a series of attacks at the metro station. what authorities are doing here at home to make sure you're safe. and we are off to a warm start to this morning. it's going to get warmer. tom's got a look at that. again, we're monitoring at the investigation in washington as washington's spring tourism season gets into full swing, you will likely see tour buses over the next few days. news4 spoke with tourists and tour agencies who say they feel safe. >> everywhere you look there's secret service police, i'm sure there's probably undercover
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>> park service volunteers say people can't help but have the brussels attack on their minds. but most tourists are focusing on the beauty around the district. we are working to learn the name of the man killed in an officer-involved shooting in fredericksburg. the man got into an altercation with police during a traffic stop on lafayette boulevard. police say the man tried to drive off and ended up dragging the officer several hundred feet before crashing into a ditch. the suspect tried to run off, the officer shot him in the leg, he later died in the hospital. the officer was not seriously hurt. and virginia state police are now handling the investigation. today, vice president joe biden will speak at the end violence against women conference that will take place at the washington hilton northwest. in 1994 then senator biden helped put together the landmark violence against women act and worked to assure passage. bi a
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last month to speak out against assault on campuses. the mayor is speaking out to find ways to help domestic violence and victims. she and her 2-year-old daughter were married over child care payments. they are two of the most recent deaths in prince george's county. turner's family headed to annapolis to support a domestic violence task force bill. prince george's county center anthony mood said it was the funeral of the young mother and her daughter that inspired him. >> to see a young mother cradle a child in a coffin and knowing that this didn't have to happen. >> they were in boswell johnson confessed to the murder. according to prince george's police he didn't want to pay child support. there were already seven homicides. we should note that muse is the ba
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nfl adopts new rules. first players can't chop block anybody when a player hits a defensive player one high and one low and rules be grabbing a player by his pads. and then the rule where the extra point is kicked from is now official after it was introduced last year. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. there's a manhunt for the brussels airport attacker. we found out his name in the past hour, authorities say najim laachraoui is the man here in the light-colored coat pushing a luggage cart at the brussels airport. police are already looking for this man before yesterday's bombing in connection to the paris attacks. the other two menu see in the picture are believed to be suicide bombers and brothers. the state department right now is warning americans against visiting anywhere in
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officials say terrorists could be planning more attacks. back to you. coming up at 5:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we'll get you up to speed on the brussels terror attacks. >> first, though, we want to get you caught up with weather and traffic. storm team meteorologist tom kierein here with the weather headlines. >> starting off with milder temperatures your weather headlines for the 24th day of march, a cool morning but balmy temperatures. and the warmer pattern is continuing for the next several dpaps right now, starting off with temperatures in the mid- mid-50s. shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. reagan national at 53 degrees. and clouds not producing any rain or snow anywhere in the vicinity. no trouble up and down the atlantic seaboard. however if you go to denver, they're getting a boulevard there right now.


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