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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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terror attacks. >> and salah abdeslam is expected in court today to face charges for his role as the suspected mastermind of last year's pairs are attacks where more than 10 people were killed in november. u.s. intelligence officials say abdeslam escaped paris and was in brussels planning future attacks and trying to revive an isis cell in that will city. officials also say abdeslam's arrest friday may have pushed the terrorists in brussels to attacks sooner than planned. out of fear that authorities were closing in on them. and ahead we'll take you live to brussels for an update on the investigation plus we're learning more about the american couple and the confusion about their safety on social media. brush fires along the marc tracks may cause problems for your commute this morning. service on the camden line severely limited today. three rains, 6:10 and 8:00 a.m.
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departures. marc recommends commuters take the penn line or metro instead. brush fires held trains for hours on wednesday. fire crews rushed to a southwest airlines plane at reagan national last night after a call for smoke in the cockpit. these foe he toes came from a passenger on that flight which had just arrived there chicago. everyone got off the plane and the fire crews checked out the plane, it's unclear whether they found anything wrong with it, though. this morning starting off aless like yesterday, so if it ends like yesterday, i will be one happy camper. >> weather and traffic ott 1st. amelia segal in the storm team 4 "weather center." >> good morning. temperatures currently in the 40s and 50s. 45 college park, 58 in rockville. night out there this morning and spectacular this afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 70s. even a touch warmer than it was yesterday. we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout the day today, but as we move into the afternoon hours, the winds will start to pick up, a nice breeze, perfect
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tidal basin or just taking your dog for a walk. however, there is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll have the timing on that coming up in ten minutes. right now roads overall looking pretty good here. we do, though, still have the issue on the rails that we will be dealing with throughout the morning. so take a look here. again, this is because of the brush fires and the high risk of that. marc, camden oig line 845, 851 and 846, the only trains running today. of course they will be quite busy because of the brush fires from overnight. 846 leaves union station, bankruptcy wick and penn lines rubbing just fine. westbound southeast/southwest freeway before 3rd street tunnel, a brand new crash there with the left rain lane getting by. 395 southbound at seminary, a work zone here. and overall, bw parkway, route
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again, trying to get a picture of 95 working for you. we'll have that in a couple minutes. today family and friends will begin to pay their final respects to a police officer killed on the job. detective jacai colson was accidentally shot by another officer after someone opened fire at a prince george's county police station more than a week ago. today awake will be held at the boardwalk funeral home, and tomorrow the funeral is at 11:00 in the first baptist church this upper hamarlboro. there were no injuries after a man started shooting at as passing d.c. police cruiser. officers responded quigley with fire. this happened on mellon street in southeast. police tracked down the suspect and arrested him. in the days on, a driver tried to avoid the gunfire and crashed in to another car. police say the attack was unprovok unprovoked. we're following breaking news out of prince george's county.
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wine in the 7,000 block of chad ford drive. three town homes are involved, this is a fire breaking right now. so information just coming into us. we do have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it. students at george mason university are on edge this morning after being notified of several possible sex assaults on campus. two of the incidents reportedly happened in campus residence halls. one female student said she was raped and may have been unknowingly drugged before the assault. she says she knew her attacker. another student says she was raped by a man who she let through and online dating ach. some students are doing what they can to be safe. >> i try it walk with somebody else just in case. and if not, then, i mean, i'll just be more aware of my surroundings. sfwr p
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>> police are investigating and neb with information is asked to call the george mason police department. this is all happening as the university takes action against three students arrested for trying to make bombs in their dorm room. the suspects have now been kicked off campus. police arrested them last week after reports of flames shooting out of their dorm window. investigators found drug paraphernalia inside along with match books, lighter fluid and other items that can be used to make bombs. new details this morning about a third party ambulance service about to hit the streets in the district. news news 4 has obtained a special order from the fire chief. in the letter, fire and ems chief gregory dean saided private ambulances will help increase the availability of ambulances, provide more training and allow for more preventive maintenance. the agency has come under fire recently for delayed response times and other problems. about 35 private brapss will hit the streets on monday. it has taken almost two years of
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several rejections, but now $6.8 billion merger between pepco and exelon will move ahead. the d.c. public service commission gave the deal its blessing yesterday. the agreement between the two companies makes the utility the largest in the country. d.c. mayor muriel bowser blasted the commission's decision and said residents could face rate hikes subpoenas this summer. but pepco exelon says the hermer will mean lower rates. in the sweet 16 tonight, they are not thinking about being the underdogs here. terps taking on the jayhawks who a lot of people say are the favorite in the tournament. but the big dance is all about upsets and terps players told us anything can happen. >> anything could happen, underdo dog, no underdog. two great teamsing for out there and playing.
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media are saying, we're not focused on the media. we know we have the opportunity to continue to stepped our season and we have utmost confidence in ourselves. >> the terps and jayhawks playing at 9:40 tonight our time. they're in louisville. carol maloney is also there covering the game for us. so you can look for her reports-might not be wrapped up by 11:00. >> she'll of course be on social media, as well. we have breaking news this morning. want to head over to the live did desk to chris tekristen wri. >> an update on the missing malaysia flight 370 the one that disappeared more than two years ago foe. australian officials now confirming today that two pieces of debris recently found in mozambique are almost certainly from the plane. a south african man on vacation found one of the fragments on the beach p. and an adventurer found the other piece after he went looking for
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while en route from beijing to
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glenn:threateningicans: gofederal workers;ns over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us. horrifying, that is how witnesses are describing an incident at a d.c. public library. they say a police officer took out his handcuffs, essentially threatening to arrest a woman at the shaw library yesterday after she refused his request to take off her
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the woman left the library after saying she wasn't bothering anyone. library officials are taking this seriously and have removed the officer while they investigate. fwl it was a bumpy landing for some airline passengers in oklahoma city yesterday. you can see the american airline plane sliding with cross winds as it tries to land swaying from side to side. despite the strong winds, the plane made a safe landing. that's why i always try to be as polite as i can to the pilots. thank you, sir, thank you, ma'am. so appreciate your work today. let's talk about our weather today. 60 degrees already outside our studios here in upper northwest. amelia segal, going to be a nice day. >> going to be a beautiful day. tomorrow you'll want the umbrella handy. we'll be tracking showers at times beenly during t lymainly
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8:00 a.m. still tracking areas of rain that could impact the morning commute. by 10:00 a.m., this line of rain for the most part to the east of the district and then after that, future weather wants to keep us mainly dry. and we'll be cooler. melissa, you're tracking an accident? problem here in d.c. westbound southeast/southwest freeway right before you hit the 3rd street tunnel, the left lane getting by the crash that is still hanging away for us here this morning. taking a look at 395, we do still have the road work happening southbound after seminary two left lanes getting by. that's the one in a sticks around until about 8:00 a.m. 270 you can see we're nice and green here. remember on marc, camden the only trains running on camden are 845, 851 and 846. another controversy surrounding president obama's pick for the supreme court. the case he recused himself from that has some people
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why. and attention shoppers, a grocery store coming to northern kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars.
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more concern for that american couple that was in the brussels airport. yesterday a family member tweeted stephanie and justin had been found. >> they were missing after the terror attack at the airport tuesday. and then that family member said that they had been misinformed. the couple lives in brussels and was dropping somebody off at the airport when the two bombs exploded. >> 15 before the hour. we turn t
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campaign attacks now targeting candidates' families. tracie potts is on capitol hill this morning. and the campaigns are out west, the ugliness is on social media. >> reporter: and just a few hours ago on twitter, a retweet by donald trump comparing his wife to heidi cruz. heidi cruz saying they were not going to stoop to that level. john kasich calling it out of bound. but trump says it started when an anti-trump super pac featured an and naked from a photo shoot. cruz said they had nothing do with that and calls the ad completely inappropriate. and now the democrats, they are focusing out west, last night bernie sanders in ladies and gentlemen saying that if he wins or does well in california, he thinks he can get the
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nomination. hillary clinton focused on national security. today a former little league umpire convicted of child porn possession should learn his sentence. donald essex pleaded guilty last year. fbi agents say he contacted an university kund officer soliciting him for sex and sending explicit pictures thinking he was talking with 5-year-old girl. essex was an umpire in northern virginia until 2012. a double shooting in waldorf, maryland has turned into a homicide investigation. this happened just after 6:00 last night on gidings court pretty close to the st. charles town center. only one of the men shot died. the second victim is expected to survive. police are still looking for a suspect in that case this morning. tlipolice in arlington are looking for two men who attacked a woman as she was taking a walk. she noticed two men following
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her. one of those men put something over her head while the other put her happened over her mouth to muffle her screams. she fought back and managed to get away. neighbors say they no longer feel safe. >> i won't be walk after dark around here. >> does it make you rethink your habits? >> yeah. i mean, i felt pretty safe until found out about this. >> police say two men were arrested last year for similar attacks in that area. but they are now behind bars. anyone with information is asked to call police. happening came, vice president gentlemen biden will push for the confirmation of supreme court justice nominee merrick garland. biden will be speaking at georgetown law school this afternoon outlining his staps on the vacancy in the high court. the vice president says vitally important that chief judge xwar land receive the consideration and we are learning this morning that merrick garland recused himself in a complaint against a federal judge. the jew additional complaint was filed against former federal judge richard
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assaulting a utah woman decades a ago. garland and roberts were long time colleagues. garland recused himself five days before he was selected for the supreme court. roberts retired the same day garland was nominated. giants, safe way, getting competition. publix says it is ready to tastt opening stores in northern virginia. pun ly publix is based out of florida. has a lot of fans there. it will be opening two stores in the richmond area, too. something cute to kick off your morning. bei bei's dad taking a bubble bath. the national zoo tweeted this video yesterday. we don't normally show
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taking baths. but he splashes the water on his head, his face and gets inside the tub. the zoo tweeted the bubble bath was not toxic, of course. and of course for pure joy and excitement. he seems to be having a good time. where is eun to be flipping out over this stuff. >> can we get him a bigger bucket? poor guy. >> rutrue. he's having a good time. and of course the weather, they go hand in happened. >> not encouraging people to bathe outside. >> yesterday we were in the mid-70s. today we were in the upper 70s. spectacular. temperature as good 20 degrees above normal, so it's mild. we'll have plenty of sunshine in the forecast today, as well. some rain tomorrow, mainly during the morning and mid day hours. so have your umbrella handy. it could slow your morning commute. major budget a little bit of extra time. plenty of dry time, as well. more clouds and we'll start to trend cooler
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us up for a cool but nice weekend. but today, spectacular whatever plans you have out doors, the weather cooperating. and if you don't have any plans out doors, i would highly recommend making some. #:00 a. 8:00, 55. noon a balmy 70. a high today 77. cooler authority anorth and wes everybody will warm into the 70s with a bit of a breeze. and then it will stay breezy throughout the day tomorrow. 7:00 this evening, still nice, with a temperature around 71. perfect for dining outdoors. and as we look to the holiday weekend, if you want to go to the tidal basin and check out the cherry blossoms, nice both days. the easter egg hunt sunday morning, a bit cool. i think sunday will be the better day. a bit chilly on saturday morning. with dry air and breezy conditions in the forecast later today, red flag warning will run for most of the area until 8:00 this evening. we're hearing with
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and that's pretty much what a red flag warning means. once brush fires start, more difficult to contain. tomorrow a litt cooler, a high around 70. and a high likelihood that you're dealing with some rain. now, we'll keep it dry for the weekend. saturday a high of 60. near 70 on easter. and then more rain maybe with some thunderstorms on monday. brand new crash here this morning, 95 south, the ramp here to eastbound dale boulevard, we have the ramp right now shut down because of an accident. so we'll keep you updated on that. westbound southeast/southwest freeway before the 3rd street tunnel, left lane getting by that crash there. and again because of the fire activity on 301, blocked because of the tire here this morning. we're also keeping an eye on that one for you. cascades parkway at pally said parkway, the right lane blocked. 270, no problem north or
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should you get your hone back because of a metro delay? the proposal in the works and when it could take effect. a former government official arrested in a prostitution sting. who police say they nabbed in the undercover operation. and is a fix in the works
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we continue to monitor the latest out of brussels this morning where we're learning new information about this week's
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terror are attack. steve handelsman is in belgium and will join us live in a few minute. >> reporter: we're headed to brandywine going to a three-alarm fire, we understand there are three town homes in this community involved in this fire and there might be some possible trouble for the firefighters dealing with some water issues in putting out the flames. we're headed there right now. we understand at this time that there are no injuries, but of course once we get to the scene, we'll bring you the very latest in a live report. i'm hknomolette green for news . neighbors woke up to find a man's body on the front line wednesday morning. prince george's county police say he had been shot and set on fire. this happened on hill mar drive. police didn't find the body
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>> i went out and put it out. he didn't have any clothes on, because they were all burnt. >> what happened between the time of the shooting and the fire is still under investigation. the victim did not live at that home where he was found. it will be a little longer before two former virginia tech students go to court in the killing of a 13-year-old girl. 18-year-old david eisenhower and 19-year-old natalie kiefers face charges in connection with nicole luovell's death. the teens were supposed to be in court monday in montgomery county, but defense attorneys asked for more time. prosecutors say they have not received a final medical examiner's report. former frederick county maryland commissioner now facing charges of prostitution. court documents say that blaine young met an undercover officer at a hotel last month and then offered her hone for sex. attorneys say that he will plead not guilty. the estimate happened in
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arundel county. young is due in court in may. new this morning, volkswagen set to tell customers where they stand on bringing nearly 600,000 cars in to compliance with clean air laws. the automaker has been in talks with regulators about a solution for the vehicles that is acceptable to the epa. in january, the california air resources board rejected volkswagen's recalled plan for some of its most popular diesel models. you may soon be getting a little pay back if you use metro p riders will be given a 15 minute window to leave without paying when there are massive delays. that proposal is part of a broader refund strategy for the transit system. metro's gm paul wiedefeld says he wants the system to step up its game so if he doesn't have to think about giving refunds. >> do a much better job, then we never get to that stage. so what did we learn, how do we then apply that. >> the change wouldn't take effect until july
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still expected to be approved. metro's leader also wants his board to waive fares when there is an emergency situation. if you have a food crave being just call uber. this is just what i need. the ride sharing service has launched a new app in the district that lets you order from about 100 restaurants. it will cost you a flat a $5 delivery fee, but so far you can only get deliveries in d.c., but the company says that it has plans to roll the same plan out in maryland and northern virginia, as well. and pretty soon. >> a lot of achs that make food delivery easier now, places that don't deliver. >> but when you really want it, i will stop anytime for that ben and jerry's. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. i'm chrkristen wright at th live desk. new pictures in tweeted by the fire chief of a town home fire. you see the huge flames there. this
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we know everyone is accounted for and the fire is under control. four town home units destroyed. know lmolette green is on her w there and will have the latest. right off the top here, the latest after the terror attacks in brussels. counterterrorism agents are in the middle of a manhunt for at least one more suspect this the attacks that killed at least 31 and hurt hundreds on tuesday. evidence building that these attacks are connected to the terrorist bombings in paris last fall. intelligence officials also say one of the suicide bombers this week made the bombs used in november's paris attacks. we'll have a live report from brussels in about two minutes. first, though, at 5:00 a.m., let's get you up to speed on your weather headlines. >> right now 60 degrees outside of our studios here. we'll fall a few more degrees in the earlier morning hours and then warm back up around the midday hours. so 7:00 a.m., 54. still nice. by


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