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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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845, 851, 846. that's the one out of union station. chopper 4 over greenbelt, not seeing too much action there on marc. orange line delays to vienna with track repairs there at new carrollton. overall, no other major issues right how. but i got to tell you, everybody very happy with you and the nice mild weather that we'll see, a amelia. >> another gorgeous day in store today. the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. we will notice a nice breeze and temperatures running about 20 graes above normal. highs today in the mid to upper 70s. so for the morning hours, around 7:00 a.m., temperature of about 54 degrees. so confidentbmfortably cool for early morning jog or bike ride. around the midday hours, temperatures already into the mid-60s. now, there is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, i'll have more on the timing coming up.
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it's been a little more than 48 hours now since the terror attacks in brussels and this morning a memorial is growing for the victims of tuesday's attacks. it is mid-morning in belgium. you're look live as people leave flowers and candles outside the belgium stock exchange at the city center. it's complicating the mourning process. people are concerned another attack could be coming p with more that part of the story and the investigation, steve handelsman is live in brussels this morning. steve. >> reporter: not only is the memorial area growing at the so-called bourse which is the center of europe considered by many the capital of this continent, but the crowds are growing, as well. and if you talk to people, you'll hear that their concern is growing. they were in shock
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here still. they were in shock at what did happen and now the realization has set in that law enforcement failed in the view of many here and in the view of many american analysts to protect the people. again in the view of sxemexpert police had plenty of ways to detect the plot and didn't. the latest is a legal hearing involved salah abdeslam, a suspect in both the attacks here in terms of planning and police say he would have participated in the attack here in brussels had they not arrested him late last week. he's a major suspect in the paris attacks, one of many now who were linked between the paris attacks and the brussels attack. the hearing for him has been postponed. so if we were going to hear, the public here going to hear what police knew and didn't know about the
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connection to brussels, the brussels attacks, their kegs to this isis terror unit that clearly had survived the manhunt albeit the lightweight manhunt in the opinion of some analysts, that is not going to go public today because this hear has been postponed. so aaron, the manhunt continues here at least to one person, the mysterious man in white, the guy seen on the right side of that triple shot that cctv, closed circuit tv surveillance shot from the airport. police have not said who he is or where he is, but you can see him walking through the airport on tuesday with what clearly looks like a satchel bomb. back to you. >> steve, thank you. and new information on the suspected mastermind of the paris terror attacks. in the past 15 minuteses lawyers for an accesalah abdeslam say h not fight extradition back to frae.
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french officials want to try him for the november paris attacks that killed more than 130 people. lots of frustration as family members look for any news about the missing american couple stephanie and justin who were in the airport when the bops webop b bombs went off. yesterday a family member tweeted they had been found and then they they had been high school informed. they have li they have lived in brusselss for the as couple of years. we'll update you with everything on the thbs washington app. a police i've killed on the job will be remembered today as services get understand way. more than a week ago, detective jacai colson was accidentally shot and killed by a fellow officer. this happened after someone opened firet
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today family and friends can pay their respects at a wake for colson in beltsville from 2:00 to 9:00. tomorrow the funeral is at 11:00 at first baptist church. all services are open to the public. brush fires along the marc tracks may cause problems for your commute this morning. service on the camden line will be severely limited. three trains will be the 6:10 and 8:05 departures from camden yards and 8:00 from union station. marc recommends commuters take the penn line or metro instead. brush fires held trains up for hours between the laurel and dorsi stations on wednesday. digging out after a spring blizzard. the problems that people in denver are dealing with right now and where that strong winter storm is heading next. no snow in our future as you look out at national harbor this morning. amelia segal has when
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expect rain in your neighborho d neighborhood. and firefighter are on the scene of a massive overnight fire in brandywine. we're watching the situation closely.
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everyone was evacuated from this southwest airlines plane at reagan national. fire crews checked out a call for smoke in the pock kcockpit. it's not clear whether fire crews found anything wrong with the plane. a third party ambulance service about to hit the streets in the district. news 4 has obtained a special orderro
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outlining his expectations. in that letter, fire and ems chief gregory dean says the private ambulances will help increase the number available and provide more time for training and allow additional time for preventive maintenance. the agency has come under fire recently for delayed response times and other issues. about a 35 private ambulances will hit the streets on monday. dry today, but rain in the forecast tomorrow. mainly during the morning and midday hours. here is the latest typing with future weather. 5:00 a.m. tracking light showers across the area. much of same at 8:00 a.m., so this could impact the morning commute. 11:00, noon, it does look like we start to dry out, only about a 20% chance that we're dealing with an afternoon shower tomorrow. otherwise we'll start to see some limited sunshine come out around 2:00, 3:00. and tomorrow evening we'll be dry, but cooler. this evening temperatures in
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hid 60s to mid-70s. tomorrow night temperatures will be in the 60s. cherry blossoms now in peak bloom. with calm, cool weather, they last 4 to 10 days. a brand new crash. northbound fairfax county parkway before bar if a oig road, brand new crash there. and 95 and the top of the beltway, looking typical. marc, remember on camden, we only have three rains running. 845, 851 and 846846. we'll keep you updated. 270 be looking good. top of the beltway pretty typical. 66 inbound and 95 north also looking good. remember to residence it our friends on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. putting students on alert.
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george mason university want to you though about. also ahead, planning for changes at rfk stadium. what we'r learning about the e
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we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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at least 25 people escaped a three-alarm fire in brandywine. >> four town hopmes were destroyed and two other damaged. coming up, we'll hear from the residents. now to the after math of the bombings in brussels. this is a live look outside the belgium stock exchange. cloudy, about 47 degrees. chilly as people are leaving flowers, cards, candles for the victims of tuesday's attack. more than 30 people died in the bombings at the airport and in the brussels subway. we're monitoring how the city is
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closed through friday at the very least. it also sent three commercial planes to other airports for now. this morning we learned that all the passengers who were stranded after the attacks have found some way to get where they were going. >> despite travel restrictions, parts of an american teen hurt say they are going to see their son. 19-year-old mason wells has shrapnel in his legs, severe burns an torn achilles but is expected to make a full recovery. he was at the airport with a fellow mormon mission their when the bombs went off. his parents say it's a miracle that he will survive and plan to visit him in the hospital today. stick with nbc news for the latest on the fallout from tuesday's terror in brussels. ahead on "today," you'll go inside the neighborhood where the terror plots were hatched. keir simmons has a live report right here on news 4 after "news 4 today." it's feeling a lot
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winter in colorado. a blizzard dumped nearly 20 inches in some places. the snow stranded a lot of drivers on the roads and also impacted flights.denver airport canceled, another 140 flights today. storm is impacting several states and state leaders are warning people about snow and ice. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is in wisconsin for us this morning where it is snowing right now. he's live in green bay. mike, what are you seeing there? >> reporter: good morning. light snow here this green bay. we're just down the street from lambeau, we're on lombardi avenue. we have about 4 inches on the ground. it's been snowing light to moderate overnight. we're not going to get the amounts we had earlier expected. i think denver stole the show yesterday. some of the foothills had as much as 31 inches and they canceled over 80% of the tlis at dia not only because of trying to get in and out of the airport, but they had power outages
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so that will put a crunch crimp on deicing. there is still a blizzard warning until 1:00, but we're not gusting with the wind. this will wrap up later on today. the entire system is moving east. the cold front will spark severe weather. we have the net of tornados in the deep south including alabama and the southeast. and those showers and storms heading in toward d.c. in the coming days. aaron, back to you from snowy green bay whereby the way going into the storm, they were down 9 inches. so they don't have anything to complain about even though it is springtime. >> absolutely right. mike seidel live for us. >> police are looking for two men accused of attacking a woman along north columbus street as the victim was taking a walk. she notic i
6:19 am
following her. one of the men put something over her head while the other one put his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. she was able to fight back to break away from them neighbors say they didn't feel safe anymore. >> i won be walking after dark around here. >> does it make you rethink your habits? >> yeah. i mean i felt pretty safe until found out about this. >> police say two men were arrested last year for similar attacks in the area, but they are now behind barbs. anyone with any information is asked to call police. it was a tense evening for d.c. police officers who were shot at while driving in their cruiser on mellon street in southeast d.c. police say officers quickly fired back. the suspect was tracked down and arrested. in the chaos, a driver tried to avoid the gunfire and a crash occurred. some competon
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grocery store publix says it's ready to start opening stores in northern virginia. this is according to the washington business journal. we don't know what parts of the area the stores might pop up in. publix based out of florida. last month it announced it will open two stores in the richmond area. could the washington redskins tonight come back to d.c.? this came up yesterday ahead of a meeting next honesty to reveal plans about the area's redevelopment. as of right now,honesty to reve plans about the area's redevelopment. as of right now, d.c. officials have only suggested they have being a creation alp recreational facilities and an anchor facility. and one new anchor facility could be a few stadium, not more green space. the terps playing in the sweet 16 tonight. ♪ they will take on the kansas
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a lot of people are calling maryland the underdog especially considering kansas is one of the best teams in the tournament. good luck to them. we'll look for carol's tweets and posts later this evening. >> and can't forget virginia playing iowa state tomorrow. good luck. 6:21. want to get you up to speed weather and traffic on the 1s. amelia segal looking at warm today, a little rain tomorrow. >> and then that will cool us down for easter weekend, but overai all temperaturll tempera comfortable. currently 40s and 50s. 50 here in the district. 48 in leesburg. we'll have plenty of sunshine around today and that will help us warm into the mid to upper 70s. 77 for a high in the district. yesterday our high was 75, so a touch warmer. a little cooler by the water if an nap police. a high there of 68. and a
6:22 am
tonight. mild, temperatures will range from the mid-60s to mid-70s. temperatures will start to cool off a little bit each day. so tomorrow, we're going to be tagging ra i tracking rain showers mostly during the morning. we'll have limited sunshine by the afternoon and only a slight chance of a lingering shower. mainly around washington and areas to the east. temperatures tomorrow still around 70 but cooler, a high of 71. breezy from start to tippish tomorrow. tomorrow evening temperatures will be generally in in the 60s. on your saturday, it's a cllly start. 30s in the suburbs, upper 30s. 46 in the district and warm to around 60 on sunday. of course it's easter. we'll have clouds increasing throughout the day. temperatures not too bad, a high of 68. so the weather looking from g. for sunrise service. easter egg hunt, may want to throw a sweater
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some rain looking likely on monday, make a rumble of thunder. and that rain another cold front that pulls temperatures down once again. tuesday, wednesday, high temperatures in the low 60s. but we'll have plenty of sunshine. so tech tack could yspectacular there. overall looking okay. we had an earlier problem outer loop tat allentown road. chopper 4 is over 95. taillights is the outer loop. so pretty normal volume. 270 south at west montgomery avenue, again have the crash on the left shouldshoulder. not slowing anything. northbound fairfax county at barta, that crash reported there. cascades parkway at palisade parkway, right lane blocked there in northern virginia. and that has been hanging around with some road work. big look at the beltway,
6:24 am
problems right now. everything actually looking a little pet light her than normal probably because of folks and kiddos on spring break. we'll talk more about the marc situation coming up. the flight attendant who alledgedly tried to take 70 pounds of cocaine through security at los angeles international airport is facing several charges. marsha reynolds has been charged with a federal mar cot if i cans trafficking offense. police say she flashed an airline i.d. to tsa officials on friday but wrandomly selected fr a secondary screening. she began running, kicked off her heels, dropped her bag. and officials found 21 individually wrapped packages of cocaine. she could face unto ten years in prison. major developments about
6:25 am
malaysia flight mh 370. australian investigators say they are almost certain that the debris is indeed from the missing plane. the plane disappeared more than two years ago with 239 people on board. many of the passengers and family members are suing the airline. it's taken almost two years of negotiations and several rejections, but now the $6.8 billion merger between pepco and exelon will go forward.agreement between the two companies makes the utility the largest in the country. d.c. mayor bowser blasted the decision and said residents could face rate hikes subpoenas this summer. pepco-exelon says that the merger will mean lower rates for consumers. all month long we are recognizing the women who make our region great. want it show you jan draw stord, an expert in political advertising law and was actually t
6:26 am
television station in chicago to schedule commercials. before crawford, men always did the job. she says her bosses replaced her with two people when she decided to leave. if you know somebody that we should highlight, let us know at the tip section on the site. if you've been talking about running a marathon, today is your chance to get into the marine corps marathon p. and we have a couple crashes and some major delays on marc. we'll have details coming up. plus breaking news this morning in prince george's county. firefighters st. louis moppi s after a massive fire destroyed seval town homes. er
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breaking news this morning out of prince george's county. fire investigators trying to find out what caused the three-alarm fire in brandywine. you're looking at live pictures from the scene here. 25 people escaped the blaze that started about 4:00
6:30 am
four hopmes destroyed and to others damaged. molette green will join us with a live report and how the residents made it out alive. let's check on the problems with the morning commute and melissa mollett with your first four traffic. >> we still have the problem on marc, only three trains running. 845 is on time and the other two that take off shortly, 851 and 846, remember those are the only three trains running take da because of the trush fibrush fi yesterday. chopper 4 over the beltway, this is totally normal. taking a look at the other routes in toto and out of town, major worries. now over to amelia segal. weather having very low impact on the commute this morning. probably the biggest concern, sun glare. so you definitely want
6:31 am
sunglasses this morning as well as tonight. temperature for the morning commute around 54. coming home, windows down, air conditioning on, with a temperature at 77. so four things you need to know today, it's balmy. some rain in the forecast tomorrow mainly during the first half of the day. that will set us up for a cool but overall pleasant weekend. nice weekend to go to the tidal basin and check out the chaerry blossoms. more rain in the forecast on monday that could impact the blossoms. so definitely the weekend to head down there. i'll have more on how tomorrow's rain will impact our weekend temperatures coming up. it's 6:# 1 and crowds gathered again today remembering all the people who died in the terror attacks in brussels. you are looking live at the memorial site to the victims outside the belgium stock which change. at least 30 were killed. and now new developments about the people who may be behind
6:32 am
attack. kristen wright is at the live desk. >> there could be another bombing suspect that is on the run right now. today belgian media is reporting that the three suspects that we saw if this those airport surveillance video pictures, suicide bombers, had an accomplice and this additional suspect was caught on camera in the metro carrying a large bag next to the man i.d.s as a suicide bomber. it's not clear whether the possible new suspect was actually killed in the attack, as well. we also learned, this is big, within the hour that the main suspect in the november paris attacks salah abdeslam will not fight extradition to france to face terror charges. and of course the attacks being linked to one another this morning. aaron. security is ramped up everywhere after these attacks. you're looking at new
6:33 am
the belgian border with the netherlands. it's backed up for miles at the security check point. one of the features how easy it is to travel, and that has changed for now. much more coverage on our app this morning. at least 12 americans were hurt in the blast. and we are starting to learn more about their stories. you can see what question know so far in the app. search brussels victims. we're learning more about a deadly shooting in prince george's county. police tell us they found a man dead near the intersection of iverson and 28th near branch avenue in hillcrest heights. officers are asking for tips and offering a reward for help in this investigation. a developing story out of fairfax county this morning. police trying to figure out what happened after two people were found with gunshot wounds. they were found in a car in a wooded area. meagan fitzgerald with the latest on this.
6:34 am
>> reporter: yeah, a lot of information still trying to be sorted out by police. but we know that fairfax county police arrived here to the 7500 block of trailly wood court to serve a warrant to someone in a home just behind will us here. when they arrived, as they were driving here, two vehicles were approaching them. now, we quawant to show you vid from early this morning. you can see a hectic scene out here, a lot of police activity. crime scene tape was placed up here because police did find two people that were shot inside a vehicle that collided with one of their cruisers. those two individuals were taken to the hospital. we're told they're being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. now, investigators tell us that they have not been able to locate the individual they are trying to serve the warrant to in the first place. but what is unclear at this hour is if the person they were trying to serve that warpt
6:35 am
in the vehicles. we will have the latest information as soon as we know it. back to you. students at george may so that on senlg after several sex assaults. two reportedly happened in the residence halls. one student said they that i have been drugged and knew her attacker. the 00 student says she was raped by a man who she met on through and online dating app. anyone with information is asked to call the george mason police department. >> and this is at the same time that george mason university is also taking action against three students arrested for trying to make bombs in their dorm room. the suspects have been banned from campus. police arrested them last week after reports of flames shooting out their dorm windows. tfo
6:36 am
to make bombs. on a lighter note, this next story is lighting up social media. bae bae's dad decides to take a little bubble bath at the zoo. >> and somebody decided to record it. national stew tweeted this video yesterday. music and all. i don't know why i like the music here. this is a giant panda splashing water on his head, his face. he crawls in to take teeny tiny tub. get him a bigger bucket. >> the simple things in life. >> the zoo tweeted the bubble bath was nontoxic and it was for his enrichment. and he seems to be enjoying it. >> folks at the zoo, you're good at this stuff. you got us talking about it. >> a lot of fun. 6:36 now. >> making sure you are not stuck paying when there is a problem on metro. the new plan to give you a grace period as we learn
6:37 am
that last shut dodownshutdown. mild temperatures this morning. spring weather means your allergies could be flaring up. amelia segal has what is causing the problems. and plus getting in to one of the most anticipated annual events. what you need to know if you want to sign up for this year marine c'so
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6:40 am
today a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the national park service. it's happening at the lynn coin memorial at noon. and also the announcement of a launch of a new gold commemorative coin. proceeds will go to preservation of more than 400 national parks and landmarks all cared for by our friends at the national park service. it was a brump pi landing for some airline passengers in oklahoma city yesterday. the american airlines plane fighting with cross winds as it tries to land at will
6:41 am
airport. you can see the plane swaying across the run way. despite the strong winds, the plane in fact made a safe landing. coming up on 6:41 now. a repeat performance of yesterday, yay! i was down at the tidal basin, it was gorgeous. and cherry mrs. onbls o blossom beautiful. florida no o. >> no one is complaining about the weather. but trees continue to run at high, oak and pine being the main culprits. allergies continue i think to remain high throughout the data. as far as the tree pollen is concerned. but tonight perfect for eating outtoors. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. cooler tomorrow night with temps in in the 60s and by saturday night, it is chilly with temperatures in the 50s. dry air, breezy conditions causing a red flag warning today, as well. melissa, another new crash? >> inbound suitland parkway before sterling avenue, sounds like it's o
6:42 am
and again marc, camden 845, 851 and 846 the only trains running take. 85 is on time. 851 and 846 start up in the 8:00 hour. 270 south from germantown to the spur, 15 mimts. top of the beltway, 95 to 270, a bit slow there. 0 minute 66 and 95 north, no major problems. remember to listen on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. the glitch firefighters ran into at this brandy wipe fire that left four homes destroyed, two others damaged. my live report coming up next. and a live look at the growing memorial in brussels. the new develops this morning out of belgium involving another edspect link to those deadly
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more than two dozen people were able to escape this massive blaze as it ripped through a prince george's county community. fire crews called around 4:00 this morning. >> this happened on the 7,000 block of
6:46 am
that's where we find know let green. she's been there on the scene this morning. she's spoken with residents. >> reporter: the fire is out, but investigators are focusing on the house where they believe the blaze started and quickly moved to the other town homes. four destroyed, two others damaged. there was trouble with the first fire hydrant investigators encountered, but the fire chief says the trucks already have a supply of water, so the delay was very minor. no cause yet of course. investigators looking for that. this fire broke out and people were sleeping at the time. but luckily everybody got out and everyone is okay. other neighbors say the massive smoke in the neighborhood got their attention. >> really scary
6:47 am
everyone got out safely. that was our main concern. we didn't know what was going on, so thankfully everybody got out. but it's something that you don't see too often. >> reporter: 25 people forced out because of this massive blaze. again, no injuries. investigators looking for a cause here on chadds ford drive. we're not far from branch avenue. that's the latest. back to you. it's 6:47. we turn to the terror attacks in brussels. we've been taking you live to the memorial site for the victims this morning. it's almost noon outside the belgian stock exchange. a growing memorial there. as the memorial grows, concerns do, as well. terrorists could be planning more attacks. steve hande del delsman is in b for us. steve understandably nervous. looks like steve is wrapping up his report with another one of our
6:48 am
or come back later? you know wharnoknow what, steve us right now. so let's move on. we'll try to get back to steve a little later. we have an update in the past hour on what is next for the suspected master mind of the paris terror attacks. lawyers for salah abdeslam say the suspected terrorist will not fight extradition back to france. french officials want to tli him for the november terrorist attacks. abdeslam is also believed to have information about tuesday's atrocities in belgium. a complicated story about an american couple who has been missing since the attacks. and we first told you stephanie and yus continue shuts were missing. they were in the brussels airport when the bops went off. yesterday a family member tweeted they had been found but
6:49 am
he had been high schomisinforme. he says all calls to the couple's phones are going straight to voice mail. stick with nbc news for the latest on the fallout from tuesday's terror in brussels. ahead on "today," we'll go inside the neighborhood where the terror plots were hatched. keir simmons has a live report right here on news 4 after "news 4 today." a prince george's county police officer killed on the job will be remembered today as services will get under way. more than a week ago detective gentleman couldjacai colson was shot by a fellow officer after someone opened fire at the police station. today family and friends can pay respects at a wake from 2:00 to 9:00 in beltsville. and tomorrow his funeral will be held at 11:00 at the first baptist church in glenarden in upper marlboro. all services are open to the
6:50 am
public. today is holy thursday and pope francis is celebrated mass by caring for fumgfumg refugees. and the pope will bow down and wash the feet of a dozen migrants as a sign of service. get ready to competition in you want a spot in the marine corps marathon. more than 40,000 runners expected to sign up for the lottery. the their mondmarathon will sta sunday october 30. you can sign up for the lottery until march 30 and then starting on the 31st, organizers will notify runners by e-mail if they received an entry slot. >> as the good news gets out, we're always reaching back out to those who don't get in. >> if don't get chosen, there are still ways to run in the marathon. you can get entry by
6:51 am
money for thecharity or have someone transfer their entry to you. 6:51. it's just a perfect type of weather on go out for a nice jog, put the shorts on. sleeveless shirt. beautiful weather. >> not a complaint here. how about you, aaron? >> i'm loving it. >> highs today running about 20 degrees above normal. it's mild, sunny. you'll need the sunglasses. some rain is in the forecast tomorrow. now, just some. we're not talking about a washout by any means. rain looks to favor the morning and midday hours. as we look to the weekend, it will be cooler, but dry both saturday and sunday. currently temperatures generally in the 40s and 50s. 50 degrees at the airport, 45 in leesburg, back to winchester, as well. a chilly 36 this morning in petersburg. here is your hourly planner. by 8:00, we'll jump up to 55. and by the lunchtime hours, we're already around 70 balmy degrees. as we head into the afternoon hour, winds will pick up, it will be breezy. not only for the afternoon, but the evening hours, as
6:52 am
and we'll hit that at 4:00 in the afternoon. by 7:00, a temperature around 71. here is the timing on the showers tomorrow. 5:00 a.m. tracking areas of rain otherwise overcast skies. buyer the lunchtime hours, we look to mainly dry and then some limited sunshine for the afternoon and early evening hours. cooler tomorrow with a high of 71. and noticeably breezy trohrought the day. saturday cool but sunny. easter sunday, a high temperature near 70. rain looking likely on monday. maybe even a few rumbles of thunder. any issues on the roads? right now have a couple of slowdowns. but of course really been focusing the camden situation. the only camden trains running today, 845, 851 and 846. 845 on time, 51 and
6:53 am
start in the 8:00 hour. this is because of the brush fires. inbound suitland parkway before firth sterling, a crash in the right lane slowing thing as bit. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway, you can see the volume coming off 95. chadds ford drive west of 301, all lanes blocked for the fire activity where molette green has been for us. northbound fairfax county parkway at barta, a crash sticking around. top of the beltway, pretty typical this morning. and 270 at 28, southbound still have the vehicle here on the left side of the roadway. not slowing anything. guys. i'm kristen wright at the live desk with a big announcement out of iraq. an iraqity military spokes map says the operation to recapture mosul has begun. this is important because mosul is iraq's second largest city that fell to militants almost
6:54 am
iraqi forces retook several villages east of the city of mosul just this morning and the u.s.-led international coalition is providing air support. no word so far as to how long this operation could take, but it's certainly one that we want to pay attention to. brush fires along the marc tracks may cause problems for your commute this morning. service on the cal deny lines will be severely limited. melissa has been talking about this all morning. those three trains will be at the 6:10 and 8:05 a.m. depart churs a ures. take penn or metro instead. brush fires held trains for hours before the laurel and dorsey stations on wednesday. you may soon be given a grace period. riders will be sgich a 15 minute window to leave without paying when there are massive delays. that is part of a broader rye fund strategy for the transit
6:55 am
system. today metro board will consider waiving rail and parking fees occurring during an emergency. metro shut down its entire system march 16 for the safety checks. the transit agency lost an estimated $2 million in 24 hours. everyone safely evacuated a southwest airlines plane at reagan national after a call for smoke in the cockpit. a passenger shared these photos with us. not clear whether they found anything wrong with the plane. a third party ambulance service is about to hits the streets here in d.c. news 4 has obtained a special order from the fire chief outlining his expectation. in that letter, chief gregory dean said the private ambulances will help increase the number of available blaambulances on the street, provide more time for training and allow additional time for preventive maintenance. the agency has come under fire for delayed response times and other
6:56 am
hit the streets on monday. new this morning, volkswagen set to tell customers where they stand on bringing nearly 600,000 cars in to compliance with clean air laws. they have been in talks with regulators about a solution acceptable to the epa. in january, you may remember the california air resources board rejected volkswagen's recalled r plan for some of its most popular deal models. in the tofour things to kno a big test for the terps taking on kansas in the ncaa tournament tonight. if maryland win, they advance to the elite eight for the first time since 2002. and a manhunt happening to find at least one additional suspect in tuesday's attacks as belgian officials says criticism that they missed warning signs about one of the
6:57 am
and police in fairfax county trying to figure out what happened after two people were found with gunshot wounds in springfield. police were serving a warrant in the area of tralee woodss court when they found them. 25 people escaped a three-alarm fire in brandywine. four town homes destroyed, two others damaged. no one was hurt. and that is the news for today. thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" hoe is up next. respect find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv
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breaking overnight, new raids in brussels as the manhunt for suspects intensifies. so far no arrests as we learn just how close police came to capturing two of the bombers before the attacks. out of bounds? donald trump escalates his feud with ted cruz overnight retweeting an insult directed at cruz's wife. the senator responds. the heated rivalry reaching a new low. whiteout, a powerful spring blizzard this morning after burying parts of colorado. highways closed. drivers stranded. denver's airport shut down for the first time in a decade. and two to


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