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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 25, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we have breaking news on me throw morning. an incident on tracks affecting both the silver and orange lines. plus -- honored for his service to our community. we are live right now at the memorial for prince george's police detective. molette green takes us inside in just a minute. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. i'm tracking rain moving through the area. you can see down at the tidal basin a bit of a breeze as well. how the rain and winds will impact the cherry blossoms and
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forecast. to that breaking news right now another issue for metro. news4 chris gordon is live near the clarendon metro. >> reporter: we have a smokey situation leading to courthouse station. i got an update minutes ago from arlington county fire public information officofficer. >> a little before 10:00 we were talked about a fire at the metro station. we found light smoke in clarendon metro. we evacuated the station. we had units check out power to the third rail. they went down with metro emergency response teams. there was no evidence of a fire. possibly an electrical
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has been suspended between ballston and rosslyn. metro is ordering shuttling buses for riders in between. we don't know at this point how long this will last but a cable fire may be similar to the fire two weeks ago at the tunnel outside the mcpherson station on the blue, orange and silver lines. a cable electrical fire. we'll have to see if that's related. metro service was shut down for a complete system inspection. that's the latest live at the clarendon station. right now a funeral for a fallen officer. ♪ prince george's county detective jakai colson is being remembered by his fellow wassers. he was killed in a shootout.
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are up in upper marlboro. his viewing just ended. molette green is at the first baptist church of where the funeral is now taking place. >> reporter: i just came outside and the raw emotion inside palpable, lots of tears, lots of people hugging for such a young man who died in the line of duty, died too soon many say. here's a look at the program filled with lots of pictures of this officer from his days as a boy all the way up to the fine young man that many say he was. here's a look at how the final farewell began. standing in formation police officers from all over the region, cadets to veterans, side-by-side for a solemn color guard tribute. they welcomed for a final time
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body of detective jakai colson. >> what you see is law enforcement agencies from all over the country coming here and standing in a line together. they are giving each other moral support and showing that we do stand together with our community in solidarity. >> reporter: on this good friday the sun peeked through. detective colson's funeral is described as a celebration of life remembering the 28-year-old four year veteran as a hero killed in the line of duty. 2,500 or more expected at the service. among the mourners area residents moved by the young detective's ultimate sacrifice. >> it could have been anybody and for him to go out and put his life on the line to help his fellow officers that means a lot. yes. i had to come here and show my respect. >> reporter: detective colson survived by his parents and brother. this funeral service expected to end at 12:30 and tracee wilkins,
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covering that part of the story and we'll have more on that later today on news4. as for the traffic impact, that's another part of this story. our first 4 traffic melissa mollet has that part of the story. >> i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic and a reminder four. we did have some temporary closures this morning because of the funeral procession for detective colson. we're expecting additional closures between now and 12:30 this afternoon. the beltway at bw parkway. some sections of powder mill road and largo road as well. have a good weekend. see you monday morning for "news4 today". we learned two americans are among those killed in the brussels terror take. a brother and sister from new york city. they were on the phone when the explosions went off tuesday at the brussels airport. two other americans, a husbands and wife are missing.
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investigation in a moment. first go to amelia segal with your first 4 forecast. >> right now here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. i'm continuing to track nuisance rain showers. we had a nice line earlier. it looked like it would move through the area pretty quickly. that line fizzled out and we're starting to see redevelopment on the radar. i'm keeping a close eye on heavy rain in parts of fairfax and prince william counties. this is moving up towards the northeast, potentially impacting the washington area. i want to show you the timing here with future weather. 11:30 the rain here morrow bust than we're tracking but i think it has a pretty good handle on timing. by 1:00 most of the rain is to the east. parts of southern maryland, northern neck and eastern shore. by 2:00 still plenty of cloud but most of us under a dry sky. just breezy conditions. however as you move into later afternoon hours chance for scattered showers lingering southern maryland and the northern neck. more on temperatures
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minutes. i'm at the live desk with breaking news. a senior u.s. official said isis second-in-command was killed by u.s. forces in syria yesterday. abu alaa afri was behind the organization. they were able to gather intelligence from the vehicle of abu when he was killed. back to the terror in brufrls. belgium remains on highest alert as authorities search for individuals responsible for "today" tack. police carried out more raids overnight and detained seven people. police near the belgian capital carried out raids. now investigators say the brothers behind the bombings
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researcher and hope to build a dirty bomb. a ma'am suspected of plotting an imthen attack has also been detained in paris. we are learning about another big data breach this morning. this time it's verizon business customers that have taken a hit. hackers have stolen contact information. the telecommunications giant says it recently discovered and fix ad security vulnerability in a customer portal. customers were told about the breach but not word how many individuals or businesses were affected by this. i'm along the tidal basin where you can see the cherry blossoms are in fuel bloom. out here despite a little bitq f drizzle that's happening. first four things you need to know if you pl onfáan it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way.
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edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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. spring isxd officially heren the district when cherry blossoms are popping. here are the four things you need toe/q know aboutñi the fes. number one, if you missed out on getting your ticketsxd to the opening ceremony tomorrow there are é"nty of other events to
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cherries back in 1910, a bit of history four. there are now 3750 cherry trees along the tidal basin, the national mall and potomac waterfront. out this week share yourñiñi blm experience, please. send us your picks. e-mail them to us we're back. i
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at the tidal basin where you can see cherry blossoms are in spectacular peek bloom light and dark pinks down there. here's another close upñ3] view you can see there's quite axd breeze down there at the tidal basin so keep that in mind if you're heading down there this % afternoon. you want to at least some long these winds will have a bit of an impact on theqñ beautiful flowersñi down there. i was down there yesterday whe
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bringing some of thelp petals o having a minor impact. temperatures currentmsñi in the 60s anpi 70s. wide rangelp here from 70 inlp manassas to 59 in the district and 65 in gaithersburg. here's your hourly planner. by 2:00xd we'll hit ourfá high temperature in washington befori 73. the suburbs cooler north and west of town. in the mid-to-upper 60s and some showers east of washington.qwtr% by 4:00 p.m.ñi ñ2(áqq-y, plentyr clouds and then we'll start to see temperatures coolq quickly. 8:00 down 63. thanks.fá ew concerns about repairs being made on metro. are they really happening? >> and in 15 minutes a mother's toi]
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anothery1 check of storm te 4 radar. starting to develop. i was trackingmy this line. it kind of fizzled out. now it's redeveloping. thisjf in fronts of a cold fron that's pushing through the areaó this cold front brings us some annoying showers but cools us down for the holiday weekend. heads up in arlington andñiym . megan if you're listening down at the tidalñi basin grab your umbrella. get ready for heavier rain movingñi intoxdi] the district. arlington alreadylp show%x% ir arlington, most of arlington and alexandria right
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you can see heavier rain out around bowie.çó once we hit3 1:00 p.m. $eáu of the rain is eastñi of washingto. washington areas north andxd we% for the most part dry and by thr evening hours if you want to eat outside everybody will be dry. sw. 50i]n and 60s and that trend continues saturz!- night andjf sunday night whether you want to go out to a restaurantxd or fir up the grill. a little bit on the cool side. i'll have more on this weekend's weather in ten minutes. now you canxd head down the tidal basin this weekend as the cherry blossom festival kicks off. many blossoms are peeki iqpeaki now. looks like a lot of peopleçó ar with you. good morning. we've been out here all morning long. we choñi some nasty weather is coming through. a little drizzly, a little overcast. it's notto
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stream of peopleçk have been coming here all throughout the morning since we were out here early this morning before the sun even came up. people want to get at( glimpse the/m they i]bloomed. they are gorgeous.jf cameras. some are taking wedding pictures. we saw folks takingi] portraits for other reasons. a great weekend.çó a lot of people excited out here. long festival. this weekend will be family day tomorrow where the kids will have ac good time at the nationl buildingc museum andí ñr then course thezv concert at the war theater. but ae1 good thingñr to keep ind is that these beautiful blooms will only be out here for the next fourjf tenmy days, 8%pçó encraged that if you want to get out herexd and see this beautiful view and capture these memories and moments getñi out here now or soon before it's toi back to you. thank you. meanwhile a woman is expected to be okay after she was
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10:30 in arlington near 15th3w and s srs+ xd administrate. we don't have many details but we'lli] work on figuringe1 out she became trapped. açójf manrwas in a motorcycle c last night. the motorcycle driver was killed. the driver in the other vehicle is expectedñr toñixd recover. prince william county police have notc released any other details about what led up to that crash. >> metro has been working to makefá, system but now top officials want to know if thoselp repairs are actually goinge1 to happen?3 adam i]tuss tells usxd why some raising thoseok questions. >> reporter: metro's own topr watchdog inspectorqlp general m ui eñ whether empes
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maintenance repairs being made. all of this it!ms after that smoke and fire episode last week att(ñr mcpherson square that ca so many problems. that incident is what happened here's metro board member. >> i can't give an answer to ñr that. we're given a work program. we'reñy reports on a regular basis things have been taken care ñiof.f"ñ things are complete. maybe we need abujtjt sett( of eyes as to what's going on. >> reporter: we'll stay on topx of the story as any new developments break here fromu metro headquarters. in northwest, adam tuss, news4. >> four big games hl the ncaa men's basketball tournament today. tennessee syracuse playing an 11 seed gonzaga.
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state. cavs and cyclones play just after 7:00 tonight. a bit of a rough startlpq-i for maryland terrapins and t(team. the team isw3 leaving louisvill after its loss to the kansas jayhaw+áj last night.ok terps have come in the tournament since 2003. >>i]ok the coach said he's not worried about the team next year esñ%%11ei some of hisçó new >> they played a great game and nd should be able to walkfá around with their heads held high because it was amazing what they did. >> it's just amazing to see them out there. >> the talent. hose who have gone so far. >> all the upcoming games still ahead. not what fairfax neighbors tell us they wanted to seefá in thei backyard. >> táññi growingjf animal probl when we come back in just a minute. stay with us.
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. right now we'reñi working t learn the sentence for an nflko linebacker for punching a pizza driver in the face.e1 jackson was foundño't( guilt!d fighting with the driver over a parking xdspace. he faces up to 180 days in jail and afá1,000 fine. colts haven't taken any action but the nfl may suspend çhim. in otherq news a grieving mother wantsranswers after her son was gunned down after walking to a bus stop. gabrielle turnert( just finishe having breakfast with hisjfi] mr and heading network t9q' he was shot. witnesses said theyw3 heard at least six shots another noon. he worked as a janitorqe$pá fbi headquarters. the lpjf43-year-old's mother ha strong words for the person who pulled the trigger. >> i would like to take his life too. they took my son
11:24 am
i would.fá i would like to take his life. >>fá turner had worked as a janitor atio$e j. edgar hoover for 15 years. right now there's no word on a suspect or a motive. aheadlr at 11:30 another problem for metro news4 chris gordon has the update in five minutes stay with .us
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t)r'g anrarea of rain moving from fairfax county on into arlington and the district. we'll continue toçó track rain, 1:00. after that most activity stays east of i-95. unfortunately if you're in southern maryland partsñi of th northern neck you can continue to see scattered showers on into the early evening hours. most ofqúadjf us are dry after line moves through. a ñi= of clouds and sun. a little bit more cloud cover and sun breezy high of fá71. cooler bute1
11:26 am
sunday,e1 on easter warmer. but we get more clod qcover. high ofei68. nextlp chance of rainñi arrives monday and winds pick up one1 monday. blustery on tuesday. unfortunately not great news for the cherry blossoms. 66 for a high monday. place say if you've been seeing bears in ourxd area keep safe distance. some people in fairfax county j%ñ neighborhood. the day before that two small black bears wq seen crossingñi t seen a car chase befo but not like jfthis. >> changes in your forecast. severe weather outnbwi west is movingrin our direction.xd another look at the storm team 4 radar and yourçó easter weekend
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for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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it's 11:29 onjf this good friday morning. we'ret( looking live at storm tm 4ñifá radar. head outside but she's tracking this from inside. we'll have more on that. plus temperatur%áu we're tracking just ahead. some pictures that you don't want to see this time of year. snow, hail, tornadoes sweeping across the
11:30 am
states. this storm system caused severe weather from texas to michigan. part of it is actually over our area right now but it's not snow, right. we're talking about rain is what is causing here. news onrmetro. chris gordon is")r+e near the clarendon metro station and chris ct tell us what's going on. in the last few minutes the clarendone1 stationw3 has bee$1 re-opened to passengers but metro will be single tracking between ballstont( and foggy bottom. there will be no silverline service going into the district. single tracking of the orange line zm?only.lp arlington county firei] respond theñpáoñi what they said was a smokey finer tunnel just outside of the clarendon station at 10:0mq!%m morning. metro originally told news4 there was some debris on thei] tracks. however arlington county fire seems to suggest it was a cable,
11:31 am
electrical fire. we'll hear now from the >> weó[ó[&ñ evacuated theñi ñ. units shut down power to the third rail. they went down with metroñi ñ active ñifire. there was evidence of a possible e"btrical fire.ñr our units leader the scene and left it witht( metro maintenanc. >> reporter: i spoke to metro just a short time ago. anájátásp' there said they have not confirmed the ;o)á(q of this fire. i asked if it was a cable fire because as you remember twoñr weeks agoxd there was alp cablee in a tunnel outside ofçó mcphern square station that caused single tracking and delays all day long and then a completet( /pátdown of the system for em%$se inspections. clarendon station opened now with singlet( tracking. tñ!r's the latest life from we got a real good look at the
11:32 am
cameras pointed towards the tidal basin. looks like it's starting to come down. >> i'mw3 tracking ac heavier ce pushing into the d.c. area.xd this will last for about 30 minute. you can see an unorganizedlp li here of rain. here youxd can see very heavy rn impacting the tidal basin right now. inxd addition to that blustery conditions out there and of course that's never good news for the beautiful flowers on the cherry trees. here's a look at this rain from our storm team 4 radar. i was tracking the cell moving in with yellows and oranges in it. a lot oft( it has diminished to sjdtqicjjá)q&ess a steady, soak rain. this is with a cold front that will continue to move off towards the i]east. by 1:00 most ofxd us are dry an stay dry for theko remainder o the day. current lie 67 degrees right ñr now. winds out of the northwest. cooler wind southerly this morning. at about 16 miles per hour. here's the latest on the cherry blos.
11:33 am
some of those petalsxd down. blooms average four to+ ten dar tomorrow, theçó weekend days to head down to the tidal basin.ñko byñr moan more rain and bluster conditions in forecast. we want to bexd among those saying thankko you to some of bravest americanok qheroes.lpxd
11:34 am
highest militaryxde1 award. today's eventslplp for recipien include a solemn remembrance at the tomb of the unphone soldier. tot( the race for the white house and this weekend brings three more contests for democrats. caucuses in hawaii, alaska and washington state,3 142 delegates up for grabs. washington state having is most. clinton currently leads sanders in the delegate count by more than 700. right now ted cruz isok sai told a town hall eventqw3 in oshkosh, wisconsin. that state will hold primaries for both parties a week from next tuesday. scott walker has notw3 endorsed candidate. he saidrcruz stone lie one who he thinks may be able to catch up to dulles tolhrroad.  he t), ñit if there is a conte3ád convention he believes the rno currently running. e1e1 meanwhile presidential candidates donald trumpççs and cruz are in a battle over their wives.
11:35 am
to twittere1 to defend himself. tracie potts has the latest from capitol hill. >>qrdonald you're a coward. >> reporter: ted cruzxd explodiu ov )q''t start the fight claiming cruz knew about the ad if he towering racy photo of trump as wife. >> if democrats want to make sure that somebody like au donad trump does not get elected president you'res7 lokrng at t him. >> reporter: bernie sanders isc back in washington state todaye pushing hard for victories there, alaska and hawaii this weekend. with a new ad from hawaii representative. the iraq warfá vet who quit her leadership position torsupport him. >> what i saw in bernie was the heart ofñi aloha. >> reporter: halle berry's focus s!;rñ national security and tru tellingr>ñ supporters his rheto againstsl
11:36 am
americans in jeopardy. >> not offensive bust dangerous. >> reporter: clinton talkedfá about the trump-cruz fight. r ant to see someçó p thrown. >> wow. >> not with you. >> i better be reallylp careful here. >>e1 be careful bernie doesn't poke you in the@"fe with that finger. >> you know i've never seen this at the presidential level. of people to try to turn undeclared delegates to his side before or during a contested convention.÷jtheir projection s come out of this withrojut than 1400 delegates more than enough to get the nomination. washington. maryland governor larry hogan weighing in on the race if trump gets the republican nomination he'll consider voting for someone else. hogan tells theñié@ ap he's no fan but alsoxd says he
11:37 am
forward its best candidates.e1 hogan also said he has no plans convention this fásummer. ahead we'll show you some of the best pictures we've seen of our cherry blossoms, plus we'll take you to arizona for a car 4x5átáq ikeñi wem'v
11:38 am
this has been something that we cannotçó stop watching. a strange almostw3 shocking situation. this happeninglp in arizona. you see some car chases butw3 n like this. this guy was in this white truck, apparently that was stolen. he got outt( to try to steal th motorcycle. he runs over thejn1 motorcycle. continues on. eventually crashes. flips the truck over. police wound up getting to him. police sayçó that he was ejecte from that truck when itt( crash but he's expected to survive. just an incredible thing you don't see every day.ã@r(t&háhp % >> i was trying to figure out when does the guy get
11:39 am
>> i think there was a light there. there was a light there and the guy got out of the truck oo try to steal thermotorcycle and itk wentñi downhill.e1 it went downhill a long time beforec that. >> you want to takeñr itq a bit slower onr rwo alexandria strees af+w years d is beinge1 reduced to 25 miles r hour.ñi >> that's right. police will be enforcing the new speed limit you probably know this road, i knowçó it very wel ñ you will ai speed on quakere1 lean between duke street andcy@uóq"ock road. neighbors petitioned the =(e for a change saying there had been like 60 accidentsñi in fiv years. it. >> be interesting to see if that lower speed will make a difference in thatçó area. we're staying on top of the terror in brussels plus the tragedy here at homeq as our community áv5ñ good-bye toñi a young officer shot in the line of duty. >> your
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11:41 am
>> today is goad friday and in jerusalem thousands of people areok walking in the foot stepsf jesus. jesus is saidt( to have walked near jerusalem.e1xdfáñi down in fairfax still some heavier rain indicated by the yellows and oranges.
11:42 am
this is the main line of activity. so once this moves through we'll be mainly here's the latest timing. notice at more rain. i think it has a good handle on timing. . by 1:00 this main mainly off to the east and hans for scattered showers in southern maryland and northern neck until by 4:00, 5:00 p.m., guys. >> speaking of the tidal basin and cherry blossoms lots of you were heading to social media to post your blossom pictures. lot of people enjoying the sunshine and the blooms yesterday. here's a different take. this is, can't forget the monument. another one, of course cue the
11:43 am
from those. you know exactly what that tweet means. pretty in pink that's very nice. beautiful shot back there. this is a personal favorite. i went out on, what was this, i think this was wednesday night, hit up the tidal basin for a run. look at those beauties. that's my favorite shot. if you got some beautiful images you want us to see we can share online send those pictures to staywith us we're
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♪ a memorial for a fallen officer. it's just one of our top stories now at 11:45. >> prince george's county police detective jacai colson was killed in the line of duty earlier this month. a fellow officer mistakenly shot him trying to hit a suspect. here's a live look now at route 202 right outside the church where colson's family is gathered right now. you can see the sun is starting to peek out through the clouds. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal is here with more on how long the sun is going to last out there. >> right now i'm tracking some areas of rain and some areas of sun. it depends on where you are. just one of those days, unfortunately. but as we move on into the rn
11:47 am
most of us are dry with a mix of clouds and sunshine. unless you're in southern maryland and northern neck you have threat of lingering showers to 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. 72 in fredericksburg to 63 in gaithersburg. here in the district this is what you can expect on into the later afternoon and early evening hours. high today in the 70s north and west of town. highs in the mid-to-upper 60s. evening hours a cold front clears the area. skies clear out. temperatures are really going to tumble. so you're eating outdoors weather even if you're just taking the dog for walk by 7:00. temperature around 63 degrees. here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar a close up of the district. some rain still in parts of prince george's county, fairfax county as well. moving towards the northeast. >> thanks. we are finding out more about two americans killed in the belgium terror attacks. a brother and
11:48 am
their deaths come as secretary of state tom kierein is renewing an international show of strength against isis. nbc's steve handelsman is in brussels following that investigation. >> reporter: the confirmation of the deaths of the two americans in the tuesday attacks came as u.s. secretary of state tom kierein arrived in belgium to offer more u.s. help in fighting terrorism here. >> the united states, i want to you know, is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those that have been taken very cruelly from us. >> reporter: belgium polian pol trying to prevents for attacks had more arrests. america was on the mind of one of the two attackers. taxi driver that took the team to the airport told police the man in white went on an anti-american rant. he is still assumed on t
11:49 am
but has reportedly been identified by u.s. law enforcement. tuesday's suicide bombers, el-bakraoui were on the watch list. belgian police with a small force and budget did not for fo cuss on the pair or detect their plot. belgians point out u.s. missed 9/11. >> give us break. we are nice people. >> reporter: in a small nation with a big terrorism problem. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, brussels. remembering and honoring a fallen officer. law enforcement from around the country saluting prince george's county detective jacai colson. he was killed in a shootout earlier this month. you're looking at the live video from his funeral service in upper marlboro. it's the first baptist church of
11:50 am
the service is scheduled to end at 12:30, between now and then we're told traffic may be slowed down or stopped on all of these roads, powder mill road, central of a news largo road, the bw parkway and even the beltway. news4 tracee wilkins is at the service right now. she will have more on how colson is being remembered tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. a developing story. a fredericksburg police officer is off the job this morning. he shot a man in the leg during a routine traffic stop. blair refused to comply with police which led to an altercation. the officer has been with the fredericksburg police department since july of 2013. he is off the job now until the investigation is complete. look live now we expect a
11:51 am
couple it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. they crashed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges our families face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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d.c. is about to get another new pair of eaglets. these are live pictures of the nest in southwest washington, liberty and justice have nested there for 11 years. talking about mom and dad there. well they have two eggs that were laid last month. so all eyes are on this camera again in addition to the two eaglets that just hatched at the national arboretum. mr. president and the first lady are busy raising their new eaglets. we have a link to the new eagle cam. you can open our nbc washington app and search eagle cam. we don't know what the eagles think about this weather but it's warming up out there and spending a lot of time out
11:53 am
may become more popular than ever with this weather. there are more signs the anacostia river is making a come back. >> reporter: it's a view not everyone gets much washington, d.c. but soon everyone can. starting next month there will be free guided boat tours of the anna cost yap. you'll learn the history and see historic hand marks from a vantage point you've never seen before and you'll get up close and personal with the resurging wildlife. while progress has been made over the years cleaning up the river there's still work to do and still ways you can get involved. check it out on we'll tell you how you can get
11:54 am
you can help clean up the anacostia river. >> news4 midday is back in just a momen kathleen matthews: if we want to be heard, we need women in congress. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a journalist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table, we get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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i want to show you another check of storm team 4 radar. as quickly as that line moved in it's quickly pushing off to the east. this line continues to push towards annapolis, calvert, charles, st. mary's county. in the afternoon scattered showers potentially in those areas. washington and areas back to the west for the most part you're dry from here on out. some meager showers in frederick counties. those quickly pushing off to the east and dying as they do so. we're starting to see sunshine. we'll don't see sunshine in the panhandle of west virginia, far western maryland and a mix of clouds and sun elsewhere. this will be the trend as we continues on into the afternoon hours also noticing breezy conditions. high today around 70. cooler tomorrow.
11:56 am
sunday a high of 68. chilly morning saturday and sunday. keep that in mind as you get those easter egg hunts under way. that's it for news4 midday. thank you so much for joining us. we're back on the air first at 4 this afternoon. >> get news updates any time with washington apps. we'll leave you with the sights and sounds of the memorial for detective jacai colson. ♪
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