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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, chaos after gunshots on capitol hill. >> get out of here! >> a lone suspect shot, taken away in an ambulance. tonight what we have learned about his history with capitol police. local hospitals
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are their computer systems being held for ransom? the fbi is now part of the investigation. and sun roofs shatter without warning. tonight news4 consumer reporter susan hogan finds out what you should know about your car. >> "news4 at 11":00 starts now. >> the visitor's center at the u.s. capitol will open on time tomorrow after it became a crime scene today. good evening. i'm wendy reiger. >> and i'm chris lawrence. jim and doreen are off tonight. multiple gunshots sent people rung out of the center. >> the shots came from capitol police after man brought a pellet gun into the visitor's center and pointed it at officers. news4's darcy spencer live at the capitol. with everything that we're learning about this suspect, larry dawson. >> reporter: wendy, what we know tonight is that he remains in a hospital, still listed in critical condition.
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we also know that he is from tennessee where he is a church leader. and neighbors there tell us they can't believe this has happened. tonight a pickup truck believed to be owned by a tennessee minister who was shot and wounded by u.s. capitol police is towed from the capitol grounds. larry dawson is the man who allegedly brought what officers thought was a real gun into the capitol visitor's center just before three income the afternoon. >> during routine administrative screening, the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers. >> reporter: he was shot by police and taken to a local trauma center where he had surgery and was listed in critical condition. it turned out he was holding a pellet gun. it's not the first time dawson has had a run-in with capitol police. back in october, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and creating a disturbance during a house hearing on capitol hill about
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>> i'm a prophet of god. >> reporter: a judge released dawson on condition he stay way from the capitol grounds and surrounding areas. when he failed to show up for a court date a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. a letter dawson submitted to the court in january said he would not comply with the court's order and would not surrender. he contended he is only governed by the divine love of god. dawson is from antioch, tennessee outside of nashville. a church there, st. luke's lists him as pastor. is video of his home and his neighbors are shock. >> never in my wildest imagination would i have pictured this, which makes me think maybe this is not the guy. or if it's the guy, then he's got two separate lives that he leads. >> reporter: and neighbors there in a state of disbelief there was also a woman who was injured in this incident. we're told she is in her 30s or 40s. she was taken to the hospital. but we're told her injuries are
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thank you, darci. capitol police chief matthew verderosa has only been on the job for a few weeks. news4 i-team talked to him last week about the evolving threat against the capitol complex. an i-team investigation found that capitol police have responded to more than 2500 suspicious package calls just in the last two years. and have stopped at least 13 people from carrying guns on or near the capitol ground since 2012. but at the same time, there are concerns about upcoming officer retirements. and there are new calls to increase funding for capitol police by more than $30 million. to help with the new security challenges. well, the suspect getting rushed to a hospital couldn't have come at a worse time for medstar washington hospital center. tonight all the medstar hospitals are trying to get the computers back up and running after they discovered a virus this morning that infected their system. now officials say there is no sign any's
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but tonight news4's jackie bensen found out that doesn't mean all the well. jackie? >> reporter: we're told homeland security officials are watching this situation very closely. the nation's capitol is just a few days away from hosting a major nuclear security summit. [ siren ] the computer attack has forced the health care giant which owns ten hospitals including washington hospital center and georgetown university hospital and dozens of medical clinics in the d.c. area to shut down its e-mail and vast record space. medical staff must communicate on paper and pull medical records by hand. columbia maryland-based medstar health confirms it is working with the fbi, but would not address whether the situation is suspected of being a ransom hack, where money is demand in order to free the system. a statement released to news4 reads in part currently all of our clinical facilities remain
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we have no evidence that information has been compromised. the organization has moved to backup system paper transactions where necessary. now functioning does not necessarily mean business as usual. i spoke to someone who spent a great amount of time at one of the hospitals in the area tonight, trying to get to a patient, a friend who had been admitted. and we understand that that staff is just struggling heroically with the slowdown of having to do pretty much everything by hand, no access to the internet. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. well, tonight the fbi says it has gotten into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. agents cracked the code without triggering that phone's security features. the justice department, as you know, has been in a bitter legal battle with apple to get syed farook's phone unlocked. well, now it says it will drop that court challenge. the data recovered is encrypted so it will
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decipher. the fbi wants to know if farook had help planning the mass shootings that killed 14 people. well, it's calming down a little bit now. but the wind is still gusting out there tonight. and what you'll feel as you step outside is that it's bringing some cold weather with it. amelia segal is in the storm system with what we can expect as we head out the door tomorrow. >> right now we're at 56 degrees. and the wind out of the west at 20 miles an hour. now the winds will continue to subside somewhat overnight tonight through the morning tomorrow. but you're still going to be noticing a bit of a breeze. and look at the temperatures. 6:00 a.m., a temperature around 44 in the district. at this point, 30s in the suburbs. mid- to upper 30s. so you want at least a light jacket or a sweatshirt as you step out the door on your tuesday morning. by 10:00 a.m., we'll warm to around 50 degrees with plenty of sunshine. so you'll neath need the sunglasses as well. now our high today was 70. tomorrow, cooler. i'll let you know by how much. and with the winds tomorrow
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additional chill they'll add. chris? >> thanks, amelia. new at 11:00, within the past hour, the maryland state senate unanimously passed noah's law. it's a bill that requires anyone convicted of drunk driving use the ignition interlock system. but the legislation passed tonight is different than the house version. so lawmakers are going to have to work out the difference before sending it to governor larry hogan. noah's law is named after police officer noah liatta. he was working a checkpoint last year and was hit and killed by a drunk driver. the deanwood metro station on sad. davonte washington was a ninth grader at largo high school and a member of the air force rotc. he was with his mother and two sisters when police say a gunman walked up to him, asked him a question and then shot him. police say the shooting was not random, but they are not talking about a motive. a suspected killer committed suicide in maryland today and caused problems for thousands of
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police say the man who jumped in front of a marc train was expected of shooting three people. marc and amtrak services were delayed for hours after the train hit in howard county. investigators say he shot two people at a truck stop in jessup on sunday, killing one, wounding the other. now they think that shooting was a case of mistaken identity. but we've learned el prado also shot and wounded a woman at an apartment in prince george's county. and police think the two of them had been in a long relationship. there is growing backlash in two southern states over laws regarding how they treat the lgbt community. today georgia governor nathan deal promised to veto a bill that would give businesses the right to deny services to gay and lesbian customers based on religious beliefs. and in north carolina, a federal lawsuit filed today over that state's recently passed law that limits protections for gay and transgender people. north carolina's governor is not backing down.
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>> in the common sense is not to have a government regulation telling business who they allow and in what rest room. >> i do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in georgia. >> major companies are pushing back against the new law in north carolina and the bill in georgia. some television and film companies are threatening to boycott georgia production franchise that states a bill becomes law. comcast, which owns nbc4, also urged a veto. what would you do if your sun roof shattered while you were driving? well, it's more common than you may think. and reporter susan hogan went to find out why and what you should know about your car. also next at 11:00, good news for commuters. fighting back against excessive fines on the virginia express lines. all jokes aside, why the secret service says you can forget about carrying a gun at this summer's gop nv
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aaron gilchrist and the nuclear security summit is this week in washington, d.c. any time there is a big event that is gathering a lot of important people, traffic is a mess. >> it's going to be a nightmare. they're going to close roads, metro station will be closed. sidewalks, bike lane, the whole nine yards. we've got you covered. how you can get readyor a f
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so if you drive the express lanes in virginia, you'd be getting some money back. transurban. that's the company that operates the l
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class action lawsuit over what drivers are calling excessive fines for missing their toll payments. well, now drivers who have paid between $100 and $300 in fines brace yourself. you're getting a $10 refund. and if you paid more than 300 bucks, you could get a little bit even more than that. transurban also agreed to give drivers more time to add money to their easy pass account if they are overdrawn. the settlement still has to be approved by a judge. well, hot lanes or no, imagine driving along when your sun roof suddenly shattered. it happened to one local family. as susan hogan discovered, they're not alone. >> reporter: it happens in a split second. drivers describe the terrifying moment their sunroofs shattered. >> we were just running some saturday errands. >> reporter: angela didn't get far on loudoun county pa
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the sunroof in her nissan pathfinder shattered. >> it was almost an explosion. for a second we were just silent. and the glass just came down on to my husband, who was driving. >> and all of the sudden our sunroof exploded. >> reporter: she even took this video with her phone after her husband pulled over. >> we didn't really know what happened. >> reporter: she and her daughter were sitting in the back when the glass came crash do you think in front of them. >> in my car seat. >> in her car seat. she was crying, scared. we were all scared. >> reporter: and they're not the own ones. it happened in chicago. >> i really thought i got shot at. >> reporter: it happened in new york. >> the glass had bowed upward. >> reporter: in fact, we found hundreds of complaints describing similar shattering sun roof, some even causing injuries. the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating cars for information on numerous models with sun roof,
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model pathfinder the deers drive. kia motors tells news4 it is evaluating the performance of its tempered glass, and has been cooperating with nhtsa, and says in its investigations to date, only foreign objects such as rocks and gravel have been identified as the cause of sun roof breakage. we asked a glass expert to explain just how a sun roof could shatter without warning. >> i've seen tempered glass just blow up. >> reporter: he told us tempered glass is commonly used in sun roofs. one reason being it's easier for rescuers to break through in the event of a crash. >> so when the tempered glass breaks, it will shatter in a million pieces. >> reporter: windshields are made with laminated glass. >> so it has two layers of glass with a lamination in the middle. that's what holds the glass together. >> reporter: he showed us there is a big difference. this is what happens when you hit laminated glass. and this is what happens when you hit tempered glass. he says something as small
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stone could sat area sun roof or pressure of some kind. >> it's scary. when you think about what could potentially have happened. >> reporter: the deers did get their sun roof replace. however, they have lost confidence in the safety of what is overhead. >> we're not excited to get the car back because i feel unsafe, frankly. >> reporter: nissan told us it. >> fixed the pathfinder under warranty. nhtsa says its investigations into shattering sun roofs continues. susan hogan, news4. well, guns will not be allowed at the republican convention this summer in cleveland, unless you are law enforcement. the secret service made that very clear today. after there is a petition for open carry of firearms. circulating online. that petition may have been started as a joke, claimed having people carry guns would keep everyone safe. a lot of people raised concerns about adding guns to what is possibly going to be a volatile convention.
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secret service says even in places where open carry is legal, the agency can override the state and local laws to keep candidates and other people safe. well, you may want the line up those jackets on your way out the door tomorrow. because, man, there is cold coming in. >> it's going to be chilly tomorrow morning. our high today was 70. but when you factor in the winds tomorrow, it will feel like temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. so that's going to be your first weather headline. now the winds not so bad the morning. but even a slight breeze with temperatures as cool tase are certainly going to feel quite chilly out there. and then the winds increase throughout the day. it's nice and wednesday. we lose the winds. keep plenty of sunshine around. temperatures around 60. which is normal for this time of year. our next chance of rain arrives later in the day on thursday. more on that in a moment. tomorrow, though, the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. it's chilly. and it is blustery. but we'll have beautiful sunshine ouer
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the 50s. 56 degrees in washington. 55 in indianapolis. and 54 back in leesburg. tracking some cloudiness out there. the clouds will move out of the area overnight. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, potentially still some clouds around. but throughout the day, sunshine definitely winds out. 7:00 a.m., temperature around 44. by lunchtime, we're in the mid-50s. a high tomorrow is 61. and we'll hit that at 4:00 in the afternoon. chilly tomorrow evening. 7:00, the temperature around 55. here is the latest on the cherry blossoms. i shared this picture on my twitter page. and you can see some petal there's in the tidal basin. some of the petals coming down. the winds not going to help tomorrow. if you're head do you think to the tidal basin, you probably want to grab a jacket, especially when you get the winds coming off of the water, if you're dwuown by the potomac. if you're dining out tomorrow evening, even with a bit of a breeze, it's going to feel like temperatures in the
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will be cool but pleasant. beautiful sunshine as the sun goes down. we'll see the temperatures drop. but at least we're not tracking winds. unfortunately on thursday, it's looking like rain could wash out those outdoor dining plans, whether you're going to go to a restaurant or fire up the grill. a nice day on wednesday. a high of 62. thursday, temperatures are warmer. a high around wednesday. mostly cloudy skies. it's breezy again on thursday. even windy later in the day. rain moves in potentially as early as the afternoon hours. it look likes we'll definitely have rain thursday night on into the first half of friday. highs friday around 70 degrees. the weekend not looking too bad. dry both days. a mix of clouds and sun. saturday a high around 60 degrees. a little bit cooler on sunday. a high of 55. and next monday, high temperatures potentially only warming on into the low 50s. >> my goodness. well, the cherry blossoms are pretty even when they're threating atop the water. i didn't think they were going to last much
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making their mark. but they've already got their eyes on a much bigger prize. sports is coming up next. here is jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys. claire danes can my guest tonight. plus we have blind spots, and music from bonnie raitt. you can't predict the market. plus we have blind spots, and music from bonnie raitt. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. well, for the caps, i guess the play-offs have been a forgone conclusion for a while now. but it's still nice to roll into the end of the year on a pretty
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>> this is a pretty good accomplishment, winning the president's trophy. the capitals organization, they're doing a great job pretending like they don't care at all. they care about the stanley cup. the capitals won the president's trophy for just the second time in franchise history. but as head coach barry put it, there won't be a champagne party or anything like that. we all know the capitals have bigger goals. but this sis a major step. home ice should not be underestimated by any means. trying to do something he has never done as the head coach, and that's win the president's trophy. his team got off to a good start tonight. john carlson fires from the blue line. justin williams from the right place at the right time settles down the puck on the rebound. his 22nd goal of the year. the caps are up 1-0. caps on the attack. tom wilson scoring his first goal since march 1. the caps, they go up 2-1. later on in the
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game away on the power play. matt niskanen's wrister off the net. t.j. oshie comes in off the redirect. first game back after missing two games with the flu. the caps had an empty net goal. 21 saves. they win 4-1 and clinch the president's trophy. and more importantly home ice advantage throughout the play-offs for the capitals. >> not going to let it go by without talking about it. it's a nice accomplishment. but we all know we're playing for something more. >> a huge credit to the guys we have in this room, the character we have in this room to win the president's trophy. it's a long year. so it's nice to kind of get that done. >> we know how hungry this town is for play-offs and we're right there with them. we want our game to be in tip top shape in seven or eight games. >> just seven games remaining. they're back at it wednesday in philadelphia. let's talk some colle
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washington looking for a new head coach after jonathan announced his resignation from the program today. he has been with in soggy bottom for four seasons. he led the colonials to back-to-back atlantic ten championships. he is expected to take the job at wisconsin some time this week. a big blow for gw. under him they wont 70% of their games. a new search for head coach will begin immediately. the men's basketball team making their way to new york city. they'll take on san diego state in the nit semifinal tomorrow night at madison square garden. colonial seniors, they're not ready for their time at gw to end just yet. >> this is my last ride. so i'm going to soak everything in and breathe everything. just notice everything, take everything in. and hopefully we win two games and go out as a champion. >> having an opportunity to go play in the madison square gan
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tournament like the nit, and being able to be in the last four teams of that tournament i think is a very special moment for us for the program, for the community. and it's definitely something that we're going to remember for a long time. >> kevin larson, patricio, going to miss those voices when they asave george w
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i'm going to go with my heart on this one. the winner of this knockout is owen. >> yes! another big night
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for our hometown favorite owen danoff. he won the knockout round, puts anymore the live play-off. secures his spot among the top 20. owen grew up in d.c., went to gonzaga, and his father won the grammy for best new artist in 1976 with the starland vocal
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring tonight show starring jimmy fallon." jimmy fallon."


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