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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the virus prevented certain users from logging in. med star officials say they are working with the fbi, but there is no sign anyone's personal information has been stolen. they also said facilities are functioning, however, the staff is using backup paper systems. the problem is affecting ten hospitals and more than 200 clinics. a d.c. firefighter is doing okay this morning after an extensive two-alarm fire. wtop reporting that the firefighter was evaluated on the scene of a house fire on gates road northwest. fire crews found flames at a home under renovation last night. no one was there at the time. the firefighter was not taken to the hospital. today police in fairfax county will train on decision making on the use of force in the community. officers will go through a series of real life scenarios they may face while on duty. the reengineered use of force trainings that been del
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you'll be able to learn more about that training tonight starting at 4:00 right here on news 4. 4:31. want to get you up to speed on your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell here now with a look at your forecast. good morning. hope you enjoyed yesterday. those winds were ferocious yesterday afternoon. peak gusts 49 miles an hour out at national airport yesterday afternoon. so the blossoms busted. i was town on hand's point and blossom petals flying all over the place. so peak blooming is now officially behind us. another breezy day today. thursday night, a little chance for maybe a rumble or two of thunder. of course your complete 7 day coming up at 4:51. and no fooling, it will be a chilly first weekend of april. in fact a little chilly outside here early this morning. temperatures are in the 40s. noticeably breezy again today, northwest winds more in that 15
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so not quite as ferocious as yesterday, but nonetheless breezy, sunny and cooler today. highs in the upper 50s and low 60s and cold night tonight. we'll talk how many more cold nights will be coming up, as well. melissa mollett how is traffic? a couple problems i want to mention. 95 north at gordon boulevard, a brand new issue with a disabled vehicle. does that seem to be slowing anything. still a disabled vehicle. and 270 south at 109, no problems there on 270. beltway at river road, once again we have some lanes blocked in both directions for some road work. that should be clearing out of here in the next 20 minutes or so. and then one more item of note, again outbound arrive road at willard, road work blocking the right lane. a live look at 95 coming up. 4:33. loudoun county school board members will vote on a controversial redistricting plan
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board members and parents met last night. plan 12 would be to move about 1900 students to different schools, but many parents say that option will lead to segregation of latino and lower income families. >> taking most of the sections of the downtown area and putting them into schools so the outlying schools are becoming very -- a lot less diverse. >> the public can weigh in on the controversial vote tonight in ashburn. the fbi now has the data of what is locked this to the san bernardino shooter's iphone but they didn't get any help from apple. an up nannamed third party help crack the phone. the justice department will now drop their legal challenge request with apple. the move raises he questions about security and how far police may go in the future.
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that at 4:45. new information from the white house about brussels. it says there is no specific credible intelligence suggesting terrorists are planning a similar attack on the united states. more than 30 people were killed in multiple bombings in brussels last week. the white house also said europe needs to to more to improve security and prevent future attacks. belgian police have been conducting raids, they arrested one man directly connected to the brussels attack. but released him because they did not have enough evidence to hold him. we're also learning more about the search for another man suspected in these attacks. federal police rereleased this video of a man wearing glasses, a light jacket and dark hat at the airport. the man is suspected of some kegs to t connection to the bombings but police still don't know exactly who he is. the man has not been seen since last week and he may still be out there right now. coming up on 4:35. we're learning more ab
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of the alexandria sheriff's office. officials have now released his name, he's 54-year-old diego silva fuentes. he's originally from puerto rico. the inmate died in the hospital after having a medical emergency at the jail. silva fuentes was being held on federal charges since march 4. both the alexandria police department and the sheriff's office are conducting investigations. d.c. police hope metro surveillance video will help catch whoever shot and killed a a 15-year-old deanwood metro station. on saturday, he was with his mother and two sisters when police say a gunman walked up, asked davonte a question and shot him. the shooting was not random, but they have not released a motive. a proposal in the name of a fallen montgomery county police officer is one step closer to be
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the maryland state is that the uhe in an husbandly passed noah's law late last night. it's a bill that requires anyone convicted of drunk driving to use an ignion interlock system. the house and senate still have to work out some kinks before sending it to governor hogan. noah's law is named after police officer noah loeo take. he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. the two eaglets feed your help. they need names. right now d.c. two, d.c. three, we can do better than that. the american eagle foundation is using social media to encourage fans to suggest names to the new duo. send your naming ideas. you may want to think about gender neutral names as the gender of the birds
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yet. leslie? >> leslie? >> yeah, it could go man or woman. >> something bird-like, though. >> like what? >> something that will work for an an hima animal? >> buffy. >> >> go to our facebook page. >> tweetity. >> do they tweet? need something regal. winning names will be announced april 26. >> royal sglnch i like that. my middle name. ahead the dhapgichanging threate u.s. capitol from its few chief. and important endorsement expected today. what else to expect in wisconsin. how about shirley. shirley you musbe
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that's a leslie nielsen joke. anyway, i'll be talking about the impact the weather will have on your plans to be outside but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >>
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impact forecast it looks like. >> absolutely right. a nice low impact weather day for everyone. cooler than credit. we made 70 yesterday. it will be every bit as blustery as yesterday, just not quite as warm. most of the day spent in the 50s to around 60 degrees. so school kids that don't have the week off for spring break, a cool start in the 40s with a breeze. so insulated wind breaker a fine idea. recess gets an a, but it will be cool, so keep in mind that you'll need your wind breaker and sunglasses and jeans if you will be outside. high temperatures upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. so a little cooler than average. a lot of cool air coming our way for the weekend. 7 day forecast in ten minutes. just got off the phone with state police. they say they are on their way to will problem outer loop at georgia avenue. a crash blocking one lane. we'll get more information on that and let you know what
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going on. also on the beltway at river road, some lanes blocked inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, construction that should be out of the way here in a while. outbound river at willard avenue, road work that will hang around for a while. a big hole in the road. 95 at 198, rolling along quite nicely. going to check on this problem top of the beltway and be back in a few minutes. p. you've probably seen the post on facebook. new laws to our south have some people pretty upset. but first, the fbi hacks a suspected terrorist cellphone. but the privacy battle is far from over.
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we're following breaking news, a hijacked plane in egypt. most of the more than 80 passengers who were on board the egypt air flight have been released at this point, but four are still on board the plane right now. >> so is the crew at this point. hostage negotiators are working to free those people right now. a flight was going from alexandria to cairo when a man who said he was wearing an explosive belt took over. it landed in cyprus. we'll have more from the live desk coming up. a live look at the capitol building where the visitor's center is expected to open at 8:30. this is a much calmer scene than we saw yesterday. d tour rusists running and office swarming the area after a shooting inside the officer visitor center. cellphone video showing the moments of
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a suspect who pointed a pellet gun at him allegedly at a security check point at the visitor's center's entrance. the suspect is 66-year-old larry dawson from antioch, tennessee. the police chief has only been on the job about two weeks. and news 4 iteam talked to him last week about the evolving threat against the complex. capitol police have responded to more than 2500 suspicious package calls in the last two years. they stopped at least 13 people from carrying guns on or near capitol grounds since 2012. at the same time, there are concerns with about upcoming officer retirements and there are new calls to increase funding for capitol police by more than $30 million to help with the new security challenges. the fbi has hacked into the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook without apple's help. nbc's tracie potts is live on
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what is next in this security fight. >> reporter: good morning. so what is next is they have to decode the encrypted information that they got. but at least they have been able to get it from the phone. but it does not answer the basic constitutional question that was raised in this case as to whether or not the government can compel private tech company like apple to help them break into a phone. what they wanted was the ability to continue on get codes unlimited until they could get into the phone. apple fought the case vehemently saying it was a dangerous press departmen press department saying that technology in the wrong hands could put every phone at rifrg. now a bit of a moot point after a tip came this a week ago giving them information about how to break in without apple developing the software to do so. so now the government says
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but the basic constitutional question can the government compel a company to do this still unanswered this morning. tracie potts, thank but. in the race for president, the hits are still on the campaign trail. they have been campaigning through. >> alan westin: ahead of the primary there. the personal attacks keep coming between donald trump and ted cruz. both candidates are also now talking about national security. trump is raising eyebrows after this conversation with the "washington post." >> this was about isis, you would not use a -- >> this is a very good looking group of people. can i know who the hell i'm talking to? >> all three gop candidates will have a town hall tonight in milwaukee ahead of next week's primary in wisconsin. ahead of that primary, scott walker is expected to
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one of the gop candidates for president. that announced expected today. he has previously said that he would back the republican presidential nominee. last week, though, walker said senator ted cruz was the only candidate who could beat donald trump. the democratic candidates are also stumping in wisconsin today. both hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders have rallies and events planned throughout the state today. wisconsin's primary set for april 5. staying with decision 2016 but a little ceoer to home, former maryland ghovernor puttig his support behind glenn ivey. other candidates include anthony brown and jocelyn pena. the democratic primary is april 26. ♪ there is that muc.
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>> next week, the nationals start playing games that could actually count. today the nats holding a special walk-through of nationals park. we'll be there to show all the new stuff that you can see and do, eat. they're showing off the redesigned spaces and some new marketing campaigns, as well. like every year, they will also sample all the stadium's food offerings. calm down, eun. >> i mean, you have to go to a ball game for the food. for the game, too, obviously. but part of the experience. >> a lot of new stuff coming. the home opener is a week from this thursday. >> go nats. coming up on 4:51. we have some breaking news in first 4 traffic. right now on the roads, take a look at this this, we're talking about the top of the beltway. outer loop at georgia avenue, all lanes are blocked right now. we just got off the phone with police. they say they are not again yet on the scene, but the top of the bel,
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all lanes are blocked outer loop at georgia avenue. obviously this is a problem spot on a normal day, so we'll keep a close eye on this one. outbound river at willard avenue, that will be a big slowdown to folks here this morning. road work blocking the right lane there just before you get to that whole foods area. big look at things, overall no major problems right now. 270, 95, 66 everything rolling along just fine. outside today, we have another day with a gusty northwesterly wind, but it could be a lot worse. winter storm warnings are flying, could get 6 to 12 inches of snow across northern maine. biggest airline trouble spots might be salt rake cilake city denver. super sto winter storm there, as well. some rain in morgantown won't
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bother any of us. we will be dry today. plenty of wind. 7 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday i was out running around hain's point. blossom petals flying everywhere. i posted it at ch@chuckbell4. weather and your plans for today, on the whole not going to change any of your plan, but know if you will be outside today, breezy and chilly here this morning. another blustery afternoon. not quite as ferocious of a wind as we dealt with yesterday. but it's a cool start. everyone in the 40s this morning. 49 in arlington, 48 in culpeper, 45 in new market, maryland. sun up at 6:57. we'll be in the 40s thois morning. upper 50s to around 60 for a high in most areas today. so if you will be outside, don't forget your sun block. high today 57 in gaithersburg, 63 for a high today in manassas.
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not as much of a wind. it will be a cold start, there could be pocket of subfreezing temperatures early tomorrow morning. so if you have any sensitive plants out there first thing, may want to cover them up for tomorrow morning. here is your first look at the seven day forecast. 63 today, 62 tomorrow, just about average for late march. next chance for rain rolls in thursday afternoon. thursday night, might have a rumble or two of thunder. friday looks rainy and showery, but that's all right because leaves us alone, both days this weekend dry but chilly. welcome to april, everybody. new developments in a story you saw breaking on our nbc washington app. the latest for the man who forced capitol hill into a lockdown. first, though, news 4 un
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at 4:56, check out these temperatures. chuck bell saying it will only get cooler. but there is good news in the forecast. chuck is back at 5:01. and more than 80 passengers on board when a plane is hijacked overnight. what is happening right now and we just learned new information about what may be motivating the hijacker. new court documents say a man as a suspect in a deadly fire is already in jail.
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the arson in reston back in december. prosecutors say he purposely set the fire that nearly killed his former landlord. one day before that crime, greene forced his way into a 67-year-old woman's home. documents say he and an accomplice tied up the woman and stole her car. green is not charged with either of those crimes. he is currently in jail facing charges ranging from strangulation to malicious wounding. today president obama will seek $1.1 billion in federal funding to expand treatment for opioid addiction. the annual summit it the nation's largest collaboration of professionals and advocates against addiction. the president is part of a panel discussion to talk about the rise in prescription drug and heroin use. backlash from some tv and film companies may have changed the course of a controversial law in the south. georgia's governor says he plans to veto a bill that would give bu
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customers based on religious believes believes. comcast was among several companies that said it would stop productions in georgia if the governor did not veto the bill. the governor also said he didn't think the bill is necessary. >> i do not position that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith based community in georgia. >> there is another controversial bill in north carolina that is in place now that limits protections for gay and transgender people. however, that state's governor said he won't prevent it from becoming law. it may soon be more difficult for law enforcement to access your e-mail accounts. members of congress are hoping to close an e-mail privacy loophole. it would require a warrant to look at any e-mail. right now police in most states can look at an electronic message that is more than six on
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maryland is one of five states that already requires a warrant. virginia is one of nine states considering similar laws. well, it was another big night on "the voice" for owen danoff. >> he won the knockout round performance putting him into the live play eve aoff and securing spot in the top 20. >> winner is owen. >> congratulations. >> owen grew up in d.c. and went to gonzaga high school. >> his father won best new artist grammy in 1976 with the star land vocal band. runs in the family. >> keep an eye on him. as we approach 5:00, i'm aaron gilchrist about. >> and i'm eun yang. we're monitoring a hijacked plane. a man wearing a belt of
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air flight scheduled to fly to cairo. angie goff is at the live desk. >> it landed in cyprus. they're saying this is not related to terrorism. this as new tore comes in about the hijacker and his demands. they can confirm he does have explosives on him. he wanted to fly to istanbul, but the pilot told him he didn't have enough fuel. and this just in through sources telling nbc news that samaha's motivation appears to be one of a personal matter involving a woman, not a political matter. hostage negotiators working to free four passengers all believed to be foreigners on that plane along with crew members. this as we learn in a some of those passengers could be american. more as we get it. and


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