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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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amr is not used for life-threatening calls. they had to wait 28 minutes even though a nearby ambulance was nearby. an elevator got stuck about 280 feet, roughly 28 stories up yesterday afternoon. 19 people were in the elevator at the time but they were able to get out. 23 people were on the observation deck and had walked down nearly the 900 steps. this is the ninth time in less than a year that elevator issue caused the monument to close. in the day ahead there will be a vigil for the 15-year-old boy killed at the metro station. that vigil for devonte washington continues at that station. deenwood appeared in court accused of killing him. court documents
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asked why washington was looking at him. he shot him twice in the chest that's where security cameras recorded the shooting. it's now 4:31, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, feels like winter this morning. >> absolutely. temperatures have really dropped in some spots. temperatures below freezing. so bundle up a cold start for a late march morning, sunshine for everybody. our next rain chance comes in on thursday but running farther behind. rain chances may not come in until after dark. that's good news. you think this is cold, wait till next week. right now, though, 32 in gaithersburg, winchester and lurey. low to mid-50s at lunchtime and low 60s for highs today, just ab
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march. again, that rain chance coming into the picture later for thursday. we'll talk about that with the whole seven-day coming up. it's traffic time, melissa. >> unfortunately, we do have a couple of problems. again, northbound bw parkway at the beltway. i'm going to make some calls to see exactly what is going on here. could have some lanes blocked. 7 eastbound and ashburn boulevard, again, has some lanes blocked. that should be out of the way in just a little bit. big loop to the outer, a little problem there. 270 and montrose, nice and clear. students and parents are wondering after the school board voted down a controversial plan. it came after two hou
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emotional testimony in ashburn. parents are concerned about the moving of 1900 schools. one parent through a translator said those schools are better. >> translator: basically to have to go to university and have a good education, too. they are the future of this country. >> however, the feig may not be over. county board members say with the rapid growth of loudoun county, the prospect of changing school boundary lines will come up again. one man is dead and five people are recovering after a huge storage rack collapsed. this happened at the rinehart food services house inside a refrigerator. sources say two people were critically hurt here. osha investigat
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into why that rack collapsed. also, someone spotted a body in a retention pond. the body was found in the water last night in manassas. happening today, supreme court nominee merrick garland will sit down with two more senators on capitol hill. this comes a day after his first meeting with the gop senators and some republicans begin to shift their tone. illinois governor mark kirk met with garland on tuesday. he says he would consider meeting with garland. and those insist they will not don firm the nominee until after the november presidential election. nomination stalemate is causing deadlock on the supreme court. edward lawrence will have the report on the need to find a tiebreaker. decision 2016, senator marco rubio may be quietly walking on a plan to force a
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republican convention this center. nbc news is reporting that despite suspending his campaign, rubio is attempting to keep every delegate he won. he wants to give the voters a chance to stop trump. if rubio convinces most state parties to maintain his delegate, that could effectively deny trump 172 delegates. those dlts could prove critical in trump's quest for the nomination. donald trump says he cannot promise to support whoever becomes the nominee. last year, all the gop candidates including trump signed a pledge of support for the eventually nominee. trump says he cannot honor that pledge because he's been treated unfairly by the republican national committee during the campaign. the culture of abuse. that is what other gop candidates led to the arrest of trump' c
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corey lewandowski has been charged with simple battery. showing a video of lewandowski grabbing michele fields. he said he never met. the trump campaign says he didn't do anything wrong. other candidates say this is something voters need to pay attention to. >> and i think it's a really unfortunate development. but i do think it helps clarify for the voters what the trump campaign is all about. >> and that's frankly, totally, and completely inappropriate. it could have been one of my daughters for that matter. >> simple battery say misdemeanor, and lune do yousky's first court appearance is scheduled for may. on the democratic side, bernie sanders will hold a rally in kenosha, wisconsin. the tough voter i.d. law he says
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have a democracy. hillary clinton is hold will campaign rally at the theater in harlem. lessons you learn. this girl getting a reward for her bravery today. but first, take a look at this scene here, a fire so big it took a drone to get the best images here. a live look at our tower cam as
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a giant fire is out but several people don't have anywhere to go right now. the fire spread across five rowhouses in brooklyn last night. you can see the black smoke filling the night sky. 11 people were hurt including a firefighter. one of the people hurt seriously took firefighters more than an hour to get the fire under control. at this point it's not clear how that fire started. a fire in d.c. seriously damaged a house and displaced a family last night. this happened on hartford street at the intersection of alabama avenue. d.c. fire says no one was hurt. coming up, looking at weather and traffic on the 1s. particularly chilly start this morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, this is the best day? >> more or l
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that is allowing for a cold start this morning. but honestly, without the wind, this afternoon is going to be quite pleasant. for today on the whole, plenty of sunshine and light breeze. school day forecast for the kids headed out to the bus stops this morning. layer up, it is cold. some spots below freezing this morning. recess gets an "a." plenty of sunshine, it's an outdoor recess kind of day. i know i'll be outside. temperatures in the low 60s today. kiddos, first thing this morning will need the jackets. sunglasses and jeans later on today. a look at the seven-day, possibly two days warmer. crash update time, here's melissa. >> crash update. bw parkway at the beltway that crash is now on the right shoulder. all lanes are open so you don't have to worry about that one. 7 east at ashburn village boulevard that is also cleared out of the way and all lanes are open. that l
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done for today. 66 at fairfax county parkway. inbounds and outbounds looking good. prince george's county overall, inbound and outbound 50, no worries. 270 from frederick down to the spur going to take you 26 minutes, exactly as it should. redskins great, you probably know him as one of the hogs from back in the '80s. he's in trouble this morning. the charges against george
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u.s. congress asking for more money. that request is meant to fund the addition of extra officers and a security post. news4 iteam has been investigating threats on the grounds. capitol police asked for an additional $35 million next year. one agency official told the senate, quote, we want to keep the fights outside the buildings and identify threats before they enter the buildings. the report was filed three weeks before monday's shooting and the lockdown at the visitor's center. the iteam has learned that the agency also wants to have more checkpoints inside buildings and garages. >> it's the challenge that we face throughout the country. the unthrown threat. and, you know, whether it's an organized effort or whether it's the individual, we always have to be cognizant of the threat environment. >> congress must decide by the end of the year whether to give u.s. capitol police an additional 72 officers. this morning, the suspect
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information the hospital in critical condition. larry dawson is a pastor from tennessee. capitol police say dawson pointed a pellet gun at office at the security checkpoint inside the visitors center. the capitol police shot him. once he's released from the hospital dawson will appear in d.c. superior court on two assault charges. even though some gop senators are agreeing to meet with merrick garland, officials are waiting to fill antonin scalia's seat. that controversy is causing a deadlock. more on the supreme court's extraordinary request. edward. >> yeah, and the supreme court is asking for more information from a number of indication which is is something they haven't done until the cases have already been heard. this will delay the cases and send them down the road a little bit. for the very first time time, supreme court nominee merrick garland has et
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he med with mark kirk who praised him, urges other members of congress to meet the nominee and give him a chance to be confirmed. kirk is facing a very tough re-election in his own state. garland will move on and meet senators from maine and pennsylvania next week. there's no sign that mitch mcconnell will bring garland's confirmation to the floor for a vote. at the moment, the high court is deadlocked 4-4. it means unions win the right to force the workers, to uphold the lower court ruling. there's a number of big cases coming up including one on contraception on the docket. but the justices are trying to delay and get another justice there to beat the deadlock. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence. it's 4:47, the fbi turned to a company in israel for help in
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bernardino attackers. the agency no longer needs help from apple and has dropped its suit against the tech giant. four months earlier, with the access to the phone of farook, they turned to experts with mobile forensics, experts in the usa said others could have gained access. >> someone has access to the device with limited time and money they will get to the data on that device. >> tech experts have said that the fbi has shown there is a way to get into an iphone and that may now make people feel insecure. >> the man accused hijacking an egyptair is now heading to jail. seif elden mustafa is charged with evidence of explosives and kidnaps. he'll be detained. prosecutors said he had an explosive belt on the plane but it
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he was arrested after the plane landed in cyprus. no one was hurt. many held a vigil in dupont circle last night to show solidarity with the victims of the deadly bombing in pakistan. the group sent these photos. they also say they condemn all acts of violence. the vigil came after thousands were rounded up in pakistan yesterday. no one was arrested. a playground in pakistan was bombed. more than 70 people were killed, over half of them children. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks. and the airport back to norm after police evacuated a terminal. about 5:00 yesterday afternoon, a police dog found an item in a baggage area. after 45 minute this cleared the bag and let passengers back inside. the evacuation affected seven airlines. it's not sure h
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baseball is so close, we're getting our first taste of it. news4's tom sherwood. >> literally. look at that food. >> with the preview of the ballpark, food and everything else you can expect this year. one thing you may or may not see, new security around the ballpark. outside there's plenty of new developments that could add to the city's economy. i live in that area, and they're just adding more and more. there's a lot of good restaurants now. >> i love going to the ballpark. >> now, if we could just get to the world series. >> and i want baseball weather! >> well, baseball has a tendency to start cold and end cold. the boys of summer, there's a lot of mild days in there but it's going to be a chilly go. baseball season officially comes to the home opener a week from thursday. a week from tomorrow. and yes, indeed, it is going to be a school start to the season. what about weather impacting your plans today? nothing to worry on, outside of ch
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and you can deal with that easy enough just by putting your fleece back on. quite cold early this morning, all sunshine for you this afternoon, at no additional charge. tomorrow, even milder and staying mainly dry. you'll have a little chance for rain coming up tomorrow. rain chances hovering around 30%. but most of that chance comes late in the day, perhaps even after sundown for the metro area. best chance for rain during the daylight will be in the shenandoah valley and mountains. best chance for rain for everybody shows up on friday. hit and miss scattered showers. doing any traveling, flying to florida, rain showers from ft. lauderdale to miami, the unorganized storm here across the upper midwest. flying today, chicago, milwaukee, minneapolis, could have delays here. right around here, 300, 400 miles of washington, no chance for rain. future weather, sunshine today. 30s on your way out the door. we'll be up near 60 later this afternoon. overnight n
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weather clouds around. skies during the day we'll go from partly to mostly cloudy. any shower chances and they're fairly slim during the daylight hours out in shenandoah. here's 11:00 p.m. tomorrow and future weather. there's that chance for showers on the west side of the d.c. metro area. hit and miss. could be steadier rain by predawn on friday morning. light to moderate rain say possibility. friday, during the day, hilt and miss chances for showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder. doesn't look like a lot of severe weather, but nonetheless, shower chances are there start to finish on your friday. that should be out of here in time for the weekend. but the mild air. 70s tomorrow. 70s on friday. don't get used to it, everybody. cold northwest-westerly winds in place for the weekend. saturday, average. but sunday downright chilly. and windier. and cold air could you me talking about the mix of rain and
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the mountains next tuesday. >> you don't daresay that. beltway here at colesville road, top of the beltway looking okay. innerloop and outer loop moving along just 79. taking a look here, rolling along nicely, 66. with slowdown to woodridge, southbound at 95, looks like that cleared up and we don't have to worry about that one anymore. innerloop, outer loop, downtown, the nuclear security summit, a lot of road closure over the next few days they're sort of rolling out. you want to avoid streets around the convention center from 7:00 tonight to noon on saturday. that includes 7th street, 9th street and m street around the convention center. northbound bw parkway at the beltway, again, that crash is on the right shoulder. no problems here at capitol to beltway. new
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in north carolina. days after the governor passes pretty controversial laws. we're learning the economy could take a big hit. but next, meet the smart little girl getngti
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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we have breaking news right now at 4:56. we're tracking developments in a fire that turned deadly overnight.
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fire investigators say they found a man's body in the basement nearly covered up with debris from the flames. news4 is on the way. the live report as soon as she arrives. more breaking news, a man found dead after a fire in northwest washington. a live picture from sedgwick road. we're working to find out how the fire started and if anyone else was hurt. and it's cold out there, but at least it's not windy, right? if you check out this map, you can seal how chilly it is in your neighborhood. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell back with a warmup. how old are you, honey? >> i'm 7 years old. >> okay. is your mommy or daddy there? >> my dad is on the floor and he's on the ground sleeping. >> is there anyone else there with you? >> no, it's only me and my mom's -- >> oh, man, a brave 7-year-old girl for sure. she's going to be honored for
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this is jenna deloria. she saved her father's life when he had a diabetic seizure. today, she'll take a tour. she found her father unconscious on the floor of their silver spring apartment. she remembered what her mother told her to do in an emergency. >> reporter: you called 911. >> yep. >> reporter: why? >> because my dad was unconscious and he wouldn't wake up. >> thank you for saving my life. >> we've taken that full 911 call, and you can listen to this amazing little girl, jenna, on the nbc4 app. >> did she say unconscious? >> she did. a lot of you are clicking on this story on our website. this morning, a former redskins lineman is facing charges of domestic violence. george starke was
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the w hotel monday night he was charged with assault after a woman says he hit her in the face. a new response to that controversial law in north carolina that many say is anti-lgbt, because of the law, atlanta city leaders are asking the nba to move next year's all-star game out of charlotte. the law prevents local governments from creating anti-discrimination legislation. it also requires bathrooms to be designated for men or women only. also north carolina's attorney general is calling that law a national embarrassment and says he will not defend it in court. >> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. some breaking news, if you're just joining us at 4:59. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a massive fire turns deadly overnight. we're minutes away from a live report from news4's kristin wright. >> i'll taket
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we'll take you to gaithersburg, while kristin gets set up. live report coming up at 5:15. and it was a cold night out there for firefighters, but they did not have to deal with the wind. that was a change. you can see the calm conditions in this live look at the station. we'll check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. warmer today, chuck? >> warmer after we get the sun up. but for now, it's a cold start. many shelters are down below the freezing mark. a cold start for sure. plenty of sunshine. 100 sunshine from sun up to sundown. just a light breeze. a light north wind has temperatures below freezing at frederick, maryland. freezing mark at winchester, 28 in manassas, 28 in warrington. so it's a cold one. next 24 hour, layer up on your way out


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