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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the city more than it planned for. the newspaper says the redskins will receive $360,000 from the city for the camp this year. but says city leader originally believed they would break even on the chasm but they haven't made as much as they expected from sponsorships and rents. stay with us. "news 4 today" tips rigcontinue now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00, you've been warned. if you thought traffic in our area was bad before, it could come to a standstill today especially if your morning starts off anywhere near the washington convention center. good morning. it is 5:00. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check your weather first with chuck bell. a much warmer start to our thursday. love this, chuck. >> yes, indeed. much different thanks to a stiff south early wind. i'll fix the spelling on that in
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sorry, everybody. back into 70s for this afternoon. there will come with it a chance for some hours, probably not until after the sun goes down. so daylight plans today will not be affected by rain chances. current temperatures mid to upper 50s. in fact it's already they'near parts of the shenandoah valley. so 50s out the door this morning. 70s and warm and breezy this afternoon. rain chances this evening into tomorrow morning. in fact could wake up to a rumble or two of thunder on your friday. here is the latest from first 4 traffic now with melissa mollett. good morning, chuck. reminder for the security summit that again is starting today. lots of closures away the convention center. 7th street, 9th street, n streets northwest all closed. they will not reopen until saturday. when we're talking about roads that will still be open throughout this entire process, here is what will be open. major roads still open, rhode
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northwest and constitution avenue. all of those perhaps may have a little more traffic than they normally do this time of day. but again, they will be open. we'll be tweeting from first 4 traffic about all of these closures all morning long. and it's 5:02. today service workers are off the job at reagan national. you're looking at a live picture of the airport. it's the first time service workers at dca have gone on strike. among them, wheelchair attendant, sky cap, baggage hammers. they're describing over wage, some as low as $3.70 an hour plus tips. union workers argue the low wages lead to high turnover and staff shortages. service workers at ten other airports around the country are also on strike. the 24 hour work action will end tonight. it is now 5:03. new developments about the brussels terror attacks. investigators say the
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bombers may have been targeting belgian's prime minister. images of his office and home were found on one of the bomber's computers. and we learned another american texas native gail martinez was killed in the attacks. the airport is closed again today, but it could reopen soon. technicians are working to get at least some flights running. they say they will know if that's even a possibility today. and if it is, the government has to approve of the reopening. therea special prayer service today for the victims of terror attacks. not just in brussels, but the easter bombing in pakistan, as well. the service is tonight in chantilly at 7:00. the community says, quote, such barbaric acts of terrorism have no place in islam. they are inviting everyone from all faiths to join them at the
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service tonight. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. in tulsa, seven people hurt including one person critically injured after a tornado ripped through that area. it is disaster wherever he look this morning. but what made things worse was the tornado didn't just touch ground once, meteorologists say wednesday's storm spawned several tornado touchdowns, even one at the tulsa airport. and a close call for people at a church gathered for a prayer service, huddled together. they say it sounded like a freight train coming right over them. major damage to the roof and vehicles outside, but all of the congregants say they made it out without a scratch. back to you. your time is 5:04. now to decision 2016 where donald trump's latest comments about abortion causing another firestorm both on and off the campaign trail. trump told msnbc's chris matthews that if the abortion procedure were made illegal
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>> do you believe this punishment for abortion as a princip principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> that comment was widely denounced by democrats and republicans just hours after his remarks, trump made an about-face saying an boars provi abortion providers should be punished if roe vs. wade is ever overturned. his opponents pounced on the controversy, as well. more in a few minutes on their reaction. there is impending ballot trouble for senator bernie sanders this morning. the democratic presidential candidate could have issues getting on d.c.'s june primary ballot. turns out the local democratic party missed a deadline to notify the board of elections that sanders and hillary clinton had their pair registration fees. rules require a hearing on the
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challenge, butt chairm an emerg. council vote may be able to resolve the issue before the primary on june 14. >> reporter: a metro station closure and widespread road closures in the area around the convention center. it could be a difficult commute. i'm megan mcgrath, a live report coming up. making decisions in montgomery county. the changes officials are considering. and looking live where we are close to 60 degrees in some areas. really nice. will you want heat or the ac when you drive drive home
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice
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education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. students may be getting a bigger say in how their schools are run. maryland lawmakers just passed a bill to give the student member of montgomery county school board additional voting rights. the en
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issues including school boundary, collective bargaining and the budget. before now only adult members of the board could vote on those particular issues. 10 after the hour. want to get you up to speed on the forecast. days like this, we like chuck bell. >> we like chuck bell over single day. >> thank you, eun. one of you has to be on my side. >> i'm on your side on days like this. >> yeah, quite breezy outside this morning. you'll notice the change compared to yesterday when most of the map was covered up with temperatures in the 30s. this morning we're in the mid to upper 50s already. coming up later on this afternoon, temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s. it will be a bit on the breezy side. there are rain chances today, but probably not until after dark across the local region, dry travel from raleigh to boston. chicago, cincinnati and atlanta and detroit, you may want to be ready for a delay. any delays in t
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start with a look at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, all nice and green. we had earlier construction inner loop at new hampshire avenue, and that is now out of the way. so no more worries about that one. 66 east of compton road, also looking quite good. nice and dry right now. we love that. 95 northbound, southbound, fine at 66 miles per hour. remember yellow, green line mount vernon square station closed until tomorrow for security reasons. line still megan mcgrath with more coming up. several road closures in place across the district as world looerds get ready to attend the nuclear security summit. but those aren't the only road blocks you'll see. the other closures that could impact your commute. plus friends and father gather to remember the life of a young boy gone too soon just days after a 15-year-old was gunned down at a metro staion. t
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks
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world leaders are in washington for the nuclear security summit and that means major road closures and increased security around town. megan mcgrath is live near the washington convention center now with more on what you teed you know today. >> reporter: folks will need to plan ahead, come up with alternative ways to work especially if you live in the area, you're going to have to keep in mind that you will have to pass through some of these secure zones if you live in the area immediately around the convention center. security is very tight as you can see. this is one of many checkpoints and barricades in the area of the convention center. we're on massachusetts avenue right at 10th street. you can see that traffic has been completely shut down here. the s same thing on the other side. major commuter routes will be closed for the next couple of days including new york avenue. the nuclear security summit
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another thing that people will want to keep in mind is that the mount vernon metro station is going to be closed until 8:00 friday night. trains will bypass that station, so you cannot use the mount vernon metro station, you will have to jump off either before or after and that will cause some tie-ups here this morning. security very tight in light of the terrorist attacks in brussels. no specific terror threat here in washington, d.c. we're told, but certainly they want to make sure that security is tight, extensive parking restrictions in the area also expect rolling road closures as dignitaries make their way around the district. if you live in the secure zone, you will have to carry i.d., show roof of residency to get in and out of the area. it will be inconvenient today and tomorrow. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. the summit will also affect how you move away town this morning. take a look at the closures around the washington conve
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right now portions of new york avenue and mass avenue and k-street and m street are shut down. coming up, melissa mollett will let you know how to get around the closures. we do have a complete list of the shutdowns already for you as well as the timing, just search road closures in the nbc washington app. a disturbing situation in prince william county, another body was found in the water there, this this time prince william county police say they found the body in powells creek in woodbridge. it was discovered under the bridge on route 1. police are working to identify the body. earlier this week, a different body was found in a manassas pond. after more than a year, the map accused of shooting a 9-year-old boy back in 2014 is set to go before a judge. kenneth parker is charged with shooting jayden, an unintended victim during a gunfight. he spent months in a rehab center. parker faces 14 counts including assault with intent to kill.
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kidnap a 6 why wou-year-old gir salami grabbed the while from her front yard. her mother managed to get between salami and the front gate. he ran off but came back a few minute he s later. officers eventually arrested him on veirs mill road and is being held without bond. a local woman who was pregnant and infected with the zika virus is new undow under t micro skoech microscope of researchers. doctors say a 33-year-old woman who was 11 weeks pregnant contracted zika in the fall after trips to mexico and central america. at 20 weeks, an ultra sound showed that the
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brain abnormalities. >> what we do know for sure is that if the fetal brain is affected, this appears to be very bad situation. >> the parents chose to terminate the pregnancy at 21 weeks. this case was published in the new england journal of medicine. researchers hope the study may answer some questions about the link between zika and birth defects. 5:19 your time. we turn to chuck bell to talk about our forecast this morning. we're starting out pretty warm here, chuck. >> and we hope it stays that way. >> i know you do. we have a two day warm spell. you get today in the the 70s and tomorrow near 80 degrees. do not get used to it. get outside and enjoy it while it's here because next week tuesday, wednesday time frame, highs back down into the 40s with raindrops and maybe a wet snowflake or two. tuesday of next week. so you have to get out and enjoy
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here. looks like april will start off in a particularly cruel way. warmer and wendy today, a risk of a shower today, but probably not until after the sun goes down. you could probably get away with it if you can't find the umbrella this morning, if you left it at work this morning, just know that you'll need it after sundown tonight. out the door this morning, it is nice and mild. temperatures in the 50s already. about 20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. and zoom up we will go, upper 60s to near 70 degrees by noontime. if you're headed out for a walk or jog, plan on a substantial south wind. about 75 in stafford today, 70 in martinsburg. best rain chances before the sun goes down will be west into the blue ridge in the mountains of west virginia. nothing but ground clutter on radar this morning, but a whole lot of rain back out to our west. this whole area of rain showers is coming our way. best chance for rain will be
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of the day tomorrow. not a huge severe weather risk, but we certainly could have a rumble or two of thunder and that could be coming with gusty winds and brief periods of heavy rains. we'll keep you posted on all that. next four days, 73 today, 79 tomorrow. risk of some showers early in the day on saturday, but much cooler for both saturday and particularly sunday. sunday blustery and cold, highs only in the 50s. melissa mollett, how is traffic holding up this morning? >> things are holding up just fine except of course if you're in northwest and trying to get around town there because of the nuclear security summit. we do have a lot of closures around the convention center. avoid the area as best you can. i know it's difficult. the purple means we don't have data because nothing is moving. roads still open, rhode island, 6th street northwest, constitution, connecticut, still open through the summit.
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that will be okay. but we do have a full list on the nbc washington website, we're tweeting them out, as well, the road closures. top of the beltway, no problems top of the beltway. prince george's county moving just fine. and 95 at prince willi william y looking good. family, friends and neighbors gathered last night to remember a teenager killed in a d.c. metro station. 15-year-old davonte washington was shot in front of his mothers and sisters on saturday at the deanwood station and that's where loved ones gathered to grieve last night. friends say he was a good young man who tried to stay out of trouble. >> wonderful young man. had a good head on his shoulders p. >> 17-year-old maurice bellamy was arrested on monday and charged with second degree murder. it seems bellamy and washington met by chance on that subway platform. they did not know each other. the decision to
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two minneapolis police officers in the death of an unarmed black man sparked protests and outrage. >> and we as a community need to stop being complicit with what is happening and complacent as it happens. we have to challenge these in justices on a regular basis. >> about 200 people gathered outside of the police precinct chanting justice for gentleman har. the demonstration was mostly peaceful. some protesters burned an american flag on the sidewalk. officers patrolled but did not engage with protestors. 24-year-old jamal clark was shot to death by police last november during a confrontation with officers responding to a reported assault. former chicago area police officer drew peterson will get a chance to have his murder conviction overturned. the i willinois supreme court i set to hear his appeal for his 2012 conviction for killing his third wife kathleen savio. savio drowned in 2004.
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ineffective counsel. it is 5:24 and today the family of noah leotta will tell lawmakers they want the strongest possible drunk driving law to move forward. the recently passed maryland legislation is named after leotta who was killed in december by a suspected drunk driver. the law expands the use of ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers. the maryland is that ttter senad to work out differences in two versions. just two more months before reston town center customers have to pay for parking. the owners will phase in an app based parking system beginning august 1. reston residents and business other thanes will have a chance to discuss that planned parking system at a meeting tonight at the high at regency reston location at 6:30. if you just took the dog out, you probably notice the change.
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morning. but chuck bell says our cold pattern is going to make a comeback. four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. and if you have kids getting ready to go to college, it's a deadline you need to know about. what you must enll in byro
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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breaking news at the live desk. we're hearing reports of
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mcdonald's. this happened near the areas of good hope and alabama avenue. what we can tell you is that we got wind of this just a few minutes after the 5:00 hour. so we do have a crew that is headed that way there now. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it to you. but we're hearing at least one person was shot and taken to the hospital. their condition not yet known at this hour. i believe chris enwrigkristen w headed that way and we'll bring to you live. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:29. if you're trying to get ready for the day ahead, want to show you four things to know about the forecast with chuck bell. ta-da! >> you're stheneaking up on me. four things you need to know about the weather, yes indeeind,
5:29 am
today and tomorrow. most of your day today not going to have a problem with raindrops, but there will be a chance for showers late after the sun goes down and late tonight into tomorrow. some could come with a rumble or two of thunder. not looking for a big chance for severe weather, but thundershowers are certainly a possibility. and unfortunately, the biggest change in your weekend forecast from yesterday, now we have to carry the chance of these showers into the first part of your saturday. enjoy the warm spell while it's here, it will be cold starting on sunday into early next week. so 50s this morning will turn into 70s this afternoon. get outside and enjoy it. school day draft comiforecast cn ten. >> i was quite impressed with that speed. i know you run, but that was good. 270 here at montrose road, everything flowing just fine. don't have any road work there on 270. had earlier stuff much further north and everything there is now out of the way. taking a look here at 66 and
5:30 am
inbound or outbound. only thing i'm seeing there on 95 is through woodbridge, very normal because of course 5:30 in the morning, so we will show down there, northbound going 33 miles per hour. taking a look at 95 in maryland from 32 down to the beltway, going to take you ten minutes exactly as it should. i'll be back in ten minutes as well with travel times. now to the race for the white house. all eyes on donald trump once again after his latest comments on abortion. his words were controversial and they're uniting republicans, democrats and folks on both sides of the abortion debate. edward lawrence here now with reaction from the candidates. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, republicans and democrats always said that donald trump's language, what a says would get him in on trouble and it hasn't seemed to happen until now. he did tell msnbc's chris matthews that he believes there should be some sort of punishment
5:31 am
trump answered yes to for women, also. so obviously now his campaign trying to back pedal from that. this sparked sharp reaction. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehend hep apprehension. >> donald trump will say he was misquoted or whatever, but i don't think that's an appropriate response. >> reporter: trump's campaign a scl clarified saying a doctor or any other person performing this illegal act would held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim as is the life in her womb. now, still the exchange has both republicans and democrats condemning the statement saying that in no way a woman should be punished for this. some women voters in wisconsin interviewed after this town hall meeting say they still support trump however he should, quote, tone down. reporting live on krill, edward
5:32 am
lawrence. back to you. sd sd >> and speaking of wisconsin, donald trump needs to do well in the wisconsin primary to avoid the convention fight. so what do you think will happen here? >> reporter: it really will. and a new poll came out yesterday before the up to hall meeting showing donald trump is down ten points to senator ted cruz. so we should really have to see over the next couple days what this comment and what this firestorm does to the trump campaign. >> edward, thank you. breaking news from the live desk. we just got this video into the newers room. this is eastern india where an overpath has collapsed. media in calcutta are saying that at least one person has dade and several others are trapped. again, this is an overpass that just came down. you see a number of rescue workers there on the scene trying to remove people from the debris. we'll continue to monitor the situation. again this, new video coming into the newsroom
5:33 am
said i can't whendia where an os collapsed. a new lawsuit has been filed against the school aide accused of sexually abusing children in prince george's county. deonte carraway is a former school aide and choir director. the suit says he forced an 11-year-old girl to engaging in a sex act with at student and he recorded it on his cellphone and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. she's facing 13 federal charges and state child abuse charges, as well. s man accused of hitting seven people on near year's day has pleaded guilty. malik lloyd was drunk when he jumped the sidewalk and hit a pole. lloyd pled guilty to dui, felony assault and destruction of property. a guilty verdict for a man accused of elder abuse in montgomery county. jose bacon was convicted of stealing thousands of dollar from
5:34 am
years old. conditions inside the house were discovered by a good samaritan. that person noted, quote, all the win tees were covered allowing no natural light. the home was so cluttered that only one room was usable and there was cat feces in multiple places on the floors. officials in the county are working hard to protect seniors. >> the crimes against seniors and vulnerable adults units works closely with police and adult protective services, there will be over 200,000 senior citizens in montgomery county in the next couple of years. so we want to protect our seniors. >> this photo shows bacon withdrawing some of the $11,000 he was convicted of stealing. he was banned from the victim's hospital room where he was still praying on her fears of going to a nursing home. police do not plan to charge a girl who gave birth to a baby but told investigators the infant was found on her back porch. police were called to this home in
5:35 am
the girl said the baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag outside. the newborn girl is in stable condition at children's national medical center. police say the mother gave birth inside that home. her age is not being released because shows a juvenile. this morning friends of a man who tied died in a tragic accident on the job be is asking for help. andy yay choya rubio was killed a shelf collapsed. one of his friends started a go fund me page to help his wife and baby daughter. investigators say a ransom ware the attack is causing problems for thousand of patients at medstar hospitals. this is the latest example in a string of such attacks on hospitals with hacker s gaping control and demanding big money to restore commutputer access.
5:36 am
>> god love them, i hope they get it faster because he needs treatment somewhere. >> medstar now says the system is returning to normal and that overall patient care has not suffered. several places around here are now using that new text to 911 technology. alexandria says it just launched its service. it lets you text 911 instead of calling to get help. if you use the service, make sure you get a street address because that can help them track down your exact location. they can't do that otherwise. the service is only in english for now. today if you are want to get a jump-start on your child's college tuition, you need to know about important deadlines. today is the deadline to enroll in the virginia 529 prepaid program. now, this program allows families to buy semesters of tuition for newborns through ninth grade, it covers
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in-state tuition iand fees. if can save a lot of money because you know how fast tuition is going up these days. lights, cameras, honors for 7-year-old girl who saved her father's life. jenna was honored at the montgomery county fire communication center for the brave call she made. we told you yesterday that jenna called 911 when her father collapsed in a diabetic coma. she met the fire chief and got a little blipnk, too. received the everyday hero's award. she also met the dispatcher who took her call. >> she was calm. like she said her dad was asleep, so i think maybe not knowing exactly what was going on helped her to stay calm and very smart. she knew her address, her phone number, everything to a t. >> jenna's parents say they're very proud of her for her bravery. three years old when she learned address, phone number, call
5:38 am
your kids. they're smarter than you think and they're paying attention. and she's a very poised young lady. take a look outside. 5:38 now. a lot of you seeing temperatures much warmer than this time yesterday. 12i8 ha still have to wonder if the kids need the code. chuck bell has the answer. and if your kids take the school bus, you'll want to hear this, the explosive found on a bus in northern virginia and how it ended up there. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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we're learning that student this is loudoun county rode a school bus with explosive training material on board. a worker found the material yesterday. a federal agency used the bus in an exercise at briarwood high school. monday and tuesday the bus was also used for kids going to rock ridge high, buffalo trail elementary and pinebrooke elementary. the school district is trying to contact parents to say the material is be nine anign and t students fwwere in no danger. chuck bell is in the "weather center" and getting ready to acceptsend the kids ou school. >> get out there, kids. on the whole, a fairly low impact weather day coming your way. it's breezy, but that south wind is out there meaning it will be way warmer today. there is a
5:42 am
probably not until after the sun goes gown. down. temperatures in the low 70s this it afternoon. nice and warm out door recess again for takoday. but don't forget your wind breaker early this morning and late tonight may want to have the umbrella. "7-day forecast" coming up. live look at the beltway, beltway at kenilworth avenue, no problems there at 201. big look at the rest of the beltway, you can see we're still nice and group. ta green. 270 south to the spur, 11 minutes. top of the beltway 95 to 270, 9 minutes. very smooth commute there. 66 fairfax county to the beltway, inbound you're fine. 95 quantico to the beltway, 22 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. your biological clock may be ticking. but how do you know when the timer is going to go off? th
5:43 am
how long you have to have children. >> no pressure. major inconvenience for a lot of us, but it might be something that happens more often. what we're learning about possible future metro shutdowns. and attention chipotle lovers, a new menu item.
5:44 am
narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott,
5:45 am
emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
5:46 am
5:46. breaking news this morning. we're working to find out more about a shooting in southeast washington. kristen wright is live now on the scene. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. police found a man shot near this mcdonald's right here. it is on good hope road right near nail lore. y we've seen them with flashlights shining them on the ground, looking for evidence, looking for some sort of clues to try to put all of this together. so still a lot of
5:47 am
this morning. police officers were responding to a report of a shooting victim. they found a man shot near the mcdonald's. his condition right now is not known. police say the actual crime scene has not been found. they are looking for the shooting location. so clearly there are two locations here, the mcdonald's on good hope road, we have a big police presence here. police officer just arriving here, detectives looking awroun, walking in and out of mcdonald's. police have not told us exactly where the man was found, they just have said near the mcdonald's. but you see the crime scene tape. we'll stay on top of this and work our sources to try to find out exactly what we can. back to you.
5:48 am
>> reporter: avoid the area around the convention center. the nuclear security summit is causing major traffic tie-ups today and tomorrow. i'll have more coming up at 6:00. yesterday morning manassas was 29 degrees. this morning, they're 29 degrees warmer than that. yeah, that makes it already 58 in manassas this morning. we'll be in the 70s today, but it won't last. "7-day forecast" at 5:51. and at megan said, of course we have the traffic tie -ups, ad mt. vernon square station shut up to until tomorrow for security. the line still running, but you can't get off at mount vernon square. use shaw or gallery place instead. an update to the breaking news, the scene this eastern india where an overpass has collapsed. we are now learning that ten people are dead.
5:49 am
as you see there. there is a number of rescue attempts taking place, people trying to remove the metal and cement with their bear hanare h. they are having trouble getting heavy lifting equipment into the area. again, ten dead, 150 feared trapped when an overpass that was under construction just gave way. back to you. it's 5:49 now. maryland man now facing charges for trying to hire a person to kill his wife. howard county police say the suspect met with an undercover cop posing as a hit man three times. he offered him $15,000 for the murder. police say someone gave them a tip that the suspect was trying to find somebody to kill his wife. >> right now we don't have information about motive. for us it was a very clear cut case as soon as he began to offer money and information that made it very evident that he was
5:50 am
>> police say the husband wanted the murder committed inside the couple's up to house in a gated community in laurel. he wanted it staged to look like a home invasion robbery or burglary. fairfax county police have been hitting tpavement to track leads in the murder case of an 83-year-old man. police found johan de leede shot to death. the murder has put neighbors on edge and police have beefed up patrols. they still don't have any suspects. an anne arundel county man is facing peeping tom charges. police say savio went into the changing room inside a forever 21 at the annapolis mall on tuesday. a 16-year-old girl says she n r noticed him trying to record her with his cellphone. when she asked what he was doing, he walked out. a handyman is accused of sexually assaulting a 6-year-old gil
5:51 am
this morning we're learning that there may be other victims. police say 44-year-old jose gonzalez assaulted the girl in her room while doing work inside her home. the girl told her mother after he left. police say gonzalez admitted to the assault. detectives are asking any other victims to come forward. we told you about the fbi unlocking the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. now they're using that same method to assist in a homicide case. the "new york times" reports the fbi will help arkansas prosecutors get into an iphone and ipad belonging to two teenagers accused of murder. the 18-year-old and 15-year-old are charged with killing an elderly couple last year. some new information we're hearing from the pilot of that egypt air flight that was hijacked. he told reporters the man who took over the plane gave him the choice of going to cyprus, greece or turkey and he picked cyprus because it was the closest of the three. the hijacker told passengers he had an
5:52 am
that turned out to be not true. now egypt is asking cyprus to send the man back to egypt to face charges. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check in with chuck bell. love the warm-up, chuck. >> absolutely right. temperatures in the 50s on your way out the door hire eaere ears morning. what to expect today, return of a stiff south breeze out there this morning will put temperatures this the 70s today. that will feel nice. there is a chance for rain today, but probably not until after sunset. so most of your daylight plans will be unaffected by rain. south breezes right now averaging in that 15 to 25-mile-per-hour range. so it's a noticeable breeze for sure. and that will be with us for the remainder of the day. good kite flying weather for sure. current temperature, 57 in leesburg, 55 manassas, 54 railroaded in fr already in frederick, maryland. through the course of the day, well
5:53 am
mostly cloudy. but it keeps the rain chances west of the west virginia/virginia border. rain chances increase after about 9:00, 10:00 tonight and into the overnight hours. so today into the 70s. 75 in fredericksburg. rain chances, here is the leading edge of the rain that i think will be making to us about 14 or so hours away from now. that puts it in here about 9:00, 10:00. it you're traveling to the south, atlanta could have some delays. not looking for a big severe weather outbreak, but we could certainly have gusty winds with individual storms either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon. here is your seven day forecast. 73 today, melissa mollett, this will be bonus material, 79
5:54 am
chance for showers first part of your saturday. sun sunny, windy and colder sunday, m monday, tuesday. >> don't need my puffy coat tomorrow. 95 north at prince william parkway, a crash on the left shoulder. orange and silver lines single tracking between east falls church and boston because of a disabled work unit outside of east falls church. delays now in both directions. taking a look at 270 southbound as you're headed out of frederick, 27 miles per hour. of course we know that is totally typical. top of the beltway, in and out of town, nice and green. beltway at st. barnabas moving along just fine. metro, the shutdown that happened earlier this month may be sign of bigger issue. at a summit this week, metro leaders said the system cannot continue to move from one crisis to the next. repairing maintenance issues may mean having to shut down entire lines for months.
5:55 am
metro's new general manager says there are no easy solutions. virginia may determine the fate of north carolina's new law aimed at restricting restroom use by those transgender. and now we're waiting for an appeals court decision in a virginia case. a high school student there born female but who identifiies as male said he had to talk a walk of shame to use the bathroom at gloucester high school. two workers and a student in north carolina are making similar arguments in a separate federal case. good morning. i'm pllandon dowdy. chipotle filing a trademark application for better burger. the concept was well in the works before the chain was hit by a wave of foodborne illne illnesses. their own chains include chop house. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon do
5:56 am
tell women just when their so-called biological clock will run out. it's a simple blood test nicknamed the baby deadline test. it is used for women who are already having trouble getting pregnant. the test measures a hormone released by the remaining eggs to determine the quantity left, not the quality. >> some of the toughest conversations i have every day are for patients who have waited truly too long. >> some women have decided to freeze their eggs if the results show that egg quantity has dropped significantly. of course consult your doctor. a turf battle unfolding in california is raising questions about artificial turf fields in montgomery county. the california lawsuit alleges that field turf usa installed faulty fields. lawyers want to know if fields at richard montgomery, walter johnson and montgomery blair high schools are holding up. fields were inal
5:57 am
in 2009 and 2010. and rising costs could drive the redskins out of richmond. the richmond times dispatch reports it may be costing the city more than it planned for.paper says the redskins will receive $360,000 from the city for the camp this year. it says city leaders originally believed they would break even on the camp. but that they have not the made as much as they expected from sponsorships and rent. right now we're watching the impact the nuclear security summit in downtown washington is having on your commute to work. this is what the scene looks like right now outside of the convention center. this is a live picture. we will show you what you need to know to avoid running into all these road blocks.
5:58 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy.
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we're helping get around the road blocks. here is a live look at closures already in place downtown as the nuclear security summit kicks off and the alternates you can use. a developing story in oklahoma after severe weather frigers at least one tornado. new video of the damage coming in. what we're learn about injuries from the live desk
6:00 am
plus new images from the brussels airport. first, though, chuck bell has your out the door forecast. good morning, everybody. your weather headlines for today, a two day warm spell today and tomorrow. it does come with a risk of a thunderstorm or two primarily tomorrow. not much of a threat for rain today. and unfortunately, the weekend looking a little less perfect than it did yesterday as rain chances may linger into saturday. more about that coming up later. for now though out you do this morning, temperatures in the 50s this morning. about a 20 degree improvement over yesterday morning. so the next 24 hours, 55 and breezy this morning, 73 and warm this afternoon at 5:005:00. and then rain chances come in tonight. ran or thunderstorms around by this time tomorrow morning. right now leaders from all over the world are in d.c. to talk about nuclear security. in will have a big impact on your


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