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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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mmmm, yoplait. now at 11:00, our first look at the virginia state trooper, a father of two, killed in a bus station shoot-out. >> he was a great trooper. >> the gunman also dead, but his motive still a mystery. wa
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disoriented, not sure where he is. >> pretty severe cramps in his legs from sitting in the driver's seat in that cold water. he was unable to stand on his own. >> tonight, the rescue that got him home to his family. and metro's gm tries to calm riders worried about a long-term shutdown. we begin tonight with our weather and a forecast that has a little bit of everything. good evening. i'm doreen grentsler. >> and i'm chris lawrence. here's a look at the storms pounding parts of the south tonight. they are moving our way. amelia segal's been tracking them all in storm center 4 and sounds like it's going to be hit-and-miss for us. >> you got it, chris. we'll have rain throughout the day tomorrow, potentially even a few thunderstorms, but as doreen said, a little bit of everything. we'll have sunshine as well, temperatures near 80 degrees. the only thing not in the forecast tomorrow, some snow, so good news there, but this is going to be our main
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rain. you can see the yellows and oranges and reds, so some heavier rain moving our way, and any thunderstorms that do develop tomorrow have the potential to contain some high winds, about a moderate risk of that, producing some isolated wind damage and heavy rain, so have the umbrella handy and have the large umbrella handy, because the small umbrella might get turned inside-out because of the winds. here's the morning hours. 5:00 a.m., only some isolated showers. otherwise, plenty of clouds. as we move into the midmorning hours, some areas of rain. notice the brighter colors on future weather. that's heavier weather impacting the area around 9:00, 10:00 a.m. then by lunchtime, some limited sunshine that will allow temperatures to soar. i'll have what you can expect during the afternoon hours and a big cooldown in store for the weekend, chris. >> thank you, amelia. now tlitest developments in that deadly shooting at a greyhound station in richmond. virginia state police say the trooper was an ex-marine and longtime police officer. >> he was also a husband with two chdr
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trooper chad dermyer was shot and killed during a training exercise at the bus station. he was not wearing a vest at the time. now the latest from richmond. >> reporter: chris and doreen, we have learned that trooper dermyer was on a specialized training mission designed to intercept drugs at bus stations across the commonwealth. as we zoom in, you can see this is still very much an active crime scene with virginia state police as well as richmond police officers combing through the area and processing the crime scene that spans across this bus station. and we've learned that the trooper simply introduced himself to the suspect, and that's when the man opened fire. [ sirens ] it was chaos in the midst of an active shooter situation. a full police escort for this ambulance with a trooper fighting to survive. trooper chad dermyer is seen here with the superintendent of state police handing him his vsp diploma, the same man colonel steven
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trooper unddermyer's death. >> it's with an extremely heavy heart that i announce the loss of trooper dermyer. >> reporter: he is here at the greyhound plus station with a police team training on how to intercept drugs. bus terminals, often critical transfer points for narcotics. trooper dermyer introduces himself to the suspect inside. as part of training to identify suspicious people. >> the male subject pulled out a handgun and shot chad multiple times. >> reporter: all hell broke loose with gunfire in the packed terminal. two women hit and the suspect not done. >> the male subject continued firing his weapon as two other state police troopers returned fire. >> reporter: fbi agents were called in to help process the scene. law enforcement officials tell us terrorism is not suspected but that the man, whose identity is being withheld for now, was deeply disturbed. >> the shooter continued to be comba o
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he was transported to vcu medical center where he later died. >> reporter: two deaths, one of a mad man, the other a retired marine and father. the gateway to the city for thousands each day shut down with families and a state police force tonight shattered. and we also have been able to confirm late tonight through our law enforcement sources that the suspect is not from the richmond area, but what remains to be seen is what he was doing in this bus station in the first place. chris and doreen, we'll send it back to you. >> mike, thank you. new charges against the man shot by police at the capitol here after pulling a bb gun that looked real. larry dawson faces charges of assaulting a federal officer and federal employees with a dangerous weapon. charging documents say he set off a metal detector at the capitol visitors' center twice, then as an officer started to wand him to find the metal, dawson pulled out the bb gunan
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pointed it at the officer. when he refused to put it down, another officer shot dawson twice. dawson is still in the hospital tonight. he could spend more than 50 years in prison if convicted. this time around last night, a family in silver springs was in a panic. their husband and father went missing after a doctor's appointment. well, turns out he got disoriented and kept driving miles and miles right into a river. police used his cell phone to track him all the way to aberdeen, and tonight he's home safe. news4's shomari stone looks into his rescue. >> i'm just so grateful he's home. >> reporter: dara wong is pleased to stand next to her father. she nearly lost him after he plunged into a maryland county river last night. >> basically, the whole day yesterday was him trying to find his way back home, but my dad doesn't have access to a gps. >> reporter: he got lost. it started when wong drove from their silver spring home wednesday afternoon to run errans.
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after not hearing from him hours later and he didn't answer his phone. >> it's hard because you don't know where you're going. so, yeah, he just kept driving and driving. >> reporter: they filed a missing person's report last night and montgomery county police officer jason huggins helped find him. >> this is a prime example of when the team effort comes together. this was not the effort of just one person or one agency. >> reporter: shane eventually called home when he slammed into water. police tracked his cell phone to bush river north of baltimore. officer huggins and deputies found him suffering from hypothermia in his car. >> i just happened to be blessed enough to be the person there at the end with deputy tatum and walsh and had the equipment to go in and safely effect the ex-occasion. >> i want to thank all of them for saving my dad's life. >> reporter: as you can see, mr. wong is happy to be home, but he received bad news. he found out that he will not be able to drive. his family took his keys. but the good news is he will get a chauffeur. they say they
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anywhere he needs to go. in silver spring, shomari stone, news4. >> great ending. thanks. metro transit police are looking for a stabber at the metro station. daniel brown was handing out express newspapers this morning when he started arguing with another man. he tackled a man, stabbed him and ran away. brown is wanted on attempted murder charges. tonight metro's general manager is sending a message to riders after the huge response to reports that entire metro lines could have to close for maintenance for months at a time. gm paul wiedefeld is not ruling that out but says he's working on a long-term plan. news4's jackie bensen is at the smithsonian station with new reaction. hi, jackie. >> reporter: hello, doreen. well, everyone we talked to had heard about this, and everyone had something to say about it. >> i don't have a car. i take metro every day, so it would definitely be something that will be, you know, a problem for me. i will have to take uber,
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extra money. >> reporter: even the possibility long-term shutdowns of entire lines of the metro system for maintenance has generated so much concern that general manager paul wiedefeld has now issued a letter to riders. it reads in part, "i want to reassure you that, while i am keeping options open on how to proceed, no decisions have been made." it goes on to say, "moreover, any service change in the plan that could affect your commute will receive ample notice to customers, businesses, stakeholders and the region as a whole." >> i understand that they've got to do what they've got to do, but what are you going to do with the people? you're going to lose millions of dollars. >> reporter: riders we spoke to said they could better accept what could be an inconvenience at levels unseen since the metrorail system opened, if it leads to better service. >> there used to be this old line for, i think it was an auto repair place, pay me now or pay me later, and you know, the due bills are coming for metro. >> the new gm needs to do
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he's doing in order to connect metro, because the delays we go through in the wintertime is ridiculous. >> reporter: in his comments, metro's gm says there's about a four to six-week timeline on making a decision. live in southwest, jackie bensen, news4. >> all right. george mason university could soon honor a supreme court justice by naming its law school after the late antonin scalia. school officials say an anonymous donor gave gmu $20 million and asked for the honor. then conservative billionaire jonathan kotch's foundation kicked in more millions. they have received a reputation as a conservative powerhouse. the board has to approve the name change and there's already an online petition opposing it. top democratic candidates in maryland's senate race shared a stage tonight in prince george's county, and so did the men and women running for one candidate's congressional seat. anthony brown, glenn ivey, jose lean melnick
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christopher all spoke at a forum in glendale. they want to succeed congresswoman donna edwards in maryland's 4th district. edwards is running against congressman chris van hollen to replace democratic senator barbara mikulski. they spent tonight talking about the middle class. >> i know what it means to raise a child on your own and juggle the rent and the electric bill and race home to pick up the kid from daycare to avoid the late fees. >> and we cannot rest until every child truly has the opportunity to succeed, no matter where they live, so that we build an economy that works for everybody, not just the folks at the very top. >> maryland's primary is set for april 26th. there's new video tonight of tornadoes ripping through alabama and mississippi. coming up, a look at the damage in the south before this system moves our way. plus, a school bus mystery solved in loudoun county. what the cia says about leaving a benign explosive device on
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dozens of world leaders are in the nation's capital for the nuclear security summit, but president obama made a point to meet separately with several of them today. the president thanked french president francois hollande for france's partnership on terrorism. $president obama met with chinee president xi jinping, also pledged to work together on preventing nuclear terrorism. the summit and all those
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tie-ups downtown will continue tomorrow. well, tonight we know it was the cia that left a container of explosive material on a loudoun county school bus. now, that same bus carried 26 students to briar woods high school on monday and tuesday before someone doing maintenance found the substance. cia agents have been using the bus during spring break, conducting a training exercise with the loudoun county sheriff's department. they were using dogs to sniff out bombs and left behind a piece of training material. but school officials say it was harmless. >> hes came out and took the substance. they gave us a detailed on the substance, what it does and doesn't do. one, it is in a benign state, which means it has no blasting caps or electronic triggering devices on it. it is a safe substance. >> the cia sent news4 a statement, which says it's conducting an independent review. the agency also says it's taking steps to prevent it from happening again. maryland's house and senate are trying to iron out the dre
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unanimously to curb drunk driving in the state. but the family of officer noah leotta says one is weaker than the other. noah's law would have devices for convicted drunk drivers in maryland. it is named for the officer killed by a suspected drunk driver last year while conducting dui enforcement in montgomery county. >> we are not going to rest. we are going to be here through the end, and i want to be standing with my family beside governor hogan watching him sign this bill into law and it to be the strongest bill that it can be. >> maryland's general assembly adjourns next month. 34 million people are in the path of a violent storm sweeping through the midwest and south. this tornado in mississippi one of many. the system is expected to spawn again tonight. a lot of folks are still recovering from last night's
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day, some rain at times. the potential that you're dealing with a thunderstorm and windy pretty much from start to finish. gusts tomorrow around 35 miles an hour at times. we'll start off, though, with a temperature around 66 degrees, so pretty mild. the chance of a thunderstorm by noon. we're in the low 70s and a high tomorrow of 79. we'll hit that at about 4:00 in the afternoon. by 7:00 in the evening, temperatures in the mid-70s. some limited sunshine throughout the day tomorrow, one of those days where you'll get a little bit of everything. here's future weather at 1:00. notice the mix of clouds and sun across the area as well as some scattered showers back around the i-81 corridor. as we move on into the later afternoon hours, at about 3:30, this is that secondary line of rain moving through the area. this line of rain with a cold front that will bring much cooler air in for the weekend. notice by 7:00 most of the area is dry, so if you have dinner plans tomorrow night, you want to eat outdoors, looking like you should be okay. hopefully, the rain tomorrow will wash some of the po
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tree pollen continuing to come in at high. the main producers oak and pine. temperatures right now in the upper 60s and low 70s. 67 in washington, 68 in gaithersburg and 70 degrees in manassas. again, a high tomorrow near 80 degrees, and that's going to be the warmest temperature we find out of the next seven days. on saturday a high of 64. and some rain in the forecast on saturday. unfortunately, as new information comes in, it looks like that rain will continue to impact the d.c. metro area, down into southern maryland, parts of the northern neck and around the fredericksburg area, especially through the morning and late morning hours. but once we hit lunchtime, it looks like we'll start to dry out. and by saturday afternoon, limited sunshine. sunday, very windy, a high of 53. look at your morning on sunday. when we factor in the winds, it will feel like temperatures are in the 20s on sunday morning! feeling very cold, feeling more like winter at that point. you can see by 11:00 a.m. a
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sunshine. we're up on monday, a high of 66, down on tuesday, temperature around 50. mid-50s on wednesday and then upper 50s on thursday. a little bit of everything in the forecast. >> wow. >> looks like a good weekend for working on taxes. >> exactly what i was thinking. >> thanks, amile were. >> 39 in a matter of days. >> i know, it's crazy. still ahead, the colonials are cutting down the nets in new york. jason's up next. first, though, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys! taylor lautner is here for random shoot-out! music from weiser. it's a great show tonight! la,
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks
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and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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well, in the break, jason was giving a slight jab to our maryland terrapins, saying there's at least one local school that won a championship this year. >> no! if we're going by titles, george washington, the best basketball team here in the area -- >> yeah. >> you know, it's a good season for maryland, but hey, it's about championships, chris. the colonials won. these last four years, the seniors at george washington, they have done an excellent job of turning around that basketball program. when joe mcdonald, patricio garino and kevin larsen were freshmen, the team won just 13 games. fast-forward to tonight, those three go out on top as champions. they also set a program record for most wins in a season. the n.i.t. championship game taking pla
11:25 pm
>> nice jacket! >> no dress code at madison square garden tonight. first half, gw leads by six. tyler cavanaugh, back to kevin larsen there, who knocks down the jump shot. 18 points for the big fella tonight. it's a one-point game at halftime. second half, gw's up three. garino making it rain. he had 14. colonials starting to pull away in this game. walk-on matt harp -- >> wow. >> that's a steph curry-type three right there. all smiles for the colonials. under two minutes to play, who else wants in on the action? mcdonald. the beautiful back-door set. gw seniors combine for 48 points. the colonials win 76-60 and take home their first n.i.t. championship in school history. >> you know, they stayed focused. we're all depressed for a day, but they bounced back and we beat some really good teams to get to this point. then the teams here are incredible. incredible coaches as well. so, we played our best basketball, you know, in l
11:26 pm
really want to have happen. >> this is big time, 28-win, school record. it is a happy feeling. i'm happy to enjoy it with my teammates. >> proud of our team, how we handled it and stayed together, making it to the nits and believing and buying in. we wanted to go out winners and that's what we did. >> congratulations once again to george washington. that is the first postseason championship they've won in program history in basketball. all right, we're going to move on to football for a moment. vernon davis has called the dmv home and tonight inked a deal with the team he grew uprooting for pt he is the newest member of the redskins. he was traded to denver last year after spending ten seasons with the 49ers. at 32 years old, he is fourth all time in receiving touchdowns in 49ers history. fans will remember davis from his days at the university of maryland, but before that, starred at dunbar high school in d.c., so coming to the redskins is a homecoming for vernon davis. also, terrance po
11:27 pm
england. the defensive tackle tweeted "decision made," then a picture of him in a new england patriots jersey. pot roast visited both the patriots and redskins this week. his contract, one year, $4.5 million. it's the third team he's played for in as many years. going to miss pot roast. >> vernon davis is going to be fun to watch. >> yes, davis should be good, should provide depth at tight end for the redskins. glad to haveim ab hoa
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tomorrow's your
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playoff run. individual tickets for the first three home games go on sale at 11:00 a.m. we don't know the dates or times for those playoff games yet or who they'll play. it will be at least another week before that's announced, but you can buy tickets on the caps website, at the verizon center or at ketler ice place. weren't we just talking about dunbar high school a moment ago? it's one of the most storied high schools in d.c. and the nation. well, now the documentary is spreading the wofford about dun. "dunbar, the alchemy of achievement" is an oral history of the country's first black public high school through the words of some of its most notable alumni, like pulitzer prize-winner colbert king and delegate eleanor holmes norton. >> it's produced some amazing students. eight of the students are featured on alumnis, featured on postage stamps. and we wanted to capture this great history. >> there was also a quon
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former mayor vince gray, also a dunbar alum. >> and then when vernon davis back in town, i'm sure he's going to be showing up at his alma mater again. >> absolutely. >> doing some stuff for the team there. >> good stuff there. that's our broadcast for tonight. "the tonight show starring jimmy
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taylor lautner. sean "diddy" combs.


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