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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in time for your loved ones. next at 6:00, a sex assault victim used her ipad to get help. the latest murder victim in the district had a restraining order against the suspect. the number of requests has gone up in the past years. as metro's next safetrack surge kicks in, a critical piece of rail structure breaks down. first tonight, troubling details emerging now about that nightclub shooting in orlando. >> transcripts released today confirm omar mateen pledged his allegiance to isis during conversations with crisis negotiators. jay gray has more on the gunman's chilling demeanor as the tragedy unfolded. >> reporter: today an effort at some clarity after the chaos of the massacre in orlando. police and federal agents resi
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timeline of the events from that tragic morning and transcripts from 911 conversations with omar mateen. >> the killer 49 and the shooter 53 others identified himself as an islamic soldier who pledged allegiance to a terrorist organization. >> reporter: law enforcement arrives within two minutes after the first call of gunshots at the pulse nightclub. >> during that time, our officers were in and out of that club saving people, rescuing people from inside the club. >> reporter: while s.w.a.t. team negotiators talked with mateen during three short phone calls. he told police explosives were planted inside and outside the club and warned that more attacks would take place in the next few days. the fbi initially released the
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pledge to the islamic state redacted. the transcripts were reissued unedited for the highest level of transparency possible. that attack in orlando opened a new chapter in the national debate over gun safety. right now, the senate is considering amendments that would restrict certain gun sales. those amendments are not expected to pass, but supporters say getting them to the floor would be an achievement. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: one vote taking place now and then followed by three more. they should be done by about 7:30 or so. it looks almost certain there will be no change in america's gun laws, but democrats figure politically they're going to win because of this. there's never been a series of votes like this. democra
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gun laws is so popular now that saying no will hurt republicans in november. the senate gun debate was passionate. >> 300,000 americans we lose from gun violence over ten years and my republican friends do nothing. >> reporter: but passing new gun laws looked unlikely. >> what we should be making this about is the fight to eliminate the islamic extremism which is the root cause of what happened in orlando. >> reporter: democrats back ending private gun sales without background checks and banning gun sales to those on no fly, no buy terror watch lists. omar mateen was taken off the watch list before he bought his six-hour assault weapon. breaking with most in his party, donald trump said he could back no fly, no buy. um
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the club should have had guns. >> strapped right here, right to their waist or right to their ankle. goes boom, boom. you know what? that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight, folks. >> reporter: but guns are banned in florida bars. trump today claimed he was obviously talking about additional guards. vice president biden kicked off a new white house push. >> to ban ar-15 type weapons from civilian ownership. >> reporter: sale of all new assault rifles resumed in 2004 after a ten-year ban. and outlawing those sales remains apparently constitutional. the u.s. supreme court today upheld two state bans on the sale of assault weapons in connecticut and new york. bans like the ones on the books right now in d.c. and maryland. i'm steve handelsman, news4. we wanted to hear from you. should the senate vote for any of the gun control amendments
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under consideration today? the results of our survey show that so far the majority of people who have responded say yes, they should. corey lewandowski was one of the first to sign on with donald trump's campaign. the campaign chairman will take over as campaign manager. they asked if lewandowski was surprised. >> i don't know if it was so much surprise. it's been such a privilege to be part of the team. i think what has been clear from the get-go that my strategy has been at some level is let trump be trump. >> sources within the campaign tell the news that the decision to fire lewandowski came after a trump family
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trump delivered the news over the phone. vice president joe biden is the latest democrat to jump into the election fray. biden spoke this afternoon at an annual conference on national security. he never mentioned donald trump by name, but it was clear the vice president was aiming many of his remarks at that controversial candidate. >> politics of fear and intolerance. a proposed ban of muslims to the united states. profiling muslim americans. slandering entire religious communities as complicit in terrorism. it doesn't make the situation better. it makes it worse. >> the vice president added such rhetoric violates american values and is in his words de deeply damaging to our security. a young woman used her ipad to get help after she woke up to a man with a knife in
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it happened in the middle of the night on 4th street. >> reporter: doreen, the suspect had a knife, but the victim, the victim, she had an ipad. an ipad and a plan. and it may have saved her life. it happened inside a first floor apartment at boston park. a suspect climbs through an open window, threatens a woman with a knife, sexually assaults her, but then she makes a daring escape. >> she shows incredibly bravery during the assault. she seized a moment where she thought she could get away from him. she was able to. she runs into the bathroom and locks herself in. she was able to grab her ipad. she began screaming and yelling for help and texting her friends to let them know she needs help. >> reporter: by the time the cops got to the scene, the suspect had run away. police patrols increased today in the neighborhood. but so was
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what happened here. is this going to change the way you live? >> probably make me more cautious. i'm already kind of a cautious person. >> it will. it will. i'll find a different place to move to somewhere safer. >> reporter: police today issued these words of warnings. >> make sure your windows and doors are locked at night if you go to bed. you should take the precautions that you deem necessary to keep yourself safe. >> reporter: he was last sceeen running from the scene in a gray hoodie and dark pants. a lot of people faced a much longer, complicated commute today. service along three metro lines is feeling the impact of the second phase of what they're calling safetrack repairs. that has forced many riders to switch from trains to buses or to their cars.
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equipment broke down during this last surge. adam tuss is at the eastern market station in southeast d.c. now. adam, what happened there? >> reporter: certainly a lot going on out here, jim. you take a look around. there's a lot of people out here. everybody trying to get off the train and then get onto the buses, the shuttle buses here. this is the really big part of this second surge as everybody tries to make their way from point a to point b. safetrack is taking up a lot of metro's time, but the transit agency has to deal with day-to-day issues. the very expensive track geometry vehicle broke down itself.
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failing. it is expected to be fixed later this week. do you think this is a good thing that metro is doing this? >> it's a necessary thing, so i don't believe we have a choice. >> reporter: as part of this new surge, no rail service between eastern market and minnesota avenue and eastern market and benning road. that has essentially cut off a lot of direct rail service from prince george's county to the district. here's a major reason why. the aerial bridge has been an area of repeated breakdowns and delays. today teams and teams of maintenance personnel working in the hot sun to fix it all. >> this is an emergency. this is a crisis. but today it went pretty well. we didn't hear as many complaints as we've heard in the past. >> reporter: also in northern virginia no rail service between arlington cemetery and rosslyn. it turned many commutes upside down a
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now a lot of what's going on with this second phase of safetrack depends on where you commute. some stations that were directly impacted saw a 65% drop in ridership today. meanwhile the green line where people shifted to actually saw an increase in ridership. >> thank you. a child with special needs left alone on a school bus for hours. how it happened and what his mother is demanding to keep it from happening again. a mother murdered near capitol hill. it shines the light on the issue of domestic violence once again. the question tonight, did the system fail her? a warning about one of the region's busiest bridges. why it could be shut down if major repairs aren't made. we've been talking about big bertha all afternoon. there she is right there cooking up some whole chickens. we've got a big battle coming up here. it is all about the chefs. we'll talk about that, plus o ur
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♪ ♪ this weekend in washington a young mother was shot and killed in her home near capitol hill. her murder is shining a new light on the growing problem of domestic violence. in this case, stephanie goodlow had a protection order against her ex-boyfriend. as mark segraves reports
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going to court for help. mark? >> reporter: yeah,good evening, doreen. just released court documents that were obtained by nbc 4 reveal that the victim's daughter was inside the house at the time of the murder. those same documents show that in the two weeks leading up to her murder stephanie goodlow called police several times to report threats by the suspect. stephanie goodlow was murdered in her home here near capitol hill early saturday morning. police have arrested her former boyfriend donald hairston. goodlow had gone to court to get a protection order two days before. she called police to say hairston violated that order just the day before she was killed. here at my sister's place they receive more than 20 calls a day from women just like goodlow. >> typicaly
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ladies approxima ladies. we're fighting every day to make sure we can advocate for resources in the community and work with the pd. >> reporter: he called her at work to threaten her. goodlow is far from the only person to ask the courts for protection. the number for requests for protective orders has gone up by about 20% over the last several years. at the same time, the number of homicides involving intimate partners in d.c. has gone down from nine in 2014 to six in 2015 and three so far this year. >> it shows progress. i think that it is absolutely wonderful and amazing that more people are reporting. to see there's an increase i
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amazing. >> reporter: stephanie goodlow and the suspect charged with her murder were supposed to be in court today to see if the judge would extend that protective order. hairston appeared before a judge charged with goodlow's murder. over at my sister's place, there's a wait list of 60 women waiting to get into a shelter. a judge will deliver his verdict in the trial of a baltimore police officer, the one who is facing the most serious charges in the death of freddie gray. officer caesar goodson drove the police van in which gray suffered his fatal neck injury. today in closing arguments prosecutors claimed that goodson gave gray a rough ride and failed to put a seat belt on him in the van or to call for medical help. defense lawyers are argued that goodson drove cautiously in fact. they say he did not put a belt on gray because he was
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combative. gray was combative. freddie gray died last year. that death sparked riots in the city. three baltimore officers have been put on trial in connection with his death. there have been as of yet no convictions. about 1,000 new body cameras are about to go out to montgomery county police officers. there's a community needing to answer questions about it. it's happening in silver springs. the meeting is meant to make it clear when cameras will be turned on and under what circumstances footage will be made public. the memorial bridge is falling apart. today three leaders in the area took a tour of that bridge in an effort to get more federal money to repair a bridge that's called the worst federal bridge in the country. tom sherwood has our report.
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>> reporter: d.c. mayor muriel bows bowser, tim kaine, and mark warner were getting a tour of the memorial bridge. it is in desperate need of $250 million in renovations just to keep it open. >> if we don't end up with a bridge closure, which would be an economic and traffic nightmare -- >> this is the most threatened bridge in the entire federal inventory. >> reporter: area leaders say the bridge that carries 68,000 vehicles a day is vital to the whole region. >> tourists, folks going to work, folks traveling around the region where they live. >> it's not just a matter of convenience. it's also about safety. how do we get people in and out of the city safely and around the city safely? >> reporter: the bridge belongs to the federal national parks service. it can't afford to fix it. the local governments are contributing their federal funds to help for repairs that could
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now will this bridge get the repair money that's needed? senator warner says he hopes to hear in the next few weeks. breaking news at the live desk. police say a man arrested at a donald trump rally this weekend in las vegas wanted to shoot and kill the candidate. 19-year-old michael sanford tried to take a gun from a uniformed police officer at the event saturday, investigators say. according to court documents, he later told the secret service that he went to a shooting range last friday to learn how to shoot and had been planning the attack for a year. sanford, who is originally from the u.k., appears to have mental health problems. doreen? >> thank you. major changes at a popular soccer program after a news4 i-team investigation. what the league is doing to keep your kids safe after a coach was recently arrested. it's been seven years sce
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landsdown man dead. his wife nearly dead. the killer is taking responsibility for the crime but not without claiming he is a victim too. the words h good is in every blue diamond almond.
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he killed her husband and left her for dead. tonight we'll tell you the story of a woman who went face to face with a man who shattered her life and tell you why his apology in court was met with rage. also a mother demanding answers after learning her 7-year-old son was left on a school bus by mistake. and learning the tricks of the trade. where locals can go now to try to score a job at the mgm casino at national harbor. right now, here's doug. he's here with the weather forecast and somehow a food is involved out there. >>
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involved when i'm outside. no better place than to be outside right now. we have some cloud cover. right now i'm with a chef. chef, you're a former marine. >> there is no such thing as a former marine. i'm not as lean. i'm not as mean, but i'll always be a u.s. marine. >> i love it. you're cooking us up some chicken. >> i've got a dry rub i made. i went to strafford university. >> that is the rub right there. >> rubbing these chickens down with some of my dry rub because i like it dry. they don't come seasoned, doug. i season it up good with my barbecue rub. i throw some in the slow smoker. the magic of tv, they're already ready. >> he's trying to win it this weekend for the marines.
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>> i'm competing with the big boys this year. i'm hoping to see everybody out because, doug, you're predicting some good weather, ain't you? >> this guy needs his own show. he's that good. let's show you what's happening out there weatherwise. right now, 89 degrees. winds out of the west 6 miles per hour. temperatures around the area close to that 90-degree mark. 88 towards clinton. quantico coming in at 85 degrees. 89 at 6:00. 87 at 7:00. no rain to talk about, but let's take a look at that wider picture because once again we're tracking a front back to west. not tonight, but tomorrow. that is the storm that is making its way down. that's the front that will be here tomorrow. let's show you that risk level as far as severe weather
6:27 pm
the area in yellow is what we're watching. that's a slight risk for severe storms. we have a good chance to see at least some strong to severe storms in parts of our area tomorrow. again, that's what we're going to be watching out for. strong to severe storms tomorrow. the biggest threat will be strong winds. as we move on through the night tonight, notice tomorrow morning. that front kind of close. we're going to see some showers and a rumble of thunder around 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. around 11:00, it stalls to our region. then it is down to the south. southern maryland and fredericksburg for that chance for strong to severe thunderstorms. this will not be a repeat of what we saw last week, but we will watch. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow. waking up, walking out that front door maybe with more clouds in the afternoon. let's just show the four days here. 89 on your tuesday. 86 on wednesday. 85 on thursday. right now friday coming
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degrees. some great weather. he's cooking it up right here. he gave me my favorite park. i'm a dark meat guy. it's the leg. oh, that's too hot. >> yeah. you got it right off the
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♪ stand by me.
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now at 6:30, a couple attacked at random. tonight the surviving victim comes face to face with the man who shattered her life and killed her husband. a local mother claims her 7-year-old son was left alone on a school bus possibly for hours. >> he was left on a bus. he woke up and they brought him to school. they're beefing up background checks for a local youth sports program after an i-team investigation. >> your report got us thinking about maybe there's a better way to do this. mgm national harbor is getting ready to start filling thousands of jobs. we'll tell you how to get in on the action. first tonight, tears and anger in the courtroom as a man pleaded guilty to a vicious attack on a landsdown couple. >> anthony roberts is the man who beat william bennett to death and nearly killed his wife. it happened back in 2009. it was the killer's words t
6:32 pm
victim that have some people outraged today. julie carey reports. >> reporter: anthony roberts just 20 years old when he was riding in a van with two teens and decided to attack and rob a couple out for their early morning walk in landsdown. the incident left that community in theory. bill yam b william bennett was killed. wife cynthia left for dead. she now walks with a cane. she said the incident destroyed her life. the daughter said her dad's murder has shattered their lives. roberts faced a possible death penalty for his crime. the victim and her daughter signed off on today's plea agreement because they couldn't bear to have the case drag on for years more. >> they were at a point where they needed the closure. they endured too much. >> reporter: roberts pleaded guilty to
6:33 pm
including capital murder. he then turned to face the victim and their daughter telling them, i apologize for taking y'all's family and happy home, but i'm somebody's child too. i made mistakes too. he said he had been man enough to take responsibility. roberts continued, i took your father and your husband from you. my father was stripped from me as a child. i had to learn to be a man on my own. i had to take to the streets. samantha bennett spoke back and said just stop. >> if there is a chance he wasn't going to get four life sentences, after his statement, i thought he won't. >> reporter: the judge imposed the maximum four life sentences without parole. mr. roberts is going to add his mug shots to the array of monsters of people
6:34 pm
monstrous acts. in leesburg, i'm julie carey. school officials are investigating after a 7-year-old student was left on a bus. she put her son antonio on the bus at 7:00 this morning. it was supposed to take him directly to the children's guild charter school in northeast, but he didn't arrive there until three hours later. she was told antonio fell asleep and walked to school after waking up all alone. she says it's unacceptable that he was left behind. >> somebody else could have picked him up. he could have been kidnapped. he could have passed away. a lot of kids die in cars from the heat. >> school bus drivers are supposed to walk the aisles after kids are dropped off. they're investigating to find out whether that happened. it is opening day for soccer camps in montgomery
6:35 pm
because of a recent news4 i-team investigation. there are now more stricter and frequent background checks for coaches and other employees. >> reporter: the maryland soccer plex is a giant in the world of youth sports. it has 23,000 kids that play each year. the soccer of association of montgomery has hundreds of employees and coaches. this coach was arrested in a sting by fairfax county police. he pled guilty for trying to lure a young boy to a park for sex. the soccer league said the coach's arrest happened after his once a year background check for the soccer league. the league never knew of his arrest and guilty plea until we told them about it. as of tonight they're upgrading from once a year background checks to ongoing year round screenings. >> two weeks after the background check, they
6:36 pm
until it comes back around a year later. the difference is it is monitoring our database all the time. we'll know very soon if something has occurred. >> reporter: his defense attorney said there's no evidence that he victimized any youth soccer players. the added background checks apply to the estimated 500 adults working in the soccer plex. the coach patrick says it is a positive step to ensure the safety of the kids. >> it was important to have qualified coaches and it is important to have people with the proper credentials. >> reporter: officials say they hope and expect other youth leagues will make the same upgrade. >> your report got us thinking about maybe there's a better way to do this. >> the coach will spend two years in jail in april.
6:37 pm
found adult pornography on his work computers. obviously not coaching any more now that he's in jail. some breaking news from capitol hill. two gun control measures just failed in the senate and two more are expected to follow. the ones that failed had to do with strengthening background checks. one was put forward by republicans. the other by democrats. they proposed different solutions. the remaining two amendments address the terror watch list
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i'm julie carey at the loudoun county courthouse where a jury just had found braulio castillo guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his wife michelle castillo. that incident happened back in march of 2014. the body of the mother
6:41 pm
was found dead in a basement hanging from a shower. prosecutors argued that her husband had suffocated her, then staged the scene to look like a suicide. his defense attorneys argued michelle castillo took her own life in the midst of a bitter divorce. the jury clearly believing the prosecutor's case. the sentencing hearing will begin tomorrow. american airlines is being sued by a family. it says their daughter was sexually abused while flying as an unaccompanied minor. the girl is 13 years old. she took a flight from dallas to portland after visiting her father in texas. her parents paid extra for her to fly alone. witnesses say a passenger named chad camp chose the empty seat next to her. a flight attendant saw the girl crying about 30 minutes later and saw camp fondling her. that man has now been charged with sex
6:42 pm
>> we never, never thought that this would happen. we're angry at him. we're angry at the airlines. we're angry that this happened to our child. >> in a statement, american airlines officials say they take these matters very seriously and that they have cooperated fully with local law enforcement officials. the airline was sued last year in a similar case. we've got some good news about the search for a stolen olympic gold medal. part of it was found over the weekend. bethesda native joe jacoby won the medal in the 1992 barcelona olympics for a canoe, kayak event. a little girl found it on the side of the road while walking in her neighborhood about four miles away. the base it was mounted on and the ribbon are still missing. they're searching the area to
6:43 pm
it is training day ahead of the rio olympics. this course is not for athletes. as you can see, mgm national harbor is quickly moving along and it is time to stooart thinkg about what is going to be jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different.
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with only 45 days to go until the olympic games in rio, there's some training underway at one of the main venues there, but it is not the athletes. it's the security forces. police are practicing for the riv arrival of the heads of state. today's event was a coordinated event between police, the military, and other police agencies. those games open on august 5th with coverage right here on nbc. you've seen the new mgm casino rapidly taking shape. today owners opened up an employment center to try to fill the more than 3,000 jobs needed to run the casino. tracee wilkins is in national harbor tonight with a look at the project. >> reporter: hi, doreen. if you haven't driven by lately, take a look over my shoulder. they are now
6:47 pm
touches to mgm national harbor here. they're saying that they're expecting to open up in december. that's going to mean lots of jobs for people in the d.c. region. there have been some special promises made to people who live in prince george's county. >> my nerves are killing me. >> reporter: she is hoping the chips won't be stacked against her when she auditions to be a dealer for mgm national harbor. >> they watch everything. you lose points for anything you're not doing. >> reporter: she is one of 200 students who participated in the first mgm dealer school learning blackjack. the opportunity to work for the new mgm national harbor was created for her and other prince george's county residents through an agreement the county made with the casino. >> we think it is one of those agreements that will be a model for communities around the country. and in that ag
6:48 pm
to 50% prince george's county residents and it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: the former thomas edison elementary school in oxen hill is now where you go to learn the casino industry. >> we have a new hire orientation class going on. >> reporter: today a county executive got a tour of the former elementary school fully renovated. >> i remember what it was like before they took it over. it hadn't been used. they completely renovated everything. >> reporter: baker says he's looking forward to what this employment center will mean for the county's future in gaming. >> we made it very clear to them we want them to hire locally, including the top ranks. >> reporter: if you're interested in a job with mgm, you can go to the nbc washington app and search mgm jobs. we have a link to their job site. back to you all in the studio.
6:49 pm
doug's outside where he likes to be this time of day in weather like this. this first day of summer, doug. >> reporter: vance, i'll tell you what. first day of summer bringing temperatures close to 90 degrees across our region today. it's going to be a close one tonight. we'll show you the numbers. coming in with those temperatures in the upper 80s and close to 90. temperatures now 86 degrees at 7:00. as we look around temperature-wise around the region, we're still on the warm side. a nice warm evening. nothing on the radar to show. that's today. tomorrow we are expecting to see some storms. some of those storms will be on the strong side. we could see some rain even during the morning rush around 7:00. rain and possible thunderstorms and really any part of tomorrow maybe even some strong storms around during the afternoon, especia
6:50 pm
south. that is something that we're going to have to watch out for. the next seven days. 89 tomorrow. 86 on wednesday. the chance of storms move back in on thursday. the weekend looking great. saturday and sunday beautiful weather. 86 on saturday. 87 on sunday for the giant barbecue battle. it is going to be a perfect one for the weekend. everybody left me. there is no one here left. >> you know why? >> there's no food. >> can we tell you why? >> please do. >> because we have it going on up in here, doug. >> did you steal my chef? >> yes. derrick wood is here. he even brought silverware for us. >> you brought us some of your rub with your photo on it. love it. smells
6:51 pm
>> graduate of strafford university's culinary program. >> i am told never to call you a former marine. >> no such thing as a former marine because i'm not as lean. i'm not as mean, but i'll always be a u.s. marine. >> ooh-rah! >> you snooze, you lose, doug. >> please g too
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♪ ♪
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i told jason who was going to win this thing. i told him. >> we both did. >> i watched the game. i watched
6:55 pm
so happy for him. i'm so glad. most watched nba game since m.j. 30.8 million tuned in. lebron came back home to cleveland and he won a title. yes, he did. they probably have a block party for him in akron. did we say block? this was one of the biggest plays of the game. lebron out of nowhere to deny the shot from andre iguodala. then it was kyrie irving's turn with steph curry on him. cleveland wins 93-89 giving the city's first sports title in 52 years. jason pugh, he said it was time to get out e
6:56 pm
done. >> the series is pretty much over. they probably have to wait another year. i don't think the cavaliers are going to overcome that. good luck with that, lebron. >> over and over again. eat some crow, jason. pugh, he had some words for our cleveland expert who works in cleveland as well as star lebron james. >> doreen, you send your cameras out here to track me down on my off day. you bring them to my barbershop, my place of peace, for an apology. cleveland, doreen, cavaliers fans, the entire state of ohio, i apologize. i was wrong. i was dead wrong about everything in this series. lebron is the king. enjoy your championship. it's been a long, long wait. you deserve it. >> me and lebron on the same stick.
6:57 pm
away without thoughts from vance's view and doreen's deal. >> i love all of our d.c. teams. i don't know how that happened. i didn't come up with that. i grew up here, but i also worked in cleveland for four years in the 80s. i married a guy who grew up in cleveland. in my view nobody deserves this victory celebration more than that cleveland. my husband was a little kid the last time they had a national championship. it was the browns. he tells me they had to listen to it on the radio because it was blacked out on tv. that was the year before the first super bowl. that's how long it's been. i remember getting a t-shirt on indians opening day in cleveland. it said this is going to be our year. then it had about 50 years crossed out on the shirt. that's a joke in cleveland. it was painful. right up until the last second of
6:58 pm
husband was waiting for a crushing disappointment. what a sweet victory for the fans this clevand who haveel man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you.
6:59 pm
rrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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tonight, you're fired. his campaign in crisis, donald trump axes his campaign manager. now speaking out to nbc news. tonight, new details about how it went down. were trumps kids behind it. we talk to donald trump jr. burning up, temperatures nearing 120 degrees, shattering records. new evacuations as fires rage across eight states. the killer's 911 call. what he said during the orlando massacre, as controversy erupts over the parts the fed didn't want us all to see. fatal flaw? a young hollywood star dies in a tragic accident, crushed by his own suv. tonight word that vehicle was under recall. a risk of confusing drivers and rolling away. an alert for over 1 million owners.


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