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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking news at 11:00, a horrific act of terror in france. dozens dead, dozens more injured. how police stopped this truck that careened into a crowd watching fireworks and the
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the attacks are also shakes up american politics, donald trump delays his meeting and his pick for a vp. and today, a missing swimmer in a virginia lake, we're live with the latest on a search. news 4 at 11:00, begins with breaking news. it was obviously a terrorist attack. those words tonight from french president francois hollande. he addressed the nation tonight after someone started driving through a crowd and killed more than 80 people, many others gravely injured. this tragedy unfolded during the bastille day celebration in the southern town of nice. the police are trying to figure out who that person was. more on the story. >> reporter: well, this was supposed to be a day of celebration. an evening of celebration across france.
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nice, just as the fireworks ended a truck plowed into the crowd. the moment of terror captured on a cell phone. when a white truck plows into a crowd. families celebrating the french holiday bastille day mows down hundreds running for safety. witnesses panicking. >> we started hearing screams, at the first moment people were running they were going left and right so we didn't know which way to run. i have never seen anything quite like it. >> reporter: it happened on the promenade in the city of nice, in the french riviera, one witness said they were zig sp z zigzagging around the area. >> there are great
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terrorism here, people taking a truck and ramping into the crowds, with the devices they have. >> it comes eight months after the isis attack on paris. several sites struck them, cafes, the soccer stadium, the theater, more than 120 killed. a state of emergency was declared and still in effect today. >> french officials have now confirmed the truck driver did in fact fire on the crowd and also had explosives and grenades in his truck. he was killed by police. back to you. kelly, there were bastille day celebrations happening all over our area tonight, the biggest at the french embassy in northwest. more with reaction from people as they were coming out of the embassy, jackie? >> reporter: well, first we want to tell you about what we're seeing tonight, very similar to what we saw after the paris attacks. i think we have pictures to show you of the enhanced security here at the embassy of france.
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officers with their vehicles parked out front, keeping a close eye on what is going on, now, the bastille celebration going on, and some say they had had to leave. we talked to some at the party and here is what they had to say. >> they told us they wanted to be more respectful of what happened in nice, and asked us to do like a minute of silence, for a minute, yeah. and then we exited. >> i was like around there. but i think what they should do, it's terrible what happened in nice, and we cannot just celebrate right now here and just enjoy. it's terrible. >> it's too bad that this thing had to happen in nice, because it was going to be a very fun party, but it's probably for the best that they cut it short. >> reporter: and again as we saw with the paris attacks we saw some embassy of france employees
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stoney-faced. very, very tired looking as if the weight of the world was on their shoulders. live in northwest, jackie benson, news 4. jackie, thank you. our other breaking story tonight the search for a missing swimmer in fairfax county. the police are searching west barcroft, shomari stone has more, what are you hearing now shomari? >> reporter: well, right now, jim, i'm here at water way drive and stoney bray drive. you look over my shoulder and can see fairfax county rescue. it is very hot out here and humid and crews are doing what they can to locate this missing teen. let's roll some video, crews are searching for him, in the lake, lake barcroft this evening. he jumped in and is still missing tonight. a friend says the missing teen is athletic and a good swimmer. he says the teen was on the boat with friends. he says
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him jumping out of the boat doing back flips in the water, showing his athleticism. we'll now hear from the teen's friend. >> it was crazy, man, i would never assume it, one second he is there and one second he is not. this is too much. >> reporter: now, the dive team has been searching lake bar croft looking for this teen. again, it is very dark out here. it is dark and they're doing what they can to locate him. now, we'll not release his name because police have not confirmed it. a parent tells me that the missing teens are out of town. live here, i'm shomari stone, news 4. thank you, turning to our weather now it is hot out there. when it feels like more than 100 degrees for most of the day this is a bit of an improvement. >> hey doug, we better get used to it. that is for sure, the dog d
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with the intense heat of the day. the high today, 98 degrees, take a look, 98 in d.c., 96 quantico. and now let's take a look at the current heat index, a heat advisory expired 8:00. a heat index of 91 in d.c., 90 towards annapolis, down towards the river. as we look at the next 24 hours hot again tomorrow. not quite as humid. but the heat index will still get close to 100 tomorrow. we'll see an isolated chance just like we saw today. 90s, they are sticking around. ten-day forecast coming up in just a bit. doug, thank you. donald trump is putting his vp announcement on hold tonight because of the attacks in france. sources close to the trump campaign tell nbc news indiana
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choice. but as we learn, trump now says he has not made a final decision. >> donald trump postponed his vice presidential announcement because of the deadly truck attack in southern france. dozens died when a truck ran into a bastille day crowd in nice. this caps a day of speculation. sources tell nbc news that the indiana governor mike pence is donald trump's vp pick. the other choices are former house speaker newt gingrich and krcb chris christie. >> i think pence would have a huge midwestern appeal. >> i'm not going to say it wouldn't bother me, of course it bothers you a bit. >> donald trump said nothing is a done deal. >> i have not made my final decision. i mean, i have three people that are fantastic. >> reporter: dona
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biggest decision of his dad's life. >> it is obviously going to be somebody with d.c. experience and political experience. >> reporter: pence has both. before becoming indiana governor he spent 12 years in congress, a member of the gop house leadership who earned a reputation as a consensus builder. hillary clinton has not chosen her vice presidential nominee yet but one of the top contenders campaigned with her, clinton rolled out a new plan to make debt-free college available to everybody. and talked about immigration reform, too. she and kaine also looked ahead to the expected matchup with donald trump. >> make no mistake about it, my friends. this is one of the most consequential elections in our history. >> what will be remembered about the failed candidacy of donald trump is, you're çófired. and maybe one other phrase, trump u.
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hours to get into the event and several people were taken to the hospital with heat-related illnesses. news 4 has complete coverage of both party conventions, starting with the rnc next year. look for tom sherwood and chris lawrence's town hall in cleveland sunday night on news 4 at 11:00. severe weather forced former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton and former british prime minister tony blair to be rushed to safety tonight. a program with the scholarships were concluding when severe winds started to break the windows. a strong storm system sent powerful winds through oklahoma and arkansas downing lines, nobody was injured. and praising the top cop tonight after a police investigation into officer's actions at a party. president wallace lowe
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today. today police mitchell announce ed a police officer has been suspended and that the entire force will go through bias and diversity training all because of an incident back in may when officers used pepper spray twice after responding to what turned out to be a bogus call about a fight at an apartment. it was all caught on body camera video. the chief called it humiliating. >> you can argue that well, i thought it was going to get worse. the bottom line is it never should have gone to this point. >> police arrested two people, including a student at that party. charges against them have now been dropped. that body camera video was expected to be released next week. tonight, d.c.'s lgbt community is shaken by the death of a 22-year-old transgender woman. dededodds died after shes
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shot. her family said she was a prostitute and they often worried about her safety. d.c. police say they're still investigating, there will be a vigil for dodds on saturday. and the last day before congress takes a summer break brought a big protest tonight over what they did not get done. also, we're following the latest out of france, we'll bring you any updates as we get them and turn on your brking neweas
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no justice, no peace.
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>> about 100 demonstrators gathered for a "black lives matter" march near capitol hill, coming after a day of controversy in the d.c. council. the head of d.c.'s police union is so upset over a police reform resolution he says that officers will try to unseat the council members who support it. that resolution calls for reform citing the names of ten people killed by police. the list includes trayvon martin, the unarmed florida teen who was killed by a civilian, george zimmerman. and the union says in other cases cited the officers were found not to have committed any crime at all. >> basically spitting in our face and telling us how police officers are just criminals and violent. >> it's not all about the police and i made the point clear in the resolution, it's about the whole society not embracing change. >> the union chief says he will try to encourage district public empes
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who he says don't have faith in the police. and another strong call for lawmakers to act on gun control legislation, house democrats held a speak-in on the steps. they introduced jeffries, who had a daughter killed in the so-called street massacre in 2010. she doesn't why congress won't do anything. >> my child should be graduating college, but instead she is dead. and that is only because the nra controls the republicans. and we're going to disarm all of them. >> democrats are calling on congress to make gun legislation a priority when lawmakers return in september. congress also failed to pass funding for zika before the recess, both sides are playing thel
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democrats are saying that a gop-backed bill did not include funding for planned parenthood. while republicans wanted the democratic bill to include more defense spending. both sides accused each other of playing politics with a national health crisis. several restaurants pulled together in alexandria this evening to help out a competitor, holding a fundraising to help big al steakhouse, which caught fire last week, fire officials say the new stove had not been installed properly. the holy cow restaurant transformed into big al's and prepared the restaurant's menu favorites. all the proceeds will go to the new owner for building. click to the go fund me page with the link. >> that is like a philly cheese steak. >> it is. all right. well, we hope they're back open and --
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so another hot one, even worse tomorrow? >> you know, even coming back tonight, i mean, really just hot. >> exactly right, it hits you like a ton of bricks when you step out the door tonight. temperatures still in the upper 80s in some locations or at least the mid-80s, the heat index still close to 90 degrees, even at 11:00. right now 84 degrees at the airport, winds out of the south at seven miles per hour, the heat index is still 91 at the airport in downtown. extremely warm. gaithersburg, 83, 84 in quantico. so being warm tonight means we'll be very warm tomorrow. nothing on the radar, couple of showers, nothing on the radar you can see the showers coming through and dissipating as they move into northern virginia, you saw a couple towards blue ridge and northern
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tomorrow 8:00 a.m., no need for the umbrella, tomorrow, same deal, sunshine, isolated showers or two, any showers that develop could see locally heavy downpours. most of us around 3 or 4:00 will be dry tomorrow. isolated shower chances, this is the type of weather we have, hot, humid, isolated shower, july in d.c., 95 degrees, heat index close to hundred but not nearly as warm as it was today. 105 was the heat index today, with the heat advisory, high temperatures tomorrow, frederick, 95, manassas, 96, fredericksburg. 97 in fredericksburg, about as hot as it gets, maybe 96 or
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a far cry from the 102 or 3 or 4 earlier today. still very warm and humid across our area so tomorrow will be a moderate impact day once again we're talking about that heat and talking about the humidity. if you're going to be out and about, really outdoors at all, you want to take hiydrationhydr 95 tomorrow, pair of 92s, monday, a little bit more so heat index back possibly over 100 with a temperature of 94, 92 degrees on tuesday with a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. and staying 90 degrees or above, i think. all the way through the end of next week. some areas may only hit 89. but that is where we're going. well, pretty soon we'll just be used to it. okay, thank you. coming up, less than 24 hours before a deadline for the skins. and up next with
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this is the xfinity sports desk. cousins countdown, they have to get this deal done tomorrow. >> they don't have to, i would -- i wanted the redskins to sign him to a long-term contract. tomorrow, july 15th, at 4:00 p.m., that is the deadline for the redskins to sign
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cousins for a long-term contract, and he could have to prove himself all over again this despite setting the most franchise records in a season, and winning the east. the training camp two weeks away, the redskins, their fans are focused on tomorrow. multiple sources say the negotiations between cousins are not even there. nearly $20 million franchise presents a lot of problems and risks for the quarterback mainly because of the injury and poor i performance, cousins certainly earned raves after an outstanding season in 2015. arena football, washington -- arena league football team got their name and their logo today, the washington valor will join the asl -- spring of 2
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they're going to play verizon center. they finally have an identity. the majority owner knows it will resonate with the city. >> it's one of those things, you know it when you see it. they put up this name. and everyone kind of just went wild, that feels absolutely right. something that you can identify as -- on a national basis. it will be added to the league. but i think our community in d.c. and maryland and virginia will see a lot of themselves in the name. and they will be very, very proud of it. >> ted is going to be mad at me for that mistake. let's head out to the royal true golf club for the 145th open championship. a huge day for this man, phil mickelson, birdie putt is good, birdie on the first six holes and later on ten this will fall to phil, five-under at this point, with a chan
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nobody ever shot a round of 62 at a major before, if he sinks this, he has got it. watch this. a heartbreaker for phil mickelson, either way, a 63 not that bad, the five-time major winner has a three-shot lead at 8-under as he heads into round two tomorrow. and wizards taking on the hawks. he had a very good game, 17 in the third quarter, coming back tied at eight. wizards get the lead. later in the quarter, wizards up six. former second round draft pick, aaron white with a two-handed flush right there starting to pull away. under a minute to go, kelly oubre jr., game high 20 points wizards go on to win 71-60, they advance to summer league quarterfinals. kelly
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you know, some people are not too happy about all of those new pokemon hunters running around. some locations include arlington national cemetery, the u.s. holocaust museum, and even some churches want that removed from their area. so far, pokemon has not said whether it will honor that request. the national parks service is trying to turn the frenzy from pokemon go into something positive. >> they're using
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people a history lesson on our national mall. tonight, the park service reviewed their first pokemon hunt, led by a ranger. people can chase down the chers while learning about the sites. there will be more on saturday and suay at 2 p.m. nd
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael strahan. parker posey.


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