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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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starts now. right now on news 4 today, extreme heat and dangerously warm temperatures. storm team 4 is tracking how you can plan for the hottest weather we've seen all year. a man killed by an suv. what police are revealing about a dangerous situation near a busy interception. hitting the campaign trail. virginia senator tim kaine prepares for his first event as hillary clinton's vp pick. first, the heat. we are in for a dangerously hot, hot weekend. good morning to you. i'm kristin wright. >> i'm chris gordon. david culver is on assignment. it's a weather alert day. tom kierein is tracking a heat wave hitting up in a couple hours. >> the midwest has had temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. the dome of hot air is drifting our way. t
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likely, today making it to the upper 90s. the feels like temperature is up around 90 degrees. live view from the tower camera. the sun jumping up high in the sky. it's already starting to cook us. we have a heat advisory in effect. all these areas in orange. northern virginia, the nearby suburbs in maryland and the district. the heat index may get up to 105 this afternoon. got heat watches and heat warnings farther north and east of the metro area. throughout the rest of the morning, we'll have temperatures quickly climbing. by 11:00, it'll be near 90 much of the region. early afternoon, mid 90s. 5:00, it may be up to around 98 degrees. after that, maybe some storms coming through. i have the hour by hour timing on the storms coming up this half hour. >> thanks, tom. it already feels hot out. pepco says it could be hours before power is fully restored to some buildings in downtown d.c.
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normally welcome relief from the heat for the people on the national mall. they're closed today. folks struggle to find places to beat the heat. >> it's hot out here. i can feel layers of sweat. it's disgusting. >> now, as tom said, the high temperature will be close to 100 degrees throughout the weekend. it'll feel even hotter. pepco does have crews on standby. they're ready to help with power outages over the next few days. it is hot but you have options if you insist on being out this weekend. d.c. pools and spray parks are extending their hours to help you keep cool. they'll be open until 9:00 tonight. charles county pools will be open later, as well, until 8:00. a pedestrian is dead this morning after he was hit and killed by an suv in capitol heights. prince george's county police say the man was hit near ritchie road an
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it happened after 10:00 last night. the driver was not injured. police have not said if the driver will face charges. hillary clinton is expected to formally introduce virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate this afternoon in miami. it come j days before the democratic national convention. some are calling the former governor of the commonwealth of virginia a safe choice. nbc explains why. ♪ i got the eye of a tiger >> reporter: hillary clinton will take the stage with ktim kaine. clinton first texted supporters and then tweeted the news. kaine is widely considered a safe choice and was a front runner throughout the betting process. a running mate with a wide range of experience. former mayor and governor and now a senator from a battleground state. clnt
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on day one. perhaps providing a contrast to the unpredictable ticket of trump and pence. >> are we ready to go win an election in november? well, i think after the last week, what we saw in cleveland, we'd better be ready to go win an election in november. >> reporter: kaine learned of his selection 40 minutes before the announcement. it won't please bernie sanders supporters who wanted a progressive candidate like elizabeth warren. they were called the status quo ticket. clinton will officially introduce kaine saturday in miami. nbc news. news 4's david culver is in miami for clinton's official announcement. it's happening at noon today at florida international university. we'll be talking to david coming up on this newscast at 8:15 this morning. new details now
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the news 4 i-team scott mcfarlen broke last month. 45-year-old jonathan wienke has top security clearance inside headquarters. last month, he was arrest frd ca -- arrested for carrying a gun into the complex in d.c. news 4 was the first to report the feds plan to raid his home, suspecting he was planning violence. wienke faces up to ten years in prison if conflicted. he's due in court on wednesday. it's unclear what plea, if any, he'll enter in the case. new details this morning about the gun stolen from an fbi special agent's vehicle in d.c. the fbi says someone stole a secured gun lock box out of the car earlier this month while it was parked in the h street, near 7th and 8th streets in washington. now we know wh
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with. a .40 caliber glock handgun and ar-15 rifle, like the ones you're seeing on your screen. plus, a holster, radio and other gear. if you have any information, you're asked to call the fbi. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day, as we've been telling you. you can already feel it quickly getting hotter and hotter. tom is updating his forecast with the most bearable times this weekend. and a tornado brings an added threat. the danger that brought flooding tod hail
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we are working to find out who was killed in this fiery crash in prince william county. look at that house. the car crashed into the house in gainesville yesterday
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out. the driver died. police are also trying to find out how the crash happened. prince george's county police are asking for your help in finding this man. he's a suspected killer. police believe he is the one who shot and killed a 68-year-old man at a gas station pump on r marboro pike. investigators believe jackson has filled up his 2015 black dodge charger when the suspect shot him and sped off. charges are dismissed against a d.c. woman accused of sexually assaulting three children last month. steele allegedly lured them into her home in northeast with popcorn and ice cream. police arrested her two weeks ago, but yesterday, the u.s. attorney's office decided there was not enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. crank up the air-conditioning and have plenty of sunscreen this wen
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hottest temperatures we have seen in months. how soon storms could impact all of our plans today, ahead. i'm at the washington animal rescue relief with my new best friend eve. isn't she cute? we are clearing the shelters today and eve is going to help. we need you to help. we'll tell you in a few minutes what you can do to bring
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innovative programs. >> get an application at by august 26th.
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>> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. the sun is jumping high in the sky, hazy. the heat index is already around 90 degrees. you have to watch out for heat exhaustion. you can overexert this afternoon. overstressing your body. these are some of the signs to look for. mainly, if you're feeling faint or does sizzy. sweating, good sign of heat exhaustion, muscle cramps or feeling like you're getting nausea and you have a rapid, weak pulse. get inside and get cool right away. otherwise, you can go into heatstroke and that is a deadly physical condition. watch out for that. look out for the chance of storms coming in a couple minutes. right now, big cleanup after this tornado touched down in washington state. home video capturing what's really a rare sight for folks out in the pacific northwe
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huge hailstorm. luckily, nobody hurt. because of triple digit temperatures and fast-moving winds, it's being called the sand fire. hundreds of crews continue battling the brush fire that scorched more than 1,000 acres in california's antelope valley on friday. so far, no one has been injured. about 100 people had to be evacuated from their homes and taken to temporary shelters. a woman is dead and several others hurt in philadelphia. someone stole a car and ran them over. the car thief hit another car first and then mowed down at least four people, some children. a total of nine people were hurt. we're told the person behind the wheel actually drove another block after hitting all these people, then jumped out of the car and ran. they still have not been caught. 8:14. we are getting a clearer picture of the 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton is expected to
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formally introduce virginia senator tim kaine as her running mate this afternoon in miami. this comes just days before the democratic national convention. news 4's david culver is in miami now with a look ahead at what we can expect. good morning, david. >> hey there, chris. good morning to you. normally, we'd be bringing you a live report from the location where the rally is supposed to be happening. a few miles from where we are in miami, they're doing the secret service security sweep. it's the new lifestyle tim kaine will have to get used to now. he was approachable as we went and saw him in sterling, virginia, on thursday. no secret service, obviously. that's going to change with his announcement that he's hillary clinton's pick for vp. we do expect him to be here in miami for that rally this morning. supposed to be kicking off around noon, actually. that's when the newly chosen running mate will be with
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hillary clinton. we've asked senator kaine several times leading up to this what he makes of the speculation. what were at the time rumors. he down played it even as late as thursday when i was with him in sterling. he said, you know, he'd be honored, but this is not something he's thinking about. of course, we learned late last night, around 8:00, he was, in fact, the choice. here's what he had to say though about why he thought he was ton short list. >> i am not under any illusion one of the main reasons i'm being considered is because of virginia. it's not necessarily just because of me. it's because virginia is really important. that's something that gives me a feeling, a really good feeling. >> so from virginia, one battle state, to here in florida, another one, clearly, it's a highly desirable place also with the latino population. a lot of things they're hoping to capture with the rally today. we'll bring you coverage right here. kristin and chris, back to you
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>> david there coming to us live from his hotel room in miami. he'll be moving to the venue this afternoon. stay with news 4 throughout the day. both on air and online for updates from today's rally. today, you can help us clear animal shelters across the d.c. area. news 4 has partnered with 25 local shelters, which will offer free and reduced adoption fees today. wendy is live this morning at the adoption center in northwest d.c. with a look at what you can expect if you're looking for a new family member. good morning, wendy. how is it going? >> good morning. you can expect if you come here to find a lot of animals and a lot of dogs. a big bunny. a lot of cats. there was a recent hoarding situation. those cats aren't up for adoption yet, but they need to clear this shelter so they can bring the 40 some cats here. joining me to tell you how this is going to work is lauren, the director of
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for the washington humane society, washington animal rescue league just merged. how many animals do you have here when people come to look? >> close to 200 animals. approximately 100 here at the adoption center. also 100 at the new york avenue adoption center northeast. we encourage people to go to both locations. we're asking people to fill out a questionnaire when they arrive. be patient and we'll call people in in the order that people arrive. you go into the species you're interested in, cat or dog. we do hope you have at least an idea of which species you're interested in adopting today. we'll work with you to make sure it's a good match. what's your lifestyle life, what household do you have, what time do you have to commit to an animal? if the animal requires training, are you willing to do that? we have honest conversations. we have volunteers and staff on hands to do counseling. come on out. we'll be here 10:00 to 5:00. >> there's no hurry in terms of the process. if they want to come in and spend an hour, kind of --
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with the han mallanimals, that' >> this is maybel. >> if you sign up for counseling, you're first in line to counsel with the animal. take your time, but be aware other people may be come in after you and are looking at the same animal you are. be ready to have a conversation and know what you're looking for and we can make the matches. >> great. the fees are going to be reduced or waived? >> the fees are waived today only. the normal process applies. we want to make sure we're not giving away animals but trying to make sure it is the right match. there may be people who visit today that don't find the right match. we're open every day of the week except monday. of course, today the fees are waived. we have hundreds of animals in need of homes. in the summer, more come in every day. it's helpful to create space so we can save more lives than
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>> come and let's clear the shelters. maybel, who is a good girl? back to you. there you go. >> who wouldn't love maybel in their home? thank you, wendy. we're in the dog days of summer, so that was appropriate. tom is wilting. >> yes, and i'm growling about the weather, the dog days. people are growling about the weather. we've got a lot of humidity hanging in the air. it's also going to set the stage maybe for thunderstorms to develop. here the radar. no storms around right now on storm team 4 radar. later today, going forward in time, hour by hour, here is the timing. if you look at the areas in the green and the yellow, that's where we could get storms coming through. that's between around 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., right in the metro area. then it passes to the south. they generally
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9:00, 10:00. maybe a lingering thundershower in maryland this evening. the storm team 4 ten-day outlook, we have a heat wave with highs in the upper 90s and chances for the afternoon storms. tomorrow, upper 90s but a small chance of storms. monday and tuesday, the heat continues. it'll continue all the way into midweek. next weekend, cooling down a bit with a chance of afternoon
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coming up at 8:24 now, police in baltimore are reaching out to the city's youth to make them feel safer. >> on friday, officers in the city escorted about 100 kids to a local pool. the kids are part of a group called the kids safe zone, which provides summer activities. the organization's founder says the relationship is working to build trust between young people and police. something nice to see, given everything else. >> yeah, you know, west baltimore, they complain they have no resources for young people. now, the police have changed and are trying to improve their relationship. the obama administration, department of justice has gotten involved. they're aiming at the young people of baltimore, trying to create trust. >> it's needed, necessary. the heat is on, and we're in for a dangerously hot weekend. tom is updating his forecast with how to make the most of the
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>> the heat is becoming a major problem at a local jail. the solution to keep inmates cool without air-conditioning. felons not allowed to vote. how virginia's governor plans to act after a high court reverses why should over two hundred years of citi® history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress. that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward.
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extreme heat. that's what folks in our region will be feeling
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while. storm team 4 is predicting temperatures near 100 degrees throughout the weekend. pools and spray parks are extending hours. experts are reminding everyone to watch for signs of heat exhaustion. prince george's county police are investigating why a pedestrian was killed late last night in capitol heights. they say the driver of an suv hit a man near ritchie road and edgeworth drive. virginia senator tim kaine will make his first public appearance with hillary clinton since she announced him as her running mate. they'll have a rally this afternoon. first, it'll be brutally hot this weekend. good morning. i'm kristin wright. >> i'm chris gordon. meteorologist tom kierein is soaking up the sun on our storm team 4 weather deck. why should he be spared? >> kbactually, i'm in the shade chris. i have sense to st
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shade. if you're in the sun, it's already uncomfortably hot. when you're out running around today, you can check the latest heat index and the temperature where you are with the nbc washington app and the latest storm team 4 forecast. right now, we have a little bit of a breeze, a blue sky. we've got a weather alert day because of the haze in the atmosphere. look at that, you can see the thick humidity over washington. live view from our tower camera in upper northwest washington. it feels like 90 degrees. this is the current heat index, the feels like temperature. the combination of temperature and humidity. feels like 90 already in annapolis and much of the region. the heat index is already in the mid and upper 80s. the hour by hour forecast by mid afternoon, it'll be in the upper 90 sts. feels like temperature at 105. we'll look at how long the heat wave may be lasting this half hour. >> thank you, tom. temperatures near 100, dozens of inmates at the
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sources tell news 4 197 inmates have been transferred out or moved to other parts of the jail because the air-conditioning system is failing. >> we've learned another jail in st. mary's county in maryland has no air-conditioning at all. the warden says it is impacting everything from sentencing to staffing. news 4's mark segraves takes you for a look inside. >> on the second tier, it gets to over 100 degrees. >> reporter: the st. mary's county jail was built with no air-conditioning. >> this is where it gets the hottest in the summertime. >> reporter: the captain told news 4 he's providing ice water, large fans and extra shower time for the inmates. he's also allowing them to wear shorts and t-shirts rather than the traditional prison jump suits. >> it's too much. too hot. remember, look at my officers, they're in uniform all day. >> reporter: the lack of air-conditioning is one of many
8:31 am
we have an aging infrastructure. we've double bunked the place to save money over the years. locks are failing. >> reporter: by phone, county commissioner john o'connor tells news 4 the county has approved $18 million to make improvements. >> they're being used to address the heating and air-conditioning, safety security, expansion for possible women inmates, medical treatment as well as future needs for capacity. >> reporter: those improvements are years away. the excessive heat is impacting how criminals are sentenced. >> we have judges that won't sentence people to long stints in here during the summer. >> reporter: he says it's taking a tole on his officers. he says he's had about 100% turnover. >> in ten years, 107 officers and we have lost 105. >> as we were leaving the detention center today, the captain told me that he's surprised that no inmates or groups who advocate on behalf of inmates have sued the county yet because he
8:32 am
the jail. reporting from the st. mary's county detention facility, mark segr segraves, news 4. the nats are taking notice of the hot weather. how can you not? they're making adjustments to tonight's game. you will be allowed to bring in two bottles of water instead of just one. they're going to have cooling centers and misting fans throughout the park. you can also use battery operated hand held fans. for a list of what's allowed, search nats heat in our nbc washington app. the first gun show in dale city since the new law about voluntary background checks passed is happening today. it allows private gun sellers to immediately request a background check on a potential beyuyer. previously, only federally licensed gun dealers could ask for a background check. the seller and buyer must consent to it. takes three minutes to complete. virginia state police will be
8:33 am
to run the checks. governor mcauliffe is reacting strongly after the court struck down his executive order to restore rights for previous felons to vote. he plans to sign orders to restore rights for nearly 15,000 former inmates who already registered to vote. here is news 4's darcy spencer. >> reporter: sheila coates has worked to help convicted felons get their voting rights back in virginia. now, a major setback. >> it just seems so unfair. >> reporter: the virginia supreme court ruled that governor mcauliffe went too far when he signed an executive order enabling more than 200,000 felons who served their time to register to vote. >> absolutely devastated. >> reporter: the court ruled the order
8:34 am
the governor has said the civil war era provision was meant to block african-americans from voting. he said he would sign nearly 13,000 individual orders for citizens who already had their rights restored and registered to vote. >> they need the second chance and the opportunity to be what they deserve to be, as far as a voter in the state of virginia. >> reporter: critic ace kcuse t governor of trying to pad the polls before the election. the supreme court of virginia delivered a major victory for the constitution, the rule of law and the commonwealth of virginia. this opinion is a sweeping rebuke of the governor's unprecedented assertion of executive authority. >> in virginia, darby spencer, news 4. article g
8:35 am
arlington is planned for today to help those who already had their voting rights restored. it's at the macedonia baptist church 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. more than 50 people whose rights were restored by the governor already registered to vote by the end of june. heat is a major factor as you make your plans this weekend. tom is updating his forecast with the safe times to go cook outside or go for a run. a lot of pokemon in the park. that's the whole reason i went. >> catching pokemon is not a reason to trespass. here we do again. why police say they were forced to use a taser.
8:36 am
8:37 am
officials say that the mass shooting in munich, germany, appears to be a classic shooting rampage. not terrorism. nine people, plus the gunman, died when he opened fire outside
8:38 am
shopping mall. children are among the victims. the lone gunman apparently took his own life. here's a warning, do not trespass if you're playing pokemon go. after a player in tampa, florida, was tased and arrested by police. >> yeah, it was all caught on camera. you see the man is brought to the ground with the taser. it happened after he wouldn't follow police orders to leave a park after hours. police say the 20-year-old grabbed the officer's arm and so they tased him. he now faces charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. you'll need shorts and tank tops, short sleeves, wear light colors. tom is tracking how quickly your neighborhood will be back in the upper 90s today. tim kaine hits the campaign trail today. we're looking at his qualifications for vice president and what to expect when he takes the stage with hillary clinton in a few hours.
8:39 am
hi, i'm wendy at the washington animal rescue league. washington humane society with this little cutie-pie. we are clearing the shelters today. a lot of cats, they have more cats than dogs here. they need cats to go to loving homes like this cutie-pie. you're a cutie-pie.
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>> announcer: now your storm
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>> we have a heat advisory. all the areas in orange on the storm team 4 heat advisory map, including northern virginia, the district, nearby suburbs in maryland. in that zone, the feels like temperature, the heat index, may get up to 105 by mid afternoon. watch out for that. dangerous heat by mid afternoon as the air temperatures get to the upper 90s. feeling like 105. look how long the heat wave may last is coming in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. hillary clinton's vp pick of tim kaine has likely to do with many factors. the virginia senator also served as governor of the commonwealth of virginia, which is a major swing state. here's news 4's northern california bureau chief on what makes kaine an ideal pick. >> are we ready for hillary? >> reporter: in english and in spanish. virginia senator tim kaine
8:43 am
of his value as a running mate last week. it was 36 years ago that kaine took a step that led to his spanish fluency. he left harvard law school a year to become a missionary in honduras. he met and married ann, whose father was the commonwealth's governor, a republican. the couple returns to richmond. kaine practiced law, specializing in housing discrimination cases. he won his first position to the city council. he hasn't lost an election since. he climbed the political ladder. leading richmond as mayor. in 2002, he was a lieutenant governor. in 2006, sworn in as governor in a rare inaugural at williamsburg. it was weeks later kaine stepped into the national spotlight, delivering the democratic response to the state of the union from inside the
8:44 am
mansion. 2007, he became the first governor outside illinois to announce his support for barack obama's bid for the presidency. a year later, kaine led a roaring virginia victory party when obama won. >> virginia has gone for barack obama! >> reporter: that support was rewarded in 2009 when obama picked kaine as the dnc chairman. he had been on obama's short list as a vp candidate. something that made the latest sweepstakes very familiar. >> i went through the process in 2008, so i kind of know the rhythm of it. >> reporter: in 2012, tim kaine joined the united states senate. he's been given influential committee assignments on armed services, budget and the foreign relations committee. kaine has a personal stake as a leader on foreign policy and defense issues. the oldest of his three children, matt, is a marine officer. pundits suggested kaine is a safe but boring choice for vp. here's how his close
8:45 am
the other day. >> the country would be well served if secretary clinton chose this swregentleman. >> thank you. >> i can tell you, you get him on a harmonica, and he's not boring at all. >> reporter: it's kaine's demeanor, knowledge of foreign policy and connection to the latino community that now takes him to the national stage, alongside hillary clinton. news 4. hilalary clinton's vp decision comes a couple days before the democratic snas iic convention in philadelphia. >> news 4 will be at the dnc. aaron joins us live with more on what we can expect going on this upcoming week. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we already knew that tim kaine had been included on the list of speakers at the dnc next week. we expected whomever
8:46 am
president would be would speak on wednesday. we can expect to hear a lot of what julie talked about in her piece. we'll hear about tim kaine's record and why having served as a local legislator, local executive, mayor, and then serving as the state and federal level positioned him to be good for the job. then you'll hear him, of course, speak about why he thinks hillary clinton is the right choice for this country as president. there's been a lot of speculation, talk about him not being a real bulldog. he won't go after donald trump. in the traditional sense, we won't see tim kaine as a bull g bulldog. this is a well-read, studied man who will be able to go after donald trump and mike pence. he'll do it in a data-driven way, i think. you won't see him, you know, yelling or firing people up as we've seen some others do, but you'll see him really nail down on
8:47 am
>> aaron, as you mentioned, a lot of speculation about this happening. how has other virginia politicians reacted to senator kaine as hillary clinton's vp pick? >> this is, i think, republicans are looking for ways to figure out what they can say about tim kaine. before tim kaine and hillary clinton appeared together the week before last, the republican party of virginia held a conference call with reporters. when we got to the point where a reporter asked, what can you say negative about tim kaine? why is he a bad choice? there was silence on the phone. no one had anything to say. the party chairman finally spoke up and said, you know, tried to defend hillary clinton's position calls into question everything tim kaine has done in his career. there hasn't been criticism from that perspective. blake tweeted he's trying to count the ways he hates tim kaine and drew a blank and
8:48 am
chosen for the job. the house speaker of virginia house of delegates put out a statement last night that said tim kaine is an honorable public servant. the republican party will have to dig deep to find ways to criticize him. you will hear most of the criticism directed at hillary clinton. >> it'll be interesting. thank you so much. we'll see you in philly. >> all right. today, american muslims and their interfaith partners will rally on the national mall this evening to stand up against terrorism. the march for america rally is set for 5:00 p.m. organizers want to counter hateful speech aimed at muslims and denounce gun violence and terrorism happening around the united states and the world. if you've wanted to adopt a new pet, today is the perfect day to help clear out the shelters. >> it really is. news 4 has partnered with more than two dozen local shelters, offering free and reduced adoption fees today. news 4's w
8:49 am
adoption center in northwest d.c. with more on what you need to know to bring home a new friend today. good morning, wendy. >> i've got to tell you, this is mook mookie. see if you can hear her purring. i'll try to get her to my microphone. people who think cats are aloof, no, no, no. she will melt in your arms. she is so sweet. she has a little brother right over here. this is duke. this could be mookie and i'm holding duke. i don't know. look at the beautiful eyes. here we do. look at that. that's the hallmark picture. there we go. the washington humane society, washington animal rescue league is overflowing with cats. a lot of people tend to adopt dogs. joining me is lisa, the president and ceo. why are -- i'm a cat person. why don't cats get the same attention as dogs tend to when people t?
8:50 am
one is there are twice as many. 2/3 cats to 1/3 dogs in any shelter across america. a lot of that is because cats breed so frequently. i think the other thing is there are different, more casual degrees of ownership of cats. if people own a dog, it's clear it's there. sometimes cats roam outside and owned by several people in the neighborhood feeding them. what we see the most is if people lose a dog, half of our dogs are reclaimed when they come in stray. only 5% or 6% of the cats are reclaimed when they come? >> oh, no. >> it's all about the more casual perspectives on owning cats. >> how many cats do you have in the shelter right now that are up for adoption today? >> so we have over 150 cats available. we need everygl
8:51 am
to go home. because we took in over 50 cats from a hoarding case tuesday night. >> that was in the news this week. >> our system is really full, and we want people to come down if they're thinking of adopting. today is the day. >> today we clear the shelters. the adoption fees are waived. you can go home with mookie, duke or any of these other more than a hundred cats here today. come on down. back to you. >> glad we talked about cats. they're not aloof. my cat is not aloof. he's lots of fun and a great member of our family. >> it's the mook and the duke. here's the expert who will tell us how bad it's going to get today. >> well, it's purr-fect this morning. i knew you were going to say it or i was going to say it. >> i was not going to say it. >> help clear the shelters. it's purr-fect now but not later.
8:52 am
dangerously so by late afternoon. we'll have the temperatures in the upper 90s. let's look at our weather alert day. it's because of the extreme heat and the threat of storms later today, we're in weather alert mode. roasting in the sun. du the camera overlooking the road. temperatures are near 90 when you factor in the humidity, hanging in the air. temperatures will be mid 80s just about everywhere within the hour. 95 by 2:00. maybe 98 around 4:00. then maybe a passing thundershower cooling things down a bit. after that, the evening, muggy and warm. no storms on storm team 4 radar. here's the hour by hour timing. 4:00, 5:00, a few of these popping up, areas in green. then it's around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., might get a ss
8:53 am
thundershower. between 9:00 and 11:00, they'll dissipate. maybe a lingering storm in maryland late evening. we have the heat wave continuing for the next several days. chances of afternoon storms on monday and tuesday staying hot into midweek. then maybe more storms over the weekend. highs a bit cooler in the 80s to near 90. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. while we deal with this heat, hawaii is preparing for possible severe storms. the danger off the coast that could bring high winds and flooding to multiple
8:54 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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hawaii is bracing for a powerful tropical storm. a storm warning has been issued for the main island and several other islands including maui and lanai. forecasters say it could bring winds up to 60 miles per hour and flooding. more than 100 people are now sick from a toxic algae bloom in utah that closed down the state's largest fresh water lake. on friday, the lake was shut down after high toxins were found in the water. blue-green algae can be seen across almost all of the 150 square mile lake. health officials are warning people not to eat fish caught within the last week. montgomery county schools superintendent smith is detailing the number of student abuse cases. specifically cases where an employee, contractor or volunteer was suspected of the act.
8:57 am
in a memo posted this week on the website, 345 suspected cases of abuse or neglect were reported since june of 2015. five showed enough credible evidence to lead to action. three of those staffers no longer work for the school system. two are on administrative leave pending final action. well, it's hot and humid and storms might impact your plans this afternoon and tonight. tom's watching how soon rain might dampen the weekend. we're on a mission to clear the shelters. how you can bring home a pet in need of a family and make a difference in a big way.
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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. right now on news 4 today, extreme heat and dangerously warm temperatures. storm team 4 is tracking how you can plan for the hottest weather we've seen all year. a man killed by an suv. what police are revealing about a dangerous situation near a busy intersection. hitting the campaign trail. virginia senator tim kaine prepares for his first event as hillary clinton's vp pick. first, the heat. we are in for a dangerously hot, weekend. good morning. i'm kristin wright. >> i'm chris goon


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