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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we're right at 210, near the river point apartments. take a look at the backups as a result of this accident where we have learned one person has been taken to the hospital in critical condition. we are at the spot where the police are diverting traffic off this stretch, where cars are going through some neighborhoods, and we took the route through the neighborhoods to get back on 210. it took us about 10 minutes or so to get through from this spot, but as you can see those backups are way down there. so folks have to back their patience. we can't see much from this point, this vantage point of the actual crash scene, but one officer just told me a few moments ago that all of the cars or the cars involved are gone from the crash site. it's still dark out here so we can't see a whole lot. we're working to get more details on the actual accident itself. we've been following this story since about the
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wtop has more now on the work around. >> molette will actually taking this from here. as melissa showed you, watching the situation from the sky here for you as well. chopper 4 is in the air. >> brad is in the chopper for us. what are you seeing from where you are? >> as you can see, this is the closure at some point she was talking about. they are squeezing on to that side road single file. let's pull out for you and see how bad this delay is. it is solid brake lights. passing palmer road in the center of your screen right now as we continue down to old fort road. that's your last chance to bail out from this delay. otherwise you are going to be sitting in quite a delay. it looks like at least a mile of a backup, maybe about a mile and a half. >> brad, do you see other roads around that area backing up as well? >> well, unfortunately, there aren't really any ways toet
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the trees unless you are a good swimmer. you are going to have to really sit in this delay and wait for more lanes to possibly open up to get through the neighborhoods up here. right here at this point at old fort road, that's your last chance. you will be stuck in roughly 3/4 of a mile where you don't have a chance to turn around. >> that must be the big problem. brad, thank you. let's turn now to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and look at your weather headlines. >> you probably noticed in molette's shot there are rain drops falling there in parts of prince george's county and there are light rains across the area under a mostly cloudy sky. these showers will be coming to an end about 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. most of the rain will be over. your evening plans look warm and dry. heading out to the bus stop for the few districts that have to go back. couple of showers around here early. that will be turning into an outdoor recess day today. temperatures in the 70s this morning. you can see t a
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rain moving right now moving through the i-95 corridor south of washington, headed out toward chesapeake bay. back in a few more minutes, show you the outlook on how the weather will change your plans for the rest of the day. chuck, thank you. crews are trying to restore power to thousands in our area after last night's storm. pepco, reporting 222 outages. bge, 1,500. doe minutian virginia is reported 1,500. plooding -- flooding of a major concern after last night's down pour. combine that with wind, there are a lot of downed trees this afternoon. d.c. police say someone was hit and killed by a car on ninth street northwest just a few blocks south of rhode island avenue. the car did not drive away. it's not clear whether any roads are closed in that area. developing
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brazil while police investigate claims they were robbed at gunpoint sunday morning. early this morning, jack conger from rockville and gunnar bentz were pulled off their plane and passports revoked. investigators say their statements don't add up with their teammate, ryan lochte. >> we found out the other two were about to leave the country on a plane. the judiciary understood that it was the best for the criminal procedure to keep them in the country. >> police say a fourth swimmer, jimmy feigen is cooperating with police as well. ryan lochte is already back in the states cannot be questioned further by the police. he spoke to matt lauer by phone and said he
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embellished what happened. >> when he talk to me tonight, he says that's when the guy pointed the gun in my direction and cocked in and i pointedly said to him, you had said before it was placed on your forehead and cocked. he said no, that's not exactly what happened. and i think he feels it was more of a traumatic mischaracterization. >> lochte also told matt he has never asked to stay in brazil. was never asked to stay in brazil for further questioning. sources tell news 4 the preliminary cause of the blast could be out by tomorrow. we're talking about the explosion at the silver spring apartments last week. until those results are released, some people who live in the flower branch apartments say they are afraid to go back home. many are still trying to figure out what their next move is. residents like felishia and her husband p went back to the apartment to get a few things and didn't stay very long. she's unsure what happened and until she learns exactly what happened a week ago,
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feel safe. >> all of us were so scared, seeing what happened next door to our neighbors. >> until the results come back, felishia and her husband are splitting their time between the car and a hotel. crews are preparing to resume the search for a missing swimmer near great falls. montgomery county fire and rescue says a man was swimming in the potomac near the billy goat trail on tuesday. at one point he went under and did not resurface. boats and a police helicopter searched the area. they will be back out this morning. it is hard. it is fast. >> i've never seen fire behavior so so extreme. >> firefighters are doing everything they can to fight that huge wildfire in southern california. it is so big, it is creating its own weather pattern. erika gonzalez has new details at the live desk. yeah, explosive conditions is how one official is describing it this morning. the blue cut fire has taken over
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it's got more than 1,000 emergency personnel on the ground trying to tame this monster. while more than 30,000 people have been if given evacuation orders, we're hearing some are refusing to leaf their homes. if it seems like we've been talking about a lot of fires at the live desk, that's because we have. there are so many. eight right now. all across california. fueled even more by the years of drought. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. 6:07 your time right now. more problems at the washington monument. it will be closed again today. this time a cable attached to the bottom of the elevator broke loose. the elevator stopped about 500 feet up. there was an employee inside at the time. 84 people at the top of the monument had to use the stairs to come down. the new problem is completely unrelated to the power issues that closed the monument earlier this week. ♪ ♪ it's now 6:07. let's head out to rio de janeiro
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of the xxxi olympiad. the olympic cauldron wilbourn three more days. >> it is a u.s. sweep. the first sweep in this event in olympic history. >> gold, silver, and bronze, a clean sweep for the women of team usa in the 100 meter hurdles. photo finish. >> we came in together as girls, women, girl power, we were really to focus and execute and do our job and we came away victorious. >> beat out the 4th place runner by .002 of a second. congratulations. more hurdles among the big olympic
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00 -- 400 meter hurdle final at 11:00 this morning. the women's final in the same event is at 9:15 tonight. in between then, the team usa women's basketball team will face france in the semifinal match today. that's at 6:00. and at 9:30, american le shaun mairt will go up against usain bolt. you can also watch ashton eaton compete today. some will say he's the best athlete in the world as a result of having won the decathalon in past olympics. make sure you follow wendy rieger. catch her reports every day at news 4 at 5:00. we're keeping on top of breaking news. a major traffic mess. 210 in oxon hill
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look at the backup here in this live picture. melissa mollet is back with more on how to avoid this area. back in the news, hover boards catching fire. homeowners describe a loud pop before the fire that caused this damage. after a stormy night, we have more rain. chuck bell with more on where you'll need your em brel la today.
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breaking news right now in oxon hill, northbound indian head highway at palmer road, livingston road. all northbound lanes blocked because of a crash. 2 1/2 mile backup. southbound bw park wake at powder mill road, that crash, it looks like a 4-mile backup headed southbound. taking alo
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stiems, 270 south not so bad right now. top of the beltway a little slow, 40 miles per hour. 66 inbound is okay and so is 95 northbound. chuck bell, the rain adding to my pain this morning. >> adding to everyone's pain a little bit this morning. lucky all the heavy rain is gone. prince george's and anne arundel county, down here parts of central virginia. the rain is coming to an end in lieu rain -- lieu rain, page -- luray and page county. all should be done by 7:00. what to wear, shorts and t-shirts for sure. sunglasses. may want to have a small umbrella for going out the door. by and large, most of your plans look just fine. five-day forecast coming up at 6:21. coming up on 6:15. some 6,000 people are living in
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shelters right now. the flooding in louisiana is not letting up in some places. in fact, the water is rising even more in certain spots. as far as 100 miles away from baton rouge. at this point, 30,000 people have been rescued. officials say 11 people have >> died in the flooding. >> i feel bad for my grandma. she's lived here a long time. it's never gotten this bad. today, secretary of homeland security jeh johnson will head to louisiana to get a firsthand look. fairfax police want your help in a murder investigation. take a look at this new video. this shows two more people they want to talk about a man's homicide. the man was shot and killed on seminary road in falls church back in february. last month, police arrested ar naledo, ford, jr. and police
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madison jr for indecent exposure. there are two separate incidents on a blue and orange line trains. a successful recruiting plan has hundreds of bowie state university plan with place to stay on campus. they implemented a new strategy to recruit freshman and it worked. more than a thousand signed up. the school says it doesn't guarantee housing for students and all 1300 spaces of oncampus housing filled with more than 300 people on a waiting list. zblo we're getting more details about the so-called party house in virginia where police say an argument bed to -- led to a driveby shooting over the week. sunday was not the first time police had been called to the multimillion dollar mansion. it wasn't the first time that weekend. the caller described the scene early saturday morning. >> coming up the hill, right at
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the house out front, there was traffic stopped coming the other direction. i saw people on the ground being kicked repeatedly. >> just 24 hours later, police would be called again. this time for a driveby shooting on dolley madison boulevard and kirby road at mclean. police confirmed the officers had been called to the mansion more than 60 times over the last few years. it is 6:17. one hover board causes two fires in a florida home. the home owner says the hover board had been plugged in for weeks when he heard a loud pop and found a fire in one bedroom. investigators believe the batteries may have come so hot that they burst and shot across the hall into a second bedroom. the fire in that room was worst. both rooms were nearly destroyed. the hover board was purchased on line.
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no one was seriously hurt but 500 people had to be evacuated from this ship that caught fire. mechanics say it started when a fuel hose broke open on the shift yesterday off the coast of puerto rico. as you can see, the ship went up in smoke. half the people on board were treated for heat stroke, shock, and dehydration. 18 minutes after the 7:00 hour in rio right now where day 13 of competition is getting under way. pretty soon here team usa dominating the competition right now. we'll have an update on the medal count in a moment. first of all, to the beach, where kerri walsh jennings and april ross beat out the brazilian team. they leave cherishing the bond. >> to lose, and come back 24 hours and win and put your heart out there when you are devastating. that's a whole another scenario. i frowned upon the word bronze. now i'm so damn proud. it's right up
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gold. >> she has several before rio. she won gold in the last three olympics. count them up right now. team usa closing in on 100 medals. we have 93 right now. 30 of them are gold. china, far behind in second place, with 54 medals. great britain in third with 50. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. chopper 4 right now over the scene northbound 210 in oxon hill. take a look at this as chopper 4 zooms out of here. a 2 1/2-mile backup. folks are wiggling their way through neighborhoods. the closure is northbound 210 at palmer and livingston. southbound bw parkway at powder mill road, have that crash. six-mile backup there. southbound wisconsin near dorset, all lanes blocked as well. a lot happening this morning. i have my
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twitter feed. you should do the same. otherwise, how do you know anything? outside this morning, cloudy skies for most but it's a pretty morning out there right now. sun is coming up in 3 or 4 minutes. skies are mostly cloudy. there's our washington standing tall in downtown right now. 76 degrees under that mostly cloudy sky. southwesterly breeze. only 5 miles per hour. low to mid 70s now. warm up, low to mid 80s by lunchtime. 95 yesterday. i'm forecasting 91 for a high today. every day is just a smidgen cooler than the one before. later this afternoon, there could be one or two brief little passing showers, but your rain chances during the afternoon are generally 30% or less during the day. so really the bulk of the rain will be dealt with this morning. showers along route 15
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really it's about the last of the showers we're going to be contending with. light rain in parts of anne arundel, eastern prince george's county, moving into calvert county. already drying out. future weather carries all the rain out of here for now. back to sunshine by late morning and afternoon. later this afternoon, there's the reason we have that tiniest little chasing passing shower this afternoon. by and large, anything you do this afternoon after 5:00 will be rain-free. saturday afternoon and evening there is a little chance for rain. sun, a significant chance for thunderstorms. some of those could be strong. keeping a close eye on that for you right now. see you in ten minutes with four things you need to know about the forecast. we have new information on when you can get your hands on the next iphone. >> and what target is doing to deal with the bathroom
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happy andying to a terrifying accident. a boy hit by a semitruck and survives. the boy tried to cross a busy highway at the same time a semi hauling a
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past. the truck clipped the boy and threw him 70 feet. amazingly, he was not seriously hurt. target is planning on spending $20 million to install a private bathroom in all of its stores last week. the move comes after customers protested allowing transgender customers use the bathroom of their gender identity. they will add the option to 270 stores by november and 20 remaining stores by march of thext year. you will soon have to pay to park in the garages at reston town center. september 12th, you will pay between $2 and $24. weekends and holidays will be free. the garages will use a parking system that is gateless, ticketless. payment will be made through an app. you will have to weight a
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9 -- i'm sorry. you'll have to wait for the new iphone. it is learned that the iphone 7 and the larger dual camera iphone 7 plus will not go until november 3rd. remember this great falls teenager who scaled the side of trump tower in manhattan. we're learning new developments on this case that happened from his bedside at the hospital. we have the latest developments on weather and that traffic situation developing in prince george's county. live look. huge backup. wll have the e' introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ♪ now at 6:29. storm team 4 coverage of the aftermath of the storm. the rain came in hard and fast. strong winds ripped a roof off of an apartment building in southeast d.c. and power crews have been busy overnight after some 25,000 customers were in the dark
6:30 am
coverage right now. chuck bell has a look ahead at what you can expect today. >> we begin with kristin wright live with a look at the impact the storms had overnight. kristin. >> reporter: right. we're at an apartment building in southeast d.c. that was really impacted by this storm and it's actually quite a mess this morning. look down here behind me. that is mostly insulation and part of the roof that was ripped off this building during the height of the storm last night. this is right next to 695 here. that shows you just how powerful this storm was. we have some video we want to show you from last night. it shows you the firefighters that were out here, the police out here, people that were evacuated from this pardon me building. we understand about 50 people were told needed to get out and get out quickly because of storm and heavy winds that came through and took down
6:31 am
insulation. so back here live this morning, people here not allowed back in here. obviously. they have no idea when they might be allowed back in, but the good news is nobody hurt. no one was hurt last night. just this building. quite a disaster. chuck, what's in store for the weather today? >> finally a little bit of quiet weather coming our way, kristin so everybody who has things to clean up today because of last night's storms will have the opportunity to do so without a severe weather threat. four things to know about the forecast. cool this morning, but lots of puddles to drive through or jump over this morning. plenty of sunshine, turning hot, another 90-degree today likely this afternoon. a next chance for severe storms perhaps on sunday afternoon and evening. saturday looking like the better half of the weekend. behind the sunday storms, the heat will finally break. wait until you see that ten-day
6:32 am
here's melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. she's been dealing with quite a mess on the roads this morning. >> breaking news in oxon hill. chopper 4 over this problem all morning for you. northbound 210 at livingston, palmer road, major backup. almost three miles at this point. it looks like just a red little string of licorice here as you are headed northbound. all northbound lanes shut down. people wiggling their way through neighborhoods this morning. new problems southbound gw at the memorial bridge. right side of the roadway is blocked. southbound bw at powder mill road. still have that accident. a little bit of rain adding to the mess there. ninth street at o still shut down because of the pedestrian struck. we have live team coverage with chopper 4 as well. brad is morning the traffic backup. >> what can you show us how far the impact is on drivers here?
6:33 am
aaron, and i'm showing you right now the closure point that was originally letting people enter into this housing complex. they were able to kind of work their way around, but now they are stopping everyone at palmer road and the backup is worsening as we speak. we're at about 2 miles. we'll pull out for you and show you what we're looking at here. it is an extensive backup. there's really not a whole lot of options for you. all right. brad live from chopper 4. thanks for giving us that perspective from the air. and pepco crews appear to have restored power in downtown washington after a transformer explosion. pepco's website no longer has any reported outages in the area of 18th and l streets northwest. nearby customers had been without power since monday night's explosion. the outage be affected sprint customers and 911 service for
6:34 am
we're told those issues have been resolved. unsend, that is the response after abuse allegations emerge at the county's head start program. the federal government has pulled $6.5 medical million in funding from the program. it follows allegations of student abuse and poor instructor training. the county says the teachers involved have been dealt with, some parents are still concerned. >> you don't want to hear that your child is being abused. it's just sad to me and pc county doesn't do enough when it comes to the children and their education. >> the district plans to appeal and during that time the federal government must keep the funding in place. the program is set to start on time on august 29th. the recent extreme heat is likely responsible for the deaths of several hundred fish found belly up in the pond at the national mall. they were found dead this week at the bond at constitution
6:35 am
gardens. there's no exact number of fish that died. official say the recent heat likely spurred the growth of algae, robbing the water of oxygen. a similar fish kill happened in the same pond in 2013. the clinton campaign is out with a new tv ad this morning criticizing donald trump on his tax returns. they are accusing him of flip flopping on the issue in releasing them. >> if i decide to reason for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. >> trump has insisted that he cannot release his returns because he is under an audit. the trump campaign is scheduled to begin airing its first tv ads of the general election in several battle ground states tomorrow. meanwhile, donald trump is heading to north carolina today. he will hold a rally at the charlotte convention center tonight. this weekend, he will make a push in virginia. he is scheduled to hole a rally at this fredericksburg expo center on
6:36 am
the doors open at 3:00 for the 6:00 event. the 19-year-old man who climbed the side of trump tower last week was arraigned in his bed at bellevue hospital. stephen regatta faces several charges, including reckless endangerment. bail was set for $10,000 p. he's due back in court in october. several athletes are returning from rio. >> whoa! i didn't expect that. i want to get had some marshmallows here. >> the olympic cauldron. that is nice. bethesda's hometown golden girl, katie ledecky arrived home to a homecoming fit for a champion. there she is. medals and all. many of them katie ledecky earning four gold medals as she shattered two world records in
6:37 am
19-year-old says she's excited to do some normal stuff. >> a cooked meal and sleeping in my own bed. planning for the next couple of weeks moving into college and i'm excited to go to college and swim for a really great college team. >> she will attend stanford university. one thing she still needs to accomplish is getting her drivers ln. >> that's one thing she hasn't had time to do. >> make sure you follow wendy rieger as well on twitter and insta fram to see her photos of what's happening in rio. usa swim controversy in brazil. we'll take you live to rio with the up to the minute details with the robbery investigation that involves a local olympian having his passport detain. the so-called blue cut fire is not getting any better while
6:38 am
homes. we're staying on top of backups on indian head highway. the crash site is gone but guess what i just did? built a sandcastle?
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>> breaking news alt oxon hill. livingston road, all northbound lanes shut down. a three-mile backup. metro red line, single tracking between van nest and dupont circle. travel times, 270 not bad. taking a look at 66, it's okay and 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway, 24 minutes. and now here's storm team 4 forecast. another round of storms late last night as tapered back to just occasional showers. these are coming to a quick end. we should be dry by 8:00
6:42 am
mid to upper 80s. shenandoah valley, maryland. 92 in downtown washington. going into the mountains this weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, highs in the low 80s. showers on saturday. storms on sunday. the video coming in from louisiana is dramatic. >> flood waters forced thousands of people out of their homes in the gulf coast. >> we have new details on who is looking into how the federal government has responded to this disaster. >> and we are morning a deadly pedestrian accident in the district. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with details on the investigation and the impact to traffic. back ups as far as the eye can see after a terrible accident on indian head introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ♪ right now some team usa swimmers are waking up in brazil instead being back home in the states. amid questions surrounding four olympians who say they were robbed at gunpoint. >> the judiciary understood it was the best for the criminal procedure to keep them in the country. >> plus it's been a rough start to the day for some drivers in prince george's county after a crash shut down indian head highway. we have live team coverage. and a ferocious fire out west is not
6:46 am
ignore an evacuation order to battle the flames with a garden hose. right now, two u.s. swimmers are being held in brazil while police investigate claims they were robbed at gunpoint sunday morning. >> investigators say their statements about the robbery don't add up with teammate ryan lochte's account. earlier this morning, jack conger from rockville and gunnar bentz left the police station after hours of questioning. yesterday, they were pulled off planes bound for the states and passports taken. >> when we found out the other two were about to leave the country on a plane and the judiciary understood that it was the best for the criminal procedure to keep them in the country. >> police say a fourth swimmer, jimmy feigen is cooperating with
6:47 am
>> let's bring in with jay gray with more on why investigators became suspicious about the swimmers stories about what happened. good morning. >> reporter: great to talk to you as always. here's what we know at this point, those three swimmer who are still in rio do plan to talk to authorities. suspicious aroused according to detectives this morning when the stories didn't match up. when there were some discrepancies in the stories between all of the swimmers who said they were a part of this. to that extent, we know that ryan lachte has talked on the phone with matt lauer. he has pulled back on exactly what happened. the details of the robbery but still insists they were all held at gunpoint by men with badges and weapons poising as -- posing as police here in rio. that's something that's developing. let's get back to the games. what a night it was overnight. let's start with the 100 meter hurdle where the u.s. women have done something never done before
6:48 am
in history. 1, 2, 3, gold, silver, and bronze in the hurdle. it was a clean sweep for the americans. obviously just the strongest showing possible there and a long jump, 1 and 2, gold and silver there. a huge haul for team usa from the track last night. today, we expect to see more excitement on the track, usain bolt running in his favorite race, the 200 meters. he's looking for second gold in rio and hinting he may have have another world record in it. that is the latest right now live in rio. back to you. jay, thank you. a serious crash is creating a major mess for people driving through prince george's county. this is happening on route 210 at palmer, livingston road. we have team coverage on the traffic delays that continue to stretch on for three miles now. we begin with molette green. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're right off 210 along a service road. w
6:49 am
backups that begin now at palmer road. that's from my vantage point. i know we're going to show some scenes from chopper 4 as well. that's where police are now diverting the traffic. they actually moved the closure further south from where i'm standing over the last 45 minutes or so. they are asking, folks, of course, to use alternate routes to get around this and that's going to be tricky because there are a lot of neighborhoods and a lot of people just don't know how to get around this, to get back on 210 where it does clear after livingston road. here's where the police have the original blockage but a little further down, you can see that is the focus of the investigation throughout the morning. we've been following this since the 3:00 a.m. hour where we understand one person has been taken to the hospital with critical injuries. still working to get more information about the exact extent of what happened. what happened? how many cars were involved and
6:50 am
person taken to the hospital in critical condition and these backups, this closure, will last throughout the morning rush. now the closure starts at palmer road off 210. that is the latest live from indian head highway along the service road here. back to you. all right. thank you, molette. again, we're covering the breaking news from every angle this morning. chopper 4 has been above this for about an hour now. northbound 210 at oxon hill, we're shut down here at the livingston palmer road area. all northbound lanes blocked by this crash right now. we just look. 2 1/2 mile bup. i've been speaking with the chopper pilot throughout the day this morning. as you can see how big the backup is and all the routes looking nasty as well. jack taylor our friend at wtop. this is something we don't normally see it. there's no good way around it. >> exactly. ou
6:51 am
you are fine. if you are forced off the road at palmer road, everybody is making that right turn, you go to tucker road to saint barnabas road, diverting west of 210, oxon hill road. that's putting you in the outlet, that's starting to stack up. plan for extra time until this investigation continues. back to you. i'll take it from here. we're staying on top of a fatal pedestrian accident investigation in northwest d.c. we understand this happened a few minutes shy of the 3:00 hour early this morning. this is the intersection of ninth and p streets northwest. police tell us that the driver did in fact stay on the scene, but one person was struck and killed there at the corner of ninth and p streets. we're still working the phones to try and find out exactly who this person was. at the live desk,
6:52 am
gonzalez. the secretary of homeland security is heading to louisiana today. jeh johnson will assess the damage in the awful widespread flooding there. 6,000 people are living in shelters there. 13 people have dialed. the blue cut fire is growing and forcing more people from their home and it's only 4% contained. nbc is in inten county with more d san bernardino county with more. >> the wildfire here in southern california won't quit. overnight, it tripled in size. it went up to 30,000 acres. 82,000 people have had to leave the area, leaving behind more than 30,000 structures. firefighters have been launching an air campaign to put it out. as you can see behind me, the flames and the smoke are moving with the winds to new
6:53 am
stopping or slowing down any time soon. coming up on the "today" show, we're going to show you some of the damage, show you some of the people who evacuated this area and look at what comes next facing this wildfire the size of which firefighters have never seen before. we turn to storm team meteorologist chuck bell right now. big time storms overnight. things are calmed down? >> our next chance for severe weather comes on sunday afternoon and sun evening. so between now and then not much to worry about. outside, skies are still mostly cloudy but we'll be back to sunshine here before you know it. our hot summer continues. today is likely to be yet another day. 90 or higher. we've had 41 such days so far this summer. still holding on to the warmest august on record. we'll put a dent in that record by early next week. the real number i find most important, 18 days this summer, including yesterday, have been 95 or higher. so not just hot, but
6:54 am
there's a little bit of an improvement coming our way for this afternoon into early this evening. a little weather front sliding on by. most of rain showers here are just down to our south. southern farquir county. by and large, the rain is quickly coming to an end across the region. future weather brings the sunshine back in by 9:00, 10:00, this morning. mostly sunny afternoon. future weather 5:00, i couldn't rule out 1 or 2 little spotty showers. that's it. bulk of the rain is at this point overwith. we're in the low to mid 70s. it will be a hot one day. plenty of sunshine today. no more than the slightest little chance for a shower coming up between 4:00 and 6:00 this eenk. there's your ten-day forecast. 91 today, 92 tomorrow. friday is going to be great. saturday starts out nice and dry. a small chancr
6:55 am
thundershower. cooler, less humid weather returns for next week. kmong, i'm landon dowdy. solar city ceo is slashing his salary to $1 a year. it's coming weeks after they accepted a $2.6 billion buy out from tesla. thanks, landon. it is 6:55. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning. another big problem for the washington monument. it is closed today so crews can fix a cable that broke off the bottom of the elevator. >> storm damage clean-up will be under way today after strong storms rolled through last night in southeast d.c. part of a roof was blown off of an apartment building. that forced 50 people to
6:56 am
evacuate. today, two u.s. swimmers will continue being questioned by brazilian police by an alleged armed robbery. yesterday, they are pulled off of a plane and passports revoked. traffic is backed up after a serious crash on route 210 this morning. drivers encouraged to take an alternate route. it is just a mess. 210 northbound there at livingston palmer road. you can see it's a 2 1/2 mile backup. it is really bad here this morning. the problem is there's no great alternate. all northbound lanes being blocked is a major issue for a lot of people. you can see 210 very red this morning and those roads to the left and right also have a bit of volume as well. your ten-day forecast, back into the 90s, today, tomorrow and on through the weekend but low 90s. not the mid and upper 90s we've been suffering through. next chance for any significant weather around here comes up on sunday. some of those storms could be on the strong s
6:57 am
ds outside this weekend, better to do it saturday than sunday. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. we pressure you waking -- we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll you in 25 minutes. we'll have the latest on weather and traffic situation on 210 and any other breaking news. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
6:58 am
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good morng. good morning. clean sweep. team usa takes gold, silver, and bronze in the women's 100 meter hurdles, the first in mr. trump history. the first in olympic history. l ross rallying in dram fashion to win bronze in bronze in beach volleyball. hot water. two of ryan lochte's teammates abruptly pulled from a plane as they were on their way home from rio. detained for hours before being released overnight. officials questioning the accounts of four swimmers who claim they were victims of a robbery. would their stories hold up. what ryan told me in


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