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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. at 6:00 right now on "news4 today," the controversial surrounding four u.s. swimmers and the action they may face as surveillance video brings new questions to light. more athletes in trouble. the players held by police for several hours after a competition. why several now have to pay a fine. check this out. look at bei bei. growing, getting older. what a difference one year makes, as the panda cub celebrates a major milestone at the national zoo. on this saturday morning, welcome to "news4 today." i'm david culver
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goff. >> baby has been eating pretty good. >> growing nicely. >> plumping out really nice. >> yeah. >> we'll have more on that coming up. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is standing by. also keeping a close eye on storms. >> that's right. >> good morning. don't have any storms right now, but around the region, starting off early on this saturday morning, we've got a clear sky. storms likely moving in on sunday. i'll have more on that coming up this half hour. look at our sunrise underway. sun will be coming up in 25 minutes. it'll be coming up in a clear sky. live view from the storm team 4 power camera. we're in the 60s in the mountains all the way to the beaches. except near the waters, low to mid 70s. reagan national is at 75 degrees. pleasant saturday morning. right now, storm team 4 radar isn't showing any showers in the region. except in the mountains, through one shower
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virginia. it's dissipating. no storms here until tomorrow afternoon. we could get flooding. a look at the hour by hour timing is coming up this half hour. a story that unravelled into an embarrassing troefcontrovers taking another turn. one of the usa swimmers in the gas station drama tells what happens. >> gunner bents gives an apologize to team usa and his university. then he described what happened after he and his teammates got to a taxicab at 6:00 a.m. after a party. he said, we pulled into a convenient store to use the restroom. there were none there so we receir relieved ourselves. he said there was a locked door but didn't see anyone break
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advertisement loosely anchored to the wall. two armed security guards came. as jimmy and jack were walking away from the vehicle, the first security guard held up a badge to me and drew his handgun. another customer acted as an interpreter. the guard said they needed to pay to leave. it finished with videos of the incident that emerged. he believes some angles and scenes that would substantiate his account appear to be skipped over. this morning, the last team usa swimmer, jimmy feegan is home, but after donating to a charity to secure his passport. nine australian athletes take ton a police station after tampering with their credentials
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last night. the ath lealetes were held at t police station several hours. we're not sure how they allegedly altered credentials. that i been released and will have to pay a fine. usain bolt in rhee io. the world's fastest man completing a triple-triple. he now holds nine career gold medals. take another look at the 4x100 meter relay. up until the handoff to bolt, it had been close. then he kicked it into high gear, blowing out all of the competition. after the race, he talked about the historic nature of it all. >> i've set the bar high. it's what i came here to do. i've set the bar high. i feel extremely proud of myself. >> japan took silver in last night's race. this was a bummer. the u.s. finished third but got disqualified because the lead-off runner passed the baton outside of the
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that leaves canada with the bronze. we do want to take a live look from rio right now as we head into the 15th and final full day of competition. 39 events will be awarding medals. here are four things to watch for today. the women's basketball gold medal game is happening. team usa takes on spain, looking to win their sixth consecutive gold medal. american jorgenson will race for a triathlon medal for the first time since 2004. allyson felix and the rest of the u.s. women look to defend their 2012 title in the 4x400 relay. d.c. police releasing images in hopes of finding a driver who hit and killed a well-known distt
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we can show you the security camera footage that police released yesterday. the black sedan that they believe hit david around 3:00 yesterday morning. it happened a few blocks from lucky bar where he worked. many say it's a dangerous situation. >> some have the cars but it's a bad interception. >> we were talking about that in the office. it could have been any of us, which was pretty scary. >> the co-owner of a popular d.c. restaurant was also killed crossing the street. the driver hit him early on the morning but stayed on the scene. time now is 6:06. fear of zika raised as it spreads in florida to tourist destinations. south beach is the latest place with a travel warning. the centers for disease control says the hot spot is considered to be an infection zone. right now, five cases of zika
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there are 36 total cases across the state thought to be connected to mosquitos. miami's mayor is trying to calm concerns. >> we're doing everything we can to make sure that we make the city as safe for our residents and for our tourists. >> the cdc says spraying for mosquitos cannot happen in south beach because of the all the high winds and too many high-rise buildings. meanwhile, the senate's top democrat calling on lawmakers to return from summer break to deal with the spread of zika. today, it is a special day for one of the district's most popular residents. our favorite panda cub, bei bei. already turning one. >> it's a big deal. >> yeah. >> you can help celebrate bei bei's milestone birthday today at the national zoo. the cub is going to be treated to a traditional chinese birthday ceremony. he'll choose one of three objects that will symbolically determine the panda's future. of course, what's a
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bei bei going to be treated to the frozen kind. >> made out of fruit juice and fruit and bamboo. our nutrition department does a phenomenal job each year of bigger and better cakes for the guys. >> carnival ice cream cake. >> that cake, by the way, 100 pounds. >> that's a lot of calories. the zoo is also celebrating the birthdays of bow bow, turning three this week, and tien tien. >> it'll be crazy there. >> treated to a frozen cake at 1:00 this afternoon. if you can't make it, you can watch the ceremony on facebook live. it's 6:08 now. communities devastated as families are forced to leave. the growing danger in louisiana as flood waters tear through communities. an apartment explosion brought unbearable loss. how one son is now on a mission to honor his parents, as investitors reveal whatga
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it's been one week since louisiana experienced historic, deadly flooding. at least 13 people have died in this flooding. residents there still trying to salvage their belongings. that includes one of the oldest neighbors. the man says his wife is going to have a hard time when she sees all the damage done to their home. >> my wife keeps these things. she's going to find this hard. >> president obama is said to travel to the area and tour the damage on tuesday.
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developing story in california, where a massive wildfire has destroyed close to 100 homes in the southern part of the state. there is some good news this morning. we've learned at least 40% of that fire is now contained. another wave of evacuees is also being allowed to go home in san bernardino county. we are off to a warm start. it's going to get hotter as we take a live look now. tom is tracking how quickly we're going to be back up into the 90s and when storms can dampen your weekend plans. ♪ godfather of go-go. how the district is celebrating the iconic life and legacy
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we know that the explosion at silver spring apartment which killed seven was fueled by leaking gas. two of the three victims identified were a married couple. news 4's megan fitzgerald shares their family's story of unbearable loss. >> reporter: it's the rhythm and power music have to soothe broken souls. this song and a few others are what eric jimenez says gives him strength. today, he got closure. >> agusto jim
6:17 am
castione. >> his father and stepmother's remains were identified after their apartment building exploded. >> everything was burnt. >> reporter: everything burnt except the memories. he remembers his parents as beautiful people who worked for everything they owned. >> working hard to try for a better life. >> reporter: hard work that jean and her sister maria can attest to. they started cleaning their homes. >> the sweetest people. >> reporter: their english may not have been the best but maria communicated through love and kindness. eric says his father spoke through music. agusto taught his son how to play the guitar and often
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songs he composed, like this one. >> inspiration is inside of you. >> reporter: eric may not have anything left of his parents' belongings, but says their loving spirit will forever live on. >> megan fitzgerald reporting there. the son is now trying to have his parents' remains flown back to their native nicaragua. two sisters started a go fund me gauge. go to the nbc washington app. when motorcycle officers aren't cruising the roadways, you may find them practicing their skills. this is always cool to see. all the practice could have them drive away a winner today. this is in shantillie. some officers from as far away as florida will compete. >> two sides to the courses. one is
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it consists of five courses. the speed-run side is the second time, and that consists of five courses that are connected together. they have to complete them as clean as possible, without striking a cone or putting their foot down. >> the first was held in 1979. there is no charge if you want to go out and watch the competition. you can donate to help out the make a wish foundation. >> looks like kids were getting in on the fun, as well. >> i think so, yeah. school bells will start ringing on tuesday in prince george's county. the county will hold its final free vaccine clinics to make sure students are up to date on all their shots. they're happening today from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. that's going to be at iverson mall, beltway plaza and prince george's plaza. you can also head to the health centers. a chance to celebrate the godfather of go-go this afternoon happening
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district. ♪ >> the district will honor the music and memory of chuck brown for the second year. it is happening today at chuck brown memorial park in northeast from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. everything is free. you may want to get there early. the last 3,000 people -- or last year, 3,000 people attended. >> that's a big number. >> no elbow room, to say the least. i assume then an outdoor park, so hopefully some nice weather for this celebration? >> looks great. we have the county fairs going on, too. great weather for that. typical summer in august here in washington. rather humid. afternoon highs around 90. a slight chance of a storm. right now looking off to the east. sun is going to be coming up in a few minutes. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera on this saturday morning. very pleasant coming up in a clear sky. temperatures right now aredo
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just about everywhere. the mountains to the atlantic beaches. the waters are in the low to mid 70s. reagan national is 75 degrees this. storm team 4 radar showing showers in north central west virginia. small chance today of an isolated storm in the valley. no other storms around the region. there is the hazy sky this morning. temperatures in the low 80s by 10:00. hot and humid afternoon, up around 90 degrees between 2:00 and 4:00. by 6:00 p.m., we have the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm to the west and the mountains. this evening, pleasant. it's going to be down to the low 80s with mostly clear sky by late this evening. here's the hour by hour timing of showers coming through late morning and noontime on sunday. the areas in the red and orange. moderate downpours north and west of us. later in the afternoon, could get moderate to heavy
6:22 am
in the afternoon. then a line of showers, thunder and lightning coming into the metro area around 6:00 p.m. this is on sunday. isolated, heavy downpours may cause localized flooding. afternoon highs tomorrow in the upper 80s. it is a weather alert day because of the threat of flooding and a chance of damaging winds tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, fabulous with low humidity, gradually warming by the end of the week. next weekend, pleasant. typical summer weather for late august. highs near 90. that's the way it looks. >> liking that stretch of the 80s. thanks, tom. as the olympics come to a close, the next event in rio facing some big challenges. we'll tell you about the obstacle impacting the saralympic
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and here is a look at the medal count in the summer games so far. the u.s. is still on top with 105 medals. 38 of them gold. china comes in second with 65 total medals. great britain comes in third with 60. angie, organizers of next month's paralympics in rio announcing budget cuts. a venue will close down, facilities will be dismantled and the work force will be reduced.
6:26 am
financial challenges in the recession-battered brazil. sales reported of just over 290,000 tickets for the paralympics that begin next month. >> never before in the 56-year history of the paralympic games have we faced circumstances like this. >> originally, organizers hoped to build on progress made at the well-attended paralympic games in london four years ago. a smoothie cafe pulled egyptian frozen strawberries after hepatitis a cases in virginia. the virginia health department is urging people to get vac nated if they had a strawberry smoothie between august 5th and 8th at a local location. the virus can cause inflammation of the liver but may take up to 50 days to develop symptoms. the sun is out right now but that could change. we have tom closely timing out some storms that could impact your weekend.
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chances to go outside and enjoy it. fighting for a key battleground in decision 2016. the obstacle donald trump will face as he tries to gain support in virginia today. a familiar problem, closing down the washington monument. we'll tell you how long the popular site will be shut down to visitors. while the park service makes some ♪ i ain't lookin' to compete with you. ♪ ♪ beat or cheat or mistreat you. ♪ ♪ simplify you, classify you, ♪ ♪ deny, defy or ♪ crucify you. ♪ all i really want to do
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as we com
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top stories we're following this morning. team usa swimmer gunnar bentz apologizing for his involvement in the swim scandal heard around the world. bentz releasing a detailed statement of the incident. says he believes some of the video of the incident has been tampered with. nine australian athletes have been released after detained for tampering with their credentials. they apparently altered them so they could get into the men's semifinal basketball game last night. a team official says the athletes will have to pay a fine. hard to believe but d.c.'s famous panda cub turning a year old. a birthday celebration getting underway today at the national zoo. complete with a very special birthday cake. how much did you say the cake weighed? >> 100 pounds. >> carb free. >> that's my kind of cake. he's already done a dress rehearsal. >> you can catch it on facebook live if you can't be there in person. >
6:31 am
stormy weekend. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff alongside david culver. >> starting out pleasant but it's going to change. let's go to storm team meteorologist tom kierein. when will the storms move in? >> may not happen until tomorrow, so we're good for this saturday if you have outdoor plans. this morning, gorgeous morning underway. there is the view from the storm team 4 tower camera, showing the sun jumping up in a clear sky. pink grapefruit sunrise underway. it's going to be a big story throughout the day today. you'll need your sun block and sunglasses. plenty of sunshine throughout this saturday. temps in the 60s. suburbs, mid and upper 60s. mid 70s in washington near the bay. low 70s, as well. look at the hourly hour timing on the sunday storming, coming up this half hour. 6:31. in the race for the white house, gop
6:32 am
making a campaign stop in virginia. he'll hold a rally at the fredericksburg expo center at 6:00 p.m. doors open at 3:00 p.m. hundreds of former virginia felons don't know whether they can vote in november but we're expected to learn more about their rights in a couple days. govern governor's executive order was struck down which restored voting rights to thousands of former inmates. the court ruled the governor can only restore rights on a case by case basis. critics say the move was designed to help democrats in the november election. elevator problems at the washington monument have once again shut down the landmark. the national park service says it'll remain closed for at least the next ten days for repairs after a cable broke on wednesday. the monument has shut down multiple times in recent months because of issues. new elevator control system is in the
6:33 am
man shot and killed by a deputy outside of fairfax, inova hospital. 29-year-old martinez was shot by police after being discharged from the hospital. police say martinez charged a deputy with a sign post that had a sharp end at it. that's when shots were fired. well, if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you. fernando booker is wanted in connection to a deadly shooting at the kendal wood apartments. 21-year-old williams was found dead. two others were hurt. one of the men, a 19-year-old, is facing murder and weapons charges. two men leading separate church youth groups in prince william county are charged with inappropriately touching teenage girls. police were told he had an inappropriate relationship with
6:34 am
a 16-year-old girl from the congregation. he denies all allegations. derek trump was fired after a june incident. he was charged and the church asked the community to pray for all those involved. 6:34. reminder for you. tax-free week in maryland ends today. you won't have to pay tax on clothing and shoes priced less than $100. the tax exception comes in time for back to school shopping. that's not what it is limited to. to see a full list of what you can buy, search tax holiday in the nbc washington app. well, we are gearing up for football with preseason play at fedex field. >> even though the redskins rested key starters during last night's win, they couldn't avoid injuries in the second preseason game. running back matt jones left in the first quarter of the redskins 22-18 victory over the new york jets with a sprained left shoulder. jones couldn't raise his hand above his head even after the
6:35 am
game. the coach, jay gruden, was cautiously optimistic about the situation, and so was he. >> i have a lot of flexibility in it and moving well right now. only thing i can't do is raise my hand right now. that's about it. >> jones returned to the sideline during a third quarter with a jacket covering his left arm in a sling. >> colt mccoy did really well, too. >> a lot of highlights there. 6:35. a test drive. they definitely will not forget the expensive mistake after one driver hit the gas at a dealership. mission to honor the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. how hundreds are riding through several stes for a cause thta hey mom, iis could use some bas. how hundreds are riding through several stes for a cause thta oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary.
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i'm melissa with a look at your metro this weekend. we have on the red line some stations closed
6:38 am
track service. shady grove will be affected there. as far as blue and orange line, they're going to be running every 24 minutes. silver line, every 10 minutes between werle west and east. yellow and green, regular service. hope you have a good one. bizarre and expensive crash. many of you saw this on our facebook page. a woman went for a test drive at the mercedes dealership and somehow wound up hitting the gas, slamming into four vehicles. took a sharp turn. you can see the car ended up on its side. we're told no serious injuries. articlington county police say the insurance company will look into this since it was on private property. a motorcyclist on america's 9/11 drive, getting ready for another leg of the trip. >> the riders are leaving from the pentagon and will arrive in new york city later today. the ride started in penlv
6:39 am
maryland. then northern virginia. for 16 years, this group has honored the victims of the terror attacks with a visit to each site touch bid ted by the tragedy. >> 6:39, the time now. the sun is out and won't be long before you start to feel the humidity. tom is updating his forecast with how soon storms will be making their way through your neighborhood. can you believe it? it is the final full day of competition in rio. we break down the big events you can look forward to as the olyics enter its finalmp
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good morning. around the region, we've got a clear sky here but storm team 4 radar showing shower out in north central west virginia. we have a greater chance of storms, heavy downpours on sunday. i have the hour by hour timing on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, tom. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. we want a preview. sheinelle jones and look who is back from rio. craig melvin joining us live from new york. good morning, guys. >> hey, you did. you did. >> hey, guys. >> hey! >> angie goff. >> welcome back, craig. >> hi, sheinelle. >> i feel like it's a family reunion or something. >> i know, right? >> good to be back. >> don't mind us. i'll tell y
6:43 am
here on "today." usain bolt keeps his winning streak alive, picking up a triple-triple after helping jamaica get the gold in the 4x100 meter relay. the american women bringing home gold. we'll talk about how the team is feeling this morning. also this saturday, more on the incident involving ryan lochte and three other swimmers at a brazilian gas station. what one of his fellow swimmers is now saying about precisely what happened that night. and a former accountant turned triathlete is hoping to bring home the first gold for team usa ever in the triathlon. we'll talk to gwen jorgenson about why she made the switch from numbers to the triathlon. >> the triathlon is extreme. >> those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning on "today," angie. >> looking forward
6:44 am
good to have you back. >> good to be back. incredible competition in rio. wendy has been there nearly three weeks, just about flute in portuguese, i'm sure. she brought us some of the best sights and sounds of the city. >> she has more from olympic park, about what she's going to remember most. >> reporter: rio can be a feast for the eyes. the best place to see it is from christ the redeemer. most people will never get to the new wonder of the world. i'm lucky enough to have been here twice. it is a wonder, to be in the shadow of this icon, and to see just beyond the reclining body of rio's curvaceous shores. this magical moment presented itself on the celeron stairs. this was created by an artist named seleron. >> i discovered
6:45 am
accompaniment. it seems to perfume one's experiences in rio. you hear the soft rhythms in your head, at the beach. i came upon the composer, forever following that girl down the beach. finally, diego, one of the nbc bodyguards. one week, he was covering the victoria's secret models who had come to the olympics. then he was assigned to matthew mcconaughey, chofs viswho was v. then matthew mcconaughey's wife, who was brazilian and visiting. then we saw pictures of diego with the melon woman, famous for her round posterior. as i leave rio, i know it's good to be diego. >> wendy rieger. >> that story started out with culture.
6:46 am
>> goes straight to diego. >> love it. the americans continue to add to a massive lead in the medals in the summer games and looking for more later today in the final full day of competition. we learn more about the investigation into the four u.s. swimmers who apparently lied about a late night rivalry. jay gray is live from copacabana beach in rio. great to see you this morning, jay. >> angie and david, always great to talk. good morning to you. look, things continue to be golden as far as competition is concerned for team usa, but there is a controversy swirling around the four u.s. swimmers. back in the states now as an investigation continues here. >> reporter: the international olympic committee set up a disciplinary commission and police are considering charges against four u.s. swimmers who vandalized a gas station restroom and then lied to authorities, telling them they were robbed at gunpoint by men posing as police. surveillance video and a written
6:47 am
gunnar bentz, provides details as to what happened. he said security guards pulled guns after teammate ryan lochte vandalized a sign and argued with them. >> there's the start. >> reporter: now to the games. the women's 4x100 relay team ran away with the gold and usain bolt ran into history as part of jamaica's 4x100 meter replay team, completing the triple-triple. three gold medals in three consecutive olympic games. the american team was disqualified for an illegal baton exchange. they're appealing the ruling. fields pedals to the top of the podium in bmx. >> pinch me. is this real? i can't believe it. >> reporter: later today, team usa takes on spain for gold in women's basketball. >> also, boxer clarissa shields takes awi
6:48 am
the final full day of competition at these games. hard to believe it's wrapping up, guys. that's the latest live from copacabana. david and angie, back to you. >> you'll have to eventually come home, jay. >> jay gray, thank you. 6:48, your time on this saturday. they survived one of the bloodiest and most grueling military campaigns in american history. 70 years later, only 13 soldiers from the 80th division still stand. >> the world war ii vet rerans gathered in washington, d.c. for their annual gathering. their war stories still strike a cord. >> coming out today to the world war ii memorial is something that many of them had been wanting to do, you know, since it opened. they just haven't had an opportunity to do it. we have 13 here with us this year. compared to 1990, we had several hundred. you can see how it's really
6:49 am
shrunk. >> makes me feel very proud. this isn't my first time here. i've been here about four times. each time, you get the same feeling, you know. makes you want to cry. fourth armor made a run across france, and we were the boys that walked behind them. one day, i walked 30 miles. the next day, i walked 32. then we rode on the trucks in the evening for another 50 miles, trying to catch up with the germans. the germans was running, and we was running after them. we left a lot of buddies over there where we were. but it had to be done. >> we do it for them. they sacrificed a lot, and they love getting together every year. even though it's a few of them, they still love coming together and sharing the stories and talking about all the good times they had over the
6:50 am
>> photo journalist evan carr. they fought across luxembourg, germany, where they helped liberate a concentration camp. lost more than 17,000 koll jeso in combat. >> extraordinary people and service members to our country. talking about the weather today, hot and humid. most of us hopefully going to stay dry, you think? >> yeah. most of the region today. but not sunday. sunday looks like the day to stay inside and stay with storm team 4. we could have some warnings tomorrow from heavy downpours and strong storms. now, a pleasant morning. a live view. there is a summer haze with us this morning. it's fairly pleasant. not too humid. temperatures are fairly comfortable. down into the 60s in much of the region. the low to mid 70s in washington and byhe
6:51 am
storm team 4 radar showing dissipating showers out here in north central west virginia. otherwise, no showers or any storms anywhere in our vicinity on this saturday morning. hour by hour temperatures will be in the low 80s by 10:00. hot and humid. near 90 by 2:00. back down to the upper 80s by 4:00. overnight tonight, pleasant evening, back to the low 80s by a late evening. here's the hour by hour timing on showers and storms on sunday. this is as of 1:00 p.m. on sunday afternoon. they pop up in the metro area and off to our north and west. then some moderate to heavy downpours maybe east of washington around 3:00 on sunday afternoon. then as we get into the latter part of the afternoon, some other showers and thundershowers coming into the metro area around 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. some are heavy downpours. may cause localized
6:52 am
with damaging winds. after that, low humidity. beautiful weather all the way through thursday. friday, a chance of storms. next weekend is nice with higher near 90. that's the way it looks. a creative tribute to our country's greatest athletes. how a family is turning their yard into a patrioti
6:53 am
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yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. the olympics spirit is just about everywh
6:55 am
couple who has been cheering on team usa every step of the way. >> they are honoring every athlete in a unique way. >> reporter: at the crack of dawn for the past two weeks, jim and karen epler crawl out of bed and check the medal count. >> gold in this morning. >> gold. >> reporter: and plant these small american flags. >> place that flag. that's it. >> reporter: one for each american medalist, a patriotic garden growing in the burkes county grass. >> she got the plates at walmart, i think. >> we painted them gold, silver and bronze for the medals. >> reporter: today, a milestone for team usa. 100 medals, as the eplers run out of real estate. >> i woke up this morning and looked and said, wow, we made 100. finally. >> reporter: the couple got the idea after seeing the vancouver olympics in person. they w
6:56 am
cheer. >> catching that spirit of the olympics is everything. it's awesome. >> reporter: they've done it every olympics since. even neighbors on this block helping plant seeds of american pride. >> she said, do you want to put a flag out? i was like, sure. >> what's nice about the olympics, it makes our world just a little smaller for that two-week period of time. we all become one. >> in this time of turmoil in this world, we need pride in our country right now. this is what helps to support it. >> pretty cool right there. 6:56, your time. four things to know on saturday. team usa swimmer gunnar bentz apologizing for his involvement in the rio gas station scandal. he believes video of the incident has been tampered with. more trouble for athletes in rio. nine australian players tried to alter their credentials to get into an olympic event last night. gop presidential nominee donald trump making a
6:57 am
stop in virginia. he'll hold a rally at the fredricericksburg expo center ty at 6:00 p.m. bei bei will share a joint birthday party with his family, complete with a 100-pound frozen cake. enough for everybody. >> exactly. we're in the clear today, right? >> great morning for a run or bike ride. good afternoon to get to the county fairs. you can track it all with the nbc washington app. could get storms tomorrow. we'll have updates on that throughout the morning. we'll be back on the air at 9:00 and also on o
6:58 am
everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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good morning. going out on top. >> here's usain bolt. three times three, the triple-triple. >> jamaica's usain bolt ends his olympic career on a high note. crossing the line first in the 4x100 relay. the first man to win in the 100, 200 and 4x100 in three straight olympics. the u.s. men suffer heartbreak after getting disqualified for a bad baton pass. the u.s. filing an appeal overnight. the u.s. women cruised to victory in their 4x100 relay. >> it's going to be the u.s., jamaica second. with the second fastest time ever run, the united states from


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