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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 21, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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that breaking news, an off duty firefighter shot in the district and his young daughter watched it happen. thanks for staying with us after the olympics.
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tonight news 4's starsy spencer joins us from police headquarters. darcy, what are you sflerng. >> erica, i can tell you that this veteran firefighter remains in the hospital at this hour. but the good news that we can share, he is expected to be ok. an off-duty d.c. firefighter shot and wounded while his daughter was in the car with him. it was in broad day light just down the street from a church. he was flown to an area hospital conscious, alert and stable. the shooting happened at 4:00 in the afternoon. the lookout is for a black and red sports motorcycle. the gun violence, a supplirpris this neighborhood of single family homes along a busy road on the border with
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george's county. how surprised were you? >> very surprised. i have never had that problem. people sort of stay to their self but never any crime. >> reporter: he's a veteran fire department member. this man says it's another example of gun voins violence that police need to focus more attention on getting guns off the street. >> we need a special group out of here to locate these guns and take them off our streets. >> reporter: d.c. fire and ems chief gregory dean issued this statement tonight. it says the prayers of the entire department are with our fellow firefighter and his family and we're grateful that his prognosis is good. d.c. police are continuing to investigate the
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no arrests have been made. we are live necessity northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. >> new tonight, two children flown into trauma care and children in the hospital. one of the drivers crossed into the path of the other car this afternoon while trying to cross finger board road at ed mclain road. developing, surveillance pictures of the man police say shot and killed a clerk at a clinton 7-eleven this morning. he was killed during what prince george's county investigators are calling a robbery. they want you to call police if you should have any information. >> for radar, i'm tracking some rain making its way towards the area. tomorrow, it's not goi
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wash ouchlt unfortunately, though it's not going to be as beautiful as it was today. here's a check of the latest radar. you can see storms having difficulty even making it over the mountains, just fizzling out. here's future weather stopping at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. notice the chance for an isolated shower toward the mid morning areas. most of the area completely try, including the d.c. metro area. around 10:00 a.m. we're seeing some rain back in loudoun and washington counties. into the d.c. metro area potentially as early as noon. there is a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. i'll have more on that, erica, coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you. we'll see you then. down load the app before you go to bed. it's your best source for weather when we're not on air. >> first america to win the
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games since 1908. >> the track coach cannot control his excite jmtd. he went to high school in annapolis. we're going to have more on that story coming up later in the broadcast. in decision 2016 donald trump making his case to virginia voters today. he forgot city he was in. >> so fairfax, on november 8 -- >> trump was speaking at a rly in frictiedericksburg. he said he wanted tpd african-american to honor him with their support. trump also attacked hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton will make america
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you're going to lose your jobs. >> according to real clear politics, trump trails clinton by an average of about 11 points in the commonwealth. hillary clinton took a break from the campaign trail today but one of the biggest super paks supporting her is busy raking in the crash. tonight the pac announced it collected more than $9 million last month. they have nearly 40 million to continue their campaign. ahead, tears from ryan lochty as he sits down for an exclusive interview with matt lauer. what really happened at that gas station. plus a smoothie scare in virginia. the stores that may be linked to an outbreak of hepatitis a. first,
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. >> matthew centrowitz has the lead! >> and that was a lead he refused to give up. for the first time in more than a hundred years, an american snags first plate place in the 100 meter race. matthew centrowitz is from our area. most didn't give him a chance to
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his father is the head track coach at american university. making his dad prout. switching year, line rockety said he "overkmaj rated" what happened in the gas station in rio. he sat down with matt lauer. brazilian authorities said he made up his story about being robert at gunpoint to cover up a night of partying with teammates and vandalizing the gas station's bathroom. he admitted to matt being very intoxicated. >> that didn't happen. i overexaggerated that part. >> why did you do that. >> i don't know why. it was hours after the incident happened. i was still intoxicated. >> that was just part of
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you can see the rest monday on "today." six notre dame football players facing sanctions and possible dismissile after being arrested overnight. one of those players quarterback devin butler, a d.c. native. he was arrested outside a bar in south bend, indiana. he's charged with battery and resisting arrest. he shoved a woman and tackled a r.lice office
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. the dog you see in this pictures with a baby risked its life to save the 8-year-old from a fire. thanks to the dog, the baby survived. sadly, the dog didn't make it. flames broke out in a baltimore home. a woman couldn't get to
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when the smoke was too much. when firefighters entered the home, firefighters found the dog laying on top of the baby. >> it's just the worst feeling. then when he would -- maybe she wasn't scared. we're told the baby is in serious condition tonight. a cluster of hepatitis a casings liked to the popular tropical smoothie chain in virginia. new details tonight from the virginia health department. ten people came down with help sites a after eating smoothies with strawberries in them. tropical smoothie cafe says they've stopped using the strawberries which came from egypt. we asked how concerned customers should be. >> tropical smoothie products right now are safe. they have pulled the
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strawberries from their system, so it's not a problem eating this now. it's just a potential and small risk associated with people who consumed these berries over the summer. >> the health department says customers who had smoothies from august 5th through the 8th could still benefit from a vaccine to prevent the disease. there are t 6 tropical smoothie locations in virginia. go o to our nbc washington app to see the chain's full statement. we also have more information about help sites a. >> our high today, 91. it was the 11th day in a row we hit 90 degrees or higher. i don't have to tell you that, though. you know how hot and uncomfortable it's been. at least the humidity levels for saturday were down. rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. that's going to bring much cooler temps to the area for monday
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you can get outside and enjoy your lunch on monday. we are going to take a break from 90s for the majority of your upcoming workweek. wait until you see the 10-day forecast. i think you'll like it. tomorrow, unfortunately, rain and thunderstorms at times. not a washout and i'm not seeing a huge concern for widespread thunderstorms. we could have some flash flooding especially in the city where water collects so easily. high winds could cause some high wind damage. you can find me on twitter or facebook and i'll keep you up to date. sunday at 2:00, rain and thunderstorms impacting the area. at this point mainly a line from carroll, howard, montgomery counties through parts of. it's here in the d.c. metro area, the
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seeing heavier rain. by 5:00 hmm, the rain at that point mostly on the eastern shore. maybe some lingering showers in prince george's and rectangle counties. clouds greet us at 7:00 a.m. maybe an isolated showers. 76 degrees isn't too bad. 85 is comfortable but it will feel muggy out there. rain looks to move into the metro around noon,ing moving out by 5:00. windows open kind of weather tomorrow evening. 80 at 8:00 p.m. then cooling off quite nicely. washington at 80, leesburg coming in at 79. sunday, heading to the pool, check our nbc washington app. dinner outdoors, i think you'll be ok. monday we start out in the 60s. that's really comfortable. that's whether you walk out
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joishlgs you're not sweating. a high monday on 8 a. 85 on tuesday and wednesday. look at the low temperatures. those remain comfortable as well. the heat starts to move back in on friday with a chance of some late-day thunderstorms. >> all right. thank you. the nats have dominated one day, history was made. the greatest olympic career of all time. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf.
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. chris miles. maryland has been well represented in rio. there are the easy names to remember like katie ledecky, michael phelps. tonight a beltsville native earned a medal in an event that no american has won since 190. matt centrowitz's father has been the track and field coach and is a track and
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the 26-year-old matt centrowitz jr. completed the 1500 meters in 3: 57 flat to take home the gold. big night on the track. just getting started for team usa. here's the men's 4 by 400 replay. on the secondhandoff, americans lead. bats wanna makes contact, slows down the u.s. but doesn't knock them out. lashaun merit owns it. americans claim the gold in the rel relay. the women looking to make it a sweep. allyson felix had the honor of running the anchor leg and she turned a close race into a blowout. mission accomplished. her sixth goal, most by a woman in track and field. a historic night for u.s. on the track. 23 games over.500. the nationals have
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one season with a report better than they are right now. that was in 2014 when they set a franchise record of 26 winnings. judging from the way they're playing right now, a record breaking season cook on the horizon. ryan zimmermanerman back on after a stint on the dl. welcome back, jack. nats ahead 1-0. there's a lot more where that dame from. in the fourth, daniel murphy booked his flight sole oo. max sherzer -- looked atlantic a bunt, right? wrong. another single drives in zimmerman. make it 5-3 nats. still in the fourth, the nats have batted around bryce harper. back at the plate the second time in the same inning. the single drivers in the eighth run of the fourth. nats win 11-9.
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wizards guard john wall gave the community another assist today at malcaulk x community assert o downtown. it he it. according to him, sounds as though he'll be ready for the uptumg coming season. >> it's another challenge that i have to take but i'm willing to conquer and do whatever i have to do to come back a hundred percent and have a better season than i had last year. everything's going great. i just came from the doctor. right where i'm supposed to be. i'm not in no rush. like i said, i'm just taking it day by day. >> three-time all-star. it would be good to have him back. we have to switch to d.c. united hosting the red bulls at 3:00 at rfk. >> chris, thank you so much. want to make sure you're weather ready tomorrow. don't get stuck in the rain. >> it's
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check the radar. we will have dry time. cloudy and muggy, mid to upper 80s. after that, gorgeous weather. i cannot wait until monday. it will be beautiful. low humidity, nice breeze, highs into the 80s. tomorrow, maybe not the best pool day. exercise during the morning hours. brunch probably indoors and by dinner, we're trying out. by this time tomorrow night we won't be wearing sleeves. on that note, thank you for staying with us after the ♪ staying with us after the sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale!
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ryan seacrest here. one last time at copacabana beach with a few of my friends. if you missed any of the events today, these are the things you need to know, rio de janeiro, day 15. wen jorgensen won the u.s. a first gold medal in triathlon. in the women's basketball gold medal game, the united states continued its unprecedented run of domination. >> once again, the united states women's olympic basketball tm


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