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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now, today's heavy rain is clearing out. we've got your ten-day forecast ahead. full of temperatures i think you're going to like. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in mclean. some residents are trying to save a house that has historic significance, it's scheduled to be demolished, but is it too late? but first, young talent killed just as he was about to get his big break. tonight, a local d.j. is asking for your help. a young man with a budding musical career shot and killed in suitland. police say somebody shot and killed 18-year-old douglas brooks along park terrace drive in morning. detectives are still working on the motive. fans andio
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knew him as rapper swipy are trying to cope with this loss. derrick ward has our story. >> reporter: a rapper's promising career, people and labels were starting to take notice, but it's all spoken of in the past tense now. >> it was late last night. i got a text message that he had been shot. >> reporter: police say it happened around 1:00 a.m. the victim was pronounced dead on the scene. tony redz says the young man who took the stage as swipy brought more than rhymes and rap to his performances. >> he wanted to give to the people his creation. he wanted to give the people his artistry and what he was about. >> reporter: and he says give was always the operative word. >> he performed and he shook every kid's hand and took every picture. that's what the kids remember. >> reporter: d.j.redz says swipy's first questions were about when and where, not about how much the gig paid. >> he took his stardom and he used it in a positive way
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are. but i'm still doing it. >> reporter: seen here performing in the birthday bash, redz recalls how the 18-year-old impressed him in the short time that he's known him. >> he showed me a young man with a drive. a young man that was consistent. a young man that showed up and a young man that got it. >> reporter: but a young man who has now been silenced, not only to his fans, but to his family. >> to his mother, he was towing las brooks. he was just her baby. and she no longer can see his face anymore. she no longer can tell him i love you anymore, because somebody felt the need to cut his life short. >> reporter: derrick ward, ne 4 news4. >> we've got details about another young man killed in our area overnight. 24-year-old dante miller was shot and killed in northeast. somebody shot him multiple times early this morning along 18th place and maryland avenue. so far, no motive or arrests in this case.
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amelia draper has been tracking the activity on twitter and facebook. so, are we done? we get another round of this? what's the word? >> i'm still tracking one shower out there on storm team 4 radar. this is moving toward the south and east, impacting parts of the beltway. you can see the spread here. buoy, you're liking going to stay dry. if you're following me on twitter and facebook this afternoon, i was tracking this line of rain and thunderstorms that's now mainly over the eastern shore. so aside from that small shower in montgomery county moving into the district, most of us are dry from here on out. even some peeks of late day sunshine. it is still muggy. it's not going to be until overnight tonight when the humidity levels start to drop and the skies clear out. wait until you see how comfortable it's going to be tomorrow morning. i know we have some kids heading back to school. i'm going to have that forecast and also talking about when we warm back up, coming up in a little bit. >> all right, thanks,
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we are working to learn more bedetails after a police responded to a suspicious vehicle a couple blocks from the whie house. this was the scene on 17th and g near the runway gallery. the secret service and police blocked off all the streets in that area. a hazmat team was even on the scene. but then left without taking any action. tonight, the son of marion berry is being remembered. a vigil for christopher berry happened a couple hours ago in the berry farm area. a private memorial was held today for christopher berry as well. a visitation will be held tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00, and then it will be -- that will be at the temple of praise on southern avenue in southeast. and then a public funeral will follow at the same location at 7:00 in the evening. christopher berry died one week ago. >> a historic house in northern virginia is in jeopardy of being demolished. it dates back to the
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and the civil war. but now a developer plans to tear it down. darcy spencer is in mclean with what's being done to try to stop it. darcy? >> reporter: well, erica, the man behind the plan to try to stop this demolition says he just found out about plans to tear down this home a couple of weeks ago, and he has been trying desperately to see if anything could be done to save it. but time is running out. the house sits at virginia avenue here in mclean. its historic significance dates back to when dolly madison hit from the british in this house during the war of 1812. it was originally built in the 1730s. it also has, like you said, civil war significance where it was a headquarters, there were numerous encampments, and abraham lincoln is said to have been here to visit troops. but this house was never preserved or placed on any sort of historic registry. a neighbor says a developer has a demolition permit and
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put houses here. this neighbor has reached out to preservation groups to see if something can be done. >> it would just be three more modern houses and a piece of american history would be lost. it would be really tragic. my hope is that somebody will come forward. somebody with the ability will come forward and assist here to save the property. >> reporter: we did reach out to the developer through phone calls as well as e-mail. at this point, we have not yet heard back. no word yet on when that demolition would take place. erica, back to you. >> darcy spencer, thank you so very much. nbc 4 is working for you in the community. it's that time again. back to school. >> yea! we are doing our part to help get students ready. nbc 4
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running collective today. it was backpacks for kids for a fun run. a group gathered in yards park at the capital river front. they then ran about two and a half miles. and this restaurant aqua 301 opened its doors and anybody who brought a backpack for the fun run enjoyed 10% off there at that restaurant as well. several school districts are heading back to class, and so some kids in d.c. are calling it an early night tonight. that's it, kids. traditional d.c. public schools open tomorrow in loudon county. the school bell rings for students next monday. i want to show you a live look at the olympic caldron in its final hours. ahead, we'll make sure you know what to watch for in tonight's closing ceremonies. but first, an early morning r takes aun
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a milestone reached in the silver spring apartment explosion. today we learned that all of the families are out of the shelter and now have temporary housing, but the investigation into the natural gas explosion at the flower branch apartments is far from over. seven people were killed in the august 10th blast, and due to the condition of the bodies, four of the victims have yet to be identified. the investigation could take several months. there's still a mystery
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fire and ems pulled a body out of the river near the island this morning. investigators combed the area. right now, we don't know any details or the person or how it was that they died. we do have new details about the off duty firefighter shot yesterday in the district. we've got the police report outlining exactly what happened. the report identifies him as carteo anthony bost. he is a 24-year veteran of the department. according to the report, he was shot on the left side of his face by somebody on a black motorcycle. this happened while he was sitting in his car with his young daughter on southern avenue in southeast. she was not hurt. the firefighters union says he was air lifted to baltimore shock trauma and his prognosis is good. police have not released suspect information or even a possible motive in this case. so it looks like we're starting to see a few peeks of sub, as we show you a liveoo
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afternoon, right? your full forecast ahead with what you can expect tonight. plus, a boxing record even muhammad ali can't claim.
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> back now, a live look at storm team 4 radar. the rain is outta here. but
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still super muggy out there. her forecast including cooler temperatures. yes. in less than five minutes. stay with us. the 2016 olympic summer games are nearly over, with the closing ceremony getting set to start. team usa put forth a really good showing on this final day. nbc's mark barger takes a look at the action from olympic park in rio. >> channelling the bravery of muhammad ali, shields -- >> closing out strong. >> win back-to-back olympic gold medals in boxing. >> i want it to be known i'm not just a great female boxer, but one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. >> lest anyone forget, she brought her london gold to remind the world. rupp won gold in his second ever marathon, days after a lackluster run in the 10k. >> i wanted to run on the track, but maybe this is my best event. >> the resume is complete!
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best event. he won gold in wrestling. team usa defeated serbia to win gold on the court. >> anderson down the line! >> and in volleyball, the men won a bronze. in these final hours of the games, one last flourish of style and color in rhythmic gymnastics before tonight's closing ceremony. mark barger, nbc news, rio. >> i love the rhythmic gymnastics. it's so beautiful to watch. you can watch the closing ceremony of the 2016 rio olympics right here on nbc 4. coverage gets under way at 8:00. tomorrow, you can see more of matt lauer's interview with u.s. swimmer ryan lochte. part one aired last night on nbc during olympic primetime. we heard lochte say he "overexaggerated his story" saying an armed robbery held a gun to his head. he since apologized for making that up, saying he was intoxicated. lochte and the three teammates who were with him could still face sanctions from usa swimmin
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committee. more of matt's exclusive interview monday on "today." well, it was a spectacular olympics for our local athletes. more than 20 athletes with ties to maryland brought home the hardware. we've got details on maryland's amazing medal haul in our nbc washington app. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> i've been waiting to say this for a while. the best weather we've had in weeks starts tomorrow and continues for most of your upcoming workweek. you're absolutely going to love it. low humidity, comfortable temperatures. next chance of any rain is later in the day on friday and it's only a small chance. already thinking about next weekend. right now, it's looking hot, but not too humid, and dry both saturday and sunday. currently, temperatures around 80 degrees. 79 in washington. our high today was 90. this was the 45th time this year we've hit 90 degrees or higher. happy to say we're not going to
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85 for a high. we're going to start off the day at 69 here in the district. you definitely want your sunglasses as you're heading into work. 69 is the temperature here in washington. as we look to the suburbs, cooler, 64 up in frederick. 63 back in winchester. and 68 in annapolis. so as kids head back to school, comfortable at the bus stop tomorrow morning. heading into work, lunch outdoors. 80 degrees at noon. it's not hot, it's not humid. and we'll have a nice breeze at times throughout the day tomorrow. it's windows open kind of weather tomorrow night. 8:00, we're already around 79 degrees with mainly clear skies. so your monday outlook at the bus stop looking good for students in frederick county, both in maryland and virginia. i want to wish you the best of luck for your school year. outdoor exercise perfect. lunch outdoors comfortable. if you're going to have your dinner out, 70s and 80s as you dine outside. humidity levels, not just tomorrow, but through thursday are going to be nice. it's comfort o
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little bit muggy, but then as we look to the weekend, those humidity levels drop back down into the nice range again. no extreme heat in the forecast, and as far as the rain and storms we saw today, we picked up anywhere from about half of an inch to over an inch. manassas saw over an inch of rainfall. if you're watching yesterday on news4 at 6:00 and 11:00, talked about how it wasn't going to be a huge severe weather day and that did pan out. as we look through the upcoming week, looking for the most part dry. monday again tomorrow, mid 80s. mid 80s on tuesday. erica, 87 on wednesday. we don't usually talk about the low temperatures. but notice the 60s here on the map. so really comfortable mornings, right on through thursday morning. there's that small chance of a shower or thunderstorm later in the day on friday. next weekend, it's hot, around 90. no extreme heat, though. after that, it looks like we will have some more temps in the 90s. i want to take another check of storm team 4 radar. i'm continuing to track this rain for you in parts
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george's and anne arundel counties. this is moving toward the southeast, so mayo and annapolis, you could get more showers. for most of us, the district, arlington, fairfax, montgomery county, we're dry from here on out, here until friday, erica. >> i'm loving the temperatures. we've got tickets to aretha franklin and ricky martin at wolf trap. it should be awesome. >> lucky for you guys. harper stays hot as the nats
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> team usa men's basketball taking home the gold. >> yes. >> the final day. >> no doubt. >> they won by 87 points. not exactly 87. but it was a blowout from pretty much start to finish. really, this was not a ball game at all. no lebron james. no stephen curry on this year's olympic basketball team. and a lot of people thought they were nervous about this group's chances about three-peating as gold medal winners. the americans had three wins by single digits these olympic games. close games, something we're not used to seeing when talking team usa basketball. but the guys did save their best for the gold medal round.
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kevin durant. it was all k.d. he led the way for the "usa today." here he is. second quarter. long three ball. he makes it look easy. knocks that down. next time down the floor, serbia turns the ball over. easy bucket for k.d. right there. he scored 24 points in the first half of this game. the united states up 13. later in the quarter, k.d. on the drive. nice finish there. he had a game high 30 points. kevin durant. how about that? usa cruises past serbia 96-66. third straight gold medal for the united states in men's basketball. another huge day for the state of maryland in wrestling. cal snider wrestled his way to gold today. he won all four matches of the day, joining helen maroulis as maryland natives picking up the gold. he is the youngest olympic wrestling champion in u.s. history.
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for a moment. the nationals trying to go into the beltway series with all the momentum after facing the worst team in the majors. you can give the nats credit for not giving the braves too much hope this weekend, today dusty baker's group going for the sweep in atlanta. bryce harper starting to heat up for this ball club. nats up a run. harper at the dish with men on the corners. he sends that ball into orbit. just a monster shot from bryce right there. a three-run blast. his 22nd home run of the season. the nationals, they're up 4-0. later in the sixth, braves within a run. chris heisey gets in on the home run party here. this one's out of the park. a two-run blast. nats are up 6-3 at this point. later in the eighth, braves back within a run. petite on the hill. he hustles. he throws this ball away. over the head of ryan zimmerman right there. both runners advance. just couldn't get to the ball. not a good throw. fifth error on the day for the natiols
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after a rain delay, braves came back to tie it up. this is jace peterson. the braves avoid the sweep. they take this game by a final score of 7-6. a four-hour rain they at ram den yards. o's trying to even out their series against houston. first inning. j.j. hardy tracks down this baseball. not too much action in baltimore. the rain came right back. these two teams currently in a rain delay. they are scoreless. let's go to the pitch now. d.c. united hosting the new york red bulls. second half, united down 2-0 with the penalty kick. marcello taking it for d.c. he boots that one home. united, they're on the board, now within a goal. just a few minutes later, united taking up the corner kick. the ball
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burnbalm. he heads it to patrick mullens, who heads it home. that one tied the game. this game, final score, 2-2. the state of maryland dominating rio. gold medals. 19 gold medals for the state. unbelievable olympics in the state of maryland. >> we're all very proud of them. thise y iars the 100th anniversary of the national parks service. and it is celebrating the centennial with seven days of special events. so today, people got to join the park police officers and park rangers on a bike ride. learning about the history of the east potomac park. george washington established the united states park police. the unit of the national parks service that guards the monuments and the memorials on the national mall. all right, one final check of the weather. we're done with the rain. >> yeah, i'm tracking the last of the rain moving on storm team 4 radar. i'm a proud marylander here. so gold medal in this forecast. no, i'm just kidding. as we look right now, these sh
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more toward the east. bowie, annapolis getting some of this activity. the weather really looking great. we have the battle of the beltways in baltimore, as well as the district. erica, you're heading to wolf trap. >> very excited. aretha and ricky, i'm coming your way. thanks so much for joining us. that is the news for now. "nightly news" is coming up next. we'll see you again for news4 at 11:00. no more olympics. that's it. good night, everybody. it's been a real pleasure.
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night, making history, with the games winding down, more gold for team usa. the best olympic performance in decades. ryan lochte could face disciplinary action from the u.s. olympic committee. isis blamed for an attack in turkey. many killed. the suicide bomber said to be a child. tornados touching down in two states while flooding swamps parts of texas after half a foot of rain with more on the way. and team spirit like you have never seen it. we catch up with two american brothers who may be the olympics most extreme fans. "nightly news" begins now.


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