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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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for answers. 36% turn to their significant other, and 29% use smart phone apps. >> you can google stuff, just about anything. >> just to the extent you -- just don't tell the kids. >> i can help you with an essay, all that stuff. right now, summer is over for students in prince george's county. david culver has what they can expect. good morning, everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center with more on that chuck. >> back to school, kids. what a great day it's going to be for going out to the bus stops and getting your learning years
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we're in the 50s and 60s across most of the metro area. 69 in arlington and falls church. hourly temperatures nice and cool and comfy here for the next little bit. we'll be in the upper 70s by lunchtime and afternoon highs, a high of 80 degrees in gaithersburg and damascus. 81 in new market, maryland. 84 down on the national mall. we'll break it down hour by hour and look farther down into the week in a few more minutes. let's head over to traffic. breaking news continuing here. take a look. this backup has started to build. 2.5 miles. 95 north, 3 fredericksburg. as we zoom in you can see how bad that is and some of the backups we're starting to see on both sides of the highway there on 3. taking a look big look at the beltway. everything is rolling
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fine. routes into town and out of town looking good. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, your on time is going to take you nine minutes. it is the first day of school in prince george's county. thousands of students and teachers will return to the classroom today. >> but before they can thinking about finding the right room, they have to catch the bus. david culver is at the bus lot in bowie. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i think right on cue, tu -- you can see one of the first buses pulling out of the depot here. they are getting ready to go pick up kids. 129,000 of students that's the number in prinls george's county. another 19,000 staff all getting up early getting ready for school. we caught up with some of those teachers at a nearby elementary school as they are getting their
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>> do we need this then? >> well before the classroom door opens to the newest kindergartners. >> it has a song that goes along with it. >> for the classroom, we prepare maybe about two weeks before we are scheduled to come in and the first week that we -- the teachers are scheduled to come in, we're working every single day. >> this is carla burgess and tonya morsel. >> we're working even after school. we're working during the evening times. we're on the phone until 10:00, 11:00 at night. >> their dedication seen in their money years of teaching, more than 20 for mrs. morsel. >> i love it. it's my passion. >> this is the 34th year for mrs. burgess. >> early childhood is a time where you can get them to know they can be lifelong lerner's. they can do
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for the years to come in education. i absolutely love kindergarten, this is my experience. >> despite their experience, they too anxious for the first day. >> even though i've been doing this over 20 years, i still get nervous the first day. >> reporter: can you believe that? your teachers get the first day jitters. tell your kids that. make sure them feel reassure. i saw cool ceo dr. kevin maxwell. we'll have the opportunity to chat with him live this morning. if you have questions, good to my facebook page or twitter and let me know what questions you have. a lot more to come on the first day of school, for now, we send it back to you. 29 new principals will take the reigns at prince george's school district this year. dr. kevin maxwell says it's due in large part of the growing list of programs being offered in the public schools. >> we started aum
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programs in the district. some immersion programs. for example, we started a aeronautics program into the high school and i think when you put programs in that people are attracted to, they tend to come to those programs and fill them. >> now, that aerospace engineering and aviation technology program at duvall in its second year now. the program will continue to work with nasa but the district is also working on a relationship with andrews air force base. it is 5:05. student safety is top of mind for prince george's county school district leaders. this man was arrested on child sex abuse and pornography charges while he worked at the district. there is a task force created. they came up
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and 28 recommendations. the new director started last week and will report directly to maxwell. news 4 has collected thousands of items for our backpack 4 kids drive. today, members of our team will visit pointer ridge, the school david culver just told us about to give them away. >> if you still want to donate, there is time for that. everything from pence ils is and highlighters, crayons, glu sticks, anything that might help kids start off the year right, those are still in need. >> find a complete list on the nbc washington app. search back packs 4 kids. you can drop them off tomorrow and meet the news 4 team. they will be collecting at the kingstown branch of the apple federal credit union in alexandria from 6:00 a.m. to noon. while there, check out our new weather vehicle that will help with those drives to school
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winter which i don't want to think about. watching this at the live desk right now. turkey is striking isis targets in syria. the turkish military is returning fire actually after two mortar shells from syria hit a turkish border town. they are getting ready to attack and seize a syrian down from isis and right now they are closing in. now, turkey believes isis is behind a suicide bomb attack that happened at a wedding. we told you about this. it killed more than 50 people. many of them children. back to you. kristin, thank you. seven minutes after the hour. today, a former frederick county commissioner will go on trial for prostitution charges. this come after a two-month delay. blaine young was arrested in february. he responded to an ad on a website commonly used to arrange escort services. prince george's county
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video will lead them to a killer. it shows a man robbing a comfort inn over the week xed they believe it is the same person who shot and killed 7-eleven employee taiwo ohdune. >> all he had to do was ask for what he wanted. he didn't have to kill the guy. you took an innocent life. >> there is a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. customers are planning a car wash on saturday to raise more money for the reward. a brazen attack on a young woman as she walked across from georgetown to arlington. the 27-year-old was grabbed and thrown into the grass near the key bridge around 2:30 sunday morning. she fought off the attacker who ran back across the bridge toward georgetown. police are urging walkers to be watchful, especially at night. they are still searching forhe
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zika, but another mosquito borne disease has raised concerns in maryland. the west nile virus was shot in montgomery county. health officials are urging residents to get rid of standing water and to use bug repellent. we are off to a comfortable start this morning and the sun will warm things up pretty soon. chuck is tracking how to dress your kids as they head to a bus stop. >> a new name and new brand for montgomery county. the plan to transform an area. keep sharing those first days of school for us. this is wendy's daughter with her first day of
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all morning long we're getting you ready for back to school. the storm team 4 is getting you ready for traffic in maryland. >> you have to watch out for the kids getting on the bus stops as well. >> this morning, some kids, chuck bell, might. >> might. >> no, really? >> didn't
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somewhere in our viewing area. >> it absolutely is. as a result. look at this. >> i saw. >> you think we make this stuff up around here. there are people using blankets ten feet away from me. >> it's about 75 here in the studio. 68 by 8:00. plenty of sunshine, maybe the tiniest little wrap. make sure it's a shedable layer. if you can get away with it, shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses. morning run, add a mile or two, great day for it. pool day. after school activities, you bet, band practice, football practice, all in sunshine. car wash, you bet. nothing to worry about there. making the trip, the battle of the beltway tonight. nats in baltimore taking on the orioles. another great ni f
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back in ten minutes with a look at the five-day forecast. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> i have this breaking news 95 northbound at 3 there in fredericksburg. the ramp to eastbound 3 is blocked. we're talking about a 2 1/2 mile backup right now. allow extra time. you can get by, it's very slow this morning. stay safe. it could be a couple of hours before this gets out of the way. on red line, delays on both lanes. beltway looking pretty good overall. outer loop at bw parkway. two left lanes getting by on the work zone. with the threat of zika spreading, schools in some parts of florida are handing out long sleeved uniforms and insect repellant. florida is taking major steps to protect people from zika and the potentially serious birth defects it can cause. the governor
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disease. he's also asking congress to provide aid. the urgency to stops zaek reminds them of the race to find a vaccine for rubella. >> it was generally a mild disease except if a pregnant woman got rubella. the consequences to the baby could be profound. >> dr. fauci says texas and louisiana could be the next places with the zika virus. many people in this area are concerned about mosquitos and standing water this summer after receiving several calls and emails and viewers about standing water complaints, the i team found calls to local health departments have popped more than 270% so far this summer. experts say you need to tip and toss water at least once
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so mosquito larva can't grow into the biting pefts that we ate so much. don't overlook common spots like trays under flower pots, kids toys, and downspout of gutters. a concern viewered viewer called our tip line. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive fire at a warehouse in prince george's county. take a look at the flames and thick black smoke. it took 60 firefighters to get the fire under control. this is at an abc supply building in blade ensburg. fire officials were concerned. the fire was contain to an open loading dock and no one was hurt. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. right now, firefighters out west can barely keep up with while fires that just keep
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it's windy out there too. not to mention it's very dry. california has scene a five-year krout now. the state fire department in california stretched very thin. not enough people to handle all of the flames you see here. firefighters working long tough hours. the good news is one of the big fires that is burning in southern california is almost contained. so hopefully firefighters out there will make some progress at least on that one today, aaron. kristin wright for us at the live desk. 5:17 now. happening today, president obama heads to baton rouge, louisiana, to get a firsthand look at the damage left behind by severe flooding. the flooding led to the deaths of 13 people. the president will also meet with local officials to talk about emergency response and how
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communities begin the rebuilding process. in decision 2016, donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's ties to the clinton foundation during her time at the state department. this comes as clinton faces questions over whether foreign donations to the foundation influenced her decision-making while she was in office. this is trump's first explicit call for a direct legal action against his democratic rival. >> the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> clinton's campaign did not directly address trump's comments but instead pointed to a statement from campaign chairman john podesta earlier monday. he defended the clinton's foundation plan to stop accepting foreign donations
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plan to step down if hillary clinton is elected. congressional republicans have issued subpoenas to three technology companies that either made or serviced the private email server that hillary clinton used while she was secretary of state. meanwhile, clinton appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night where he acknowledged the email issue and also asked if there was any truth to rumors about her health. >> it's part of the whacky strategy. say all these crazy things and maybe people will believe you. on the other hand, it make no sense. >> kimmel went on to dare her to open a jar of pickles to show her strength. the area of white flint and the pike are now called pike district. the br
5:20 am
attempt to highlight the area's new developments, it includes new restaurants. it's part of ongoing changes. >> it's about investing in our community, getting people excited about what's possible here in montgomery coin. >> some people admit that it may take time for people to remember the name. people in the area will always know it's white flint mall, bloomingdale , cheesecake factory. time to get the kids up, first day of school in prince george's county. >> a nice day for it. chuck bell. >> all the way from bowie to brandy wine, it's time to get the kids out the door -- maybe not out the door just yet it's only 20 after 5:00 in the morning. first day of school jitters for the kids, send us great looking pictures for your kids. send them to me on my twitter handle
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beautiful morning outside. our summer heat continues. yesterday, today, not too bad, but compared to where we usually are, august is nearly 5 degrees warmer than average. last year, and 90 degree days one thing but 95 and up that's when you start to suffer. last year for the whole year, we only had eight days, 95 or higher. so far this year, we've had 18 days, 95 or higher and there's at least two more days we may be 95 or higher coming up in the next ten. show you that forecast in a bit. 69 right now, light northeast wind in town. plenty of 50s on the map. northern montgomery county, frederick county, maryland, down into the shenandoah valley. any of those cool sheltered valleys have dropped into the 50s this morning. today's high up near 84 degrees. plenty of sunshine and low humidity. look at the quiet weather all the eastern half of the country is painfully quiet. nothing in the way of a
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too soon. 84 today. 87 tomorrow. back up to around 90 on thursday. our next chance at a 95 degree day comes up on friday. the week looks nice. high temperatures near 90. there's another chance for mid 90s coming up early next week. it has been a tough morning on the roads. here's melissa mollet with a check of traffic. breaking news continuing here. 95 northbound at three fredericksburg. we had a work zone and a crash as they were lifting the work zone trying to get it out of the way. we have the left lane getting by the crash. the ramp to eastbound 3 is blked as well. we're talking about a 3-mile backup right now. it is very slow through this area. you can get through, but it's going to take you a lot of extra time. allow that extra time for yourself. on metro, red line delays both ways because of work between shady grove and twinbrook. it's coming up on 5:23. do you know the answer? who is more honest?
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about our lying habits and how our area compares to the rest of the country. a new aps to a problem that's faced thousands of local college students. how american university is working with metro in a new way
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if you saw racks of drink with no one watching them, would you pay $1 marked on the drink or just take it. that was part of a social experiment by honesty tea to determine who is most honest. >> the results show that women proved to be more honest than men for the seventh year in a row. they also ranked the results by the cities involved in these experiments. honolulu, hawaii, most honesty with 100%. d.c. rank near the bottom. 88.5%. bethesda was near the middle with 93%.
5:27 am
colorado, at 83%. we should ask melissa. she lived there for a little bit. here's the thing. i'm going to give people the benefit of the doubt. they thought it was there for free like a sample. >> even though it says dollar on it? >> maybe they were reading the sign. you would leave the money. you would leave the money if it said $1. >> if i had a $1. >> what if you didn't have a $1. >> if i wanted the tea. red heads were the most honest at all. chuck is updating four things to know about the weather. >> it is a challenge parents face every school year, the creative solutions to get your students ready for class. >> we know you are take being those back-to-school photos. laura sent us this one. boarding the bus for middle school. hughes the -- use the #first day face. parents and teachers, we want to see your pictures too.
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right now, at 5:30, a live look from prince george's county as students get ready to head back to school. the changes and challenges they can expect. felon voting rights. how virginia's governor is mak
5:31 am
promise after a high decision by courts. mosquito danger. how one county is taking precautions after a human case of west nile virus. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:31 is your time on this tuesday morning. a lot of kids getting ready to head back out to the bus stop. >> such an exciting day. >> maybe a little jacket. >> chuck bell is going to deliver a beautiful day. it's not quite time for a jacket, chuck. >> not quite. but it is comfortably cool out there and i by comparison how we've been the last couple of weeks it's quite chilly by comparison with temperatures in the 50s. there's our nearby neighbor. 4 things to know about the forecast. nice and cool outside this morning. a winner of a day coming your way for today. in the low 80s for highs today but there is a warming trend coming and a long dry stretch of
5:32 am
weather so maybe those kids, get out there and get that car washed. you may have to water the garden als well. we'll show you the ten-day forecast pretty thin. >> good morning, melissa. it's a tricky road for some. >> breaking news, 95 north at 3 fredericksburg. left lane only getting by that crash. the ramp to 3 is block. still quite slow this morning as we zoom in. we have a three-mile backup right now because of that issue there and the left lane getting by. 66 overall is looking quite good this morning as far as the beltway, no problems on the beltway right here at kenilworth avenue. and red line delays because of work between shady grove and twin brooke. today's prince george's schools are back in session. >> summer is not over for everyone and now is the time to get ready for the school year ahead. here's
5:33 am
>> i have an index box to put all my index cards in so i won't lose them like i did the last time. >> reporter: classes start any day now i, they get ready. >> i'm excited, but at the same time i'm not because i didn't have a lot of free time over the summer. >> reporter: she's a straight a student and athlete who has already used her books and supplies in a summer program to prep for high school. so mom isn't worried much about grades, just a little jitery about a change in their routine. >> it's just now i have children in different spots where i'm used to having everyone at one school. now i have to adjust that. >> it's supposed to help me in math with angles. >> reporter: experts say excelling in the classroom comes with the right start on the first day. >> when you can teach your child to calm down, slow down, experience things one thing at a time, learn things
5:34 am
a time, it has been proven to reduce anxiety and also it's been proven to increase academic and athletic performance. >> reporter: since anxiety can impact performance in the classroom, experts say talk to your kids a lot and even to their teachers how things are going and treat back to school like a marathon, not a sprint. in northwest, molette green. going back to school isn't easy for every child. this time of year may even cause anxiety. the most important thing is to remind them that they are not alone. >> definitely explain to them, everyone feels this way. even on the outside they look very calm, on the inside they may be feeling the same way as aw you. >> younger children, allow them to bring a transitional item to school. a teddy bear, a blanket, maybe a photograph sometime of kids, a photo will help remind themha
5:35 am
more than 900 students in prince george's county will start the head start program on monday. that program recently lost $6.5 million in federal funding. the grant was taken away after investigators say complaints of student abuse and poor teacher training were not corrected. the abuse allegations are being dealt with and the program will continue as planned. prince george's county also working to connect its students with positive role models. today is the first annual dap day. members of the county police, fire, and sheriff departments will greet students outside five schools today. you see them on the screen there. it is hoped the students will get encouragement to start their school year off right. a story who is affecting a lot of families whose children have severe allergies. the rising price of epipens. they have gone up from $100 eight years ago to as much as
5:36 am
$500 today! epipens stop the swelling during an allergic reaction enabling patients to breathe. milen says the company has made improvements to epipens and the price reflects the new value. terry mcauliffe is making promise on restoring voting rights to former felons. he restored 13,000 felons voting rights. virginia supreme court denied the governor's blanket order to restore rights. each case is being reviewed individually as a part of that ruling. >> to me, voting is a part of life and once you've done your time, you've paid your fines, and they put you back into society, you should be part of society with all the rights that
5:37 am
mcauliffe's effort is a veiled attempt at stuffing the ballot boxes with democratic votes in november. metro transit police need your help to catch a cell phone thief. these people snatched the phone from another rider. the alleged robber fled at the metro station. call police if you can identify in this picture. starting this school year, american university students will be able to ride the metro as much as they want. all students will get the u pass. it's a pilot program that allows for unlimited rides on the rails and buses throughout the d.c. area. the pass is being paid for through the student activity fee. the program will be in full swing once classes begin on august 29th. you are in luck if you want to eat lunch outside. doesn't it sound nice? chuck bell with what you can expect. it's not cheap to get your students ready for the start of
5:38 am
school. the surprising expenses and what could cost parents even more this year. >> we want to see your back-to-school photos. not just students. teachers go back to school too. tag nbc washington on twitter and
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>> aaron has a flair for the dramatic shall we say. 58 now in martinsburg, 72 in quantico. first day of school in print george's county. winner of a day today. a warming trend starts tomorrow and we could be back well in the 90s later in the week. if you are thinking about weekend plans, headed down to the beach, friday, saturday, sun, a little bit on the toasty warm side. mid 80s over the week and headed out into the mountains, cooler mid to upper 80s. plenty of sunshine. how many sunny days can we string in a row together? i'll let you know in ten minutes. let's go over
5:42 am
who follows irns issues down to the south of the city. >> 95 north, fredericksburg. northbound near 3. delays both way. work between shady grove and twin brooke. 270 south, on time. taking a look at 66 and 95, no problems either. i'll see you back here in a couple of minutes with a live look at 66. ♪ ♪ all right. it's 5:42. it's back to school for thousands of kids and any parent will tell you it takes a lot of time, effort, money, a little wellness check to get your kids back to the classroom. this is tough on the parents too in a lot of ways. >> it's not cheap. >> a study called the huntington backpack index says the price of classroom surprise is down this year but you'll be paying more for activity fees. expect to spend
5:43 am
elementary school-age child. $957 for middle school, and almost $1,500 for your high schooler. that's a nearly 7% increase since just last year. >> 88% increase from 2007. within a span of almost 10 years, it's almost 100% increase. >> urine forms -- uniforms. >> supplies, books. >> that only gets worse. new controversy in decision 2016. how donald trump and hillary clinton are responding to new attacks as both candidates try to gain key ground ahead of election day. you've heard about the concerns surrounding zika but health officials in our area say the more pressing issue here is the spread of the west nile virus.
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right now at 5:46 it is back to school for students in prince george's countyto
5:47 am
weather as students return to class. >> animals in danger as louisiana deals with historic flooding. the new effort to get pets to safety by moving them closer to our area. skies are clear as you look over downtown washington. washington monday yum, jefferson's memorial and lincoln's memorial all lit up in an early start to today. it will be hot soon. 10-day forecast coming up at 5. . 51. red line delays both direction between shady grove and twin brooke. details coming back. zika has been a concern across the nation but now local health officials are worried about an outbreak of the west nile virus. they have sprayed in areas where mosquitos were found in prince george's and montgomery counties. megan fitzgerald is live in bethesda with more on what you
5:48 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly. the big concern now is the spread of the west nile virus. they have tested positive of several mosquitos for this virus in both prince george's and montgomery counties. one confirmed case we're told so far has been found in western maryland. but mosquitos in both counties have tested positive as we have already said for west nile virus. crews are out spraying and the footage you are looking at is crews spraying in gaithersburg and kensington. health officials say there are a few thing you can do. you can clean rain gutters so water can flow freely, turnover weigheding pools, replace water twice a week. get rid of standing water so bugs don't have the potential to breathe. official also say an important thing to remember is to spray yourself with insect repellant. a lot of time will tell you it
5:49 am
gets west night specifically on the bottle and wear long clothing to try and protect against getting bitten. >> this morning, the man police say harassed and stalked ms. maryland is in jail. he's 51-year-old valecio pires. he first stalked hannah brewer. after that, she received frightening email and messages over social media even after she asked him to stop. he was arrested last week. many moms are choosing to breast feed their babies, the centers for disease control show many stop too soon. half are only breast feeding is
5:50 am
experts say reducing the amount of time spent in tackling drills could help prevent head injuries p. the researchers recorded the head impacts of a group of 9 to 11 years old in the course of one season. they found players experienced more serious hits during practice than they did in games. the most severe blows came during tackling drills despite being a small part of practice. right now, in storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell delivering another beautiful day. >> that's right. hit it out of the park yesterday. mother nature is playing under handed slow pitch. get outside and enjoy it. no weather worries today. the only potential knock i could find is in the pollen count. don't you worry. grass and rag weed those problems are just ahead of
5:51 am
crystal clear sky out there in our eastern view. temperatures are in the 50s in northern parts of montgomery county, frederick county, maryland, out in the shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia all waking up in the 50s. even some of the nearby suburbs, lorton, springfield, manassas, dulles, down in the low 60s here this morning. planning out, 8:00, temperatures nearly 67. 77 by 11:00 a.m. 82 degrees at 2:00 and 82 at 5:00 this afternoon. somewhere between 2 and 5:00, i think we're going to have a high temperature today of around 84 degrees. future weather. you would almost think the computer was taking the day off. no clouds to be found around our area. maybe a couple of fair weather clouds out in the shenandoah valley. clear tonight and a mostly sunny day coming up for tomorrow. as far as a warming trend, there is one coming, 84 today. 87 tomorrow. back to near 90 on thursday. friday a hot day for sure. low to mid 90s on f
5:52 am
temperatures near 90. another little spike up near 95 degrees the early part of next week. you don't see anything in the way of rain chances. i'm back with a top of the hour with a check of highs in the your home town. let's get over to melissa mollet. delays in both directions on the red line because of work popped up between shady grove and twinbrook p 66 is just fine. 95 northbound is still slow northbound out of fredericksburg because of that earlier crash at route 3. it sounds like they are getting it out of the way for us. as far as 66 goes as promised, live pictures, inbound, outbound looking good. 270 we're slow. down to the spur, you are okay, nice and clear. back in ten minutes.
5:53 am
>> will go up so fast your head will spin and you'll say, you know, he meant it and you know what else i mean? mexico is going to pay for the wall. donald trump is vowing to build a wall. it comes amid questions of whether he is walking back his immigration plan. edward lawrence is tracking the story on capitol hill. what else on his policy might change? >> reporter: we know that donald trump loves that wall. what donald trump may be walking back is his promise to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants immediately. donald trump now says he will separate illegal immigrants into two categories. one the bad ones will be deported immediately. everyone else will be able to go through existing laws that are on the books to become u.s. citizens. >> and what about the controversy surrounding hillary clinton
5:54 am
is an issue she can't seem to shake? federal judge ordered another review. does that mean the email case is back open and in the spotlight? >> it means it back in the public limelight. the judge ordered the state department to look for anything that could be, you know, any i am proceed ory -- improprietary in the emails. the judicial watch released the 15,000 emails. they show a pattern of donors who give to the clinton foundation were able to get their requests via email directly to the deputy chief of staff for hillary clinton. now, the donors didn't always get what they asked for, but they all got access. reporting live now back to you. >> edward lawrence, live from capitol hill. thank you. >> hang on buddy. hang on buddy. a man saved from a burn car
5:55 am
take a look at the video. the cars's engine was on fire. his leg was pinned inside the car. he is in stable condition right now. police are looking for a person who shot two people on a highway in virginia. that happened on i-64 in norfolk yesterday afternoon. state police as a pickup truck merged on to the highway the man and woman in the backseat were each hit by a bullet. they were rushed to the hospital. police say they will both survive. at this point, police have no idea who fired the shots or if they came from another moving vehicle. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at c nbc headquarters. amazon is reportedly working on a music subscription service that will cost $5 a month. but there is a catch. it only works with amazon's echo device. it hasn't finalized deals with the major music labels. in june, reports said that the service would cost
5:56 am
right in line with apple music and spotify. the start of the school year doesn't mean your kids will be learning more. parents, we have to study up too. it's hard to help them with homework. >> if you don't know the answers, you are not alone. a survey found 55% of parents often look up answers without telling their kids. >> probably higher than that. >> it happens most often with magazine and science. 79% of those parents go on line for answers. 36% turn to significant others and 29% use smart phone apps. >> happy learning, parents. it's been five years now and repairs are still happening, we're talking about the earthquake that hit this area on august 23rd, 2011. the washington monument you can see shaking there. rubble and dust falling down. the monday yum took years to fix. tom
5:57 am
decade before the scaffolding on the national cathedral comes down. after more than 70 years, the district is getting its first new water tower. the tower will be built on the saint elizabeth's campus on southeast in order to improve water pressure for people who live east of the anacostia river. construction gets under way in the next few weeks. ♪ ♪ right now, the buses are rolling out as many students and teachers are rolling out of bed. >> going to take a lot of deep breaths. >> students are going back to school right here in prince george's county. i'm david culver and i'll help you jump back in the routine. have you seen the trucks spraying in your neighborhood? i'm meagan fitzgerald. rising concerns regarding zika. people are dealing with the aftermath of devastating floods. volunteers in virginia are
5:58 am
trying to find homes for the ones left fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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>> when we come in the morning, we're moving or running around. we're getting our last minute things together. we're excited to see the children. >> a lot of peoplik
6:00 am
carla burgess the kindergarten teacher in bowie ready to start. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we have team coverage to help you get off on the right track. we're monitoring the traffic and school buses and students make their way to school across prince george's county. >> we begin with chuck bell and a look at the weather. a great looking way to get the school day and school year started. skies are mostly clear out there. remember that movie "trading places," looking good. >> enjoy it all. plenty of sunshine today. hourly temperatures, some of the cooler spots in the shenandoah valley are in the 50s this morning. we'll be mostly in the 60s between now and 7:00 or 8:00 this morning. back in the mid and upper 70s by noontime and afternoon highs today only in the low 80s. 81 in martinsburg and charles town,


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