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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tah-dah! this little ear piece, this is critical to being able to know where we are in the show. >> melissa is hey, chuck, do you got your ear piece? no, why. it's your turn to talk. sunny and dry today. it could be a risk of a shower or two, maybe along here today. upper 80s to near 90 degrees. i was tweeting out the nats forecast today. we've lost three in a row to orioles. maybe tonight will be better. thank you, melissa for helping out. >> you know what, i don't even have my clicker here. i ran to the bathroom and i left it in there. >> here you go. it's teamwork. >> we're okay. we're okay. look here at the beltway. beltway overall is just fine. all of the main routes into town and out of town, we don't have any real issues right now. as we zoom in
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that construction reported, outer loop at university with a two lanes getting by. that work zone there. 66 into town, out of town, no worries at this point this morning. looking nice and green. had some earlier road work and roadwork further out that you don't have to worry about this morning. 95 northbound and southbound looking good. see you back here at 5:11. we'll both be ready. i promise. >> all right, thank you. >> he's like, sure. >> metro, the board will hear from metro leadership at a special meeting. the focus will be last month's train derailment and we're going to be hear about what's being done to stop operators from running red signals. we're also hearing about problems at the rail yards. employees have not been using the hand brake to prevent park trains from rolling away. they are calling for new rules and training in place. c
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to announce a major shake-up in command. sources tell us that includes some of the highest ranking department officials. chief gregory green will reassign two of his chiefs. the head of the d.c.'s fire union will be protected to fire chief. chief dean and the mayor have been working to improve the public image of the department after problems like the death of medric mills outside of a fire station. the 77-year-old's family went to the fire station after he collapsed. nobody responded. a new death toll from that devastating earthquake in italy. as of right now, we know that 247 people have died. the quake hit italy a little more than 24 hours ago. you are looking at brand-new video of the wreckage all shot by a drone. three towns are piles of rubble m
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tents and shelters right now. recovery crews are using dogs to try and find any more bodies in the wreckage. a popular playground in northwest d.c. is supposed to be a safe haven for neighborhood kids. parents are now worried after two incidents involving guns near the hamilton rec center. in one case, someone pointed a gun at a person on the basketball person. that person was arrested. in a second case, shots were fired. parents are tired of the violence. >> i got to bring my kids here. i got to make sure they have a safe place to play and it makes me upset. >> the only way to curb crime is to have the neighborhood band together. >> neighbors are calling for more surveillance cameras near the rec center. a developing story at 5:03 out of prince george's county, police are turning to neighbors to help
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18-year-old rapper douglas brooks. nearly 5,400 students in prince george's county are missing out on the first week of school and that's because they are not immunized or they have not proven they have been vaccinated. they have to stay home from school until they get this done according to policy. the deadline was tuesday, the first day of school. days after a federal report reveal teachers allegedly abused and humiliated preschool children in prince george's county. in 2013, a letter to head start frommed board of education, listed several noncompliance. background files were inaccurately kept. and several classrooms are hazardous materials. all problems corrected by 2014. last week, the federal v
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five board members are now calling for the chair and vice chair to step down. two people found inside a burtton'sville home will be on court on drug charges many montgomery county is still looking for suspects in the murder of syed hassan. there are faces related to selling marijuana for these two men. repairs are under way yet again for the washington monument. the landmark will be closed until mid september due to elevator repairs. a more extensive project could start pretty soon and that could take 8 to 9 months. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes says it is a long time but it is a step in the right direction. >> it's easier to take that it may close down for almost a year to be totally fixed th
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it closed down pearly and not know when it's going to happen and when it will end. >> the repair cost close to $3 million. it is a party 100 years in the making. today the national park service is celebrating its centennial, officials are kicking things off with a challenge on the national mall. >> we are creating the world's largest national park service emblem, that's the arrowhead that people identify us with. we have a thousand people coming down hopefully. we're going to give them colored umbrellas, arrange them on the national mall and hopefully wind up again the largest recreation of the emblem. >> that will be interesting. other events happening today, lattes with lincoln,
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rangerpalooxa, and and scavenger hunt. biking is hoping to raise awareness. inviting -- fighting zika, a new vaccine. reminding kids to cover their faces when they sneeze. the shocking
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welcomes another olympian home. gary antuanne russell, he lost in the quarter finals to a fighter from uzbekistan, he's happy to see the response to his performance on such a big stage. >> it was an amazing experience all the way around. going through that trauma, and coming back and being loved. >> love to see him. his father and brother are also boxers and also named gary russell. it seems to be a thing that happens with boxers. same name. gary antuanne russell hopes to go pro but he hasn't made up his mind just yet. the redskins start tomorrow ag
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you can watch it on our cozy station. 11 minutes after the hour. i want to get you ready to step outside. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> that's right. bus stop weather for kids having to go school this morning, temperatures in the mid 70s. coming home today, upper 80s, flirting with 90 degrees. it's going to be a hot one for sure. shorts and t-shirts weather for today. sunglasses. don't forget your spf if you've got the day off and you are spending time outside. perfect pool day. after school activities full of sunshine and car wash. not only keep the car clean but also make you feel good. a little cool water on a hot afternoon. forecast for the game tomorrow night fedex field, 90 degrees at 7:00. temperatures mostly in the 80s during the
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few minutes. let's head over to melissa. taking a look at 95 skaggsville road. no problems. prince george's county, overall, no problems there. had an earlier problem on branch avenue that's cleared out of the way. 95 in virginia, quantico to the beltway, takes you 17 minutes right now. you are at speed southbound. no problems either in the southbound lanes and at 66 here at fairfax county parkway, eastbound, westbound, rolling along just fine. i'll see you back here at 5:21 with a live look at 270. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. just in, american university of afghanistan is closed until further notice after a violent attack on campus yesterday. it left 13 people dead, including students, and police officers.
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a car bomb detonated at the front gate of the university. multiple gunmen stormed their way in. afghan special forces responded and killed two attackers. it was a ten-hour long ordeal. two professors were abducted earlier this month. one of them an american and they still have not been found, aaron. back to you. kristin wright, the live desk. thank you. 5:13 is your time right now. today, more trouble pulling for metro. megan mcgrath is live this morning with more on the investigation and a special meeting being held today. megan. >> reporter: aaron, metro in the hot seat once again for safety issues. the federal transportation administration releasing a report that concludes metro workers are not using hand bres to properlyur
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potentially dangerous situation. the report found widespread failures to secure vehicles. there were three roll away incidents in the last two years. in one case, there was some damage although no injuries. the big problem here, workers are not putting on hand brakes when storing trains and maintenance vehicles in the rail yards. rail cars are not being stored two feet apart as required. this comes as the metro board gathers later today for a special meeting. they will be getting an update that on a rail derailment here at the falls church metro station. we'll be keeping an eye it and bringing you developments on it in mid darks. coming up on 5:15 now. there's a bit of controversy this morning about nearly two dozen video billboards that have been showing up around the district. now, these
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regulators who have issued stop work orders for the project. community groups say these video screens violate d.c. sign regulations. >> in most basic terms, tom, it has to do with respect for this historic city as the nation's capitol. >> the d.c. attorney general also is reviewing the controversy. the out of town company stalling these screens tells us that it is challenging the new neighbors. destination d.c. put out new numbers, saying more than 2 million people visited from overseas last year, most from china, followed by the u.k. and germany and that doesn't take canada and mexico in account. there were also a record number of tourists here in the united states. more than 19 million in 2015. volunteers will be to be infected with the zika virus
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it may sound bizarre are but researchers are planning a study this winter when mosquitos aren't bieth -- biting. so far, folks aren't interested in the study. >> i don't think i would be willing to do that. that doesn't sound like something i would be interested in. >> despite some hesitation, researchers say they have little trouble finding volunteers and with ebola and zika taking the national stage, the vaccines could be sped up. in news 4 for your health this morning, stress may increase the risk of a heart attack. stress on women under 50 were much more likely to have reduced blood flow to their hearts. experts say doctors should ask young female patients about their stress and recommend ways to relax. as kids head back to
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this video say great reminder of just how quickly and how far a germy sneeze can travel. scientists say they travel up to 26 feet. if your child has the sniffles, remind them to sneeze into their arm or into tissue and to wash their hands frequently. indiana residents are hit hard with what looks like an ef-3 tornado. this happened wednesday. winds in some places reached 165 miles an hour. kerry kline is live with a look at some of the worst of the damage there. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. certainly a very devastating situation here in parts of kokomo. we have power out to thousands of home. we have people who have lost
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businesses that have been completely leveled. this is one of those businesses, just from the kind step way so you can see it. right here is a story of her rowism and survivalism. when the tornado touched down yesterday, it knocked this building down in seconds. there were customers and employees inside who all walked outside. the wind and rain is starting again, adding insult to injury to those trying to clean up. you see where part of the building was standing. that's where those inside quickly ushered. it's a place at the right time at the right time. that is where they rode out the storm and able to survive. also a tail of heroism, a couple of construction workers right next door saw the whole thing happened, they were able to run over after the tdo
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through when the employees and customers were dropped inside the bathroom. they were able to dig them out and bring them out to safety. it is going to be a day of clean-up as many people are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together again. >> carrie cline live for us in kokomo yes. business and buildings being toppled over, they look like a deck of cards. >> 165-mile-an-hour winds will knock down a lot of stuff. that's certainly what we saw in indiana yesterday. here's a picture during our storm team 4 radar. during the outbreak, kokomo, indiana, this is yesterday afternoon, a lot of thunderstorm activity out there yesterday. 8 reported tornadoes out there. we'll have to wait and see how many actually being confirmed, but it sure was a rough day in indiana yesterday. that severe weather today will stay well to our north. we will not be worrying at
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today. any rain chances for today, thunderstorm chances will be northern maryland, panhandle of west virginia and out in the shenandoah valley. right now, temperatures have cooled only into the upper 60s to around 70. so a much mylar start to the day than we've seep the last couple of mornings and the humidity is starting to build as well and a warming trend is tarting to take place. today's high will be up near 90 degrees. 30% chance of storms today. mainly along the i-80 corridor. tomorrow, the real heat and humidity return. future weather, starting at 5:00 a.m., not much going on. by 10:00 a.m., those chances for thunderstorm, notice how they are fading out. an isolated shower or rumble there. by noon, maybe closer to the metro area but falling apart as they come closer and
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town. rain chanses, pretty cloe. five-day forecast, all back to the 90s. low to mid 90s for friday, on to the weekend as well. that is a long stretch of hot weather. see you in a few minutes with the 4 things you need to know about the forecast. good morning, melissa. inner loop, outer loop, one brand-new incident is blocking one lane there. this just popped up in our system. so blocking the right lane, but you can see it's nice and green through that area. lanes seem to be unaffected as far as travel goes. rock creek parkway at the kennedy center, still have that traffic alt nating through the work zone. 66 or 95, don't have any problems. 270 at montrose road, no problems here. we're working for you to make sure that your kids have everything they need for the first day of school.
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we're going to have a back packs 4 kids phone-a-thon. many of you came by yesterday, dropping off new back packs and school supplies. we were back out there all morning. to make a donation today during the phone athong you can call call 885-4949. you can donate on line. head to thank you very much to everybody that made it an effort to do a little bit of good so we can all do a lot of good. >> give us a call today. i'll be there at 11:00. i'll answer the phone. >> i'll call you. >> you'll be on the air. >> true. >> 5:22 right now. parents fighting for change before their kids first day of school. a look at the nearly two-mile walk they say is too long an d
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if you own a keyless car, you want to watch out for thieves. police are urging drivers to be on alert. since a key is not needed, people may get out of the car while the engine is running and police say thieves lurk nearby and try to get away. the saga continues for volkswagenen after they admitted to rigging certain tests to avoid issues with emissions. volkswagen will offer to buy back any of the 475,000 affected vehicles or develop a fix to get the vehicles repair. the athletes are catching up on the sleep they lost
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olympics. tokyo set aside $4.5 billion to build venues and run the show. in fact, they broke ground on several stadiums already. the flag itself will be used to promo recovery efforts from the devastating earthquake and tsunami there five years ago. she has proven herself in the pool but what about on the ball field? the local olympic hero katie ledecky shows off her arm at the nationals game. we'll look at her highlights. caught on camera, a brazen robbery in broad daylight at a beauty shop. what police know about a masked man who held up two women and a little girl at gunpoint. cool start today. it's no, sir going to
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say along -- a salon robbed at gunpoint. a child among those held at gunpoint. and our tomorrowtown olympian is back and giving baseball a dry. good morning, everybody. 5:30. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm
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we'll start with 4 things to know about the forecast. >> chuck bell standing by. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, erika and aaron. thursday off to a clear start. summer heat, we've been in the 80s the last couple of days. the summer heat is making a comeback. any rain chances are confined closer to the shenandoah valley. not much of a rain threat downtown. rain chances aren't zero, they are just really, really low. it looks like we're going to have some sizzle to your saturday and sunday. we're rooting against the formation of hermine, this area of puerto rico it showing some signs of organization. it could impact south florida later in the week. let's head over to melissa. inner loop after route 1, we had an earlier issue there in the right lane that was blocked. all lanes now open. traffic there
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moving along just fine this morning. 95 in dumb --fries is rolling along just fine. 95, quantico to the beltway, nice and clear. travel times in ten minutes. now to a bold robbery that was in broad daylight and caught on camera. this happened in a busy shopping center located in the alexandria center in fairfax county. gunman walked in and demanded the women to lie open the floor before ordering them to get the girl from the backroom. >> i said i give you everything. take everything. >> after the owner was asked to open the safe, he forced women and little girl in the bathroom and told them no not to call poli
5:33 am
girl's mom says she had nightmares all night. if you are thinking about hiking in loudoun county, the sheriffs office is asking people to travel in groups and stay alert after a woman said someone tried to sexually assault her. she said two men came out of the woods while she was walking on the washington and old dominion trail at night last week. le school district says the houses are close enough for kids to walk when the new school year starts next month. the route these kids take is long and not always safe. 1.6 miles and how isolated parts of it appear to be her. in june, police reported that a high school student was the victim of an attempted sex assault on an adjoining section of that path. >> you will not be heard during
5:34 am
nobody is home. >> now, at lopez's request the fairfax county transportation department came to inspect the path walking its length. this path is an acceptable walk path free from unusual hazards. you may continue to inquire on the status of your exception to ride request. she says that she just learned her daughter has been given an exception to ride a bus. today, first responders from a whole bunch of police and fire departments are going to go to the pentagon. they are holding an emergency drill to see what would happen if a helicopter crashed on the grounds. it is only a drill and it is happening for most of the morning. you might see a lot of firefighters or police if
5:35 am
of that. police want you to take a good look at this guy. they say the man in these pictures was looking through a home window on south george mason drive around 10:00 monday night. police also say it looks like he was touching himself inappropriately at the time. if you recognize him, police call police. reston town center will have a new high tech parking system. that system is raising private si concerns, that's because the garage will snap a photo of license plates and cars. when you return to the garage, you end your license plate number and verify that the car is yours. some drivers worry about how that information will be used. the company responsible for the garage says the system is in place around the world, and it has not had any issues. >> new safety improvements set to debut in fairfax county. it will be a first of its kind in springfield. it's called the hawk or high intensityac
5:36 am
elementary school. drivers will have to adjust to seeing two signals. the bottom signal goes from flashing yellow to solid and the red flashes when a person has crossed. if you are having breakfast, pause for a second. new testing found swimming in streams and lakes in maryland, kind of like swimming in your toilet. environmentalists found fecal matter. preliminary testing around richmond discovered the same thing. t bacteria could come from livestock, pets, and people's septic tanks. this morning, part of main street is back open in ellicott city maryland. howard county officials are
5:37 am
seeing in that area because parking is still limited. crews are still working to paf the roads downtown. bad sportsmanship is costing hope solo a spot on the u.s. current soccer team. she call the swedish women's team cowards. the swedish team beat team usa on penalty kicks. her sus spemgs starts immediately. the nationals want you to help kids in the d.c. area get off to a good start this school year. the nats are collecting school supplies to donate to students. they are looking for new basic items like back packs, pens, and paper. >> we're going to go to needy d.c. public schools, probably those around the ballpark here, the ones we have a relationship with and we're so glad that our fans are so generous. we have the best fans in north america. >>
5:38 am
center field gate. they will accept donations from 10:30 until the end of the second inning. you can look for the tents outside the gate. we heard the nationals announcers call her the bryce harper of swimming, oh, brother. maybe he's the katie ledecky of baseball. hello! our home grown olympian can do it all. yes, she can. she threw a strike for the ceremonial first pitch during the nationals game last night. nice moment. she took all her medals off. here, bryce, hold these for me. the orioles beat the nationals. we're not sure who katie ledecky was rooting for. thousands of students not ready for the first day of school. the problem keeping a large number of children out of the classroom. it's a party 100 years in theak
5:39 am
the national park service is celebrating its centennial. how you can join in on the fun. a ♪ how you can join in on the fun. a know time and effort can lead to something special. ♪ know the best things in life are achieved by working together. know you can enjoy the party you've dreamed of for 15 years. ♪ pnc offers you information, services and solutions to help you manage your finances with confidence.
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5:41 your time right now. humidity starting to ease back in here. >> uh-huh. it's easing in now. it will be rushing in as we get toward tomorrow and the en
5:42 am
capitol wheel at prince george's county at national harp bore. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. that's where they will be until 8:00 this morning. upper 80s to around 90 degrees today. only the slightest chance of a shower out in the shenandoah valley. tomorrow, a hot one for sure. highs near 95 for tomorrow. cool down this weekend, head down on the beaches. saturday and sunday both look very nice down at the beaches. so that is excellent news. it will be even cooler if you are headed up into the shenandoah national park. high temperatures only in the low to mid 80s. ize give you the sizzling forecast. me list has has got something to talk about. >> delays on orange, blue, and silver lines there on metro. taking a look at travel times, 66 inbound, fairfax county to
5:43 am
north. they are totally fine. also fine in maryland, no major problems there. we'll talk more about that coming up. a d.c. man did something pretty remarkable in memory of his teenage son. he rode his bike cross country after his son took his own life. the father road 3500 miles from seattle all the way here to the district. >> it's important that i finish for them, you know, because they weren't able to finish their ride. >> now, he hopes that people see this story and that will raise awareness about suicide prevention. if you or someone you know is suffering from depression or needs professional help, you can head to our website. we posted a list of limpings and resources as part of our changing minds initiative. d d
5:44 am
campaign is now causing her headaches.
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safety concerns at a popular park. how police are calming patients nerves -- parents nerves after shots were fired. a party a hundred years in the making. how you can join in on the fun as the park service celebrates its centennial. there is one early morning jogger on the national mall this morning. temperatures up and away. 60 now to near 90 this afternoon. two brand-new crashes right now. one on 66 inbound. the other one here in rockville, darnstown road at key west avenue. it's
5:48 am
today on the national mall. >> national park service is holding several events to celebrate its centennial. megan fitzgerald is live on the mall with what spokes can expect today. >> reporter: i can tell you for the tourists that are in town or the residents that live in the area, they are in store for a good time if they could carve out a little time to come out to the national mall here. so many events planned. 8:00 this morning, the national park service says over a thousand people are going to assemble into a fore making that's going to create the iconic emblem of the arrowhead and that is going to be submitted into the guinness book of world records. also at 7:00 to 8:00 this morning, you can have lattes with lincoln. that's north of the memorial on henry bacon drive. a few fun event for the kids starts at 10:00 whth
5:49 am
uniforms and see how they have evolved over the years. there will also be a scavenger hunt. live music tonight, and a beer garden. here's a little bit of the spokesperson had to say. >> we are to protect and take care of the national scenery, the historic objects, but we're also at the same time charged with providing for the enjoyment for the same so to make it available for the american people. we like to see we're the only government agency that has the word enjoyment in their legislation. >> a lot of fun events planned. there are events plan over the next seven days. back to you. kids are supposed to be safe in the playground. we know that. parents in one neighborhood are afraid after a shooting not far from a popular
5:50 am
d.c. police met last night at the hamilton rec center. two different crimes happened last week. one where a person had a gun pointed at them at the basketball court. shots were fired by another man who police are still looking for. parents are tired of the violence. >> i got to bring my kids here. i got to make sure they have a safe place to play and it makes me upset. >> the only way to curb crime is to have the neighborhood band together. >> neighbors are calling for more surveillance cameras near the rec center. a developing story at 5:03 out of prince george's county, police are turning to neighbors to help find the killer of 18-year-old rapper douglas brooks. detectives have been knocking on doors looking for clues. news 4 is looking to keep you and your family safe with new recall information, more than 25,000
5:51 am
strollers are being recalled due to a fall hazard. if you've got one of those step-and-go travel systems, contact safety first for a free repair kit. the problem the tray can fall off. we know what happened to a missing piece of playground equipment at walter pierce park. police launched a theft investigation. the general services department says they hope to have a new fire truck at the playground real soon. 5:15 your time now. weather and traffic on the ones. chuck bell. >> those fire stations on the fire engine down on the play ground, those are fun. i had one of those when i was a kid. i used to
5:52 am
all by myself. i'm still a kid at heart. we're keeping a close eye on the tropics these days. we have gaston out in the atlantic. no threat to any land mass at this point in time. on the other hand, this area of disturbed weather down here just around puerto rico and the dominican republic and haiti, this is not showing a lot of organization yet but where it is and where it's headed here into the bahamas over the next 24 to 48 hours, weather conditions get a little more favorable for development. unfortunately, if it takes on any tropical name, it will be named hermine, if it takes aim for south florida, it could be the sunday, monday time frame. we have to watch very carefully. is severe weather yesterday across parts of indiana. that is going across new york and pennsan
5:53 am
the west virginia, ohio border moving toward western maryland. rain chances are pretty low today. but they are not zero. here's the washington metropolitan area. lingering chance of showers here along the west of i-81. as we go forward in time here, rain chances will be diminishing as those rain showers come farther to the east but i couldn't rule out a quick little shower or two. rain chances today officially stand at about 30% or less in the d.c. metro area. 30, maybe 40% across the shenandoah valley. there's our extended forecast. again, not much of a rain threat here in town today, so i didn't put it on the ten-day. the main focus on the ten-day forecast is all the heat. it's back, everybody. low to mid 90s for tomorrow all on through the weekend. better rain chances show up toward the middle of next week. see you in a few minutes with the highs in your hometown. we'll talk about the redskins and nationals forecast coming
5:54 am
darnstown road at key west avenue, a crash. trying to get more information for that. pretty big backups here, eastbound 66 at 29. you can see it's backed up. you can see that delay in the dip on 66. headed over to prince george's coin, northbound 4 after wood yard road, vehicles stopped on the right side of the roadway. it could cause a bit of a problem. beltway overall looking quite good here, right now. and remember these delays on metro, orange, blue, silver line because of a problem at eastern market. more on that problem in rockville coming up. very much peddling bigotry and parent know i can't. she's expected to argue that
5:55 am
republicans toward disturbing and extremist views. tracy potts is tracking developments on these developments. this comes as clinton continues to come under fire for her ties to the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state. what is she saying about that? >> reporter: she's saying she did nothing wrong by meeting with nobel prize winners and others. it was appropriate for her to sit down with even though they were also giving money to her family's foundation. she's not expected to talk about that in reno today. at this rally she's going to hone in on donald trump and that shift toward what she believes is much more of an extremist view when it comes to how to deal with voters in this election, and particularly some issues like she's dealt with minorities. >> tracy, since you've mentioned donald trump and minorities, we know he's going to meet with black and hispanic activists today. what do we expect to come out of that meeting?
5:56 am
to help donald trump get some support. our polls show he's got 1% support among african-americans, 20% among latinos. tracie, thank you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. amazon could be planning a click-and-collect service. customers buy on line and drive to a designated area to pick up their order. that could complement their existing programs. amazon fresh and prime now. celebrities and fans are again coming to the defense of snl star lesley jones this after
5:57 am
with what appeared to be nude pictures of her. she took down the website yesterday. it is the second time this summer that she's gone off line because of cyber attacks. just last month, she pulled her twitter account over racist and sexist tweets. run away rains and derailment developments. i'm megan mcgrath with new questions surrounding melt troe's consult of -- culture of safety. tornado touchdowns, we're minutes away from team coverage with a new look at the moments a storm hit. and foul play at a d.c. playground. a place where kids love to play fire hero is a real crime scene. >> where's the fe truck thatir
5:58 am
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right here in washington 81 times a year? that's right! the washington nationals geico president's race. geico is washington's hometown insurance company, and a proud sponsor of the washington nationals. >> back-to-back tornadoes did all this damage and surprisingly, we're learning this morning that everyone survived. i looked out the window. seen a funnel cloud coming. we went and got in the hallway and took cover and the ceiling fell on us and it was over. >> disaster
6:00 am
i'm thankful my kids weren't here. news 4 today starts now. good morning, everybody. it is 6 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we have team coverage on the devastating tornadoes in indiana. >> the storms wiped out homes and businesses in a neighborhood that was severe damage by a twister just two years ago. >> we begin with kristin wright at the live desk. >> not a good morning in indiana today. the video we have coming in here to the newsroom, you must see. there was a starbucks in kokomo that was absolutely just leveled. take a look here. never seen a starbucks quite like this. we know everyone inside this coffee shop was able to get out safely. this is about 40 miles or so from indianapolis. byme


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