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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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. >> kenny: washougal redskins preseason football has been brought to you in part by >> kenny: washington redskins preseason football from geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. from cropp met calf and ford, the official truck of the washington redskins. lesean mccoy and desean jackson exchanging jerseys. the brothers. as a redskins win it 21-16. let's look at the fedex ground play of the game. the rookie out of tulane finishing with five carries, 51 yards.
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chris thompson. brought to you by fedex ground at fedex office. jordan reed with a touchdown. kirk cousins threw three in the second quarter. the redskins defeat the bills 21-16. join us next thursday for the preseason finale as the redskins travel to tampa to take on the buccaneers thursday, september 1 at 7:30. for joe theismann, clinton portis and the crew, director bill belt, this is kenny albert saying good night from fedex field. the final score once again, the redskins 21, the bills, 16. final score, once again, redskins 21, bills 16.
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redskins salute, the military appreciation program is where the redskins suit our community. providing a platform for fans to support and connect with service members and their family. exclusive year round events and show cases support initiatives iffer the military community. membership is open to all veterans and their families. go to redskins
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news 4 at 11:00 beginsi
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>> and breaking news in marylao hyattsville. he has life-threatening injuries. >> this video in our newsroom in the last hour. the stabbing happened around 8:00 in the t 18 bus on annapolis road in gallatin street. transit police did arrest one man. the victim was conscious as he was taken to the hospital. we'll let you know if we get any information. we are closing summer break on another heat wave. >> good evening, i'm angie goff for doreen. >> i'm jim handley. for some of you this is the last get away weekend before the new school year. doug, the rest of this summer break is going to be a hot one. >> it's going to be tough for the kids whether it's heading out to recess or to school. we're talking about temperatures in the mid 90s all the way through next week. take a look
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today. 95 d.c., 95 fredericksburg, 95 dulles, that tied a record set in 1998. we had hot air today. the heat index got up to 100 degrees. all across our region. take a look at our saturday planner. waking up to temperatures to around the upper 70s to 80 dxings a warm, muggy start. 86 by 11:00. 92 by 2:00. temperatures in the low to mid 90s as we move into saturday. there's a little bit of good news as we move into next week. we'll talk about that and show you how long that this heat wave lasts in a minutes. it will be an emotional back-to-school monday for the family of a local ten-year-old. >> jackson gilmore's parents weren't always sure this day would come after their son was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder. it kept him from walking, talking, and eating for months. >> we report on his
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recovery. >> reporter: it's a miracle for the gilmore family to hear 10-year-old jackson talk. this cell phone video shows him speechless at children's national medical center with involuntary movement two years ago in october. >> now, he's speaking. how does that make you feel to hear? >> it's phenomenal. >> to understand what happened to jackson, we must start from the beginning. he was an athletic, outgoing kid who played baseball, football, and ice hockey. >> he has been strong, healthy. we have never had any health issues with him. but his life change after his ninth birthday two years ago. >> all of a sudden, he had a seizure. he started slurring his words and there's no history of that on either side of our family, we rushed him to the hospital. >> doctors diagnosed him with anti emda receptor encephalitis. a rare
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10 years ago. >> as an auto immune disease where a person's own body is attacking their brain. over time he needed things to help him sleep, to help with his abnormal movements. >> and dr.con says that jackson is very fortunate. he was diagnosed within two week of his first seizure. over the past two years, he has undergone extensive speech therapy and immunotreatment therapy. he relearned how to walk, talk, and eat on his own. he still has to take medicine and go to therapy. tonight he's back home and get this, next week, elsie his classmates at mary of nazareth catholic school. they named a street after him while he was gone. pray for jackson way. he has quite a story to tell. go jackson. he's getting it done. >> how about that. >> big night
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touchdowns for kirk cou and a win in a preseason game that they call the dress rehearsal. >> offense looking good. we were supposed to get a little post redskins report tonight and as sports comes, it went long. karen maloney will do our own post game on news 4 at 11:00 s. >> that's what you get when 21 penalty are called in the game. 3 1/2 hours long, so preseason had it all. you could see the guys do this as they came off. it was good. it was bad scprks it had some ugly with those injuries. four guys walked off the field. we'll get an update later on in the show. but it started off so promising. kirk cousins . he was pregame excited because he was getting a heavy workload tonight, expected to play at least a half and that's exactly what he did. man, he was in a good mood. slow start for the offense. second quarter. they picked it up. down 6-0, cousins . finds ryan grant, spins away from the tackler. the receiver takes
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familiar sight. it's cousins with one of his favorite sights, jordan reid. one of three tds for cousins in the second quarter, the redskins would beat the buffalo bills 21-16 to close the book on this third preseason game of the year and that's it for the starters because next week's game in tampa bay you do not expect to see first teamers but we're going to hear from them on their night and what work they have to do coming up later on news 4 at 11:00, from live from fedex field, i'm carol in a bit. scott mcfarland investigates some of the perks of local politics. and sheriffs deputies make a connection with teens in one loc
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public office has its privileges. >> but in d.c. there are new questions now about who else is getting to enjoy one of those executive perks. >> the news 4 i team scott mcfarland reports. >> who doesn't want a free ticket to the game? or the show. d.c.'s top politicians get them year round at nats park, a bowl of box suites and luxury seats are the mains. the seats in 361 go free of change charge. the perk was referenced in a land agreement for the arena wh
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need free tickets to help economic developments. but when we dug through records, we found often those tickets are going to vips and friends and family of politicians who get the freebies, any time tax dollars are being spent, taxpayers are the right to know how they are being spent. >> we found access to the free mayoral sweet went to the man voted out of the office in 2010, adrian fenti, the bruce springsteen concert and justin bieber and rihanna and listed alongside fenty, celebrity chef, a real housewife of d.c. was listed as a recipient including a maroon 5 concert. >> the price for similar suites at nats park start at
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year according to club on a similar suite costs thousands of dollars for one big game or concert making it a valuable commodity. >> when they have a taxpayer funded statement like nats park and they are using it to curry favor with other politicians and all d.c. residents need to know who is in that suite. >> we came to d.c. council offices to find that less than half of council members keep a formal log of who is using their tickets. the logs we did find didn't include full names. temer yoes -- at the mares office, a group of the attendees is listed. not the individuals. the tickets are given for a variety of reasons, including to help support community groups and public schools. or to thank government employees for their hard wor
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charities and community groups receiving some tickets. >> it was a very nice gesture. >> including john sager's d.c. stars hockey club. >> it was great to get together and enjoy the hockey game and company of each other. >> the city ought to consider giving all of its tickets to charities and youth groups. >> the best way to use the box is for folks who don't have the opportunity to use it themselves to go to a game themselves. >> but for at least 43 games or concerts since the start of 2015, the i team found tickets in the mayor's suite went to waste. no guest listed for the nats, the caps, and barry manilow and empty seats at the ballpark for military appreciation night. scott mack far land news 4 i team. we reached out to the former mayor and didn't hear back. go to our nbc washington app for more.
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progra mchallenges police face in communicating with people with disabilities. without proper training, those encounters can lead to tragedy. news 4 jackie benson shows us how tonight bonds were formed at a stafford county pool. >> ready. 1, 2, 3. the team members. >> i'm good. >> the stafford county sheriff star cadet program. >> make sure you can breathe. >> hit the pool for a class on rescue and recovery dives. they and the deputies showing them the aquatic ropes are also forging bonds of trust and communication that may be lifesaving some day. >> it's a sense of pride for him and us it's very important because if they would come upon like someone like joe, he can't speak clearly, so they would have to figure out through a series of gestures or the right maybe pointed
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yes no, questions, they are with him. >> this is going to be awesome. >> the cadets get a uniform and certificate upon completing the program which includes monthly meetings, but the interaction also helps with a bigger picture. sergeant darrell english says the groundwork of two-way communication here can help deputies become effective in situations before they become problems. >> if something happens at their house, it will come up that they are special star kids and how to interact with them. >> the program was begun in 2007. it is community policed to help better protect the citizens of stafford county. >> we teach them how to respect others. >> although the program is a fairly small one. the stafford county sheriffs office says it has received inquiries about this program from all over the united states. in stafford county, jackie intoen, news 4.
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great program there. take look at the temperatures out there right now. it's a very warm night. you already knew that. 84 degrees. winds out of the southeast, three miles per hour. again, we talk about the heat. 84. then you talk about the heat index. the way it feels. here it is 11:00, is still feels like 91 here. i want you to notice, fredericksburg, gaithersburg, we're seeing the dew points fall and there's some good news tomorrow. i told you earlier maybe a little good news. the humidity will not be as big a factor the next couple of days. storm team 4 radar no rain to talk about. we did see a couple of showers just south of fredericksburg a little earlier. they quickly moved on. you can see them down toward spotsylvania county. look at the high pressure. spinning around this area and underneath that area of high pressure we get hot and that's been the case. high pressure sitting around our area. we're waiting for a cold front to come down. this week, it stays back to our north and
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the high pressure remains and that's why we have prolonged heat wave right on through the next couple of days. high temperatures tomorrow 94 degrees. not quite as humid. heat index is over 100. tomorrow, under 100 degrees and not much of a heat index at all, so that's at least a little bit of a silver lining. notice your sun, high temperature of 93 and as we move toward early next week, we get to 95 again on monday and tuesday. wednesday should be the warmest day ahead of a cold front that will give us a high temperature of 96. a better chance of a couple thunderstorms too, but you look that's the only chance at thunderstorms on there and that front will also help to cool thing off next thursday and friday but even that cool-off is short lived too. >> all right. thanks, doug. coming up, redskins with that big preseason win tonight. we go live back to fedex field
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> good night for players, fans, but for the coaches, carol, they got to see them at their best tonight and got to see them play for a while. >> a number of players had a stand-up night but then there are so many guys also who left with injuries, so we have some news about ryan carey began, he has a groin injury. you do not want to lose guys in the preseason. they are athat much closer to the regular season. 2 1/2 weeks away where they kick it off. it was a good night for de sean jackson.
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tyrod taylor, looking f with a break-up. he was fired up after an early interception. the speedster, he turns it up, looks so smooth doing it. 39 yard gain, four catches for 56 yards on the night. a few plays late, cousins to ryan grant. he's thinking end zone. he's going to find it. 38 yard touchdown hook up. skins up 7-6. later in the quarter, skins offense keeping the pressure on. cousins drops back and hits jordan read, his favorite tarring. we saw this 11 times last season. you think cousins is done. no. think again. late in the half. puts this one up for pierre garcon. 188 yards and makes it three
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redskins win it 21-16. >> we struggled early. we like the way we came back. we kept battling. we got the ball in the end zone three times which is nice. i like to see us be a little more crisp and i think penalty and some of the things we did hurt ourselves but overall i like the way we at least rebounded and got drives in the end zone. >> meantime, a big night at nats park. this little girl enjoying national hot dog day. bryce harper, nats up 5-2. harper comes to the plate. blasts this pitch to center. it goes off the wall. two runs will come in to score. harper hustling around the bases and ends up on third with a triple. the nats, they go on to win this one. the opener against the rockies, 8-5 as geogonzalez picks up the 100th win of his career. hot dog day, dog day, it's all
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that's what we're talking about hereafter the redskins beat the bills 21-16, everybody is happy, smiling, ready to get that fourth and final preseason game in the books. we have to watch out for some injuries news and that's coming this weekend as four guys left the game for good tonight. back t
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and that's all the time we have. the tonight show is next up. hot dogs, sands witch, not a sandwich. >> it's a sandwich. it is national dog day. >>
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something else! >> have a good weekend, everybody. >> we'll see you mon
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jessica alba!


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