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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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in minutes, what we're now finding out in a live report. good morning, everybody, it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check our forecast. chilly start to the morning. >> it is storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is in for the weather headlines. >> good morning eun and aaron. a little chilly outside this morning. clouds have been increasing a bit overnight. that pattern will continue through the day. chilly by dry here this morning with temperatures in the 40s but even with the increasing clouds, today. any closest rain drops will be down south and west of charlottesville in central virginia. there are two really warm days coming. they start tomorrow. right now it is in the 40s. that is where we'll stay for the remainder of the out the door plans this morning. near 60 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. back down into the 50s by 7:00 tonight. there is a chance of rain between now and the weekend. i'll let you know when that is most likely happening in a few more minutes. trouble on 355. here is melissa with the latest.
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355 here at hubbard drive. this is near the target there on the pike. now, right now we're shut down northbound because a truck took down wires. just got off the phone. they think this should be wrapping up within the next 30 minutes and southbound is unaffected. thank you to our producer patty who called that in for us this morning. 95 north, the ramp there to powder mill road. we have the ramp blocked by a work zone there for you this morning. 66 and 95, overall, you no major problems. beltway is rolling along just fine as is 270 and prince george's county, we're keeping an eye there as well. no major issues. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> thank you. back now to the breaking news out of prince george's county. police at the scene of a deadly shooting. news4's kristin wright is on the scene there now live with the latest updates on the investigation. kristin? >> reporter: yes, we've been watching a large group of crime
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and police officers here focused in on the front yard of a home here on 20th avenue. we know that the shooting happened at about 1:00 this morning. at 1:00 a.m., we have video to show you earlier. it shows all of the police activity focused in around this home and that is where police found a body of a man who had been shot. they got a call, they came out and they found that man there and he h dead. police are calling this a homicide investigation so back here live now. we continue to watch investigators as they are working the crime scene here, looking for evidence. we've seen them walk between some of the houses here and again, they have been very focused on the front yard of a home here on 20th avenue. some more information as we get it. back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you.
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one week to go until election day. the candidates are putting a heavy focus on the battleground states. hillary clinton will make three stops in florida. president obama will rally her supporters in ohio. >> on the republican side. donald trump will make a policy speech on the affordable care act in pennsylvania. he then heads to wisconsin. >> the fbi is combing through the 650,000 e-mails found on former congressman anthony weiner's computer. >> they're using a program designed only to find the of state. law enforcement sources tell nbc news, they hope to have the process done by the end of the week. the clinton campaign says james comey is applying a double standard. they're citing a report from cnbc that said comey argued against naming russia in the hack of u.s. political institutions. the political report says comey thought naming russia would interfere with the u.s. elections and violate justice department guidelines. hillary clinton is not the
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the fbi right now. >> house democrats want the fbi to say whether it is investigating donald trump's former campaign manager about possible ties to russian interests. news4's angie goff has more now from the decision desk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning eun and aaron. this is not a full blown investigation but sources tell nbc news the feds are looking into manafort's firm as part of a ukraine investigation from earlier. you might recall that nbc news reported in august that manafort was a key player in a multi millionol proposition with ukraine and russian leaders. maryland representative elijah cummings saying comey's' actions could violate the fbi's credibility. after all of this, he says he is not aware of any fbi investigation. the fbi not commenting on the case. we'll continue to follow up. back to you. thank you, angie, while election day is one week away. more than 23 million votes have
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press, the number is far higher than in 2012. in critical battleground states including florida, nevada and colorado. one-third or more of the expected voters have already cast their ballots so far, the break down of votes by party affiliation and other factors point to an advantage for hillary clinton. >> and a reminder about a special forum we're hosting tonight for millennial vote years. it is called voter power. i'll moderate the conversation. the event starts at 7:00 tig admission is free but we would like you to rsvp in the nbc washington app. the montgomery county council is expected to vote to expand sick leave. the proposal would give employees paid parental leave and that would apply to workers who give birth, adopt or have a foster care placement. a sick leave law went into effect on october 1st. that requires employers to
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the council will also consider a bill supporters would say would make restaurants safer for people with food allergies. it would require restaurant workers to complete training courses about allergens. they would have to pass the test before being able to serve food to customers. angie goff at the live desk following this developing story where a halloween hay ride turned deadly. three people including children are dead after the hay ride accident. many others were hurt. this happened when a flat bed trailer was carrying a lot of people going trick or treated collided with a truck on a highway. the names of those involved in this crash including the victim will be released later today. eun? >> thank you, angie. families in a southeast washington neighborhood were forced to change their halloween plans after a deadly shooting. police say a man died after being shot in the chest in an apartment complex parking lot.
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not long before many families planned to go out trick or treating. instead, they were forced to deal with a scary scene. >> tricks every day. no treats in this neighborhood. it is always some drama. >> we're saddened. this is a night that we prepared to give the children something special and unfortunately, we're being pulled away from those activities to handle this type of thing. >> police have not identified the victim. they say the gunman may have left the area in alv door honda civic. some parents in glen burnie did what many do on halloween night. they check their children's bags of candy. imagine the surprise when they actually found a syringe without a needle tucked into the bag. an rund yellcounty police don't know where it came from. there are claims of a sexual assault during a private party at an invitation only party at p
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staired bedroom. the same man hurt two others when they tried to step in and help. it is unclear whether any charges have been filed. the stafford county sheriff's office need help after a car crash turned into a sex assault. look at the sketch here on your tv screen. sheriff's deputies say a man resembling this person dragged a woman into a ditch in kingshighway after slamming into her car. he sexually assaulted her for more than two hours between scott lane. call the sheriffs office if you know anything. today, jurors will hear closing arguments in a defamation lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. the case involves nicole aramo, a former associate dean at the university of virginia. she says she was unfairly portrayed in an article about a gang rape at a campus fraternity. the magazine retracted the article and apologized.
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working with very little information to figure out what happened to a fairfax woman who's body was found in the woods in vermont. police say the woman has been identified as 28-year-old sun mi shin. she was a korean national who lived in fairfax, never reported missing. police are trying to figure out how she got to vermont and sifting through the text messages and computer messages. d.c. council tells human services committee is set to measure. it will make the first vote on the death with dignity bill. the proposal would allow doctors with terminally ill patients to take a lethal dose of medicine. am physician assistant death is legal in five states. a final vote is the expected later this month. tonight, the cleveland
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series drought at home. this is in downtown cleveland. the last living member of the cleveland's team will be there. eddie robinson is 95 years old. it is a must win for the cubs. the cubs haven't won a series title since 1908. >> wow. also today, you may notice some snow plows on the roads in montgomer >> don't fret. it is no. that cold. the flakes aren't about to fly just yet. the county is getting ready for the up coming winter season. highway and dpw crews will hold a mock snow day. they will do a run through of a simulated six inch snow storm. the county wants to see how prepared it is to handle major winter weather. it always comes as a surprise when we have snow. november is starting off cool with temperatures in the 40s right now in a lot of places.
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weather yet. chuck bell is updating the planning forecast for the day ahead. >> how many people have you seen driving while picking music on their phones? the deadly crash involving a truck driver and the punishment he will now have to face. >> thank you in korean and this high school is the only public school in the state of maryland offering it as a foreign language. that story coming up ne on
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in the northern california mountains. the same area saw six inches of snow over the weekend. >> that is too much! the snow will continue for the next couple of hours. feeling for you people there. the fall snow storm is a welcome sight for some, though. one tourist from florida says seeing the snow for the first time was like a dream come true. >> there you go. it is up in the mountains. they're used to it. they expect it. >> my aunt lives in orange county, california now. she grew up in thisea she says she misses seeing snow. she has been there a long time. >> see? >> that makes chuck happy. >> donner summit, you know that whole party didn't end all that well. they get early and late snows at the higher elevations in the sierra nevada. for today, a nice, low impact weather day coming your way. grab the jacket. lots of clouds. no need for the umbrella for today, though. needing it before the week is done. morning is kind of chilly.
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today. if you like warmer weather, tomorrow is for you. more about the thursday rain chance coming in in ten minutes. struggling to get back near 60 degrees. we still have this problem. our producer came in saying northbound and southbound are affected by this problem with the wires down. she wasn't seeing much of a response on the scene. we know we at least have a problem there in the area of hubbard drive on rockville pike with wires down. lanes are closed both ways. annapolis road, two right lanes getting by the paving there. 95 north of prince william parkway. northbound, southbound, looking quite good. >> thanks melissa. we have new information on the fierce battle to gain control of mosul. an iraqi general says his troops have entered the eastern out skirts of mosul and are advancing as fighting continues. the city has been controlled by isis for two years. developing out of california
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sheriff's deputy is shot and killed in an accident. the deputy was on duty near fresno's yosemite national airport at the time of the shooting. no other information is being released at this point. a british court sets a -- rather a truck driver is sentenced to ten years in prison for an accident that left four people dead. this happened moments after he scrolled through music on his cell phone. the driver pleaded guilty to four counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one count the judge says his attention was so poor that he, quote, might as well have had his eyes closed. >> aful biking through d.c. and maryland is easier. the four mile path opened yesterday. it connects existing trails it could mean they save as much as a half hour on their ride if they want. >> it is great. i could go towards d.c. office.
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the way to the nats game. it is just going to help in so many ways. >> the new stretch is at kenilworth aquatic gardens. prince george's county schools introducing students to a new foreign language. >> students can now learn how to speak korean in the classroom. how cool is that? you can try to learn korean from me. for years. >> have i? >> as news4's molette green finds, th in popularity at one particular school. >> reporter: inside greenbelt eleanor roosevelt's high school, his class learned to introduce themselves in korean. learning a foreign language in high school is not new. but introducing korean is new as prince george's county schools
5:18 am
only public school in the state of maryland to offer it. >> you're not translating into english. you're writing about yourself. >> it will open more doors and give us more opportunities and me, personally, i like to travel and do other things, so i think learning this language would really help. >> this class will not only give them the foreign language skills, but also provide kind of critical thinking skills. >> reporter: the students see the value inside and outside the classroom in a region with an ever expanding korean american population. >> a language like this where it is very common within the states now and seeing that every time i go home and seeing the korean side and being able to read that, brings me a lot of happiness. >>. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> exactly. >> you're absolutely right. >> right?
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i had no idea. >> what did you say in. >> i said how wonderful is that that the kids have the opportunity to learn. >> look at you speaking korean. >> in fairfax county, they also teach korean classes because the korean population in that part of virginia is growing very large. a lot of them it is korean american students who want to be able to speak it at home. >> here is storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> last time oot was at a korean restaurant. how do you say i'm disappointed with the tip-in korean? something about get out of here. we got mostly cloudy skies outside here early this morning. these clouds will not be producing any rain. you can leave the umbrella at home for today. here it is on radar. just a couple of clouds around. there is one or two lone sprinkles. these will probably stay mostly
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any little rain chance probably holding off until we get to the second half of thursday. so a couple of dry days on the way. our high resolution forecast models is bringing out this little tiny chance of sprinkles, as close by as luray or down towards the county. the d.c. metro area staying all rain free even with the clouds around. they will help seal out much in the way of a warm up. we're in the mid to upper 40s across the area and now, i'm only forecasting highs in the upper cloudy, cool, and dry for your tuesday. next chance for rain area wide, here is future weather starting at 8:00 on thursday morning. a dry start and a dry ride in to work and school on thursday. by lunch time, thursday, there could be a couple of showers in the shenandoah valley. better rain chances in and around the city starting thursday, mid to late afternoon going into thursday evening. hopefully by 10:00, 11:00, thursday evening. things will dry back up.
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stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter @chuckbell4. here is your five day forecast. 61 today. the warm ye weather, which melissa and eun love comes back tomorrow. there is a 60% chance of rain for thursday. cooling down and drying out in time for the weekend. here is melissa with the first thing you need to know. >> first thing you need to know on the rails. delays on the yellow line to mount vernon squareau malfunction at huntington. 355 at hubbard drive. we have lanes blocked each way. some lanes blocked. a truck took down wires. got off the phone at montgomery county police. this should be wrapped up pretty soon around 5:00. so hoping it will be here in the next couple of minutes. inner loop and outer loop, everything looking quite good. don't have any major problems here this morning when you're taking a look at the beltway. want to show you something fun from last night.
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my husband, jake, my son was mr. niagi. he is holding chop sticks. i, was ali, the girlfriend. eun look at you. >> my daughter, obviously malifacent, the joker and monopoly man. >> pretty good. did you do the faces? >> i had to paint ben's face. had a wants to look scary because he is so cute and he is, like, i want to look nice job, ladies. >> i love karate kid. a new punishment for one of the areas biggest power companies.
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which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. this is your final week to get this great deal.
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welcome back. the virginia department of
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>> the utility could face $260,000 for two oil spills earlier this year. that is according to the washington post. they're also recommendk the utility reimburse the state over $5,000 for the investigative costs related to a crystal city spill and a spill in augusta county. they will take up the issue next month after a 30 day public comment period. a spokesman for the utilities says the company would comply with the order. take a live look outsid a chilly start but another warm up is on the way. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell will have a closer look at that and the four things to know about the forecast. >> swinging hard in the swing
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hillary is the one who broke the law over and over and over again. >> if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means, go ahead, look at them. i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my e-mails last year, right?
5:30 am
presidency. this morning, hillary clinton and donald trump are wasting no time on the campaign trails. >> it is now 5:30. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. the final countdown is now under way before we pick the new president of the united states. >> and we are getting you ready for election day. we'll check in with news4's tracie potts in just a minute. let's kickoff the team coverage this half hour from the decision desk with angie goff. >> this is something that we have been f overnight. this morning, growing concern in a key swing state over how a transit strike will impact the election. now, with this decision to strike coming down early this morning after midnight. 5,000 workers in philadelphia are on strike and commuters this morning left scrambling. meanwhile, officials already worrying that this is only the beginning and with just a week left until the election like you mentioned, if it continues, it
5:31 am
to get out to the polls and cast their votes. right now, septa buses, the trolleys, all of those are included in the strike in pennsylvania. they're not operating and that means nearly 900,000 people who use the transportation in the city every day have to find some other way to get to where they need to go. back to you. >> thank you. right now we want to get you up to speed on today's forecast. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is telling us about the start to the day. good morning to you, chuck. this morning. grab your coat before you head out the door early this morning. a lot more clouds. that beautiful sunshine yesterday will not be repeated today. clouds, yes, rain drops, no. don't need the umbrella for today. there is a big warm up coming. it arrives for tomorrow and there is one chance for rain between now and the week. i'll give you the exclusive ten day forecast at 5:516789 high today, 56 in gaithersburg. 61 in falls church.
5:32 am
in saint mary's county maryland. let's hear about the yellow line troubles. >> delays because of a malfunction at huntington. we have those slow downs as well. powder mill road. ramps to northbound 95 there. the ramps from powder mill to northbound 95 are shut down because of the paving project there. that should be wrapped up in just a little 355 at hubbard. lanes blocked because they took down wires. we'll look at travel times coming up in ten minutes. >> 5:32. the final stretch to election day is a battle for votes in the crucial battleground states. hillary clinton is holding three events in florida. she is also getting help from president obama in ohio. donald trump is focusing on pennsylvania and wisconsin today. news4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on this.
5:33 am
week? >> as they run the final ads, too, her message, aaron; that she is the safer candidate, the smarter candidate, the more experienced candidate, but also dealing with these fbi allegations as they take a look into the close aid huma abedin's e-mails. she said go ahead, she has been cleared. she thinks others will be cleared as well. the question is how >> tracie, we know donald trump will be talking about the affordable care act in pennsylvania today. it is this an issue that his campaign thinks will help them in the final week of campaigning? >> certainly they're trying to energize their base and perhaps even draw other voters by jumping on the government report that says premiums are going up again in january, so higher premiums tied to obama care, they're trying to tie that also to hillary clinton and we'll see that with mike pence and donald trump today in pennsylvania. >> tracie potts on the hill for
5:34 am
conducting a preliminary inquiry into donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort. they're looking at his foreign business connections. we'll have more on that inquiry at 6:00. a reminder about a special forum we're hosting for millennial voters called vote your power. i'll moderate the conversation here. it starts at 7:00 tonight at lisner auditorium. admission is free but you have to rsvp in fire investigators are working to determine what caused a capitol heights home to go up in flames. it happened last night on the 700 block of birch leaf avenue north of seat pleasant drive. the prince george's county fire department says no one was hurt in the fire. they posted a future pictures on twitter showing other angles of the damage to the house. the trial of a former school volunteer accused of creating pornographic videos of students
5:35 am
deonte carraway's trial was supposed to started. he faces 250 charges. prosecutors say his victims were as young as 9 years old and we're referencing the state trial. prosecutors hope to show a pattern of criminal behavior by bill cosby. they will call 13 accusers who say cosby drugged and molested them over five decades. the women's memories are tainted and attorneys. he is charged with drugging and molesting a former temple university employee. opening today, the start of open enrollment. they have until january 31st to sign up for healthcare coverage. in order to get coverage to take effect by the new year, you must sign up by december 15th. there are 20 private health insurance options. d.c. health link will be at locations today to help look for
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washington app. in news 4 your health now, after a decade of decline, the premature birthrate has gone up. the march of dimes reports the increase was very small but it meant 2,000 more babies were born too early. the news comes out of the premature card report for the year which gave the u.s. a grade of c. virginia got a b. d.c. and maryland received a c grade. the kids will want to bundle take a look at temperatures around here. by the time they come home this afternoon, they may be asking you to wear shorts. >> say it ain't snow! how something called the polar vortex could make winter even longer. >> and a heads up before you pack your kids lunch this morning, the recall for a product a lot of parents
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons.
5:39 am
he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. coming up on 5:40 now on this tuesday morning, a cool tuesday morning. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell here now with current temperatures. do i see 40s, chuck?
5:40 am
george and martha's house. 41, chilly degrees in fredrick maryland this morning. you need your warm coat this morning for sure. leave the umbrella and sunglasses at home. jeans and sweatshirts, kids going out to the bus stops this morning. 49 tomorrow, 47 at 8:00. up to 60 degrees by 3:00 p.m. brand new problem on 70 map. we're seeing slow downs as you're headed eastbound there on 70. in rockville, 355 at hubbard drive. lanes blocked in both directions. truck took down some wires. should be out of here soon. looking at travel times. 270 looking good. top of the bell way, no big problems, that is always good. on 66 from fairfax county parkway, rolling along just fine and 95 north quantico to the
5:41 am
it started as what sounds like a fender bender but turned into much more. the search for an accused rapist under way in northern virginia. >> we're also getting new information into the newsroom about the massive pipeline explosion in alabama. the deaths we're now learning about. >> orlando police release the 911 calls from the pulse nightclub shooting.
5:42 am
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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if you're in the other room, come look at your tv screen. the man in this sketch is behind a shocking crime in northern virginia. the two hour sex assault and the unusual way he encountered his victims. >> new details about a possible abduction was caught on security cameras. what police are telling us about
5:45 am
i'm angie goff here at the live desk with this tragic story developing this morning near jackson mississippi where two children and one adult are dead after a halloween hay ride accident. police telling us that a jeep was pulling a trailer when it was rear ended by a truck. almost a dozen more people were hurt. some were treated in the hospital. the cause of the accident is still under investigation this morning. eun? >> thank you, angie. it is new this morning, one person is dead and several others are injured after a gas explosion in alabama. take a look. this happened monday when a machine used to remove dirt hit a pipeline, ignited gasoline and caused an explosion. officials shut down the pipeline for the second time in two months. it supplies gas to millions of people. the shut down is now raising fears of gas shortages and price increases. 911 calls from the orlando nightclub shooter are now
5:46 am
involving omar mateen on the night he killed 49 people. it the is first time we're hearing his voice. >> i want to let you know i'm in orlando and i did the shooting. i pledge my a leaguus -- allegiance. >> he made commands to a crisis negotiator before s.w.a.t. teams entered the club. >> tell me where you are right >> no. because you have to tep america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people. >> mateen was later killed by police. a judge is still deciding whether 200 other phone calls from that night should be released. attorneys say they will cause distress. develop inning stafford county, a car crash turns into a morning of terror for a woman in
5:47 am
this happened along kingshighway near sherwood forest farm road. molette green is live with who sheriffs are searching for right now. molette? >> reporter: eun, good morning, this story is very disturbing and so the stafford county sheriff's department really is reaching out to the public for help to be able to solve this. they're asking the public to take a good look at the composite sketch that they have of the suspect. might be able to identify this man. take a good look at your tv right now. this is the person that they are looking for and there is not a very distinctive description to go on. the victim described the suspect as speaking mostly spanish with some broken english. that is all that we have tell you in terms of characteristics
5:48 am
kings highway and sherwood forest farm road. this happened in the middle of the night. it was dark between 2:45 and 3:15 in the morning. it was dark at the time, obviously. and there is not a lot in the area in the way of buildings. the sheriff's office says a man forcibly removed the woman from her after she was rear ended on this road. the attack happened over a two hour period. so anyone with information about this, please call the stafford county sheriff's department immediately. back to you. >> molette, thank you. 5:48 right now. a martial arts instructor facing sexual battery charges. he is accused of inappropriate contact with a six-year-old girl. fairfax police officers arrested
5:49 am
by example martial arts studio in spring feed. he is also an instructor at the montessori school. he also coached soccer. there could be more victims here. they're asking anyone with information to give them a call. trespassing charges have been dropped against a loudoun county school board member who was arrested at a donald trump rally. joy maloney faced calls to resign stepped out of line for an interview. county attorneys say deputies did not have the authority to kick her off campus. a fairfax county judge will set a date for the murder trial of a county parks employee accused of stabbing a wedding caterer back in august. a cell phone video is likely the key piece of evidence for the defense.
5:50 am
[ inaudible ] . leave her alone it is her wedding night. >> to hear what happened at the end of their loved ones life was very hurtful, very painful, and some people did have to leave. some people did not want to even put themselves in that position to feel that hurt. >> 19-year-old kemp ton bonds is accused of killing jones by using a folded pocket knife. bonds attorneys say it was in self defense. it was not murder, they courtroom, jurors will hear closing arguments in a defamation lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. the case involves a university of virginia former associate dean nicole aramo. she didn't like how she was portrayed in an article about a rape on the fraternity. she wants seven and a half million dollars. in decision 2016, today is
5:51 am
be mailed to them. you have until 5:00 p.m. to make the request. visit the local voter registration office or head to the department of elections citizens portal at vote, virginia point gov. you have to send it in by 7:00 p.m. on election day. the white house is taking steps for a social media transition for the next administration. president obama will hand over his official they will move to the new handle potus 44. similar changes will take place with the president's facebook and instagram accounts as well as the first lady's and joe biden's accounts. get ready for a long winter. >> no! i don't want to. >> this is the expectation from some about a longer winter season in the eastern parts of
5:52 am
nature climate change. it found the polar vortex is shifting because ice is melting in the arctic. that means cold air is able to escape into our area bringing bitter cold temperatures that dip in the jet stream. it tends to happen during the month of march. plan vacations accordingly did i sound like meteorologist? >> plan vacations accordingly. absolutely right. but there is a whole lot of whole is getting warm, that doesn't not mean that we can forget about cold periods or cold stretches. yes, indeed, that may mean us. we've had a couple of cold, snowy marchs around here the last three or four years. there is something to that. for us, we finished up another warm and very dry month for the entire month. october was three and a half degrees warmer than average. it was our second warmest
5:53 am
it was dry, too. less than an inch of rain. two and a half less inches rain than average. skies are partly to at times mostly cloudy. these clouds will be with us for most of the day today. 40s for now, up to around 60 for highs today. with the cloud cover around, probably isn't going to feel as nice as it did yesterday with the sunshine. not much, if anything in the way of a rain chance. here it is on satellite and radar. you can see the increasing clouds. a couple of lonely showers across parts of ra high resolution computer model continues to bring the clouds into the washington area but any tiny chances for rain today can find way to our west and south. you can leave the umbrella at home today. afternoon highs struggling only to get around 60 degrees but southerly winds bringing the clouds in today bring a big time warm up for tomorrow. tomorrow, temperatures will go back up into the 70s and check out your ten day forecast.
5:54 am
that does come with a pretty good chance of rain thursday afternoon and evening. turning breezy and cooler on friday and i'm optimistic that your weekend we move the clocks back one hour will be sunny, cool, and dry. a break down of today hour by hour coming up in a few more minutes. melissa mollet tracking trouble on shady grove road. >> eastbound shady grove road as you're approaching 370. that is the exit for 370. we have a dlash involving a ups truck which is hard to see there in the dark but you can see the two right l you're headed eastbound. difficult to get on to 270. car versus deer in the right lane. seeing some slow downs there. 355 at hubbard drive. still have some lanes blocked because of the downed wire. delays to fort totten right now on the red line. gl. >> thanks melissa. today we expect to get more information about a nationwide manhunt that ended with a suspect's death. michael vance was killed in a shoot out sunday night after
5:55 am
the oklahoma highway patrol says that vance live streamed his get away after killing two people and shooting two others. dash cam video of the shoot out and chase is expected to be released. new questions are raised after the latest batch of surveillance videos from a walmart in wood bridge. prince william county shows a group of men putting a person into the trunk of a car and driving off. later surveillance video shows the alleged victim actually group five minutes later. call police if you know anything about this. they still want to talk to these folks. for the first time, we're hearing from the sons of a woman who disappeared without a trace six years ago. unique harris hasn't been seen since she tucked them into bed on october 10th, 2010. they had just moved into a southeast d.c. apartment a few weeks before. harris had never been in trouble before. her family is certain she was kidnapped.
5:56 am
night and everything would be okay. i just pray that she will come back and she will be in one piece. >> harris' family often returns to the neighborhood to hand out flyers. they believe someone knows something about what happened to her. a go fund me page has been set-up to pay for her son's education. take a second look at the treat in the kids lunch boxes. oreo is recalling two flavors. fudge cream mint cookies in 11 ounce packages. the fda says they may contain milk which is not a listed ingredient. one person has had arn allergic reaction. search oreo on the nbc washington app to find out how to get a refund. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. wells fargo is paying $50 million to settle a lawsuit
5:57 am
customers were not aware because the higher fees were listed on the statements as other charges. banks can't charge people for appraisals. they charged up to $150 while a standard appraisal is 50 bucks or less. i'm landon dowdy. breaking news this morning in prince george's county, a homicide in chillum, one man is dead. >> a car assault. this morning, stafford county police are desperate for answers. >> a warning about a popular app your kids probably use. how it turned deadly for one family. >> first, clinton now trump, the latest fbi inquiry just one week out from election day. >>. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and forget spanish or french. the first and only public school
5:59 am
that breaking news, a deadly shooting in prince george's county. gunman is on the run after a man was killed outside a home in chillum. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. that is one of the several
6:00 am
minute. the minute you're up. more from chuck bell. melissa mollet and angie goff. let's start with kristin wright and the breaking news in chillum. kristin? >> reporter: people here are waking up to news of a homicide in their neighborhood. this is where the victim was found, in the front yard of this home. you can see one of the crime scene investigators with a flashlight over there looking around for evidence. look over here, you see all of the flashing lights here. police vans, other investigators what happened. right now, a gunman still on the loose. now, this happened, we want to show you exactly where we are. we're in chillum. prince george's county, we're on 20th avenue just off of am hurst road if you know where this is. this is a residential area, quiet right now except for large police presence in the middle of this neighborhood. the shooting happened just before 1:00.


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