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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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it's the final push to the finish. hello i'm pat lawson mewes. >> both candidates are pouring all their energy into a handful of key battleground states. >> here are 4 things to know at 4:00 p.m. president obama and joe biden are both campaigning for hillary clinton. these are live pictures. the president is trying to court voters in chapel hill, north carolina. the vice president in palm beach both considered key swing states. >> mrs. clinton spent the morning in florida shaking hands outside an early voting site. she'll campaign in las vegas and phoenix. meanwhile republican donald trump has three rallies planned for florida today showing just how important that state is. it is important to mrs. clinton. it is essential to trump's chances. just a few hours ago he was also speaking in miami. you are looking at a live look at orlando.
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battleground map that suggests the race is tightening. it shows clinton with 274 electoral votes, more than 270 needed to win. her number is down from last month. trump's electoral vote total is now 180. 84 electoral votes is in the toss-up column meaning it could go either way. and that makes voter turnout critical in the race. for the clinton camn early voters aren't turning out in the numbers democrats hoped. >> steve handelsman live with more. >> president obama got african-americans out to vote in record numbers twice. he's out today to try to help his rival from 2008 get the number up now.
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state that joe biden said would beat donald trump. >> you guys win florida it's done over. there is no path. >> reporter: this was broward county, florida. enthusiasm for kroint among african-americans but black voter turnout is down. in florida where 4 million people early voted and black turnout is down more in swing state north carolina. compared to the records set when president obama ran. to be expected, says radio host roland martin. >> candidate and not african-american. >> reporter: a huge line-up in chapel hill to see president obama try to motivate better turn out. in florida young african-americans showed up to back trump. >> i love that sign "blacks for trump". >> reporter: trump is demonizing clinton and washington to drive his turnout up and clinton's down. >> you can beat the system.
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>> reporter: a new gop ad targets african-americans. >> we are asking for your vote. vote republican. >> reporter: in a contest that could hinge -- >> are you for donald trump? >> reporter: on whose voters show up. new cnn polls out today give trump the lead in nevada and arizona. clinton the lead in pennsylvania and florida in this close and changeable race. i'm steve handelsma feds at your polling location. on election day federal prosecutors and fbi agents will be on duty to respond to voter fraud and intimidation in areas including northern virginia, hampton roads and richmond. federal law prohibits voter fraud such as intimidating or bribing voters, buying and
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voters. >> developing now the nicu at the prince georges hospital center has been shut down again after two infants tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria. this is the same nicu closed for two months not long ago. prince georges county bureau chief tracy wilkins is live at the hospital. what should people make of this? >> reporter: we are trying to figure this out. we do know if there are parents who believe they may have an at-risk pregnancy and th should not bring them to prince georges hospital center until this is straightened out. we learned today two babies tested positive. so once again the prince georges hospital center decided to shut down the nicu. those babies tested positive for a possibly deadly bacteria for babies. especially babies with weakened immune systems. today we watched as an ambulance from children's national medical center transported the last of
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hospital center nicu. hospital spokesman say they began transporting babies this morning just after 8:00 a.m. this, again, after two babies tested positive. this happened in august. two babies died and we are told they tested positive for that bacteria. we were never made clear exactly what it was that killed the two babies. we know at that point they transported nine babies out of the that was back in august. and they didn't re-open it again until october 4. prince georges medical center hospital spokesman saying at this time there is no environmental indication or defined cause for the latest bacteria presence. out of an abundance of caution pghc made the decision to temporarily close the nicu. last time we know they believe what caused the bacteria had
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they don't believe it is the water source this time. coming up we talked with a parent saying she doesn't believe nicu should have been re-opened. reporting live in cheverly, back to you. >> thank you. so what to make of the specific bacteria? according to the centers for disease control pseudomonas is found widely in the environment. the serious infections usually occur in hospital due to improper hygiene and contaminated equipment. >> people living in the flower
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after a gas explosion killed seven people. dozens of families lost everything. the lawsuit claims the smell of gas was reported a number of times before the explosion back in august. nothing was done about it. news 4's chris gordon is in silver springs now with the report. >> a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of victims of the explosion and fire here at the silver spring apartment complex in august. the suit is against the management company that runs the today is immigration advocacy group casa gathered victims at the corporate headquarters of washington gas. they are suing, alleging that negligence led to the natural gas leak in a meter room that caused the explosion. seven people died. 30 or more were taken for treatment in area hospitals. >> we are asking for justice, damages, safety reforms at
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management. >> ahead we'll hear from victims who say they have lost everything. why they think this lawsuit will bring them justice. coming up at 5:00. back to you. >> for millions of us the small window of time to pick health insurance has just opened and needless to say, that can be confusing. we are working for you with four things to know going into open enrollment. >> just weeks from now millions of people will thanksgiving. now we know which days you should avoid being on the road. >> our temperatures continue to warm. most of us get there. there is a chance for storms.
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bill cosbycosby's eyesight e topic of conversation. he's in court for the second day of a pretrial hearing involving his lawyers said his eyesight deteriorated to the point where he can no longer help with his defense. he can no longer do things like identify accusers in photographs. the defense is trying to have the course thrown out. cosby is scheduled for charges of drugging and molesting an employee at his home in 2004. he said the encounter was
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a school bus and commuter crash in baltimore. six people were killed. police say there is no evidence the school bus driver hit the brakes before he slammed into a cemetery wall and collided with the mta bus. glen chapel died. the only other person on the school bus, an aide, had minor injuries. the driver of the computer bus was killed along with four passengers and ten other people were also hurt. a spokesperson for the state motor vehicle administration inspected as early as august and the only defect found was a ripped seat. >> schools across the area say they have a problem on their hands. >> why they say there is an imbalancwhen it comes toe vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons.
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he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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first at 4 local school districts have a staffing problem on their >> they are at risk of running short on male teachers. a new report from the state department of education shows seven of every eight teachers hired in maryland last year were women. scott mac far land has the story. >> reporter: this problem just flagged in a new memo given to state board of education members in maryland citing a critical shortage of male teachers saying it's especially egregious in
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this is true in every maryland jurisdiction including prince georges, montgomery and frederick counties. those districts say they are aware of the problem and have been trying to address it. >> it is imperative they have the connection between a male teacher or male support staff member so they can make those kind of connections and have those conversations they need to have in order to be able to grow socially and >> 7,000 of the teachers were women. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00 what prince georges, virginia school districts are doing to solve the problem and the other hiring issue schools are facing. for now in urbana scott mac farland, news 4. >> american businesses are doing a better job hiring veterans. they need to do more to help them make a successful transition to civil employment. that's the key finding of a new
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researchers surveyed veterans and 400 human research professionals. they found american businesses rank veteran recruiting as a top three priority. 70% of employers provide special assistance to newly hired vets during the orientation process. only 20% provide training to help civilian employees relate to veterans. hiring our heroes says that lack of training turnover for vets. >> we have to help our workers and civilians in the work force understand to the work force. >> another of the findings is an apparent gender gap. 60% of men got a job within six months of leaving for the
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the chamber of commerce hiring our heroes initiative. >> i feel my thermostat was run ragged. i have the a.c. on, switched to heat and back to a.c. again. >> we don't know what to do. we love this. >> you're loving the nice warm temperatures. we have rain, too. take a look at what's happening outside now. beautiful conditions. it's very nice for this time of year, extremely warm. blue skies with sunshine, high clouds. temperature now 73 degrees. winds from the south around the rest of the area. areas to the west would be 81 in winchester. 64 now along the bay and annapolis. 66 now toward the river.
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here is your hour by hour starting around 5:00. this is for areas around leesburg and ash burn. still the average high temperature this time of year is 63. it will be above that. as far as the radar is concerned no rain now. look at what's happening. we have showers, thunderstorm activities back warm. behind the front look at the temperatures. nice and warm here. chicago only 65. it's 84 in nashville. we'll get the warmth here across the region. starting off on a dry note. take the umbrella. by noon we start to see more clouds. we are nice and warm. here comes the showers. notice by 3:00 most areas having shower activity.
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could be down to a rumble of thunder as well. still seeing shower activity. it moves down to the south by 8:00. we'll see a good chance for the afternoon rush to be on the wet side. we have tomorrow's impact at a moderate level. we'll see a chance for the umbrella. for sure take the umbrella and behind the rain it gets cooler and breezy late. we'll see a chance. high temperature tomorrow, still warm. 79 degrees. again, sun to start but the showers developing. next couple of days 60 on friday. breezy. friday will be cool. starting off saturday a cool start with a high of 61. 64 on sunday as daylight savings time comes to an end. next week looking good. election day now close to 70 with sunshine. guys? >> all right.
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year people look forward to. picking your health insurance plans for the next year can be daunting. it can be confusing. we have four tips to make sure you are covered. >> the pieces are coming together as we get closer to a holiday tradition. we have the just released details about the thanksgiving parade. >> tomorrow on news 4 today learning rocket science in high school? >> i want to be an aerospace engineer. >> check out the class giving teens a chance to shoot
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breaking news now. chopper 4 is live over watkins mill montgomery village. someone used pepper spray on a bus. more than 50 kids were on board at the time but it doesn't sound like anyone was seriously injured. we'll let you know updates on news 4. >> it's become an annual dreaded task for many of you it's open enrollment season. the time to take a look at your insurance policy. in news4 your health tips to
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dr. jackie, you say up to a third of us are insurance illiterate meaning people don't know how their policy works. you also say don't depend on the doctor to tell you. >> that's right. >> they don't know the words. copayment, coinsurance. imagine if you were flying and somebody was in the tsa line and they didn't know what they needed to do to get through the it backs people up. same thing in doctors' offices. it is not the place to learn how your insurance works. >> is it because there are so many plans that doctors can't be reasonably expected to know all that? >> each plan is different from each company. you've got to learn before you come to us. >> know your own. tip two, you say know your network. most of us want our own doctors, of course. whether or not they are in the network.
4:26 pm
>> you need to know your laboratory, hospital. if you go out of the network you will pay much more. realize that just because a primary care doctor may refer you to a specialist they may not be in your network. >> what's frustrating is the doctor you use and like could be in your plan today and out of your plan tomorrow. >> right. what happened here is we get contracts, too. we can get dropped. another great analogy is pretend you are following a sports team. conference or love the player and the team they are on. what happens when they get traded? same thing for doctors. there are reasons why the insurance company drops the doctor or the doctor can't continue to take the insurance. that's the way it goes. >> tip three, know what's covered and pay special attention to what's free. >> there are things free. we have a list of them. there are things like mammograms for breast cancer, colon cancer,
4:27 pm
every one is different whether you can get screened for diabetes, a flu vaccine, how often you can get the tetanus. when you can be screened for heart disease at what age. that's what you want to know. >> know your formulary. this is important and frustrating. insurance companies are dropping drug coverage every day. >> you get letters from your insurance company that says we are no longer to keep charge of this. realize some medications you may get you have to get in a different way -- at the 90-day pharmacy, not at the local pharmacy. you can get the medicine but how much will you pay for it? how much will be covered? you may have to pay for the whole thing. that's very expensive. >> you have to know the pharmacist. >> that's your friend. you want to work with them on specific questions. one would be is there a lower
4:28 pm
whether it is generic medication or whether the liquid is expensive but chewable tablets are less. or maybe there is one antibiotic better covered than another. don't come back to the doctors asking for a prior authorization. i can tell you nine out of ten times it never goes through. sit there and work with the pharmacist. >> that's a lot to ingest. >> it's frustrating. you have to get it done. >> thank you. chris? >> thanks, guys. a local woman is about to share her incredible story country. how she took a life-changing step after hearing a steve harvey speech. it's probably one of the area's most recognizable gas stations. but its days are numbered.
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we are following the day's big stories for you first at 4:00. i'm chris lawrence. >> here's what's happening now at 4:30. the ne unit at prince georges hospital center shut down again for the second time in a few months two babies tested positive for pseudomonas bacteria. >> police identified all but one of six people killed tuesday when two buses collided in baltimore. investigators say there is no indication the school bus driver hit the brakes before he slammed into a cemetery wall and a bus.
4:32 pm
ago in orlando. his running mate mike pence is also out west taking part in this campaign event in new mexico. pence heads to colorado later tonight. vice president joe biden also in florida just wrapping up a rally for hillary clinton in palm beach gardens. president obama is campaigning for clinton in north carolina. election day is now six days
4:33 pm
>> if hillary clinton wins the white house tim kaine's senate seat will be up for grabs. at least one long-time congressman is eyeing it. a lot of supporters say bobby scott is an obvious choice. he's a party elder having served in virginia's general assembly since the 19 70s and in congress more than 20 years. he served the richmond and hampton roads areas. he's the first black congressman since reconstruction and would be virginia's first black governor mcauliff gets to appointment the replacement but that person has to win election on their own next year to keep the seat. >> now in d.c., the father of a 3-year-old boy who took a loaded gun to school is in court. >> that's right. police arrested the preschooler's father after a security guard discovered the weapon in his son's backpack yesterday. news4 talked with concerned parents. >> reporter: parents bringing
4:34 pm
are woried for many reasons. one, this could have been a real tragedy. >> upon students' arrival, a weapon was discovered in a book bag and immediately confiscated and turned over to the police. the school was never in immediate danger. >> reporter: sad, scared, she reads a letter from the principal telling parents that a gun was found in a child's backpack at moten elementary in southeast d.c. >> reporter: what has parents in disbelief is the student who had the gun is in preschool, 3 years old. >> it scares me. really, it does. >> reporter: police say a security guard found the loaded pistol. this mother keeps thinking of her children and that 3-year-old. and what if? >> wouldn't be able to cope with something happening to them. >> reporter: the 3-year-old's father, anthony childs, was arrested. he was charged with reckless endangerment of a child and
4:35 pm
in southeast d.c., kristen wright, news4. all right. we want to take you to breaking news now in montgomery county. chopper 4 live over a school bus. students are being reunited with their families in the parking lot in montgomery village. we are told paramedics are there on the scene. you can see the ambulance the kids were on the bus when it happened. no one was seriously injured. we are going to check back on this. new pictures there of the paramedics and police officers. of course some kids being reunited with families. we'll update the story on news 4 and also pushing updates on the nbc washington app. the mayor gave the first
4:36 pm
dignity bill. there was a veto proof 11-2 vote. final tally is set for later this year. another vote the mayor could sign, veto the bill or allow it to become law without her signature. >> overwhelming vote at the council. death with dignity will be law. i will not issue a veto. >> so it could be law without your signature? >> i'm going to see what the council does wit finally. >> the bill woul residents with less than six months to live to request lethal medication from doctors. tonight mary chea will talk about the options people have. she'll speak at the guy mason rec center on call vertical street northwest. >> a woman from d.c. will be on the steve harvey show tomorrow as part of jump week. harvey has a new book called "jump" with tips on making a
4:37 pm
abundance. india lives in d.c. and told steve she stumbled upon the video of his jump speech while she was having a bad day at work. it inspired her to give two weeks' notice and pursue her dreams. >> so for the past two weeks i have been been unemployed. i'm really determined to do whatever it takes to pursue my dream of creative writing and screenwriting, but i don't know where to start. i jumped without having a backup plan. it's your fault. >> love that line. something tells me steve will have something to say about that. tune in tomorrow. >> many police officers are striving to be a cut above their
4:38 pm
no shave november to donate money for zero which seeks to end prostate cancer. they let their hair then grow back out. you can join the effort by donating as well. so far the campaign raised thousands of dollars. well, it is a sure sign that the holidays are right around the corner. >> we are just getting new details about a tradition in washington. when one of the city's most popular trees will light up the season. >> mild day with temperatures in the 70s. warmer tomorrow. there is rain in the forecast. the latest timing and how this impacts weekendlans coming up
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there is new evidence that children gain weight faster over the summer. a study published today in the obesity journal says summer vacation is the danger zone for childhood obesity. researchers say it doesn't appear that schools are to fighting childhood obesity centers on schools from cafeteria lunches to physical education to the snacks in the vending machines. we have posted a link to the study on the nbc washington app. search kids and obesity. >> there is a new app designed to save you time and make it easier than ever to see your doctor for minor conditions without leaving the house. it is called med star e-visit. you can dial up the doctor and
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diagnosis for simple problems like the flu, pink eye, even skin conditions. skin infections. you don't have to be a patient in the medstar health system to use this app. it costs $50. insurance plans will cover doctor visits differently. there may be co-pays. to learn more go to the nbc washington app and search e-visits. >> first at 4:00 the u.s. capitol christmas tree is headed cut it down. it's an 80-foot engleman spruce. they cut it down in idaho earlier today. it will stop in communities along the 2000-mile journey to washington. it is scheduled to arrive at the capitol november 28. speaker of the house paul ryan will light the tree during a ceremony on the west front lawn december 6. >> that tree is a sure indication that before we know it we are going to be in the
4:43 pm
susan hogan tells us why this year could be one for the record books and which days you should avoid traveling. >> it's been a fixture in georgetown for decades but it is going away. what's going in its place and
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett >> announcer: you're watching news 4 at 4:00.
4:46 pm
more than 26 million people have already cast their votes for president but time is running out in the area to cast your vote before next tuesday. >> maryland early voting ends tomorrow while folks in the district can cast their ballots through friday. west virginia is open for early voting until saturday. while virginia doesn't allow early voting in person absentee voting is going on now. that also runs through saturday. >> you probably don't think of a gas station as being iconic. but t i familiar with this gas station. it's the key bridge exxon in georgetown. >> i pass it every day coming to and from work. now it's all set to go away. it's been sold and the construction on new condos is set for next year. >> transportation reporter adam tuss has a look at the impact of the new building.
4:47 pm
you have probably driven here. a new condo building is going on the footprint in georgetown along m street where it hits the key bridge. a lot of people, if you can believe it, are upset that they are losing their favorite gas station. take a listen. >> in the georgetown area it's convenient for us. >> i will be disappointed about losing my favorite gas station, the only one i can stop by on the way out of town. >> reporter: it's a lot more than just a building that goes along with the story. will more people in georgetown stress the already crawling road network here? we have that part of the story for you coming up on news 4 tonight. back to you. >> all right. get ready for a crowd at thanksgiving. air travel could hit record highs. if you haven't booked a flight yet don't say you haven't been warned. >> consumer reporter joins us with how to keep your budget and
4:48 pm
to get through the security lines at airports. a new report. 27.3 million people will fly november 18 through november 29. that equates to three million people every day up 2.5% from last year. if you are planning on traveling you may want to avoid the sunday after thanksgiving which is expected to be the for air travel. if you want more elbow room the best day to travel unfortunately is thanksgiving. airlines are adding capacity to accommodate the increased demand which, by the way, is being credited to low airfares. the most recent data is from the u.s. department of transportation. it says the average domestic airfare is about $352. that's the lowest price round trip since 2011. that's good news. but still, flying on thanksgiving, if you leave early that's not a bad idea.
4:49 pm
especially if the flight is only an hour or two. you're there before everything gets started. >> tuesday night before thanksgiving also isn't a bad time to fly. it's a little bit cheaper. >> all right. >> great advice. thanks. >> way to save money. can you believe it? the macy's thanksgiving parade is marking 90 years of floats, parades and performances. more than 3 million people are expected to line the streets of manhattan this year, november 24. you can watch the parade right here on news the "today" show hosts matt lauer, savannah guthrie and al roker will emcee the show. there will be a star studded line-up. including de la soul, tony bennett and athletes from team usa will be there. >> i'm grad we are not wearing t-shirts and shorts. the parade won't be the same. >> i love how halloween was on
4:50 pm
>> moving on, wasting no time. it feels like nice summer weather feeling more summery. >> 70s today. near 80 tomorrow. fall returns in true style friday into the weekend. that cold air spills back into the area tomorrow night. tomorrow is a day you want the umbrella handy. rain is going to impact us between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. it won't be raining the whole time. keep that in mind budget extra time to get home tomorrow night. rain tomorrow mainly between 2:00 and 8:00. tomorrow's rain with the cold front sets us up for a crisp and pleasant autumn weekend. next week, 60s and dry. we could certainly use the rain. there isn't a lot in the forecast even with tomorrow's rain. right now 73 degrees. it's spectacular out there. take the dog for a walk. all you need is a light jacket.
4:51 pm
thermostat a rest. windows open kind of weather overnight tonight. as we look at tomorrow. want to time out the rain chances. this is future weather. starting you around lunchtime. it's spectacular outside. as we move into the afternoon hour, right around 2:00. we are already starting to see rain in louden, montgomery, frederick, howard counties up around the baltimore metro area. 5:00 p.m., you are coming home dealing with rain in 8:00 p.m., temperatures start to cool quickly. 7:00 a.m. were mild. 61. lunch outdoors. showers around 2:00 or 3:00. they start to wind down around 7:00 or 8:00. we are in the 60s and then it's chilly for friday and the weekend. still pretty nice. exercise tomorrow. go for the morning or midday
4:52 pm
daylight savings time comes to an end. personal information stored on smartphones. it will be up to individual yurss to let uber look at their calendar and address books. it could take a few weeks before every use gets the update. >> honda has to do more to make sure thousands of cars with faulty air bags are repaired. that word from the head of the
4:53 pm
about hiring private investigators to track down owners. they have discussed having service trucks go into neighborhoods to make the repairs. only a fraction of the 300,000 vehicles with those air bags so far have been fixed. air bags on older model hondas and acuras can rupture sending shrapnel flying at that time driver. this video is getting attention on social media. >> an alleged a good one. he didn't do a good job covering his tracks. >> this guy is a goofball. i can't believe it. well, i can. they're dumb. >> maybe you will come to the same conclusion. albuquerque police say a man spent his tuesday doing a little shoplifting. they say he stole a necklace, but wait until you hear what he left behind. >> we didn't have to call in columbo. he left his name and business
4:54 pm
>> oh, young love. police looked up his facebook page. investigators found posts about how he follows the speed limit while looking at stores to raid because his license was suspended. >> guess he got distracted. a deadly ambush, intense search and an ending that some say was surprising. who the suspect approached that led to the end of a huge manhunt. >> you're watching news 4 first
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a woman from pennsylvania trying to escape the police is in hot water. actually that water was pretty darn cold. investigators say she crashed her car, then jumped in the ohio river in an effort to get away from cops. she was in the frigid water for 45 minutes before a tug boat came along to rescue her. when you look at the video it pull her on board. she was taken to the hospital, treated for hypothermia. now she's expected to face criminal charges. >> we are tracking developments in iowa after two police officers were ambushed and
4:58 pm
more than nine hours on the run. >> it's a sense of relief not just for us. >> reporter: two offers were killed over the night. they were both sitting in squad cars when investigators say shooting. firing more than a dozen rounds. >> there definitely wasn't an opportunity to defend themselves or respond to the attack sprks investigators say they don't have evidence that points to a motive. law enforcement forces tell nbc news green has a history of problems and mental issues and was in dire straits. his criminal record includes charges of assault, interference with acts and harassment.
4:59 pm
jay gray, nbc news. this is chris gordon. a class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of the victims of the explosion and fire here at this silver spring apartment building in august. coming up what they hope to achieve by going to court. >> coming up on news 4 what happens inside the d.c. jail at election time that doesn't happen at most jails across the >> announcer: news4 at 5:00 starts now. our top story this afternoon, more problems at the prince georges county hospital center. good evening. i'm wendy reeker. >> for the second time in the last three months the youngest most vulnerable patients at the hospital are being forced to move because of a health hazard. >> this after two babies inside the nicu at the hospital center tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria.
5:00 pm
long ago for the same reason. >> traceee wilkins has the details. >> reporter: last time they said it looked like the source of the bacteria was water inside the hospital in the nicu. now they say they don't know where it's coming from. today we watched an ambulance from children's national medical center transport the last of five babies being nicu. hospital spokesmen say they began transporting babies this morning after 8:00 a.m. this after two newborns tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria for infants with


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