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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 6, 2016 10:30am-11:30am EST

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this sunday, the final days before the election. and a mad scramble by both candidates. hillary clinton targeting her check mate states. >> tonight, i want to hear you roar. >> donald trump, still searching for >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> we'll get the latest from our correspondents on the campaign trail. i will talk to former speaker of the house newt gingrich. and the chairman of the clinton campaign, john podesta. plus, where the race stands this morning, the results from our final nbc news/wall street journal election poll. inside analysis from the
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senate. >> would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> absolutely. >> has turned his back on us. >> we will break down the key battles state by state and the last minute fight for control. joining me for this last "meet the press" before the ee lebs are nbc news special correspondent tom brokaw, republican strategist nicolle wallace, chris matthews, savannah g belart. this is it. welcome to sunday, and a special edition of "meet the press." >> from new york, this is a special edition of "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday morning from election headquarters, right here at 30 rock in new york city. in two days, we're going to have an election that peter heart says was never about hope.
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world and a changing america. and fear on the other side about donald trump. we have a lot to cover. we will get right to it. here it is, our final brand-new nbc news/wall street journal poll out this morning. we have a tightening race. hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points in the four-way matchup. 44 to 40. that's a big change from last month's poll which had clinton leading by double digits, 11. that poll, of course, taken before the james comey announcement. last night in reno, nevada, trump was rushed off stage when someone in the crowd shouted gun. there was no gun. trump did return to finish that speech. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. i want to thank the secret service. these guys are fantastic.
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a concert in philadelphia. >> you ready to rock for hillary? >> when your kids and grandkids ask you what you did in 2016 when it was all on the line, i want you to be able to say, i voted for a better, fairer, stronger america where everybody has a chance at the american dream. >> this weekend, the two campaigns are taking today, hillary clinton and tim kaine are targeting a number of states in an attempt to try to check mate trump. michigan, not yet lit up on our board, is suddenly in play. tomorrow clinton and president obama and bill clinton are all going to be saturating that suddenly into the battleground state. donald trump and mike pence have no clear path. they are throwing spaghetti at the wall, trying to find some combination of new states, like
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of course, they still have to win the traditional battleground states, florida, ohio and north carolina and find a couple of blue states to flip. iowa looks good. is it michigan? we have correspondents all over the campaign trail. we will begin in philadelphia where hillary clinton will be waking up this morning. that's where we find our kristin welker. philadelphia, what's this about? >> reporter: chuck, pennsylvania is a part of secretary clinton's firewall. rd to win the white house, she has to get large margins of african-american voters in urban areas like right here in philadelphia. that was on display during that katy perry concert here last night. clinton has made 16 stops to pennsylvania since the dnc. a lot of those stops aimed at energizing african-american voters. consider this. president obama got 93% of the black vote here in pennsylvania in 2012. clinton doesn't need to match
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numbers. it's in other battlegrounds like north carolina and ohio where she will be joined by lebron james. and to help her make her case, she has a million volunteers stretched all across the country helping to get out the vote. >> there you go. now let's go to wwilmington, north carolina, check in on where donald trump will be with katie tor. >> donald trump is visiting eight states in two days. they are taking a renewed interest in michigan where they say internal polling showed them in a dead heat with hillary clinton. why? they say their jobs message is cutting across all demographics in that state. in order for them to get to 270, they believe michigan is absolutely their best path. if they do win that state, they can afford to lose pennsylvania where hillary clinton is currently polling in the lead.
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to minnesota, a state that president obama won by eight points in 2012. but the campaign does concede that in order to win, they're going to have to find a blue state and turn it red. check? >> katy, thanks very much. now let's go to the swing state, perhaps the most important swing state of them all, florida. it's in orlando that we're going. we like to say on this show, florida, florida, florida. >> reporter: it looks like this year as well. early voting smashing all of records. just over this weekend, the democrats have started outpacing the republicans. big reason, 200,000 more hispanic votes have been cast already this year than in all of 2012. a word of caution for hillary clinton. she's behind where barack obama was in 2012. that's why the president is coming here today, big puerto rican population. he wants to run up the score for her before election day. because on election day,
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democrats. this is the last day of early voting here in florida. including most of the big population centers. make no mistake, chuck, looking like another heart-stopping election day in florida. >> sure does. thanks very much. finally, our final stop on the map this morning, it's actually usually first stop of any presidential candidate, it's in the great primary city of manchester, new hampshire, where we find our own andrea mitchell who has been covering hillary clinton for decades. andrea, what do you got? >> reporter: this is not the way hillary clinton wanted to finish up. her plan to end on a positive note got upended by the fbi letter, forcing her to fight back. for the past week, everywhere we have gone with her, she has been reminding voters of every thing donald trump has said. tomorrow night, the clinton campaign will take two minutes. they are paying for a commercial on nbc primetime and on cbs. they're hoping to reach 20
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inclusive america. they are making it as we speak. it's going to include that stronger america theme. first, of course, tonight she will be in new hampshire where voters famously are late deciders. clinton will be introduced by the gold star father who the campaign says represents the very best of america and president obama coming back here tomorrow. >> thank you. as we march towards election day, we can tell you that as of yesterday, ne we expect the total early vote turnout to be 50 million by tuesday. there are strong indications this weekend the hispanic vote is up sharply in las vegas and along the critical i-4 corridor of florida. that would be very good news for hillary clinton. joining me now is the chairman of the clinton campaign, john podesta. mr. podesta, welcome back to "meet the press." >> good to be with you.
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with african-american turnout. we have seen indications north carolina, georgia, ohio, michigan, that all that turnout among african-americans is down in the early vote. i will put up a north carolina stat here that shows it down almost 6% from the turnout in 2012. why do you think you are having trouble motivating african-american vote? >> well, look, all the way through the primaries, african-america for hillary clinton. we expect that again now. and we're working very hard to make sure that happens. she is campaigning across the country in african-american communities. we have had the president out for us. you know, you are comparing us against the first african-american president running for re-election. we think we can hit those numbers. the president is helping us do that. but we built a different kind of coalition and a bigger coalition.
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hispanic turnout we're seeing in florida, in nevada, where we feel good. obviously, more work to do between now and tuesday. we have had college educated women voting in higher numbers, voting for her in higher numbers. asian americans voting disproportionately. so we're feeling very solid going into this last weekend. but there's a tremendous amount of work to do. >> you brought up the president. i want to play for you a c reverend sharpton about motivating african-american voters to the polls. take a listen. >> michelle and i, we talk own the dinner table, we explain to our daughters, not everything is supposed to be inspiring. sometimes you just do what you have to do. one of the things you gotta do right now is to make sure to vote for hillary clinton. >> it's not a hope and change election. i assume you would like the president to come up with another rational other than not
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tuesday on the ballot in these early votes is what kind of country we're going to be. as a president has crisscrossed the country, he laid that challenge to the voters on the line of what kind of country are we going to be. are we going to build people up? are we going to run a campaign of bigotry or are we going to run a campaign of inclusion and solving our problems and as hillary clinton has proposed? she has done that all her life. that's what the cause of her life has been is to fight for family and children. and that's what we think that voters who are now i think with enthusiasm coming out and voting for her will do. chuck, we have a million volunteers. we did 7 million voter contacts yesterday alone. that's the kind of enthusiasm i think that she's been able to demonstrate. >> what's happening in michigan?
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you are clearly behind in iowa. likely that's the one blue state for sure that trump is going to flip. michigan, obviously, you are taking it seriously by sending secretary clinton and the president up there. >> look, if we hold on to nevada, hold on to michigan, you know, then hillary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. most people vote on election day in michigan. so our schedule has been oriented to being in the early vote states in the earlier period of time. now we're going to michigan, to new hampshire, to pennsylvania where they do it the old-fashion way, everybody votes on election day. we feel like we got a lead in michigan. we want to hold on to it. we think we can do that. >> tim kaine yesterday in an interview said, people within the fbi are actively working to try to help the trump campaign. do you believe the entire fbi announcement has been a benefit to the trump campaign and that
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your candidacy? >> look, i think what mr. comey did nine days ago was a mistake. i think it broke with precedent. i think it was criticized by democrats and republicans. including four -- i'm sorry, two former deputy attorney generals who served with him in the bush administration. i think it was a mistake. >> is it a mistake that should lead to resignation? >> i never questioned his motat there's a reason for the policy. it looked like that it was interfering in the election. i think the leaks that have been ongoing, which was what tim was referring to, is worrisome. i think the men and women of the fbi are doing a tremendous job out here across the country. but the leakers should shut up. >> let me ask you a final question about wikileaks.
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personal and private messages have been exposed. explain what this has been like. >> you mean on a personal level? >> yes, sir. >> i've got a pretty thick skin, chuck. what i have worried about is to make sure that this is an unprecedented situation where a foreign power hacked my e-mails as working with wikileaks and assange to dribble them out in order to hillary and to maximize the help to donald trump, who has adopted essentially russian foreign policy and rejected bipartisan u.s. foreign policy. so it's kind of an unprecedented circumstance. look, my job is to make sure that we're doing what we need to do to make sure that those volunteers are on doors, on the phones. that's what we're going to do to win this election. >> john podesta, campaign chair
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have. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, chuck. joining me now, from the other side, is former speaker of the house and a current donald trump supporter, newt gingrich. welcome back to "meet the press." >> chuck, it's great to talk to you. >> let me start with reading from a memo you wrote on behalf of the rnc earlier this year. principles for planning the 2016 general election campaign. your first two points, bullet points were, speaker gingrich, under were this, the wrong words cripple or kill. the right big idea or ideas expressed in clear and simple language with the right tone can win campaigns. if donald trump comes up short, is it because he violated those first two bullet points in your -- in what you sort of set out there, words matter sometimes? >> well, i think the reason trump is such a fascinating historic figure is he managed to encompass those points.
10:46 am
figure. his use of large ideas, whether it's make america great again or drain the swamp, the speech he gave at gettysburg where he outlined item after item in his contract with the american voters, his proposal for a new deal for african-americans, which is more than any republican presidential candidate in my lifetime. so he's a funny paradox on the one hand he is one of the most brilliant marketers i have ever seen. on the other h if he had not done that, he would be ahead by ten or 15 points right now. as it is, he has had to make a comeback. go ahead. >> no, no, no. >> your turn. >> i am beebemused about the sp in hispanic turnout. could it be donald trump could lose -- to look back and say he lost this election on the very first day he announced when he called -- when he insulted
10:47 am
so far -- that the evidence is that activated the hispanic vote. >> you know, look, the other side of that coin, chuck, is could it be that hillary clinton when she loses will look back and say, i shouldn't have been a serial liar, i shouldn't have totally abused national security and i shouldn't have used the state department office for personal corruption? i mean, she's got plenty of stuff to look back on if she loses. she was the one who was the front runner. she was the run who represented the incumbent president. she's the one who s president. now she's scurrying off to michigan. she didn't think it was in play. she's lost ohio in addition to iowa. that's two states that have flipped for sure. i think that she has a very long couple days here. remember, trump brought into this election -- i was at a book signing the other night in georgia. 90-year-old woman who had never voted in her lifetime. there are people trump is bringing into the game. >> do you think when you look
10:48 am
lack of unity inside the republican party, how much of that has been a handicap to his election? i look at a place like new hampshire in particular where you don't even have the senate candidate kelly ayotte and the presidential candidate on the same page. 1,000 votes could flip new hampshire. >> that's exactly right. that's one of the real challenges that we faced all year. the truth is, donald trump represented an outside grass-roots populism tha leadership. when this campaign began, 63% of all republicans said they did not like their leadership in washington. and those are the people who nominated trump. well, it turns out some of the folks in washington didn't particularly like having what is in effect an outsider populist hostile takeover of the party. i get that. some of them would rather have hillary clinton win and have a left wing supreme court and have the corruption continue rather than elect donald trump. i get that.
10:49 am
he arouse enough voters to overcome these? my guess is he can. i think we're going to be shocked how relatively few people there are who care about the never trumpers. >> can i ask you quickly, you use the word let the corruption continue. have we been too loose with some words? i say that because -- >> no. >> look, there's actual corruption that is a crime and then there's sometimes we use that word to describe legal politics. fair or not. language get too loose? >> no, chuck. i worry -- with all due respect to you as a person. you know we're pretty good friends. i worry the elite media has blindly refused to tell the truth. every foreign gift, foreign speech -- every one -- >> it's a big charge. >> it's the u.s. constitution. there's a section in the constitution that says no one nor their spouse can take money
10:50 am
100 counts just on that one charge. then you look at the people who came into the office -- by the way, the interesting thing about wikileaks is they showed us how corrupt the system was. she showed us people are being told you need to get them in because they're giving to the foundation. i think the real corruption is the lack of the media being willing to be honest about how much lawlessness the clintons stand for. >> now you have gotten me to my last sort of point here. i' country on november 9? it has been a rough election. i want to use your words. this is what you said in january of 2001, after another very contentious presidential election. you said the following. most americans do not find themselves actually alienated from their fellow americans or fearful if the other party wins
10:51 am
that was america 2001. do you believe that's the case in january of 2017? >> no. no. i think tragically, we have drifted into an environment where if hillary is elected, the criminal investigations will be endless. and if trump is elected, it twill be like madison, wisconsin, with scott walker. the opposition will be so hostile and so direct and so immediate that it will be a continuing fight over who controls the country. long, difficult couple of years. maybe a decade or more. the gap between those of us who are deeply offended by the dishonesty and corruption and the total lack of honesty on clinton team and on their side their defense of unions, which they have to defend, i understand that, that will lead to a struggle if trump wins. >> well, speaker gingrich,
10:52 am
>> i think everybody agrees on that. speaker gingrich, i appreciate you coming on the show. >> good to be with you. >> later, we will check in with our pollsters to see how sturdy this hillary clinton four-point lead really is. see who has the edge in the fight for the control of the senate. that's on a knife's edge as well. we will talk about november 9 and have a continuing conversation there that we started with speaker gi air folks that were familiar to you, been around this table throughout the season. we asked them to tell us what they are going to be watching for on election night. here is the first couple. >> right away, i'm going to watch for new hampshire, one of the first states we get results from. is there any sign of life for donald trump in what has become pretty blue. >> watch for arizona which used to be deep red and where now some polls indicate hillary clinton might actually pull off
10:53 am
we mean how can we help? we mean what can we do? we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you, for all you've done to serve us.
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welcome back. sundays don't get bigger than this. my panel is so excited, they're handicapping things. neither does our panel. we had to go super size. we went five this morning. call it our spinal tap final. >> i take that personally. >> there you go. of course, i have tom brokaw. savannah guthrie, good to see you.
10:55 am
the man who is always playing hard ball, mr. chris matthews and my pal from miami, jose diaz belart. welcome to all of you. grand puba. >> let's not start there. >> it's john podesta questioning the newt gingrich talking about the next four years. >> i've been at this a fair amount of time. i have never seen the country so fractured. founding fathers said we the people in order to form a more perfect union. this campaign has been we the african-americans, we the hispanics, we the women, we the angry white males, we the wealthy, we the people who don't know quite what to do. we're in tribal warfare here.
10:56 am
newt gingrich is right, we're in for a very difficult time whoever wins that. there are so many things that have not been addressed in this campaign. >> it's too long. >> most of all, what you see is everything happens at warp speed. bret baier who is a respectable reporter at fox the other day said he has an avalanche of evidence about to indict here. turns out not to be true. doesn't make a difference whether it's true, i minds of the voters at this point. that's not a way to run a democracy. >> let's talk about the last two days of the democracy and what's happening here. explain the trump strategy. they're all over the map. >> you keep putting it up -- i was going to say black and white but it's in red and blue. they can run the table. they can win the battleground states which in a normal year means victory. he has to win the battleground states and flip a deep blue state other than iowa to win. i think it's very trump-like to
10:57 am
take care of themselves. he is concentrating his time in the state it would take to win. >> pennsylvania, chris? >> i was in the democratic city committee meeting of the ward leaders friday noon. they let me in. they don't usually do that. that's when they hand out the street money. it's real. 200 bucks for voting division. these guys are all pros. >> what's it used for? >> it's all professional. it's legal. you pay people to go out door to door starting at 11:00 in the go back and forth. you roust them again. you make sure in these congested all democratic districts where everybody is a democrat, they all vote. you turn in the plurality of 450,000 votes coming out of the city. with the suburbs being basically 50/50, more pro hillary this time, because of professional women and college educated women, they will win the state with that. it's very professional. i don't know what trump is thinking about. i asked brady the boss of the city, what is he talking about
10:58 am
it's not going to happen. i think it's the firewall pennsylvania once again. >> if the african-american vote is not animated, has the latino turnout, jose, in florida made up for that gap? >> i tell you, chuck, if hillary clinton wins this campaign, i wouldn't be surprised if she renames the states the way she should be said. florida, colorado, nevada, carolina. every one of those -- >> that's what people are of. >> donald trump's america is not happy. >> the latino community comes out to stand up against something instead of for something. but against donald trump. and if she wins, it may be very much because of that 27 million possible latino voters. >> nobody can say they didn't see this coming. you go back to priebus, the rnc, they wrote a document. it was supposed to be the ghost of christmas past, the ghost of election past, what went wrong in 2012.
10:59 am
it going to be because of the fastest growing demographic, hispanics, because of the gender that out votes, women. ? it will not be a shocker. it won't by something republicans didn't see coming. >> what you said to speaker gingrich was right. as a guy who is an expert brander, did he brand himself as so anti-mexican by calling them rapists and murderers when he came down the escalator open day one? that will be what we have >> since that time, he has not been on telemundo. he has not been -- we asked him. >> you have never interviewed him? >> a couple of weeks after that announcement. then i was thrown out of a press conference he had. >> what we're seeing is donald trump, the one we have known in new york a long time, his ego overrides everything else, including judgment. he has mistaken those big crowds that gets as he got last night, 10, 15, 25,000 people for how
11:00 am
he thinks by showing up he is going to get people who are going to show up there at his rally. but that's 25,000. it's not 2 million he needs in every state. he is mistaken about what it takes to win. >> whoever wants to jump in on this question is this. we're talking about trump and him coming up short. clinton campaign is not just a little nervous, they're a lot nervous here. should they be? >> they're in michigan. the explanation is that no one voted. they need to turn out the vote. there's no -- >> it's true. >> it's offensive case to make. >> it's a fair question. somebody with the advantages she came in having in the sense of she's outspending two to one on the air. she's got a map that favors her from the get go. as we mentioned, a candidate who has in some ways alienated two of the biggest demographic groups. you have to ask yourself, how is she keeping it this close? that's not a flattering question for her. >> it's a good question to end
11:01 am
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lines of our poll which showed hillary clinton ahead of donald trump. there's more behind those numbers. we thought we would let you hear from the people that do this poll all the time for us, our pollsters. bill and fred. fred, i will start with you. clinton is winning. i will let team blue begin. how durable is this four-point lead? >> it's pretty durable. the different between the poll we ground with groups he needed to make up ground with. republicans, white non-college educated. but to me, the most important number for the clinton campaign and why i think her lead is durable is if a candidate in politics is having momentum, they should be winning with independents. our poll he's losing by six points. >> that's actually shocking, bill. over the last three elections, the challenger has carried independents. it's not always meant victory.
11:05 am
sign. what should give trump hope? >> what gives trump hope is we have a large chunk of people who say they are third party, they are not decided. that's large. it's almost 8, 9, 10%. they are break even to lean republican in terms of their house preference. this race could tighten. however, in all of our data, we still have donald trump losing with white college voters. if you are going to lose
11:06 am
get these white educated voters that bill is talking about. >> let me ask you this. how much of an impact -- i'm going -- what was an important factor in deciding the vote here on clinton? clinton's use of her private server. it was 58%. it does seem as if the issues with trump were more important to voters, trump's temperament, 76% said it was important and trump on women. his negatives outweighing her negatives. ist lead? >> we have to remember that we have two candidates of the highest negatives ever since we have had polling in the 1930s. we would all be talking about secretary clinton's incredible negatives except for donald trump. but still in campaigns as much as these candidates are not liked, the person with the slightly higher negative tends to win in our nbc/wall street journal poll. that gives an edge to secretary clinton. >> we did word clouds. we asked the first couple of
11:07 am
we asked trump voters you think about hillary clinton? we asked clinton voters what they think of trump. here is what trump voters think of clinton in this word cloud. liar, dishonest, crooked, corrupt. fred, here is what clinton voters think of trump. put that up. sexist, racist. a crook and a racist. how is america coming together? >> chuck, those are word clouds. bill and i went through the rb i'm not -- you are right. i read through these. i couldn't believe the four letter words. >> my hair would be standing up if i had hair. i think the previous segments there's an election and a winner. the question on wednesday and going forward is what does the other side do and do we come together as a country. i think that's a big x factor. >> this is horrifying. >> it is horrifying. we also asked the question how comfortable and are you ready to
11:08 am
a week or ten days after that election was still unresolved. 60% plus of americans said, okay, al gore, that's okay. i will do that. george bush, okay, i will do that. here today, hillary clinton is barely break even. and donald trump is a negative. on wednesday morning, we're not going to have a grace period. there won't by a little rise. there's going to be two people that this country is very uncomfortable with as president. >> half the country will think we either elected a crook or a racist. bill, fred, we keep ending every segment so upbeat. appreciate it. when we come back, which party will control the senate? could be a photo finish tuesday. or wednesday. or thursday. or december. stay with us. >> north carolina. north carolina is a state that has flipped and flopped. if it goes for hillary clinton it's an east coast state, that will be an early night call. it means it's going to be a
11:09 am
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11:12 am
the last nine, charlie cook, start with high confidence to low confidence. start with illinois. >> mark has the toughest job of any republican incumbent. >> this one, a battle of current and former senators. >> ron johnson made a comeback but not enough. >> we have florida, marco rubio -- >> it's not a landslide but rubio wins. >> even if clinton carries florida? >> i think even so. i think rubio still >> we have it here. let's move to pennsylvania, pat toomey. >> coming back towards the end but not enough. katie mcginty. >> i think it's too much. it's going republican. >> republican, meet senator todd young. >> nevada, harry reid seat? >> i think the democratic turnout operation is going to be too much. democrats will hold on to nevada. >> the first hispanic woman u.s.
11:13 am
look where we are. 49-48. what do we got? >> i think i would push ayotte coming democratic. >> that puts 50. that's 50. if clinton wins, that's control. what about these last two in burr, blunt? you are not ready to pick? >> i'm not. >> which one is more likely to be a recount? >> north carolina. >> i think we are in for an interesting and it goes more? >> yeah. >> there it is. coming up, no matter who wins, our long national nightmare, is it about to end or is it only just beginning? >> i will be looking at florida. specifically, at the cuban american vote. because it's possible that they will be voting democratic for
11:14 am
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we're going to discuss november 9 on wednesday. let me read to you what myra adams wrote in national review this week. it may have been written for all of us. >> that's depressing. >> how about that one? this november 9 issue is an issue. >> you know what? i had been counting down for the election day for so long, four more days, three more days. then it hit me. it doesn't end with election day. i don't think we resolve our
11:18 am
exorcise our demons. they feel it in their gut, they feel sick to their stomach and they need their tums. i feel like americans feel that way. people who -- voters feel anxious about not only what is the outcome but what happens after. >> there's not an institution in this country, tom, that hasn't basically been a part of this mess. the fbi is one of them. listen to president obama. when you have thepr system, take a listen. >> historically, both under democratic and republican administrations, our goal has been and should be that our investigators and our prosecutors are independent of politics, they're not politicized, they're not used as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. i want to make sure that we
11:19 am
>> that was a tough thing to hear there. >> i'm surprised by the conduct of the fbi not just at the top but within the ranks. the leakage going on here in the new york office, in washington and other places. one of the reasons it's had such a high standing with the american people is they find something that's wrong, they go investigate it and then when they have the goods, then they go public. it does appear from the outside looking in like it's highly politicized at this point. that's t >> actually, emblematic. you people in the media, it's happening at the fbi and other parts. >> i was thinking about the human carnage. i was talking to my husband about it. it won't be long before my e-mails are out there, knock on wood. the human carnage. the people that have been fired and put through the wood
11:20 am
have been destroyed in terms of the public trust. this had to have been a slow boil. we were talking about palin in the break. trump didn't steal the election. he won it. the work i think is on the republican side to really go and understand why the base of our party selected him. they chose him over 16 other people. if we try to -- if he should come up short and we try to move on, business as usual, let's get back to our free trade agenda and strong -- it will be a diste in piecing back together the coalitions. >> the democrats are to listen, too. if the election goes with hillary winning, there's a huge minority of the country, almost 50/50 -- trump tapped into anger. >> he had the message. maybe the wrong messenger. >> uncontrolled immigration, wars we shouldn't have fought. he put it together into this
11:21 am
i don't know if he believes it. the fact is the democrats ought to recognize they didn't win this argument. they didn't win the argument if they win the election. they better be careful. >> what makes this the greatest country on earth, it's for democracy, the respect for rule of law. it's this country compared to any other country in the world. when we see on the one side -- you have allegations or a lot of people who believe there's corruption and impunity. those are this country. >> the other thing is we're not talking about the monster in the closet. we're not talking about social media. what happens the day after with all the sites out there who are dedicated in many instances left and right to the destruction of the opposition by whatever means necessary? they have an enormous reach. more people believe social media than believe the elected officials, quite honesty. that's what defines who they want to be and where they want to get to.
11:22 am
matter what, impeachment. we laugh it off. but they may begin no matter who wins. >> it's part of donald trump's closing message. he is talking about the three is, indictment, impeachment and investigation. >> he has his own lawsuits that would pop up. that's what we're headed for as a country. >> right. it really sort of -- i think it's crippled both candidates. you have been talking since before either won the primary about the two most figures that either side nominated. the social media impact is a big factor. >> if i win, i will put her in jail. if i didn't win, it was rigged. third world talk. >> let me take a break. we will get to the end game, our long national nightmare apparently is just beginning. final word by the way in the election from the second best
11:23 am
>> okay. >> coming up, "meet the press" end game, brought to you by boeing, building the future one century at a time. our country spends a lot on health care. but are we reinvesting in the future? what about developing a 21st century s of patients? supporting medical research to discover new cures. prioritizing prevention to reduce chronic disease. sharing actionable data to improve patient care. it's all part of building a modern, high performing, simpler health care system. learn more about these ideas at unitedhealth group.
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back now with end game. our end game is sort of figuring out, all right, how are we going to watch this tuesday night to figure out who wins or loses? i have counties i'm watching. come on now. i want to fit it in. tom, there's a way to measure the millennial turnout. our man and our data department says it's madison, wisconsin. they were huge for president obama. they have been stagnant this cycle. >> they have been. they didn't step up with hillary clin albright. this is the best educated american generation, the most entrepreneurial. they have their hands on technology and they are separating themselves from the political institutions and from the idea of america, about how we settle these issues. unless you can get them involved in some new fashion, i think that that's going to be a
11:25 am
it's our hometown number one, but the margin there for hillary clinton will matter. is this going to be the prop 187 election for hispanic voters? >> across the country. i'm looking at cuban american vote in south florida. i want to see how that goes. there are many cuban american voters who feel the obama administration has been giving concessions to the castro regime and hillary clinton would do the same. the i-4 corridor, the new voters, puerto ricans. >> the biggest news i election of a first women president. it's going to blow our minds. it's going to be a new world for young women. >> she hasn't run on this. >> the reality. >> i agree. >> overlook the big reality. >> the biggest news is not we elected our first woman president because britain and germany, brazil has done it. it's that we haven't elected trump. the worldwide relief you will hear -- i have heard it around the world -- that trump didn't win. it will make them happy.
11:26 am
future one on the ballot. >> the only also ran who may have a victory speech is marco rubio. >> he would be the only one to give a victory speech. >> that's interesting to me. he and some of the other republican senators are outperforming trump. if kelly ayotte wins. i'm curious to watch marco rubio. i'm obsessed with the hidden vote. we have talked trump vote. trump supporters are loud and proud. i'm curious if there will be any hidden hillary vote. >> people talking about that. i think it's interesting in the final ten days, donald trump was dealt a good hand in terms of the news cycle with the comey announcement. he played that hand well. we have seen -- >> for the first time ever. >> in the last ten days he is at his best. he made it a tight race. if he pulls it out tuesday, we will say, wow. if he doesn't, a lot of people are going to say, wow, imagine
11:27 am
both sides, in fetal positions right now. saying, get it over with. i don't know what i'm going to do if he wins or if she wins. i have never seen the country so paralyzed. >> you saw it in the word clouds. let's end on a happier note. our friends at snl who they actually tried to end their own show on a happier note. apparently, are covering a campaign taking place on earth two. take a look. help us? let's get out of here. ?? >> there you go. >> hug it out. >> come on, america. let's hug it out. i tell you, both of them -- >> is it weird i'm getting a
11:28 am
hormones. >> it's because we know they would be hugging it out if there were the election. you were great. we all have the work is just beginning. all of us have to get a tiny bit more caffeine -- more sleep and more caffeine. in case you didn't know it, the election is on tuesday. with that in mind, be sure to join myself and my colleagues, lester holt and two of the panelists here, savannah guthrie and tom night in america on nbc news. it begins at 7:00 eastern time. that's all we have for today. we'll be back next week when we think we will know that we will have a president-elect. at least we hope we know. because if it's sunday, it's
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