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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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dozens of those arrested and two buses had to be brought in for arrest. so lots of chaos erupting through the night. we'll be monitoring it all and bringing it all from the live desk. aaron and eun back to you. it is 4:30, people in the district protested donald trump's victory last night. this was the scene outside one of the hotels he owns, the one on pennsylvania avenue here, the new one. blue paint was also thrown at a hotel window during the protest. meanwhile, president obama and face to face today. >> they will meet in the oval office. president obama was a fierce critic of trump but has promised to work with trump's team as he transitions into office. first lady michelle obama will also meet this morning with melania trump. now to a developing story, a search for this missing teen is under way. raquel narvaez was last scene
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depression and anxiety medication. anyone that may have seen her or knows where she is is asked to call greenbelt police. today could be the beginning of some changes for commuters in our area officials in montgomery and prince george's county are having a big meeting on improving traffic glow. adam tuss says adding tolls is sure to be expected so are express lanes where you pay to get around traffic. state leaders have other pra lanes from the legion bridge to the wilson bridge. all of those plans are just preliminary ideas at the moment. drivers agree, though, something has to be done. >> maybe they need another lane on the beltway. i'm no expert but they need to do something. >> maryland leaders say she want to invest $14 billion in transportation over the next six years. we could have a better idea about who will be the next mayor of hagerstown later today.
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the more than 630 absentee ballotsfully right now, the incumbent trails former mayor by 91 votes. another look at the forecast right now. all of the business about the rain, who was covered and who was wet, what about today, chuck bell. >> you'll be happy to know, they just fixed the lights. bam, just like that. used to be a mechanic, i'm pretty sure. that won't change for the next hour or two. by later today, not as much of a wind. chilly breeze, an extra layer tomorrow stay on the warm side. there are really cold mornings coming our way for the weekend and monday, of course, the next big thing to look for is the next full super moon coming up on monday. we'll see whether the clouds will be there to see that.
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beltway. this is the outer loop express lanes at braddock road. that is where the problem is this morning. we have that blocked because of this crash. a little hard to see exactly what is going on but that is shut down. the express lanes being pushed on to braddock road. it sounds like the car may be on the jersey wall and off the roadway here this morning. take a look at outbound branch avenue near wood yard. the right lane is getting by the crash there and on the beltway inn inner loop, two left lanes getting by the work zone. right now, we're waiting on a few states to be called in the presidential election. here is the electoral map. those states are michigan, arizona, and new hampshire. at the moment, nbc news gives president-elect 279 electoral votes. hillary clinton had 228. clinton actually leads the popular vote by about 200,000 votes. that lead, however, is shrinking. the presidential transition is under way this morning.
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d.c. also under way, planning and construction for inauguration day. that is on january 20th outside of the capitol. trump will be sworn in with a gop majority in both chambers of congress. house speaker paul ryan who refused to talk about trump says he looks forward to working with him. >> donald trump provided the kind of coat tails that got a lot of people over the finish line so we could maintain our strong houls and senate majoes and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. >> he also said repealing the affordable care act is on the agenda when trump takes office. if that happens, 22 million fewer americans will have health insurance according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. 4:34 now. now that tim kaine will not be vice president, the virginia senator will remain to capitol
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reelection until 2018. they're back in richmond where they will spend the next few days with family. he will return to washington for a lame duck session of congress. 4:35 right now, developing right now, a maryland woman remains in critical condition after a man tried to kill her. this happened on tuesday on harrington drive. 64-year-old louis fety set his girlfriend on fire after an rest of the house. the woman managed to get out and run to a nearby school for help. it was a murder that horrified the area. a daughter that was accused of killing his daughter and her mother. she and her daughter cloe were shot and killed outside washington earlier this year. hills father admitted to carrying out the shooting.
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bradberry heights. she was a teacher at the school. d.c.'s fight to become a state hitting a snag. why the outcome of tuesday's election could derail the district for the future. >> starbucks is rolling out the beloved holiday cup. we'll show you the styles you'll be sipping out of starting today. >> you need a warm drink as you
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you are going to see it on "the today show" all december long. the rockefeller christmas tree is being cut down today. >> it arrives in new york city this weekend. check out the gorgeous tree. the nor way spruce is 94 feet tall. >> new york. upstate new york. after crews ship it to the city, they will wrap it with more than 50,000 lights and it gets lit up on november 30th. >> i love christmas trees but let me tell you it is reminding me, we're closer to the cold weather. >> so close. what do you think today? cold? >> not too bad outside today.
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tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00, stay tuned for the afternoon shows tonight. clouds of yesterday are on the way out. we'll be back to sweater weather and your sunglasses as well. school day forecast, on the breezy side this morning. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. we'll stay in the 40s most of the morning so the bus stops will be cold first thing but mild enough for than average in november, that means the daily grade, a plus, nothing to worry about today. high up near 64 degrees. the wind will be less of an issue later today as compared to this morning. look at the 10 day forecast is coming up in 10 minutes. looks at the outer loop issue is hanging around. >> it wants me to stay busy. the outer loop express lanes at braddock road. we have the express lanes because of the crash.
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jersey wall. it will take time to get that out of the way. all of the express lanes diverted there. outbound branch, remember, we had the problem near woodyard. all lanes are open. 7 east at the toll road. left lane getting by the work zone. a look at 270 coming up. from trump tower to the white house. donald trump is making the trip to check out his new home. a live report about his visit to washington, just ahead. >> a murder mystery inside a hope will help police track down
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about in northwest on h street. police officers got the call just before 3:00 this morning that somebody in that area was hurt. by the time they got to the scene, they had found a man with gunshot wounds, took him to the hospital. it appears as though he was conscious and breathing at the time he was transported. we don't have any information on a suspect or even a motive in this case. so we'll be making calls on this again. this was on the 600 block of h str j morning. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. that was the scene outside the trump international hotel in downtown d.c. last night. dozens of people took to the streets to protest donald trump's victory. they set an american flag on fire and carried several signs with messages against the president-elect.
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trump will be moving into the white house and they say he campaigned with hate. >> we're trying to do whatever it takes to unite people and to get them together and to unite against racism and bigotry and mysoginy. >> they held a candlelight vigil and promised to be resilient. president-elect donald trump will meet with president obama in the oval office. it is one of the first steps as he an tracie potts is following developments at capitol hill. they have a difficult history to say the least. what do they expect to talk about. >> they do publicly, privately, they don't know one another. they briefly met once at an event. no pre-existing relationship there. in terms of what they are expected to talk about, lodgistics, how do you transition from one administration to other, run things at the white house. that is the purpose of the meeting. the white house spokesman say
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orders, controversial ones for republicans like immigration and climate change. not that the president will lobby to keep those, but that he may explain the importance of those executive orders. frankly, they're orders that trump is likely to reverse on day one. this is a new and historic meeting. trump coming to the white house today and his wife, melania with michelle obama. >> tracie, thank you. one of the big questions will fill his administration's top positions? before the election, three anonymous campaign advisors told nbc news that former speaker newt gingrich is a top prospect for secretary of state. reince priebus could be the chief of staff and rudy guiliani could be the pick for attorney general. coming up on today, savannah guthrie and matt lauer speak to
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around the world. they're rebounding now that the election is settled. they're all up. they dropped early on wednesday when the election was called. it was a similar story on wall street, dow futures plummeted 800 points during the election but by the end of trading yesterday it was 50 points off the all time high. it is 4:47. the search continues for whom ever killed a woman inside her bladens burg apartment. 75-year-old del r found dead inside her apartment on sunday. police believe she let her killer inside her home. sources say rivers was found in the bathroom of her apartment. it appears she had been strangled. a couple of guys were knocking on doors waking people up saying they were looking for somebody. >> i found it odd that two people would go around snoking -- knocking on doors. at 2:00 in the morning. >> that's correct.
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urging neighbors to be aware and alert of the surroundings. a virginia jury recommended a man spend the residence of his life in jury -- the rest of his life in jail for killing his wife. he is accused of stabbing his wife at her home in arlington. the couple was in the middle of a divorce. the formal sentencing hearing was scheduled for february. this morning, a prince william county community is coming together to help a 6-year-old girl. a go fund me page set-up for lynn phan's daughter. she was killed over the weekend. police say brian yu shot her as she left work at a hair salon in gainesville. yu is the 6-year-old girl's father. the couple was set to appear in court for a custody hearing. yu has been charged with murder and held without bond. construction crews are trying to figure out what caused part of a building they were working on to collapse. take a look at the scene here. it happened on election night in northwest washington.
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building, excavating the building along 15th and f streets earlier in the day. it is unclear why the building collapsed hours later. no one was hurt but the collapse sent dust and debris into the streets. new developments about the frightening story. a woman locked up in a storage container in south carolina and several bodies found on the property. investigators now say they've identified two of those murder victims. megan lee was 25 years her husband was 29. todd kohlhepp killed him and as many as 5 other people over the years. former bullet greg ballard died from prostate cancer. he was 61 years old. the wizarded held a tribute before last night's game.
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emceeing the 30th anniversary event. nbc 4 has been a partner since it started in 1986. we'll be at freedom plaza at pennsylvania and 13th street in northwest starting at 8:15 in the morning. >> registration is $25 for walkers. $35 if you want to run in the 5k. i did that last year, i'm not sure if i'm ready this year. we have a link on the website. if you're not ready to commit, no worries, chuck and i also emceed. >> i'll be there. >> will you be run snaeg. >> i will not be running. we'll go out for our jog afterwards. my dog doesn't like running around crowds because she prefers to chase squirrels. >> a lot of distractions. >> it will be chilly. i'm warning you. >> you'll be fine. him, i'm worried about him. >> get the puffy coat out.
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>> baklava? >> oh, that is baklava. >> it will keep me warm. >> a big, furry hat thing. >> it is something to behind a cold fronth. they will lay down later today. we're in stretch for another quiet run. another stretch of rain not showing up until next week. sunny and mild. tomorrow is veteran's day.
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for protecting this great country of ours. highs tomorrow, once again, above average. mid-60s, another cold front comes through tomorrow. it will make tomorrow afternoon on a bit on a breezy side. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter @chuckbell4. i'll do everything to keep you ahead of the forecast. 60s today and tomorrow. in the 30s saturday morning. around. another update from melissa mollet. she has a bear claw. >> you should see, when he brings this thing onset. you won't believe how good aaron gilchrist looks. all clear, everything has reopened. taking a look at 270 from fredrick to the spur. 26 minutes, no big worries here
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we have some breaking news for you out of canonsburg, pennsylvania. two police officers have been shot. one rushed to the hospital. reporters in the area are observing s.w.a.t. teams in that particular area. again, of canonsburg, pennsylvania. this was all happening within the last half hour o two police officers were shot and one of them transported to the hospital. going to do a little digging on this, get you more information and bring you an update. i'm erika gonzalez. >> thank you. it is the return of the red cup. starbucks holiday cups are back just in time for your coffee this morning. a look at the styles you'll be seeing today. >> but first, state hood struggle. d.c. voters voted to join the union. still ahead, why other election
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. o. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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jool right now, chaos across the country as thousands take part in anti-trump celebrations. a look at the protest against the president-elect. >> and donald trump is heading to d.c. more on the stops he will be making at the white house today. >> it is no secret that not everyone is on board with a trump presidency.
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circle to hug it out. some of them lit candles, some were crying, the point of the gathering was to make sure no one felt alone. they also say it is their way of over coming the politics of hate. d.c. residents overwhelmingly passed a measure on tuesday to make the district a state. but this morning, state hood no longer seems likely. president-elect donald trump has never backed state hood for the district. hillary clinton on the other hand did back the i conference the other day. she says the election outcome was not part of the state hood strategy. >> and obviously part of our strategy was to be ready when we have like minded people elected in the white house and in the congress. >> the city says it still plans to send a petition for state hood to congress next year. the house and senate remain in hostile to state republican
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the day. you'll be able to shop most of the store's deals online starting at 12:01 thanksgiving morning. the in store deals will start at 6:00 thanksgiving evening. the black friday circular is available today but only in walmart's app. >> wow. good news for tech savvy people on a budget. apple is selling refurbished iphones in the online store for the first time since 2007. prices are discounted compared to the new models. >> something is better than nothing. >> they come with a one year warranty and include a new battery and outer she. >> i think if it is refurbished, more of a discount. >> would be nice. happening today, you can grab a cup of cheer at starbucks. the coffee giant is unwrapping 13, 13! new holiday cup designs. 13 is my lucky number.
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flakes, candy canes and other holiday symbols. if you buy one holiday drink you'll get one for free. the deal ends on monday. a lot of people are so passionate about starbucks cups. they wanted to give people options. >> and then you can display them in the home for the holiday season. >> it does bring you cheer, it does! get on bo stay with us. news4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. putting one of those in somebody's stocking. see what little johnny thinks about that. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday morning. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're talking about a chilly start on our day weather wise. >> meteorologist chuck bell here with our weather headlines, hey, chuck. >> good morning to all of you.
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we're mostly in the upper 30s to low to mid-40s. it will be a day when we get back into the sunshine. that is always welcome news. a cloudy day yesterday. hourly temperatures just updating here on our maps as we turned over to officially 5:00. 45 degrees now at 7:00 a.m. 54 at 10:00 in the morning. 60 degrees for your outdoor lunch plans today and you can get away with that. temperatures drifting into the 50s once again. we have ra up in a few more minutes. melissa mollet has had issues here early this morning. issues on the highway, that is. >> no personal problems here yet this morning. it is still early. it is still early. 66 here at waples mill road eastbound, westbound, we're moving along just fine this morning. no problems on the bell way. overall, things are looking quite good. 94 north quantico to the beltway. it will take you 18 minutes. you're on time there this morning. otherwise, things looking pretty


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