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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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own a motorcyclist who led them on a long chase. and new video on the ground shows officers taking his bike from the scene. donald trump lays the foundation for his presidency,
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third straight night. honoring veterans at the wizards game tonight. one big surprise for a virginia family. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. you saw the whole thing play out live on news4 at 5:00. an hour-long police chase during rush hour in northern virginia. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm chris lawrence. tonight a man on a motorcycle had police chasingim sterling to leesburg. only chopper 4 was up for the whole thing including the peaceful surrender. jackie bensen haas the latest on the wild chase. >> reporter: he was fast and furious. but now he's in jail. the images were astonishing. police pursuing a man on a honda motorcycle as he wove in and out of rush hour traffic on route 7 from fairfax county into loudoun county. police blocked the intersections
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them a few times, crossing route 7, and heading in the opposite direction. search lights from u.s. park police and fairfax county police helicopters illuminated the chase. at one point officers carefully attempted to box him in. but he slipped away. >> we're careful in how we pursue in any kind of a krais chase. in this particular case we were able to keep an eye on him. >> reporter: drivers on route 7 and people watching the live a transfixed by the chase this. picture was tweeted from the press room at the vrz center. other tweets show the wild ride definitely captured people's interests. it finally came to an en, the rider seeing the police blockade at belmont ridge road turned off the bike and followed police commands to get down on the ground. >> from what i understand he just gave up. i think he came to that left-turn lane and decided to give up.
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was called to remove the motorcycle. fairfax county police did not specify the reason for the officer's original traffic stop of the rider at 4:35 this afternoon that resulted in the more than hour long pursuit. thankfully there were no injuries in this. we have no word on charns at this point and no word on what prompted this man to do this dangerous, ill an advised thing that none of us could stop watching. life in loudoun county, jackie >> just glad no one was hurt in that my turning to the weather we have had a huge change since 6:00. >> have we ever. doug, how cold will it get tonight. >> so far temperatures dropped 20 degrees. i think they are going down another ten before we wake up tomorrow morning. 50 right now in dc. most of our area -- most of our
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college park at 34 right now. we are going to see much colder numbers as we move on to the rest of the night tonight. frost advisory in effect around the region. you can see i-95 towards southern maryland as temperatures will get in the low to mid 30s by early tomorrow morning. yes, a cold start tomorrow. the coldest afternoon in months. although still not all that bad. tomorrow night a freeze watch in effect. tomorrow night it's going to be even colder than tonight. then tracking our next chance for rain. i'll break it all down for you as things get a little bit bigger here. we'll talk about that and the weekend in just a few minutes. new tonight, thousands of anti-trump protesters are marching in several cities across the country for a third night in a row. look at this massive crowd in miami. 3,000 people at one point blocking traffic on i-95. in atlanta, a group marched toward the capitol building
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burning american flags. so far, no reports of any arrests. nbc news how confirms a wall street journal report that the president-elect is willing to compromise on the affordable care act. >> it is certainly a change from what donald trump said on the campaign trail. the softening comes after meeting with president obama on thursday. trump told the journal, quote, either obama care will be amended or repealed and replaced. trump says he has considered keeping conditions like requiring insurers to cover preexisting conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents insurance until they are 26 years old. news on the inner circle helping the president-elect transition to the white house. >> katy tur has more on who is in and who is out. >> reporter: a flurry of activity inside trump tower as the president-elect started to
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government. >> what was on the agenda today for you? >> transition. >> what about the -- are you in the works for anything? >> just giving advice. >> how about ag? >> just giving advice. >> reporter: this afternoon trump's team announcing vp mike pence is taking over the transition from chris christie as campaign sources say pence has proven to be one of donald trump's most steadfast defenders. >> i'm mostly gratedful to the team trump's children, eric and ivanka, as long with her husband. >> it suggests to me there may not be the necessary separation between the business enterprise and the governmental functioning. it's very important that president trump separate the two because of the answer tanglements and the potential conflicts of interest.
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chief of staff. some in washington cringing at rumors of steve bannon, the former head of breitbart who made a career of attacking the gop establishment. >> it should be someone there not to please the president even though they serve at the pleasure of the president. they have got to tell the president what he needs to no, not necessarily what he wants to know. >> reporter: the trump team, many of whom are new to washington have a lot of catching up democrats telling nbc news some seemed overwhelmed as they toured the white house and capitol hill noting many of them have never worked in government before. these next three months a trial by fire. trump is now getting classified daily briefings but so far his team hasn't reached out to the pentagon or the state department the campaign asking for patients
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process. muslims are worried president-elect trump will ban them from coming into the country. virginia had a prayer service at a mosque in sterling. lawmakers tried to reassure them it's unconstitutional and they won't support any ban based on religion. we asked some members of the mosque if they think president-elect trump will go through with his plan. >> that i do believe that muslims. >> i don't think so. i think it's something that was mentioned during the campaign trail, but you know, we have a constitution. >> representative barbara come stock thinks president-elect trump is already softening his position on that ban. you can read more in a digital exclusive right now on the nbc washington app about immigration lawyers in the dc area scrambling to help some of their very anxious clients. search trump immigration.
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fourth time in a year that someone vandalized the black live matter sign at a church. someone cut the word "black" out of the sign outside christ congressional church at silver spring at a ceremony today. religious leaders and elected officials rededicated the sign. they say they want to have a discussion with the vandals to see if they can kind some common ground. >> tonight a lot of you are sharing a soldier from bui maryland who died in kuwait. the pentagon is calling it a non-combat-related incident. the specialist was assigned to fort bliss, he was in kuwait supporting a mission to fight isis. he enlisted two years ago and a fort bliss spokesperson called him an outstanding zoeller. he was 23 years old. we have a new picture of a
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student. the 21 yearly was last seen yesterday afternoon. the new picture of her on the left shows her leaving allegheny hall about 4:45 on thursday. george had a camping backpack and a pink bag. she is about 5'2", about 120 pounds, with blond hair and hazel eyes. police in montgomery county want you to see this picture of 12-year-old jaden smith. she was last seen in her germantown home this morning when her mother left for jaden is about 5'3", 120 pounds, she has long black hair and brown eyes. ist please call police if you have any information. new tonight we are learn being a deadly assault inside an assisted living stilt in anderson rhea, the victim was 82 years old. and the man who assaulted hi im, 716789 it happen last monday. paramedics rushed the victim to
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as of now no charges have been filed but alexander rhea police say it's the sixth homicide in the city this year. today is the day to thank the veterans in your life. >> that's right, but on the one family in virginia got a lot more than a thank you. >> i'm taken back by this. i don't -- i'm in complete shock. >> coming up, we'll take you courtside as this army sergeant and his family got a very special gift during the wizards game. plus, the instagram post fr bush that's getting a lot of attention this veterans day. the glitch that has facebook
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?? >> the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common freedom. >> today president obama spoke at arlington national cemetery possibly for the last veterans day of his presidency. our veterans example by promoting unity over divisiveness. the president said it's especially important in the aftermath of a motley contested election. he also laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. fans at tonight's wizards game got to be in on a special moment for one local moment. >> the soldier received a purple heart for his service in iraq and afghanistan. he lives in stafford with his
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>> shomari stone was on the court when the family got the surprise of a lifetime. >> forward march. >> thank you for your service. >> u.s. army sergeant timothy good rich is overwhelmed with happiness as he receives a standing ovation at the washington within wist wizards game on veterans day. his two kids, his wife jacqueline are by his side. >> i'm taken back by this. i don't -- i'm in complete shock. >> reporter: the irnd honored with a brand-new custom-built mortgage-free home in stafford, virginia thanks to operation finally home a non-profit group that helps wounded veterans and their families. >> i'm completely surprised. i mean we -- we had applied through the organization. and they do a really good job of hiding -- [ laughter ]
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received a purple heart after he was wounded in 2011. insurgents shot a rocket at his outpost shattering his jaw and injuring the right side of his body. he now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has a service dog named macy. the crowd at the verizon center appreciates his service. >> a lot of the veterans don't get the credit they are due. >> to say thank you to him and feel great grateful for them. >> when you hear somebody say a sipl look for it. we don't expect it. but when you hear it, it's nice to know that, you know, other people think about you. >> reporter: and he now has a lot to think about. what's the officers thing you are going to do in your new home? >> probably cry. i would say fall to my knee, but that would hurt, a lot. >> reporter: in northwest dc, shomari stone, news4. we are getting a clearer picture on how former president
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painter but you probably didn't know this. take look at this instagram post from the former president today. burr has painted portraits of 898 wounded warriors. all of these soldiers were injured while carrying out his orders during the time he was commander in chief. all the proceeds veterans. there was a facebook error that indicated lots of its users were dead. facebook apologized for what it calls a terrible error and said the problem has now been fixed. >> we hope so. >> whoever it was -- that guy is fired. >> he is looking for a new job
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>> you know, it's about time. we have had a couple of cold snaps but this will be the coldest we've seen. tomorrow night will be the coldest night this season. this afternoon was pretty nice. i like to call my fridays fantastic fridays. that's exactly what we saw out there today. high temperature of 67. well above average. 66 in quantico. 67 in moranton. temperatures are falling now. 50 at dc at miles an hour. we are still seeing gusts up towards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. that makes for wind chill right now. 43 currently in fredericksburg. the cold air is making its way down. once the wind slows, the temperature also go down. frost advisory from i-95 to the south and east towards southern maryland. tomorrow night it is a freeze
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those areas. nothing on the radar. as we widen out here, not much in the way of cloud cover. we saw this front come through. that's where the colder air is. that's why it's going to be so kald cold tonight and tomorrow night. tomorrow morning, some froz most likely outside the beltway. i think bethesda, parts of potomac, 39 degrees. sunshine, maybe frost in isolated spots. but outside the 3:00. 54, that's thele couldest afternoon we've seen since portions of april and may. yeah we are talking some pretty cold numbers tomorrow. as long as you are dressed nicely for it -- or dressed warm enough for it with sunshine not too bad. freeze watch, 7:00 down to 46. if you are heading out on your saturday night it is going to be one cold night. what about the weekend outlook? the walk for hiv.
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take the gloves and the hats. that's why i've got new the yellow here. it is going to be a cold one. redskins game, a warm jacket and that's of the. a great afternoon for football. football weather. and then the danish christmas bazaar at st. elizabeth's church. that's looking good. next ten days. 62 on sunday. the super moon happens on monday night but you may not be able to see it because we are expecting rain monday night as a coastal storm moves up. into monday. i think you will see a good shot of it there. next week, nice weather. high temperatures into the low 60s for the most part. temperatures right at or a little bit above average as we move through the next ten days. the next really cold weather comes next sunday and monday. could be another coastal storm there, too. it does look like things will be stormier as we make our way into that next week and into thanksgiving. but that's too far off.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. there is always a couple games on the nba schedule that you circle, fans and players alike. >> when king james comes to town you know that's one you have got to see. the crown, well, it resides in cleveland. before the cubs ended the longest drought in the four major sports remember it was the
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cleveland tame into tonight 6-1. one of the top three record. i see you, doreen. that's what they call it. the wizards, not so much: they have the third worst record in the league. provided a chance for the whiz kids to earn respect. wizards representing veterans day wearing salute to service uniform to honor those who have serv. half, wizards up by 8, wall with 23 points by half time. third quarter, defending champs start looking like it. i vir vin breaks the tie with a three. in the fourth quarter, wizards within striking distance. not after this. irving knocks down his fourth three-pointer. led all scorers with 29.
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when you have lebron james and three point shooters. they have freedom to shoot, it makes it hard. >> at the had five three-point shooters on the floor. >> they do a good job of finding their shooters. they hit their threes. >> we made three out of 15, 3 out of 20. that's basically the game right blackhawks winners of seven straight. washington down a man early. don't tell that to t.j. oshie. he finds beagle with the shorthanded strike. caps take the 1-0 lead early. late in the period. come again. jay beagle his second goal in just the first period. caps lead 2-1 after one. in the final seconds of the game, blackhawks with the empty netter. hosta deflects it in, sending us
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in the extra session, here comes -- >> oh. >> don't be too sad. here comes the hero. marcus johansson. and this is what we call a game winner. caps come out on top, 3-2. opening night for college basketball. eagles flying all over the court. nelson gets the steal, and then he gets the deal. maryland jumps out to a five-point lead. two local products playing trimble assists. second half, another freshman. hearst from nba range. maryland jumps ahead in the final minutes. 62-56, maryland survived. tony bennett, eighth ranked
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one of four cavs in double figures. this puts uva ahead 22-15. shayic a junior. second half,times time for the freshman. kyle goss looking like an upper classman. virginia bins 76-51. a busy weekend coming up. buckeyes playing the caps and wizards also morrow.
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