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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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worship. they are investigating this is as a hate based incident. they urge the congregation to learn from it and promote love in the community. >> we need to love those who hate us and because love is stronger than hate. >> i would call especially upon the president-elect and those who voted for him to separate themselves from acts of violence and hate that are being perpetrated in his name. >> the message brick wall and a sign promoting spanish language services. the messages have been removed and replaced with messages of love written in chalk by church members. anti-trump demonstrations continue in cities across the country. sunday marks the fifth night in a row thousands of people took to the streets to deannounce his election. many are worried about his proposals for deportation and other promises he makes during the campaign. 71 people were arrested in portland during weekend
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to court today to fight for permission to protest during the inauguration. free speech activists want space preserved outside of trump's pennsylvania avenue hotel and along the parade route. the federal court will here arguments at 9:30. this is not the first time this has happened ahead of an inauguration. over on capitol hill today, new members of congress will arrive for orientation at 8:00 a.m., the members will begin learning their wayou they will also participate in security briefings and training sessions. staffers say this week long session helps newly elected members of congress hit the ground running in january. with republicans controlling the house, the senate and the white house, the big question for democrats now, what is the path forward? president obama will discuss that with members of the democratic national committee on a phone call later today. hillary clinton will take part in a separate call with house democrats. it is now time to talk about this chilly day.
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>> what is that aaron? >> go for it. >> it will get a little colder between now and sunrise. a mostly clear sky out there. there is the live picture of the super moon early out there. it always looks best when you get the moon down close to the horizon. moon set is at 6:35 this morning. that will be the best time to get a picture of it. it will look extra big due to the comparison of things on the ground. super moon has two hours left on it this morning. shoufs are possible by later on today. wa play it on the safe side. sunshine returns tomorrow afternoon. we have a shot at 70 degrees before this week is through. i'll let you know which day that is most likely to occur on. whenever i say 70 degrees, melissa mollet perks up. 70. did he say 70? >> i won't have to get my blanket and tea. >> still have this crash blocking the left lane. we're not seeing any slow downs on the beltway. hopefully that clears out of the way soon. bottom of the beltway and all of
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no worries there. everything is rolling along just fine. taking a look at 66 and 95 as promised, nice and green, no construction there. we'll take a look at that red line situation coming up in just a few. david culver back at the live desk. we're monitoring new zealand's prime minister. john key flying to a south island coastal town. you can see some of the after math right there. this is a popular spot for ou a 7.8 quake killed at least one person. another died at a nearby ski resort. several other folks were injured there. >> thank you. 4:33. new this morning, an update on the disappearance of a 21-year-old university of maryland student. investigators now say caitlyn george was last seen friday morning in a bus in baltimore. before that, footage shows her leaving the college park campus in a taxi thursday afternoon. the driver dropped her off in baltimore's federal hill
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friend to go hiking. if you know where she might be, call police. covering montgomery police -- montgomery county, they will meet to discuss the 911 call system. in july, it went out for 90 minutes. two people died. look for details on the nbc washington app. police are investigating a sunday evening homicide in southeast washington. they say a man was found near the 1300 block of k street man's identity. the father accused of stabbing his two sons over the weekend in district heights is behind bars this morning. 25-year-old christian dillard faces attempted murder charges. prince george county police say he stabbed his two young children hours after he sexually assaulted an ex-girlfriend in his home on saturday. both boys are under five years old. family members rushed to ask neighbors for help.
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child. we tried to do my best to assist with the medical attention and everything else. we all just need to pray. >> dillard is held in jail without bond. the boy's injuries do not appear to be life threatens. domestic violence is a concern in prince george's county. over the last two years, the county says 13 children have died because itself. news4 is taking a look at the nbc washington app. it is 4:35. a montgomery advocacy group says it has a solution for the congestion on i-270. they will submit a plan. it wants to run more trains between d.c. and fredrick so
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passenger trains can pass freight trains. two bills could affect how you pay in rent. if passed the new rate increase would have to match the race of inflation. the second bill would limit how much a landlord could raise rent based on how much the property would worth. it would prevent a renter being trapped by discounts. they would not be able to rent a unit at a discounted price an renter can't afford it any longer. hometown fans have a whole lot to talk about this morning. the redskins have the momentum heading into another game at fedex field next week. >> they came from behind to beat the vikings. it was the first win in almost a month. the fact that it was the first win since the last game at home. >> we started to play good. special teams, offense and defense. we still have to learn how to -- we have to keep them down. a lot of times we get to leave
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>> all right, at this point, the skins are in third place. >> there are games to be had though next week. they play the packers at home on sunday night football. 8:30 right here on news4. >> we're off to a chilly start as we've been telling you. temps have been down to 25 degrees in some places, hello culpeper, chuck is talking how to prepare the kids for temperature bus stop. multiple people dead and no
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4:40 our time now on this monday morning, off to a chilly, chilly start in a lot of places. >> do i see 20s, chuck bell? >> you bet you, eun. 29 in centerville. 44 at reagan national airport. 32 leesburg. big range of temperatures this morning. a nice view of the full super moon out there. what to wear then for the kids? pack the umbrella early this morning just to be on the safe side and also a heavy coat for the early morning chill. bus stop temperatures in the low to mid-30s this morning so a winter coat probably not a bad idea. cloudy skies, mid to upper 50s later on today and rain chances really don't pick up until after
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sunshine giving way to clouds later on today. we'll give the daily grade of b plus. could have been worse but could have been better. at least we'll have sunshine here this morning. ten day forecast coming up in ten minutes. it is melissa mollet's turn. >> good morning. still have this crash reported here in the outer loop of the beltway after kenilworth. not seeing any slow downs. after connecticut avenue,ha no more work happening there. 270 from fredrick to the spur, 26 minutes, you're on time there if you're headed northbound, same thing. don't have any big worries headed northbound and a reminder on the safetrack surge, red line is closed between noma-gallaudet and fort totten. to two months to go and a lot of work left. what donald trump's first staff
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there is a debate this morning over what a trump presidency could mean for the rights of transgender americans. the supreme court will soon hear the case of gavin grim. the virginia high school senior born female who identifies as male. he wants to let the school let him use the bathroom that matches his gender identity. lower courts ruled in his favor.
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could interpret the case differently. >> the argument kind of falls apart so you kind of expect nothing like a win at the supreme court. >> trump's statements about gay and transgender rights are mixed but vice president elect mike pence opposed same sex marriage on religious grounds and has taken a much tougher line. trump's attorneys are trying to keep the president-elect out of court. they filed a motion to delay a
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talking about tough subjects but we were talking about some pretty tough subjects. >> president-elect donald trump last night on cbs's 60 minutes. >> news4 tracie potts is live on capitol hill to talk about this. tracie, let's first talk about trump's first two appointments yesterday. there have been mixed reactions. >> well, one of the things that they tell us is that donald trump is keeping it close to the vets. a few people advising them in the white house would be the people advising him during the campaign. chair, the rnc chair who is soon to be the chief council or the chief of staff at the white house and then also, steve bannon, a very controversial figure, conservative media executive who was the ceo of trump's campaign. he is listening to the people who helped him get to this point. >> tracie, we know that president obama and hillary clinton will talk to democrats about the path forward. any indications about what they might say.
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regrouping there. they will no longer be in charge of the white house, the majority party or will not be the majority party in either house of congress which they haven't been for the last few years but that what that means is they'll have to come up with some sort of strategy to try to work with the majority party, work with the new president, and figure out if there are any key priorities for the democratic party that they might be able to compromise on with the republicans who are in charge. for example, o c president-elect trump there, are parts itself he wants to keep. >> tracie, thank you. 4:47. the montgomery county council will meet for the first time since election day. voters approved a proposal to limit council members and the county executives to three terms. four of nine council members will not be able to run for reelection. county executive isaiah leggit already said he will not run for
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southeastern united states. people in georgia, north carolina, and tennessee are taking shelter. so far the fires have burned thousands of acres and they are not contained. the u.s. forest service is setting up a command center in georgia trying to stay ahead of the danger. happening today, visitation will be held for a pennsylvania police officer. authorities say officer scott basioum and his partner were killed in an ambush style attack
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to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. developing this morning, a tragic shooting in jacksonville, florida has left three dead. investigators say a man, two women and an infant were shot inside a car. the two women and the baby died. no word on a motive for the shooting. investigators are working to determine the cause of a deadly accident in prince george's county. this happened 7:30 saturday night on walker mill road on capitol heights. two cars were involved here. one driv d the other driver had minor injuries. their names have not been released. developing this morning, two teenager boys are recovering after being stabbed at the wheaton metro station sunday afternoon around 3:00 in the afternoon. the victims are 15 and 16 years old. they were stabbed in the bus bay area of the station. montgomery county police say they've already identified one suspect and are looking for two others. metro wants to make some major changes at the new carollton stations but it wants
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there are plans to build a new office and residential building on the south side of the orange line station. that would mean getting rid of 650 commuter parking lot spaces and replacing them with 100 to 300 spots in a new garage. if you want to weigh in, you have a chance tonight at 7:00 in hyattsville. if you plan to visit the arlington cemetery, you should know a you must enter at the set access points. if you have a bag, it may be checked. also, all drivers will need to show a valid photo id to enter the cemetery. 4:50 the time right now. we've been asking you all morning and over the weekend to send us some photos of the super moon. >> it has been hard to capture. it is pretty far away if you haven't noticed. the moon is extra close to the earth which makes it look so huge. the last time it was this close was 70 years ago in 1948.
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another chance tonight so you can tweet and instagram us with the #nbc4dc. the after this it won't be this close again until 2034. i took a picture this morning. it didn't look unusual. >> maybe because you don't have the other normal moon to compare it to. >> it didn't look bigger or brighter to me. that is just me. >> it is not twice as big or twice as bright. it is just a little bit i put some numbers together to let you know. it is usually a quarter of a million miles away. it is 238,900 miles away. almost a quarter million miles. but today, this one time, once in a life time potentially special occasion. 221,524 miles away. it is closer than average so it appears larger.
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without having the other moon to compare it to we just have to get out and enjoy this one. the moon will be just about as full tonight going into tomorrow, but here is the problem. if you don't get the super moon pictures today, in other words in the next two hours, you may not have a good chance at getting them again. clouds are coming back. already, some light rain here in the virginia beach area to the tide water in the outer banks of north carolina, the moisture is zipping in our direction. most of us will before we get rain but one of the high resolution models brings the clouds in here mid to late morning and at least a possibility of light rain into southern maryland. maybe as early as lunch time, but better rain chances really start to move in here after about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. grab the umbrella on the way out the door just to play it on the safe side. not looking for heavy rain but once it is raining on you, you will not be a happy camper. tomorrow, most of the rain comes
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drop early tomorrow morning but back to some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures back up to around 60 degrees. check out your ten day forecast. 58 with the rain moving in later today. rain moving out early tomorrow. not bad wednesday, thursday, back up into the 60s. the average high now is r5 8 so that i is a -- -- 58 so this is all plus territory. friday may be the pick of the litter. 70 degrees on friday and mild into the first half something that melissa mollet will be in favor of. >> eun and i are raising our hands, jumping for joy. we love that. outer loop after 201, that crash has cleared out of the way. never really impacted folks too much. 66 here at 123, inbound, outbound, everything is rolling along okay this morning. beltway looking good right now, taking a look here, quantico to the beltway from 95, 67 miles an
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no delays either. see you right back here at 5:01. shoppers sent running from danger. what led to a shooting at a busy mall that had families rushing to the exits. rusted vehicles and a serious safety concern. the problem and new action
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. is make it your own.
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police in new york are looking for whom ever caused this chaotic scene inside this mall. surveillance video shows shoppers grabbing their kids and running for the exits. no one was hurt here. police believe the shooting stemmed from an argument between two people near an apple store. the suspect got away. dramatic new video from the ongoing demonstration against the a truck driver pulled a gun on protesters as they tried to block him from going down a public road. it appears the driver was able to get through. no one was hurt. demonstrators want the obama administration to end construction on the pipeline. the final piece will be installed under a native american reservations water source. permits for the work are still pending. flames have engulfed a church in kansas city. the fire broke out between 6:00
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from the outside because part of the building collapsed. no one was hurt. toyota has settled a $3.4 billion class action lawsuit. toyota suv owners filed the suit. some of the vehicles lacked adequate rust probation and because of that, the vehicles were at risk for potentially dangerous corrosion. it covers about one and a half million vehicles. fires are popular holiday -- or stopping a popular holiday gift from a come back. major retailers are discount hover boards. they put the electric powered skate boards on the black friday deals list. they were reports of the units sparking fires and some were banned from flights. we're trying to get this next question posted for you on our social media pages. >> all right, so raise your hand
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yes or no. >> free money is free money, right? >> i'm not going to say no, but you know it is not, it wouldn't be the first thing i want. if you didn't raise your hand, you're not alone. according to a new study, only 27% of people actually prefer to get them. despite that number, half of those surveyed say they plan to give gift cards. what? if you give them, purchase ones that require a pin number. experts say those cards are more a lot of times people say it is the thought that counts but what if you don't like what the person is giving you. >> it ends up with extra stuff in your wallet. >> or you forget it. >> i'm not going to get you a gift card. news4 today continues now at
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the power. what the first staff picks are revealing about the presidency and the transition process starting today on capitol hill. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check our weather as well. pretty cold start to the morning on monday. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell here with the weather headlines. morning, chuck. >> good morning eun and aaron. full moon out there early this morning. starting to get low in the western, southwestern sky. your next best chance for a this morning when it goes below the horizon. for today, clear and cold outside this morning. both areas are in the 20s and 30s, so layer up. clouds are coming up by later this afternoon and likely to have rain drops in here before the day is done. the rain is just on the virginia, north carolina border now but it is coming northbound, everybody, likely to have rain in and around the area not long after, 5, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. 30 on your way out the door.


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