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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tower. a senior trump official revealed the news. it does not require confirmation from the senate. in recent years, flynn was a vocal critic of the pentagon. he advised the president-elect during his campaign. we also learned surprising news about another person that could join trump's cabinet. mitt romney. he is meeting with the president-elect in the next few days. this is being called a, quote, healing meeting. you probably remember romney called tru fraud months ago. and he also said that he would not vote for him. nbc news reports the meeting will include a discussion about secretary of state. tracie potts will break that down coming up at 4:45. one place you'll be hearing about over and over again, trump tower, that is donald trump's home. he lives in the penthouse of the skyscraper creating a security disaster for the nypd.
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in place around the building. police could shut down streets around the area. new yorkers don't want to see that happen. later today, new york's mayor and police commissioner will give an update on the plans. prince george's county public school leaders are urging parents to talk to the children to stay in the classroom. they have plans for a mass walk out to protest the presidential election. the absences will be unexcused. they're not taking a position on the it is simply a matter of school safety. coming together. that was the goal of a unity vigil held in bethesda where swastikas were drawn in the bathroom. they lit candidatems and shared words of inspiration. >> to me, this represents all
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coming together to celebrate that we have an obligation to be kind to each other and to be safe with one another. >> make sure everybody is respectful to each other around the community. >> this year, montgomery county police say there have been 62 hate crime incidents reported to their department. a 17% increase from last year. it is time now to check our forecast. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us about what we can expect in the day chuck. >> yes, i know for sure you'll love your friday. temperatures will be way above average again today. probably nearly 15 degrees warmer than average. that is awesome indeed, especially for friday. if you can get out of work early today, i highly recommend it. a big time blast of wind and rain arrives around here between 3:00 and 6:00 tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. then it is bombs away on the temperatures. we'll be shivering by saturday
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average all the way up to thanksgiving. i'll give you the ten day forecast at 4:41. >> right now i'm causing problems on 66. afternoon, couple of things at school, we have a brand new crash that popped up. that one, if you're headed out sometime soon, 66, outside of the beltway is completely fine eastbound is okay too. 95 northbound and southbound, no worries when you're north of fredericksburg because right now, coming into the fredericksburg area northbound before 606, left shoulder, the only thing getting by that crash. eun? >> thank you. 4:33 now. today you may notice less standing room than normal on the morning metro ride. metro has pulled all of the 4,000 series rail cars off the tracks. gm paul wiedefeld made the
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not working properly. it keeps systems from running into one another. this is the latest in a series of tough calls wiedefeld has had to make in his first year on the job. >> i'm coming up to my first year here, november 30th, when i started, if i knew then what i knew now, i would have started safetrack november 30th. >> the 4,000 cars amount for 7% of metro's fleet. you won't feel a major impact t trains on the rails. uber is threatening to leave maryland if it requires drivers to be fingerprinted. they're expected to decide by next month whether ride sharing services such as uber and lyft will be required to use fingerprinting in background checks. lyft has not commented on the
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groups advance towards mosul under intense gunfire. i want to show you images into this live desk of the next step in the battle to take control of the largest city under the control of isis. we have learned one soldier died when the troops moved into the eastern district facing some stiff resistance. back to you. a woman accused of killing a teen outside a metrobus will appear in court. to consider setting bail for kyla jones. prosecutors say jones stabbed khalia minor to death in the pet worth neighborhood. jones is claiming self defense. she claims minor threatened her and stole her cell phone. also in d.c. court, a 17-year-old facing two murder charges will arraigned. maurice bellamy is charged with
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prosecutors say bellamy and another man tried to rob the victim. bellamy is charged for allegedly killing 15-year-old davonte washington in march. a grand jury just returned the indictment yesterday. bellamy was already in police custody. we're working to learn when two men will appear in court on charges they killed a man during a home invasion in gaithersburg. montgomery county police arrested and charged muhammad surley with two murders. the murder happened last month. chopper 4 was over the scene as paramedics tried to save the victim's life. lone was growing marijuana and the two men tried to rob him. he was shot several times and died. this morning, we're hearing the frightening 911 call that a maryland woman made after she was attacked by a bear. karen osborne was walking down her daughter's driveway wednesday night and then before she knew it, she had gotten in
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osborne punched the bear a couple of times and fell into a fetal position and called 911. >> i can't move and i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. >> osborne is recovering from the attack this morning. she needed 78 stitches and has a broken arm. in the 911 call, she even asked the operator to tell her husband she loved him. the department of natural resources tracked down that bear and euthanized her. the cubs were set free. right now, are waking up on the streets, including our own aaron gilchrist. >> they participated in the covenant house sleep out. the event is a show of solidarity with homeless youth in d.c. it is also a fundraiser for covenant house which provides housing, food and education and other services to 18 to 24-year-olds.
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that help to transform their lives. >> we talked to aaron a few minutes ago. he is doing fine and we'll check in with him at about 5:00 a.m. >> and he'll tell us more about how the night went and how this is really an important cause for him. >> it is 4:38. we're in a major temperature swing today. chuck bell is tracking how to prepare the kids for a 20 degree change throughout the day. yikes. less than two months? can you believe it? until
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welcome back. erika, are you liking this weather, too? >> i am. i'm liking the weather. i can't help but notice somewhere yesterday somebody said oh, we may see a flurry or two. excuse me? >> i'm one, chuck. >> in all fairness. they will be way out west of town. >> in all fairness. >> it won't snow inside the beltway tomorrow, i'll tell you that. it doesn't mean it won't get really, really cold. it will come far enough behind the rain chance that i don't think we have to worry about snow here. if you're going out in the mountains in west virginia it will be quite different. we're in the 30 and near 40 degrees right now. have your medium jacket. sunglasses and short sleeves are
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near 70 degrees today. it is a plus weather for sure. more about the temperature tumble coming up in a few more minutes. melissa mollet is in and she has a problem that is big this. >> i have a very big problem. 66 westbound. we're trying to figure out how long this will be this way. at this moment here at the toll road saying that all lanes are blocked. it sounds like it is a temporary thing. we'll let you know, of course, this is a multi car crash. we're trying to get more information on 95 northbound crash at the right shoulder. looking at 270 southbound from 70 to the spur, you're on time, going to take you 26 minutes. that is what it says. eun? >> thank you. 4:42 now. donald trump has major hiring decisions to make. how a former political opponent could soon land one of the top jobs in the country. >> a skill that made the difference between life and
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welcome back at 4:45. president-elect donald trump is making major decisions before he begins running the country. one of positions is secretary of state. nbc news is reporting mitt romney could be in top for the job. tracie potts is live on capitol hill to talk about this. what a surprise. mitt was one of his biggest critics. >> he called him a fraud and phoney and trump called romney a sad man. they're set to sit down to talk about this secretary of state job or if nothing else, to see if they might be able to somehow work together, keeping in mind
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have all republicans on board in terms of support for some of the things he wants to do and so bringing in mitt romney could help him do this. >> we've heard so many names. surprises, too, is trump any closer to making final decisions here? >> we're hearing that he offered the job of national security advisor to lieutenant general mike flynn who has been his security advisor since the campaign. flynn, a registered democrat also has controversial foreign policy views, he appeared next to putin, so much talk about the trump campaign, now the trump transition and ties to russia. but flynn is someone who has the ear of president-elect trump and we know that loyalty is big with him so what we don't know yet is whether or not he accepted being national security advisor. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. plans for january's
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planners knew who would be the next president. the military inaugural support team says they've been planning for five years. 6,000 service members participate in the ceremony and parade. horses are also a very big part of inauguration day. they have started desensitizing the animals to crowds and noises. it is unnatural for the horse to accept the sound of something rustling. i don't want him to be afraid to have a flag above his head like this. >> the inauguration will be more than 800,000 people attended president obama's second inauguration. happening today, the man accused of confronting police with a bb gun at the u.s. capitol visitor's center will be in court for a status hearing. in march, 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee was shot by one of the officers after he pulled what looked like a black handgun and pointed it at the officers. this was the scene soud of the capitol. dawson has been formally charged
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dangerous weapon. the police officer who shot and killed a black man will be in court today. yanez was charged with second degree manslaughter earlier this week. he will be arraigned this afternoon. friends and family will say goodbye to a ground breaking journalist today. she was a member of the metropolitan ame church for more than 25 years. tonight, the church will invite ifill's loved ones to pay tribute to her at 6:00. tomorrow it will hold a service for celebration in her honor. this morning we're learning exactly how marianne christopher barry died. they say it was an accidental
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the late d.c. mayor died in 2014. facing addiction trending worldwide on twitter yesterday because of a first ever report from the u.s. surgeon general on alcohol, drugs and health. the report says 78 people die in the u.s. every day from an opioid overdose and 20 million have a substance abuse disorder. in montgomery help people get back on their feet. >> the majority of people who come into drug court are addicted to heroin or other opiates, pain killers, vicadin, it is a serious problem. >> the drug court program is only open to p montgomery county residents. it is a high intensity program that can take up to two years to complete. this morning, arlington county police are on the look
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burglary spree. they say the men broke into four homes in the long branch creek community near pentagon city wednesday into thursday. some of the victims woke up to the man in their homes. fortunately, nobody was hurt. in each case, police say the suspect got in through unlocked windows and are now warning residents to take precautions. this morning, we know more about the food truck fire on the gw campuses. this vo watch. investigators think human error is to blame. this all happened on wednesday. d.c. fire investigators tell us one of the workers tried to refuel the truck's generator while the truck was running. and that sparked a fire. three employees of the house of falafel were hurt. the truck was up to date on all of the inspections. the department of transportation is discussing possible plans to expand the
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d-dot planners met last night talking about the environmental and cultural impact of extending the streetcar line. if all goes according to plan, the expansion can be completed in about six years at a cost of up to $400 million. still no word on a fare though. right now, the streetcar is free. swimming lessons paid off for plunged into 10 feet of water on wednesday. he pulled his daughter from the back seat and pushed her out the window. our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey spoke to the little girl about this amazing rescue. >> how afraid were you? >> not too much, just a little. >> why were you not very afraid? >> because i took swimming lessons and i'm not scared of
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have lessons, i'm not a good swimmer. >> my grandfather told me, you don't need to learn how to swim. you need to learn how to float. fair enough. so we are in up against it for a temperature change tomorrow. have your nbc washington app downloaded so you can track the temperatures. only two hours left! >> it is going down. >> have the app ready to go. follow me on facebook and twitter, just look for chuckbell4 and i'll be keeping you ahead of the weather as the
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as we get towards tomorrow. right now it is a pleasant enough start to the day. seasonably chilly out there. 30s in the suburbs to 40 degrees in town. forecast then for today, a nice rise in temperatures from 35 at 7:00 a.m., how about a 35 degree jump in temperatures today. 70 degrees in most areas by 3:00 this afternoon and friday night football will not be cold at all. southerly winds this afternoon and tonight we'll keep temperatures the power house storm system right there. the cold front should be reaching the i-95 corridor around 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow. here is a look at future weather. 7:00 a.m. on saturday. nothing to worry about. southerly breezes mean a mild start tomorrow. here comes the wind and the rain, 4:00 around i-81. 6:00 into the western suburbs and by 8:00, 9:00 it will be headed to the chesapeake bay. temperatures behind it, 5:00 tomorrow, 40s and 50s.
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the upper 30s and low 40s. it will be really cold and windchills to deal with as well. by 9:00 saturday night, subfreezing windchills moving into the shenandoah valley so get ready for a big change in temperatures. sunday will be windy and cold for the redskins game out at fedex field. melissa mollet, come on out and see us. doug kammerer and i at gate h. >> and bring the canned food. >> that's right. food for families. >> i'll bring it. toll road, still have that crash there. we do have one lane there getting by. it looks like it is the far right lane. that will hopefully be out of the way soon. it doesn't look terrible for the morning commute. 95 northbound before 606. still have the left shoulder getting by there as you're headed in to spotsylvania. no big worries there. we'll take a live look at 66 coming up.
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just seconds. that separated a driver from a disaster. the close call that almost cost him his life. >> make up danger.
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take a look at this scene here. a driver in kansas is lucky to be alive after a train rams into
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truck was working to clean up after an accident. the truck was too close to the tracks and the train didn't have time to stop. no one was seriously hurt. business is down at wells fargo banks nationwide following that fraud scandal. the bank says new customer account openings fell 44% in october. account closings rose 3% and the bank also saw a 50% drop in credit card applications. wells fargo has been under fire thousands of employees for opening accounts without customer authorization. we're less than a week away from thanksgiving and two turkeys are preparing to come to washington. we're not talking about politicians. president obama will pardonon the turkeys. they're coming from early iowa. this is the sixth time iowa has provided the turkey for the presidential thanksgiving tradition. they will arrive on monday. the national turkey federation began the tradition with
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pardon for president obama. i do this, i think you do this, i don't know a woman who doesn't. if you go shopping for new make up, you want to hear this story. the test make up left out at some stores to sample with be dangerous. in fact, medical experts say it is like sharing your make up with a few thousand people. you know, just of your closest friends. >> e. coli in the so you're walking through the aisles and there is no real regulations there. >> experts say your specialist should sanitize the beauty product before putting it on you. ask for samples that haven't been opened and some stores keep them behind the counter. sometimes you notice they will take a q tip and use that instead of putting the actual wand on you. i was just always told, especially mascara, never, ever,
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now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00 a.m., 4 neighbors dead and a community in disbelief. what they're revealing about the case. we want to check in with news4 aaron gilchrist. he took part in a sleep out to benefit covenant house. good morning, good to see you. how did it go? >> you know, i think it went pretty well. we got up a little after doing a debrief from the night. it wasn't as cold as it could have been which is a good thing but i can tell you there were a lot of opportunities for reflection on what homeless youth have to deal within this town. we'll talk to a redskins player who was part of our group. we'll hear from him in just a minute. >> important conversation, important cause. we'll check back with you in just a bit. i'm eun yang.


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