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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 20, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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fedora, that's what all of us are going to be dealing with today. good sunday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. we have more about this. we know we've got a big game tonight. what's going on, tom? >> you're going to need your thermal socks too, to keep your feet warm. we've got temperatures be i this evening for the game down to 40 degrees. right now we're hovering to around 40 degrees. it's a weather alert day due to strong w the waters there at national harbor. that's a live view of the camera at prince george's county. the wind is coming down the potomac at 40 miles an hour and can current wind gusts. 44 miles an hour. they're going to be increasing these wind gusts as we get into the afternoon hours. the feels like temperature with the winds, it only feels like around 30 degrees even though the temperature now is near 40. a look at your thanksgiving day
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>> tom, thank you very much. we have breaking news. the search continues for just one of four missing fishermen. one man was found around 9:00 this morning and taken to the hospital. crews have also found the bodies of two more fishermen. police got a mayday call around 5:00 last night that the fisherman's boat sank. we're going to send out an alert once the final fisherman is located. >> the familiars are out now at a home in fairfax county where a e it's not too far from lease pike. there's more on the ongoing investigation. what have we learned, derrick? >> we're in the 6300 block of villa lane. as you can see here, this house is pretty heavily damaged by the fire. now, the occupant os testify house did manage to get out. two animals did perish unfortunately. the investigation continues as to what caused this fire.
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the homeowners are actually grateful to the fairfax fire didn't with the speeds they've got out here. of course, when you have high winds, high winds can also be a bigger problem because the wind quite literally fans those flames, this fire actually broke out at about 5:29. that's when the fire department got here. there were flames showing from the house. they'd issues with the attic as well. they did manage to get the flames knocked down. no one was injured the investigation continues into what caused this fire. the crews have left the scene but the investigation continues as to exactly what caused it. we're live in falls church, derrick ward, "news4." a fire crew battling this massive blaze. it broke out this morning at 2:30. that's in the great falls area. no word on the injuries or cause of this fire. this morning a young woman
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will i hurt after branch hit her early yesterday afternoon. montgomery county fire officials say she was walking in the woods behind the cabin johns shopping center when the wind brought it doubt. you can keep up with the forecast minute by minute on our nbc washington app. well, new developments right now from that fairfax county fire that we first told you about yesterday morning. a manhunt is under way to find a person that they say, police say, set a woman on fire. now if you can. this is lewis rueter. he's the man fairfax county police are looking for. they say he set a 64-year-old woman on fire at their home on keeler court after an argument. she was badly burned and rushed to the hospital. police want people to be careful if they do spot rueter. >> considering what we think he did at the home, i would say, yes, of course, he's a dangerous person. in terms of an overt threat to
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folks to use caution. i certainly don't want them to approach him. if they see him, call us and let us know where. >> police say they have responded to this home, the couple's home before for a domestic issue. >> time right now, 10:04. president-elect has meetings today. eh's expected to meet with chris christie and rudy giuliani. he's very busy. he'see call"ing for the cast of "hamilton" to apologize to mike pence for their behavior. >> reporter: the trump transition kicking into gear over the weekend. meeting with a half dozen people as he tries to round out his administration. amorn them former governor of massachusetts mitt romney.
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trump is a phoney, a fraud. >> reporter: romney has been mentioned as a potential pick for secretary of state but trump advisers characterize the meeting as an exchange of ideas. >> i appreciate the chance to meet with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> reporter: he's been coy about whether more announcements are imminent. several more meetings are new jersey governor chris christie and former new york mayor rudy giuliani. despite the busy schedule he tweeted the cast of the broadway musical "hamilton." governor mike pence attended the show friday night. from the stage the cast urged pence to represent all americans. >> we, sir, are a diverse america who are alarm and
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us. >> reporter: trump tweeted that they harassed him. the cast replied that conversation isn't harassment. well, it was a chaotic scene as people protested against a meeting of white nationalists. the group meeting inside the national policy institute has been labeled a hate group and is part of the movement. d.c. mayor muriel bowser spoke on it. >> it's alarming to see and i actually think it represents our country going backward, not forward, or it may mean that simmering tensions are now -- people feel emboldened to demonstrate some long held beliefs. >> well, one man was bloodied in a clash with protesters. police took at least two people
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no arrests were made. be sure to catch "meet the press" later this morning. chuck todd will talk with two leading democrats about their path forward. he will also speak with president-elect donald trump's incoming staff reince predisand we will speak with chuck in less than ten minutes on the transition. turning to the funnies in politics. alec baldwin has returned to reprising his role as donald trump. >> he's good at it. baldwin gave his version of the president-elect starting with his version of isis. >> google what is isis. oh, my, 59 million results. siri, how do i kill isis?
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>> the writers also poked fun at trump's meeting yesterday with mitt romney but they also say this moment between the fake trump and fake mike pence. >> sir, being president is not going to be easy, but we'll get through it if we work hard together. >> thank you, mike. oh, and, mike, you're going to do everything, right? >> yes, sir. donald trump reacted to "snl" this morning tweeting that it is, show, nothing funny at all. equal time for us? alec baldwin responded, election is over. you try to be president and people respond that is it. my goodness, the back and forth on twitter. at least it is interesting. >> people are taking a sigh of
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four years. >> he's so good at it. >> it's cold, but it's the wind you're going to have to watch out for on this weather alert day. tom is tracking how you can be prepared. >> developing right now, many than 100 people killed, many more injured. the massive search and rescue as
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one and lift-off. >> that's the brand-new high-tech tool that's going to bring you more accurate forecasts. nasa launched the satellite. it's the most advanced weather satellite ever. it helps them see snowstorm, hurricane, and severe weather. the mission is part of an $11
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also save lives. >> very cool. developing right now in india, an awful story. about 100 people killed after a horrific train crash. the 14-passenger car actually rolled off of the track. more than 150 were injured as railcars crumpled as they crashed into other, trapping others inside. rescue workers had to use cutting devices to try to pull survivors out. >> a conflict with added controversy. the religious figure with new power from pope francis publicly challenged the vice president-elect. >> and it is a "storm team 4" weather alert day. tom is tracking a major cold front and what we can expect for
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in the 20s. temperatures will make it into 3:00 or 4:00 and right back to 40 degrees by early evening and for the game tonight at fedex field, it will be cold. the winds will be diminished, but they'll still be gusting at 30 miles an hour. it will feel like the 20s through the game under a mostly clear sky. thanksgiving day forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you, tom. donald trump's presidential election transition is kicking into high gear. >> it sure is.
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publicized meeting with mitt romney yesterday. joining us to break it all down, chuck todd with "meet the press." >> the meeting went well. i'm told it went very well. they met for over 90 minutes. a tour of the world. mitt romney giving his take on various hot spots. he wasn't offered any job, they didn't talk about it specifically, but it was the elephant in the room. the wait was described to me, look, he's a giuliani is still a front-runner in donald trump's mind. that's the thing. they're trying to give out the illusion that, hey, they want to reach out to some critics. i think part of what the romney meeting may have accomplished is giving the good housekeeping seal of approval for establishment republicans who may have been reluctant to join in the second or third tear of the trump administration to say, hey, it's okay. that may be more important to
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romney in the cabinet. >> but romney has signaled if they could get on the same page, it would be something he wouldn't rule out. you know in 2012 when romney ran, the economy was one of his strengths. could he perhaps be in an economic position? >> look. you could make an argument that the treasury secretary is a better place for mitt romney given his background and his that. but i don't -- but that's going to be the problem. i think ultimately donald trump ran against the world views of romney both on the economy, on free trade, for instance, and on foreign policy when it comes to, say, russia. look, i don't think they can get their world views aligned, and i don't know if romney is going to feel comfortable basically changing his perception of putin or changing his views on free trade. 's the issue. >> really quickly, there's a
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did you see this? melania and barron might not move to the white house? >> he may want to finish schooling. look. this is about what any parent needs to deal with, what school is best for them and she toured st. aubin's when she was here. in the first six months it's obamas, whether they move their kids in the middle of a school year or not. what happens when you have school aged kids. >> overall we know when it comes to the playbook they haven't done things exactly like the people before them. >> all right. thanks for stopping by, chuck. a reminder youing can watch "meet the press" every sunday after "news4." packers? >> i can't wait.
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here? i think it's a parkers game. the packers have to win. go, pack, go. >> we'll see. archbishop william tobin is welcoming his support for welcoming immigrants into his home state of indiana. tobin said the church has four difficult years ahead over the refugee issue over a donald trump administration. he publicly challenged mike pence over his order as governor of indiana in helping his state. >> i have a lot of faith in the american people and i think the greatest gift that the catholic church can do is to put a face on refugees because every catholic traces his origin to an immigrant or refugee.
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reset. tu statsz for over a century. we're about 11 minute as i way from the half hour, and a cool front is bringing gusty wind our way and really the brrr factor. >> i blame chuck stod who brought green bay weather our way. apparently he's a green bay fan. >> he is. >> keep up with the changes on our nbc washington achlt today is a weather alert day because of the strong winds. no doubt you're hearihe your neighborhood. there's the bright sun gleaming off the potomac river from the horizon. live view from our storm teemt 4 tower camera overlooking washington on this sunday morning. the clouds are racing through on winds that are gusting as much as 40 to 50 miles an hour now. temperatures are climbing into the 40s. reagan national is at 44 degrees. all these areas in the area, most of maryland, eastern, west virginia and a high wind warning.
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along the ridges and the shenandoah valley national park over west virginia. locally we'll have gusts of winds up to 50 miles an hour. may cause tree damage and spotty power outages as well. the latest wind gusts are around 40 to 50 miles an hour. winchester had a gust or 45, reagan national, 33. noontime temperatures staying in the upper 40s during the afternoon. strong winds and sunshine. blustery and cold tonight. back down to around 40 around much of the region. by much of the region, it will be the mid-30s. you need to layer up. we'll have blustery winds tomorrow. dry roads for the commute tomorrow for a noontime lunch hour and the late afternoon commute will be in the 40s. during the day on tuesday will be up near 50 degrees and the mid-50s on wednesday. good travel weather and sprinkles on thanksgiving morning drying out after that into next weekend. >> thank you, tom.
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nasa astronaut nancy whitson is breaking barriers. she's the oldest besides john
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something you don't see every day. a 55-year-old college football running back. >> definitely not. south carolina state's joe thomas sr. made history yesterday by appearing in his first ever collegiate football game at 55 years old. he's believed to be the oldest college football player to ever see playing time in a game. a chance to take the field on the college state had been joe thomas sr.'s dream for a while now and in the closing minutes of south carolina state's game against savannah state, his dream came true. >> i felt young. i know i'm 55. >> he needs a couple aspirin this morning. tom took a hand-off. he gained three yards. his team won, 32-0 over the tigers. very cool. today nc 4 is working for you in the community to make sure you have a warm thanksgiving meal. >> once again we're teaming up
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georgetown university hospital. we want to feed more than 4,000 families here at home. to help out, you can stop by our storm ranger truck at the redskins game. head over to gate h where we'll collect any canned or boxed good items you have. you can drop them off all day tomorrow. all right. time right now, 10:26. here are the four things to know. at least 100 people are dead after a some 150 others were hurt. president-elect donald trump is holding meetings today. >> one roughed up in a clash with protesters while police officers took away at least two people in handcuffs. police say no arrests were made. fairfax county police want your help to find this man.
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woman on fire in a house yesterday on keel lore court. >> bad winds. >> not a good day for a combover. we're going have gusts of 50 miles an hour. it will feel like the 30s all day long. >> it's a day that calls for hot chocolate. >> and a fireplace. >> that's going to do it. we'll see you. "meet the agine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
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