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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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and expect to be a winning team. >> cris: and they're keeping the wall away from aaron rodgers. big difference, you can settle for a field goal if you had to. first, you have the get across midfield. >> mike: rodgers, retreating. nelson in the vicinity. >> referee: second town. pesten smith. most in a four-game span since 1958. we showed you the prelombardi days. the year before lombardi arrives
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packers. davante adams. almost turned it upfield. in washington territory, quickly at the 46 yard line. >> cris: you can see the confusion on the outside. kendall fuller, calling a time-out. that took a long time for davante adams get in there. never really looked himself last year. >> mike: 37 on the game. sua cravens was slow to get up for washington. that's why the game stopped for a moment. and the athletic training staff to get him, to be evaluated on the sidelines. >> cris: you have to go back to that decision by jay gruden to go for it, exactly -- you can just see. it's going to be difficult for his defense to ever stop aaron rodgers going this way. i'm sure that's why he did it. >> mike: with the three time-outs.
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score before the two-minute warning, leaving you some options. going to get the first score. montgomery, run down, as he gets around the 40 yard line. preston smith threw him down. retracing of the steps by smith. last the football. washington has it. recovered by will compton. that play looked promising for cook. he turned it upfield. the game's first turnover. will be a crushing blow. >> cris: what a play by josh norman. a right hook from josh norman that gets this thing out of there. look how happy he is.
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watch this right hook from norman. you got it. tillman, he's the guy that started doing it. teammates last year in north carolina. >> cris: got it out. saw his opportunity. tremendous play. >> mike: game's first turnover with 2:59 left. could spell the end of the night. could spell four-straight loses for jordy nelson and the packers. time-out on this side. trying to stop washington. trying to get the ball out from robert kelley, who gets to the 30 yard line.
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out. >> mike: on the field tonight, cousins, 375. tremendous quarterback rating, too. the max is 156.3. he's right under 146 right now. crowder and garcon, each over 100 yards, two of the three touchdowns thrown by kirk cousins. >> cris: and half a yard away from the fourth touchdown pass there. what a play by josh norman. their defensive coordinator was million contract, he went in and said, when are we going to see you again? he said, when otas start. never missed one the entire time. set the standard from that day one, for that entire defense. >> mike: kelley up the middle, with a ton of room. inside the 20.
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line. 77 yards. longest run of his rookie season. >> cris: you just have to feel a little bit. they are down to their third and fourth team linebackers in there, as well. nsekhe comes up with the big block. and for the washington redskins, they are starting to feel it, aren't they? i mean, this is -- i know the green bay packers are struggling. but this is a huge win for this organization. >> mike: it's one they almost had to have because of the stretch. the defense has been formidable. a short week. a tight turnaround from sunday night on the road at dallas. how great the cowboys are this year. and the history legacy of that rivalry. this is one you almost had to get to give yourself a chance.
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here, throwing the ball all over the park, 355 and 3 touchdowns, huge win for them, if they xloez it out. >> mike: kelley is going to get the payoff with another rushing penalty flag on the play. kelly's third rushing touchdown of the night will stand up. what a story this guy is, too, chris. >> cris: the center, spencer, long. here's a guy that thought he might end up in medical school. dad's a surgeon.
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but right now, only thing he's carving up is the green bay packers. >> referee: number 95. a 15-yard penalty, enforced on the kickoff. touchdown. >> mike: and jones after the play. jones, after the score. >> cris: right there. >> mike: the foot, nsekhe on the helmet. stepped on him. that could follow with an envelope from the league office. 42-24, washington.
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>> cris: and the cupboard was bare. you have to say that about the green bay packers. you can't lose your top two cornerbacks, top two linebackers and have clay matthews playing on a bum leg. >> mike: there's sonny jergenson in the radio booth. we were talking. it's been a few years since you were here. i've seen a lot of them.
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if they do, one of the few nfl teams we've seen a lot of shots of the booth. bobbing his head to "jump around." >> cris: if he does, we will have the shot of the year. come on, daniel. >> mike: the kickoff will come from midfield from the 15-yard penalty. the washington win will move them to 6-3-1, a half-game behind the giants. used to play for the redskins, mark murphy, in the role of president/ceo of the packers. thompson, mike mccarthy. not going to be the greatest thanksgiving week in green bay. the packers pick up the pieces and find some bodies to play.
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philadelphia, to play the eagles on monday night. >> cris: it's difficult for anyone to pin this on aaron rodgers. he was fantastic. this offense did their job. they scored at least 25 in all of the three losses, sitting there at 24. they had simply run out of bodies on defense. i've seen it happen in the nfl, a few times. you get pounded at one position. you can't overcome it. there aren't any bodies on the street. >> mike: the backup quarterback this off. second-year man out of ucla. they took him in the fifth round last year. finally got in the game. four snaps against the titans. left ucla with their touchdown passing record. 75. number three to scott tolzien last year. 42-24. washington on its way to win six
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welcome. hi. today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed high strength steel bed of the chevy silverado, to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. wanna grab that empty toolbox for me? let's start here with the aluminum bed. (crashing noise) that's a big hole. huuuge. we got swiss cheese for a truck here. i'm curious to see if that will do the same thing with the chevy. well let's find out. same spot, same angle, same empty toolbox. (crashing noise) took it way better. the steel held up. >> mike: last two minutes in
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42-24. the packers not only look at the defeat, but trying to find the bodies who can play on the defensive side of the ball. they go to philadelphia, as mentioned. and a couple of home games, with houston and the division leader for the moment. and then, seattle. the seahawks looked like they're catching a good run. and russell wilson and company, back at it again today n and whitner makes the tackle. >> cris: how much does it mean? that's what i keep thinking here. how significant is this for washington? i know we have a depleted green bay packers team. but they've started something for them. >> mike: incomplete to jared cook.
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michele will talk to the players own the field. bob costas will join us. and we'll look to a busy week. the thanksgiving night game, the steelers and colts. and sunday night, kansas city in denver. the broncos were off this week. we'll look ahead to that on the postgame. off of the hands by montgomery.
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to wrap up this victory. they lost to green bay in the playoffs. they will circle back. don't want to tug on superman's cape too hard. >> cris: i'll tell you who is superman tonight. that guy, for one. kirk cousins was fantastic. so was aaron rodgers. but the mvp of this game, jay gruden. that decision to go for it there, honestly, could be one of those season changers. you're telling your team, i going to put -- if i don't get this, and we lose this game, i'm going to get destroyed. they're going to destroy me. he goes for it. gets it. they score a touchdown, it is a huge decision for this entire season. >> mike: you're going to give the ball to aaron rodgers,
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>> cris: bold. >> mike: it worked. long-time coach and scout for the 49ers, buccaneers, along the way, among other teams. a coach at notre dame, as well. an assistant. and he sometimes has a hard time watching the game, gets so nervous. will take a talk around. checks in every once in a while, see how his son's team is doing. mr. gruden, your son's team did pretty well tonight. a chance to watch them get win six here on the season. >> cris: it was fun, michael. enjoyed it. see you on turkey day. >> mike: you're going to let me come back? i will be back for the postgame after costas does his hit. i'll be around. 42-24. kirk cousins gets applauded and deservedly so, with his tremendous performance. green bay packers have lost four
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> washington wins it, taking a 6-3-1 to dallas, for a thanksgiving day game, against the cowboys who are 9-1.
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losing streak, they've allowed nearly 40 points per game. the game balls go to kirk cousins, who had a tremendous night. 21 for 30. 375 yards. three touchdowns, no picks. and the rookie running back, rob kelley, who carried 24 times for 13 yards and scored three times. that pair is with michele. >> thank you, bobble. kirk, you have the most 300-yard passing games in redskins history. you seemed unphased. how come? >> it was tough. but we had guys with great separation all night. crowder, or jordan reed, guys made plays and made a big difference. credit the whole offense. and great play calling put me in a great position. >> michele: you had fourth and inches, inside your own territory. and, coach gruden said, let's go for it. what did you think of the call?
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the guys up front did a great job on the way. in a game like this, against a team with a great quarterback, you have to go for things like that. >> a win over green bay. what does this win tell you about the direction of this team? >> they're all their own entity each game. but obviously, they're still good right now. going to dallas, playing at their best right now. they don't get easier from here. we got everything we want in front of us. and we can go get it. >> you hinted you're an emotional guy. >> i try not to ride the roller coaster right now. never got too high or low. try to stay the course and be boring. >> congratulations. >> thank you, michele. >> let's turn to fat rob, robert kelley. i saw a bunch of your teammates surrounding you saying, that's how you run. what does it mean to carry the load the way you are? >> i feel good to put the team on my back for those guys.
11:52 pm
a job. guys put me out in front. >> let me tell you something, you are the third undrafted rookie in nfl history to have three-straight games, of 20-plus carries. when you hear that fact, what goes through your mind? >> let me know i have a great coaching staff and gm and those that believe in me. when guys give me a chance, i want to be here. i love the guys on the top floor and my teammates give me a chance. >> your teammates and your how much fun are you having out there? >> i'm having a lot of fun. crowder for give megaa touchdown. >> congratulations, rob. >> thanks. if a rookie can't have fun on a night like this, well over 100 yards and 3 scores, he's never going to enjoy himself. let's bring in coach, tony dungy. what does the outcome mean for these teams going forward? >> i think we saw it in the shots of the sidelines at the end of the game.
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they have a lot of people involved. kirk cousins is playing tremendous football. and they have so much confidence going into dallas thursday, as well as dallas is playing. they'll be ready to go. and i like where they are. put themselves right in the wild card hunt. on the other side of the field, in green bay, things are dire right now. defensively, they have so many ri no running game. it all falls on the passing game. i don't see how they can make a playoff run, in the situation they're in right now. >> tony, thanks. now, two games back of the lions and the vikings in the division. we go to mike florio, the bengals lost to the bills, 16-12. it's beginning to found like they lost a lot more than that, right? >> that's right, bob. earlier, they lost a.j. green to
11:54 pm
he will have an mri on monday. but the bengals are saying they fear he will not be able to play again this season. and then, late in the game, an injury that no one realized happened at the time. running back giovani bernard ended up injuring his knee. he reportedly has a torn acl. and he is done for the year. and the bengals, apparently, are done for the year, as well, bob. >> bad news all around in cincinnati. you can catch mike tomorrow morning on "pro football talk live" from 7:00 to 9:00, with followed by "the dan patrick show" from 9 sclook to noon. mike and cris will wrap it up after this. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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okay, just a few more steps... door! it's cool get the iphone 7 on s and unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have direct. welcome back to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> impressive win for
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nice catch. and tonight, catch column for the career numbers. we go to indianapolis for thanksgiving. big wins for the steelers and the colts, setting up an important game with 5-5 each. >> you're saying these teams are.500. but it is a huge game, as we look down the stretch. pittsburgh and baltimore slugging it out. and indy are thinking back to a game they had in houston earlier this year. that got away from them, that could have made things different here, too. but quarterback match-up like this, and we've seen ben roethlisberger, with ten touchdown passes in the last two times he's played against indianapolis. so, maybe one of the shoot-out games, something like what we saw here tonight. >> good thanksgiving. minnesota/detroit will be good. dallas and washington. and we'll have this one on nbc. and sunday night, we head out to denver to watch kansas city and denver. disappointing to lose to tampa today. but these two teams with the raiders, all bunched together.
11:58 pm
this could go a long way to determining that. >> there's no question. and everybody understands it now, right? these are the denver broncos and that great defense. and they're being challenged unlike what they've been in the past. you can't forget a team like san diego. they're a tough out going down the stretch. so, going to be exciting stretch run. and you know what i think. the season starts at thanksgiving. we'll kick it off on thursday. >> look forward to thanksgiving dinner. great being with you. >> it was fun. >>am to everyone, with the crew, 42-24. just outside our nation's capital tonight, big win for washington. up next, except on the west coast, it's your local news. leading the great sunday night team in the truck, with bob costas, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, good night from landover. big one for washington. and thanks for watching "sunday night football." see you on thanksgiving,
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nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league.
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i'm jason pugh. the redskins win a high-scoring affair. we'll break down the game and have reaction from players and coaches from fedex field. and right now i'm tracking wind gusts around 30 miles an hour. coming up in my forecast, how long these strong winds last and what it means for your monday. i'm darcy spencer in montgomery county. fierce winds caused damage throughout the metro area.
12:02 am
it is a huge night of news, and we have team coverage on the two big stories. in just a moment, we're going to check in with news4 sports onned redskins big win, but we want to start with storm team4's weather alert. thanks for staying up with us, everybody. i'm erika gonzalez. amelia draper has been telling you about the potential danger for these strong winds. sunday we found out just what she has been talking about. take a look at reports of wind damage throughout our region. but there was also another threat. that wind combined with the dry air and the lack of rain contributed to brush fires. so you had smoke in the area making it really tough for a lot of people to get around. amelia draper joining us now with what you should expect when you wake up in the morning. >> well, erika, just ten minutes ago, the national weather service extending the wind advisory until 6:00 a.m. on your
12:03 am
tonight but throughout the day tomorrow. just below that wind advisory. we'll continue to deal with the wind chill factor and also any brush fires that get started will continue to be able to unfortunately spread very easily. so here's the latest on the wind advisory. everybody in brown under this until 6:00 a.m. wind gusts at times over 40 miles an hour. we're going to continue to track the potential for some minor damage, especially to area trees as well as some spotty power outages. throughout the day tomorrow, 25. what does that mean for you? it's going to feel like temperatures are in the teens and 20s during the morning hours. take a look here. this is tuesday. it's still breezy. it's not until wednesday when the winds aren't a problem. coming up in my full forecast in 15 minutes, i'm going to let you know just how chilly it will feel for the kids at the bus stop and also taking a peek ahead to thanksgiving. but for now, we go live to darcy spencer, who is in kensington
12:04 am
>> reporter: amelia, we're here on kensington parkway in montgomery county. it sure is cold out here, and we're still getting those wind gusts. take a look down the street here. you can see the utility companies are still here working on the power poles, trying to restore power to this neighborhood. damaging winds blew threw the d.c. area, downing trees and power lines and stoking brush fires. thousandsf many noticed the drop in temperature. the windchich, and the wind gusts, up to 55 miles an hour. >> yesterday we didn't need a jacket in the morning, but, well, after last night, it's the opposite. it's too cold, too fast. >> reporter: here in kensington, power crews will be working through the night to replace a utility pole. wind downed the pole, causing
12:05 am
neighborhood including a nearby shopping center. 140 residents at kensington house apartments are spending the night without power. >> we've been very steady all day long with power lines down, some branches, trees here and there. >> reporter: this is twitter video from stringtown road in damascus. a barn caught fire. winds caused the flames to spread to the woods. a large tree fell on a car on tuckerman lane in bethesda. fortunately the driver wasn't hurt. kevin guzman and his these cold temperatures are keeping them busy. >> we're getting a lot of reports of broken down cars with battery issues. you're getting too cold, so the lines are freezing up. cars won't start. >> reporter: the metro area is under a fire warning. dry, windy conditions have increased the risk for brush and wildfires. now, d.c. water is reporting a 12-inch water main break along connecticut avenue between van


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