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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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secretary of defense and nbc news director of national intelligence. ryan moore is on capital hill with the latest. >> reporter: the transition team says president-elect trump is ahead of the pace by his predecessors but he's not going to rush to fill his cabinet. the cabinet candidates parading through trump tower are sli president-elect. >> i'm not competing with anybody. i think i'm the best person. there's some tremendous people out there. >> reporter: scott brown wants to run veterans fairs. mary was a little more low key. >> i wasn't offered a position. it was just an initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> reporter: a bernie backer said her sit down focused on syria but also interviewed rick
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weekend get together with mitt romney. >> went great. >> president-elect trump has been doing a flurry of non-stop meetings and needs time to reflect and discuss on the many different people from diverse backgrounds he's met over the last two weeks. >> reporter: that includes members of the news business. as donald trump prepares to take over the white house, there's growing concerns about his business empire and conflicts of interest. whether it's possible to their brand. there's a vivid example of that problem the trump international hotel. it's now the place to stay for diplomats who hope to curry favor with the new president. >> reporting from capitol hill. thank you. it may be some time before we see a first family live flg the
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january. transition officials say the trumps do not want to uproot their 10-year-old son in the middle of the school year. the future first lady and baa ron will remain in new york until june. mr. trump has four adult children from previous marriages. it's been a long time since the first lady did not move immediately into the white house with the president. benjamin harrisson wife had not arrived when he was inaugurated in 1841. he died one month later. jane arrived in washington after her husband's inauguration in 1853. she was grieving the loss of her son. >> our coverage of the presidential transition continues online. we have a question of whether a wave of new residents moving into the seat when trump moves into the white house. our web team looked at the data
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to read our story, search trump's impact on d.c. weather, high winds and dry conditions making for a dangerous combination across our region. threat isn't over yet. we have team coverage. let's start with doug in storm center four. >> you mentioned the dangerous that does not get help when you talk about the winds. we saw winds gusting up to 30 and 40 miles an hour. those are starting to come down. 21 miles an hour the current wind. not a lot of wind gusts down to the south. still, the wind chill, such a factor tonight as it was last night and all day today. wind chill 29 in baltimore.
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winchester. we'll talk much more about what you can expect tomorrow morning. i have the thanksgiving holiday forecast. see you back here. >> thanks. an example of the dangers that he was talking about. neighbors are stepping in to help a family who lost everything in a fire. it happened early this morning on largo road. the family got out safely but they left with only the clothes on their back at the time. warning from fire officials during the cold winter months. >> reporter: the wind is starting to die down in comparison to what it's like today. it's extraordinary cold and still very dry. it's a good reminder that the conditions can be very
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haven't had any measurable rain in a long period of time. we have a lot of wind that will be fan the flame, so to speak. >> we all got out. try to find some of the other extinguishers but at that time it was entirely too much to handle. >> reporter: around 3:00 a.m. this morning, fire quickly spread through the home. >> i'm just trying to process right now and making sure my mom is okay. >> reporter: prince george fire spokesman said the ashes reignited in the high winds. >> we've seen fires start several days after someone thought they were cold enough to put outside or into the trash and with these types of winds, it doesn't take much to get them hot again and ignite a fire. fireplace ashes are something that need to be put into a metal container with a lid. put some water into that container and move it away from anything that can burn, that
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>> reporter: a brush fire off quickly spread. it was helped by high winds. >> utility lines blew down and started a brush fire. >> reporter: it's a reminder of how things can change. >> make sure you extinguish your secret in a proper container and don't flick it out into the garden or the grass. >> reporter: very go injured and any of the situations that we have seen here with the fires propelled by winds in the last two days here in prince george county. a good reminder from the fire department, smoke detectors save lives. now to the search for answers following the death of the young man who worked for the democratic national committee.
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july. his parents renewed the call for clues to help solve the case. >> reporter: hi. seth worked for the democratic party but now his family is being represented by a republican lobbyist. they are calling it a bipartisan effort. that lawyer told us today he plans to take an unusual step to try to figure outwh murder victim seth rich plans to stage a reenactment of the crime. experts will be involved this piecing together the moment before the shooter. >> i believe in reenactments. i think they're a strong way not just to engage the community but to really bring forth and attract information and new information. >> reporter: rich was a staffer for the democratic national committee. he was shot and killed in the bloomingdale neighborhood in
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robbery. >> we have to make this safer. you have two people that shot my son twice in the back. >> reporter: rich's parents handed out flyers in the neighborhood. they held a press conference hoping to draw renewed interest and leads in this unsolved case. rich's mom compared herself to a mother bear. >> you don't get between a mother and her cub. my cub is dead. >> reporter: since rich's murder case. some suggesting he may have been involved in the wikileaks release of the hillary clinton e-mails. something the family says is not true. >> you can't defend a lie. >> reporter: he's representing family for free and putting up $100,000 of his own money toward the reward fund. >> to see the democratic representative and a republican
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pleased this is what the country is made up of coming together when there's problems. >> reporter: i did check in with d.c. police today. they were not part of this press conference. they answered me in an e-mail saying we have no additional updates and this remains an active investigation. back to you. we are learning to build a new bridge over the potomac two-mile long harry nice bridge. that project will cost $765 million. the new bridge will have four lanes of traffic and a pedestrian path. construction is now set to begin in 2020. with a completion date of 2023. current bridge will be torn down once the new one is open. expected drunk driver hit a
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night. the trooper was monitoring traffic when the car hit him. the accident underlies a serious safety issue that officers face every day on the job. we take a closer look at the issue. >> since i was younger, i wanted to be a police officer. >> reporter: for many law enforcement officers, serving the public is a passion and that's true for officer jackson. >> you think more about somebody trying to get you, the bad guys. >> rert for troopers are traffic stops. since january, 15 maryland state troopers have been struck while on 495. >> this is the worst year we've had in this region and across the state. >> reporter: the latest incident was sunday evening. his trooper was near route 45 monitoring traffic when another car hit the cruiser. >> sitting there, you see the car northbound. it goes off the roadway and
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43-year-old christopher howard. trooper flowers knows what's that's like because he's been struck twice. >> i was lit on the side of 495. a tractor trailer. he fell asleep. get over a lane. if you can't get over, slow officers shot across three states in a 24-hour span. new concerns over metro's newest rail car. why some say the sophisticated trains are confusing some operators and what metro plans to do about it. putting the brakes on dangerous driving near schools. we'll tell you about a controversial plan in one county and how it could have an impact your commute.
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if you'd like to help text nbc4 dc to 56512 to make a donation or call our volunteers at
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targeting police officers from three different states. four officers were shot. one of them is dead in an ambush style attack. >> reporter: police in san antonio say they will not rest until the gunman who shot and killed the police officer is in custody. the victim, 50-year-old was ambushed writing a routine traffic ticket yards from headquarters. the gunman pulled up, got out and shot him. >> i think the uniform was the target. anyone who happened along was the person he targeted. >> reporter: police are searching for this man. seen briefly entering police headquarters sunday morning. several hours before the shooting. it's still unclear why he was there. they are also searching for the
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shooting. >> we consider the suspect to be dangerous both to the police and to the public. >> reporter: sunday was an incredibly violent day for law enforcement across the country. four officers shot in four separate incidents. in st. louis an officer has been treated and release from the hospital after being shot twice in the face. police are calling it an ambush. the suspect was later killed in a shoot out with police. two other officers were shot outside of kansas city. both suffered non-life threatening injuries. as the search intensifies in san antonio, the city is mourning the loss of one of its police officers gunned down in a cold-blooded killing. french authorities say they have prevented another terrorist attack. they arrested seven people yesterday. the suspects are of french,
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two of the arrests were made in marseille and the other in strasbourg. the mayor of strasbourg said his city was not the target. he said the plots were centered on the paris region. firefighters say it's a good reminder never to flick a cigarette into mulch or potting soil near your home. something that small could start a fire that we have incredible video showing how quickly the external fires can move. >> local fire chief say they are seeing more and more of what they call external fires or fires that start on the outside of your home and crawl up the side of your house before engulfing your attic. there was a two-year, million
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him to help figure out how to fight this type of fire. he explained why they can become so dangerous. >> typically there's not smoke alarms or sprinklers in that attic space. you can have a fire overtop of your celling and not realize it's there. >> they are seen homes start to collapse in as little as ten minutes after the initial call. there are certainyp building material like brick, stone and stucco that when combined with certain type of insulation can vary dramatically. >> thank you. we go to doug now in the weather center with more on
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the high winds are causing some dangerous conditions out there. >> we saw power outages across our region. we saw the enhanced fire danger across our region today. the wind starting to calm. it will as we make our way through the night tonight. it will still be up there 10, 20 miles per hour. this is what we have seen up to the north. big time snow up there. this is around portions of new york. even parts of western connectic a foot of snow. biggest totals to the north of syracuse upwards of three feet of snow. that is the big storm. it's the same one that's brought us all this cold and this wind. we may not see until january. 41 degrees the current number. temperatures dropping through the night. we'll be down into the 30s by, probably, i got to lower those numbers. i think we'll be down to the 30s
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hour. that's the biggest wind gust. notice all the locations no longer reporting wind gusts. that's good news. we're seeing breezy conditions. that's what we'll see tonight. it's still producing wind chills in the 20s. 27 in frederick. now down to 37 down towards fredericksburg. a very chilly evening. a cold night. radar, nothing to show this our area. here is that storm well up to the h lake here. we make our way down into parts of new york. look at the poconos getting good snow. northern portions of jersey over connecticut. all seeing the lake enhanced snowfall. we're going to continue to see that there not only for the next 24 hours. we're still going to see rather breezy conditions because of that storm. by 11:00, look at our wind
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7:00 a.m., how about 18 in gaithersburg. kind of like what you saw early this morning. tomorrow afternoon, very similar. wind chills tomorrow afternoon only getting up into the mid-30s. some very cold air making its way in there for sure. we'll still hit a high of around 49. it will be mostly sunny, breezy and cold tomorrow. high temperatures on wednesday back to 51 degrees. thursday looking okay but shower, i'll talk much more about this coming up. saturday and sunday not looking too bad. a dry couple of days there. the only chance of shower, next chance will be next week. i'll talk more about the shower chance on your thanksgiving coming up at 6:45. >> look forward to it. thanks, doug. they say it's going to be the busiest travel week in nearly a decade. tell you what to expect as you're hitting the road or
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operators have a problem
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this is good news. there's still time to donate to our food for family drive. >> pat lawson is still standing going on 12, 14 hours now. you've been collecting donations all day out in the cold and the wind. packing up the cans. nbc 4 food for family is one of the stations biggest community projects of the year. it takes a lot of workers and volunteers to make this happen every year. we have to give a big shout out to the entire football team. the students dedicated most of
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of this operation. they've been there today sorting food and fixing up baskets to deliver to families in need this thanksgiving. military families, senior citizen, nonprofits and other agencies and needy families. our friends at radio one who are still with us, they have been with us here since first light this morning. they've t we've been doing this long time. it's never warm on this day. the out pouring of love keeps us warm. >> as far as people coming and giving out into the food and students coming out, giving a dollar out of their own pocket, i think it's phenomenal. i think people are doing a great job. they haven't forgotten. >> reporter: we're winding down here but the phone bank is up until 7:00.
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>> wonderful job. coming up, an american hero helping dozens of people fulfill an american dream. family of four is found dead in their home. we'll tell you what we're learning about the moments before that murder/suicide. a public health emergency declared in virginia. how the move will make it easier
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first some breaking news. at least two children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. the state highway patrol says 35 kids were on that bus from kindergarteners to fifth graders. this is a picture where the bus is on its side wrapped around a tree. it's not clear what caused the another vehicle was involved. some neighbors say they saw kids using the roof hatch to escape the bus. multiple fatalities after a school bus crashed in tennessee. we have learned the bus driver survived the crash. he's cooperating. the police are questioning him now. as soon as we get word of the latest status of the kids rushed to the hospital, we'll be sure to bring it to you.
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fleet of trains is causing confusion for some of the train operators. >> the computer screens in the 7,000 series rail cars are relaying information that operators say they can't figure out. >> reporter: a lot has been made about the rail cars than just how state of the art they are. could it be they are too state a possible failure to communicate. some operators are getting information from the train on their control screen that they don't understand. the most recent incident happened saturday night. a source said when the operator of the green line train received information he didn't understand, he called central control for an explanation but metro's central control didn't have an answer either. back when metro tested the train, officials admitted there were bugs.
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things that's not working correctly the way we want it to. that's part of why we test. >> reporter: testing the trains and having them on the tracks are two separate things. from a rider's perspective. >> i feel like most of the operators don't understand what the trains are saying. >> maybe metro should provide more employee training. when the employees are trained properly then they can handle the equipment. >> reporter: metro does have a class for new trains and says hundreds of operators have taken it. the transit agency since the 7ks entered service we have developed additional troubleshooting techniques that are specific to the 7ks. those lessons learned have developed into a new training module. some operators are rolling down the track without any idea what the train is saying. on the 7,000 series train, news 4. three people were seriously
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and a bus carrying seniors collided. nobody was wearing a seat belt in either of the vehicles. we still don't have word yet on what caused the crash. some chilling new details about the murder/suicide in stafford county, virginia last week. the virginia man, his wife and two daughters were all the head. the sheriff's department believes 35-year-old lance buckley shot his wife, his 5-year-old daughter and 17-month-old daughter last week inside their home. the sheriff's office says lance buckley called 911 to report the murder/suicide on thursday before he turned the gun on himself.
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became citizens today. >> i hereby declare on oath. >> reporter: 165 people took the oath toda from 143 countries. their first act as americans was to recite the pledge of allegiance. >> i was given a gift to become an american was something that changed my life. >> reporter: he was honored today as an outstanding american by choice. he won the medal of honor for his heroic actions fighting in afghanistan. >> this is unbelievable.
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every single day my life is a blessing. to come here and be part of this ceremony, let them know about my story and how that change midlife, that's just awesome. >> reporter: while our country considers the captain a hero, he thinks of himself as something else. >> i see myself as an american soldier who did his job. >> this is the greatest country in the world. u.s. citizens. >> i was waiting for this day. i'm not very happy. >> it feels great to be finally an american. >> reporter: first lesson for these new american, nothing is complete until the paper work is signed. >> congratulations. you can expect the roads to be packed as many head out for
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travel this career. 43 million of them will be driving. air travel will also be up compared to last year. >> oil prices are dropping. >> the airlines are predicting the busiest thanksgiving travel season in history. >> wednesday and sunday expect it to be the busiest travel days, thanksgiving day will be the l weather updates to help you while traveling. still to come, a plan to curb dangerous driving near school zones. i'll tell you why it could really slow down your commute. it's our food for teams drive. there's still time to donate. the volunteers are standing by. call them or next nbc4dc to help.
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it's going to be a cold one. 30s and 40s now. we still have a long way to go. my complete forecast, i'll see you next with the thanksgiving
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we want to check in one more time down at the verizon center. we've been collecting food all day for our food for families >> things are getting ready to wind down after 12, 13 hours. there's still plenty of ways people can contribute. >> reporter: that's right. before i tell you that, i want to tell you this. the wizards are about to play the suns. they came down to make donations. >> i'm glad to be where i can get back and put smiles on people's faces. >> i think it's important. we do a great job. our team does a great job
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thanksgiving is so important for all of us. >> reporter: a viewer who came all the way from bethesda sums up the whole food for family effort. she summed it up this way. >> there's so many hungry children in the district of columbia. i don't think people realize how big the need is. i've heard very large numbers and i think it's really important to feed and educate the c and give at home first. >> reporter: we want to thank all of those of you who have given your time, your dollars, your donations of food and there's still time to donate. call our phone bank. it's still open. you can always donate to nbc washington and thanks to everybody.
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herculian effort since 6:00 this morning. >> reporter: all for a good cause. >> thanks to everybody who donated as well. up next, the new leaders in virginia are taking in to fight opiod addiction. just ahead, maryland considering sweeping new law that could impact how fast you drive around local fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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you might have to slow down more when you drive near schools. maryland legislatures may reduce the speed limit to 15 miles an hour in the neighborhoods near schools. scott mcfarland joins us now. he's in bethesda.
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county roads like wittier could go down to 15 miles an hour during school hours. state highways like river road would not be impacted. to be clear, this law would span huge areas including two miles from some of the schools. christina morris was a sophomore walking the long walk to germantown when she was hit and killed. her mother says to absorb the loss. >> we're trying to get past it. getting out here talking about it, it gives me hope. >> reporter: the driver was not cited for a violation after the
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it would allow officials to reduce the speed limit to 15 miles an hour. one mile of every elementary school, mile and a half of every middle school and two miles of each high school. principal allen has been advocating for new safety measures and a traffic signal on a nearby road to slow dangerous driving near his students. he says the 15 miles an hour speed limit would work some, not all school buildings. >> on small out of way county roads. there's a lot of high schools that are located near major roads and have 15 miles an hour speed limit on those roads would create its own dangers and be a huge uproar. >> reporter: news 4 has learned the proposal does not have the support of police. a 15 miles an hour speed limit
6:48 pm
you have chance to weigh in public hearing now scheduled. live tonight, i'm scott mcfarland. back to you. >> thank you. virginia health officials have declared that common growing opioid addiction to be an emergency. there were prescription drug deaths in virginia last year. that's up from 541 in 2012. here with more about our weather, we're going back down into the deep freeze tonight, it sounds like. >> it's already really cold. wind chills down to 20 degrees in some locations. in the city close to 30 degrees. the cold is here. it's going to stay here for the next couple of days. nothing like what we saw yesterday and today. that was the coldest.
6:49 pm
region. doesn't look bad but then you put on something like this which is temperature is 41. that gives the wind chill 31 degrees at the airport. 37 degrees at twin brook. 38 in centerville and 41 over towards mt. vernon. we have new cameras. notice these today. they just noticed me too. night radar wise. we're not going to see any rain or snow. that allows us to really cool. this is cool in a completely different way. look at this lake effect snow just right across lake ontario. some locations have not picked up three feet of snow out of this. it's to our north. the poconos getting in on some of this.
6:50 pm
30 degrees tomorrow morning. wind chill around 20 in many areas. it's going to be freezing tomorrow morning. 42 at noon. 49 by 4:00 p.m. the next couple of days, 63 degrees on your wednesday. still rather breezy on wednesday. we get to thursday, high of 54. chance of showers on thanksgiving. back here with the live desk. we have just learned the man hunt is over for the suspect who shot a police detective in san antonio. moments ago the officers announced they have arrested a man named otis mccan. san antonio police detective benjamin marconi was in his patrol car. he was writing up a ticket.
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police are still working to try to determine a motive for
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love.
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. that was a heck of game. >> yes. >> it was a fun football game. >> it was. that moment was pretty cool too. a lot of people thought cousins was showing up the general manager. >> they had a lot of adrenaline going after a game like that. >> he deserves a long time contract. >> ruffling up his hair though. >> i love that.
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you can. >> that's all these years. >> you're supposed to be a little pumped up. >> i don't get the impression that he was bothered by that. >> i know. >> he loves the attitude, the fire. this sets up a huge game thursday. i remember the one, remember. they didn't win a game all year. that won't happen again. >> no. >> these are two of the best teams in the nfl besides the dallas cowboys. just one loss during that
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>> there might have been a passive aggressive shot in there. >> that's his thing though. he rubbed the owner's head. you're all right. no. your boss isn't really like a normal boss. not the office job where you have mr. bruce as the boss. it's jay and scott. >> why i think there was a statement in there is because then he walks into the tunnel total d do you like this now. how do you like this now? he calmed down. >> but he realizes is that spot in the tunnel that's where he makes news. >> are you done with trying to evaluate kirk cousins and his future? >> i was done last week. his control at the offense line of scrimmage, the tempo they run
6:57 pm
special. >> do you think it's scott that doesn't believe? >> i think they have a good relationship. they got the day off today. they get the game plan tomorrow. they don't have to practice. play another football game. not practice and play a football game. if you're looking at it, you say it's another buy we'll get another 10 days before we play another game. >> thank you so much for it. >> thanks chris and carol. the win last night had everybody
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breaking news tonight. school bus horror. several students killed, many injured, when the bus slammed into a house and wrapped around a tree, splitting it in half. we have a late report. manhunt for a killer. a police officer ambushed and assassinated, a deadly stretch for law enforcement. holiday week storm blanketing a big part of the country, threatening to make a travel nightmare for millions. beating black friday, skipping the crowds but not the savings. how those in the know are already getting big deals right now. and glory days, our monday inspiring america. the 55-year-old father who just made college football history, proving it's never too late to live your dream. "nightly news" begins


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