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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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storm team 4 is tracking the system. let's head to amelia draper in the storm center. how much rain's out there? >> well, wendy, really not a lot. that's the good news. anything that's falling is very light and there's not a lot of it falling. let's get right to radar to see what's going on. we're seeing the rain starting to push into the district right now. showers in loudoun county, through charles county. most of the rain, though, situated up in the panhandle of west virginia. and far western maryland. this pushing toward frederick. moving into hagerstown as well. wee scattered showers around for the evening hours but then overnight, i think we're going to be mainly dry. i want to take a closer look at the rain moving into alexandria and arlington, starting to push into parts of the district as well. as it leaves fairfax. notice how light it is. this all part of a larger system that's bringing some snow to areas of michigan and wisconsin and this is where we'll also pull more rain chances from for our thanksgiving tomorrow. more on that coming up in a
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right now, 50 degrees. we'll be in the 40s through the majority of the evening hours. scattered showers i think winding down by about 8:00, 9:00 p.m. but then more rain in the forecast tomorrow. i'll have that timing coming up at 5:25, jim. >> thanks, amelia. our other big story tonight, the big getaway. many of you are either heading out or are waiting for someone to arrive. >> we are in the thick of the holiday rush right now and depending on where you are, you might be in for a long ride. we have team coverage, let's begin with david c he decided to take chopper 4 tonight. he's over montgomery county. how's it look from up there? >> reporter: hey there, wendy and jim, yeah, pretty easy way to get around and for that reason, we've been able to cover a lot of ground. before i show you what we're looking at here, i want to tell you, we did manage to go by the springfield mixing bowl. all clear there. we also checked out the beltway past tysons. not bad at all. it looks pretty clear. however, what we're looking at here is quite a mess. i want to show you this, we were
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she tweeted me she had concerns because her daughter is making her way from cleveland. maureen, your daughter is going to see quite a mess in montgomery county, she's making her way on the beltway. this is the traffic headed into virginia. that is tysons out there. the traffic continues on the outer loop all the way up to tysons. and then you can see the traffic coming toward us headed on the inner loop toward frederick. quite a mess there. that's 270 making its way in down there. so it is a mess right now. it but it's been a messy morning commute for others, too. chopper 4 has been working overtime today. surveying the backup that stretched down the capital beltway. several vehicles wrecking and on one of the busiest travel days of the year. it delayed the freemans from kensington, maryland, as they head west toward strasburg, virginia. you were hoping by this point to have been a lot farther than you are now? >> yeah, like almost, you know, to front royal.
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and get over to the dulles access road and 28 and then out to here. >> reporter: we met them at the interstate 6 rest stop just before manassas. the place parked. not a parking spot open. >> thank goodness for traffic apps, we were able to see the road was actually closed and wasn't going to be opening for, like, 30 minutes. >> reporter: the freemans taking the time to stretch their legs
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the caffeine. >> yeah. really bad. >> reporter: as for the freemans, well, getting mandy back in the car proved a little challenging. >> mandy, over here. >> reporter: i mean, after sitting through all that traffic, do you blame her? back out here live in chopper 4, you can see what is a lot of congestion in this portion of montgomery county. as i said, maureen mentioned on twitter we should check out this area. if there are other trouble spots me. that's why we have chopper 4. we're able to show you this unique view and give you a feel for what traffic looks like when we're a few miles ahead of where you are. let me know what you're seeing, hoping to see and we'll check that out. ahead at 6:00, i want to show you how some folks are already thinking ahead to post-thanksgiving return home and how they're strategiing to avoid traffic then. we'll show you that, wendy. >> all right. they haven't even left and are already thinking about coming back. okay, thanks, david. >> reporter: i know.
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do you know this? that the day before thanksgiving is one of the worst drunk driving days of the entire year? some have dubbed it blackout wednesday. aaa and mothers against drunk driving say thanksgiving has overtaken new year's eve for the highest number of alcohol-related driving deaths. more than 400 people die in alcohol or drug-related crashes each year during the thanksgiving holiday weekend. >> young people coming home for thanksgiving tend to drink to excess, hence the name blackout wednesday or drinksgiving. >> well, that is why police in our area are going to be out in force tonight. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live in bethesda to tell us about this campaign, meagan? >> reporter: yeah, wendy, police officers tell us they've already deployed their officers all throughout the county and especially in areas right here
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couple of drinks. but earlier today, we spoke with an officer who shared his personal encounter with a drunk driver. and why he says this task force is so critical. drinking and driving is always a top priority for law enforcement officials, but this is the season where they see a spike in drinking-related accidents and deaths. >> you know, seeing, you know, torn families apart. >> reporter: like many officers, he has seen the devastating impact of drunk driving. after all, it was nearly a year ago when fellow officer noah leotta was struck and killed by an impaired driver and on saturday, peyton experienced what he describes as a close call. >> i did feel the impact, it was a jarring impact. >> reporter: he was hit by a drunk driver while assisting a woman whose car broke down on the side of the road. the suspect's kia slammed into
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parties and enforcing alcohol laws in the county. >> reporter: that also means checkpoints like these will be seen throughout the season and officers will be noticeable. to ensure your holidays stay happy, police are reminding the public that they'll be watching. yeah, and just within the last two minutes or so, we've already seen four officers just driving around the area here. so just another example of how these officers are really out in
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some folks who say they're changing their holiday plans because of blackout wednesday. back to you. >> all right, meagan fitzgerald. meagan, thankss so much. aaa projecting this to be the busiest travel weekend in almost a decade. right now, it's easy to see why. the roads and the skies are packed all over the country right now. here's how things are looking at this hour. >> reporter: planes. trains. and automobiles. as much a part of thanksgiving tradition as your grandmother's turkey and dressing. 49 million americans expected to be traveling this holiday weekend, the most since 2007. more than 43 million are going by car fueled in part by lower gas prices while millions more are packing the airports. lines extending from the tarmac to the terminal. traffic snarled into l.a.x. >> the airlines are predicting their busiest thanksgiving
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at boston's logan airport. lines snaking through the terminal at 5:00 a.m. >> last time we flew just about the same time and this line is so much longer than it was last year. >> way more. i was not expecting this many people this early. >> reporter: at chicago's o'hare, denver's stapleton international, more the same. travelers across the country being forced to arrive early and pack their patience. when you see a line like this, what are your thoughts? >> oh, no. >> are we going to catch our security administration has new procedures while amtrak added extra trains all in an effort to get travelers home for the holidays. nbc news. and president-elect donald trump continues to fill out his administration. >> a couple of big announcements today about who he wants in his white house. south carolina governor nikki haley is tapped to be the u.s. ambassador to the united nations.
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immigrants. she becomes the first woman appointed to a cabinet-level position. haley has little foreign policy experience. trump said he's impressed with her knowledge of global affairs. and trump named a second woman to his cabinet today. he picked billionaire philanthropist betsy devos to be his education secretary. she met with trump and vice president-elect mike pence sunday. devos spent millions lobbying for voucher programs for private schools. she's also a major gop donor giving money to carly fiorina and jeb bush during the primaries and then back in florida, senator marco rubio not backing trump. in a statement today, the president-elect called devos a brilliant and passionate education advocate. and trump loyalist ben carson tweeting today he'll have a role in the new administration. carson saying an announcement on how he'll help make america
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quote. the retired neurosurgeon has reportedly been asked to head the department of housing and urban development but no official confirmation from trump's transition team. already named to trump's team, if you're keeping track, stephen bannon, trump's controversial pick for chief strategist, reince priebus, his choice for chief of staff, alabama senator jeff sessions tapped for attorney general. congressman mike pompei you from kansas chosen for director of the flynn, trump's pick for national security adviser. his public feud with trump became a focal point of the presidential campaign. now the virginia father who lost his son in iraq is writing a book. khan is an immigrant from pakistan, he's best known for that speech at the democratic national convention in which he criticized trump's anti-muslim rhetoric and questioned whether or not he had ever read the constitution. randomhouse announced today it
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fall. a mess on the beltway after a box truck flips, landing on a man's car. the driver speaks only to news 4 describing what it was like as the truck came down on him. plus, the big step forward in the construction on the memorial for service members who fought in desert storm. and a thanksgiving to remember. his mom, her family doubling in size as she gets ready to take home identical triplets. and a little spark the best holiday light displays and posting that information on our nbc washington app. check it out during the break.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. a big step toward construction of a national memorial for men a storm. the u.s. interior department has formally approved locating the memorial on or near the national mall. and a big vote in congress could happen within a month. scott macfarlane joins us from the newsroom with what he learned. >> reporter: a $25 million memorial planned for hundreds of thousands who served in that war but needs several layers of federal approval before the shovels can hit the ground but there's movement. a letter released to congressional committees in recent days, the nation's
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area one near the national mall which includes much of the mall between the lincoln memorial and the capitol but includes part of the tidal basin and lady burke johnson park near the g.w. parkway. the u.s. senator who sponsored the bill to build the memorial says congress could give final approval to the site in december before the new congress takes over. he tells news 4 it's important the monument be as close to the mall as possible. >> we sent a very that, you know, the people that did participate, that we appreciate their service and sacrifice, particularly now having an all-volunteer army. >> reporter: what will the monument look like? some drawings show a massive curved wall that's made of kuwaiti limestone. the senate vote possible in mid-december. we'll keep you posted, wendy. >> thank you, scott. a special tribute for the man known as d.c.'s mayor for
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unveiled today at the congressional cemetery. after his death, barry's family formed a committee to plan a tribute. this unveiling marks the second anniversary of barry's death. he died from a heart attack at the age of 78. in news 4 your health tonight, cardiovascular disease the leading cause of death worldwide. now there's a new device that may prevent heart attacks. doreen gentzler with mo is one of the best methods we have to prevent deadly heart attacks and the fda approved a new device to accomplish that. >> what you're seeing here is an angiogram of our patient. see here the blockage, see it's pinched here. it was measured to be 70% narrower, 70% blockage. >> reporter: a 70% blockage can be dangerous. >> that can be developed to 90% and a full heart attack and if
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cause angina, chest pain at a minimal effort. this is why we try to fix it and open it up. >> reporter: here's how doctors open up a blocked artery. with a heart stint. this illustration from the american heart association shows how the stent is introduced through an artery in the groin or sometimes the wrist. after an angioplasty identifies the blockage, the narrow stent is made of metal mesh which expands to prop the artery open forever. >> probably six months. the artery heals. and now we're left with a stent because we can't pull it out. the patient don't need the metal for the rest of their life. >> reporter: the new stent approved by the fda in july gradually fades away and is absorbed by the body. >> it's made out of a kind of a plastic, and what's unique about this is within three to four years, it completely dissolved.
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vascular institute and medstar washington hospital center and was part of the research team that helped develop the stent. he says because of the time the stents take to dissolve, they are particularly good for younger patients. >> enable the arteries to return to their normal functionality and reactivity, however, patients should remember they have to watch their cholesterol, have to watch their blood pressure, their sugar, they have to be active. about 20 of these procedures so far. medstar washington hospital center is one of a handful of places in the country providing this right now. that number is expected to grow. wendy? >> all right, thanks, doreen. going to be a memorable holiday for one couple and their two children. they are adding three new members to their family. identical triplets. very rare. they were born in missouri earlier this month.
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to go home now just in time for thanksgiving. >> so i don't know, we'll have to play it by here and see how it goes. >> well, the couple says they were shocked when they found out they were carrying three children. or having three children. their doctor says this is only the second time he has seen identical triplets in 30 years. >> whoa. amazing. a warning tonight. if you make your holiday
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i'm continuing to track some scattered showers on storm also saying some sleet mixing in in spots. we've had reports of that happening around centerville. also around the lovettsville area, potentially frederick as well, looks like you're seeing a little bit of yellow and orange there. now the good news at the surface, we're well above freezing so we're only going to be dealing with wet roads and these showers widely scattered and i have to say, quickly moving out of the area generally toward the east. i want to take a look here, washington already drying out.
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making its way toward buoy within the hour. jumping ahead now, this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you're up early, starting to get thanksgiving dinner ready. and some showers are likely across the area. notice the green here. not necessarily the placement, but just the fact that there is is some scattered showers, otherwise cloudy skies. as we move toward 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. hour, widely scattered showers right here around howard and the baltimore metro area and down around fredericksburg. by 9:00 a.m., still showers but look at what happens once we hit noon. we're mainly dry, limited sunshine tomorrow afternoon. the afternoon and evening hours looking dry for thanksgiving. temperatures right now in the upper 40s and 50s. 50 degrees in washington. and tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., it's chilly. we're around 40 and, again, scattered showers during the morning hours. drying out as we make our way toward noon. at that point, 51. a high tomorrow of 54. so pretty similar to today.
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49 degrees. and as we take a look at your thanksgiving, heading to a turkey trot, a shower is possible. lauryn's going to have exactly what you can expect during the morning hours coming up at about 5:45. if you're deep frying the turkey, know a passing shower is possible as well. heading outdoors for football during the afternoon, looking good. and commute, if you're driving to see friends and family tomorrow, for the most part, the weather really is cooperating. as we take a look at the next ten days, black some sprinkles, otherwise mostly cloudy skies. and upper 50s, so warmer. saturday, we start off with clouds. we finish with sun. it's comfortably cool for this time of year. a high of 53. another crisp day on sunday. if you're traveling, travel weather looking good. not just here locally, but for the most part across the united states, and if you're visiting from out of town, welcome to washington. 51 for a high on sunday. mostly sunny skies. looking really nice. and then a pretty substantial
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into next wednesday. >> thanks, amelia. check these guys out. they're one of d.c.'s winningest teams, thanks in part to a special relationship with the d.c. police. >> they're fantastic. how their story can help -- how you can help them, too, as they try to make their game, to take it to new heights. we'll be right back. first on 4, a driver shares his amazing after his car is crushed by a truck during this morning's beltway accident that backed up traffic for miles. >> to see the truck fallingnd
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we have breaking news. a problem that could affect travelers throughout the northeast with more on what could be a major issue for amtrak. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. around 3:30 this afternoon, a northeast regional train actually struck a trespasser on the tracks near wilmington, delaware. that's led to delays for a while. service was actually shut down. and now people are trying to juggle and figure out which track they need to go to. the line extends pretty far down here for people who are trying to get on northeast regional trains.
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restored in that area. again, we are talking about in delaware between newark, delaware, and wilmington, delaware, and people are kind of reshuffling over here on what is arguably the busiest day of the year for amtrak. so a tough, tough time for all this to be happening right now. but, again, around 3:30 this afternoon, an amtrak train struck and killed a trespasser between newark, delaware, and wilmington, delaware. service was suspended for a short time. that's th here into a little bit of uncertainty as people try to travel up to points like philadelphia and new york. limited service right now has been restored in that area of track. although trains are slowing down. we're seeing tweets from people who are slowed in that area. some people who have been stuck for quite some time. so we'll stay on top of the situation for you, but if you're taking an amtrak train tonight, be prepared if you're heading to philly, new york, boston, you could be hitting some delays. >> thanks for the warning, adam.
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flowing at the airport today as well. here's a live look at reagan national airport. it may get busier tonight as people rush to catch their flights after work. the lines were long at reagan national this morning. at times, they have stretched well beyond just the start of the tsa checkpoint. now, the tsa tells us it has stepped up staffing at checkpoints. tonight, we are getting a different view of the beltway crash that backed up traffic for miles. chopper 4 giving us the view through the eyes of a driver in one of the cars crushed by that ryder truck. amazingly, he was able to walk away. chris gordon has his incredible story and new pictures for us in the story you'll see only here on news 4. hi, chris. >> reporter: quinn burroughs says it began as a routine day. he left his home in rockville, traveling across the beltway to
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truck couldn't stop and hit another setting off a chain reaction involving three cars and burroughs found his car beneath an overturned truck. >> i survived. i made it. >> reporter: quinn tells us his story and shares the video and pictures he took of his car crushed beneath a truck. he explains what we watched real realtime as we watched, chopper 4 gave us a the incident. a car hit him pushing his car into another vehicle. >> when the truck was falling, that was -- that scared me. >> reporter: you knew it was going to hit you. >> oh, yeah. it hit me already. then when i looked i could see it -- it was pretty fast, but i could see it tipping and that's when i ducked my head. my door opened, i got right out, nothing was jammed or anything like that which is great. yeah, when it hit, it freaked me out, yeah.
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burroughs' bmw convertible, we realized he might have an amazing tale of survival. >> yeah, scared to death. >> reporter: and your first thought after that? >> when i got out of the car, my wife, i called my wife. >> reporter: and said? >> yeah, i'm okay. just said, i'm in an accident, i'm okay. >> reporter: that's when his wife, cindy, turned on the tv. >> it was really ck accident, they were sending out the chopper and then when the -- to see that, i started crying. it didn't reconcile in my head that he walked away from it. i cannot -- i mean, one thing to believe in mir raacles and anot to see it. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, what the burroughs family believes is responsible for what they call this miracle story of survival. that's the latest from the beltway. back to you.
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pair of masked men who held up a convenience store in southeast. the whole thing caught on the store's surveillance camera where you can see the armed men grabbing two employees from the back of the store bringing them to the cash register and forcing one to open it. then one of appears to hit the employee with a weapon before grabbing the cash and running off. this happened around 1:00 in the morning on sunday, november 6th. that 7-eleven is on benning road in southeast. police need help identifying these a deadly police-involved shooting at a gas station in frederick, maryland. the "frederick news post" obtained the state police investigative file this week. the shooting happened in 2015 at a sheetz gas station. trooper william jansen shot baltimore resident kevin brunsen. police say brunson stole an suv, rammed a police cruiser and got out and approached the trooper. "news post "can reports the state police officer feared for
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brunson was killed and no gun was found. desperate moments in riverdale this morning after a woman became trapped inside her burning home. chopper 4 over the scene here on sheridan street. a mother and her daughter were inside when that blaze began around 4:30. the daughter managed to get out as firefighters arrived but her mother who has a disability was still inside. firefighters managed to rescue her. a neighbor describes the chaotic scene. >> smoke was just pouring all fire trucks was everywhere. they kept banging and banging on the door. they were trying to get the door down, she was screaming saying her mom was right in the -- like near the front. >> the woman is being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. her injuries are described as critical. no word yet on how that fire started. a metro train operator suspended after a collision in the railyard. news 4 has learned this accident happened yesterday morning at
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two separate rail cars. metro says it was a low-speed accident. no injuries. and minor damage. the operator is off the job pending an investigation. it is a decision that could affect millions of workers. >> and it's a big blow to the white house. the reasons the federal court blocked a plan to extend overtime pay to as many as 4 million people. this is so much more than just a how it's making a difference for people like her. i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. a look at the rails for this holiday weekend. metro. thursday, thanksgiving, through sunday, no trackwork to speak of. a couple little things happening here and there. thanksgiving day, metro opens at kp 7:00 in the morning, shuts down at midnight. friday, a regular weekday schedule if you're going to be
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friday and saturday, we will be single tracking between friendship heights and medical center from 10:00 p.m. to close, two hours each night there. saturday and sunday, regular weekend schedule on metro. remember, next week we really kick in here. safe track surge 11 will be starting. we're talking about single tracking between west falls church and east falls church, that is november 28th through december 21st.
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if you were planning on paying off your holiday bills with your tax refund, listen up, the irs is delaying refunds for a number of taxpayers. consumer reporter susan hogan joins was this important alert. >> reporter: well, this delay, believe it or not, is for your protection. a new law requires that the irs to hold refunds until mid 2017 for those of you claiming certain earned tax credits. so if you are claiming the
5:41 pm
additional child tax credit, your refund will be held back until at least february 15th. in addition, new identity theft and refund fraud safeguards put in place by the irs may mean some tax returns and refunds will face additional review. now, this change helps ensure that taxpayers get the refund they are owed by giving the agency more time to help detect and prevent fraud. now, the irs still encourages you to file on time. most refunds will be issued within that normal timeframe wh from the time that the irs actually accepts your filing. well, millions of americans will have to get by this holiday season without overtime pay they were expecting. there was a labor department proposal to force businesses to pay overtime to employees who made between $23,000 and $47,000 a year. it would have kicked in december 1st. but a federal court ruled against it this week, saying that the department of labor
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they will fight that decision. a mad dash to the grocery store aisles. what we found when we went out to capture the madness. and the local youth team that's being called a peewee powerhouse. reasons behind their success and how you n help them do
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they tackle a lot of obstacles and always come out on top on and off the field. a local peewee powerhouse will -- >> mark segraves reports the coaches are asking for more support from the community, specifically the redskins. >> what do we do? game in three years. they're headed to florida next month to defend their national title. today, they got a special sendoff from the interim chief of police. >> good luck in florida, guys. thanks for coming down. >> reporter: the team is coached by volunteers from the community who played youth football when they were kids like d.c. police officer gregory evely who points out these kids aren't just good
5:46 pm
at syracuse. >> never give up. last year we were down 18-0 and now it's the championship game. these guys came back and won. >> reporter: 11-year-old isaiah jeffries says he learns more than just football from his coaches. >> he teaches us respect, he makes us happy and he's fun. >> reporter: the team needs to raise the money to travel to florida for the playoffs and they hope another championship. >> try to reach out to different organizations, try to get funding for the kids but, i mean, it's a real struggle. community, not just from the chief, from the businesses, all around, the redskins. i'd be happy to see the redskins come out here and speak to one of these kids. i played against vernon davis and, you know, i know i played against a lot of guys that are out here playing in the nfl. come back to these young men. it start with the youth. start right here at the bottom. without no youth football, there's no high school, no college and there's no nfl. it start here. >> reporter: the team set up a gofund me page to raise the
5:47 pm
florida. if you want to help, check out the link on the nbc washington app, search "youth football." in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> cute. >> we did reach out to the redskins for reaction or comment. we have not received a response. well, if you didn't have to make last-minute dash to the grocery store, you saved yourself a big headache today. grocery stores around the area saw long lines as people were getting last-minute stuff. we went out to the wegman's in lan ham and talked to a lot of >> so crowded in there. i was like, where are all the carts? they had a few carts left. it's packed in there. it's really crowded. >> just last-minute shopping, you know, kind of tradition for me to kind of get out in the crowd and do a little odds and ends. so i'm just celebrating the holiday. >> my son's, friend, got in a dilemma, fried turkeys. i had to come and get some jalapenos. >> if you need to make a last,
5:48 pm
a lot of them are. u.s. navy's working to make sure sailors on duty will celebrate the holiday with a proper thanksgiving dinner. aaron kelly aboard the u.s.s. george h.w. bush docked in norfolk. >> reporter: more than 73,000 sailors will be away from home this thanksgiving. some of them will be on duty here aboard the "u.s.s. george h.w. bush." earlier today we got a look at the menu, the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes for the big meal and work to mike sure it tastes like home. >> once you've been here, as long as i've been here, almost three years, the people become like family. you're in the misses much. >> reporter: the dwight d. eisenhower will have nearly 5,000 pounds of turkey, 7,000 portions of mashed potatoes and 400 pies aboard. well, together, nbc 4 is working for you in the
5:49 pm
generosity, a lot of folks will be nice and warm this winter. the salvation army's annual share the warmth coat drive collected more than a thousand coats this year. >> great. >> and they were distributed today at an event at the washington convention center. everyone who came in got to pick up a coat and one other personal item. like a hat or sweater. >> we moved the timeline up a couple of months. this used to be done in january, but we realized people get cold even believe, and we're so excited to be able to share coats with people today. >> every year, nbc 4 partners with burke and herbert bank, bergman's cleaners, the nurses at medstar georgetown hospital, and ace hardware stores to help collect and clean these coats. there will be another coat distribution next wednesday in alexandria. >> of course, everybody tomorrow, lauryn ricketts, might need a raincoat. >> yes. just a small umbrella.
5:50 pm
unfortunately, we're not going to see a lot of it tomorrow. that might be good if your turkey dinner kind of takes you outside, especially deep frying turkeys. a lotof people are doing that, getting super popular. a few light rain showers out there. we're going to time everything out for you to plan out your day. and right now, the day wasn't too bad. i mean, we had plenty of sunshine out there this morning then the clouds rolled in rather quickly. temperatures topped out in the low 50s. upper 40s. depending on your location. we're at50 beltway, some of those temperatures in the upper 40s at this point. now, as we continue into the evening, the temperatures are going to slip into the low 40s, upper 30s. that is it. maybe a few isolated sprinkles. i'm going to show you on the storm team 4 radar. you can see passing through really quickly. amelia and i have been getting reports of a little bit of sleet mixing in as well. the good news is that ground temperature warm enough so we're not going to see anything stick to the ground, but you may be
5:51 pm
that sleet coming through. and, again, these are moving through pretty fast to the north and east. so we're not really looking at too much. a few light showers moving through the district. should not impact your travel. at least the weather won't. i know we got a lot of cars on the road right now. this is our next system. area of low pressure bringing some snow up through the upper plains. wisconsin into minnesota and michigan. a frontal system trailing that area of low pressure, and this rain headed our way. now, lot of it is going to break up. we're really not going to expect too much. if you're headed out t cook dinner, bright and early, turkey trot. temperatures are going to be in the low 40s. you want to dress in layers. all in all, not that bad. we could see a few passing light showers. anything we do get, probably less than a tenth of an inch. so, again, extremely light. temperatures tomorrow low to mid 50s. we could even get patchy clearing later in the day. sun going down just about ten minutes until 5:00. 8:00 a.m., again, a few light showers. but that's about it. unfortunately, we're going to keep the clouds around for most of the day. with maybe a little bit of
5:52 pm
your thursday. black friday forecast, you wake up in the morning, maybe standing in line in some spots, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. climbing into the mid to upper 50s. clouds around. maybe a few spurts of sunlight. that's about it. a few spotty sprinkles. we get everything out f here, sunshine back for the weekend. saturday, breezy, gorgeous. sunday looking great as well especially if you're traveling back to the district. just about a 30% chance of light showers, again, i do not think it's going to impact any activities you have. turkeys, turkey trots, anything like that. bonfires, looking good. chance of sprinkles on friday. weekend looking good as you come back. next chance of rain, look how we warm up tuesday and wednesday, back in the 60s. we will have rain chances by then. >> thanks, lauryn. local students giving back in a big way. >> not just for the holiday season. up next, how some high schoolers are helping to serve the region's homeless with more than
5:53 pm
in newark, delaware, so far sunny skies have made this a pretty beautiful getaway day for holiday travelers here at this rest stop along 95, a lot of smiling faces. we like to see that. we haven't had any significant problems coming through delaware although once you split off at the delaware memorial bridge into new jersey, it starts to back up a little bit, how most head north. they got up and out of early, trying to stay ahead of the
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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more than 5,000 d.c. residents and families got to enjoy thanksgiving today at safeway's 17th annual feast for sharing this afternoon. >> d.c. residents in need from all eight wards invited to the convention center for a warm meal. >> everybody that may not have a place to eat dinner otherwise for thanksgiving, they get to come here today and sit amongst their neighbors and friends and
5:57 pm
thanksgiving dinner, be a part of our expo downstairs where they have everything from flu shots to haircuts and also participate in a clothing drive. >> aww. over 1,000 volunteers participated in today's event. >> always great. an early thanksgiving meal made a lot of people happy today. >> news 4's kristin wright shows us how thrive d.c. is bringing together young people and those who need a hand-up. >> over here, ma'am. heights street corner in d.c. >> moves me so much to see one person smiling. >> reporter: down in the basement of st. stevens church. >> see somebody smiling, serve you, you get to go out with some breath of fresh air. >> reporter: the thanksgiving meal at thrive d.c. personal connections are made every day here. >> i tell them how great day are just to serve and i tell them
5:58 pm
a homeless person unless you're extending your hand to help them out. >> gives you a different sense of connection and hopefully we are helping to raise our next generation of compassionate community builders. >> i like helping the homeless because it's people who don't have homes and stuff so you can help them out by feeding them. >> actually got to help people that's not family. >> reporter: carlos henderson's heart feels -- >> pretty warm. >> reporter: a lot of schools help out. archbishop carol is a longtime friend. their week. >> they come and ask me, you know, what can i do for you? >> reporter: miss j. was one of the first to walk through the doors and she's thankful for that. >> thrive, i could just about drop tears right now, but, oh, it's a god send to me. >> reporter: in northwest d.c. -- >> thanksgiving is every day here. >> reporter: -- kristin wright, news 4.
5:59 pm
donald trump adds some diversity to his cabinet picks. >> the president-elect has chosen two women to join his team, nikki haley has been chosen as ambassador to the u.n., and billionaire charter school advocate betsy devos was chosen as secretary of education. haley's gotten a lot of praise, both conservatives and educators are voicing concerns about devos. nbc's brian mooar is on capitol hill with the road ahead. brian? >> reporter: yeah, doreen, these things, one of them that blind loyalty is not necessarily a deal breaker and also there are probably some big changes coming to public schools. president-elect trump has chosen michigan billionaire betsy devos, advocate of charter schools and vouchers, as his education secretary. her mission, carrying out his campaign promises to break the bureaucracy in american schools. the national teachers association was swift and fiery
6:00 pm
privatize and deprofessionalize public schools. south carolina governor nikki haley is facing a much warmer welcome as the future president's pick for u.n. ambassador. just a few days ago, she seemed to be playing down her prospect. >> i was very happy to be invited. it was a good meeting. >> reporter: haley has virtually no foreign policy experience and perhaps most notably did nothing to help trump win. in his "new york times" interview the president-elect general james mattis, cop contender for defense secretary. the general surprised him with his take on waterboarding terror suspects. >> he said i've never found it to be useful. he said i've always found, give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers, i do better with that than i do with torture. >> reporter: the next president took a thanksgiving break at his


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