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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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inside of a hotel. a person taking this video with their cell phone. this is in the up to of gatlinburg where mandatory evacuations are now under way. we have learned that everybody in that hotel are okay, but what you're looking at here, when we talk about this evacuation, people hitting the road. what you see is they triering to get out of the town. firefighters battling 70-mile-per-hour winds trying to contain dollywood. the visibility still very low. the good news is rain is on the way so hopefully that will help in the firefighting efforts. now back to you. >> thanks, angie. developing in prince george's county, police think they know who shot at a shoppers food warehouse. the store opened on time and covered the blown out window with cardboard. the suspect recently start
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done it as way to get back at another employee. no one was hurt and the window has been fixed. this morning school returns on ohio state. yesterday they were searched for an 18-year-old stay tuned abdul razak ali artan. he is one of the 911 calls made on campus. >> 911, what's your i'm at ohio state and there's a guy that crashed his car into a bunch of people and ran out with a knife. >> investigators are looking into whether this is an act of tay rohr. artan came to the united states as a league permanent resident. all victims are expected to
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leaving yesterday. she has brown curly hair and brown eyes last seen wears a gray hooded sweat shart and black slacks and converse. mayor of d.c. -- the plan calls for closing the rail system at through thursday. it would stay open on friday and saturday nights until 1:00 a.m. and on sunday metro would open at 8:00 in the morning and shut down. mayor bowser objects to the proposal and tweeted, keep metro open. federal and state investigators are slowly watching a sheen slowly floating
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this pi was taken yesterday in sterling, virginia. whatever that substance is, it's too thin to clean up. as a precaution, officials have closed drinking water intakes along the potomac. at 4:33, chuck bell tracking some rain. >> you bet you. raindrops will be impacting your had much in the way of rainfall. finally some needed rain coming. we could get rain on three of the next four commutes could be rained on. so this morning, potentially this afternoon and maybe both commutes tomorrow afternoon as well. it will be warm enough perhaps for a thunderstorm or two especially across central virginia and then cooler weather moves in for the weekend. nothing heavy out there just yet, but pockets of light to moderate rain will fill in with
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of the showers. we'll take a look at the extended forecast. that's coming up. it is time. good morning, melissa. >> southbound 201 at kenilworth before the beltway, a load of paper dropped in the roadway. again, getting by there. overall, look at the beltway, inner loop, outer loop, n the main roots into town and out of town looking overall, i would say, pretty darn good. guys? >> i don't care how much money they have, i don't care what power they have. you need to spieng. this is what our country is about. nobody's above the law. >> the parents of a 21-year-old college student who was allegedly raped at a halloween party are growing frustrated.
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they say word of drinking and drug use at the party may be clouding the investigation. it was thrown by the home's owner hchl's not the man named at the student's attacker in the police report. also in the report two women are noted saying they tried to help the 21-year-old. one of them spoke to "news4" and described going upstairs after crying. she said while trying to help the victim the suspect grabb they say, quote, once it's been established that a crime has occurred, myp must release all facts. a man and woman were hurt. an suv hit a liquor store and did quite a bit of damage but no one inside was hurt. a crash also caused a gas leak
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the man and child were taken to the hospital. president-elect trump is expected to meet with mitt romney again. trump tweeted after the meeting that he was, quote, very impressed with the retired general. last year petraeus was sentenced to two years' probation and was fined for providing classified information to his officials are moving forward. green party candidate jill stein asked for the recount last week. she's also asked for recounts in pennsylvania and is expected to do the same in michigan. michigan officials certified trump's victory there yesterday. and coming up in a few minutes "news4's" tracie potts will have the latest on the announcements of a new cabinet pick.
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his brother and successors along with other members of the government observed a moment of silence. they also left white roses next to castro's urn. "news4's" david culver is making his way to cover the death of castro. he'll join us live at 6:30. rain is on the way as we've been telling you. some of you already seeing it. it's coming in time for your commute. don't grab your heaviest coat as you head out mother who find this man nude in her child's room. police say how he got in before passing out.
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opened the door and jumped out of the plane. >> did you whatever he just said? a woman opened a plane emergency door and ran off after her flight landed in houston yesterday. surveillance video captured the woman running down the tarmac. do you see her there? that woman is now under medical evaluation. prosecutors say they don't plan to press charges against the woman at this time. >> i guess that implies they
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it wasn't just a wild stunt. >> glad she's okay. >> good thing she didn't open it ten minutes earlier. >> exactly what i was thinking. >> think it's noekt impossible because of the air pressure on the plane it's impossible to open those doors in flight. >> good to know. wealth of information. per usual. thank you, chuck. finally, you need to dust raindrops of i-81, 270 in frederick county. yes, indeed, kids. everybody's going to need their umbrellas. by 8:00 it will be a mild rain today with temperatures in the low to mid-60s later this afternoon. no heavy coat required. your umbrella may be a little rain hat and a raincoat. that's it. not that heavy. but with the clouds and the
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it would have been an all out f but at least it us going to be mild. >> can i say i love the word bumperchute. i love that every time. we have roadwork happening and police are directing traffic around it. you may have a slowdown. southbound just before the beltway, a load of paper like cardboard dropped there in the road. right now the left lane is what's getting by. we're going to about 15 minutes. northbound, work with the left lane getting by. we're going to get a live look at 2670. remember, all of the screen means it's raining across the area. you're going have to allow for extra time and use the windshield wipers. >> thank you. the future of family leave. a new bill could change the amount of time you get to spend with your kids. the hurdles before it could become reality.
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finch here on our way to breaking news. we're in the greenbelt area in prince george's county. we got a report of an overturned truck near kenilworth. that truck may have had
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right now it is 4:45, and if you're just joining us, here's what we're working on for "news4 today." a deadly plane crash in colombia killing dozens, and we're learning many of the victims are members of a popular soccer team.
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watching for updates. plus metro board is meeting. how it could impact your ride to work. more on these stories in just a few minutes. but first -- >> it's going to be a busy week. get ready for it. buckle up. >> vice president mike pence -- vice president-elect pence promising a busy week ahead. word this morning that donald trump will pick tom price to lead the department tracie potts has more. what does this mean for the affordable care act. he was not a supporter. >> while he was not a supporter, he was a poimts person for republicans in the house to try to get that done. it's a top priority when this congress come backes in january to repeal and replace. replacing means coming up with something else. as a physician in congress, he
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if he's leaving, they'll have to find someone else to be the point person for that. >> and, tracie, donald trump is going to meet with mitt romney again. does this increase his chances of becoming secretary of state? >> it's certainly a investment that he's coming in on a day when mike pence said there are going to be big announcements. could we hear the choice for secretary of state? we don't know. we also know senat of tennessee is coming in. he's being considered for that job as well. there's been lots of talk about rudy giuliani. there are several candidates. david petraeus who was in yesterday also raising eyebrows whether he might be an appropriate choice given the fact he was accused of releasing top secret information like hillary clinton was. a lot of big names on the short list, but still no posting on
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named, ail thee we do expect announce mnltss today. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. today the driver accused in last week's deadly chattanooga school bus crash will be in court. he's charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving. six others were kill and five in the hospital. it careened off the road and hit a tree. federal investigators say walker was not on his regular bus route. they also say he was drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. police are looking for a man who attacked a woman inside a hotel. this is the man who was inside the hyatt at 10th and eighth street. she was able to get away with minor injuries. >> it 4is:48.
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new homes. i have until february to relocate but are asking the city for six more months. the city of manassas is buying the land after they said he could not afford to fix a sewer system. we spoke to one of the residents who said this is frustrating. >> i work, you know, a lot when i have. i don't have a place to go. so really it's frustrated. >> the organization "save our homes" is trying to help the residents who say if they're given six more months, they'll be able to move during warmer weather, not during the winter. a loudoun county mother got quite a square when she went to check on her kids in the mid ol' f the night. she saw a naked man. turns out the man is a neighbor and went to the wrong house. they say he was drunk and went
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asleep, no clothes on. he's been charged with expose uv, indecency p and possession of narcotics. the d.c. council will propose on a proposal that guarantee 1/1 weeks of pay for the birth of a child, adoption, or placement of an afoster child. the proposal will be funded by a new payroll tax on businesses. mayor bowser says she hasn't seen the proposal yet but says it may not go far enough in putting families first. if passed, it would still require congressional approval. >> all right. i thought we had one more story there. >> no. here we are. >> let's talk about weather and traffic. we had a little rain coming in. >> put my umbrella up just in case.
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>> you've heard of bumberchute. it's a british word for umbrella. >> it's an umbrella. >> whatever you want to call it, you're going to need it today. we have been exceptionally dry this nature. fortunately also some heavy rain across parts of eastern tennessee and the great smoky mountains. a huge forest fire. for us, won't get any heavy rain today. rainfall amounts probably will average a quarter to a half inch of rain. we'll take it. here's the steadier chances for rain that come in late in the morning.
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so it probably won't be as impacted. early this morning, pockets of briefly moderate rain up to about 7:00 moving into howard county. here's the next batch that will affect the tail end of the morning. by 9:00 a.m., pockets of moderate rain. move that forward to about 12:00 noontime to 1:00 and there's that band of what could be briefly heavy rain along the i-95 corridor between about noon and 2:00 this things should start to taper off a bit. we'll get a break in the rain late tonight and another shot tomorrow. on the upside, this is not going to be a cold rachblt 64 degrees. rain most likely through about 5:00. breezy today. south winds, 15 to 20 miles an hour. also another incredibly mild day with a 100% chance for rain tomorrow. maybe a little bit of a late
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tomorrow. rain should cold to an ens wednesday night. thursday afternoon, friday, saturday, will be dry and more needed rain drops coming in as we head toward the end of the weekend and early next week. hour by hour coming up in a few more minutes. it's now after powder mill, the left lane the only thing getting by. westbound, police directing traffic around that. before the beltway at kenilworth, a load of paper dropped in the road. we're going to have a live report on that coming up. >> thank you, melissa. first came black friday and then small business saturday and after cyber monday, comes giving
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warnings issued for north dakota with heavy snow forecasted there. that's prompted the state's governor to honor it. they have no plans to enforce that. thousands of native american activists have been camping on
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pipeline to be built near their tribal lands. protests have been going on since april. d.c. united attended a zoning meeting. it's located on buzzard point. it's an area that used to be home to a koob crete mixing facility and metal facility. they will up contaminated soil that will be trucked through if construction goes as plans, they'll play at rfk stadium for the last time in fall and move to the new stadium in 2016. right now families will receive a tour of the home from the first lady. many volunteer as early as april. meanwhile over at the
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tree after a three-week, 4,000-mile trip from idaho. it will be lit next tuesday. are you hoping to find a new pair of snow boots? you'll be disappointed if you asked for l.l. bean iconic duck boots. orders are backed up until january 4th our producer tried to buy these. l.l. bean have gotten a bigger building. sales went from 100,000 sold a year to more than 600,000. a few years ago, it would have been so easy to buy a pair. all of a sudden someone found out that they're made really well and l.l. bean will guarantee them for any defects.
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who makes those bootds. >> but l.l. bean is the -- >> are you sure? >> they're knock-offs. >> okay. >> they're not the same. you might be able to find similar, but not that exact pair. >> all right. we know that the cost of living in our area is pretty high. but how does it compare to other parts of the u.s.? >> smart asset is giving us a look. the most expensive city to rent francisco with the average monthly rent of more than $5,000. who can live there. >> do you see what the average cost of rent per month of more than $2,700. >> also expensive. the least expensive is detroit, michigan wrrks the average rent is $886 per month. >> a lot of folks left detroit though. that's unfortunate for them.
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"news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. right now on "news4 today," we're following breaking news overnight. wildfires sparking evacuations in tennessee. new flames creeping close to a town. good morning, everybody, it is w5k a.m. >> i'm eun yang. melissa has a look at traffic and chuck bell has a look at weather. >> we need the rain. >> first we have breaking news we're following. rhett's go to angie goff at the live desk. >> yes, aaron and eun, we got an update on the plane crash that we're following out of colombia. officials now confirming there


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