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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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lights, we are socked in. a dense fog advisory in effect for most of us right now. we will find out what it means for the morning rush. >> plus the fight for 15.
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call for a higher minimum wage. >> and the governor live in havana. and what some noticed was missing in the crowd tonight. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. first tonight a man d.c. police called reckless and dangerous. he's off the streets. >> he turned himself in after they named him the chief person of interest in the murder of a 16-year-old news 4 has broke this story on twitter. >> reporter: we are told the man turned himself in this evening. now, d.c. police earlier today said he was caught on surveillance video firing a gun multiple times around the time 16 -- a 16-year-old girl was killed. the charges against him are
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the girl grew up in d.c. and was home from boarding school when she was struck by gunfire as she stood talking to friends. earlier today police announced they were looking for evans. >> if he is listening and has any conscious or any human decency, we ask he turn himself in and take responsibility for his actions. help bring closure to the girl's family and the community who have been rattled by this case. that the man being sought by police in connection with the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl is said to be in police custody tonight. live at d.c. police head quarters in northwest, jackie bensen. >> thank you. breaking news just in. they tell us the man shot just outside the entrance of a food line grocery store in manassas has died. people called to report the
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we learned the victim died at the hospital. police are trying to figure out what happened and notify the family before they release his name. and a crash kills one woman, sends two other people to the hospital in clinton, maryland. a woman lost control. this was just before 5:00. the suv flipped and landed upside down and then another car hit it. in word yet what caused the crash. you can see the fog was very streets were wet from the rain. and the fog has only gotten thicker. it could create a lot of problems on the road. still tonight, doug, how about tomorrow morning? >> i think it will be here through the morning. a dense fog advisory through 7:00 a.m. take a look at who is affected by the advisory. it's just about everybody in our
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here's the dense fog. we're already seeing it. it's a quarter mile visibility or less. that's what we have. take a look at the numbers currently at the quarter mile visibility in leesburg. visibility less than a mile in many areas. quarter mile in leesburg. half mile in cull pupper. half mile in manassas. it's also the rain. rain is tornadoes to the south. it won't be severe for us, but that rain will coincide with the morning rush. i'll take you hour by hour later. right now popular resort towns in the tennessee moutens are bracing for what could be another disaster night. hurricane winds ripped fires through gatlinberg. the flames damaged or destroyed
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for this area of the smokily mountains. mandatory evacuations are in place for 14,000 people. two billionaires could join trump's cabinet. he could elect his pick for pressure secretary tomorrow. a man who used to work for goldman sachs. one is known for his work in the coal and the steel industries. georgia for his choice as health and human services secretary. thousands of people plan to protest the day after trump is sworn in as president. the women's march on washington submitted their application too late. organizers say more than 120,000 people plan to march from the lincoln memorial to the white house, but eight other groups
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that same day. the women's march on washington says it is working on some new plans. plrp rallies in cities all other the country calling for a higher minimum wage, $15 an hour. workers in montgomery county joined the call. we spoke to them and others who worry a change that big will drive away business. >> montgomery county. >> reporter: this woman says the cost of living is too montgomery county, maryland. she has to college degree and makes about $9 an hour at bakery. >> we work so hard and we don't receive the kind of money that we need for live here. >> reporter: tonight she and other low income workers, labor union and civil rights groups had a vigil. they want the council to pass a
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>> they need to be making at least 15, a better quality of life for him. >> reporter: she says she spends most of her paycheck on rent, food, and transportation. $15 an hour would help. a montgomery city council member agrees and says child care costs are too high. montgomery county executives have raised questions about the $15 minimum wage. he's concerned it could put the afford the rate. some small business owners said they can't afford to pay 15 an hour to their employees. >> we will have some possible amendments that will address some of those issues. >> reporter: the council is expected to vote next month. >> i will feel good if i receive that. >> reporter: in rockville, news 4. >> federal investigators not found any evidence that the
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campus yesterday had any ties with isis. that 18-year-old student drove into people and starting slashing people. he bought the knife hours earlier. three of the 11 people he hurt are still in the hospital. tonight osu's president asked the community to move forward in the spirit of unity. >> a man from upstate new york driver then bit the officers who tried to arrest him. police arrested a man outside the metro decision yesterday morning. they tell us he attacked the driver and the metro officer, but it's not clear why. he faces assault and battery charges now. we are learning more about the lives lost when a plane
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more than 70 were killed. before the crash players posted these videos on social media. one player reportedly called his life before he died at the hospital. another just learned he was going to be a father. the team was headed to a championship playoff. the pilot reported an electrical problem just before the crash. we're live tonight from cuba as thousands gather for a final farewell for fidel castro. and detecting breast cancer. the alarming number of women
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this was the last chance for the people of havana to say good-bye to fidel castro. >> a massive crowd, tens of thousands strong gathers in revolution square tonight. news 4 is there. what was the mood like in that crowd tonight, david? >> reporter: when you compare it to what you probably saw over the past day or several mourners going through long lines and paying their respects in person signing a tribute book and in many cases in tears, tonight was different. tonight folks were relaxed and enjoying themselves and enjoying the evening. it was not nearly as somber as the mood as you might have expected. this was also a very long evening for a lot of these folks. they got into this square very, very early into the morning and lasted throughout the day.
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as they stood through nearly four hours of speeches. what's normally a busy street turned massive pedestrian walkway, tens of thousands packing into havana's revolution square. why the name? look up. images of revolutionaries, and now added the face of fidel castro. the same faces that haunt many cuban americans by some here, they're celebrated or worshipped. this woman holding a poster of fidel. >> translator: we're here to share the pain the cuban people feel. >> reporter: some cover themselves in stickers to show their allegiance. >> i'm very proud. to be here. >> reporter: but given the service was havana's last moment
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wasn't the funeral atmosphere. for some young people, it seemed an excuse to gather with friends on a tuesday night taking selfies, enjoying each other. >> it's strange for us. >> reporter: we weren't the only ones to notice. this couple arriving from the uk monday, expected to find more emotion. how would you describe the mood? i know you don't have a lot to compare it to never having been here before. >> it's no one has really side anything. i feel like people would have been more expressive. >> reporter: emotional, you thought? >> yeah. exactly. and instead it's almost been like a silence. >> reporter: a silence, yeah. kind kind of an erie silence. part of that might have been that fidel castro was out of the presidency for about eight years so a lot of the folks coming here, quite expecting this
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you could see the flag lowered here. the morning continues. it will continue up until this send, december 4th when the internment is. to get there the remains will be transported from this location beginning tomorrow morning. it will be a three-day procession. all right. david in havana. a word of caution this evening about detecting breast cancer. the most common symptom are lumps in their breasts. but a six patients have more subtle signs. beth noticed a change like a thickening in her breast but the mammogram came back negative. she got a second opinion. turns out she had stage three breast cancer. the key is to know your body and to look out for any changes. >> what this new study tells us is it's profoundly important to be aware of your breasts, to be familiar with your breasts.
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self-breast exam. >> things to watch for include changes to the nipple and armpit and changes to the shape of the breast. this study was presented in the uk at a conference. tomorrow a new christmas movie airs based on dolly parton's life. the country music star has already been providing gifts to thousands of d.c. area kids. 40 under the age of five have signed up to receive free books selected by dolly's imagination library charity and paid for my d.c. government. >> well, it's very important to me. i want to say to them, enjoy your books. i'm so happy i'm able to give them to you. i think we celebrities, when you get in a position to help, you should, and i think you should choose a charity that's near and dear to your heart.
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read and write, but smart man. my dad helped me get the whole program started. dolly with our rick there. news 4 was at the premier of dolly parton's christmas of many colors which airs wednesday again. 9:00 here on nbc. tomorrow at 11:00 we'll have more with dolly including what she's hoping to see happen in 2017. to find out more about the books from birth reading program, visit our nbc washington app and tonight? have you on outside? it's thick. >> it is in some areas. that makes driving hard tonight. that's going to be the case tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow morning's commute could be quite bad. not just because of the fog but also the rain. first off, take a look at some of the pictures from earlier of the fog. this is from our tower cam looking over the fog toward the
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there. notice also down toward the key bridge, a lot of fog tonight. make sure you drive safely. here's some good news. some of the fog is lifting in parts of the area. take a look at the current visibility. i saw manassas down to a quarter mile. right now it's back up to a mile in manassas. still six miles at the airport. not going to affect any flights. .3 is a qer advisory is out. a dense fog advisory for everybody you see here in the gray. the only exception, calvert, st. mary's county. i think you'll even see fog there. take your time tonight. 54 degrees, not much in the way of fog at the airport. the winds are calm. i expect it to move in toward the airport and toward downtown over the next few hours. on the radar we're not seeing any rain right now. the rain will also be moving in across our region.
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yellows and reds. severe weather in this area and also eastern portions of tennessee. this is around the gatlinberg area that saw devastation from the fire. much needed rainfall moving into that area and it will move into our area too. i want to show you a closer look toward mississippi and alabama. tornado outbreak in this area. this have been tornadoes on the ground in this area. for us it won't be severe, but therll you have the fog and then the rain. here we are at 7:00. notice the rain, where it is. leesburg, frederick, 66 could be a mess. the beltway is always a mess early in the morning. could be again tomorrow. then showers through about the noon hour and tomorrow afternoon most of the area is dry. still some clouds. warm ahead of the frontal boundary to the west. that could also bring us showers tomorrow night around 8:00,
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speaking of temperatures, upper 60s to around 70. 74 in fredericksburg. 66 toward martinsburg. a little bit in the way of the sun shine. 70 tomorrow. but then much cooler thursday and friday. in the 50s and notice saturday and sunday only in the 40s. that lasts in to early next week. still tracking a storm system and monday. right now the real good chance of rain are the middle of next week, and a stormy pattern. we need to see the rain. >> we do, still. diners, pharmacies, emergency rooms, they're all open around the clock, but these days they're not only the places you can go to late at night. northeast d.c. you can get your tires repaired or protated
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to even cool places to go to recharge. the things you can go out and do when others are sleeping may surprise you. news 4 has it in the middle of the night mission on news 4 today. it starts at 4:26 in the morning. >> i'm going to get a massage after that. >> i'm going to do my laundry. >> coming up, tough night for
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the terps a chance to make this a ball game. 20 or more points for melo. he knocks down the three-pointer. 13 points. that led all terps. maryland is up by six early. the only problem, panthers not afraid of turtles. artus knocks down the three-pointer.
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big. young showing off his offense. hits the jump shot. artisan young scored more points in the first half than the entire maryland team. here come the terps. cohen, nice drive. good finish. maryland is within eight. that's as close as they would get. clock winding down. 25 points for young. maryland gets th a couple other scores. george washington taking care of business against harvard. 77 for 74. the american university eagles get by western michigan 57-50. moving on now, it's not often fans get a chance to interact with their favorite players and athletes. fans got a chance to fake gamble with the guys and raised a lot
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the head coach with a rare night to relax and have fun. the annual casino night. plenty of games being played. playing with fans right there. also tonight a silent auction. not sure how this crosby jersey got in there, but i heard it went for 3 dollars. these players love the chance to hang out with their fans. >> everyone likes to see it. the other side of us. i have a blast doing it. fun to wear a suit for more than five minutes that we normally wear it. it's a good time. >> we raise money for charity. it's a good thing. we miss great people. fans and we have fun. it's nice. >> i used to gamble a little bit when i was younger, and my grandmother put a curse on me. she saw me going down a path, the wrong way.
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i was like this isn't fun anymore and stopped playing. but i usually win big here. when it's fake money, i go. >> where's your boutonniere? >> i didn't gamble or play.
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a santa spotting in pentagon city. they collected gifts for the department's second annual fill
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>> now you can still bring new unwrapped toys any time to police head quarters on courthouse road. officers will distribute them to children in our area throughout the month of december. and we have the outer loop
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman. j. j. abrams.


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