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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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christmas tree. most of them did. take a look at the festivities from last night. national christmas tree was a colorado blue spruce planted on the eclipse in the fall of 2012 and used for the lighting since then. for everything else that you want to know about trees here there and last year everywhere, enter storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> he will talk to his facebook page about all that stuff. >> yes. >> right now, just talk about the weather, chuck. >> fair enough. don't have time to get into the interesting history nonetheless. clear skies from washington southbound this morning. a little more cloud cover across northern maryland but it is finally starting to feel a little bit more like december out there and it will be a very december weekend for sure. chilly, cold nights and mornings and pleasant but breezy and cool days and that's the way it's going to stay, today, tomorrow, into sunday. much needed rainfall returns for the forecast as we get towards tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. planning out your friday plan on sunshine start to finish.
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afternoon northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour, maybe a little gusty at times but highs near 50. that's just about average for today. i'll give you a look at the whole weekend in detail coming up in a few more minutes. over to melissa. looks like all green on the beltway. >> good here, beltway moving nicely there. chop 4 over the top of the beltway. outer loop. we will show you that picture in just a minute. everything else on the beltway okay. hearing about a problem branch avenue ramp to the outer loop of the beltway as far as a car in the ditch. we will get moren 270 southbound see your slow spots as you're coming out of frederick down into gaithersburg, germantown and rockville area you're fine. same thing headed outbound, southbound 29, we have a crash reported there as well. travel times in ten. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it is 6:01. developing right now the outer loop of the beltway back open after a crash that left one person dead. virginia state police had lanes near exit 57 in springfield shut down for hours.
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on the outer loop. police say one car caught fire there. police say three people were taken to the hospital and they've already been treated and released. an adult male was thrown from an suv and he was riding in and died at the scene. metro's general manager will go before a house oversight committee in just a few hours. the purpose of the hearing is to find out if metro safe track program which has affected so many is working. >> news 4's justin fitch is live this morning with what justin? >> hey there, that's right. good morning. today metro goes under the microscope in the congressional hearing, one that will take a closer look at metro safetrack progressp take you to twitter where news 4's adam tuss and scott mcfarland posted insight into today's hearing. scott saying the chair may discuss oversight of metro and
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wiedefeld a cooperative partner. adam tweets wiedefeld has 13 pages of remarks including announcements of more than 150,000 grace period credits and that safetrack is not over budget. today's hearing does come after yesterday's metro committee vote to reduce service over two years to ramp up repairs. that plan, of course, is getting push back from d.c. officials. of course, back live, that two-year plan would require a board in which the d.c. members could possibly veto that position and that is likely some say. adam, rather, aaron, back in to you. >> all right. justin fitch live for us, thank you. a proposal to cut metro hours remains unresolved issue despite a committee vote yesterday. the committee voted to slash service hours for two full years to allow more time for safety repairs. the proposed cuts would end
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saturday and 11:00 p.m. on sundays and start in july. metro board chairman jack evans says the district is compromised enough and would only sign off on the changes for one year. >> it's not a threat, mr. goldman. it is what i -- it is -- no. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it is the position of the district of columbia. we believe we've compromised enormously. for someone to say that we need to compromise more, is not a problem. >> a full board votes in two weeks and could veto the plan completely. >> developing this morning, one person is dead and another hurt after a shooting in northeast d.c. d.c. police say that shooting happened on capitol avenue northeast last night and they say five to six men were seen running away from the scene after that shooting. police didn't have any specific suspect information that we could tell you about at this
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to be sentenced. david everest pleaded guilty to the death of his classmate in february. police say he gave 17-year-old alexa springer a morphine pill at a party. springer never woke up. he could face a prison sentence of at least five years. . >> fidel castro's ashes are on th right now and he will be interred there on sunday the end of a nine-day period of mourning. you're looking at new video from the central town of cannaguay. others waving cuban flags. news 4's david cullver is in cuba covering the death and the massive worldwide response. he's following the procession east and will have more live
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twitter @david underscore cullver. i'm kristen wright at the live desk. we are watching the awful wildfires in tennessee. today as the sup comes up thousands of people are evacuated from the town of gatlinburg. we'll get a better sense, a better idea of how bad the damage is. we know that hundreds of people's homes, businesses, as you look there, have been damaged or worse, 11 people have died in these wildfires. now the good news, though, today is that they've had a lot of rain out there this week and that has helped firefighters and hopefully will put an end to the loss of life out there. so erika and aaron, investigators saying that they don't think this occurred naturally. they do think that somehow someone actually sparked these massive wildfires. back to you. >> kristen, let me follow up
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burn through a surveillance camera. he lives in kentucky and got an alert that a smoke alarm was going off and when he turned on that camera, he just saw the place going up in flames. smoke, flames, took over the entire house. nobody was inside or was hurt. but the family has lost a lot of memories. 6:07. president-elect donald trump is nominating retired marine corps general james mattis to he during a post-election victory rally last night in cincinnati. mattis retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of u.s. central command. in a tweet on sunday trump referred to mattis by his nickname "mad dog" describing him as a general's general. trump says he is narrowing his choice for a supreme court nominee down to four candidates. one of trump's four decisions will be to nominate a replacement for the late justice antonin scalia.
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merit garland. trump says he will announce his nominee soon. the president-elect is hitting the road to thank his supporters who elected him to the white house. as we reported trump kicks off his thank you tour with a campaign style rally in ohio yesterday. and he pledged to unary in fi the country -- unify the country while continuing to take shots at his doubters. >> how many times did we hear this. there is no path to and the people of this great state answered and you're going to be very happy. >> trump also made a stop in indiana where he celebrated his deal with carrier air conditioning to keep a thousand jobs from being shipped to mexico. he's accused of setting a northern virginia woman on fire killing her and this morning he is behind bars. where officials managed to track him down. keeping drunk drivers off the road.
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canada hope will work. take a look outside right now where a lot of you are waking up to temperatures in the 40s. a look at how the weekend is shaping up when we check back in
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a little after 6:11 this morning. want to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with how things are shaping up for today and more importantly for the weend this weekend. from christmas tree shopping to holiday shopping and enjoying december sunshine. planning your outdoor activities, the morning runs will be on the cold and breezy side. tonight if you're going out to holiday parties quite chilly but not ferociously cold and the wind which lay down after the sunset this evening. navy game, hopefully a big mid shipmen win and on the ravens game chilly and dry.
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near 40. good day to be outside for today. the forecast, navy temple game tomorrow the aac championship game kicks off at noon in annapolis and game time temperatures in the 40s. christmas tree shopping on sunday no problems with that at all. temperatures once again near 50. let's go over to melissa mollet and the first 4 traffic. >> delays on metro to mount vernon square. earlier malfunk causing a slowdown there. chop 4 over the t beltway at georgia avenue, inner a and outer loop everything looking good this morning. no worry top of the beltway. travel times on 270 from germantown, on time. top of the beltway no worries there. 66 inbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway is fine. same thing 95 from quantico to the beltway on time at 22 minutes. remember to listen to wtop, when
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6:14 right now. covering northern virginia the man alexandria police found dead in a park had just escaped from a california halfway house. 41-year-old colby mcclellan was found in powhatan parks when night. he was murdered behind a townhouse where he lived years ago. he allegedly escaped from a halfway house in san diego last month. police don't believe his murder was random, though. this is the seventh homicide if alexandria this year. this morning we're working to learn when the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire will be e county. police arrested lewis reeder near richmond last night, caught just hours after delores williams died. reeder is accused of setting williams on fire inside their fairfax county home last month after an argument. he had been on the run since. police say a citizen's tip helped track him down. developing this morning, a former nfl player is dead in a case of suspected road rage. joe mcknight was fighting with another driver in new orleans yesterday when police say that
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scene. and they're still sberg interviewing him and other witnesses as well. mcknight was a running back in the nfl and played for the new york jets and the kansas city chiefs as well. hundreds gathered last flight to honor fallen tacoma washington police officer reginald jake gutierrez. ? >> gutierrez was shot and call on wednesday. police say the shooter was killed by police after a nearly 12-hour standoff and they say he used two children as human shields. representatives from a number of other law enforcement agencies attended last night's vigil to show their solidarity and that ended with a rendition that you just heard there, "amazing grace." an airline is no longer operating in bolivia after that tragic plane crash earlier this week. bolivia's civil aviation
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the airline's charter flight using its only operational plane crashed in the mountains on monday. the crashed killed all but six of the 77 people on board. many of the victims were from a brazzon soccer team and their bodies are being prepared for the journey home. violations at a veterans hospital in wisconsin are putting hundreds of patients at risk. 592 veterans are being notified they may be infected with hepatitis, b, c or hiv. the patients all received care from one the dentist was allegedly using his own equipment and then cleaning it and reusing it which violates regulations. a word for parents this morning, we have important recall information for you. thousands of baby bath seats are being recalled because they pose a drowning hazard. that recall involves all baby bath seats and cha irs intended for six months and up. that product fails to meet the federal safety standards so the seats can tip over when the baby
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these bath seats and chairs were sold on-line at, and young explorers. from january 2013 through last august. more tornadoes sweeping across the south. take a look at video of one that struck in atlanta. >> this is from inside a school, but there's other video that shows a tree that comes crashing to the ground. you see it it there. it looks like nobody was hurt in these storms in georgia, but we do know that five people were week. chuck bell joining us here now. we've been looking at the rough weather i guess east of the mississippi, not quite going to be that bad here. >> luckily no. even the bad weather is moving out of the southeast so everybody gets a chance to clean things up down there and for us, quiet weather is moving back in after -- >> that's a nice shot. >> isn't that pretty. sun is not up until nine minutes after 7:00. a ways to go but a little brightness in our eastern sky.
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clouds around this morning. these are not rain making clouds, though. our next chance for even a drop to come out of the sky doesn't show up until late sunday night or maybe the predawn hours of monday morning. always stay ahead of the weather with our nbc washington app download and put it on your phone, follow me on twitter @chuck bell 4 and on twitter as well. there's the area of low pressure over the parts of quebec. it is draining the cooler, drier northwest flow dow as we get through the weekend, but not much moisture with the system so we will stay cry today unless driving i-68 west into far western maryland and the mountains of west virginia. future weather to bear that out. sunshine around here, chance for wet snow or light rain drops across far western maryland this afternoon into this evening. dry weather around here. here's 9:00 a.m. on saturday morning, bathed in sunshine
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though. temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s. so not terribly terribly cold at this very moment but later on today highs near 50 degrees. it will be a breezy and cool day to be outside. northwest winds today 15 to 25 miles per hour and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning temperatures back down into the 30s once again. your weekend will be for the most part dry for your outdoor plans and a sprinkle in the predawn hours of monday morning. our best chance for rain shows up on tuesday and thursday of next week. the whole ten day coming up at good morning. >> good morning chuck bell. you have a new problem, 270 south there. we will be looking into that one in the next couple minutes. 66 overall no major problems. 95 northbound and southbound rolling along okay this morning. inner loop and outer loop, no big worries there. chopper 4 showing us just a little bit of volume there and thickness near new hampshire avenue. southbound 29 at broken land parkway we still have that crash hanging around there this
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at old hundred getting slow there as well. guys? >> thank you. 6:20 right now. a very unusual campaign to prevent drunk driving at a canadian town this morning. police in kensington say people caught driving drunk will have to listen to nickelback on the way to the police station. now they posted their threat on their facebook page. it says if you are foolish enough to be -- to get behinds the wheel after drinking, this is, quote, the perfect gift for you. let's not ruin a >> wait a minute. i got a tweet from the alexandria police department that says our friends over at the wyoming police department started a joke with one direction and says that canadians caught on or copied. >> okay. >> i don't get it. >> what's wrong with nickelback? >> somebody told me they're horrible. i don't know. >> there are worse things. >> our producer would beg to differ. >> worse things right? >> i don't know any nickelback songs.
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night going. >> i don't know. >> 6:21 our time. stolen artifacts, thousands of years old are headed home. how federal agents are getting them back where they belong. a popular grocery store back open again this morning, but not before major health concerns. what we are now learning about the closure of that d.c. safeway that had so many people talking
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> they are precious artifacts ripped from the cradle of civilization. your alooking at several items smuggled out of egypt headed back to their countrytry. the egyptian embassy in washington hosted a repatriation ceremony. immigration and custom enforcement returned five recovered by agents over the last few years that include a child sarcophagus found in a garage in brooklyn, new york,
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sci-fi movie prop. >> people who traffic and elicit cultural artifacts while some may think that's not that big of a crime, it is because it robs a country of its identify ti. >> that was sarah saldana. the investigations that led to the items uncovered a criminal network of smugglers, money launderers and purchasers linked to at least five other countries and returned some 80 pieces to thousands of pieces returned to other countries, smuggled out and sometimes broke noon parts and -- broken into parts and shipped to places linked to historical pieces. >> incredible to think something like that has value and importance was found in a garage. >> yeah. incredible stuff. did you know that mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets come in four shapes and they have names. the boot, the bell, the bow tie and the ball.
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ensure consistent cooking times for food safety if case you were wondering. >> things you did not know. they all look the same. and they're all going down the hatch the same way anyway. >> never looked at it. >> 6:26 right now. metro safety crisis what's expected to happen during a big hearing on capitol hill today. >> a high-speed crash recorded on facebook live. the first look at what happened while the suspect was streaming clear and cold today. chuck has an eye on your weekend in the four things to know about
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?? ?? ??
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distracted driving, police say that's an understatement. this high-speed ride on facebook live. safety concerns, metro's leader is headed to the hot seat on capitol hill. back open, a popular grocery store is welcoming customers back this morning. "news 4 today" starts now. hi, good morning, everybody. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun
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to know about our forecast, at least there's no rain this weekend. >> looks like most of the weekend will be rain-free. that is welcome news but there are more needed chances for rainfall coming up as we get into next week. i'll give you the whole ten-day forecast coming up at 6:51. the four things you need to know about the weather, chilly breezies continues, northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour make it feel on the chilly side for sure, that will be the case again for tomorrow. should be dry for most of your outdoor plans this weekend. next chances f rain come as we get towards the middle part of next week and by late next week into next weekend a shot of legitimately colder than average air coming our way. parts of alaska 50 below zero. wait until you see the ten-day forecast. it's a cold one let's go to melissa mollet. >> that makes my bones hurt when you say numbers like that. chopper 4 over inbound 50 before 301. crash on of the left side. lots of folks use this route into town.
6:31 am
roadway not slowing things too much. seeing a little extra volume. outbound, at silver hill road, car stopped in the right lane at missouri. reported crash there as well. southbound 270 after buckeye stone, activity on the left shoulder. inbound 50 before stone croft broken down truck in the center lane slowing down things in a bit. travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you. a look at our top stories now at 6:31. "mad dog" the nickna trump's choice for secretary of defense. dwi crackdown, fairfax county wants to keep your holiday season safep. first new developments about a deadly crash. word in the last hour that accident in springfield took one life. virginia state police say one car caught on fire on the outer loop of the beltway last night. an adult male was thrown from an suv he was riding in and died at the scene. fairfax county police putting a new emphasis on keeping impaired drivers off the road.
6:32 am
president-elect donald trump is nominating marine corps general james mattis to head up the defense department. trump made the announcement during a post-election victory rally in cincinnati. mattis retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of u.s. central command. in just a few hours metro's general manager will go before a house oversight committee. justin fitch is live in northwest d.c. with a look at what our team has exclusively learned about that meeting in just a couple hours. justin? >> hey there, good morning. news 4 has learned that metro's good morning paul wiedefeld has a series of points to make, among them that safetrack is not over budget and also, too, that they are following federal guidelines with their repairs. we broke all of this on twitter where news 4's scott mcfarland and adam tuss tweeted insight into the congressional hearing involving metro, ntsb and scott
6:33 am
quote, cooperative partner. adam tweets wiedefeld has 13 pages of remarks including an announcement of more than 150,000 grace period credits. now today's hearing does come after yesterday's metro committee vote to shorten service over two years to ramp up repairs and that, of course, did lead to it tensions at the table and that is because to move forward that measure requires the vote of the full metro board and t also face a veto from the d.c. contingent. erika and eric, back to you. >> justin fitch live on capitol hill thank you. crews will be working on four of the six lines. here's what you need to know about this. starting tonight trains will run every 24 minutes on orange silver and blue lines. safe track work will continue on the orange and silver lines and on the red line wait 30 minutes for trains between shady grove
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75 precinct in philadelphia for votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. this comes after a request from green party candidate jill stein. hillary clinton's former running mate kaine stops by the studios foe talk about the recount under way. >> we want to make sure it's done well. people are entitle their vote was counted correctly and that the results are accurate. it has been established as a fact that russian government tried to hack into state boards of election, arizona state board, so we're not expecting the overall outcome to change, but anything that will give people some confidence in the results we want to be at the table to make sure that's done. >> now wisconsin began its recount on thursday. jill stein has filed for
6:35 am
business a combined margin of a little more than 100,000 votes. her lead in the popular vote exceeds 2.5 million. donald trump won the electoral college. see my conversation with senator kaine in our nbc washington app search kaine. today's families are returning to gatlinburg, tennessee, to see the impact of the deadly wildfires firsthand. 11 people died in those fires. the hardest hit areas severe county near knoxville. gatlinburg is sh d investigators say hundreds of homes and businesses were absolutely damaged or just completely destroyed by those fires. speeding through traffic, blasting music and losing control trying to show off on facebook live nearly cost this young man his life. the 20-year-old from rhode island now in critical condition. he lost control of the car and hit a dump truck and crashed into a barrier. look at that. almost nothing left of the car. police say he streamed himself
6:36 am
from facebook. prosecutors say a prince george's county police officer used excessive force when he hit a suspect with his police causer. a grand jury indicted officer juan hernandez yesterday on charges of assault and misconduct in office. a suspect was running from officers through a field when hernandez ran into him. prosecutors believe it was intentional. and unwarranted. hernandez has been suspended since that incident. the is back open after it was shut down for health vie layings. d.c. violations. the d.c. department of health found improper food storage, leaky refrigerator and mouse droppings all in the deli section. safeway says a follow-up inspection was successful and told us that store cleanliness is of the utmost importance. health scare on the south pole. legendary astronaut buzz aldrin forced to evacuate.
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?? ? i'll give it to s >> a bad '80s all over this video. my favorite christmas song "last christmas" by wham. thank god we have the music because otherwise you have to hear us sing. >> you don't want to hear that. >> all alone an that, thanks, guys. >> we're asking you to share you favorite holiday song on facebook and twitter use the #nbc4d.c. >> what is yours? >> the grinch. you're a mean one, mr. grinch, i love that song.
6:41 am
>> not "last christmas" but "this christmas." i still like the chris brown version. i don't know. it's a good song. >> i likes the old because it's so fun to sing along with the grinch. >> finally cool enough to for holiday music and put up the tree. >> good weekend for doing that stuff as well. temperatures near average. honestly good light hanging weather across the ar. camera this morning. skies are mostly clear over washington. current temperatures now are back down into the 30s and 40s. sort of depends on where you live. 45 in washington. temperatures in the upper 30s as you get towards northern parts of montgomery county. planning out the school day, bus stop temperatures 30s and 40s. chilly outside this morning. layer up a bit, be breezy today. high temperature around 50 degrees. so what to wear for the kids.
6:42 am
another week or so. hat and scarf and warm jacket not a bad idea. you're overachiever grade of the day a-plus for melissa mollet and everybody else. high around 51 degrees. ten day forecast in ten minutes. >> same grade i got in every class in school. eastbound here have a problem with one lane blocked with a tractor trailer causing slowdowns. chopper 4 over westbound, inbound 50 before 301 if you come this way don't wo that crash off to the left shoulder. 270 no problems top of the beltway looking a little slow now. we will send chopper 4 that way to show you what's going on there at new hampshire avenue, 66 inbound, 95 north rolling just fine. very typical. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when in your car. a woman set on fire, what's next for the man accused in a deadly domestic attack. >> a starbucks shakeup.
6:43 am
>> it's the start of the holiday party season and a dedicated dwi
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6:45 am
6:46 am
>> old wounds. clinton and trump aides clash. new claims that white supremacy played a role in the election. south pole evacuation. buzz aldrin's health scare. holiday party warning, hitting the road in northern virginia they're watching you. >> not okay to drive intoxicated from drugs or alcohol. jail birds, chances are you've never seen a mug shot like this president-elect donald trump takes a victory lap in ohio last night. >> as he and vice president-elect mike pence gear up for their first joint interview since the election. here's what trump had to say to supporters last night. >> we have so many problems to fix in our country but i know that if we set aside our difference and we do have difference, we're a very divided nation, but we're not going to be divided for long -- >> joining us now nbc's peter
6:47 am
tower with the latest on the transition. good morning, peter. >> erika and aaron, good morning to you. donald trump back at home at trump tower this morning, last flight wrapping up the first leg of what the transition is referring to as its thank you tour. it turns out the new trump is a lot like the old one. it appears winning the white house hasn't changed him much. last night soaking up the adoration of the crowd, he criticized the lack of republican support during the campaign, boasted about once again, of course, taunted the media. he also offered up a surprise announcement, his first teasing the crowd like a showman before revealing his pick for defense secretary, that is the retired marine general james mattis, "mad dog" mattis as donald trump likes to refer to him. he needs a waiver from congress, though, because general mattis is just three years out of uniform and law requires that you are seven years out of
6:48 am
back to you. >> peter alexander live for us in new york, more from peter on the "today" show in a couple minutes. all right. the campaign is over, but that isn't stopping aides from both sides from shouting back and forth at a harvard panel last night. a former hillary clinton aide targeted trump staff claiming, quote, if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician i am proud to have lost. kellyanne conway responded will results, will you tell your protesters he's their president too. form are astronaut buzz aldrin appears to be in better condition this morning recovering after a medical emergency in antarctica. aldrin had to be flown off the continent to new zealand where he's in the hospital right now. he has fluid in his lungs but his manager says he is stable and he was kept overnight for observation. aldrin, of course, was the second man to walk on the moon. he's 86 years old and on an
6:49 am
confirmed reports of tornadoes sweeping across the south. several truck northern georgia including this one that damaged an atlanta school. this is surveillance video from inside that school. a separate video showing a tree crashing to the ground. it looks like nobody was hurt in the storms in georgia, but five people were killed by tornadoes earlier this week. this morning, we are working to learn what the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire will be -- when he will be extradited to faax near richmond last night caught just hours after delores williams died. you see reeder in the mug shot there. he's accused of setting williams on fire inside their fairfax county home last night after an argument. he had been on the run ever since then. police say it was a citizen's tip that helped track him down. developing right now, the outer loop of the beltway is back open this morning after a crash that left one person dead. virginia state police had lanes
6:50 am
down for hours. the crash happened late last night. police say one car caught fire there. police say three people were taken to the hospital and they've already been treated and released. an adult male was flown from an suv he was riding in and died at the scene. with the holiday season upon us people are hitting parties and having a few sdplooings fairfax county police are putting emphasis on keeping those impaired drivers off th leesburg with more on the first of its kind unit in our area. megan? >> yeah. as you say it's a very busy time of the year. lots of festive gatherings, lots of office parties and lot of those events are going to have alcohol. the police want to remind people to celebrate responsibly. if you don't, there could be some very serious consequences. in fact, here in fairfax county, they have just unveiled a brand new dwi unit.
6:51 am
entirely on stopping drivers who are under the influence and they're not just looking for drunk drivers. they are looking for people under the influence of drugs. in fact, in the county, they have seen an uptick recently in the instance of drugs driving, something they are concerned about and they have special training for those officers who they know exwill i what to look for in terms -- what to look for in terms of drivers who have been taking drugs. the unit was made possible and rolling during the holiday season, which obviously is a very busy time, but this unit will be operational, out there looking for people under the influence all year long. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. meanwhile, we've got pictures to show you. this jail bird should have flown the coop when he had a chance literally. >> this pet bird waited outside in a tree while his owner was in court. this is in oregon last week. when his owner landed in jail, a
6:52 am
the big red macau stuck by his owner's side. you see him there. the bird got an early release. >> oh. >> one of the deputies' friends is caring for the bird until his owner serves his sentence. looks like it belongs in one of the awkward christmas family photos. >> parole. >> that's good. >> and with that enter meteorologist chuck bell. >> little bit of sunshine coming back for friday and all throu outside the weather will be very cooperative for the next couple of days. sunrise still not quite there yet. sun is up at 7:09 this morning. another whatever that is, 17, 18 minutes away from now. but the skies as you can see there, mostly clear out there this morning. definitely good news. cloudiness across northern maryland but no rain in the forecast. we were warm and dry, not just for the month of november but when you consider can the entire autumn, all of september,
6:53 am
the warmest autumn on record around here. number one all-time warmest autumn and four of the ten warmest autumns on record and records go back 140 years have been within the last ten. so our stretch of climate change is definitely real. so have your nbc washington app downloaded and ready to go, ahead of the weather as you go out and about this weekend and plan things out and follow me on social media, chuck bell 4 and find me on facebook. posted a great art trying to dispel some of the rumors that have been going around, fake news claiming that the world is cooling off. it is not. a great article from the capitol weather gang i put on my post, worth a read for sure, to tamp back some of the false information getting out there. otherwise just lake-effect snow streamers to our north that will stay away from us. a northwest wind around for today and for tomorrow. but really most of your weekend looks good. there's your ten-day forecast,
6:54 am
extra clouds around late sunday, could have a sprinkle or two monday morning. our next best chances for rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week ahead of legitimately colder air for next weekend. here's melissa with an update on traffic. >> good morning. chopper 4 on the way to a problem we're hearing about southbound new hampshire at the beltway. trying to get that picture for you here before the end of the show. chopper banks to the left. 66 inbound before suddenly road the problem slowing things. a disabled tractor trailer in top of the beltway, not so quick here this morning, getting a little slow there on the outer loop. inner loop looks fine. 270 montrose lanes headed southbound. 66 overall see really not so bad when you get a little closer to the beltway, 95 northbound approaching the beltway after wood bridge slow. outbound, sutland parkway the car stopped in the lane. northbound miss suri avenue a crash reported there.
6:55 am
well answer questions before a house oversight committee. >> justin is live with what our team has learned about the hearing in a couple hours. justin? >> hey there, good morning. that's right. the hearing begins at 9:00 a.m. at the rayburn house office building and as you mentioned news 4 was first to break some key details. take you to twitter where news 4's adam tuss and scott mcfarland first shared the insigss. scott finding the ntsb cha slated to discuss ongoing concerns about metro oversight and that gm paul wiedefeld is called a cooperative partner. adam posting that wiedefeld's 13 pages of remarks will also include more than 150,000 grace period credit announcements of that. news 4 learned that wiedefeld announced that safetrack is under budget and is following federal guidelines. live from capitol hill, justin
6:56 am
good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. watch shares of starbucks that fell about 4% last night after founder howard schultz announced he's stepping down as ceo to focus on starbucks' i hends stores and he will be replaced by chief operating officer kevin johnson who played a big roll in the roleout of starbucks mobile app. starbucks up more than 500% since schultz returned as landon dowdy. here are the four things to know before you head out the door this morning. president-elect donald trump is nominating former marine corps general james mattis to head up the defense department. mattis retired in 2013 after serving as as the commander of the u.s. central command. it will be days before the town of gatlinburg, tennessee, reopens from the devastating wildfires. residents will go back into town and see damage to their homes and businesses firsthand.
6:57 am
on twitter as fidel castro's remains head to cuba. the ser roney is this weekend. starting tonight at 10:00 metro work will cause the orange, silver and blue lines to operate every 24 minutes. tomorrow the red line trains from shady grieve to dupont circle will operate every 30 minutes. >> southbound new hampshire avenue after the beltway slowing things as chopper pans to
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. he's back. president-elect trump switches into campaign mode during the first stop of his thank you tour. >> we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? wh forum, things get ugly between top aides for trump and hillary clinton. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> it went down hill from there. road rage, former nfl player shot and killed in an altercation near new orleans. the 54-year-old suspect stayed at the scene and in custody being questioned by police right now. south pole rescue, new


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