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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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d.c. firefighters are battling flame this morning aet a home. >> that home has partially collapsed and crews are working. they'll have a live report coming up. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 6:00 a.m. a lot of us woke up to wet roads. >> tom kierein has our forecast. through overnight. radar showing the rain is quickly now exiting the region heading off to the east, crossing the bay and out along the atlantic beaches and the cloud cover breaking up. clear sky on the mountains. still cloudy, right around the metro area, most of maryland and virginia. the dry air will continue to push in. we'll get sunshine in about 9:00 this morning. temperatures will stay cold in the upper 30s and near 40
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mid to late afternoon we'll start to hit the low 50s by early afternoon as we get that sunshine breaking up. and your headlines here for the week ahead, we'll have more rain likely tomorrow and maybe even up to an inch of rain during the day on tuesday. and then that ends tuesday night. then turning much colder by friday. now melissa is checking in this morning. what's going on with our roads and metro? >> breaking news on the roads. take a look at southbound 95 after want co-. we're still shut down. it's now a 2 1/2-mile backup with all lanes blocked. virginia state police now pushing traffic on russell row and then over to route one to get folks away from this problem. southbound b.w. parkway, i should move this back to show you. we have this red headed southbound because of that. the 70 at 28 there, westmont gonery avenue, it looks okay.
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westbound 50 at kenilworth, we have the crash slowing things a bit. we'll have travel times and an update on the breaking news in ten minutes. >> all right, melissa. thank you. 6:02. breaking news out of northwest dchl krchlt. crews battled an intense fire. >> "news4's" derek word is live at the scene from petworth. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. take a look. we're in the 4300 block of iowa avenue across from roosevelt senior high school. take a look at that house. is the corner house where this fire start. you look at the house next door to it. the fire also reached the wall, got into that house. now, it was about 4:45 when this happened. take a look at the height of it. massive flames shooting from that house. we understand that it is completely gutted. as a matter of fact, there was a partial collapse.
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an ems crew, we turned. they actually were the first to spot this and call it in. now, the people in the house next door all got out. there were five people and some dogs that got out of that house safely. no one was injured. you can imagine at this hour this sent a shudder of fear and smoke all up and down the block. >> my bedroom is facing the alley and when i looked out the window, all i saw was the smoke, you know. and blaze. i woke everybody up in the house. we saw the fire shooting up from the roof of the house. >> now, again, everyone got out. no firefighters were injured, but that collapse meant that they had to go outside of the building and do an exterior attack. no word on the fire, but, again, the house, folks who live in the
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who weren't supposed to. no estimate on the damage or no cause at this hour. we're live. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. it's 6:04. right now michigan is prepping for an election recount. that will give the state more time to complete the recount. it was suggested by green party jill stein. policene locating this miss 1g 2-year-old. take a look. this is ezekiel amoah. police say he was voluntarily leaning his hoemt in the 16600 block of flotilla way in woodbridge around 11:30 this morning. police consider him to be a victim. 33 people died in a fire. they say that number could climb
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>> a popular restaurant on connecticut avenue will stay closed today after a gunman came inside and fired a rifle. >> police now have a man in custody in bizarre shooting case. police arrested 22-year-old edgar welch yesterday afternoon. "news4" cameras were rolling. police say he went to comet ping pong in west washington to investigate pizzagate. no one was hurt, but a bartender described what happened when t that, you know, when you come in for a place to eat, you ask for a host or perhaps go to the bar. he didn't make any eye contact, didn't talk with anybody. >> police say welch fired a single shot into the floor. the restaurant has been fighting false online claims for a while now. the owner says he hopes people stop promoting false
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of killing her husband is set for court. paula marshall is accused of shooting and killing her husband. neighbors say her husband was ill and had been in and out of the hospital. also the loudoun county judge will determine if castillo can file an appea it appears president-elect donald trump is threatening u.s. companies with heavy taxes if they move operations out of the u.s. while still selling their products in america. >> trump sent six tweets on that subject sunday morning. he proposed a 35% tariff on goods imported by the united states on companies who took their jobs outside of the
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poses big risk. house speaker paul ryan said they continue extend the date. congress has until december 9 to reach a deal to continue funding the government. according to federal news radio, a floor vote on the resolution could happen this week. the supreme court is taking up a pair of cases concerning voting redistricting disputes in north carolina and virginia. the claim made by black voters inth republicans made it. the outcome of the two cases could affect similar cases in essentially of the other states. >> the chances of a playoff game at fedex field are dwindling. >> they're deep in third place. the skins spent a lot of time
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want to think about it. >> a lot's going to happen the last four games. >> all right. one game at a time. gruden said he was especially disappointed with how the team started yesterday's game. the skins play the last placed eagles next week in philadelphia. you have to win that game. >> definitely. eagles. we'll see what happens, right? 6:08 your time. sinkhole rescue. cars take a 20-foot plunge. learn how theiv what we're learning now about the suspect. >> and we will have an update on rain moving out.
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derrick ward was on the scene. you can see firefighters are still on the scene. the fire concentrated on the top looks like smoke is still coming out of the top of the building. derrick ward is still on the scene and we'll bring you live updates in this newscast. angie goff with breaking news at the live desk. president-elect donald trump intends carson as the secretary of the house urban vept also known as hud. releasing a statement that, quote, ben carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those. end quote. carson, a former presidential candidate, says he is honored with the opportunity to serve the country. that's the latest at the live
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breaking news. we're shut down. all lanes here because of a bad crash pushing traffic on to russell road and over to route one trying to get people out of the way. 66 inbound. northbound is okay as well. as you take a look at travel times, no major problems on 270 loop getting typically slow. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> we have a check on the forecast right now. we had rain early on, it looks like it's moving out. >> tom kear rierngs looms like we're drying out. >> we'll have lot os sunshine breaking out. the cloud cover bragging out to tour west and the last of the rain is along the atlantic
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so the pavement will get dried out by mid morning. still some damp roads until 8:00 a.m. then that sun out the rest of the afternoon. starts to clear up. we'll be in the low 50s. dry roading for the afternoon commute when you're heading back home. a look at the coldchange on the way for the end of the week, that's coming up in about ten minutes. >> all right. tom, thank you. 6:1 >> he's described as salei abu kite. 54-year-old david washington walked in, talked to him, and attacked him with a 2x2 piece of
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investigators are looking into a crash. a total of three people had to be taken to the hospital. two of them with serious injuries. firefighters from prince george's county helped the d.c. crews clean up that crash, which involved multiple vehicles. authorities say the man who fatal lay shot joe mcknight was charged in a road rage charge ten years ago dismiss. they held a vigil in the neighborhood of terry town. he was gunned down thursday during a road rage incident. his family says they're trying to stay positive. >> we're staying strong as a family. we have our moments. you stay strong and you be okay. the man who pulled the trigger was released without
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the "today" show. >> there could be multiple impacts. you may hear the commands remain seated or evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> that was skywest. the landing gear fail and the pilot had to declare an in-flight emergency landing. they had to use the emergency slides to it was a flight from houston to mexico. it diverted to san antonio instead. nine days of mourning are over in cuba. fidel castro's remains were interred. raul castro placed his brother's ashes into a boulder and into a tomb. he led the country for nearly five decades.
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you can search in our washington apps, search david culver. key has unexpectedly resigned. he said he wanted to leave while he was on top of his gain. >> there was a defeat yesterday after a reform referendum. he announced his res ig nachlgs resignation. it's now ready to govern the country. >> there's another effort coming together for all of the people impacted by the fires in tennessee. dolly parton is organizing a telethon. all of the money will go to
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14 people have died. people protesting against the destruction of the dakota access pipeline got a huge victory overnight. the army corps of engineers denied. this was a decision that was months in the making, though some admit the fight may not be even. >> we're still looking at ejding be a few battles we're going to have to go through. >> the company building the pipeline reiterated its plan without rerouting a lake in that area. it's time now to turn our attention to the forecast. we're going to be contenting with wet roads out there. hey, tom. >> good morning. i'm happy to report the rain overnight is east of the bay and pushing away.
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there's capitolhill. still low clouds hovering over washington. the cloud cover is breaking up off to tour west at dawn this morning. not until 7:15, we're not going have any sunshine until after that around 9:00. as the cloud cover continues to track off to the east. increasing sunshine late into the morning. it is a cold morning. dress accordingly. it's above freezing but in the 30s. a damp chill in low 40s around the immediate chesapeake bay area and later today will be in the low 50s with the sunshine back down into the 40s tonight and then over the next five days we're going to have rain tomorrow, maybe other an inch of rain and after that drying out on wednesday and thursday and 50s on wednesday. 40s thursday. big cold blast comes in. lingering into next weekend. now, melissa, what's going on on
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big problems here. 95 south after quantico. right now still shut down. a 2.7 backup with all lanes blocked. virginia state police still pushing traffic. you can see that section of red there in the southbound lanes near quantico. new problem on the beltway. outer loop between connecticut avenue and georgia with a crash reported there. southbound b.w. parkway. crash there still in the right south. southbound. that is the fire we've been talking about. at least one lane still blocked. see you in ten minutes. do you recognize that face? that's angie goff making a cameo in the nutcracker. >> she played mother ginger yesterday.
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28th. there's another show next weekend. >> all right. standing o. the obamas weren't the only ones honored. >> mgm casino preview. get a look inside and see how it's already impacting business. shooting mystery. a corrections officer is dead.
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the song, cinema, paintpain, performances. maybe inspire us to think about how things are and inspire us to think of how things might be. >> there won't be any smaens while he's in office. he spoke at the 39th kennedy center honors last night. he received the biggest applause of the night and the standing ovation. it was, of course, a their contributions over the decades. among the honorees, gospel and r & b singer. >> songwriter and performer james taylor was also recognized last night. his name was trending on twitter. actor al pacino was there as
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survivors eagles and pianist margaret. also fun to watch the red carpet event. i think it will air the last week in december if you want to watch it. 6:25. here are four things to know. they're investigating a house fire. they battles flamed. president-elect donald trump is taking to twitter to defend province. mike pence considered the call a courtesy. police are trying to find the killer of an off-duty corrections officer. someone walked up to her car and fired into it. after weeks of speculation, donald trump intends to nam nate ben carson as director of the housing and urban developments
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wet weather and some big change this week. tom returns with four things to know about the forecast. and breaking news on the roads right now, 95 south after quantico, we have this shutdown.
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partial collapse. twitter war. "snl" launches an epic war of wards with the president-elect. booming business. we're starting to is see the impact of mgm at national harbor. good morning if you missed
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morning, a few lingering sprinkles. we have this drying trend. continuing move on through with the sunshine breaking up. reagan national is at 43 degrees. more rain tomorrow. we could pick up an inch of rain. toward the end o ever the week, much colder. your bus stop forecast coming up in ten minutes. we've got breaking news with melissa. what's going on with the roads? >> breaking news. a big mess. 95 south after quantico still
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this morning. what's happening right now because of the crash. if you're headed out sometime soon, you're going to have to allow a lot of extra time if you want to get this out of the way. otherwise you're going to want to think of route one as an alternate lane blocked there. >> the crash slowing things quite a bit. southbound at b.w. parkway. that crash still hanging around breaking news at the top of the beltway coming up. >> thanks, melissa. we have breaking news. d.c. fire crews are working to figure out what started a fire at a home in petworth. the flames are now out. the investigation is under way. >> the man accused in the killing of nine black parishioners in a south carolina church due in federal court
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attorney. we now know at least 33 people died in that massive file. there is a candle lied vigil tonight for all of the victims. >> 6:32. it's a big week. it's expected to open on thursday. and as the new staff prepares for the big day, the local economy is prepares for the casino's impact. "news4's" justin finch is live at the morning. >> reporter: good morning. the mgm has said it's looking to fill some 3,600 jobs, which is welcome news for those who live out here. they hope it's the start of an economic boom. if you have seen it, it's already becoming a national landmark. they've been watching it go up
6:33 am
in a wait-and-see kind of move. they're hoping it's the start of many more to come and many more opportunities frchl the casino floor to concert stage to all the restaurants inside, locals say there are lots of opportunities there but they want to see this billion-dollar plus investment inspire opportunities outside the complex too. >> the casino is going revenue. i believe that the businesses around are going to benefit from that. >> and looking live, you can see the finishing touches here now under way with opening day coming on the cusp of the holidays. many who live and work around here say they'll have their first big test of what this will be like when they see the traffic and delays from all the tourists and others curious on
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>> thank you, justin. 6:34, a woman has died after being hit by a car last thursday. police are hoping witnesses will help them piece together on what exactly happened. it was on mt. vernon avenue. police say rosemarie cruz was crossing the street when a 77-year-old woman hit her. the driver did stay on the scene. take a look at this video here. california hig stop it. this was in orange county last night. the car spun into a curb. no one was hurt. during the chase. the car drove through an arrival area. today president-elect donald trump is expected to announce mattis as new secretary some of defense. he would need a congressional
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requires the defense secretary to be out of the military for seven years. up next, pizza joint scare. a gunman fires off a round. now investigators may be turning to the internet to get some answers. delivery in midair. the unex stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers
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we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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breaking news on the breaking news on the road. we're still shut down because of a crash. it's going to take some time to get that out of the way. a brand-new problem inner
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there, also causing a slowdown just before 95. travel time, 270 southbound doesn't look so bad. look at this because of that problem there at connecticut avenue. 95 to 270. going to take you over an hour right now. that should normally take you about 15 to 18 minutes. 66 inbound. you're okay there. the biggest issue, again, 95 southbound here this morning. allow some extra time if you take the top of the don't have a great alternate. good morning, tom kierein, how are you? >> doing well. we are drying out. happy to report we're looking at the radar. that's the green that came over us last night. left about a quarter of an inch in its wake. you can see the cloud cover breaking up off to our north and west right now. still low clouds hanging over the washington on this monday morning. you're going need your gloves, hat, and a warm coat. quite a chill.
6:40 am
sunglasses as we'll get the sunshine breaking out. still hovering around 40 degrees at 7:00 and boarding buses and metro between 8:00 and 9:00, still around 40 degree. sunshine breaking out and into the low 40s by mid morning. cold change on the way for the end of the week and next weekend. we'll have that coming up in about ten minutes. >> thank you, tom. now at 6:45. these are live pictures from that fire in the petworth neighborhood in west washington where part of the roof collapsed after that fire there. investigators are still on the scene. >> we're also learning about
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all the care your family needs.
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soaked but the rain is not ore yo can plan your day ahead. the assault rife a, a popular pizza restaurant and who police brought down in handcuffs. the ability to keep the team's playoff hopes alive. breaking news in northwest d.c., fire crews investigating an intense fire on iowa avenue
6:44 am
at the scene in petworth with more on what happened. derrick? >> reporter: good morning, again, aaron and eun. they're cleaning up. take a look. it's believed to have started here and spread to the house next door. take a look at the flames. it was the d.c. fire & they were here in short order. people up and down the block were frightened by the smoke and flames. they got out with their pets just fine. no one was injured. it led to a collapse of the house. it has meant the firefighters had to get their way out of there and fight it through the exterior. no cause on the fire.
6:45 am
house adjacent where it started out in the street. >> thank you. it is a tragedy, but it's only getting worse. there could be more bodies that went up in flames that at this point we know at least 33 people are dead. nbc's steven luke is live in oakland with the latest now. steven, good morning to you. >> eun and aaron, good morni search through the huge pile of rubble inside this burned out warehouse trying to figure out how many victims were actually inside. you mentioned that number. 33. that's where we stand at the latest count according to authorities but the number of unaccounted people out there as well. anxious family members and friends just wanting answers. this is a delicate process for a number of reasons. one, there is that human element
6:46 am
sense of dignity to it and compassion, but they want to preserve as much evidence as possible. they want to figure out exactly how this fire started. we know that when it did start, it just erupted. we heard that from a battalion chief here on the scene this morning. that's one of the reasons so many people were unable to get out. that and labyrinth. there was a wooden pallet make shift stair 'cause and rooms that were not up to code. here on the ground, the other big question mark tonight is why a criminal investigation has been opened up, whether that's out of an abundance of caution or whether they believe there might be some specific nuggets
6:47 am
reporting from oakland, steven luke, now back to you. >> steven, thank you. right now pris county needs your help in locating this messing teechblt his name is ezekiel amoah. he left around 7:30 yesterday morning. they think he's in the woodbridge or dumfries airy now. police do consider him endangeringed because of his age and cold weather. call police is. a virginia man is in jail following the brutal killing of a store clerk. the store clerk is identified as salei abukhait. david washington attacked him with a piece of wood early sunday morning. he allegedly stole cash and took off. he's charged with first-degree murder and robbery.
6:48 am
custody. the restaurant comet ping-pong is closed for the day. cameras were rolling after police arrested 23-year-old edgar welch at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. he went to the restaurant to investigate pizzagate, a false online pizza conspiracy theory. >> i hope they think twice about this. tomorrow. >> turning now to donald trump's transition, he's chosen dr. ben carson for department of housing and urban development. he wasn't sure he would fit into a cabinet-style role. he's a retired neurosur jn and has often talked about his childhood with his single mother in a home in detroit. >> sorry, baby.
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have you seen my picture? it's a skull? >> that's psycho. you're only going to attract psychos. >> whoa, i just got retweeted. >> by who? ? oops i did it again ?? >> there you go. trump repeatedly losing focus as a security briefing and randomly retweeting people. >> donald trump rae responded last night, not so happy with that? >> that's not the first time of him being mocked on "snl." he tweeted immediately saying he
6:50 am
but there was that one woman's epic rant that went viral. firing back with 30 tweets all within two hours. her first one was tweeted. she went on to say this is not a joke. don't you have anything better to do. are you so nasr is tick that a parody is your priority. another one, you're scared, what you're doing and it show. this earned her a lot of new fabs. she got over 50,000 followers. she got some negative feedback as well. one wrote, just stop it and grow up. the skins players. 're thinking about the four weeks left in the season and whether they're going to make the playoffs.
6:51 am
battle for sure. 6-5-1. deep in third place in the division. one more loss could end it. >> coach jay gruden said they're taking it one game at a time. some passengers on a flight to orlando had no idea they would be part of a special delivery. >> listen to this. born at 30,000 feet roughly. this southwest airlines flight had to divert to charleston after a qom on board gave birth. passengers on the plane recorded the birth sort of from way back. once the plane landed, emts met the plane and took the parents and the new baby to the hospital. >> they probably wouldn't want -- >> trying to get one more trip in before the baby comes and didn't quite make it.
6:52 am
birth certificate, place of birth, 30,000 feet. maybe her name should be skye. >> that's a pretty name. >> our sky is pretty this morning. overlooking washington. but it's brightening a bit as we're approaching sunrise at 7:12. we'll have the clouds hanging in. in seaboard and it's beginning to clear out. the dry air will be coming in. another couple of hours we'll see the sunshine breaking out. a chill in the air right now. it's only about 40 degrees. it's all about it. right around the chesapeake bay. the temperatures by 10:00, the mid-40s with sunshine and low 50s by the afternoon.
6:53 am
overall, a pleasant december day. clouds return tonight by 6:00 p.m. going back to the upper 40s. mid-40s by 10:00. chilly and dry through the evening but then rain arrives during the day on tuesday. looks like it's going to be kojing in just after the morning commute tomorrow and then wet through midday and during the afternoon on tuesday. all of this ending by tomorrow night. now, we could pick up up to an inch of rain from that as it does move on through. then we dry out on wednesday. afternoon highs in the low 50s. partly sunny on thursday. the mid-40s. a cold change blows in on strong winds on friday. lit just be near 30 in the morning. afternoon highs around 40. but the windchills will only be in the low 30s on friday with the sunshine. a cold weekend to follow. afternoon highs just near 40s on saturday. and sunday into the mid-40s. after that, we might get more rain as we start off next week.
6:54 am
>> breaking news. we still have a three-plus-mile backup. we're sit down here this morning. police still pushing people onto russell road. allow a lot of extra time if you have to head southbound any time this morning. 270, a couple of abnormal slow and then toward gaithersburg, slow right now. outer loop at connecticut, we still have two lanes closed and we're seeing pretty good slowdowns top of the beltway in addition to the normal slowdowns. still have the crash in the right lane. inner loop, have that crash reported as well. overall, prince george's county looking normal.
6:55 am
road. guys? >> all right, melissa. thank you. it's 6:55. almost opening day for maryland's new casino. it's expected to open on thursday. >> "news4's" justin finch is live with the look at the economic impact of prince george's county. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of hubbub for mgm opening. what it can mean for the economy here outside. now, early on mgm said it workers. they're all beginning their new opportunities here inside the casino. they plan a sustained investment from supporting local profits and businesses and also volunteerism and much more. and if you had been in this area. you have seen all the delays ahead of this opening and also
6:56 am
it's just the start of their new normal. bang to you. here are four things you need to know. the recount begins this afternoon. donald trump defeated hillary clinton by more than 10,000 votes. >> and donald trump is expected to formally announce james mattis as his choice for secretary of defense. mattis retired in 2013 as a four-star general. sentencing for the man accused of killing his estranged wife. his attorneys are appealing the conviction. there's a fire at a home on iowa avenue in the northwest. dress for a chilly december day. we'll have the sunshine breaking out by mid to late morning and during the afternoon, sun into the low 50s and rain likely tomorrow. could get over an inch of rain on tuesday. looks like the rain arriving
6:57 am
dries out after that. then we get cold toward the end of the week. strong winds on friday. next weekend, december saying how do you like me now. >> seriously. feels like winter. taking a look at a big old problem. taking a look at quantico, shut down. guys? >> that's the broadcast. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes and news. your path to retirement may not always be clear. and news. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. ??
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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good morning. breaking overnight. the death toll climbs to 33 people from that massive fire during a warehouse party in oakland. crews expecting to find more victims today. >> it was like a sheet of fire >> was this man, who leased the building, responsible for creating a dangerous situation? and did city officials turn a blind eye? this morning, criminal investigators are on the scene. pizza shop scare. a man with a rifle storms into a crowded d.c. restaurant and opens fire. no one was injured. the suspect in custody. why fake news tied to the election may have been behind his actions.


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