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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a woman and united medical center in southeast. demarco says he did not sexually assault anyone and his attorney said not to say anything else. the hospital spokesperson said this statement, it is united medical center's policy not to comment on matters that are under investigation. the alleged situation that transpired on sunday is currently under review by members of the hospital's administrative team. simon will be back in court next week. right now police in the bus stop following the attempted kidnapping. a teenager from maryland says someone tried to kidnap her as she was walking to school. this happened monday morning near the cider mill apartments. the man came up to her, told her to shut up, and tried to pull a black bag over her head. the students told staff members at watkins high school they are the ones that contacted police and sent a letter home with
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life-threatening injuries after a crash near chapman avenue and bouic avenue. the driver of the crash was not hurt and stayed on scene. the cause of the crash is unknown. and the d.c. chancellor will meet with students he's expected to serve. >> he will visit tubman elementary in northwest at 8:30 this morning. the d.c. council needs to approv w chancellor. wilson was hired in 2016 as the superintendent of the oakland unified school district in california. sources tell news4 wilson was picked in part because of his success in raising achievement scores. 4:31 and we'll turn to meteorologist tom kierein with 4 things to know about the weather. >> good morning. we got a little over an inch of rain yesterday, but it all ended late last night. and now this morning just low clouds hanging over capitol hill. a live view from the storm team
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eastern shore, but we are drying out here now. storm team 4 radar not showing more rain anywhere around our region. temperatures will be holding steady in the upper 30s to lower 40s for a few hours into the afternoon. we aught to be making it into the lower 50s this afternoon. drying out today, chilly tomorrow. cold and windy friday, then a cold and dry weekend to follow. what to wear and your bus stop forecast for this wednesday morning is coming in about ten miut now, melissa? we still have the problem on outer loop before connecticut avenue. they moved the camera so i'm not sure if it is gone and they moved the camera or they just moved the camera. i still have it reported in my system, the left lane near connecticut avenue is blocked. 95 northbound and southbound are okay. i had circled this area to just after woodbridge with a
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right now roads in and out of saint gorge's county are okay. my intent is to bring in general james "mad dog" maddis
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office even though the rule is they have to be retired for seven years. an update into the live desk on the plane crash that killed most of a brazilian soccer team last week. we just learned that the head of the airliner that crashed, you're looking at new video we've gotten here, that the airliner that crashed in colombia, he's been prosecutors. investigators are still looking into whether the crash that killed 71 people was because of negligence. prosecutors say the interrogation is expected to last for about eight hours and could result in an arrest. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. angie, thank you. 4:34 and investigators say the deadly warehouse fire in oakland does not appear to be intentionally set. they are looking at whether it was caused by a refrigerator or
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remains at 36 and officials do not expect the number to rise. video from inside the warehouse just an hour before it went up in flams on friday has been posted online as you can see here. oakland officials have declared a local state of emergency there. and the oakland warehouse was used as a space for artists. and now officials in baltimore are condemning an arts building there. the number of safety violations were found at the bell foundry building including unsafe living conditions and the use of flammables. this weeev officials made the wrong decision. this morning police searching for the person who shot and killed 45-year-old terry crutchfield inside a home in olive yesterday morning. they say there's a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. and today the montgomery county council will work on a bill to gradually increase the
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2020. this would be the committee's third time discussing the measure. under this bill, the county minimum wage would increase to $12.50 in 2018, $13.75 in 2019, and $15 in 2020. we are counting down the hours until the opening of the mgm national harbor casino resort. we are 18 hours away right now. all week we have been preparing you for traffic that will come casino. prince george's county expect 30,000 visitors in the first 24 hours. they will be working hard to keep everyone moving. officers will be out on the roads to keep vehicles from backing up onto the beltway and 210. >> the key to it for us is motion. we want to keep traffic moving. we're not relying on signalization to do that. we are relying on the active management of the intersections. >> i'm believing we are going to
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command center monitoring traffic and another that has a bank of security cameras. mgm is making security a priority. and at 7:55 this morning, people will pause for the 75th anniversary on pearl harbor. >> 19 ships were surprised by the surprise attack by japan. the most significant loss was the more than 2400 americans killed. in the district wreath-laying ceremonies will happen national museum of the u.s. navy and at the world war ii memorial. on december 27th, president obama will join japanese prime minister shinzo abe at pearl harbor, a first-time visit for japan. 4:37 right now. and attacked at the pump. surveillance showing a woman being carjacked while filling up her tank. and local police say her massive attacker has struck before. the warning we can learn coming up. and the man accused of
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now linked to the death of a virginia girl decades later. and no umbrella is needed
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three, two, one, look at that! >> there it is, the u.s. capitol christmas tree lit up last night.
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englewood spruce from idaho. all the ornaments are handmade. a beautiful bright star there in the foreground of the newly painted and fixed up capitol dome there. >> it is beautiful. we really live in a beautiful city. and the capitol christmas tree, love it. now we'll take a live look outside the capitol this morning, still >> tom, what is going on with the weather? >> we are drying out. all the rain we had yesterday ended late last night. and now the lingering light showers are showing up on the eastern shore and pulmoing away. you might have a little sprinkle this morning. the pavement is wet. it will take a while to dry out. temperatures are all above freezing hovering in the upper 30s to nearby 40s. reagan national is now at 43 degrees. there's the jefferson memorial and the washington monument.
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and gloves. later this afternoon into the afternoon, you need the sunglasses. we'll have lots of sunshine today with temperatures at the bus stop near 47. 8:00 a.m., low 40s. cold and damp. sun breaks out by 9:00 in the mid-40s. then the low 50s this afternoon. look at the cold weekend coming up in ten minutes. and an update on the beltway crash now with melissa. we have reports of the original crash i was telling you about. and now i have rert new crashes with the original crash blocking the left lane. again, they turned this camera around so we are not seeing what is happening there right now. when i look at a map, i can tell you it does not seem to be really slowing things too much. but we'll keep an eye on it because that can change pretty quickly here. northbound lanes of landover road near lottsford road they are saying a car versus a deer.
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away from announcing the person of the year. you'll be hearing about it when you get to work. >> who could it be? we have the short list just ahead. and d.c.'s mayor in nyc.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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it is 4:45 now. here are our top stories. the d.c. hospital worker is out on bond after being accused of sexually assaulting a patient. demarco simon allegedly attacked a woman at united center in southeast. simon denied the allegations to news4. four people are recovering
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two women were shot but all the victims will be okay. the gun was found and right now police reason searching for a suspect. and donald trump made it official last night near fort bragg. james mattis is his choice for secretary of defense. now it's up to congress to give him a waiver to serve in that position. and tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. republicans included the waiver language in a must-pass spending what does that say? and are the democrats going to fight it? >> reporter: they are trying to get this done fast. it's language that was fast-tracked. james mattis being able to move on to confirmation hearing. he has to cross extra hurdles because he's only been retired from the military for three years, seven is the required. so they have thrown language in to only apply to james mattis. and that could appease democrats who don't want to see the requirement changed.
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yesterday threatened to cancel boeing's order for a new air force one plane yesterday. he cited the costs in that statement. how are boeing and lawmakers on capitol hill reacting to that? >> reporter: first of all they are talking about the money. he said $4 billion in his tweet. the government accountability office says it is just over $3 billion. they are only talking, boeing is only talking about the first phase of the project in their statement, which is about $740 million or so. to say, look, we'll do this at the best cost for the american taxpayer. and we have also confirmed from sources that they have reached out to president-elect trump to talk about adjusting the program to change the price. in other words, if they downsize air force one, it could result in a lower price. so they are looking to get those discussions started. >> tracie potts, thank you.
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bowser. here's a look at what they discussed. >> reporter: for 40 minutes d.c. mayor muriel bowser and president-elect donald trump went one-on-one. and while the mayor had two staff members in the room for the meeting, donald trump was all alone. d.c. mayor muriel bowser said she wanted to talk to the president-elect about things important to d.c. residents like infrastructure funding and particularly metro. >> i think that he a going to have a specific conversation with his nominee for the department of transportation. -- >> mayor bowser came away with a renewed appreciation for the cooperation that could happen between a trump administration and bowser administration. she was impressed how business-like trump was during their meeting. in new york city outside trump tower, reporting for news4.
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at least 97 people are dead after a strong earthquake hit indonesia. rescuers are working very hard. we have new video to go to here. these are rescue efforts underway. frantic ones here. so far we have been told four people have been saved. the quake hit in the northern part of the country. hundreds are injured. and also hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed. this was near the very same place a deadly quake hit back in 2004 that killed more than 120,000 people. we'll continue to follow developments and bring you the very latest. aaron, back to you. >> angie, thank you. today is the first day of the federal trial to determine whether dylann roof should be put to death. roof is accused of killing nine people at a black church in north carolina. the trial starts with jury selection this morning. the state trial that could also
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morning about the man facing murder charges in a notorious lyons' sisters case. lawrence welsh jr. is awaiting trial in bedford county, virginia, after murdering sheila and katherine lyons in 1975. the two sisters were last seen walking from their home near the found. and comet ping-pong is back open and people are showing their support for the business. the pizzaria is planning to reopen for business tomorrow.
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and a gold medal and beyonce have in common? they are on the short list for "time" magazine. >> the "today" show will reveal the cover this morning right here on nbc4. among the finalists, president-elect donald trump, former presidential candidate hillary clinton, she's currently leading in the "today" show poll of who should be the title person. simone biles and beyonce. norenda modi as well. tom kierein, we had an ugly, cold, soggy day yesterday. >> glad that is behind us. >> it was nasty. >> it was that cold chill that got us there yesterday. but now the rain has ended. we did get over an inch of rain. we did need the rain. we have been in a drought, but now it's gone. however, we are still rather damp this morning.
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4 tower camera on this wednesday morning. you're going to notice the damp chill still in the air, but at least you can put away the umbrella. temperatures are hovering near 40 in nearby suburbs. right in town, the low 40s. mid-40s around the bay. and the mid-30s near the shenandoah valley and out into the mountains where they did get wet snow yesterday. while the rain is now exited the eastern shore, just a few lingering sprinkles along the atlantic. hour by hour into the afternoon, we'll stay hovering right around 8:00 to 9:00. then it will start to jump into the mid-40s as we get sunshine later in the morning. then into the afternoon, we will touch the low 50s. that's around 2:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. storm team 4's ten-day outlook has big changes on the way. tomorrow, it will be a bit chillier. some clouds around. 30s in the morning under a clear sky. then the cloud cover developing and temperatures in the upper 40s tomorrow afternoon. and on friday, the big change
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up thursday night. friday morning down to 30 degrees. and during the day on friday, we probably won't get out of the 30s on friday with sunshine around. but still, gusts of wind. windchills just in the 20s on friday. highs on saturday with a lighter wind. we'll be in the upper 30s after a cold start. another cold morning on sunday morning. increasing clouds on sunday. highs in the low 40s. that's in advance of some rain moving in on monday with highs in the 50s. after that, it's going to get cold again. thd we may not even be above freezing. now let's check on an update on a new crash with melissa. what is going on? a brand new problem on 270 northbound near montgomeriville avenue. that's the report we are getting. we don't see a delay on the screen, but you're seeing that chain on the roadway. slick conditions are causing issues. same thing before connecticut avenue, two new crashes near the original crash blocking the two lanes with a response on the
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way. overall, the beltway is not impacted by this because it is so early in the morning. northbound indian head highway at 228, a brand new crash reported there. i want to mention that one. and the northbound landover road near lottsford road. we'll look at 66 and 95 coming up. thank you, melissa. carjacked at the gas pump. surveillance video shows a woman being attacked while filling up her tank. more on the masked men police are calling a serial robber. and another bump in the road to keeping your credit card secure at gas why it will take more time
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montgomery county police are asking for help to find the man they say carjacked a woman after robbing a gas station. the crime was captured on surveillance video. police are looking for the man seen here carrying a plastic bag. they say after robbing the her car and took off in that car. it happened two weeks ago on georgia avenue. and police believe this man has also robbed a nearby gas station three times. and gas stations are taking extra time to install chip technology. they are giving gas stations three extra years to install the equipment. the biggest delay is automated fuel pumps. gas stations are facing
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implementation challenges. and apple is a step closer to opening a flagship store here in washington. according to the washington district journal, the convention and sports authority came to an agreement with the tech giant. apple says it plans to open a historic carnegie library at mount vernon square. you think the lines for the mgm casino were long? can you imagine if this opens in passes -- >> it is in a packed area. well, do you have plans for new year's eve? d.c. is one of the best places to ring in 2017. >> wallethub ranked the top cities in 20 categories including the average party ticket price, weather forecast and safety. d.c. came in at 11th on the
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francisco and atlanta were the top three. how about that? >> new york ranks 38th out of 40. i can't imagine being in times square for new year's. that would be awful. and they lock you in. >> you can do it once to say you did and that is it. just like the fourth of july fireworks here in d.c. >> it would be a big crowd. it is just about 5:00 a.m. on "ns worker assaults a patient that he was supposed to be caring for. and an important warning as you send your kids out the door. details on the man who tried to kidnap a teen on her way to school. the time right now is 4:59. we are approaching the 5:00 hour. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is standing by. i'm so glad this miserable, rainy weather is behind us, tom.
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however, we have damp pavement around. melissa talks about what that is doing to our commute. right now there's the sky over washington. we still have some clouds lingering. and you might encounter maybe a brief little sprinkle or drizzle, but we're still dealing with the road spray as the roads are wet from the overnight rain that has now exited. storm team 4 is showing the rain along the atlantic beaches and continuing to pull away from the metro area. we are all dry here locally. storm team 4 any rain at all. and it's a problem picking up drizzle, but you might open counter a little drizzle over the next hour or so. temperatures are chilly. shenandoah valley in the 30s. and off to our east, it's in the mid-40s around the bay. low 40s right in town. nearby suburbs are hovering near 40 degrees. it will be in the low 50s this afternoon with sunshine back. the commuter forecast is coming up in ten minutes. speaking of the commute, how is it looking now, melissa? we still have a situation, a


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