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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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however, we have damp pavement around. melissa talks about what that is doing to our commute. right now there's the sky over washington. we still have some clouds lingering. and you might encounter maybe a brief little sprinkle or drizzle, but we're still dealing with the road spray as the roads are wet from the overnight rain that has now exited. storm team 4 is showing the rain along the atlantic beaches and continuing to pull away from the metro area. we are all dry here locally. storm team 4 any rain at all. and it's a problem picking up drizzle, but you might open counter a little drizzle over the next hour or so. temperatures are chilly. shenandoah valley in the 30s. and off to our east, it's in the mid-40s around the bay. low 40s right in town. nearby suburbs are hovering near 40 degrees. it will be in the low 50s this afternoon with sunshine back. the commuter forecast is coming up in ten minutes. speaking of the commute, how is it looking now, melissa? we still have a situation, a
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outer loop before georgia avenue, we do have a new crash there. that other one also outer loop before connecticut avenue. neither of the cameras are showing what is going on there. 270 northbound near montgomery village avenue, we'll have that crash. and northbound landover road, this is the car versus deer. sounds like this has just gotten out of the way. don't corny about that one. northbound indian head highway and 228, there's a crash hanging around ther next. and a boil water advisory in prince william county going on right now. this is for those of you who are north of route 29 in the haymarket avenue. this is going to be in effect for 48 hours as crews try to fix this water main break and test the water in the region that's highlighted on your screen. so here's what to note, boil
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take precaution if you have kids going to school. send them with extra bottled water. the schools are open and many are affected by this. check the school's websites for updates and head to our website for the latest information. thank you, angie. fairfax county police are sorting through what was a very chaotic scene in an three women and one girl were injured after a fight in the 7500 block of davie drive. police say two of the women were hit by gunfire. at last check, they are in stable condition. and the gun was found. it is not known who fired the gun. the police say everyone involved knew each other. and a hospital employee in d.c. accused of sexually assaulting a patient is denying the allegations. d.c. police say 51-year-old demarco simon sexually assaulted
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southeast. he said he did not sexually assault anyone. and his attorney told him not to say anything else. the hospital spokesperson released a statement saying, it is not the hospital's policy to comment while it is under investigation. simon is said to be in court next week. news4's justin finch has a live report coming up. and right now police in gaithersburg are stepping up patrols as students return to the bus stop following the attempted kidnapping. a teenager from maryland says someone tried to she was walking to school. this happened monday morning near the cider mill apartments. she said a man tried to put a bag over her head and she screamed and he took off. a letter was sent home to parents from the girl's school. and a woman has life-threatening injuries after a crash in rockville.
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woman was crossing chapman avenue and bouic avenue. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and the nominees for d.c. school chancellor will greet students he's expected to serve. he will be at tubman elementary school at 8:30 this morning. wilson still needs to be approved as the new school chancellor. wilson was hired in 2016 as superintendent of the unifed wilson was thanked for raising achievement scores. i'm proud to announce today my intent to nominate general james "mad dog" mattis as the next secretary of defense for the united states of america.
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mattis is donald trump's pick for secretary of defense. >> mattis needs a congressional waiver since he's been retired for just three years. on tuesday house republicans took the first step to get that done that included language for the waiver in a short-term spending bill to keep the government open. it would allow mattis to bypass the bill saying he needs to be retired for seven years. the bill must be passed by friday to avoid a government shutdown. we have new developments into the live desk on that big story of that tragic plane crash that took the lives of most of the players of a brazilian soccer team last week. take a look at this video, we learned the head of the airliner that crashed in colombia has been detained. right now he's being questioned by prosecutors. the charter plane was prom
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into whether that crash that killed 71 people was because of negligence. the prosecutors are saying this interrogation is expected to go on for at least eight hours. and that could result in an arrest. angie, thank you. 5:06 right now and investigators say the deadly warehouse fire in oakland does not appear to be intentionally set. they are looking into a refrigerator or other electrical appliance. this morning the death toll is at 36 and officials do not expect io video from inside the warehouse you see here just an hour before it went up in flames on friday has been posted online. oakland officials now declared a local state of emergency there. and a man is in jail this morning facing abduction and assault charges. they arrested 32-year-old
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he is being held without bond. and the minimum wage could be increased to $15 an hour by 2020. under the bill, the county minimum wage would increase to $12.50 in 2018, $13.75 in 2019 and $15 by 2020. a sin being approved. the d.c. council gave preliminary approval to the bill yesterday. it would grant up to eight weeks to pay for a newborn. the bill faces another vote in late december and then congressional review is expected to go into effect in 2020 when additional taxes are raised.
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pause for the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> 19 u.s. ships were destroyed during the surprise attack by japan. the most significant loss was the more than 2400 american lives. a loss that will draw various generations to the ceremonies today. a wreath will be happening at the u.s. world navy and world war ii memorials. and shinzo abe will visit pearl harbor, a first visit for him. and mgm national harbor is opening its doors tomorrow. what you need to know to get around the area still ahead. and tracked by uber, the upgrade to the app letting the rideshare follow you even after
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online for the first year.
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angie goff at the live desk. we have breaking news out of alexandria where police have an active investigation going on in the 2000 block of eisenhower avenue. earlier this morning, just a few
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stole cash and merchandise from the location there of the 2000 block of eisenhower avenue. no one was hurt, but they do expect to be out there investigating throughout the morning. we'll keep you updated. now back to you. thank you, angie. 5:12 on this chilly december 7th morning. >> we'll go to meteorologist tom kierein to find out what kind of day we'll have. hey, tom. >> good morning. we're starting off with a drying trend. i'm happy to report,h of rain. that was the first time we have gotten that much since over two months ago. still some lingering sprinkles on the eastern shore, but that's pulling away. all drying out now with our sky anyway, but the pavement is still wet. sidewalks are still wet. you'll be jumping over puddles this morning waiting at the bus stop. for the commute this wednesday, still some damp roads at 8:00 a.m. we'll be hovering near 40 degrees with the cloud cover. then the sun breaks out. for your lunch hour, we'll be in the upper 40s.
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clear sky, back down the to the upper 40s. cold plunge this weekend. a look at that coming up in about ten minutes. now updates on traffic and some crashes this melissa. all kinds of stuff to talk about here on the top of the beltway. a couple different problems right now. first of all, the outer loop before georgia we had debris and the crash on the right shoulder. that one has just disappeared here in the past couple of seconds. outer loop before georgia, we have a crash in the left lane. and then the outer loop befo we called to say, what is going on there? there was a ladder in the roadway. people were avoiding it, some were hitting it. that was a problem. now it makes sense. 270 northbound at montgomery village, we still have that crash. and 66 at waples mill road, no problems. and it's 5:13. here are the top stories you may have missed. four people were hurt when a fight led to a shooting in annandale, virginia. fairfax county police say
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police are investigating claims a woman was sexually assaulted by a hospital worker while she was being treated. that united medical center employee is denying those allegations. and news4's justin finch is live at d.c. police headquarters with more. justin, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. now police are telling us they are looking to see if the hospital staffer has more accusers out there. he tells news4 the allegations are false and the hospital says that aof investigation. now, we do know that 51-year-old premarco simone is accused of sexually abusing a woman last sunday morning. the woman was a patient at the medical center where simone works. he said simone sexually assaulted her since she got care that night. simone spoke on the phone with
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sexually assault anyone and denies the allegations. we do have reaction from simone's employer. quote, it is united medical center's policy not to comment on matter that is are under investigation. the alleged situation that transpired on sunday is currently under investigation. we do know simone is back in court on december 16th. back to you. >> justin finch live in d.c. thank you. two maryland state troopers are expected to be okay after being hit by a car driven by a woman arrested for dui. the troopers were working a crash scene when their patrol car was hit on crain highway in waldorf yesterday. if that was not enough, the tow truck driver called to clear the arrest was also arrested for dui. when he arrived, officers detected signs of possible impairment. it's been a dangerous year for maryland state troopers.
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traffic stops. the crash scenes or construction zones are where they have happened this year. maryland's new law requires drivers to change lanes or to slow down for emergency vehicles. and today the new aden road bridge will open to drivers in nokesville, virginia. the old road closed back in vdot took over construction and got the new one up and running. new jobs, public housing and a new park coming to d.c. despite critics. mayor muriel bowser is expected to break ground at the filtration site at 11:00. the project calls for the demolition of a significant portion of the d.c.-owned portion of mcmillan park. it's been a historic landmark since 1991. construction is expected to be
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army/navy game in baltimore. transition officials say he'll sit on navy's side of the field for one half of the game and army's side for the other. saturday will mark the 117th meeting between the two schools. the navy has won the game for 14 straight years. this year's game will be played at mnt bank stadium. well, it is the moment we have all been waiting for. >> "hairspray live" premiers tonight on musical following last year's mega success. universal studios will be transformed into 1964 baltimore. newcomer madi paleo will play the lead role of tracey turnbad. and martin short and jennifer hudson, too.
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come together because it is a bit of broadway. it's a bit of television. and it's a bit of film. >> kristen chenoweth and derek hough are also a part of this. >> it should be fun. that's a movie john travolta did with other big names a couple years ago. tom kierein is in the storm team 4 weather center. no big activity today on the radar, right? thankfully the rain has ended a i you step out to walk the dog or head out to the bus stop this morning. you will notice a damp chill in the air. still low clouds hovering over capitol hill. a live view from the tower camera on this wednesday morning. storm team 4 radar showing some lingering sprinkles here on the eastern shore. they are continuing to pull away moving off to the east. and we are drying out here. storm team 4 radar not showing more rain anywhere around the metro area. however, pavements and sidewalks
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inch of rain yesterday. right now we are hovering in the mid to upper 30s in the shenandoah valley. prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties near 44 degrees. in washington, the low 40s. in the mid-40s near the chesapeake bay. out in the mountains, it's about freezing. a couple spots are near freezing this morning. here's your planner for today, we'll be drying out. we'll have a chilly, dry afternoon as temperatures climb into the low 50s by about 2:0. then getting cold tonight by dawn tomorrow. we'll be down into the upper 30s. during the day on thursday, afternoon highs a bit chillier. we'll have some clouds in and out. and temperatures are in the upper 40s. then getting into friday, it's a weather alert day due to strong, cold winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. temperatures in the 20s in the morning to near 30 in the afternoon. highs only in the upper 30s. but the windchill on friday may only be in the 20s. and then as we get into
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winds with lots of sunshine, 20s in the morning. afternoon highs in the upper 30s. then on sunday, we'll have it cold in the morning. but into the low 40s with increasing clouds during the afternoon. melissa has a crash update. what is going on? an update on the beltway situation. everything is now gone there from the top of the beltway. all lanes have reopened. so no big problems there any longer. 270 northbound here just after montgomery village avenue is where this crash is. so right now we are being told that two leftan it is not slowing things too much. and the earlier problem northbound 202 at lottsford is out of the way for us. same thing with this one. northbound indian head highway at 228 is gone as well. a live look at the beltway and the rest of the way in and out of town is nice and green and flowing quite well. we'll take a live look at 95 in virginia coming up. eun? thank you, melissa. a wine lovers dream store could
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adjusted to make a total wine store a reality.
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a maryland man is appealing gun business out of his home. last night the town council voted down his request. 35 residents showed up to speak on the issue. about half oppose the zoning change. metro is working hard to lure riders back to the system by working to improve rider experience. yesterday engineers showed off a new tool that can figure out what is wrong with a rail car while it is still on the track. in the past crews would have to take the entire train out of
5:25 am
metro's gm says among the problems to be fixed, air-conditioning. and that is good news for anyone stuck on hot cars this past summer. they are also working on ordering parts for doors that don't close. these are part of metro's back to good initiative. well, the next time you take uber you should know the company will be tracking you for five minutes after you get dropped off. uber wants to track customers crossing busy straights. the company says it will improve th you can look for instructions on how to disable uber's tracking abilities on the nbc washington app. >> i'm sure it will be interesting how this works. the safety part is one aspect of it, but i don't know if i want people following me in my movements for five minutes. >> sometimes i don't want you to know where i'm going. >> sometimes? >> i'm just saying. i want to keep it to myself. right now a live look at the roads on a much dryer morning than we saw yesterday.
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mollet and your first 4 traffic just ahead. plus, congress helping donald trump before he's in office. the legislation that is pushing
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. 5:28 is your time. 4 things to know at this hour, starting in haymarket, virginia. there's breaking news with a major water main break.
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you can see the area circled here is the part of the county you need to know about. adam tuff is heading to the scene for more information. and three women and a girl were injured during a fight in an annandale neighborhood. gun. and a girl was nearly kidnapped on her way to school near the cider mill apartments monday morning. she was able to get away. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchris. melissa mollet is here to help get the morning started. i had the window cracked and it felt good. as soon as i got out of the car, i was like, how did that happen, it was cold.
5:30 am
yes, you need the heater on for sure. in the wake of the cold rain yesterday, we'll be drying out today. chilly tomorrow. but a fairly pleasant december day. but then cold and uncomfortably windy on friday. we can have windchills friday only in the 20s all day long. and a cold and dry weekend to follow. those are your 4 things to know on this wednesday. storm team 4 radar showing a few scatteredsp but we are drying out in the metro area. however, many of the sidewalks and many of the roads are still wet. there's still some puddles as well as we got over an inch of rain yesterday. right now temperatures are hovering in the upper 30s to near 40 just about everywhere. reagan national is at 43 degrees. getting into the latter part of the morning, we'll be in the mid-40s. into the afternoon, the low 50s with welcomed sunshine returning. melissa, what is going on now on the beltway? another new problem here top
5:31 am
this crash is on the right shoulder. we also still have that outer loop before connecticut situation on the left shoulder. so you can see two little kind of orange marks here on the beltway showing us those two little slow spots here this morning. 270 northbound at montgomery village avenue, we still have that crash on the left side of the roadway. 66 into town, out of town, no problems here on 66. looking quite good this morning. and 95 in virginia north of pohick road, northbound and southbound rolling along just fine. 5:31. donald trump makes it official. retired marine corps general james mattis is his choice for secretary of defense. but he faces a hurdle before being confirmed. >> tracie potts is live from capitol hill with more for us. mattis needs a congressional waiver that has to be in a must-pass spending bill. so will the bill be approved? >> reporter: it could be. because what they put in the spending bill is the first step
5:32 am
not for everyone for whom the rules need to be changed. that's something democrats were concerned about. the issue is being defense secretary is a civilian job, he has only been a civilian for three years. the law requires seven. so they have to get him a waiver to get around that. and putting that language in the spending bill is the first step toward doing that. >> donald trump will visit ohio state university the site of the attack last month. do we know h with? >> reporter: we know he's meeting with victims and first responders. he was just in ohio as part of the thank you tour he's continuing this week. now he's going back to ohio to sit down with the victims and to talk about an issue that he talked about since the campaign, which is isis and terrorism. and in this case, they think it may have been terror-related, not necessarily directly connected to isis, but certainly it's an issue that he brought up
5:33 am
so he'll talk to the victims and people who have helped save some of them. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tracie. 5:33. and mayor muriel bowser went to meet with president-elect donald trump yesterday in new york city. she said she was impressed by donald trump and the people who live there. >> i'm comfortabl h concerns and the fear and anxiety that residents in the district have. and that he was willing to listen to those concerns. >> reporter: she all said trump was interested in d.c.'s push for statehood. angie goff at the live desk and new video after the earthquake that rocked parts of indonesia. you can see that there is a lot of damage on the ground.
5:34 am
hundreds of buildings including what you saw just moments ago, a mosque, 14 mosques, in fact, were damaged or destroyed. rescue operations are still underway. we just heard from emergency management officials that say the death toll will likely rise as they continue to search for the people missing. by the way, in 2004 a huge earthquake near the same area killed more than 120,000 people. now back to you. angie, 5:34 now and dylann roof will be back in a courtroom today. jury selection begins in his federal trial. he's accused of killing nine people inside a historically black church in south carolina last year. he will face the death penalty in that case. there's a separate trial next month that could also end with the death penalty. and new information this morning about the man facing murder charges in the notorious
5:35 am
for the assault of a woman in 1996. the grand jury indicted welsh earlier this week. and welsh is awaiting trial in bedford county, virginia, after murdering sheila and kathy lyons in 1975. the two sisters were last seen walking from their house in montgomery county to wheaton mall. the bodies have never been found. the community is rallying around the northwest d.c. pizzaria targeted week. >> they are now preparing for a massive crowd on friday. >> more than 1,000 people plan to eat at the business to show support. edgar welsh opened fire on sunday in the restaurant to self-investigate a fake news story linked to the clinton campaign. he's expected back in court tomorrow. and right now on "news4 today," this picture from a vdot camera shows the arrest of three robbery suspects on 395 yesterday. fairfax county police say these
5:36 am
from tysons corner center mall. as police began to investigate the thefts, the thiefs took off to arlington county where they were taken into custody. and fairfax county officials have approved a civilian review panel. they have reports serious misconduct. the police department internal affairs officers will investigate the complaint first, but if the citizen is not happy with the findings, they can turn to the nine-member panel that
5:37 am
her tank. and police say her masked attacker has struck before. the warning we can all learn from coming up. and a push to bring total wine to montgomery county. but it's going to take a change
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5:40 is the time this wednesday morning. >> that's right. it's wednesday. tom kierein is standing by to tell us how to get ready, aaron. good morning. starting off this morning with low clouds hanging around. and no more rain, but the pavement is wet coming into and out of washington. a live view from the city camera. you need a warm coat this morning, a warm hat and gloves. later today, be broken out later this morning. lingering showers on the eastern shore. that's the last of the rain pulling away. storm team 4 radar not showing any more rain or snow in the vicinity as of last night that ended cold and damp, 7:00 a.m. at the bus stop and at the metro. by 8:00, still cloudy and still rather damp in the low 40s. then by 9:00, we'll start getting some sunshine breaking out into the mid-40s. a look at a cold plunge for the weekend is coming in ten minutes. we have problems on the beltway,
5:41 am
at connecticut avenue. we'll send chopper 4 here to see what is going on. this is now the seventh crash report in the same area. we are not sure if we're getting repeated reports or what is going on. so we'll be there in just a minute. outer loop before connecticut, a new crash with three left lanes blocked is what we are told. and another problem eastbound 70 at 270 with a reported accident there. as far as travel times, right now no problems on 270 south from germantown to the spur. top of the beltway is you would expect this morning on the outer loop going 38 miles per hour because of a couple different crashes sprinkled there throughout the morning. state police are telling us there is a ladder in the roadway causing at least some of the problems. 66 inup bound is okay as well as 495. and surveillance video shows a woman being attacked while filling up her tank. more on the masked man police
5:42 am
pearl harbor. the tribute taking place today in hawaii and here at home.
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i keep my heart undone
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right now at 5:45, you may see more police patrolling stops in gaithersburg today as a student says a man tried to kidnap her on the way to school monday morning near the cider mill apartments. she was able to get away and told staff at her school what happened. and a woman told d.c. police a man sexually assaulted her during medical treatment at united medical center. the hospital employee now faces charges but denies the allegations. we'll have much more on these stories still ahead. and the rain is gone, but the pavement is still wet. a live view from the storm team
5:46 am
there's nebraska avenue with damp pavement. a look at the cold plunge for the weekend in just a couple minutes. several new crashes, one of them top of the loop near connecticut avenue. we'll have live pictures coming up. we're following breaking news in prince william county where a boil water advisory is in place for the haymarket area. >> schools are open but there are some things that parents need to know before sending the kids off to school this morning. news4's adam tuss is live in haymarket with more on the areas affected. you can take a look here and see what happened. obviously, crews got to the area pretty quickly last night and made repairs. the barrels are still here. this is all in kind of an industrial area. and i'm going to ask my photographer irene johnson to pan off to see the road where this is, this is right on university boulevard at wellington road here in the haymarket area. we have a map of the affected area here. and again, you guys mentioned a boil water advisory in effect, which means that you should be
5:47 am
tap water before drinking it is the recommendation. schools will have extra water on hand today. take a look at the schools that will be affected here. battlefield high school, bull run middle school, reagan middle school, gravely elementary school, and there are more. mountain view elementary school, haymarket elementary school, buckland mills elementary, tyler elementary schools. this area is impacted by a substantial water main break. crews have done patching here. they are obviously getting to it pretty quickly. but if you're in this area, boil any tap water for at least a minute before using it to cook, drinking it or anything else. guys, back to you. >> adam tuss live in haymarket for us. thank you. 5:47. montgomery county police are asking for help to find a man they say carjacked a woman after robbing a gas station.
5:48 am
surveillance video here. police are looking for the man seen carrying a plastic bag. they say after robbing the silver springs shell station at gunpoint, he forced a woman from her car and took off. it happened two weeks ago on georgia avenue. police think the same man has also robbed a nearby bp gas station three times. prince william county police say a tip led to the arrest of 32-year-old clarence alo the incident happened sunday morning at the massage store in woodbridge. and the d.c. council gave preliminary approval to the d.c. paid family leave bill. it would give eight weeks to pay
5:49 am
to care for a family member. it faces another vote and then congressional view. we are counting down the hours until the opening of the mgm national harbor casino resort. we are now 17 hours away. all week we have been preparing you for traffic to come with all the new visitors to the casino. prince george's county police expect 30,000 visitors in the first 24 hours. keep everyone moving. officers will be out on the roads to try to keep vehicles from backing up onto the beltway and route 210. >> the key to it for us is motion. we want to keep traffic moving. we are not relying on signalization to do that. we are relying on the active management of those intersections. >> i'm still under the opinion we're going to have a major backup in terms of traffic, yes. >> national harbor has one command center monitoring traffic and another that has a
5:50 am
security a priority. 71 people died in a plane crash and now the head of the airline is in custody. bo liven prosecutors detained gustavo vargas in charge of the charter plane that crashed in colombia last week. as you said, 71 people including 19 members of a soccer team died. security officials also raised the airline's office and took a mechanic into custody. and today is the 75th anniversary of the surprise attack on pearl harbor where thousands of american lives were lost. >> jay gray is live in honolulu, hawaii, where hundreds of survivors have traveled to for this day. jay, good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron and eun, good morning to you. they will be joined by thousands here. the waters of pearl harbor are calm right now in the overnight
5:51 am
day, they will gather for a special national day of remembrance that will include a ceremony honoring some of our nation's greatest heroes 75 years after the attack. as you talk about hundreds who are survivors that have traveled here, many of them saying this may be the last time that they gather together. and it was important to them to be a part of this celebration, to be here with their brothers. a part of this special day aside from that internment of two survivors who died in the last year. they asked to be cremated and their ashes will be turned at the "uss memorial." this is where the two want to join their shipmates. there will be a very special service later this afternoon for that. it's going to be a special day, part of a week filled with
5:52 am
that is the latest live here at pearl harbor, back to you. >> jay gray, thank you. 5:51 right now. here in the district the friends of the national world war ii memorial held a vigil on the national mall to remember the lives lost in the attack on pearl harbor. today wreath laying ceremonies happen at the national museum of the u.s. navy, the world war ii memorial and at the united states memorial at navy plaza. look for specific times to the events o t app. and time now to check the forecast, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein telling us about the cold weather right now. hey, tom. >> reporter: good morning. a cold plunge coming in for the weekend. this is the storm team 4 weather center where all our meteorologists are preparing the forecasts. you can see the latest forecast with the nbc4 washington app. right now we are drying with low clouds and light fog in the air. that's a live view from storm team 4's tower camera zoomed in
5:53 am
any more rain, we don't have any more rain or snow. we had wet snow out of the mountains. and still lingering sprinkles on the eastern shore, but those are quickly pulling away. temperatures are all above freezing, we are near 40 in the nearby suburbs and rural areas. downtown, low 40s around the bay. shenandoah valley out of the mountains is just above freezing in the mid to upper 30s on this wednesday morning. drying out by 10:00 in the mid-40s. then mostly sunny during the ano then right after sunset which stays at 4:46 back down into the 40s, and then near 40, getting cold, by late tonight by 10:00 or so under a clear sky. storm team 4's ten-day outlook tomorrow morning will be down in the mid-30s for much of the region with increasing clouds on thursday and afternoon temperatures just reaching the upper 40s tomorrow. then the cold plunge moves in on friday turning windy. we may only have it in the upper
5:54 am
then on saturday, still cold, 20s in the morning. afternoon highs in the upper 30s. and on saturday evening, storm team 4 tracking winter at 7:30 p.m. you can see our latest storm team 4 weather special. looking toward winter and what may happen. then sunday afternoon in the low 40s with some sunshine in and out clouding up with rain likely on monday. getting really cold into next week. melissa, multiple crashes, what is happening? > after another. chopper 4 just got over the scene at the outer loop near connecticut. several vehicles, one on a tow, and another one spun around. and chopper 4 told me on the way he saw another crash here about a half mile before this one. so lots of different crashes reported through the area here this morning. take a look at that, again, that's on the left side of the roadway, perhaps just after georgia avenue here this morning. so we have lanes blocked right now on the left side of the
5:55 am
left lane there. eastbound 70 at 270 another crash reported there. and inbound new york avenue at florida, a crash in the right lane. taking a look here in prince george's county inbound at suitland parkway, we have an accident there. and taking a look at 66 inbound at sudley road, we have a new accident. a lot of action all around town today. and gas stations are going to get extra time to up stall credit card chip technology. visa and mastercard are giving to install the equipment. the biggest reason for the delay, automated fuel pumps. the credit card companies acknowledge gas stations face significant regulatory and implementation challenges. today a montgomery council committee will work on a proposed bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. this would be the committee's third time discussing the measure. under the bill the county minimum wage would increase to
5:56 am
and $15 in 2020. this move would go beyond current legislation to increase the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by july. the bethesda-based total wine store could open shop in montgomery county if a drafted state bill gets passed. the legislation could allow the company to get another permit to sell alcohol. currently, state law bars someone from having several permits. the company's owners say they should be allowed to open a store where its based. and people can comment on the proposal tonight at a public meeting in rockville. >> that meeting is set for 7:00 p.m. at the montgomery county council building. in maryland you have to buy alcohol at designated stores. no grocery stores. >> in montgomery county. >> right. >> when i moved out there, that was a shock to the system. i couldn't get a bottle of wine at the grocery store. >> for cooking. >> yeah, for cooking. all right. 5:56. >> apple is a step closer to
5:57 am
the washington business journal. the convention and sports authority reached an agreement with the tech giant. apple plans to renovate and hope the historic carnegie library at mount vernon square. that place will be buzzing. >> and such a beautiful building. do you have plans for new year's eve? a new report finds d.c. is one of the top cities in the country to ring in 2017. >> wallethub reports the 100 cities in 20 categories forecast and safety. d.c. came in at 11 on the list, not too bad. orlando, i bet that has a lot to do with weather. san francisco and atlanta crack the top three. >> and new york ranked 30th or 38th out of 40. >> that is pretty low. especially for a city that never sleeps. well, back on the job, a prince george's county council member returns after a dui arrest.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is 6:00 a.m., good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. after all that rain, the sun will make a comeback. tom kierein is here in the
6:00 am
tom? we got over an inch of rain. that's the first time we have gotten that much rain since way back on september 29th. and the roads are still a little damp. there's a live view from the tower camera zoomed in on some of the roads in northwest washington. traffic is moving along smoothly as we are gradually drying out this morning. storm team 4 radar not showing anymore rain or snow. we did get wet snow out of the mountains, but all of it has ended and is pulling off to the east. just a few lingering showers on the eastern shore away. low clouds over much of the region. it will take another few hours before the cloud cover breaks up. we'll get sunshine breaking out. we're in the mid to upper 30s in shenandoah valley. nearby suburbs, prince george's county, low 40s. upper 40s near montgomery county, much of arlington and fairfax near 40. as is the rest of virginia. right by the way, we are in the mid-40s. and hour by hour as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll be climbing into the upper 40s late


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