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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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finch, news 4. now at 6:00, president-elect donald trump building his team while savoring a new title, "time" magazine's person of the year. during this morning's commute, a tractor trailer hits a car killing a father of two and why this case highlights a growing problem on our roads. and we'll take a look at how news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> we begin tonight with politics and the transition. president-elect donald trump. >> official announcements are expected later but there could be another general in the cabinet as well as a new head of the environmental protection agency. but the big news today, donald trump's selection as "time" magazine's person of the year. steve handelsman tracking it all from capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: hey, wendy, it's usually a big honor but not
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putin have been "time" magazine's person of the year, recognition that somebody has the biggest effect, positive or negative. but our new president-elect says he's pleased. revealed on the "today" show as "time" magazine's person of the year, donald trump phoned in. >> i consider this a very, very great honor. >> reporter: but "time" called us the divided states of america. trump is mending his divide with president obama calling for advice. >> he loves the country. he wants to do right by the country. >> reporter: does mr. obama now like the man who insulted him for years? >> the president is pleased that he can play a role in ensuring a smooth and effective transition. >> reporter: trump picked retired marine four-star john kelly as secretary of homeland security. along with michael flynn and james mattis, the third retired general named by trump to a top spot. >> too many generals? yeah, there's a certain point that you want, you know -- you
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i don't think we hit that yet. >> reporter: trump today tapped oklahoma's scott pruitt to run the epa. he's close to the fossil fuel industry. democrats slammed tom price running hhs. >> president-elect trump nominated one of the most avout enemies of medicare in the country. >> reporter: along with mitt romney, trump confirmed he could name rex tillerson secretary of state. the exxonmobil ceo who's cut oil deals with vladimir putin. new air force ones, trump said getting better prices is how he sees his new job. donald trump putting scott pruitt as head of the epa looks like proof that trump plans to keep his campaign pledge to roll back the obama administration regulations designed to slow global warming. pruitt in oklahoma sided with the oil industry and defended climate change deniers. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. jim and wendy?
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will be on capitol hill for the unveiling of a portrait of senate democratic leader harry reid. reid is retiring at the end of this session of congress. clinton's public appearances have been rare since he conceded the presidential election. she made a speech at an event for the children's defense fund and she was spotted hiking near her home in new york. also shopping for thanksgiving dinner at a neighborhood market two weeks ago. a father of two killed today when a tractor trailer slammed into his car. it happened in the crash happened where interstate 70 connects with i-270. that's where we find news 4's mark segraves now. mark? >> reporter: jim, police say this is the tenth person to die in a traffic accident in frederick county this year, and as you said, the victim was the father of two young children. >> think it's heartbreaking to find out, you know, especially someone that's, like, in our community here. >> reporter: the accident
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onto 270 southbound. it was about 5:30 this morning as rush hour traffic was already beginning to build. that's when a tractor trailer jackknifed. >> in the area, he failed to negotiate the speed and saw the traffic was slowing. he hit his brakes abruptly. >> reporter: when the driver of the tractor trailer slammed on his brakes, police say he lost control of his truck. slamming into a toyota corolla driven by 40-year-old ross michaels. the collision sent michaels' into a third vehicle. michaels, a father of two who lived minutes from the scene of the accident, was killed. >> the operator of the tractor trailer was transported to local hospital, frederick memorial hospital, and he was treated and released this morning. >> i'm very sorry. feel sympathy for the family. a tragic accident. and it's difficult to hear, to see. >> reporter: police say they see this type of accident way too often. >> one of the biggest problems we have is people tailgating and not paying attention.
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paying attention to traffic. >> reporter: now police say the investigation is ongoing. the driver of that tractor trailer is from hagerstown, maryland. no charges have been filed. the investigation could last up to one month. wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you, mark. troubling new details about the driver who was involved in a deadly school bus crash in baltimore. glen chapelle was among six people killed when his school bus slammed into an mta bus ov history of seizures involved in at least 12 crashes in the past five years. according to a report from the national transportation safety board. chapelle worked for a company called affordable transportation that had a contract with baltimore city's public schools. the company's attorney has not responded to our request for comment. the prince george's county courthouse was evacuated those because of reports of a
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building. chopper 4 was over the scene in upper marlboro this afternoon. people inside the courthouse were moved to another part of the building and nearby businesses including a daycare center were evacuated as a precaution. bomb squad checked out the package. they did not find anything dangerous inside. the mgm national casino officially opens for business tomorrow night. casinos in maryland already generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the state every y revenue earner, is already sizing up the competition from mgm. chris? >> reporter: well, wendy, maryland live is one of five casinos operating in the state tonight. but tomorrow that all changes as the sixth and final casino begins by a grand opening at mgm national harbor. that's when the battle begins
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maryland live has been the biggest revenue producer of all the casinos in the state. it's building a brand new hotel here which will open in 2018. >> 310-room luxury tower which i think will compete with everything in the area. not be the nicest one in the area. we've added a number of different restaurants and other amenities to the facility. >> reporter: mgm has hired away some dealers who left maryland live and baltimore's horseshoe casino. >> because we're a destination resort, i'm not saying we're better than anybody. they're very successful, they're doing a very good job. we're offering a completely different product. >> what we are is the largest casino in maryland. we'll have more hotel rooms, more casino space, more slot machines, more table games, more shopping, more restaurants. >> reporter: mgm may hurt the bottom line for the other casinos. state lawmakers decided years ago that those casinos can keep
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maryland live's share increases from 41% 49%. horseshoe's take from 49% to 46%. as far as players are concerned, many want to sample mgm but may stay loyal to maryland live. >> i'll probably go to mgm and try it out but maryland live has great promotions. >> maryland live usually pays off pretty well for the slots and until for how they pay off, i'll probably go there. >> i'm going to try mgm but i'm never going to leave this place. >> reporter: maryland live says it welcomes mgm and anticipates that the competition will be good for the casino industry and the state of maryland which uses its profits for education. that's the latest from maryland live, jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. it happened two months ago in broad daylight. two men armed with an assault rifle took down an armored car
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got away. now, the fbi's asking for help. concern that the suspects will strike again. pat collins has reaction from witnesses. >> reporter: october 25th might not stick out in your memory, but here in tacoma park, it's a day they will not soon forget. >> i was working behind the bar. a guy ran in off the sidewalk, came into our restaurant looking all freaked out. >> this guy was really shooked up. of clothes they're wearing? he says, yeah, i seen the whole thing but i don't remember. he couldn't remember because he was so upset. >> reporter: october 25th, that's the day two masked gunmen with assault rifles robbed a brinks trunk here. it happened at the suntrust bank right around lunchtime. a brinks truck pulls up to make a delivery. the driver gets out. opens up the money door and as he does, a robber with an
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the driver's head, forces him to the ground and makes off with a lot of cash money. alvin smith, he was here, he saw that brinks driver right after the robbery. >> wow, he was pretty shook up. he had to go over and take a seat. he was trembling all over. so basically i think it was the element of surprise that got him. >> reporter: the fbi isn't saying how much money was taken here. but they have a number of working the case. >> we believe someone out there knows something and, again, we're asking for the public's assistance to help solve this case. >> reporter: there's a $20,000 reward posted in this case. the tip number, 410-265-8080. 410-265-8080. in tacoma park, pat collins, news 4. we're looking at weather now and a holiday tradition for
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they flipped the switch. doug kammerer is there with zoo light. >> reporter: yep. that's right. they flipped the switch on 500,000 lights. that's half a million lights and they're all powered by pepco. i love this area here, the base of the nice little toboggan trail and can take a snow tube all the way down. don't even need snow. all the way down 150 feet. a lot of people waiting for that. we have the storm team x lot of people down here at the zoo. this is the tenth annual zoo lights at the national zoo. i want to show you what it's going to be like tonight. tonight's weather probably the best for zoo lights you'll have for the next couple weeks. temperatures have been in the 50s today. now dropping into the 40s. by 11:00 tonight, dropping down to 41 degrees. so, again, a nice cool night tonight. next couple of days, well, it doesn't just get cool, it gets downright cold. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk about how cold things get and how long that cold air
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>> all right. a hidden danger blamed for this local house fire and tonight a woman is sharing her story of loss hoping it will save lives this holiday season. some haunting images from inside a warehouse in california. investigators there are uncovering new clues that would cause that deadly fire. and the date that will live in infamy. new reaction from survivors as our nation marks the 75th
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the search for victims ended now as new developments begin to surface in the wake of that deadly fire in a warehouse in california. tonight investigators are revealing possible new clues about what started that fire. it happened in oakland, california. they believe it was electrical. 36 people were killed. we also know that there trapped inside overcome by smoke. nbc has the latest on the investigation. >> he was the father of two girls. he was also about to be a married man. >> reporter: alex and his fiancee, hannah, 2 of the 36 lives lost when fire tore through the makeshift artist colony friday night. gasan posted an instagram video from inside the ghost ship
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as he was getting ready to play music. >> i'm going to miss being able to, you know, talk to my brother, you know what i'm saying, be inspired by him. >> reporter: the work to clear the building is moving into a new phase. >> at this time, the search has been completed. >> reporter: the massive amount of debris, the ash, burned out appliances and the melted art pieces are being moved away from here and to an undisclosed location protected from the weather that's moving in this afternoon. >> all of the debris is being preserv a again, the investigation does continue. >> reporter: the focus is on electrical appliances and possibly overloaded circuits from the massive sound system in place here for the electronic music party the night of the fire. >> we're looking at every possible source of ignition. but no conclusion has been made at this time as to what the source of ignition is. >> reporter: while officials still are not calling this a criminal investigation, that
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in the ashes. in oakland, nbc news. and tonight we learned about the death of a local soldier who served our country in afghanistan. sergeant first class alan brown was 46. lived in tacoma park. the defense department says brown and his unit were hit by an improvised explosive device on november 12th. he was being treated at walter reed medical center when he died from his injuries yete a day of infamy smeared into the memories of civilians and veterans. today hundreds of survivors of the attack on pearl harbor, a special commemoration 75 years after that day. nbc news' jay gray in honolulu now where tributes to some of our country's greatest heroes. jay? >> reporter: hey there, jim.
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see the memorial to the "u.s.s. arizona" over our shoulder here, the final resting place for more than a thousand sailors and marines. it's also been the centerpiece in the tribute today to those lost as well as those survivors you talk about. many who will tell you they are here to make sure the nation and the world never forgets pearl harbor. the toll of a single bell. the grace and power that comes with a moment of followed by a missing man flyover honoring some of our nation's greatest heroes. >> and you earn our commitment to always remember pearl harbor. your life changed on the morning of december 7th, 1941, and after that day, you would change the world forever. >> reporter: 75 years later, thousands here and across the country stopped to remember the 2,403 lost in the surprise
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and the survivors. >> we will never forget your courage, under considerable fire, and seemingly insir mount bl odds. >> reporter: the ceremony filled with the pomp and circumstance you would expect but there's also a purpose for those memorial for those who fought here. >> the whole idea is we're here to keep a remembrance of what happened that day so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: and to make sure those lost did not die in vain. >> take comfort in knowing that our departed world war ii veterans continue to stand vigil in watch as guardian angels of our nation. >> reporter: a grateful nation that today honors their sacrifice. the ceremonies and celebrations will continue here and across the island through the weekend.
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harbor, jim, back to you. >> thanks, jay. tonight on "nbc nightly news" tom brokaw tells "nightly news" anchor lester holt the message that americans can take from the pearl harbor attacks. that's at 7:00 right after this broadcast. retiring senator barbara mikulski delivered her farewell address to the senate today and she started by thanking the people of maryland. >> 30 years in the united states senate, 10 years representatives, and, yes, 5 years in the baltimore city council. you know, when people vote for you, it's not only that they're sending you to washington or city hall, they're giving you a vote of confidence that you will be their voice, that you will be their vote, that you will be at their side and on their side. >> senator barbara mikulski. she is 80 years old and the
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history of congress. >> she won't be replaced. none like her. >> huh-uh. the news in the making now, tonight a look back at the highs and lows just a few hours before the mgm at national harbor opens to the public. and a new effort to lower speed limits near schools, but it's getting some pushback. christmas trees are part of what make this time of year so special, but safety is important to keep in mind. coming up, hear from a woman who lost six family members after
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doug has on some interesting gloves and boy are they going to come in handy in the next than this, though, for next weekend. even for this weekend, because we've got that cold air coming in. these gloves are awesome and so fitting for what's going on down here at zoo lights here at the national zoo. a great night for it. probably the best weather night there is. and this is all powered by pepco, 500 million lights, half a million lights out there. 500,000. did i say 500 million? >> yeah. >> that would have been a lot of
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think tank and everything. we've been out here ten years with the national zoo. we love this. i figure that's about 4,000 volunteer hours of breaking these glow sticks for this. this is a great event. energy efficiency, l.e.d. lights. >> reporter: all l.e.d. >> 500,000 of them. >> reporter: 500 million would light up a lot of stuff. id did say 500 million. 500,000 lights. >> it's okay. >> reporter: you guys have been such a great national zoo. they're thrilled to have you as a partner. we're talking about the weather. she's dressed for whatever kind of weather. perfect night for it. temperatures tonight in the 40s right now. let's take a look at those numbers. all across our region. right now, current temperature 48 degrees. with calm wind and that calm wind really does help. temperatures 37 gaithersburg. 37 frederick and warrenton coming in at 35 degrees. as we look toward the radar, not much. we're not going to see any rain
6:26 pm
right on through the next couple days. take a look at future weather. it does bring us a slight chance of a shower early tomorrow morning. yeah, not really bringing us much. a few clouds out there. that's about it. as we move on through the rest of the afternoon, though, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. but temperatures will start to drop and you're going to notice that drop tomorrow, too. 37 around 7:00 a.m. up to 48 by around 3:00. under partly to mostly cloudy skies. but then we see the cold air. temperatures drop after that 30s. very cold air over the next few days. 41 for a high on friday. we're calling friday and saturday weather alert days because of the cold. and hey, we might as well put weather alert next week, too. look at the high temperatures next thursday and friday. 33 on thursday. 29 on friday. maybe even a storm during that time, too, so might even be cold enough for a little snow. we'll talk about that later. that's way off. the next storm we know about for sure, monday coming in at 57 degrees.
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coming in. get ready for it. tonight by far the best night we're going to have for the next two weeks as far as zoo lights is concerned. a lot of people coming down to zoo lights. they got panda claus down there giving away free hugs. hi, panda claus. hi, panda claus. there he is. there he is. that's what i was waiting for. my panda claus. a pretty come on down when you're done. we'll send. back. next at 6:00, a hidden danger during the holiday season. we'll hear the plea from one woman who lost six members of her family in a fire. >> now it's actually a painful memory. mgm national harbor getting ready to open its doors, we travel to mgm grand in detroit to see how a gaming giant fits in a major american city. >> we decided we want to do something local to support our community.
6:28 pm
equire paid sick stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, wer, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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first at 6:30 tonight, an urgent warning during this holiday season. >> a woman who lost six members of her family in this fire nearly two years ago is sharing her story in the hopes of saving lives. >> those flames were fueled by a
6:31 pm
for all the rest. >> what i look for in a perfect tree, symmetry, freshness, one that's going to balance itself out. >> reporter: before you take one home, there are critical safety tips to keep in mind. >> what you need to do when you get home, you want to make that fresh cut. just like flowers, it will reseal and will not absorb the water as it should. >> also another important factor every night. when it's unattended. >> reporter: christmas tree safety isn't just important to sher, it's extremely personal. >> i lost my brother, my sister-in-law and their four grandchildren to a christmas tree fire two years ago. >> reporter: it was january of 2015 when this annapolis mansion went up in flames. the blaze swept through the house so quickly that atf agents say sher's family didn't have a chance to escape.
6:32 pm
night and there was an electrical fire which caught the tree and it went into flashover in less than three minutes. >> reporter: atf agents determined that the christmas tree wasn't watered daily. if it was, they say it's possible sher's family would still be alive. >> go to the needles, make sure they bend. >> reporter: now she's hoping these safety reminders will save other families from experiencing her grief during what's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. >> everyone pain. it's changed all of our lives. for me, i found my voice in advocacy. >> reporter: sher also presses the importance of having a sprinkler system inside your home and she says she can't stress enough just how important it is to water these trees every day. wendy? >> all right. good advice. meagan fitzgerald. more workers could soon be eligible for paid sick leave in maryland. governor larry hogan plans to introduce new legislation next
6:33 pm
more than 50 people to offer at least 40 hours of sick leave per year. businesses with less than 50 employees would not have to participate, but they would be eligible for tax incentives if they did. the governor says his bill balances the need for more leave with his efforts to make maryland more business friendly. members in montgomery county are meeting tonight to talk about a plan to reduce speed limits to 15 miles schools. last month the news 4 i-team reported on the proposal that would reduce speed limits within one mile of every public school. at least seven students have been hit by cars near montgomery county schools each year since 2009. state lawmakers will have to pass legislation next year to allow the county to lower the speed limit. the montgomery county police department has not supported the
6:34 pm
now to that long road to bring the mgm national harbor casino to prince george's county. people and politicians pitted against each other back in 2012. well now we are just hours away from its opening. and our bureau chief tracee wilkins has covered this casino from the beginning. she's here in the studio with a look back. >> it has been a long road. in 2012, maryland voters approved prince george's county getting the state's sixth and final casino along with table game one battle was won. prince george's would get maryland's sixth and final casino. the next battle quickly began over where it would go and who would run it. >> i lived here all my life. it was good times. >> reporter: residents at indian head highway lost their homes when parks casino proposed a 22-acre casino and resort there. >> some people found places to go. >> reporter: those residents
6:35 pm
at their rosecroft site and mgm won at national harbor. >> a vote is 5-2. in favor of the mgm facility. >> reporter: the maryland gaming commission chose mgm's more expensive site as the one expected to bring in the most money for the county and the state. >> it clearly we can drive more revenue. >> reporter: a huge win for the peterson company, the developers of national harbor. a site that had been wavering for some time. >> we didn't want a we wanted high-end. we got it. >> reporter: but everyone was not happy including some national harbor residents. >> nobody listened to anything we said. >> reporter: minority contractors also complained they were being left out of bidding opportunities for the casino. >> there's something not happening right because if it was, we wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: they would go on to sue in federal court. permitting was quickly issued, and mgm national harbor broke ground on what would be a $1.4 billion casino. >> this corner here is going to
6:36 pm
terms of its edge. >> reporter: job fairs and training. >> how much does that pay? >> reporter: quickly followed. mgm has an estimated 4,000 employees, nearly 50% from prince george's county. >> i have one grandson, okay, and he's 3, and i'm just proud to see that, you know, there's one day that he can drive by here and, you know, can sigh my grandmother had a part of this. >> reporter: after years of battle, mgm national harbor won the war. and opens its doors tomorrow >> this is not a casino. this is an international resort. >> casino opens its doors at 11:00 p.m. the garage opens at 10:30 p.m. to the public. there will be a lavish vip party before the opening. we will be there and walk you through what you can expect tomorrow night. >> thanks. our coverage continues now with chris lawrence. he went back to detroit to see how their casinos compare. >> reporter: i'm chris lawrence at the mgm grand detroit with a
6:37 pm
see at national harbor. especially when a casino says it's going to hire local, does it really deliver on that promise? and a new look at a historic library in our nation's capital. but first, here's doug. >> reporter: a beautiful night here at zoo lights at the national zoo. temperatures not too bad. although they are going to be getting cooler tonight, but i'll tell you what, temperatures down about 41 by 11:00 tonight, but boy does it get cold over the next couple of days. i hope you're ready for it. i got your complete fort. we'll show you how cold and when the cold moves in.
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y25eny y17vy an annual tradition is under way in the delray area of alexandria. each year various artists will brighten the area by painting the store windows for the holidays. in some cases the wintry scenes will stay on these windows until the springtime. each painting takes about an hour to create and we posted a list of spectacular holiday
6:40 pm
just check the nbc washington app. you can also check them out during the break. just search "light displays." the apple company is one step closer to becoming a global opening, that is, one step closer to opening a global flagship store right here in d.c. the district's convention and sports authority came to an agreement with the apple folks to open the store at the carnegie library down in mt. now. apple will renovate it. it's right across the street from the washington convention center. terms of a lease nil need to be finalized. proposing a ten-year term, two five-year extensions. it might be ready to roll, just hours before the new mgm casino opens at national harbor,
6:41 pm
how it compares and wt it
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6:43 pm
we are only hours away now from the opening of the mgm national harbor. part of our continuing coverage, we're looking into how this might affect the economy in prince george's county. and whether locals, for example, might be able to find jobs there. our chris lawrence was born and raised and covered the news in detroit back in the day. we sent him back to have a look at the mgm grand detroit.
6:44 pm
loo they're a bit short staffed because a good chunk of their staff is in maryland helping get the new resort off the ground. mgm grand detroit has been up and running more than ten years so they're already solving problems that haven't even propped up at national harbor. mgm was the first in michigan to install ellen slots on the casino floor. from its luxurious suites, to big-name chefs, and a spa, the resort upped the ante. >> i think there are going to be a lot more similarities between national harbor and detroit than mgm grand vegas. >> reporter: those are regional casinos which in motown means they serve batches of whiskey from a neighborhood distillery and commission local artists for the sculptures and paintings. they even swap out starbucks for their roasted beans. why make that switch?
6:45 pm
community. >> reporter: director of food and beverage, keith, found a local roaster, family owned. >> it was a controversial decision, to be honest with you. a lot of people said, you're crazy, starbucks is such a well-known name brand. >> reporter: mgm is supposed to do a third of its business with companies from detroit. it exceeds that goal but is constrained from doing more. a lot of small businesses can't afford the fees and background checks that are required by gaming board to become a licensed vendor. there's even a catch 22 when it comes to jobs. >> every time we hire, we're looking for is there opportunity to hire someone within the city? is there an opportunity to make sure we have a diverse workforce? >> reporter: the president says mgm is meeting the casino's resident employment goal, having at least 51% of its staff from detroit. but staying at that level is tougher than it seems. the numbers show people work
6:46 pm
raises, they start to feel secure. and that's when they go looking for better schools, lower crime, taxes. in other words, they move out to the suburbs. and at that point, they don't count as residents. the man wielding that skillet is right at home. >> i'm a native from detroit. born and raised in southwest. >> reporter: alejandro garza started as a banquet chef. and within four years he had worked his way up to mgm's assistant executive started as cus or intern level. mgm plays a big role in promoting and i'm pretty proud of that. >> yeah, as well he should be. but the thing is, the legislative reports that we read through show that continues to be the casino's biggest challenge, meeting its detroit residency goal. once folks feel good about their
6:47 pm
someplace else to live, sometimes not detroit residents. >> here we have people already living in the suburbs. see your folks while you were home? >> i had dinner with my dad and brother. >> good trip. >> good for you. doug, you going to get dinner tonight or hang out down there? >> reporter: dinner? >> yeah, dinner, doug. are you going to eat tonight? >> it's time for dinner. >> reporter: heck yeah, man. i thought you were inviting -- you've never invited me to dinner, vance. i come on. >> reporter: sorry. out here right now, i tell you, guys, a great night weather wise. got a little cooler the last hour or so. the snowless toboggan run. 150 feet. take a look at the line here. lot of people out here tonight enjoying zoo lights. tonight probably the warmest night we're going to see in quite some time. let's take a look, show you the numbers across the region. temperatures right now at the
6:48 pm
nice and calm across the area. as we move on through the next couple of days, though, 48 is going to be hard to come by. out there on the weather underground network, we're currently sitting in the 40s. all around the area. but starting to see some 30s back to the north and west. 37 right now, potomac. 37 back toward centerville, chantilly area. 38 toward leesburg. the colder air starting to settle in right now. overnight tonight, no worries about rain. we could see a slight sprinkle, maybe early tomorrow morning, but i'm not expecting much that. so that bus stop forecast looking pretty good. 38 by 7:00 a.m. 46 by noon. by 4:00, temperatures actually dropping during the afternoon down to about 44 degrees. now, next ten days, weather alert day on friday. high temperature of 41 degrees. but it is going to be cold on friday. let's take a look at that planner on friday afternoon. temperatures going down during the day. once again, high temperatures only in the 30s to around 40 degrees. we are going to see windchills in the 20s as well.
6:49 pm
show you what i'm talking about. 30 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 36 by noon. and by 3:00, high of only 40 to 41 degrees with those windchills, upper 20s to low 30s all day. now, saturday, another very cold day. if you're going to be out and about on saturday, of course, a lot of games still going on this time of year. we're tracking winter. you want to make sure you tune in 7:30 on saturday night for our storm team 4 winter special "tracking winter. "if you missed the winter forecast, it's going to be there as well as a lot of other one of my favorite stories, amelia draper actually talks about the brand new satellite that just launched across the area. no, no problem. you guys are good. no problem at all. you want to be on tv? yeah, he does want to be on tv. all right. how are you doing? what's your name? what is it? >> alex. >> reporter: alex? all right. you go up there, all right. have a good time, okay. all right, buddy, we'll see you up there. he's going to make dad pull him now. that's not going to work, alex.
6:50 pm
all right. we're going to send it back into you guys. it's about to get cold. you going up, too? i'm going with him. what's your name? all right, joseph, come on, me and you, buddy. >> okay. we'll see you at 11:00, doug. >> there he goes. or maybe. >> have fun. >> we assume we will. hey, something to see tonight. nbc presenting its latest musical broadcast "hairspray live." the story of a baltimore teen. back in the '60s who wants to appear on a tv instead finds herself leading a civil rights movement to integrate the show. the countdown to "hairspray live" begins at 7:30 with a look at last-minute prep before the production. the live show at 8:00. nats making a big trade in the last hour got some people scratching their heads. we'll have reaction from gm mike rizzo and we'll hear what it seem, anyhow, that bryce harper is saying about the deal.
6:51 pm
news." >> wendy, jim, the latest tonight, the urgent manhunt under way for a suspected cop killer. a new warning for drivers. the high-tech device thieves can use to easily break in and steal your car. 75 years later, veteran and pearl harbor survivor as we returns to the site of the
6:52 pm
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?? ??
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> jason here in the studio but we're going to begin with carol at national harbor where the nats just made a really big trade. carol? >> reporter: hey, jim, yeah, upon hearing the news, bryce harper tweeted one word "wow." we didn't hear from him for 13 minutes then finally bryce harper tweeted "welcome to d.c., white sox outfielder. he's coming to d.c. a lot of folks may never have heard of him. he's not been an all-star, so fans are talking more about what they're giving up for this deal than what they're getting. and what they're giving up, thee top prospects, two fans are familiar with from this year, lucas geeleto and lopez. dunning was the team's first rounding from this year's draft. those guys rated first, third
6:55 pm
outfielder, eaton, only 28 years old. he's played five years in the league. he has a career .28 4 average. he might be better than we know. he was in the top 20 in votes for the a.l. mvp. nats gm mike rizzo and manager dusty baker, they were talking about what they're getting and see him helping the team right away. they say he's a tough out. they also like the fact he's
6:56 pm
a hand basket but we are going to continue because that's what we do and how we roll. jason is up now, well -- >> there we go, a green screen for you. >> a green screen, now a fuzzy screen. anyway, we have redskins news, jason, tell us about it. >> plenty of redskins news. lot of names on the injury -- >> hold up a second. what we're going to do is take a
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
developing news tonight -- cop killer manhunt. officer shot in a deadly confrontation, the assailant on the run. a university community in fear students being warned to stay inside behind locked doors. arctic blast -- snow hitting several states and look out, the dreaded la country into a deep freeze. mystery device -- being used to break into cars without even touching them. a new warning for drivers, how thieves can make a copy of your keys just by standing near you. and the greatest generation -- returns to pearl harbor, our team is there tonight. tom brokaw on the 75th anniversary of a date which will live in infamy. "nightly news" begins


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