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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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nominated him as secretary of state, the president-elect emphasized a difference. the thing i like best, trump tweeted, rex tillerson has vast experience dealing successfully with all types of foreign governments. that's what a ceo of exxon mobile does. it is a global business. praised from former secretaries of state, condoleezza rice and james baker. but tillerson cut oil deals with russia, accepted the order of friendship from vladimir putin and opposed u.s. sanctions when russia invaded ukraine, worrying john mccain and other republicans. democrats, upset that russia hacked into our election. >> totally unacceptable. and it must be investigated. >> vow a hard look at tillerson. >> we're going to have to drill down during the confirmation hearings to understand his relationship with mr. putin. >> reporter: but talking to putin is the new white house policy. >> president-elect trump said throughout the entire campaign in debates at the most critic
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times, yeah, i 'm going to talk to people. >> vladimir putin told japanese tv we're going to work with the u.s. fighting terrorism. former texas governor rick perry is the pick for energy secretary. bill gaits talked about innovation and trump appeared with kanye west. they discussed length, trump said. meanwhile, mitt romney goes back to his life, he famously called trump a fraud and phony, and then said very nice things about the president-elect for weeks, while romney was considered for secretary of state. he didn't get the job, but romney said last night, he was honored. i'm steve handlesman, news 4, jim. >> thanks, steve. we have been asking what you think of mr. trump's pick for secretary of state so far. the majority of people who answered our informal poll are not happy with that selection. a significant number is willing to wait and see. you can add your voice
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conversation on your nbc washington facebook page. all of this comes as nine democratic senators are demanding more information on the russian interference in the presidential election. today, they wrote to the director of national intelligence, james clapper, requesting an estimate on the extent of russian intervention in the race. they also requested an unclassified summary of the report's key judgments. they want it by january 20th. a national intelligence estimate is a formal assessment of a particular security issue, the nation's judgment of the 16 intelligence agencies. breaking news out of prince georges county. charles caldwell is stepping down as the liquor control board, following his arrest for drunk driving last week after getting into an accident while leaving the grand opening of mgm national harbor. cc
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caldwell told officers several times who he was, and reportedly asked if there was a way to, quote, make this go away. officers say the 72-year-old lost his balance several times during a field sobriety test, and told police he had one drink and couldn't remember the crash. a woman from virginia has been released from custody right now, after police say she drove drunk, and crashed into a car in which the fairfax county police chief. the chief, wound up going to the hospital. he is back on the job today. talking about that accident. pat collins is where it happened at lee highway and stone road in centerville. pat. >> reporter: jim, i don't know where she was going, and i don't know where she was coming from. but last night, christie edgar, she was not in a good place.
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florida, they say she was here visiting friends for the holidays. tonight, she faces big trouble. this is the car they say she was driving, when it happened. the car that rear ended this black police cruiser, this cruiser, driven by the fairfax police chief. and the chief is upset. >> i'm mad as heck. this is horrible. because i thank god i'm wearing my seat belt, i'm buckled in the right way. and if i wasn't buckled in, i don't think i would be here. >> 40-year-old christie edgar, charged with dwi, sources say her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. now, this all happened last night at the intersection of lee highway and stone road. the chief was sitting at the red light, waiting for it to change. he had a long day, just coming from an awards ceremony,
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then drive to national airport to pick up a kid coming home from college. he was just sitting in his car, waiting for that light to change, when all of a sudden, wham. >> just, i'm jolted, real, real hard. and just, wow. what the heck just happened. >> reporter: it was no small impact. the chief had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. after this crash, he'll not soon forget. >> this is serious business. this kills people. this is the holiday season. this is horrible. >> reporter: now, the chief says he has been the victim of a number of rear end car accidents since he has been on the police force. live in fairfax, pat col collins. a man just filed a $il
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metro, and we've got the story behind it. he was at the bottom of the escalators at metro center and says a beam collapsed and hitd him in the head. he claims wmat was neglect jebt and should have known the beams would fall and hurt people. the man says he was severely injured and hasn't been able to go back to work. the lawsuit would help cover some medical expenses, and make up for lost income. so far, metro officials are not commenting, and neither is the man's lawyer. >> chris, thanks. now to a disturbing home invasion robbery in prince georges county last night. a group of guys pretened to be cops and made their way inside a home on franklin avenue in lanham and allegedly ransacked the place. tracee wilkins is with us with reaction from the police chief. tracee. >> reporter: the chief says that whoever went into the house, they were looking for illegal drug, and they were also looking for specific individual who was not home at the time. the people who were there,
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the chief says it is very important for residents to know what it sounds like when police are really knocking at your door. >> if police officers are taking action, they will be clearly identified as police officer. >> reporter: it is important to police chief that county citizens understand what it is like, when police officers are knocking at your door. >> professional police officers for a lot of different reasons, their own safety, the safety of the public, the people that they're seeking to apprehend, are going to clearly identify themselves. not just by voice, but by sight. >> reporter: this, after prince georges county police say five to six men banged on the door until they were let in. the chief says they identified themselves as police officers. >> i've been in this neighborhood for 16 years, to wake up this morning and see a news report that someone came and invaded someone's house, that really disturbing. >> these individuals were in black clothing, carrying weapons,
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had a crowbar. >> reporter: once inside, they took what they wanted and left. police say this was a targeted attack. the person they were looking for was not home at the time. >> this has to do with marijuana. and from that, we'll let this proceed, but that individual that they were seeking is something to do with the marijuana trades, our understanding. >> reporter: police say the two victims who were in the house were innocent and not harmed. for the people who live on this dead end street in lanham, it is a crime hitting too close to home. >> don't come to my house. you know, leave me alone. i'm a peaceful person. but i am ex-military and i know what to do. >> reporter: prince georges county police say they have a good idea of who they're looking for, but no arrests have been made yet. reporting live outside police headquarters, i'm tracie will kindles. back to you in the studio, pat. >> thank you, tracee. a man accused of firing a gun inside a pizza shop may have been planning for days. edgar welch is
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inside comet ping-pong last week. we learned new details from the fbi during a hearing in federal court today. an affidavit said welch was trying to recruit friends with military experience to join him on the trip from north carolina here. online fake news sites spread rumors there was a child sex ring operating out of the pizza shop. he wanted to investigate, coming up in the next half hour, mark segraves digs deeper into the new charges and how much prison time welch could be facing. we're going to go to weather now, and it is supposed to get really cold out there. how soon, doug? >> about this time tomorrow night, we'll notice changes coming in, but thursday morning, well, that's when the bottom falls out. out there today, not that bad. we saw a lot of cloud cover, but it managed to get to about average, 47
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hagers town, and you notice, no real cold air. pittsburgh, 33. average for them. they've got snow back to the west around pittsburgh, rain down to the south, snow to the north. two separate systems bypassing our region. we'll see showers from this overnight tonight. not expecting much as far as that's concerned. the cool weather, it is here, but here comes the cold arctic air moving in. yes, this is the polar vortex, we'll talk about how cold it gets, how fast the cold air moves in, and what comes next, it could come with some wintry precipitation. we'll tau we'll talk about that for saturday morning. you can get the latest on the washington app, download it now. get the latest alerts and latest advisories as well as forecasts on your phone. >> all right, doug. next, a d.c. school employee, arrested, accused of trying to smuggle cocaine into the country. details about the crime, and the connection to florida.
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. a killer is sentenced to life without parole in montgomery county for killing this rockville couple. ahead, his defense attorney explains why he may have been pushed to kill his neighbors. some progress on the silver line. we'll ride along with virginia senator, tim kaine, as he takes
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a d.c. employee, arresting rita gray last wednesday on a warrant from brevard county, florida. she intentionally tried to bring five kilos into the country, street value of $500,000. gray has been placed on administrative leave. a man from tennessee, who was shot by the u.s. capitol police back in march has pleaded guilty from charges stemming from that confrontation. his name is larry dawson. he pulled a beebee gun and pointed it at officers at the visitor's senator checkpoints. he was shot after they told him to drop it, and he didn't. dawson pleaded guilty to a charge of impeding officers, while using a deadly weapo
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prison, and be sentenced in february. it will be about four more years before you can take metro rail all the way to dulles airport. today, virginia senator, tim kai kaine, telling david culver what he thinks is needed for success in the future. >> as the morn rush faded into the workplace, former democratic vice-presidential nominee and current virginia senator, tim kaine, headed through the turnstile, no longer flocked by secret service, the senator able to move easily on to the station platform. while often taking metro, within the district, kaine says this ride is a new experience for him. >> for someone -- >> along with him, metro's general manager, who told the
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on metro each day. >> a tenth of that put and put it on the road instead of metro, it is already, you know, virtually impossible. >> the short ride on the rails ending, phase two going an additional 11 miles, dulles airport and into law louden county. he stressed the importance of federal funding, when it comes to creating a smoother, more reliable ride. >> we want to make sure we keep the money coming in. >> the management of metro has been going into a positive direction, a huge number of issues, app then issues are on our shoulders in congress to make sure we provide the financial support necessary to keep metro running. >> the senator's tour continuing on an airport authority bus. as he passed a growing infrastructure that will bring phase two to life. along the silver
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we've posted a map of the future silver line stations on the app, search "silver line" to check it out during the break. sources tell news 4 the inspector general is conducting its own investigation of alleged contracting irregularities in the district. a d.c. council committee is already looking into the same issue. >> the two probes involve city contracting to clear land for a soccer stadium in southwest, and a $60 million whizards practice field in southeast. >> so tom, the question is, what is the significance? what does it matter that the i.g. is now investigating as well is this. >> first of all, the mayor's office has said nothing has gone wrong, this avenue done nothing wrong. but three people quit over this. the director of contracting and two employees, and one of the employees is suing for $10 million. the i.g. is important because they can look into it as it is, only recommend administrative
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changes. the i.g. has law enforcement powers and can bring or recommend criminal charges if necessary. >> where does it go from here? >> obviously the mayor politically is -- doesn't like this. she wants it to be cleared up. she is halfway through her term. she wants to use 2017 to start her run for reelection in 2018. certainly, the mayor in the city administrator, they don't want this hanging over them into 2017, when they want to focus on 2018. >> but there is no telling how long this will take? i mean, this could go into the next -- >> council member doing the probe says she wants to wrap it up by the end of january from the administrative side. but the inspector general, there is no deadline. >> all right, thanks, tom. >> thank you, tom. there are deeply troubling reports from aleppo, syria tonight. government forces say they are in control of the last remaining rebel strongholds. an official with united
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a complete meltdown of humanity. there are conflicting reports tonight about a possible cease-fire and the possible teef civilian evacuations. nbc kelly cobeia has the reports. >> they have agreed to a cease-fire, and evacuation, a deal to allow the remaining rebel fighters within aleppo to leave the city, along with their families, in the next several hours. the russian u.n. envoy is not calling it exactly that. he says the syrian government is in control of aleppo now, that military operations are over, and the fighters will be allowed to leave. the deal does not apply to civilians, according to the russian envoy. he said there is no need for civilians to leave the humanitarian agreements are in place, and there are no human rights abuses within the city. the u.n. has a
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they've heard reports of executions of 82 civilians. we will see in the next few hours whether these various rebel groups and the various groups loyal to assad do in fact stop fighting, put down their weapons, and allow for the safe passage of some of these people. the evacuation of rebels and their families due to start later tonight, u.s. time. again, the question is, where does it leave the civilians. back to you. new calls to improve safety as a mother of four is killed crossing the street. what one city is now doing to change the mind set of an entire community. the guy drove all the way to d.c. investigate a fake news story. we'll tell you what we know about the man and pt friends that he tried to recruit. and they're bundled up in chicago, as near record cold grips the region. the same system is bringing changes to us. why it could be real s a
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giving away a trip to new york, and tickets to see the "tonight show" staring jimmy fallon. all you have to do is follow nbc washington on instagram and tell
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be sure to check out nbc washington on instagram during the break. as i recall and correct me because i'm probably wrong, but we don't normally get as you're saying we're going to get this time of the year, do we? >> no, you're seldom wrong. >> glad you recognize that. >> it is true. temperatures in the 20s in december are fairly rare. the last time it happened here was six years ago. we've had a lot of warm decembers recently. as a matter of fact, one year ago today, we were 71 degrees, setting a new record. but today, nowhere near that. not that bad across the region, as we move outside. temperatures in the 40s, after a high today of 47 degrees. at the airport, currently we're sitting at 44, winds out of the southeast at about 8 miles per hour. around the rest of the area, upper 30s to 40s for the most part. we're not going to drop all that much tonight as asu
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cloud cover that now is around the region. we have a couple of showers, over towards the eastern shore, some towards the fredericksburg area, and more toward the south and west of us. notice, the snow just to the north, the rain just to the south. these are two separate systems trying to come together around the region. so what do we have in store for us? well, by around 8:00, 9:00, we'll start to see showers around the area. rain showers for the maes part as temperatures are still too warm, could mention with snow toward the northern portion of the area, but not too worried about it. maybe some showers. but then we clear and tomorrow morning we may actually start with sunshine. notice tomorrow night, 9:00, a little snow, yeah, with the architect fro arctic front, maybe a couple of flurries, right around the 9:00, 10:00 hour. thursday morning, we clear again, and this is when things get cold. let's take a look at the numbers.
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minneapolis, 10 in chicago. watch what happens. look at the pink moving towards our region. that's the frigid air. and by thursday at 3:00, we're going to be talking a temperature of 22 degrees. so extreme cold in and around the d.c. metro area, wind chills in the single digits. future weather, timing it out, 7:00, 30s, by tomorrow morning, thursday morning, thursday morning, single digits and lower teens around the area. and extremely cold day for sure. now, something to watch out for. thursday and friday, extremely cold. both days, around 29 degrees, but falling temperatures on thursday. so it won't feel that warm. friday, 29, with less wind. and then on saturday, watching saturday, too, could start off with snow or ice on saturday. that's why thursday, friday and saturday, are all weather alert days. we'll talk more about that forecast. notice sunday, 63, before we plummet right back down.
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more about the saturday storm. >> thanks, doug. we have a question for you when you come back, too. coming up, new reaction now as a man from maryland learns his fate for killing his neighbors and then trying to go on vacation. the alexandria community confronting a spike in pedestrian deaths, including the recent fatality of a young mother, killed in a crosswalk. now the city is getting ready to launch a major initiative. i'll tell you what vision zero means, just ahead. plus, major strides in the fight against cancer. how the government is stepping up to help find a cure with new
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now at 6:30, a man from maryland has been sentenced in the brutal murders of his neighbors. tonight, we'll hear from the victims' family. how this could slow down your commute. a man charged with firing shots inside a popular d.c. pizzeria. te text messages he sent to his friends. first tonight, family members of a couple murdered say a monster is off the streets. >> today, a judge centered the man to life in prison for killing a husband and wife in their home in rockville. prosecutors say a neighbor murdered jodi and dick
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on mother's day last year, stole their money, left to go on vacation with his own family. >> tonight, we have reaction from the victims' children and why he did it. outside the courthouse, chris. >> reporter: jim and pat, you will recall for five days, this was a murder mystery. but montgomery county police tracked this suspect all the way to alaska, and brought him back. today, in court, the defendant, scott tamasheski said he is soar, and his lawyers said he has no recollection of what happened that night. the bodies were discovered on mother's day two years ago, when dick and jodi volarte failed to answer their phone. katie drove over and found her mother and father slaughtered. their neighbor, 32-year-old
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murder in both deaths. >> my parents were not what happened to them. my parents were fabulous, unbelievable pair rebrents, pilf the community. >> he has psychological problems and hasn't been the same since i nearly drowned a couple of years ago, becoming isolated and depressed. prosecutors say he broke into the house threw a window wearing a mask and gloves. wielding a machete, stole jewelry and money, arrested on cruise in alaska. >> the crime scene was horrific. i was there on the first day, and this was neighborhood that this type of crime was virtually unheard of. i knew it would be tremendous community interest in what was happening in this case. >> the family says this murder is like a horror movie. but today's sentence of life without parole lift ace heavyweight from their shoulders. >> at least the monster that
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>> reporter: judge john dibillis told the defendant the only way i can guarantee this community that you'll never murder again is to sentence you to life without parole. that's the latest from the montgomery county courthouse. back to you. >> thank you, chris. a woman has been arrested after leading police on a chase through the district, and into arlington county. police tell us the woman was already in custody when she got away and somehow managed to steal a marked car, police car. the woman went through the 3rd street tunnel and then over the 14th street bridge, weaving in and out of traffic, hitting cars along the way. it ended about an hour ago to northbound route 7. d.c.'s mayor, interim chief hit the stories of ward seven, talking to
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business owners in southeast d.c. they listened to concerns about the community. everything from problems apartments to crime to the future of vacant buildings. despiteotings, officials say we're seeing a drop in the homicide rate. right now, police reports show 128 homicides this year. that's 17% drop from this time last year, when there were 154 homicide cases. the city had a total of 162 homicides back in 2015. pedestrian safety is in the spotlight in alexandria. a week after a mother of four was hit in a crosswalk. her death comes as the city prepares to launch a new traf fing safety initiative. bureau chief, julie kerry is in del ray where a fund-raiser is happening for the family. >> reporter: the rally for rose
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restaurants, she worked at some of them and was well-known in the community. meantime, the city council, confronting troubling statistics as they get ready to launch a major traffic safety initiative. rose cruz could see her home from the crosswalk where she was hit. her death, adding to a spike in pedestrian fatalities this year. >> it was preventable and we need to do the things in the city government that we know and the data shows we can prevent. >> reporter: already, they've been making improvements, narrowing traffic lanes and adding bike paths. at this intersection, where a pedestrian was killed last year, something called leading pedestrian interval is now install installed. it gives the pedestrian the go four seconds before cars. they get a head start into the crosswalk where they can be well seen. but the city is about to embark on a major change in philosophy. it is called vision ze
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>> in the past, it was trying to get traffic quickly, as quickly as we can around the city. i think now the focus what we're trying do with vision zero, no safety is the primary priority. >> reporter: city officials said it will mean tradeoffs in traffic speed. this man believes slowing traffic is well worth it. now, the challenge is to convince the community. >> the challenge is our community has to embrace that. we all have a responsibility. we have to respect each other on the road, and respect other people using the roads. so i think it will be a full community effort. >> reporter: vision zero officially kicks off in alexandria in 2017, this community not alone in dealing with the problem of rising pedestrian deaths. i'm julie kerry, news 4. breaking news in the presidential transition. nbc news has confirmed president-elect trump will tap montana
6:37 pm
as secretary of the interior. representative zinke was just on "morning joe" yesterday talking about defense and national security, before coming to congress, he spent 22 years in the military as a navy seal. sits on the natural resource committee as well as the armed service committee. the cabinet is filling out. the big job still left, agriculture. hei heidi highcamp, and they're urging her to stay in her seat. news 4. i'm mark segraves, all of the charges against the man who opened fire in this pizza restaurant have been dropped, only to have the man arrested again. i'll explain what's next, coming up. also, among the most expensive cars in the world, it would make a perfect christmas gi
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about. it would make a perfect christmas gift for me. more on that, in a moment. first, doug has -- >> vance, i care about you, buddy. not that much. take a look at this guys, the future temperature, not the wind chills, temperatures on thursday afternoon. 22 in d.c. oh, the wind chill, even more brutal. we'll talk more about it and see you back
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in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
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part of d.c. southwest waterfront could soon have a new look. the national park service will hold a public hearing tonight on plans to redevelop the old buzz ard point marina near the new soccer stadium. the hearing will discuss ways to bring more park space to that area. today, president obama signed the
6:41 pm
act. the bipartisan bill provides more than $6 billion in medical funding. it also includes new investments in the cancer moonshot initiative led by the vice-president. after the bill signing, the vice-president held a roundtable to talk about medical care for first responders and members of the military. he also talked about the power of bringing cancer fighters together, to find a cure. >> we realize it is all about collaboration. we now have so darn many tools. you know, we can do as military guys around this table, we can do a million, billion calculations per second right now. >> vice-president biden's goal is to make a decades worth of advances in just the next five years. comedian jon stewart was there, at the roundtable. he has worked hard to help 9/11 get the help and cure they need. there is a car dealer in britain who is hoping to sell among the most expensive c
6:42 pm
history. it is a 1962 ferrari 250 gto. they only made 39 of them. this one is on sale for a measley $55 million. quite a bit more paid two years ago for the same model, that car went for only $38 million. you might ask, what's the difference? well, that one, the one that only went for $38 million, that one was red. this one is blue. the dealer says the blue color makes this one stand out, because so many of the classic ferraris are red. does that make sense to you at all? >> no. >> and he says, this one has a fine history, he says it was the first of its kind ever to race. which one might wonder about. naturally, we're told, it came in first. that's a nice christmas gift. personally, i would rather have a
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all in, get me the bugati. a lot of you are saying what. look it up. you'll see. >> during the break. why getting passes to the new african-american museum just got a little easier. and the north carolina man who fired shots inside a d.c. pizzeria, facing federal charge, snd the suspect's motive and
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6:45 pm
the fbi says he tried to recruit friends who had mill te military experience and expected people to be
6:46 pm
he opened fire inside comet ping-pong. mark segraves was in the courtroom today. >> reporter: edgar welch had been planning his attack in northwest washington for days, according to the fbi. they say that welsh told his girlfriend he was sick about reports that the restaurant was holding child slaves in their basement. those reports, of course, were all part of fake news reports during the presidential election. but welch, after watching several youtube videos believed them and decided to take action. the world is too afraid to act, and i'm too stubborn not to. that's one of the text messages edgar welch sent to a friend, who agreed to help him with his attack on comet ping-pong. according to the fbi, he began planning the attack as early as three days before the incident. newly released documents show he tried to recruit two friends to join him and specifically ok
6:47 pm
military experience. in one text, the fbi says, welch told a friend he was going to raid a pedo ring, possibly sacrificing the lives of a few for the lives of many. welch appeared first in d.c. superior court today, having cut most of his hair and beard off. that's when prosecutors dropped all of the local charges, and then filed a federal charge of transporting a gun across state lines to commit a crime. a few hours later, he appeared in federal court, where he is facing ten years in prison. for the first time since he was's ready, welch's parents were in the courtroom. while they did fought answer questions from reporters this morning, they did give an interview to the "washington post." welch said the press coverage had been hard and she said i'm sorry and i'm sure he is sorry for any heartache he has caused. he has another court appearance for friday, and they could add more charges. at comet
6:48 pm
news 4. this is jackie benson in alexandria, where a pursuit, not a high speed chase, a pursuit just ended. we understand that about 5:25 tonight, d.c. housing police were attempting to arrest a woman who was trespassing in a housing complex on 11th street northwest, we're told the woman was placed in the police cruiser, handcuffed, when the officer was arresting her went inside the building to retrieve a bag. she managed to get through a small window between the front and back seat of that vehicle while still in handcuffs and take off in that vehicle. down 395, in through the 3rd street tunnel, down 395 and into alexandria where this pursuit ended a short time ago. noy, we understand according to our sources that the woman at one point told the police that she was pregnant when she was i
6:49 pm
been confirmed. we're told that she was being arrested because she was not allowed to be in that housing complex. the arrest led to a police pursuit, into alexandria, here at i-395 and king street where she was taken into custody. live in alexandria, news 4. the wildly popular museum of african-american history is changing the way that visitors can get a pass. the smithsonian says an unprecedented number of people have flocked to the new museum since it opened. in response, the museum will now offer same day pass reservations online. that begins on monday, december 19th. previously, passes were only available through reservations made weeks or months in advance. a limited number of walk-up passes also will be available at 1:00 p.m. on weekdays. the admission to the museum is free, but you do need a pass to get in.
6:50 pm
we're brace ourg selving ou need to bring the dog in, make sure the pipes are wrapped and the water turned off. >> all of the above. this is the cold air coming in a lot oorliearlier. the coldest air in december since 2010. temperatures in the 20s. single digits and teens? do you want to feel what that feels like? >> no. >> well, then, that's there in chicago. they saw the snow first. they saw snow yesterday, and temperatures today that were 15 degrees. they will go below zero the next couple of days over toward the chicago land area. that snow now making its way just to our north. we are not getting any of that snow in our area. everybody is asking me, when is the next snow. when when is the snow. i don't see it on the map through the rest of the map, but not saying it is not there. right now, the pattern not too good for it.
6:51 pm
43 degrees, winds out of the southeast. weather underground network, 42 potomac, not bad. we have showers, rain showers to the north, some rain showers down to the south as well. that's part of the same system that brought chicago snow and bringing it to the northeast, parts of pennsylvania area. over towards new york city, boston maybe some snow. for us rs shower activity this evening, not expecting much. maybe just a few sprinkles but that's it. 34 degrees in d.c., sunshine early, more clouds during the afternoon. and cool, but not cold. the cold air comes in on thursday. boy, does it get cold. i'm going 29, but that's the afternoon high. windy conditions as well. so when you look at thursday, you're seeing a weather alert day for sure. cold is maybe not the right word. i don't know what else, but morning temperatures near 30, evening temperatures near
6:52 pm
wind chills 5 to 15 degrees, weather alert thursday. weather alert friday. weather alert saturday. the reason we're weather alert saturday, because we could have morning snow or ice that may accumulate, it very minor accumulations but doesn't take a whole lot of ice to create big problems and changes to rain, though, and then warmer on sunday, before we plummet next monday and tuesday. more shower chances too. but no snow. >> let's get it on. we got sports coming up, josh norman, ready to face the team that let him go. what his former coach is most excited about, when it comes to facing the so-called
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this is the ex xfinity desk. >> carolina loved josh norman enough, but for reasons still unknown, they took the tag off of him in april and the redskins swooped in. we've been waiting for this matchup since then. norman admitted before the season started, this is personal. the redskins quarterback has beasted this season, not always seen on the stat sheet. opposing qbs have barely looked his way, but still found a way to make a giant impact of the the panthers drafted him in the fifth round in 122012 watched h turn into
6:56 pm
the panthers without him are 5-8. no one is saying why they let him go, but admit he was fun to work with. >> we grot frustrated with him and he is stubborn but tremendously tralented. we'll have a challenge, and we'll see what happens. but you know, it is going to be unique set of circumstances seeing him out there. he'll bring his best game, because he'll want to play well. i know our guys want to play well against him. >> panthers at fedex field on monday. today at the stadium, 200 kids from d.c., fairfax and prince georges county taking part in the skins santa shop, transformed into santa's workshop. every student receiving a present. offensive lineman, not everyday you get decorated like a christmas tree, but of course, it was well worth it. the
6:57 pm
the -- not quietly one of the best in the nhl. the few teams performing better are in their own division of the the capitols on a four game win streak, which seems impressive, until you realizes the fourth longest streak in a hot red division. the blue jackets both riding six game win streaks. islanders tonight. no skating on long island. as we know, caathletes are creatures of habit. >> you don't know. it is a box of chocolates, you know know what you're going to find. we've gone to the rink and it has taken hours, or minutes. it is new york city. you just don't know. great city. a lot of people. >> over
6:58 pm
tonight. >> it's not worst than d.c. >> it can be horrible, but so can ours. >> a drop of rain. what do we have? >> really bad. that's it for now.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, confirmation showdown, as donald trump picks the powerful ceo of exxon mobil, with close ties to vladimir putin, to be america's secretary of state. tonight, concerns being raised even by big-name republicans, setting up a critical fight. horror in aleppo. with the war-torn city on the brink of falling, terrified messages coming from inside. a frantic exodus to escape the slaughter. car talk. the new plan to change the way we drive. imagine your car connected to every other car around. sensing a potential accident before you even have time to react. dangerous appliance recall. the largest of its kind in history. in millions of kitchens, do you have one of these in yours? and a matter of faith. a young girl blazing a trail, and inspiring america.


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